2021 April Earth Month Auction

Escondido Auctions | Auction
Saturday April 24, 2021 | 243 S Escondido Blvd. Escondido, CA, CA. US. 92029

There are no notes for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Escondido Auctions, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 60517799

Silver dimes 1949-64 10 coins


Lot#: 60517798

Superbowl XXXV11 Sunday January 26 2003. Seat cushions. Pennants Sea World. Kings Canyon.

1113  49ers vs Chargers Superbowl Pennant. SD Sockers

Lot#: 60517797

Us 2 dollar bill and $1 blue stamp and red stamps 9 paper bills

Silver certificate dollars 0901

Lot#: 60517796

Silver class ring


Lot#: 60517795

Concord minute man necklace 1776-1976

10 1/2 inches long 18.51g 0901

Lot#: 60517794

Wheat pennys 25 coins early 1900s chocolate brown


Lot#: 60517891

9.37 Ct Natural Green Emerald Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517890

7.42 Ct Natural Green Emerald Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517899

9.47 Ct Natural Green Emerald Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517898

11.87 Ct Natural Green Oval Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517897

9.57 Ct Natural Green Oval Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517896

3.32 Ct Natural Pink Oval Cut Sapphire GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517895

11.47 Ct Natural Yellow Cushion Cut Citrine GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517894

10.72 Ct Natural Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517893

4.82 Ct Natural Red Oval Cut Ruby GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517892

9.57 Ct Natural Violet Cushion Cut Amethyst GGL Cert


Lot#: 60577546

2015 Starbucks Earth Day Collection Coffee Mug

In box never used

Lot#: 60655880

Epiphone Model AJ 15F NA. Serial Z01090333

Kaces case. 1113

Lot#: 60577547

Box Full of Vintage Hotwheels Cars

Played with condition

Lot#: 60655881

Disney Showcase The World of Miss Mindy. Mattel 1986 Superhero bank Vinyl


Lot#: 60655882

Persol Sunglasses


Lot#: 60655883

Vintage Northwestern Morris Ill. Gumball machine. Blue machine missing parts.

Nontested. 1113

Lot#: 60577542

Three Rare Pennies Collection in Book

1905 Indian Head Cent. 1943 Steel Cent 1956 Wheat Cent

Lot#: 60577543

Complete Native American Coin Set 4 Coins

1907 Cent 1935 Nickel 2004 Nickel 2002 Sacagawea Dollar

Lot#: 60577544

1889 Gold Layered Indian Head Cent

Actual coin gold layered

Lot#: 60577545

Mickey Mantle Art Print Framed

8.5x11 inches

Lot#: 60517880

Pewter DC 1985 Figures 8 Units

1-3 inch tall  marked Grenadier 1985

Lot#: 60655888

Rare United States Stamps.


Lot#: 60655889

Rare United States Stamps


Lot#: 60577540

192.00 Ct Semi Polished Pyrite Nugget

Nice looking stone

Lot#: 60577541

Three Rare Coins In Case

1935 Buffalo Nickel 1891 Indian Cent 1905 Liberty Nickel

Lot#: 60655884

Rare United States stamps. George Washington and others


Lot#: 60655885

Rare United States Stamps. Lincoln. Washington and more.


Lot#: 60655886

1861 to 1866 United States Grilled Issues Stamps


Lot#: 60655887

Rare United States Stamps


Lot#: 60517888

1982 Topps Traded Set in Pages

132 cards in the set only missing Cal Ripken card

Lot#: 60517887

Binder of Ichiro Baseball Cards in Pages

100 total cards

Lot#: 60517886

1995 Coca Cola Sprint Cel Cards Complete Set in Pages

50 cards

Lot#: 60517885

Pete Rose Griffey Gwynn Baseball Cards in Pages

nothing but Pete Rose Ken Griffey Jr Curt Shilling Rookie Tony Gwynn  89 total cards

Lot#: 60517884

1983 Topps Stickers Super Bowl Cards in Pages

greats of football lots of hall of famers 118 total cards

Lot#: 60517883

Jordan Kobe Basketball Cards in Pages

13 Michael Jordans 2 Kobe Bryants others

Lot#: 60517882

2017 Historic Autographs Paul Faries Beckett Authentic

2017 Scripts

Lot#: 60517881

2017 Historic Autographs Paul Casanova Beckett Authentic

slabbed 2017 Scripts

Lot#: 60577539

Elegant Swirl Diamond Hoop Earrings Platinum Overlay

3/4 Inch. New. Tested as Diamond

Lot#: 60517889

Binder Full of Vintage Baseball Cards in Pages

1970s 1980s lots of hall of famers over 500 cards

Lot#: 60577535

Single Diamond Classic Heart Necklace

18 inches. New. Tested as Diamond

Lot#: 60655891

Rare United States Stamps. George Washington. US Parcel Post. Special Handling


Lot#: 60577536

1/2 Carat Baguette Diamond Band Ring Sterling Silver

Size 8. New. Tested as Diamond

Lot#: 60655892

Rare Postage and Handling stamps


Lot#: 60577537

4 Point Diamond Square Necklace In Sterling Silver

18 inches. New. Tested as Diamond

Lot#: 60655893

Says First day of Issue. San Marino Caravaggio


Lot#: 60577538

1 Carat Diamond Twist Bracelet

8 inches. New. Tested as Diamond

Lot#: 60655894

Rare stamps of Italy. Cinouantenario Mazziniano 1922 and more


Lot#: 60577531

1/2 Carat Pear Shape Sapphire Necklace Sterling Silver

18 inches. New. Tested as Sapphire

Lot#: 60577532

11 Fiery Diamond Shimmering Stars Platinum Plated Necklace

18 inches. New. Tested as Diamond

Lot#: 60577533

10 Diamond Natural Rose Cut Diamond Heart Necklace

18 inches. New. Tested as diamond

Lot#: 60577534

1/8 Carat Blue Diamond Pendant Necklace

925 Silver chain 18 inches. Tested as Diamond. New

Lot#: 60655890

Rare United States Stamps


Lot#: 60517990

100 Anniversary os Angelos Dodgers Commemorative stamp collection and team photo

1991 Dodgers Stamp collection. 1113

Lot#: 60655899

Rare Stamps of Liberia. Pan America. 16th Olympic games Melbourne


Lot#: 60655895

Rare United States Stamps One and Five cent


Lot#: 60655896

Rare Stamps from Somalia. Benidir


Lot#: 60655897

Rare Stamps of Syrie. Says Olympics 1924 and 1925. First day Cover Post Vatican


Lot#: 60655898

Airmail postage from San Marino special delivery to Levelland Texas. Registered letter to Wein


Lot#: 60517877

1959 Topps Frank Varrichione Graded NRMT 7

bear stats grading services

Lot#: 60517998

Safariland Glock 34 Holsters.Second chance T 15 Insert


Lot#: 60517876

1987 Topps Cal Ripken Graded Mint 9

bear stats grading services

Lot#: 60517997

Polkaudio RTi A1 Series. Black Floorstanding Loudspeakers


Lot#: 60517875

11.82 Ct Natural Violet Pear Cut Amethyst GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517996

DeWalt Battery Charger an Maintainer 80A 576W Engine Start


Lot#: 60517874

10.97 Ct Natural Green Pear Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517995

Lot of Dvds and VHS movies. School of Rock. Pretty little liars. Dracula. Ice Age. I am Legend. Toy


Lot#: 60517873

10.82 Ct Natural Green Pear Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517994

Coors beer belt buckle. Las Vegas LA Express Buckle and pocket knife.


Lot#: 60517872

9.72 Ct Natural Green Square Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517993

The Beatles collection card sets


Lot#: 60517871

7.32 Ct Natural Green Oval Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517992

Axion Excaliber Crossbow. Up to 305 FPS. Draw weight 175lbs.

1113  Power Stroke 14.5. Mass weight 6.0lbs. Arrow length 20in. Arrow weight 350 Grain Min. Trigger pullAppx. 3 lbs

Lot#: 60517870

8.67 Ct Natural Green Square Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517991

K Nex Big Ball factory


Lot#: 60517879

1978 Topps Willie McCovey Graded EX/NM 6

bear stats grading services

Lot#: 60517878

1992 Upper Deck Manny Ramirez Rookie Graded GEM 9.5

bear stats grading services

Lot#: 60517999

HP Media Smart Server


Lot#: 60655980

Joe Frazier Signed Photo COA

Matted to 8x10 inches HPM 2428

Lot#: 60655860



Lot#: 60655981

Brett Favre Signed Photo 3 Units COA

8x10 photo Signed by Favre with COA and photo

Lot#: 60655861


2 1957, 1 1961 all 90% silver 0901

Lot#: 60655982

Brett Favre Signed Sports Illustrated Magazine 3 Units

With COA

Lot#: 60655866

Aristo Craft Trains SD45 Diesel Locomotive


Lot#: 60655987

Marvel The Punisher #1 3 Units


Lot#: 60655867

Ridgid Hyper Lithium Ion Li Drill with Battery charger and 2 battery pks.

Plugged in turns on. 1113

Lot#: 60655988

Marvel Spiderman Maximum Carnage Comics

12 of each part 2 101. Part 3 378. 0809

Lot#: 60655868

Ridgid 9.6 18v Charger and new Battery in carrying case.


Lot#: 60655989

Vintage Marvel X-Men Comics 13 Units

Xmen xforce wolverine west coast Avengers 0809

Lot#: 60655869

Bushnell 16 32 x 50 Spotting Scope with Tripod

78 7332R Made un Russia. Bianchi International gun case. 1113

Lot#: 60655862

Sterling silver necklace with red gemstone beautiful

 4.07g 10 inches long 

Lot#: 60655983

50+ Marvel DC Comic Books

Hulk Transformers Fantastic Four Wolverine The New Mutants. 0809

Lot#: 60655863

Beautiful Storage Box


Lot#: 60655984

Marvel Star Wars Comic Books 2 Units

#4 #6 0809

Lot#: 60655864

Dodgers action figure Matt Kemp. No 22 Clayton Kershaw figure and award.

Baseball has no signature. Brett Farve starting lineup figure. 1113

Lot#: 60655985

Vintage Marvel The Invaders 4 Units

#16 35 37 38. 0809

Lot#: 60655865

Aristo Craft Trains SD 45 Diesel Locomotive


Lot#: 60655986

Vintage 1969 Marvel Thor Comic Book 12 Cent

Beautiful shape would grade nicely. #162. 0809

Lot#: 60517866

1970 Topps Reggie Jackson PSA Graded PR 1

second year card 16019011

Lot#: 60517987

Samsung Plasma Display 50in TV. Insignia Blue Ray player


Lot#: 60517865

1981 Topps Home Run Leaders PSA Graded EX-MT 6

Reggie Jackson Ben Oglivie Mike Schmidt 16019016

Lot#: 60517986

Box of mixed comics. DC Azrael Agent of the Bat. DC Justice league of America. Archie and more


Lot#: 60517864

1964 Topps Jack Lamabe PSA Graded NM 7


Lot#: 60517985

Cassette tapes. Kenny G. David Sanborn. Luther Vandross. Chuck Berry and more.


Lot#: 60517863

2010 In Memory of Don Cardwell Cut Signature PSA/DNA

numbered 3/7 authentic auto slabed by PSA put out by Historical Autographs

Lot#: 60517984

Sony Videocorder. AV 3600. Sony Matic Solid State. No power cord. Untested


Lot#: 60517862

14 Kennedy Half Dollars

1968 1971 1972 1973 6-1976 1980 1982 1982 1983

Lot#: 60517983

Marvel Avengers. Captain America Shield. Light up Wall Art with Souns. Super Soaker powerful


Lot#: 60655859



Lot#: 60517861

1982 George Washington 90% Silver Uncirculated Coin

in box

Lot#: 60517982

Jensen Triple play Series A432HLX 2x250W Peak. Mosfet Power 2 OHM Stable


Lot#: 60517860

1986 Liberty Half Dollar Proof in Box 3 Units


Lot#: 60517981

M Hohner Marine Band Harmonicas and Lee Oskar by Tombo


Lot#: 60517980

Switzerland Books of Stamps. Helvetta Stamps


Lot#: 60517869

8.37 Ct Natural Green Emerald Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517868

Decorative Fantasy Stone Rings 20 Units

no stones tested for gems

Lot#: 60517989

TMS Menagerie Da Vincia Vitruvian Man


Lot#: 60517867

1974 Topps Home Run Leaders PSA Graded VG 3

Reggie Jackson Willie Stargell 16019146

Lot#: 60517988

The Simpsons World of Springfield Interactive Figures. Lenny. Casual Homer. Dr Hibbert. Bartman and


Lot#: 60655990

Vintage Marvel Comic Books 10 Units

Thor 354 362 378. Iron Fist 1 22 23. Ironman 72. She hulk 21. Avengers 188. Daredevil 155. 0809

Lot#: 60655870

Camelbak 50 oz. Maximum Gear pack


Lot#: 60655991

40+ Marvel Spiderman Comic Books

75-1.25. 0809

Lot#: 60655871

DeWalt 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

DWFP12233. 1113

Lot#: 60655992

Vintage Marvel Fantastic Four Comic Books 23 Units

51 251 290 302 338 341 343 344 345 355 356 358 360 360 361 362 364 365 366 370 378 399. 0809

Lot#: 60655872

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Surge Hydraulic Driver

Tool only. 1113

Lot#: 60655993

Vintage Marvel Hulk and Sub Mariner Comics 7 Units

32 33 34 35 36 40. Incredible Hulk 200. 0809

Lot#: 60655877

Yamaha Intergrated Mixer EM Series Model 85


Lot#: 60655998

Vintage DC Justice League Comics 15 Units


Lot#: 60655878

Lidl Handcrafted in Luby Czech Republic

Serial No. 11190

Lot#: 60655999

40 DC The New Teen Titans Comic Books

1-40 Run missing 3 in run. 0809

Lot#: 60655879

Non Magnetic Forks and Knives and Stainless steel


Lot#: 60655873

Texas Instruments TI nspire CX CAS


Lot#: 60655994

Vintage Marvel Spiderman Comic Books 6 Units

123 124 127 160 166 200. 0809

Lot#: 60655874

DC No 1 Batman. The Phantom stranger. Charlton Ghostly Haunts. And more comics


Lot#: 60655995

Marvel GI Joe Special Missions Run 1-25

1-25 set. 0809

Lot#: 60655875

Foreign coins and currency. Korea. United Arab. Bahamas. Chili and more.


Lot#: 60655996

Vintage Marvel Groo Comics 16 Units

14 14 15 15 17 17 17 19 20 20 22 22 23 24 40 50. 0809

Lot#: 60655876

Swan Defend an Deter 8 Channel Full D1 Security System

DVR8 1000 with 500 GB HDD.1113

Lot#: 60655997

Vintage Marvel Conan Comic Books 7 Units

Red Sonja 1. Conan 70 72 76 77 79. King conan 1. 0809

Lot#: 60517855

11.97 Ct Natural Yellow Oval Cut Citrine GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517976

1988 The Franklin Mint Eagle Watch


Lot#: 60517854

10.17 Ct Natural Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517975

925 Silver chain with Blue Tanzanite Charm


Lot#: 60517853

8.62 Ct Natural Green Oval Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517974

Vintage Jewelry. Unique handmade floral jewelry. Rings.


Lot#: 60517852

3.87 Ct Natural Red Square Cut Ruby GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517973

Small coins and Tokens. Imprinted pennies


Lot#: 60517851

11.42 Ct Natural Violet Cushion Cut Amethyst GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517972

Beautiful Cultured Pearl Necklaces


Lot#: 60517850

8.67 Ct Natural Green Emerald Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517971

Robert Bateman 1985 Canadian Duck Stamp Signed

Limited edition printing 15x21 inches. Worlds most famous wildlife artist.

Lot#: 60517970

Diesel 3 bar watch. Geneva. Yazole. Lupai watches.

Non tested 1113

Lot#: 60517859

9.52 Ct Natural Grenn Oval Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517858

4.87 Ct Natural Pink Oval Cut Sapphire GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517979

Vintage Jewelry Statue and Wooden box


Lot#: 60517857

11.37 Ct Natural Violet Cushion Cut Amethyst GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517978

Lot of Glasses Ray Ban Sunglasses. Batman watch. Casio watch and more


Lot#: 60517856

9.82 Ct Natural Green Oval Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517977

Marvel Comics Group Star Wars No 6


Lot#: 60655960

1978 Topps Eddie Murray Rookie GMA NM 7


Lot#: 60655844

Pokemon card Blastoise base set 2 holo

# 2/130 in great shape

Lot#: 60655965

Great Baseball Cards 6 Units

1986 Topps Barry Bonds Jose Canseco 1987 Topps Mark McGwire. 1989 Score Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr. 1984 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr.

Lot#: 60655845

Pokemon card Reverse holo Gyarados LC

#12/110 card is good shape 0901

Lot#: 60655966


Binder of pogs. Sports pogs, baseball, over 100 pogs and slammers 0901

Lot#: 60655846

Pokemon cards Fossils 1st ed holo

2 Lapras holo 0901

Lot#: 60655967

Magic the Gathering Holo Rare Cards 27 Units


Lot#: 60655847

Pokemon card Blastoise holo base set

#2/102 0901

Lot#: 60655968

2007 Washington Dollar MS 65 Mint Error

NGC Missing Edge Lettering.

Lot#: 60655961

1989 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr PSA NM-MT 8


Lot#: 60655962

1957 Topps Mickey Mantle

Feels and Smells real  no authenticity 

Lot#: 60655963

1989 Fleer Ken Griffey Jr. SGC NM-MT+ 8.5


Lot#: 60655843

Pokemon card base set charizard holo

# 4/102 WOTC in great shape worth getting graded 0901

Lot#: 60655964

Michael Jordan Cards 5 Units

2001 Fleer. 1999 Upper Deck. 1998 Upper Deck. 1996 Fleer. 1997 Upper Deck

Lot#: 60517844

Historic Autographs 1933 Goudey Lew Fonseca Cut Signature

book with 1933 Goudey and cut signature from Lew Fonseca Beckett authenticated

Lot#: 60517965

Vise Versa Quartz Women's watch. Sterling Silver Grandma your Love is a blessing necklace.

Not tested. 1113

Lot#: 60517843

Historic Autographs 1933 Goudey Bob O Farrell Cut Signature

book with 1933 card and cut signature from Bob O'Farrell Beckett authenticated

Lot#: 60517964

Red ruby princess cut Gemstone 15.60ct

Tested positive for ruby 12.74mm x 14.48mm 

Lot#: 60517842

1933 Goudey Baseball #131 Fred Frankhouse


Lot#: 60517963

Chesed semi precious stone collection. 6 Beautifully cut and polished semi precious stones with 2


Lot#: 60517841

1968 Topps Game Baseball Hank Aaron Joe Torre

Hank single Joe ground out

Lot#: 60517962

Green Emerald gemstone 9.57ct Emerald cut with gym ID card

14.40mm x 10.89mm tested positive for emerald 

Lot#: 60517840

1988 Australian Bicentenary Commemorative Medallion in Box


Lot#: 60517961

Plano and Milwaukee Heavy Duty Tool boxes


Lot#: 60655958

1987 Topps Barry Bonds Rookie GMA NM 7


Lot#: 60517960

Red Ruby oval cut gemstone 15.43ct beautiful

16.10mm x 12.06mm tested positive for ruby 

Lot#: 60655959

1990 Topps Ken Griffey Jr. PSA NM-MT 8


Lot#: 60517849

Joe Montana Football Card Collection 7 Units

in toploaders

Lot#: 60517848

1859 Seated Liberty Quarter

has hole punched through it

Lot#: 60517969

Anne Klein watch. Beautiful Tie clasp and Cufflinks. 2 tie tacs.


Lot#: 60517847

2004 P Lewis Clark Bicentennial Dollar Coin

self slab

Lot#: 60517968

Geneva. Casio and more Watches Marlboro and West Texas Belt buckles. Watches non tested


Lot#: 60517846

1969 S Dime PF 69 Cameo NGC Slabed


Lot#: 60517967

Collector couns and tokens. Star wars Yoda. John F Kennedy coin


Lot#: 60517845

1990 Topps Ken Griffey Jr. PSA NM-MT 8


Lot#: 60517966

Mixed Lot Lightets. Royal Lochnagar. Pocket knives. Necklaces and more.


Lot#: 60655970

1990-1991 NBA Hoops Series 1 Complete Set


Lot#: 60655850

Morgan silver dollar 1885 P GEM BU MS+++++ RAINBOW HIGH GRADE SLABED PQ


Lot#: 60655971

1996 Yu Gi Oh First Edition Cards 100 Units

All in sleeves

Lot#: 60655855

Pokemon cards 2 cards

Rockets Zapdos holo 15/132 Rare and Fossil Zapdos holo 15/62 Rare misprint  

Lot#: 60655976

Star wars episode 1 Darth Maul

Still in original box Hasbro 0901

Lot#: 60655856



Lot#: 60655977

Binder of Sports cards

Baseball cards Rookie, football, basketball,Nascar, soccer 0901

Lot#: 60655857



Lot#: 60655978

Millennium Princess Barbie Special Edition. 2 Millennium Grad year 2000 Barbies

Still in box Mattel 0901

Lot#: 60655858



Lot#: 60655979

Nolan Ryan Signed Baseball Cards Ornament

No COA on ball. Hallmark Ornament

Lot#: 60655851



Lot#: 60655972

Justice league comic book DC

20 feb 92 in plastic sleeve Task force 0901

Lot#: 60655852

Natural emerald green gemstone 80.02ct

Tested positive for Emerald on gem tester 

Lot#: 60655973

Babe Ruth Postcard Advertising Cards 3 Units


Lot#: 60655853



Lot#: 60655974

Don Mattingly 1987 Sports Impressions Numbered

Porcelain Figure Numbered 1228/2500. 6.5 inches tall

Lot#: 60655854

Pokemon cards WOTC holo

 Team rocket, Gym, Fossils, jungle, base set, base set 2, Nintendo promo 

Lot#: 60655975

Star wars figures 2 figures

Dagobah with Yoda and Death star with Darth Vader. Still in box. The kenner collection

Lot#: 60517833

5.00 Ct Natural Red Oval Cut Ruby GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517954

2017 Leaf Pop Century Yellow Plate Christopher Walken

Authentic print used plate. Numbered 1/1. One of a kind. Plate used to make the card.

Lot#: 60517832

10.32 Ct Natural Green Round Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517953

1990 Topps Frank Thomas PSA EX-MT 6

Name on front. 23789542

Lot#: 60517831

8.87 Ct Natural Green Emerald Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517952

1973 Topps Leron Lee PSA EX-MT 6


Lot#: 60517830

9.72 Ct Natural Green Round Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517951

2014 Topps Archives Christian Yelich PSA NM-MT 8


Lot#: 60517950

1977 Topps Enzo Hernandez PSA EX-MT 6

San Diego Padres 42321599

Lot#: 60655848

Morgan silver dollar 1882 O/O gem BU DMPL CAMEO MONSTER MIRRORS MS++++++ DDR

Rare coin with Glasses deep mirrors original beauty 0901

Lot#: 60655969

1990 Fleer Basketball Unopened Pack Empty Box

Box is empty. 1 unopened pack 1990 fleer. Opened McDonalds Pack

Lot#: 60655849



Lot#: 60517839

1984 Dollar Proof Royal Australian Mint in Box

92% copper First year issue

Lot#: 60517838

6.22 Ct Natural Pink Oval Cut Sapphire GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517959

X Box with Three controllers. No power cord. Halo2 game

Untested. 1113

Lot#: 60517837

10.17 Ct Natural Yellow Oval Cut Citrine GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517958

Mixed lot of Pocket knifes Delta Ranger. Yk2 2000 11. Flying Falcon.


Lot#: 60517836

10.12 Ct Natural Blue Trillion Cut Sapphire GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517957

1916-D Mercury Dime Replica Fine Silver Layered

In slab

Lot#: 60517835

10.17 Ct Natural Violet Emerald Cut Amethyst GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517956

1866 Liberty Head Eagle Replica 24k Gold Layered

In slab

Lot#: 60517834

11.47 Ct Natural Violet Oval Cut Amethyst GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517955

1866 Liberty Head Eagle Replica 24k Gold Layered

In slab

Lot#: 60655943

1991 X Force #1 Marvel Graded 9.8

CGC Slabbed

Lot#: 60655944

1993 Uncanny X Men #305 Marvel Graded 9.8

CGC Slabbed

Lot#: 60655945

1993 Venom Lethal Protector #1 Graded 9.8

CGC Slabbed

Lot#: 60655946

1994 Classic Alonzo Mourning Mint 9

USA Sports Cards 50217098

Lot#: 60655940

1985 Rambo Lunchbox. No Thermos. 1977 Hardy Boys Mysteries Lunchbox w Thermos.


Lot#: 60655941

Disney books. Star Wars books. Foreign Disney books.


Lot#: 60655942

Framed painting of Pink Floyds Dark side of the moon. With Body painted girls.


Lot#: 60517822

Vintage Ho Scale Daylight Southern Pacific Train Cars 5 Units

Great shape

Lot#: 60517943

Vintage Disney Mickey Mouse Coin Banks 2 Units

6 inches tall

Lot#: 60517821

Vintage Tractor Trailer Toys Cars 16 Units

Penn line Ulrich tootsie toy

Lot#: 60517942

1968 Hasbro Popeye Gumball Machine

No sticker for eye. Has pipe. 9 inches tall

Lot#: 60517820

Vintage Ho Scale Santa Fe Train Engines 5 Units

3 santa Fe engines 1 chessie system engine 1 santa fe car

Lot#: 60517941

1968 Hasbro Scooby Doo Gumball Machine

9 inches tall

Lot#: 60517940

1968 Hasbro Disney Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine 3 Units

2 normal 1 clear. 9 inches tall

Lot#: 60655936

Pokemon 23kt gold plated Trading cards 3 cards

Mewtwo, Togepi, with boxes Pikachu still in unopened plastic with COA 0901

Lot#: 60655937

Labradorite speciman piece. 3855.54 ct.


Lot#: 60655938

Vintage Sheffield Cufflinks with watch in one and photo frame in other

Vintage Jewelry. Cameo set 7 in chain. Crystal set 9 in chain.

Lot#: 60655939

Baseballs Padres Tickets

One baseball has signatures from 1993 Riverside Pilots. Cubs balls Mets ball

Lot#: 60517829

8.47 Ct Natural Green Emerald Cut Emerald GGL Cert


Lot#: 60517828

Imperial 5150 Snowboard Lamar Bindings

With bag. 60 inches

Lot#: 60517949

Vintage Disney Framed Artwork 2 Units

Mickey and pluto. Goofy and Donald. 9x12 inches

Lot#: 60517827

Ion Block Rocker Portable Sound System

AM FM Radio. Powers on plays radio great. Has dock for old 2012 phone. Hookup for Mic. Has handle and wheels.

Lot#: 60517948

Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Figures Plate

8 Units. Bobblehead plate toys

Lot#: 60517826

Green Red Neon Open Sign

Works perfect no breaks in neon tubing. 24x24 inches

Lot#: 60517947

Vintage Disney Mickey Mouse Items 2 Units

Magic show mickey. Cup

Lot#: 60517825

Green Red Neon Open Sign

Works great no breaks in neon. 24x24 inches

Lot#: 60517946

Disney Mickey Mouse Porcelain Figure

6.5 inches tall

Lot#: 60517824

Vintage Varney Locomotives Engines Cars 6 Units

Old and heavy cast iron. Marked Varney 1655. Paint is chipping everywhere. Rusty bottoms.

Lot#: 60517945

Vintage Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Figures 4 Units

6 to 8 inches tall

Lot#: 60517823

Roundhouse 684 AT & SF Engine Controller in box

Sound equipped with hand held controller. Unused in box

Lot#: 60517944

Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Figures 4 Units

6 5 inches tall

Lot#: 60517809

Vintage Harley Davidson Motor Cycles Tshirt size S


Lot#: 60655954

1990 Score Ken Griffey Jr. GMA Gem MT 10


Lot#: 60655955

1986 Donruss The Rookies Barry Bonds GMA Mint 9


Lot#: 60655956

1987 Topps Barry Bonds Rookie GMA NM 7


Lot#: 60655957

1987 Topps Barry Bonds Rookie GMA NM 7


Lot#: 60655950

1986 Topps Steve Young Rookie GMA NM 7


Lot#: 60655951

1996 Skybox Z Force Kobe Bryant Rookie GMA NM-MT 8


Lot#: 60655952

1987 Fleer Magic Johnson GMA NM-MT 8


Lot#: 60655953

1990 Score Ken Griffey Jr. GMA Gem MT 10


Lot#: 60517811

Box Full of Vintage Ho Scale Train Buildings

Silver Spur Mine. Houses businesses plaster tunnel fronts. Some built some unbuilt.

Lot#: 60517932

Vintage Disney Mickey Mouse Dolls 2 Units

1970s 13 and 15 inches tall

Lot#: 60517810

Go Pro Be a Hero. Nontested. No Charger with tripod and case


Lot#: 60517931

Vintage Disney Mickey Mouse Walking Dolls 2 Units

1970s squeeze hand and mickey steps forward. 18 inches tall

Lot#: 60517930

Disney Minnie Mouse Vintage Dolls 2 Units

1991 Light up bow minnie disneyland stuffed plush 16 inches tall

Lot#: 60655947

1985 Topps Joe Montana GMA Authentic


Lot#: 60655948

1989 Pro Set Deion Sanders Rookie GMA Mint 9


Lot#: 60655949

1986 Topps Andre Reed Rookie GMA Mint 9


Lot#: 60517819

Vintage Ho Scale Train Cars 14 Units

Union 76. Purina. Union Pacific. Southern Pacific

Lot#: 60517818

Vintage Ho Scale Athearn Laconia TM Model Trains

1950 Athearn Mobilgas tanker. Purina cart.

Lot#: 60517939

Vintage Disney Mickey and Minnie Animal Toys Bank 2 Units

10 inches tall

Lot#: 60517817

Vintage Ho Scale Train Cars 11 Units

American freedom train. Santa Fe. Burlington Baltimore and ohio.

Lot#: 60517938

1976 Mattel Disney Mickey Mouse Talking Doll

Plastic. Pull string and Mickey talks. 7 inches tall

Lot#: 60517816

Box Full of Vintage Ho Scale Train Parts

Wheels motors Motors Switches parts

Lot#: 60517937

Vintage Disney Mickey Mouse Play Pal Bank

11 inches tall

Lot#: 60517815

Vintage Ho Scale Athearn Train Engine Cars 8 Units

Santa Fe Exxon Southern Pacific

Lot#: 60517936

Vintage Topo Gigio Mouse Bank Huron Products

10 inches tall

Lot#: 60517814

Vintage Ho Scale Athearn Train Car Kits 8 Units

Southern Pacific Kraft Milk Fruit

Lot#: 60517935

1971 Disney Goofy Play Pal Coin Bank

10 inches tall

Lot#: 60517813

Vintage Ho Scale Train Cars 18 Units

Nice collection

Lot#: 60517934

1968 Hasbro Disney Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine 3 Units

9 inches tall

Lot#: 60517812

Box Full of Vintage Lionel Marx Train Engines

Metal cast iron old. Some marked Lionel and Marx. 22 items

Lot#: 60517933

1971 Disney Mickey Mouse Play Pal Bank

10 inches tall

Lot#: 60517919

GREENLEE 1904 1906SB Ratchet Knockout Punch Kit

Tool and lots of Accessories in metal box

Lot#: 60655921

Derek Carr Signed Jersey COA

Raiders Legends K6117

Lot#: 60655922

Ice Cube Signed Jersey COA

Raiders Legends K6095

Lot#: 60655923

Julius Erving Signed Jersey COA

76ers Legends K6232

Lot#: 60655924

David Beckham Signed Jersey COA

Legends K6319

Lot#: 60655920

Paul Wall Signed Jersey COA

Washington Legends K6181

Lot#: 60517800

Fools gold and Beautiful ring and cute Smile pin. Mini coins


Lot#: 60517921

Greenlee No. 7310 Knockout Punch Driver Set

With punches and dies for 1/2 inch through 4 inch conduit. In metal box

Lot#: 60655918

Shaquille O'neal Signed Jersey COA

Lakers Legends K6238

Lot#: 60517920

Greenlee Conduit Punch Die Accessories

2 4 inch C500 4655. Many sizes in metal toolbox

Lot#: 60655919

Drew Brees Signed Jersey COA

Saints Legends K6083

Lot#: 60655914

Peyton Manning Signed Jersey COA

Colts Legends K6204

Lot#: 60655915

Demar DeRozan Signed Jersey COA

Spurs Legends K6191

Lot#: 60655916

Michael Vick Signed Jersey COA

Falcons Legends K6197

Lot#: 60655917

Payton Manning Signed Jersey COA

Broncos Legends K6218

Lot#: 60517808

Retro games and controllers. PS3 Call of Duty. Battlefield Bad co. 2.

1113  Playstation Test Drive 6. Dreamcast NFL2K. NBA2k1 2k2. Nintendo controllers and more.

Lot#: 60517929

SS Minnow Gilligans Island Life Ring

Has names signed on it but not the names of any of the actors from the show.

Lot#: 60517807

Beautiful Swarovski necklace. Non Magnetic earrings with Beautiful Blue and Green stone.

1113 Pin and Flower necklace.

Lot#: 60517928

1976 Coors Bicentennial Beer Mirror

Framed 18x28 inches

Lot#: 60517806

Silver and possible Pink Tanzanite Necklace says 925


Lot#: 60517927

Decorative Bladesusa Pair

15 inches long

Lot#: 60517805

Kokopelli Sterling Necklace and Earrings with Turquoise Inlay.


Lot#: 60517926

Samsung Digital Video Presenter Picaso

With bag untested

Lot#: 60517804

Vintage German Silver bracelet says FMB 835. Non Magnetic might be plated.


Lot#: 60517925

1982 Barbie Fashion Doll Trunk

No dolls just trunk.

Lot#: 60517803

Silver Pearl and Diamond Necklace and Earrings set. Says 925


Lot#: 60517924

Decorative Medieval Sword with Sheath

43 inches long

Lot#: 60517802

Tiffany an Co. Bracelet says 925


Lot#: 60517923

Decorative Medieval Lords Dagger

17 inches long

Lot#: 60517801

Tiffany and Co. Heart Necklace Marked 925


Lot#: 60517922

New 120 Yard Spool 1 Inch Strap

New unused

Lot#: 60517909

Vintage 1950s Rawlings Wool Little League Jersey

Sewn on number 1 and GG. 100% wool.

Lot#: 60517908

1950s Little League Baseball Jersey Pants

Made by Southern. Marked Sertoma Club. Has little league patch

Lot#: 60655932

Robert Griffin 3 Jersey


Lot#: 60655933

Bin Full of Vintage LP Sheet Music


Lot#: 60655934

Bin Full of Vintage LP Records Sheet Music


Lot#: 60655935

Smartwatch untested. Lacrosse wireless weather station.

Vintage pasteurized milk lids. Studio 35 Camera iRobot Roomba Dock Charger

Lot#: 60655930

Justin Houston Jersey


Lot#: 60655931

Bin Full of Vintage LP Records Sheet Music


Lot#: 60517910

Vintage Wilson A9840 Softball Glove 1950s


Lot#: 60655929

Cam Newton Jersey


Lot#: 60655925

Giannis Antetokoynmpo Signed Jersey COA

Bucks Global Authentics GV919322

Lot#: 60655926

Jerry Rice Jersey


Lot#: 60655927

Aaron Rodgers Jersey


Lot#: 60655928

Terry Bradshaw Jersey

Mitchell and Ness

Lot#: 60517918

Everjoys Ukulele With Accessories

Looks new with bag strap picks extra string auto tuner

Lot#: 60517917

First Day Issue Twin Towers Matted Photo Stamp

June 7 2002 12x16 inches

Lot#: 60517916

1990 1991 Topps Baseball Cards in Boxes


Lot#: 60517915

Vintage Girls Scouts Clothing Patches Book

Sash with patches. Hat dress book wallets.

Lot#: 60517914

Vintage Menu and Beer Mirror 2 Units

4x10 inches

Lot#: 60517913

Vintage Celluloid Family Photo Button

9 inches

Lot#: 60517912

Vintage Empire Little League Baseball Shirt

1950s 1960s Yankees Taylor Jaycees. Boys small

Lot#: 60517911

Vintage Pennant Leather Baseball Glove 1950s


Lot#: 60655900

Rare United States Stamps. Lincoln. John Erricson memorial


Lot#: 60655901

Rare Stamps of Italy


Lot#: 60655902

Rare Stamps of Croatia


Lot#: 60517907

Vintage Empire Sporting Goods Football Pants

Thigh pads and hip pads inside. 100% cotton. Style 65.

Lot#: 60517906

Celebrate the Century Stamp Collection 8 Units

Sealed never opened. 1900s 1910s 1920s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s

Lot#: 60517905

California Lottery Scratchers Pin Set Framed

15 total pins. Framed 10x12 inches

Lot#: 60517904

1992 San Diego All Star Game Collectibles

Hat pin program tickets map. Upper Deck heroes of baseball Limited Edition

Lot#: 60517903

Binder Full of Pokemon Cards in Pages

Holo reverse holo different years. 161 total cards

Lot#: 60517902

1994 SR Draft Picks Nomar Garciaparra PSA NM-MT 8


Lot#: 60517901

1975 Topps Bill Greif PSA EX-MT 6

Padres 42911742

Lot#: 60517900

Lou Brock Signed Photo

hall of fame baseball player Lou Brock signed says Lou Brock 8x10 photo no COA

Lot#: 60655910

Rare Stamps of Occupation of Togo


Lot#: 60655911

Jimmy Butler Signed Jersey COA

Timberwolves Legends 6320

Lot#: 60655912

Karl Malone Signed Jersey Jazz COA

Legends K6242

Lot#: 60655913

Scotty Pippen Signed Jersey COA

Bulls Legends K6249

Lot#: 60655907

Rare Stamps of Republik Osterreich. Republik Ofierreidh and more


Lot#: 60655908

Rare Stamps of Somalia an Italy


Lot#: 60655909

Samoa under British Dominion circa 1914.


Lot#: 60655903

Rare Stamps of Lyberia


Lot#: 60655904

Rare United States Stamps


Lot#: 60655905

Rare Book of Stamps Republic Francaise


Lot#: 60655906

Rare Stamps of Republic Dominicana. Egypte. Ethiopie and more


Lot#: 60518093

1883-o Morgan silver dollar 90% silver


Lot#: 60518094

1926 liberty peace silver dollar 90% silver


Lot#: 60518095

24.13ct massive kashmir uncut high grade yellow Sapphire translucent vs+ AAA quality


Lot#: 60518096

Seated liberty quarter 1876 very old type coin 90%silver partial liberty readable


Lot#: 60518097

1877 seated liberty quarter very old type coin highly sought after beauty vf++90%


Lot#: 60656096

Maxx Race Cards 1988- 1992 & Premier Series


Lot#: 60518098

6.2ct Australian welo opal uncut rough orangy rainbow beauty


Lot#: 60656097

Nascar Mark Martin Memorabilia. Magazines, Trading Cards, Flags, Mugs and more


Lot#: 60518099

1857 seated liberty quarter very old key date type coin near civil war period 90% silver


Lot#: 60656098

Puzzles. Paper Flowers & Vase. Baby Story


Lot#: 60656099

Vintage Underwood Typewriter and the New Rational Typewriting book

Typewriter untested.

Lot#: 60518090

Kanchinburl Sapphire ring natural gemstone huge ring 5+ct set in sterling silver designer new

Ring size 6 1/2 4.16g 0901

Lot#: 60518091

Rainbow cabochon cut large 2.20ct Australian rainbow wello opal nice looking


Lot#: 60518092

Ruby ring stunning Mozambique stones set in sterling silver tear drops 3+ ctw

Ring size 7 2.94g 0901

Lot#: 60656092

Vintage Cars. Roadlegends 1948 Tucker. Guitoy Chrysler Alantic. Sees Candies truck.

Sun Star 1964 Ford Galaxy 500. Model T radio untested. Avon bottle1937 Cord. And more. Truck missing a tire.1113

Lot#: 60656093

Mixed lot of Vintage used Racecars. Hot Wheels, Mobile

Mac Tools International. Some missing parts and are Banged up. 1113

Lot#: 60656094

Vintage toys from the 50's and 60s and more. Poodle dogs. Target Rabbit


Lot#: 60656095

Vintage Disney Rubber and Plastic toys. Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

Dumbo, Donald Duck babies and more. 1113

Lot#: 60656090

Vintage Ho train tracks. Lots of items to build a train town. Lionel powerpack untested.


Lot#: 60656091

Mattel Hot Wheels Double Duel Speedway.

Half Curve accesory pak. Hot wheels backpack. Lunchbox and Thermos. 1113

Lot#: 60518082

Amethyst and white Sapphire set in 925 silver designer new


Lot#: 60518083

Pokemon cards shining fates pin box

Factory sealed has 3 packs and a Bunnelby pin with promo card 0901

Lot#: 60518084

Mozambique red ruby set in sterling silver pendant stunning 1.5+ct

Tested positive for Ruby 2.16g 0901

Lot#: 60518085

Barber half dollar 1912 D nice looking vf+ better date


Lot#: 60518086

1877 seated liberty quarter very old type coin highly sought after beauty vf++ 90%


Lot#: 60518087

Multicolor rainbow opal natural Australian cut polished 1.3ct trillion cut rare


Lot#: 60518088

Large cent 1852 mint error rear AU++ full liberty high end rarity very old collector coin


Lot#: 60518089

1928 silver peace dollar 90% silver


Lot#: 60518080

1921 Morgan silver dollar


Lot#: 60518081

Pokemon cards Shining Fates tins

Factory sealed tin... comes with 6 packs & shiny cramorant 0901

Lot#: 60518071

Stamp lot. 87th Annual Tournament of Roses Souvenir Cover 1976. 13 cent Spirit of 76. Wildlife of


Lot#: 60656078

Rare US Stamps. Lincoln, Washington


Lot#: 60518072

Document says Ray Park 8 x 10 color photographs as Darth Maul with Double sided light saber.


Lot#: 60656079

Vintage Lindbergh and Earhart Memorabilia. Articles and photos. Music Sheets and more.


Lot#: 60518073

Robot Braava jet with pads


Lot#: 60518074

Wax covered birds with nests


Lot#: 60518075

United States Presidential Dollars wooden box holders


Lot#: 60546101



Lot#: 60656074

Rare US Stamps. Military Historic Stamp Collection. 1934 Nicolets Landing and more


Lot#: 60518076

Elvis Memorabilia. United Statesof America 1oz Fine Silver coins 2005 4 in set. 25th Anniversary


Lot#: 60546100

Kennedy half dollar's 1976 and 1992 2 coins


Lot#: 60656075

U S Stamps Documentary Series 1954.


Lot#: 60518077

Foreign currency lot. Pesos. Hong Kong 2 dollars. Eire


Lot#: 60546103

1943 steal cent 2 coins


Lot#: 60656076

US Stamps Documentary Series 1954


Lot#: 60518078

The McKenney Hall Portrait Gallery of the American Indians. By James D Horan. Masterworks of UKIYO E


Lot#: 60546102

Dollar coins 1977 Eisenhower & 1980 Susan B 2 coins


Lot#: 60656077

Rare US Stamps


Lot#: 60518070

Brett Favre Green Bay Packers plaque


Lot#: 60518079

Silver freedom will coin one troy oz .999 fine silver


Lot#: 60656070

Large lot of Baseball, Basketball, Superheros,

Rodger Clemens. Larry Bird, Batman, Reggie Jackson, Ken Griffy Jr, Mariano Rivera. Wayne Gretzy puc.1113

Lot#: 60656071

Build your own small Die cast cars. Not all accessories in the lot


Lot#: 60656072

Nascar Winners Circle 1:24 Die Cast Racing cars Kyle Petty. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Kevin Harvick. Hot


Lot#: 60656073

Batmobiles Different styles. 57 Chevy Video Cassette Recorder, Nontested


Lot#: 60518060

Donald Trump Signed Photo COA

Framed 11x17 inches

Lot#: 60656089

Harley-Davidson Maisto Die cast Metal with plastic parts.

Resin bikes. Ornament and more. 1113

Lot#: 60518061

Ryan Reynolds Signed Photo

No COA Framed 11x17 inches

Lot#: 60518062

Chris O'Donnel Signed Photo Robin

No COA Framed 9x12 inches

Lot#: 60518063

Madonna Signed Photo COA

Framed 8x10 inches

Lot#: 60518064

Kelly Kelly WWE Wrestler Signed Photo COA

16x20 inches

Lot#: 60656085

57 Chevys Video Cassette Recorders. Kinyo Convertable

Solidex white car vhs recorder. All untested. Some without power cord. 1113

Lot#: 60518065

Oakland As Giants Signed Tickets Cards

9 sigs says Dave Henderson Dave Garcia Mike Lansing no COA Framed 8x11.5 inches

Lot#: 60656086

98 Daytona Speed of Light 50th Anniversary. Grand Prix, Gold Chrome Grand Prix

Holiday Hotwheels, Revell Coors light, Corn flakes racecards. 34 Ford Street Rod and more.

Lot#: 60518066

Paymaster 2 in lot. Dollars and Cents


Lot#: 60656087

Vintage Toys and gift pks. Calif. Raisins 3 piece sets


Lot#: 60518067

Lakers 50th Anniversary tickets. 2000 to 2004 Calendars. Sports illustrated presents Unstoppable and


Lot#: 60656088

Sizzlers Night a Ridin Nightmare alley. Atlantic Oval Set. Rumblers Stunt Rider Set.

Fat Track Breakin 8 set. Tracks only. Parts missing No cars! 1113

Lot#: 60518068

Dodgers Fernando Valenzuelas Cy Young Award Season 1981 pic. Willie Davis No 31 Game Hitting Streak.


Lot#: 60656081

Monogram testirs Revell Amt models. 40 Ford Coupe metal body. Hooters Thunderbird,

075611716107 036881065647 036881080312 076513007607 076513027551 076513007621 047776080003 1113 Tide Monte Carlo, 1964 Chevy impala SS  

Lot#: 60518069

The Imperial Japanese Naval Base Yokosuka Tokyo Bay September 19 1945. 3rd Fleet Night Flag


Lot#: 60656082

Vintage Metal Spin tops

Some work. 1113

Lot#: 60656083

Racing Champions Limited Edition 55 Chevy Bel Air, 40 Ford Coupe, Motormax Predator. Chevy

UPC: 084495367480 082228680141 095949079002 095949079002 095949079002 095949079002 095949079002 095949079002 095949079002 1113

Lot#: 60656084

Vintage Snoopy and Jester music boxes not working.

Tambourines, Top spinner, Metal Boat storage tins. Clown rocker

Lot#: 60656080

Revell 5 units Ford T Roadster, 27 Street Rod, 41 Willys Street Rod 67 Corvette 427

Unworked Models. 1113 031445023965 031445020223 031445072383  

Lot#: 60656056

Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera With Case


Lot#: 60518050

Binder Containing 60+ San Diego Chargers Signed Photos

Some have COAs some dont.

Lot#: 60656057

Dale Earnhardt and Jr. Racing Memorabilia. Nascar Die Vast cars. Clocks

Car flag. 1113

Lot#: 60518051

Tim McGraw Signed CD Case COA

Framed 8x10 inches

Lot#: 60656058

Hot wheels Cereal cars Cheerios, Lucky Charms . Postersand more


Lot#: 60518052

Jay Leno Signed Photo COA

Framed 8x10 inches

Lot#: 60656059

Monopoly Pokemon Gotta Catch em all. Collectors Edition


Lot#: 60518053

Muhammed Ali Signed Photo COA

Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60656052

Rare Stamps of United States


Lot#: 60518054

Donald Trump Michael Jackson Signed Photo COA

Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60656053

Rare Stamps of United States


Lot#: 60518055

Donald Trump Cut Signed with Photo COA

Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60656054

Rare Stamps of Crete


Lot#: 60518056

George Lucas Signed Photo COA

Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60656055

Rare United States Stamps


Lot#: 60518057

Kenny Baker Star Wars Signed Photo COA

Framed 8x10 inches

Lot#: 60518058

Signed Mini Star Wars Poster 3 Signatures COA

Framed 11x17 inches. Appear to be Daisey Ridley Mark Hamill Adam Driver

Lot#: 60518059

Donald Trump Signed Gold Trump Note COA

Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60656050

Rare United States Stamps. Dept of Interior. Treasury. And more


Lot#: 60656051

Rare Stamps of Croatia


Lot#: 60656067

Vintage Windup toys. Snoopy ,Donald Duck, Archie and more. Windups untested.

Woody Woodpecker cup. 1113

Lot#: 60656068

Vintage toy lot. California Raisins, Toy cars and trucks and more.


Lot#: 60518040

Tony Gwynn Signed Photo COA

Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60656069

Vintage Metal Noise makers and toys. Very Unique. Most work.


Lot#: 60518041

Sandy Koufax Signed Photo COA

Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60518042

Ted Williams Signed Sports Illustrated COA

Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60656063

Johnny Lightning with Lightning Motion. Praying Mantis. Full case


Lot#: 60518043

Giannis Antetokounmpo Signed Photo COA

Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60656064

Johnny Lightning Promo Edition. 1954 Chevy Panel

Full case. 1113

Lot#: 60518044

Ted Ginn Jr Signed Photo COA

Framed 8x10 inches

Lot#: 60656065

Johnny Lightning Promo Edition 1954 Chevy Panel. Full Case


Lot#: 60518045

Joe Namath Signed Photo COA

Framed 8x10 inches

Lot#: 60656066

Framed Painting

Marked Girard 73. 34x47 inches

Lot#: 60518046

Greg Pruitt Signed Photo COA

Framed 8x10 inches

Lot#: 60518047

Devante Adams Signed Photo COA

Framed 8x10 inches

Lot#: 60656060

Star Wars Lott Dod. Watto. Harry Potter Limited Edition Fluffy collectable and VHS set


Lot#: 60518048

Rob Gronkowski Signed Photo COA

Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60656061

Hot wheels and Muscle Machines Die cast cars

Cuda ,Crazed clowns, Johnny Lightning, Holiday Hot Wheels Yamahauler Golden Go cart 090733201300  

Lot#: 60518049

Osi Umenyiora Signed Photo COA

16x20 inches

Lot#: 60656062

Sports Memorabilia. Griffey. Staaeting Lineup Eddie George

Take the game home Buffalo football. 1113

Lot#: 60656034

United States Proof set's 2000, 2002, 2004,

6 proof sets with certificate of Authenticity. In case's 0901

Lot#: 60656035

United States Proof set's 1990-91-92

5 proof sets in plastic with COA 0901

Lot#: 60656036

1960 penny's chocolate brown

Over 150 coins 0901

Lot#: 60518030

Duke of Grafton Print Hand Colored 1800-1810

Nobel Duke Taken on the Steyne at Brighton. Robert Dighton was the founder of the Dighton family which was at the forefront of English caricature for a hundred years. An accomplished portrait painter and etcher. Dighton exhibited at the free society of Artist from 1769 until 1773. In addition he periodically exhibited at the Royal academy. In spite of his success he appears to have been a man of questionable moral character. In 1806 the British museum discovered that Dighton had been stealing works from their Print room and replacing them with copies. This appears to be one of those copies. Framed 12x12 inches

Lot#: 60656037

United States Proof set 1981

In plastic case with box 0901

Lot#: 60518031

Large Porcelain Painting Framed

42x46 inches

Lot#: 60656030

Pokemon lot cards figures key chains

Over 100 cards. Hidden fates, Evo, WOTC, Holo Reverse holo, Rear Japanese and English 0901

Lot#: 60518032

Extra Large Abstract Framed

33x51 inches

Lot#: 60656031

Chevrolet custom '57 Die cast car Hot Wheels

1:18 still 8n box

Lot#: 60518033

Lots of posters Movies Signed Sports

Marilyn Monroe Padres Watercolor Mighty ducks Sports some with signature. No coa

Lot#: 60656032

United States States proof set 1985-86-87-88

Mint proof 4 different year's in case with box 0901

Lot#: 60518034

Payne Stewart Signed Photo COA

Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60656033

Starting lineup baseball figures 3 players

Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds, Mike Piazza, Hasbro toy's still in box 0901

Lot#: 60546028

Red ruby 11.49ct oval cut Gemstone beautiful stone

14.09mm x 11.25mm tested positive for Ruby  

Lot#: 60546027

Michael Jordan Lebron James Signed Basketball COA

Spalding Basketball Signed Michael Jordan and Lebron James. Red Carpet Authentics 12201

Lot#: 60546029

Blue Sapphire 3.38ct pear cut gemstone deep blue

9.04mm x 10.95mm tested positive for Sapphire 

Lot#: 60656038

American Heritage WW2 Coin Collection

In plastic case with box 0901

Lot#: 60656039

1989 Donruss Ken Griffey jr Rookie card Gem mint 10

#33 PRO Grading 30365591 0901

Lot#: 60518035

Signed Cut Signatures Golf Players Announcer

Framed 6x8 inches no coa

Lot#: 60518036

1964 Whitey Ford Auravision Record Card

With COA

Lot#: 60518037

Pete Rose Signed Christopher Paluso Artwork

Milestones of 1985 with COA 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60518038

Steve Garvey Signed Christopher Paluso Art

No COA Framed 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60518039

Mickey Mantle Signed Photo COA

Clear frame 11x14 inches

Lot#: 60656045

Rare Stamps of Crete


Lot#: 60546030

Blue Topaz 3.38ct oval cut Gemstone

9.09mm x 10.95mm tested positive for Topaz 

Lot#: 60656046

Rare US Airmail Stamps


Lot#: 60546033

Budweiser World Champion Clydesdale Team lighted Bar sign 19in high 34in long

Lights up. 1113

Lot#: 60656047

Rare United States Stamps


Lot#: 60546032

Goldtone chains and jewelry. Vintage rhinestone Neclaces. Pins and earrings. Multiple rings.


Lot#: 60656048

Rare Stamps of Croatia. Kune.


Lot#: 60518020

Box of Comics. Dexyer. Dead Eorld. Alice Cooper. 13 Coins. Army of Darkness and more


Lot#: 60546035

1971 US Proof sets. American Nickels of the 20th century. 2 Two dolla Bills


Lot#: 60656041

Nascar figures Dale Earnhardt and Jr 2 figures

Still in original packaging 0901

Lot#: 60518021

Foreign and Domestic Stamps. John F Kennedy. Theodore Bundepost. Cinderella. Monticello and more


Lot#: 60546034

Richard Pettys No. 43 replica Stock Car that conquered the 1979 Daytona 500.

With Certificate of Authenticity Made through The Franklin Mint

Lot#: 60656042

Silver necklace

Non magnetic 12 inches long 118.41g 0901

Lot#: 60518022

Large Leonetto Cappiello Pates Baroni Poster

Framed 42x54 inches

Lot#: 60546037

Stamp Seal Grenada Grenadines Bambi Stamps. Turks an Caicos Islands Pinocchio stamps.

1113   60th Anniversary Mickey Mouse stamps

Lot#: 60656043

Postage stamp stamps United States

1 cent Beverly hills, one penny, 0901

Lot#: 60518023

Vintage Younger IPA Glass Sign Framed

30x37 inches

Lot#: 60546036

Gianni Versace made in Italy Sunglasses. Sample frames Cloverleaf


Lot#: 60656044

Coin books with coins penny's and Quarters

3 books with coins 0901

Lot#: 60546039

Vintage US M7 Gen Cut Bayonet


Lot#: 60546038

Inscribing says 1943 USN Brisbane Australia Bowie Knife


Lot#: 60656049

Uncut Sheets of Rare Stamps


Lot#: 60518024

Dressage Poster Framed

Was told from early 1900s. Non authenticated 25x36 inches

Lot#: 60518025

Box of Figures Portal of Power Game

Lighted bases

Lot#: 60518026

Art Print Framed

21x36 inches

Lot#: 60518027

Old Woman Original of an Old Lady Sitting

Framed 28x35 inches. Marked Stevens

Lot#: 60656040

1992 United States mint premier silver Proof set

In nice display case with COA 0901

Lot#: 60518028

Pair of Large Art Prints

Framed 30x36 inches

Lot#: 60518029

Lady Background Colors Watercolor

Framed 38x50 inches

Lot#: 60546042

Appears to be Crystal Heart and Diamond cut Paperweights

1113 3in wide

Lot#: 60656012

14kt gold diamond ring

5.87g Ring size 5 tested positive for a diamond 0901

Lot#: 60656133

Iconites Air Convention Fryer Oven

used. Powers on

Lot#: 60546041

Mont Blanc The Art of Writing pen. Maroon color. Cross since 1945 Pen.

1113 made in germany

Lot#: 60656013

Silver and hematite ring 925

3.46g ring size 8.5 non magnetic 0901

Lot#: 60656134

Pair of New Holophane Light Fixtures

One in box one out of box

Lot#: 60546044

Artist Nelson De La Nuez Artwork print Ditching Dorothy. No 97

1113 12in wide

Lot#: 60656014

Nascar die cast car wcw/nwo

Platinum plated Precious metals Series 1:24 scale still in original packaging # 1 of 2499 0901

Lot#: 60656135

Decorative Mirror Serving Tray

10x15 inches

Lot#: 60546043

Artist Nelson De La Nuez. Artwork print Classy Guests. No 93

1113 12in wide

Lot#: 60656015

Green Tourmaline 4.87ct gemstone

9.76mm x 12.03mm tested positive for Tourmaline 0901

Lot#: 60656136

Rare Stamps of Croatia


Lot#: 60546046

Artist Nelson De La Nuez. Artwork print Rehab is for Quitters. 12in wide


Lot#: 60518010

45 records. Beatles. Linda Ronstadt. Cat Stevens.vJoni Mitchell. Eagles and more.


Lot#: 60546045

Artist Nelson De La Nuez. Atrwork print Yo Mamas Last Supper. No 01

1113 12in wide

Lot#: 60656130

New Marble Cutting Board

16x20 inches

Lot#: 60518011

Marilyn Monroe prints of Photos 10 x 14


Lot#: 60546048

Artist Nelson De La Nuez. Artwork print Wrong side of the Rainbow. No 99

1113 10in wide

Lot#: 60656010

Hot wheels cars

34 cars still in the box 0901

Lot#: 60656131

Avalon Water Cooler

Works. Looks unused

Lot#: 60518012

Scrap book of news articles from the 1900s. 1996 San Diego Film Comissions Resourse guide. Pics and


Lot#: 60546047

Artist Nelson De La Nuez. Artwork print The Jewish Surf Open. No 98

1113 10in wide

Lot#: 60656011

Racing Champions cars Rock groups

6 cars still in box's Ozzy Osbourne, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Motley Crue, Queen 0901

Lot#: 60656132

New Set of 4 Table Legs Wood


Lot#: 60546049

Turquoise Money clips. Madiera Natural stones. Beads. earrings and Amulet


Lot#: 60656016

Blue Topaz gemstone 6.83ct

Tested positive for Topaz 11.91mm x 10.14mm 0901

Lot#: 60656017

22-24kt gold diamond ring

2.89g ring size 5 tested positive for diamond 0901

Lot#: 60656018

22-24kt yellow gold diamond earrings

1.85g tested positive for diamond 0901

Lot#: 60656019

Blue citrine 1.39ct gemstone

Tested positive for Citrine 8.07mm x 5.98mm 0901

Lot#: 60518013

Stamped Letters from around the world and single stamps. Thailand. Hong Kong. John Wayne. Stamp


Lot#: 60518014

Rare George Washington 1 cent stamps. With Beverly Hills Calif. Processing stamp. Mixed stamps from


Lot#: 60518015

Old stamps from around the world. George Washington. Franklin. Roosevelt and more.


Lot#: 60518016

Uncirculated stmps. Andrew Jackson. Paul Lawrence Dunbar. 1 cent. 3 cents and more.


Lot#: 60518017

Mixed postage and Envelopes. Navy Army Marines. Desert storm. John F. Kennedy. Taft. Wilson. Pasty


Lot#: 60518018

Mixed lot of stamps. Foreign and Domestic. Italian. Mexico. Philippines. Magyar Posta.


Lot#: 60518019

Fun side wood table with Checkerboard on top. 24 x 24 round. 27 in tall.


Lot#: 60546040

Antler western Boulder CO Handle knives. Old timer Pocket knife


Lot#: 60546053

Copa Amber. Sagua nuts. Carved beads. Swirl carved beads and more.


Lot#: 60656023


12.03mm x 9.89mm tested positive for tanzanite 0901

Lot#: 60546052

Vortex optics Ranger 1000. MTech Usa Survival knife


Lot#: 60656024

Yellow Garnet 2.21ct gemstone

Tested positive for Garnet 9.91mm x 8.12mm 0901

Lot#: 60546055

Seiko Lassale quartz watch. Vintage Hamilton. Nixon the Rotolog 30 M Stainless Steel watch


Lot#: 60656025

Yellow square cut Garnet 1.22ct gemstone

Tested positive for Garnet 6.05mm x 6.05mm 0901

Lot#: 60546054

Mickey Mouse watches Lioney tunes pin and M an M pin

Untested. 1113

Lot#: 60656026

Orange Citrine 2.44ct gemstone

Tested positive for Citrine 7.99mm x 10.10mm 0901

Lot#: 60546057

Trifari Pearls 2 other pearl style necklaces. Rhinestone Picture frames. Rhinestone pin.


Lot#: 60518120

Kennedy half dollar 11 coins 1971-1996


Lot#: 60546056

Collector spoons. Korea. Saipan. Canada. Silver and gold look. Some porcelain look spoons and fork.


Lot#: 60656020

Yellow Garnet 2.26ct gemstone

Tested positive for garnet 9.80mm x 8.01mm 0901

Lot#: 60518000

Ninja turle and 6 Garbage pail trading cards


Lot#: 60518121

Seated liberty quarter 1877 s very old data san Francisco mint beauty hard coin to find


Lot#: 60546059

Mixed lot. Belt buckle. Class Ring. Bracelet ingraved for a Son. Buffalo calf wallet. Amity Cowhide


Lot#: 60656021

Blue Jadeite 3.64ct gemstone

Tested positive for Jadeite 10.14mm x 8.10mm 0901

Lot#: 60518001

LG Slim Portable DVD Writers. Model GP65NG60. Model SP60NB50. Nontested. No cords


Lot#: 60518122

Barber silver half dollar 1902 original old old type coin


Lot#: 60546058

Pheromone parfum .5 oz. By Marilyn Miglin


Lot#: 60656022

Blue Sapphire 2.73ct gemstone

Tested positive for Sapphire 9.18mm x 7.25mm 0901

Lot#: 60656027

Blue Tanzanite 1.75ct gemstone

Tested positive for tanzanite 7.92mm x 5.97mm 0901

Lot#: 60656028

Yellow Garnet 1.59ct gemstone

Tested positive for Garnet 8.06mm x 6.12mm 0901

Lot#: 60656029

Blue Topaz gemstone 7.44ct

Tested positive for Topaz 11.86mm x 9.96mm 0901

Lot#: 60518002

Sony Action Cam HDR AS30V. Wi Fi certified


Lot#: 60518123

Seated liberty quarter 1853 arrows and rays very old key date beauty


Lot#: 60518003

Old Military photos. Book of Heroes an Aeroplanes of the Great War 1014 1018. J A Phelan


Lot#: 60518124

Standing quarter 1928 s vf+++ hard to find beauty full date nice san fran mint lady beauty


Lot#: 60518004

War ration books and stamps from the 40s. Photos of Long Beach Ca. And personal photos. And patch


Lot#: 60518125

Barber silver half dollar 1915 D better date rare old early type half


Lot#: 60518005

US M Gas Mask with bag


Lot#: 60518126

Barber silver dollar 1911 nice old type coin needed for series


Lot#: 60518006

Misc Vintage lot. Lighters watch bands. Pins earrings and more.

Lighters nontested. 1113

Lot#: 60518127

Barber silver half dollar 1911 nice vf+ beauty


Lot#: 60518007



Lot#: 60518128

Barber silver half dollar 1908 o better date beauty nice coin


Lot#: 60518008

Lot of lighters. Nontested.


Lot#: 60518129

Sports cards football baseball 90's

Over 5000 cards Rookie cards 0901

Lot#: 60546051

Vintage Genuine Onyx Cufflinks. Pewter Wells Fargo. Tie tacs


Lot#: 60518009

Unique Vintage lighters and jewelry

Untested lighters. 1113

Lot#: 60546050

Pokemon cards holo reverse holo rare

Over 100 cards English and Japanese 

Lot#: 60546064

Bruce Jenner Signed Baton COA

Olympic baton COA from Legends

Lot#: 60656111

Vintage Wood Box Full of Micrometers

7 Starrett Micrometers 8 tong gauges. 0809

Lot#: 60546063

The Lost Kenney Half Dollar 2002 2003

In case

Lot#: 60656112

5C Square and Hex Collet Block Set

In box. 0809

Lot#: 60546066

Aaron Judge Signed Glove COA

Tball glove. COA from Legends

Lot#: 60656113

Starrett Micrometer Extentions

In wood box 0809

Lot#: 60546065

Archie Griffin Eddie George Troy Smith Heisman Signed Football

3 Heisman winners from Ohio State. COA from In Person Authentics

Lot#: 60656114

K-D Tools Extra Long Aligning Reamers

In box. 0809

Lot#: 60546068

Bill Ward Signed Drumstick COA

Drummer for Black Sabbath COA from Red Carpet Authentics

Lot#: 60546067

Jon Gruden Raiders Signed Football COA

Raiders football. COA from Legends

Lot#: 60518110

1960 and 1963 Philadelphia proff sets 3 sets


Lot#: 60518111

Freedom will Endure coin 1oz fine silver .999 fine silver


Lot#: 60546069

Jason Campbell Signed Football COA

Full size football COA from Consolidated Sports

Lot#: 60656110

Kraco Mayday 2 Emergency Two Way 40 Channel Radio

In box. 0809

Lot#: 60656119

Small Mickey mantle plate "Mickey at night"

By Robert Stephen simon Published by sports impressions 1986 0901

Lot#: 60656115

British coins


Lot#: 60656116

Magic the gathering cards old cards early 93-95

72 cards rear old pre year date cards 0901

Lot#: 60656117

New Zealand and UK coins

16 coins 0901

Lot#: 60656118

Canada coins 8 coins one cent


Lot#: 60518112

Emerald glowing green color with gem ID card square cut


Lot#: 60518113

1922 liberty peace silver dollar 90% silver


Lot#: 60518114

Jacob wrestling with the angel silver coin

6.5g 0901

Lot#: 60518115

Seated liberty quarter 1856 looks ddo rare very old type coin must have early ear for that set


Lot#: 60518116

Seated liberty quarter 1877 rare very old type coin 90%


Lot#: 60546060

1929-s Buffalo Nickel


Lot#: 60518117

1922 silver peace silver dollar 90% silver


Lot#: 60518118

Vintage USA coins 2 coins


Lot#: 60546062

Bin Full of Pez Dispensers

Garfield Simpsons Disney Muppets Star Wars DC Marvel 100s

Lot#: 60518119

1943 steel cent 14 coins


Lot#: 60546061

Red ruby 5.68ct princess cut Gemstone

9.42mm x 9.44mm tested positive for ruby 

Lot#: 60546075

Gardner Minshew Jaguars Signed Jersey COA


Lot#: 60656001

1000+ Sports Cards

Hockey Baseball Football Basketball 80s 90s. 0809

Lot#: 60656122

Discgolf disc Discraft Vulture PDGA 2 disc

Unthrown new Z plastic 170-172g and 175-176g 

Lot#: 60546074

Randy Starks Dolphins Practice Used Jersey

From 2009-2011. No COA

Lot#: 60656002

1000+ Batman Marvel Cards

Raiders of the last Ark. DC Marvel. 0809

Lot#: 60656123

Vintage Italy 1900 coins 4 coins


Lot#: 60546077

Hanford Dixon Browns Signed Jersey COA


Lot#: 60656003

Vintage Mitutoyo 4-5 Inch Caliper Micrometer

In wood box

Lot#: 60656124

Canada coins

Over 40 coins 0901

Lot#: 60546076

Jonnu Dixon Titans Signed Jersey COA


Lot#: 60656004

Scherr Tumico Micrometer Depth Guage Set

In wood box. 0809

Lot#: 60656125

Franch coins

26 coins 0901

Lot#: 60546079

Anders Bjork Bruins Signed Jersey COA

Road White

Lot#: 60546078

Andy Moog Oilers Signed Jersey COA

Home blue

Lot#: 60656120

Pokemon cards base set team rocket Fossils jungle

Over 100 WOTC common and uncommon 0901

Lot#: 60518100

1974-76 Eisenhower dollars 5 coins


Lot#: 60656000

Bin Full of CDs

100s of music CDs

Lot#: 60656121

IRAQ Coins

42 coins 0901

Lot#: 60656009

Binder of sports cards baseball football basketball Nascar

Over 100 cards from the 80's-2000. Topps, upper deck score skybox 0901

Lot#: 60656005

Vintage Lufkin Telescoping Guage Set

No 79L. 0809

Lot#: 60656126

Mix lot of game Playstation, ps3 and pc

8 Playstation games NBA Live 99, Nba shoot out, tomb Raider, Ncaa final 4 97, Ps3 2 games Destiny Resident evil PC games 4 games the sims, warcraft, age of empires 0901

Lot#: 60656006

Starrett Inside Micrometer No. 700

In case. 0809

Lot#: 60656127

Geek Chef Air Fryer Countertop Oven

Store return. Has dent on top. Untested

Lot#: 60656007

Mitutoyo Slide Rule Micrometer

In case. 0809

Lot#: 60656128

Pneumativac Air Operated Fluid Evacuator


Lot#: 60656008

Central Tool Company No. 201 Micrometer

In case. 0809

Lot#: 60656129

Tire Snow Chain


Lot#: 60518109

2003 walking liberty 1oz fine silver


Lot#: 60518101

Mercury dimes 5 coins 1936-1945 5 coins


Lot#: 60518102

Indian cent 1893-1907 10 coins


Lot#: 60518103

Signed & Framed Artwork


Lot#: 60518104

1988 Morgan silver dollar 90% silver


Lot#: 60518105

6.56ct Emerald glowing green color with gem ID card

10.82mm x 11.04mm tested positive for emerald 0901

Lot#: 60546071

Jerry Coleman Padres Commemorative Patch 4 Units


Lot#: 60518106

Emerald lot 22.55ct nice green with gem id card


Lot#: 60546070

Box of Signed Golf Balls 6 Units

Unknown Player

Lot#: 60518107

1987 walking liberty silver dollar 1oz fine silver


Lot#: 60546073

Mohamed Sanu Patriots Signed Jersey COA


Lot#: 60518108

Buffalo nickels 5 coins 1930's


Lot#: 60546072

Jackie Smith Cardinals Signed Jersey COA

HOF 1994. JSA

Lot#: 60546086

Larry Bird Signed Basketball COA

And1 Basketball signed Larry Bird. Red carpet Authentics 12209

Lot#: 60546085

Jerry West Mr. Outside Signed Basketball COA

And1 Basketball signed Mr. Outside Jerry West. Red Carpet Authentics 12211

Lot#: 60546088

John Havelicek Signed Basketball COA

Spalding Basketball signed 8x NBA Champs. Red carpet Authentics 12207

Lot#: 60546087

Michael Jordan Signed Basketball COA

Spalding Basketball signed Michael Jordan Forensic DNA 93794

Lot#: 60546089

Zion Williams Signed Duke Basketball COA

Duke Basketball signed. Legends K6498

Lot#: 60546080

Mighty Ducks Multiple Signed Jersey 16 Sigs

Says Bryzgalov. Fedorov. Fedoruk. Gavey. Selanne. Getzlaf. Lupul. Sykora. Giguere. Others. No COA

Lot#: 60546082

Ron Harper Heat Signed Jersey

White. No COA

Lot#: 60546081

Shaquille O'neal Lakers Signed Jersey COA


Lot#: 60546084

Michael Jordan Signed Basketball COA

Spalding Signed Basketball Michael Jordan. Forensic DNA 93810

Lot#: 60546083

Ron Harper Heat Signed Jersey COA


Lot#: 60546097

Pokemon cards

Mew Nintendo and Charizard Promo 0901

Lot#: 60656100

Signed Framed Artwork

Marked Raymond. 38x48 inches

Lot#: 60546096

Pokemon cards steal cards 1st edition GX

3 cards Mewtwo Venusaur Ho-oh 0901

Lot#: 60656101

Signed Artwork Framed

41x49 inches

Lot#: 60546099

1940 walking liberty silver half dollar 90%


Lot#: 60656102

Henry Granger Framed Artwork

33x45 inches

Lot#: 60546098

Pokemon cards base set team rocket E-reader


Lot#: 60656103

Old Metal Wanted Sign

Murder of police near Mansfield 16x24 inches

Lot#: 60656108

Proto Screw And Pipe Extraction Set

In case. 0809

Lot#: 60656109

Genius Air Socket Set

7/16-1 1/4. 13 sockets in metal box. 0809

Lot#: 60656104

Hamey Framed Artwork Golf Course

38x48 inches

Lot#: 60656105

Rolling 4 Step Ladder

Locks when weight is applied. 5 foot tall. 0809

Lot#: 60656106

Central Tool Company Gauge Micrometer

In case. 0809

Lot#: 60656107

Rolling Metal 5 Step Ladder

7 foot tall. 0809

Lot#: 60546091

Magic Johnson Showtime Signed Basketball COA

Spalding Basketball Signed Showtime Magic Johnson. Forensic DNA 93763

Lot#: 60546090

Luka Doncic Signed Mavericks Basketball COA

Dallas Mavericks Basketball signed. Legends K6757

Lot#: 60546093

Pokemon cards 1st edition GMA graded cards BSG

3 cards Fossils, 1st edition Fossils NM-MT+ 8.5 Recycle trainer, 1st edition mint 9 Fossils Gambler trainer, 8.5 NM-MT Fossils Recycle Trainer

Lot#: 60546092

Julius Erving Signed Basketball COA

Spalding Basketball Signed 16x All Star Julius Erving. Forensic DNA 93305

Lot#: 60546095

Pokemon cards steal charizard 1st edition Gx shining


Lot#: 60546094

Pogs slammers

Over 100 pogs, poison pog disney Coca-Cola ford 0901

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