2021 NorthWest Farm / Ranch And Construction Day 2 Auction

| Online Auction
Thursday April 22, 2021 | Powell Butte, OR. US. 97753

There are no images for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

Bidder Terms and Conditions 2021 Spring Consighment Auction Day 2 Live / Absentee / Online Auctions These Bidder Terms and Conditions apply to auctions conducted by Western Auction Solutions LLC, Romey Bromwich, Auctioneer, having a business address at 1033 NW Golf Course Dr, Madras, Oregon 97741(?Auction Firm?), and constitute a legal, valid, binding, and enforceable contract between Auction Firm and each Bidder. These bidder terms and conditions also form the basis for the contract of sale between the Seller and the Buyer. For the purposes of these Bidder Terms and Conditions, the term ?YOU? refers to each Bidder (as defined below). Buyers premium : Buyers premium : 15% Online Terms: Cash, LOCAL Check, Wire Transfer with $10 Charge, CC with 3.2% fee on location, 3.5% fee remote payment (Card Not Present),Ceritfied Bank Check Winning bids made online MUST follow the online terms,conditions and buyers premium with NO exceptions. Shipping and handling MAYBE avaibable lot dependant through UPS on many items. Check the individual item or email to confirm BEFORE you bid on it. Items will be shipped via THE UPS Store.946 SW Veterans Way #102, Redmond, OR 97756 Shipped items will be charged hammer price including BP and a second charge for shipping and handling prior to shipping with $5 handling fee. All Items will have UPS standard Insurace with additional insurance at bidders request. 1. Bidder Terms and Conditions; Posted Terms; Announcements at the Time of the Auction; Agreement to Be Bound. The Auction is conducted under and in accordance with these Bidder Terms and Conditions and any and all other terms and conditions posted on the Auction Firm website(s) and on the websites of any Online Auction Platform Provider(s) used by Auction Firm. The Auction is subject to any announcements or corrections by Auction Firm. By participating in the Auction in any way, YOU agree to be bound by, and to abide by, these Bidder Terms and Conditions. 2. Definitions. The following definitions apply to these Bidder Terms and Conditions: ?Auction? means an online and/or simulcast auction sale conducted by Auction Firm. ?Auction Firm? means Western Auction Solutions LLC, Romey Bromwich Auctioneer, Auction Firm. "Bidder" means any person or entity, and the agents or representatives of any such person or entity, that registers, and/or bids, and/or buys, and/or otherwise participates in the Auction (including, without being limited to, inspection and/or pick-up), regardless of whether such person or entity tenders a bid. "Bidder Account" means the number or other identifier issued by Auction Firm to a Bidder. "Bidder Registration" means the information provided by a prospective Bidder, and the process of registering such prospective Bidder to bid at the Auction, including the prospective Bidder's agreement to be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions. "Bidder Terms and Conditions" means these Bidder Terms and Conditions. "Buyer" means the Winning Bidder on a Lot. "Buyer's Premium" is an amount with respect to each Lot, calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price, that is payable by the Buyer to Auction Firm for its own account. "Contract Price" means an amount equal to the Hammer Price plus the Buyer's Premium. "Fall of the Hammer" means the point, after bids have been received, at which Auction Firm declares a Lot "sold" to the Bidder acknowledged by Auction Firm as having made the Winning Bid. During an online ONLY Auction, the Fall of the Hammer will occur electronically at the end of timed (or extended) bidding. During simulcast ending of sale will be by either Auctioneer verbally or Clerk electronically. "Hammer Price" means the High Bid amount recognized by Auction Firm with the Fall of the Hammer. "High Bid" means the amount recognized by Auction Firm as the highest bid at the conclusion of bidding on a Lot. "High Bidder" means the Bidder recognized by Auction Firm as having made the High Bid on a Lot. "Lot" means each individual item or grouping of personal property put up at one time by Auction Firm. "High Estimate" means an amount that Auction Firm anticipates that a Lot may bring at the high end of a spectrum of possible bids. The High Estimate, if used, is not a valuation or appraisal, and cannot be relied on as such "Low Estimate" means an amount that Auction Firm anticipates that a Lot may bring at the low end of a spectrum of possible bids. The Low Estimate, if used, is not a valuation or appraisal, and cannot be relied on as such. "No Sale" occurs if a Lot is put up at the Auction but is not sold, and Auction Firm passes on such Lot, withdraws the Lot, or declares a No Sale of the Lot. "Online Auction Platform" means any hardware and/or software utilized to conduct the Auction online and to facilitate online bidding, including any associated, adjunct, and/or complementary websites, services, premiums, and promotions. Auction Firm may utilize one or more Online Auction Platforms. "Online Auction Platform Provider" means the provider of an Online Auction Platform and related services. Auction Firm may utilize one or more Online Auction Platform Providers. "Online Bidding Period" means any established period during which online bids may be tendered. ?Private Sale? means an event in which a Lot is sold (or gifted) by the Seller, or on the Seller?s behalf, other than at the Auction. ?Private Sale Price? means the fair market purchase price of a Lot paid, or agreed to be paid, at a Private Sale in an arms-length transaction between the Seller and the purchaser. If a Lot is sold through a Private Sale for less than its fair market value, or in a transaction that is not an arms-length transaction, or is gifted by the Seller, the Private Sale Price will be an amount equal to the fair market value of the Lot in an arms-length transaction. "Reserve" or "With Reserve" means that property put up at auction may be withdrawn by Auction Firm and/or bids may be rejected by Auction Firm prior to the Fall of the Hammer. It is not necessary for there to be a Reserve Price for an Auction to be With Reserve. UNLESS SPECIFICALLY AND EXPRESSLY STATED OTHERWISE BY AUCTION FIRM IN WRITING, ALL LOTS ARE BEING SOLD WITH RESERVE. "Reserve Price" means the minimum price that Seller is willing to accept for a Lot. If a Lot put up With Reserve is subject to a Reserve Price, the Lot will not be sold unless the Reserve Price is met or waived. It is not required for any Reserve Price to be disclosed. "Winning Bid" means the highest bid received and accepted (and if Subject to Seller's Confirmation, confirmed by Seller). "Winning Bidder" means the Bidder who is recognized by Auction Firm as having made the Winning Bid. "Without Reserve" means Absolute. 3. Auction Closing Date. Absentee Bidding closes 4/22/21 In the event of absentee auction bidding, please USE YOUR MAX BID FEATURE. Your Max bid will be used as a registered bid during live auction by the Auction company on your behalf. 4. Bidder Registration; Bidder Qualification. YOU must register to bid. Auction Firm may establish such Bidder Registration requirements and Bidder qualifications as Auction Firm determines, in its discretion, to be reasonably necessary or appropriate. In order to register to bid, YOU must provide such information as requested by Auction Firm, including YOUR name, address, telephone number, email address, and a valid credit card number. YOUR address on the registration must match the address on file with your credit card company. Auction Firm may refuse to accept a Bidder Registration from any potential Bidder, may refuse to grant bidding privileges to any potential Bidder, and may revoke the Bidder Registration or bidding privileges of any Bidder. By registering to bid, YOU represent to Auction Firm that, if YOU are a natural person, YOU are at least eighteen (18) years of age and that YOU are otherwise legally able to enter into a contract. Each entity registering to bid represents that it has the power and authority to register, to bid, and to complete the purchase transaction if it is the Winning Bidder. YOU acknowledge and agree that YOU have read, understand, and agree to be bound by, these Bidder Terms and Conditions, any and all other terms and conditions posted on the Auction Firm website(s), and the terms and conditions posted on the websites of any Online Auction Platform Provider(s) used by Auction Firm. Auction Firm may, in its absolute discretion, receive bids from a person or entity that has not registered to bid, and/or who has not satisfied all requirements for Bidder Registration, and/or that has not previously been granted bidding privileges, and, by bidding, such person or entity will be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions, any and all other terms and conditions posted on the Auction Firm website(s), and the terms and conditions posted on the websites of any Online Auction Platform Provider(s) used by Auction Firm. Bidder qualification provisions are intended for the benefit of Auction Firm and its Seller(s), and create no rights or interests in any other persons, including competing Bidders. Auction Firm and/or its Seller(s) may (but will not be required to) waive any Bidder qualifications, either globally or on a case by case basis. 5. Auction Conducted in the State of Oregon. The Auction is conducted in the State of Oregon. All property is offered for sale in the State of Oregon, and will be sold and or picked up in the State of Oregon. Notwithstanding YOUR physical location, these Bidder Terms and Conditions are entered into in the State of Oregon unless otherwise noted, all bids and payments are received in the State of Oregon, and all contracts between Seller and Buyer are formed and entered into in the State of Oregon, and all Lots will be picked up or shipped from the State of Oregon. 6. Buyer's Premium. A Buyer?s Premium, or Buyer?s fee, will be charged on all Lots. The Buyer's Premium, which will be paid by the Buyer to Auction Firm for its own account, will be calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price for each Lot, and will be added to the Hammer Price to determine the final Contract Price. The ONLINE Buyer's Premium will be 15 percent (15.0%) of the Hammer Price for each Lot, unless otherwise noted and is earned by (and may be retained by) Auction Firm with the Fall of the Hammer. All buyers premium is charged via individual bidding platform. 7. Access to Online Auction Platform; Premises. YOU assume all risks associated with YOUR access to the Auction, including the Online Auction Platform, the premises of Auction Firm, and any other physical location associated with Auction Firm or the Auction. Any person may be denied access to the Auction, the Online Auction Platform, and the premises of Auction Firm or any other physical location associated with Auction Firm or the Auction. 8. Nature of the Auction. Unless expressly stated otherwise in writing, the Auction will be With Reserve. Auction Firm may Withdraw any Lot prior to the Fall of the Hammer on such Lot. 9. No Bid Retraction. YOU may not retract a bid that has been acknowledged by Auction Firm or that has been submitted online. YOU acknowledge and agree that Auction Firm is acting in reliance on tendered bids in the conduct of the Auction, and that bid retraction is disruptive and interferes with the Auction, and that, as an inducement for Auction Firm to accept YOUR Registration and to grant YOU bidding privileges, and for YOU to bid at the Auction, YOU agree not to withdraw or to attempt to withdraw any bid tendered by YOU. 10. Posted Times. All times are based on the Pacitic Standard Time Zone. Posted closing times and time displays are approximate. Auction Firm reserves the right, in Auction Firm?s sole and absolute discretion, to close early or extend the Auction. 11. Handling of Online Bids; Maximum Bid Amounts. YOU may establish a maximum bid amount. Online Bids will ordinarily be initiated at an established opening bid amount or at the next bid increment, which amount may be less than YOUR maximum bid amount. Online bids will automatically be executed competitively up to the Fall of the Hammer (or other termination of the bidding). The receipt and execution of online bids will not create an agency relationship between Auction Firm and YOU. 12. Bid Increments. Auction Firm may establish bid increments, and may modify or change, bid increments. 13. Buying Multiples (X THE MONEY). When bidding on multiples of an item in a single lot, you are bidding the price for one (1) item x the number of items indicated. Example: x5 = your bid price x that same price for 5 items. 14. Relationship of the Parties. Auction Firm is the agent of the Seller(s), and represents the Seller(s) exclusively. Auction Firm is not YOUR agent or representative, and is not acting on YOUR behalf. 15. Winning Bid; Buyer. The Bidder making the Winning Bid for any Lot, will be the Buyer of the Lot on final certification by Auction Firm. The final determination of the Winning Bidder is subject to certification by Auction Firm. At the conclusion of the Auction YOU should receive an email with an invoice advising YOU of the items won. Winning Bidders will receive an email only. YOU are responsible for checking YOUR email account. 16. Records. Absent clerical errors, the records of Auction Firm will be final and conclusive for all purposes. 17. Technology Disruptions. Auction Firm will not be responsible for technology disruptions, errors, or failures (including disruptions to bidding or the failure to execute, recognize, or record online bids), whether caused by (i) loss of connectivity, breakdown, disruption, or failure of the Online Auction Platform, (ii) errors in programming or set-up of the online Auction, (iii) breakdown, disruption, or failure of a Bidder's internet connection, computer, or system, or (iv) otherwise. Auction Firm may, but will not be required to, continue, suspend, delay, extend, reschedule, close, re-set, or re-start the Auction because of disruptions caused by technology failures or errors, even after bidding has commenced. 18. Failures by Online Auction Platform Provider and its Affiliates or Contractors. Auction Firm may use an Online Auction Platform Provider to facilitate the Auction. Under no circumstances will Auction Firm be liable for any failure of the Online Auction Platform Provider to perform all or any of its obligations, or for the failure of any affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, or contractors of the Online Auction Platform Provider to perform their obligations. 19.Local firearms (Local resident pickup) sales will be though onsite FFL dealer with to include ground fee set by FFL dealer. 20. Disclaimer Regarding Online Auction Platform(s). Auction Firm makes no representations or warranties, and disclaims all representations and warranties, (i) that any Online Auction Platform(s) or any related website(s) or technology will be uninterrupted, error free or virus free, (ii) as to the results that may be obtained by using any Online Auction Platform(s) or any related website(s) or technology, or (iii) as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, security, or current nature of any Online Auction Platform(s), or any related website(s) or technology. 21. Responsibility for Online Bids. YOU are responsible for all bids transmitted from YOUR computer or from YOUR Bidder Account. If a Winning Bid is sent from YOUR computer or using YOUR Bidder Account, YOU will be the Buyer on certification by Auction Firm. 22. All Property Sold "AS IS", "WHERE IS", and "WITH ALL FAULTS". ALL PROPERTY IS BEING OFFERED AND SOLD IN ITS ?AS IS/WHERE IS? CONDITION AT THE TIME OF THE AUCTION, WITH ALL FAULTS, INCLUDING ANY HIDDEN DEFECTS OF ANY NATURE. NEITHER AUCTION FIRM NOR ANY SELLER MAKES ANY REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES, OR GUARANTEES WHATSOEVER, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE NATURE, VALUE, SOURCE, AUTHENTICITY, FITNESS, MERCHANTABILITY, AND/OR ANY OTHER ASPECT OR CHARACTERISTICS OF SUCH PROPERTY. NO STATEMENT ANYWHERE, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING VERBAL STATEMENTS MADE BY AUCTION FIRM, WILL BE DEEMED A WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION BY AUCTION FIRM OR ANY SELLER. WITHOUT LIMITING THE GENERALITY OF THE FOREGOING, THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES OF TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, AUTHENTICITY, ORIGIN, MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ALL OF WHICH ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU CANNOT RELY ON, AND YOU HAVE NOT RELIED ON, ANY REPRESENTATION, WARRANTY, OR GUARANTY MADE BY ANY SELLER OR ANYONE ACTING AS AGENT OF A SELLER (INCLUDING AUCTION FIRM), ORALLY OR IN WRITING, ABOUT ANY LOT. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU HAVE HAD A FULL AND FAIR OPPORTUNITY TO INSPECT ALL LOTS, AND THAT YOU ARE RELYING SOLELY ON, OR HAVE WAIVED, YOUR INSPECTION AND INVESTIGATION (i) IN DETERMINING WHETHER TO BID, (ii) IN DETERMINING THE AMOUNT OF YOUR BID(S), AND (iii) IN BIDDING. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DETERMINE CONDITION, AGE, GENUINENESS, VALUE, OR ANY OTHER DETERMINATE FACTORS REGARDING ANY LOT ON WHICH YOU BID. 23. Bidder's Inspection; Adequacy of Description and Images. YOU are encouraged to inspect the Lot(s), or to have the Lot(s) inspected by YOUR agent or representative before bidding. By bidding, YOU acknowledge and agree that YOU have had a full and fair opportunity to inspect the Lot(s), and that YOU are relying solely on YOUR inspection and investigation, or that YOU have waived inspection and investigation, and that you have not relied on any statement, representation, warranty, or guaranty made by any Seller or anyone acting as agent or representative of a Seller (including Auction Firm), and any photographs or other images of Lot(s) are adequate for YOUR purposes. CAUTION: Always read the item description. Varied equipment may be joined for demonstration purposes. Do not assume a lot consists of more than one item simply because they may be connected or pictured together. Please inspect the lot numbers and read the descriptions. YOU are bidding on the described item not the photo ? occasionally, the wrong photo is displayed ALWAYS READ THE LOT DESCRIPTION. 24. Description of Property. Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, any description of a Lot is based solely on visual impression, and is given solely for identification purposes, and does not create any warranty, expressed or implied, or representation by Auction Firm. 25. High and Low Estimates. If and to the extent that High Estimates and Low Estimates are used, they are merely a guide. You may not rely on High Estimates or Low Estimates as a prediction of the Hammer Price or the value of any Lot, or for any other purpose. High and Low Estimates are not a guaranty of price or value, and are not an indicator of the possible re-sale value of any Lot. High Estimates and Low Estimates do not include the Buyer?s Premium. 26. Announcements. Announcements made, or posted, by Auction Firm on the day of, or during, the Auction are binding and take precedence over any prior advertisements or listings. Auction Firm reserves the right to (i) add or remove Lots, (ii) split or combine lots, (iii) add minimum bids or reserve prices, (iv) cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule any Lot or the Auction in its entirety, and make changes to the Auction closing times and/or inspection and/or removal times. 27. Bidding by or on Behalf of Seller(s). Seller(s) may bid directly, or indirectly, on any Lot, and Auction Firm may place bids on a Seller's behalf up to the Reserve Price, if any. 28. Conduct of the Auction. Auction Firm will regulate all matters relating to the conduct of the Auction and the decisions of Auction Firm will be final and binding. Auction Firm will have control over bidding, and Auction Firm will resolve any and all disputes. Auction Firm may, in Auction Firm?s sole and absolute discretion, reopen the bidding (but will not be required to) if (i) a bid was tendered prior to...

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. , agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1a

Day 2 NorthWest Farm/Ranch & Construction Auction

Day 1 Farm and Heavy Equipment go to www.westernauctionssolutionsonline.com You must register for EACH day auction.

Lot#: 1ch

Trail-et Conquest II 3 Horse Trailer w/Living Qtrs

New remodeled wall paneling and wood trim A/c, Bathroom, shower & toilet 3 Horse Slant Saddle Storage Removable dividers Tack room Multiple slider windows Good floor with stall mats Driver side escape door Living quarters has 2 sleeping areas spare tire Breaker box & battery powered 110

Lot#: 1cr

ATV Yamaha Kodiak 400 4wd

13057 miles Runs, drives, has Reverse Torque Control Diff Front Drive Line is gone ***UPDATE**** RECENT CONSIGNOR DISCLOSURE Owner says that the Front driveline is gone, but the 4wd does work, just needs the Driveline

Lot#: 1fh

1/8TH Scale Farmall 560 Tractor

Farmall 560 collector edition 1996, Toy only, Actual Narrow Front Axle Tractor with Fenders & Chrome Stack Spring Seat, Turning Steering Wheel, Rubber Tires, Functioning Sliding Hitch, looks to be in Pristine Condition, LOW HOURS COMES OF A REPUTIBALE FARM

Lot#: 1mm

2002 Chevy S10ZR2LS

4x4; 168000 miles, Truck Box, Headache Rack

Lot#: 1nr

1999 Ford F350 4WD V10 Crewcab Pickup

V10 Gas, 113,288 Miles, A/C, Cruise, Very Clean, Very Straight VIN 1FTSW31S6XEE02756

Lot#: 1pa

2005 Ford F450 XL SD Dually Flatbed Pickup

*Non Running* This Vehicle sells NO RESERVE Clean title Mileage 200,867 6.0 Turbdo Diesel ~ 6 Speed Transmission A/C Heat CruiseControl 12x8ft Wood deck flatbed with boxes and rack Tow Package ~ Prodigy Trailer Brake Control Bully Sidesteps ~ LED and Strobe Lighting Cranks over with non start SOLD AS IS WITHOUT WARRENTY REFER TO BIDDER TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Lot#: 1rl

5 Boxes of 20 556 American Eagle

55gr. fmj total 100 Rounds New in Box LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 1rr

1967 McQue SK Single Wide Horse Trailer

Good condition, Take a look here!

Lot#: 1ry

Troy Bilt Lawn Mower TB30R

VERY NEW VERY NICE CONDITION! Comes with Mulching Kit and brand new battery TB30 R hydro rider lawn mower's smaller frame, 30" cutting deck and 18" turning radius, couples the benefits of a standard riding lawn mower with the size of a wide cut walk-behind. The TB30 R also features a comfortable medium-back seat, LED headlight and telescoping steering wheel. Hydrostatic transmission provides less maintenance, allows smooth acceleration and requires no shifting to change either direction or speed. 382cc Troy-Bilt OHV engine Hydrostatic transmission requires less maintenance and allows for smooth acceleration 30" side discharge mowing deck Fuel sight window allows you to check gas level 18" turning radius 5-position deck height adjustment $1,449.00 MSRP

Lot#: 1sg

10ft 4 Panel Curved Sweep

Lot#: 1sj

Round Corral from 11 12' Panels, 1 gate

Approx 40ft

Lot#: 1vs

1963 Ford 4X4 Pickup

Runs and drives well, 4WD Works VERY COOL PICKUP!! VIN F11BR380855 1984 302 Ford Engine and Automatic Transmission No Body Rust, Surface Rust on Bed~ Comes with Extras such as winter tires, aluminum rims and chrome parts. Can leave is as a rat or bring it to show condition. Its there to do it!

Lot#: 1xx

GMC America LaFrance Fire Truck

Cool yard art!! "Thurston County Fire Distric No. 11" *Currently Non Operational*

Lot#: 2a


Lot#: 2ch

Bolens HT20 FMC w/ 4ft Bucket Loader

Trailer stinger on bucket with Johns Workhorse hydraulic bucket 600lb lifting power Loads of accessories pto 3p hitch rear wheel weights on 16x12-12 tires good tires Comes with really nice 4ft bucket brand new muffler model 18082 sn:0100105 Powered by Koher Engine 19.5HP New fuel filter, oil filter, newer well maintained comes with brake light Runs Really Good!!

Lot#: 2fh

Agco R62 Gleaner Combine Set 1/16 scale

Farm Show Edition September 26-28, 1995 1/24th on box is FACTORY MISPRINT Comes with grass header and corn header Special edition

Lot#: 2mm

1996 Honda ATV

Runs and drives. Excellent in the field or hunting

Lot#: 2nr

2015 Polaris Ace 325 ATV

Very nice single seat ATV with only 336 miles!! ~ Runs like a champ smooth and powerful. Features add on options L&R Sport Roof, L&R Mid Windshield, K-Exrt Front and Rear Brushgaurds, Oregon DMV/Off Highway Tag VIN 4XADAA328FA619764, Brand new condition and clear title Bid now and make mamma happy!

Lot#: 2rl

5 Boxes of 20 556 American Eagle

55 gr fmj totall 100 rounds5 Boxes of 20 556 American Eagle LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 2sg

Blue Mule 4 Panel Curve Sweep

Lot#: 2sj

Lot of 5 10' Panels

Lot#: 3ch

4 Person Mountain Carriage

VERY nice single horse carriage ~ Has leaf spring suspension and 5th wheel front. ~ Pleated seats and pin stripping of the time ~ Wheels appear in excellent condition

Lot#: 3do

Frontier RC1072 3pt Mower Deck 6'

Appears in good condition and ready for brushing

Lot#: 3jb

Arena/Pasture Weed Sweep

3 Point Hitch ~ For undercutting weeds and shrubs These sweeps work VERY well for cutting foliage at the root and little disturbance to top soil.

Lot#: 3jc

10 Boxes Unopened Winchester LR Primers


Lot#: 3rl

5 Boxes of 20 556 American Eagle

55gr. fmj Total 100 rounds LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 3sg

Pair Cattle alley frames

Used with panels to create a alley way

Lot#: 3sj

Lot of 5 10' Panels

Lot#: 4br

1995 Pro Air II Air Compressor Mod PAFTV560V-1

60 Gallon; Max 125psi, 240V, 1 phase, A.O. Smith a/c motor 3450rpm sn9503021911

Lot#: 4ch

Single Horse Doctor Buggy

Very nice "Doctors" buggy ~ Leaf spring suspension ~ Fold down canopy in great shape ~ Single horse staves and nice wheels ~ Appears ready for the canter

Lot#: 4do

Tandem 6ft 8 disc Evans X609 6652

Lot#: 4jc

5 Trays of LR Primers

Approx 500 primers LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 4rl

5 Boxes of 20 556 American Eagle


Lot#: 4sg

Wall Feeder

Very Nice Condition Hanging Wall Feeder with Poly Grain/Mineral Tray

Lot#: 4sj

Lot of 5 10' Panels

Lot#: 5b

Tarter Cattle Master Series 3 Squeeze Chute

Has Auto Head gate; Handle pull; Automatic Guillotine tailgate; self catch head gate; easy squeeze system; All access top and bottom with removable panels; Front or side exit. Made in USA, still has dealer stickers on it Powdercoated Finish BRAND NEW, NEVER SEEN A COW!!!

Lot#: 5bc

Pallet of Barnwood Mantle Pieces Approx 8 pcs

Most are approx 7.5 x 7.5 Beams Most are 7ft long Material for Mantle barnwood beams and mantles Some are hand hewn

Lot#: 5br

Lot of 3 Axles

3 heavy duty axels on springs. Beleived to be 6,000 LBS per axel

Lot#: 5ch

Horse Drawn Sulky

"Improved sulky" with pneumatic tires

Lot#: 5do

5.5' Behlen Country Round Tank/Feeder

Very good condition

Lot#: 5gd

Powder River 8ft Round Feeder

Good condition heavy duty powder river with the extra wide neck slots

Lot#: 5jc

5 Boxes 350 Remington Mag

3 full boxes Approx 88 rounds total LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 5sg

Wall Feeder

Lot#: 5sj

Lot of 5 10' Panels

Lot#: 5xx

5000 Gallon Water Poly Tank & Stand

Very good condition tank and stand. Was used for water

Lot#: 6bc

Larger Barnwood Beam Bundle Over 12 pcs

upto 12" x 12" x 13' hand hewn Great for Mantles

Lot#: 6ch


Nice set of carriage harness and driving bit

Lot#: 6do

5.5' Behlen Country Premium Stock Tank

Good condition stock tank!

Lot#: 6gd

Powder River 8ft Round Feeder

Heavy duty feeder with the extra wide neck slot

Lot#: 6jc

3 NIB Woodleigh 375 Mag Bullets

Bullets 270 gr LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 6rl

3ft Behlen Galvanized Oval Water Trough

Premium Galvanized New Old Stock

Lot#: 6sg

Trenton Blacksmith Anvil

Measurements: approx 30" from horn tip to rear edge face approx 4" wide Height approx 11.5" square hardy hole approx 3/4' square Round Hardy hole approx .5"

Lot#: 6sj

Lot of 5 10' Panels

Lot#: 6sr

Powder River Squeeze Chute

HD w/ swing gate

Lot#: 6wf

Powder River Chute Trailer

Lot#: 7bc

Bunk of Barnwood Material

Cabin material!! Half rounds and barnwood planks Averages 6- 7ft

Lot#: 7ch


Nice set of carriage harness with driving bit

Lot#: 7do

Hay Feeder/Bunk

Homeade, just like mother apple pie

Lot#: 7gd

Powder River 8ft Round Feeder

Nice heavy duty feeder with extra wide neck slot.

Lot#: 7jc

Bullets .375 caliber 6 boxes

1 full box unopened of Hornady interlocks 270 gr Speer Hot core 235 grain Sierra Game King 250 gr Barnes Solid 300 gr Banded Solid Nosler Accubond 260 gr Barnes Triple Shock 235TSX LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 7rl

4ft Behlen Glavanized Round Water Trough

Newer great condition stock tank ~ Has lower valve for draining.

Lot#: 7ro

Post Hole Digger PTO 10" Auger x 4ft

Good condition 3 point post auger

Lot#: 7sg

RDL & Co Anvil

Very nice English Anvil~ Has a Peter Wright look to it

Lot#: 7sj

4' x 8' Gate

Lot#: 7sr

Powder Mountain Roping Chute

Roping chute by Powder RIver

Lot#: 8bc

Bridge and Barnwood Beams

Hand hewn Mixed sizes Averages 7-12ft long

Lot#: 8ch

Massey Harris Manure Spreader

Heavy Duty 3x7 ft ground drive fully functioning spreader. Can be used with Small HO Tractor or Vehicle. Needs wood floor replaced as they all do of this vintage. Can be put to work or as great yard art

Lot#: 8do

11Ft Ideal Grain/Feed Silo

Just off a working operation. Appears clean and ready to use

Lot#: 8gd

Rubber 4.5ft Round Feeder

Ready to take on the toughest bull!

Lot#: 8jc

1 box Nosler Partition 416 caliber 400 gr

Approximately 50 count LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 8sg

NC "Big FACE" Anvil

4" wide face (max.) ? great for leveling shoes Turning cams in anvil heel Opposing square and round cliphorns ? for making great clips and square toes. Also convenient for left handed shoers Thin heel design 1-1/4" chamfered, round turning hole in heel 1" hardie hole in horn Pritchel hole in heel

Lot#: 8sj

4 x 8 Gate

Lot#: 8sr

Powder River Calf Roping Chute

Lot#: 9ch

King Kutter Box Scraper

Great for landscaping, land leveling, backfilling, grading, and many other applications. Each box blade is constructed with a 20" specially formed self cleaning moldboard. This great Box Scraper shows very little use or wear!!

Lot#: 9do

13ft American Grain/Corn Silo

Appears clean and ready to use with hopper

Lot#: 9gd

225 Gallon Water Tank

Lot#: 9jc

1 Box Winchester .32 Auto


Lot#: 9jr

3pt Rotary Spin Style Arena Groomer

Newer condition groomer the best tool for improving hard, compacted baseball and softball infields as well as equine training areas. Instantly improve footing and soften surface with maximum versatility by making simple 3-point tractor hitch adjustments

Lot#: 9rl

Pair of 3ft Livestock Gates

Two nice steel gates. Ready for your small animals or stack as man doors!

Lot#: 9sg

Stall Door w/Rail 7ft x 50"

Nice Wood stall door for your barn or bathroom!

Lot#: 9sj

4 10ft Panels

Lot#: 9sr

Llama/Alpaca Chute

Lot#: 10cg

Shenandoah Chicken Feeder / Laying box

Good condition laying boxes

Lot#: 10ch

Woods LRC 60 Landscape Rake

Look at the condition here!! 60-inch working width Tractor HP range: up to 25 hp Three-point hitch: Cat 0, Limited Cat 1 and 1 Adjustable rake offers five forward and five reverse positions Compact rake, perfect for leveling and spreading topsoil and removing stones Optional Dual-gauge wheel Imcluded

Lot#: 10do

2 Wall Mount Sheep Feeders

Lot#: 10gd

300 Gallon Rubbermaid Ag Tank

Lot#: 10jd

6ft Heavy Duty Green Fence Posts

Approx. 32 Count

Lot#: 10jr

Unused Tarter 3pt Bale Carrier

Lot#: 10rl

Pallet of 30 Gal & 5 Gal Water Holders

Lot#: 10se

2018 Stehl Car Dolly

Single Axle vin 531BT1118JP065495 excellent shape

Lot#: 10sg

Adjustable Neck Bar Feeder Panel

Good condition feeder panel with adjuster bar

Lot#: 10sj

4 x 8 Gate

Lot#: 11ch

3 Section Chain Drag Harrow

Drag is in very good shape with alot of wear left on the spikes. Can be used with toolbar mount as 3 section or broken down and used as single section ATV drag.

Lot#: 11do

Pallet of 4 Wall Mount Sheep Feeders

Lot#: 11gd

Liquid Mineral Slow Feeder RMI Brand

To prevent over consumption of liquids, feed and minerals

Lot#: 11jd

5.5ft Heavy Duty Green Posts

Approx 35 count

Lot#: 11rl

Stone Manufacturing Ratcheting Calf Puller

Very good condition calf puller

Lot#: 11ro

John Deer Seeder w/Bumper Pull Hitch

Use or great yard art! 10ft Model LE SN: 30862

Lot#: 11sg

Hay Tarp 26' x 14''6"

Lot#: 11sj

4 x 8 Gate

Lot#: 12ch

3 Point Serrated Disc

Pristine disk! Disks show NO wear. Can be used with small light weight tractors. Perfect for lawn or garden!

Lot#: 12do

3 Wall Mount Feeders

Lot#: 12gd

4" Brass Valve

Lot#: 12jd

5.5ft Lightweight Green Fence Posts

7 count

Lot#: 12rl

Pallet of Barb Wire and Garden Fencing

Your buying the pallet. Roll of garden fence, half roll of barbwire and tree wire

Lot#: 12sg

Hay Tarp

Info to come

Lot#: 12sj

9 10ft Panels

Lot#: 13ch

10" Post Auger

Independent brand. Very nice condition, great auger and digger teath show little wear. Can be used on smaller 3 point tractors

Lot#: 13do

1 Wall Mount Small Animal Feeder

Nice condition feeder!

Lot#: 13gd

Gallagher M150 Fence Charger

150 Mini comes with heat light and tub

Lot#: 13jd

6ft Lightweight Green Fence Posts

4 count

Lot#: 13rl

2 Large Live Traps

Good Condition Large Heavy Duty Traps

Lot#: 13ro

Portable Electric Fence & Gate Support System

Put some stretch on your electric fence and add panel gate able to be added to the sides. H brace and two corner posts

Lot#: 13sg

16' Bale Elevator

Unknown working motor condition ~ Chain, sprocket appear functional

Lot#: 13sj

6' x 8' Gate

Lot#: 14dl

Pump Marathon 3 Phase 10hp

230/240V Comes with good working control panel~ Working pump and Motor. Owner installed and used it for 2 irrigation seasons and hasnt for a couple years. Over $1000 value here!

Lot#: 14do

Pallet of Miscellaneous

Sprayer, Rebar, Harrow Spring tooth, & a block/tackle

Lot#: 14gd

Large Lot of New Zealand Fencing & Charger

GREAT LOT HERE!! Parmac Field Master Fence Charger Plastic electric fence insulators NZ fence ratchets

Lot#: 14jd

9) 5.5ft Heavy Weight Red Fence Posts

9 count

Lot#: 14jr

Berlkey Irrigation Pump

15HP Marathon Elecrtic Motor ~ Model B27PI Irrigation Pump Untested

Lot#: 14rl

5 Gal Bucket of Gate Hinges

Misc bucket of screw type gate hinges

Lot#: 14ro

4 Misc Fence Panels Homemade

One with latch pin Used for the portable electric fence system lot 13RO

Lot#: 14sg

Bale Spear

2000LB Capacity ~ Sturdy and solid with multi mounting options.

Lot#: 15bp

12' Feeder Panel

Lot#: 15br

Pipe 10" X 30' Approx 40 pieces

VERY good condition pipe!

Lot#: 15ch

6 Ft Trailbuilder Back Back Blade

3point Back Blade in good conditions. Has adjustable angle drag and reverse drag.

Lot#: 15dh

3 Phase 10hp Irrigation Pump and Motor

Owner claims it works

Lot#: 15dl

Irrigation Pipe Approx 12 pcs

9 pieces 40' 2 pieces of 20' 1 piece of 25'

Lot#: 15do

Pallet of Miscellaneous

Light Fixtures, Galvanized bucket, sprayer,

Lot#: 15gd

Lot of 2 Bird Waterers 7 gal

Lot#: 15jd

25) 6ft Heavy Weight Red Fence Posts

Very good condition supply of heavy weight posts

Lot#: 15jr

2 Tubs Miscellaneous Irrigation Rings on Pallet

Buying both tubs full.

Lot#: 15ps

Rankin Post Auger 10"

Very good condition heavy duty post auger with rock teeth and PTO shaft.

Lot#: 15rf

Wade Rain Tecumseh Wheel line Motors (2)

Lot#: 15rl

Vintage John Deere Plow Model 647

VERY NICE! Vintage JD Plow with Good Plow Share Would make great yardart or be put back to work

Lot#: 15ro

Spring Tooth Harrow 6ft x 6ft

Good condition and functional spring drag. ATV to Tractor use

Lot#: 15ry

Pallet of Irrigation Lay Flat Hose

Some have smaller nozzles attached and ready. Take a look! Your buying the lot of approx 5

Lot#: 15sa

12) Wheel Line Approx 6ft'

All appear in good shape and ready for use.

Lot#: 15se

150 Gal. Diesel Fuel Tank

Baffle in the Middle Only Diesel in it, Set up for a pump

Lot#: 15sg

Roll of Drain Tile Hose

Lot#: 15sj

Rubbermaid 150 Gallon Tank-Feeder

Lot#: 16bp

12' Feeder Panel

Lot#: 16ch

Sitrex Fertilizer Spreader

Lot#: 16db

Leinbach Line 3pt 7 ' Back Blade

Leinbach is known to be heavy duty in industry. Comes with adjustable angle

Lot#: 16dl

Irrigation Pipe Approx 7 pcs

Two 40' Three 20' One 25' One 15'

Lot#: 16do

Pallet of Fencing Wire, Barbed and Smooth

2 Full Rolls and 8 partial rolls

Lot#: 16gd

3 Rubber Livestock Tubs

Lot#: 16jd

7ft Heavy Weight Red Fence Post

1 count

Lot#: 16jr

Tarter Panel Trailer

NEW tarter Panel Trailer. Perfect condition

Lot#: 16ps

King Cutter LT7 7ft Back Blade

Lot#: 16rl

Two Boxes .45 Blazer CCI


Lot#: 16ro

Hay Spike - 4 Spears

Bucket attachable spears

Lot#: 16ry

1 Roll Drip Tape

Appears to be a new! Take a look at the other irrigation items we are offering.

Lot#: 16se

Cub Cadet RT65 Dual Direction Tines Rototiller

2020 model ~ VERY NICE CONDITION!!!! Premium Honda 187cc GC 4-Cycle OHC Engine Self-Propelled Drive System Dual Rotating Tines 13-Inch Tine Diameter Wider 18-Inch Working Width Rear Tine Design Heavy-Duty Front Counterweight 16-Inch Pneumatic Ag Tread Tires

Lot#: 16sg

Spool Flexible Conduit 1.5"

New Old Stock

Lot#: 16sj

Rubbermain 100 GallonTank - Feeder

Lot#: 17bp

16' Feeder Panel

Lot#: 17ch

Horse Drawn Double & Single Trees

Lot#: 17db

3pc Spring Harrow

Lot#: 17dl

Mayrath Auger 2-Section

31ft Marathon 3/4 hp Single phase

Lot#: 17do

Pallet of Irrigation

Reducers, elbows & risers. Good very usable parts!

Lot#: 17gd

3 Rubber Livestock Tubs

Lot#: 17jd

5.5ft Lightweight Red Fence Posts

47 count

Lot#: 17jr

Manure Spreader

Working ground drive spreader. Could use new floor and be put to work

Lot#: 17ps

3pt V Ditcher

Good condition 3 point ditcher ready to go! Your mother will love to put it to use.

Lot#: 17rl

6ft Triple Disc

11 disc per row, 4 pieces total

Lot#: 17ry

Pallet Flat Irrigation Hose

Bidding on the entire pallet

Lot#: 17se

5ft Snowblade Attachment for Quad

Has all the brackets and hardware to attach to Quad Good shape

Lot#: 17sg

Scranton Neck Bar Feeder Panel

You are bidding on ONE feeder panel in good condition

Lot#: 17sj

Rubbermaid 70 gallon Tank-Feeder

Lot#: 18bp

4 pc Square Feeder System

Two 10' panels and two 6' panels Makes into 4 sided feeder for large or round bales

Lot#: 18do

Pallet of Water Pipe

Getting the entire lot!

Lot#: 18gd

3 Rubber Livestock Tubs

Lot#: 18jd

6ft Lightweight Red Fence Posts

12 count

Lot#: 18jr

42' Round Sioux Brand Galvanized Trough

Lot#: 18ps

5ft Model 5 Brush Hog

Good running condition rotary mower that can be used by smaller H.P Tractors.

Lot#: 18rl

Lot of Brass Sprinkler Heads, Some New

Lot#: 18ro

Synder 50 Gal Step Tank & 250 Gal Tank

Lot#: 18ry

Pallet Fla Irrigation Hose

Bidding on the pallet lot. Some have come with PVC attached.

Lot#: 18sg

Senstek Portable Scale for Livestock Chute

Owner states the scale in operating condition. Comes with scale and scale box. Well educated stockman will want to know their feed/weight margins and this scale is how. *Refer to buyer terms and conditions*

Lot#: 18sj

Mineral or Salt Block Feeder

Lot#: 19do

Pallet of Yard Tools & Metal Brackets

Lot#: 19gd

Schrader Woodstove Model 701B

sn: 3504

Lot#: 19jd

Coil of smooth Wire

Lot#: 19jr

Sioux Steel Oval Galvanized Trough

Sioux brand made before china brought in Coastal tinfoil tanks. This is a like new condition heavy duty trough and USA strong BE the envoy of your friends, bid now!

Lot#: 19rl

Sprinkler Heads & Weights (2 Buckets)

Lot#: 19ro

Rock Crusher Screen - 4 Sections

Premade for firepit or compost bin

Lot#: 19ry

Pallet of Flat Irrigation Hose

Take a look at this great pallet,ready for use

Lot#: 19sg

Slow Feeder

Get that hungry hippo under control!

Lot#: 19sj

Mineral Feeder for Box Stall

Lot#: 20bs

48" Lawn Deck Agri Ease PTO 3pt

SN: 185734-FM48RDG-Y19

Lot#: 20dd

Transfer Case 70's-82' Chevy

Came from a 350

Lot#: 20do

Hi Lift Type Jack Model 485

Lot#: 20gd

Steel Welding/Burn Table/Bench Frame

32" wide x 60" long x 32.75" high

Lot#: 20jd

2 Rolls of Field Fence

Lot#: 20jj

Gardener Plus Rototiller w/Plow Attachment

Gear Drive Transmission & tine box, No Belts, 5hp Briggs & Stratton Industrial/Commercial Engine Cast Iron Sleeve Cylinder, Adjustable handlebar Power forward and reverse.

Lot#: 20jr

Oval Galvanized Trough

2.5 x 2 x 7 Heavy Duty Trough

Lot#: 20ro

8ft Big Valley Gate

Like new condition Gate!

Lot#: 20sg

Priefert Man Gate

Good condition alley / chute gate ready to go

Lot#: 21do

2 Bales of Twine

Lot#: 21gd

100 Gallon Gas Tank

model 484000

Lot#: 21jr

Priefert Feeder Panel

5ft x 12ft Real Nice on here, Newer Condition feeder panel!

Lot#: 21rl

Front End Loader Hydraulic Spear & Grapple

for Round Bales

Lot#: 21sg

Priefert Chute Gate

Great quality chute/alley gate in good contrition

Lot#: 22do

3pt Sprayer Frame

Lot#: 22jr

1 New Unused 10ft Gate

Great condition gate ready for use.

Lot#: 22rl

5 Boxes Winchester 9mm


Lot#: 22sg

Priefert Blue Chute Gate & Frame (2 Pieces)

Lot#: 23do

3pt Woods Mower Deck 5x2 RM500

Heavy Duty !

Lot#: 23gd

Werner 8ft Fiberglass Ladder

Lot#: 23jr

1) 10ft Brand New Tarter Gate


Lot#: 23rl

5 Boxes Winchester 9mm


Lot#: 23sg

Scranton Neck Bar Feeder Panel

You are bidding on ONE feeder panel

Lot#: 24do

6Ft Back Blade

Very heavy duty adjustable 3 point blade

Lot#: 24gd

Werner Ladder 24ft Fiberglass

Non conductive extension ladder in very good shape

Lot#: 24jr

1) 18ft New Unused Tarter Gate

Brand new like a shiny penny

Lot#: 24rl

5 Boxes Winchester 9mm


Lot#: 24ro

Pallet of Barbed Wire, Bail of Smooth & Stops

3 full rolls of Barbed Wire 3/4 Bail of smooth wire Bundle of Stays This is a great pallet for the serious fencer

Lot#: 24sg

Prefiert Cant Back Alley Stop

Alley way cant back in great condition

Lot#: 25do

3pt Bale Spear

Heavy Duty!

Lot#: 25gd

Werner 20ft Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Very good condition ladder made for anti shock.

Lot#: 25jr

Oliver Superior Manure Spreader

Vintage Yard art of Rare Oliver Manure Spreader

Lot#: 25rl

3 Boxes of 9mm

Black Hills Performance is HP +P Winchester FMJ 3D FMJ LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 25ro

3pt Hitch Sprint Tooth Harrow 8ft x 40"

Appears in great condition and field ready. Can be used with lighter HP tractors

Lot#: 25sa

3pt Triple Blade Plow

Lot#: 26do

3pt Bale Spear

Lot#: 26gd

Aluminum Extension Ladder 35ft

In good condition

Lot#: 26rl

5 Boxes of Remington 30-06

160 core-lok soft points (Full Boxes) LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 26ro

Pallet w/2 Rolls of 9 Wire & Electric Fence Posts

Large roll of new wire and posts

Lot#: 26sg

Lot of 3 Mineral Tubs

Lot#: 27do

Leinbach 3pt Single Plow/Ditcher

Lot#: 27gd

Tub with Parmak Fence Charger, Tank Float & Halter

Lot#: 27jr

Heavy Duty Hay Feeder/Bunk 10ft

Lot#: 27rl

3 Boxes of Remington 30-06

160 Core-lok soft points (full boxes) LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 27sg

Lot of 3 Mineral Tubs

Lot#: 28do

5 Powder River Panels 5' x 16'

Lot#: 28gd

2 Rubber Livestock Tubs

tank heater, float and scoop

Lot#: 28jr

Taylor-Way 3pt Landscape Rake

Model 900088 Good condition 3 point with drag wheels

Lot#: 28rl

1 Box Winchester Super X 30.06

150gr Powerpoint Full Box LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 28sg

Lot of 3 Mineral Tubs

Lot#: 29do

1 Power River Panel 5' x 10'

Lot#: 29gd

Rabbit Hutch with Feeder/Waterer

Lot#: 29rl

Brick of 500 Remington .22 Cyclones


Lot#: 29sg

Small Livestock Panel w/ Gate

Can be used in Farrowing, Lambing or other small livestock stall or pen

Lot#: 30do

1 Powder River Panel 5' x 6'

Lot#: 30gd

3 Bird Feeders/Waterers

Lot#: 30rl

NIB 3 Bricks of Western Super X .22LR

Each Brick is 400 Rounds LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 30sg

Small Livestock Panel w/ Gate

Nice stall door here!

Lot#: 31do

Behlen 2' x 10' Livestock Feeder

Lot#: 31jr

Diesel Fuel Tank and Stand

Very good condition 550 Gal tank and hose with 6ft stand. Diesel

Lot#: 31rl

NIB 3 Bricks Western Super X .22LR

Each Brick is 400 rounds LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 31sg

Stall Door w/Rail 7ft x 50"

Lot#: 31xx

1,427 Gallon Fuel Tank

Very good condition tank with Low Pro Stand,Hose and Misc

Lot#: 32do

Behlen 2' x 10' Livestock Feeder

Lot#: 32rl

NIB 1280 Rounds Western .22 LR HP


Lot#: 32xx

Lincoln Welder SA200 on a Trailer

Lot#: 33do

Behlen 2' x 12' Livestock Feeder

Lot#: 33gd

Lg Lot 2 Tubs, Feeders, Feed Scoop & Waterer

includes tank float

Lot#: 33jr

Massey Harris 3pt 2 Bottom Plow

In using working condition

Lot#: 33rl

16 Boxes Western Super X .22 LR

Approx 640 rounds LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 34do

2' x 12' Livestock Feeder

Lot#: 34jr

3 10ft Brand New Tartar Panels

Lot#: 34rl

4 Boxes of .38 Special

3 boxes of 130 gr UMC 1 box 150 gr Winchester Approx 200 rounds LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 35jr

18ft New Unused Tarter Gate

Lot#: 35rl

NIB 500 Rounds 7.62 X 39


Lot#: 35xx

Pallet of 11 LARGE Muscle Wall Sections 6' x 4'

Interlocking Water Wall Barriers Newer and in Very Good Shape!! Also would make excellent feed bunk backer

Lot#: 36do

Creep Feeder for Lambs Unassembled

Could also be goat milking stands

Lot#: 36gd

1 Pallet of Tongue & Groove Decking

Heavy duty THICK decking perfect for trailer decking or plank floors.

Lot#: 36rl

16 Boxes and 9 Loaded Stripper Clips of 7.62 X 39

Approximately 500 Rounds Total LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 36xx

Pallet of 8 MEDIUM Muscle Wall Sections 6' x 2'

Interlocking Water Wall Barriers Newer and in Very Good Shape!!

Lot#: 37do

3 Mineral Tubs, 14", 16", 24" diameter

Lot#: 37gd

Lot of 8) 2' x 8's Approx 20ft long

Lot#: 37jr

Farmall Bucket Crane

Heavy Duty Farm All bucket crane ready to go to work.

Lot#: 37rl

7.62 x 39 Loose End Box w/ Stripper Clips

Approximately 296 rounds LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 37xx

Pallet of 8 MEDIUM Muscle Wall Sections 6'x2'

Interlocking Water Wall Barriers Newer and in Very Good Shape!!

Lot#: 38do

Spike Drag Harrow

Can be used behind AVT , small tractor or put together for larger harrow

Lot#: 38gd

Lot of Misc Steel Pipe

Lot#: 38rl

2 Full Boxes 32-20 Winchester and Remington

Winchester 32 100gr lead Remington 100gr Lead Round nose LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 38xx

Pallet of 8 MEDIUM Muscle Wall Sections 6'x 4'

Interlocking Water Wall Barriers Newer and in Very Good Shape!!

Lot#: 39do

Spike Tooth Harrow

Lot#: 39gd

1 Pallet lot of Metal Roofing 6ft & 17ft Lengths

Lot#: 39rl

Lot of 12 Gauge 00 2 3/4 Buckshot Shells

Unopened boxes LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 39xx

Pallet of 8 MEDIUM Muscle Wall Sections 6' x 2'

Interlocking Water Wall Barriers Newer and in Very Good Shape!!

Lot#: 40do

3pt Carrier - Homemade

3 point

Lot#: 40gd

Lot of Pipe 26ft

Lot#: 40jr

8' Round Stock Feeder

Lot#: 40rl

7 Boxes of 12 ga 00 Buck

2 3/4 Approx 35 Rounds LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 40xx

Pallet of 8 Medium Muscle Wall Sections 6' x 2'

Lot#: 41gd

Pallet 2 50gal Drums Full of PVC Fittings 3"-4"

Lot#: 41jr

210 Gal Capacity Water Tank , No Lid

Lot#: 41rl

2 Boxes .380 Auto

1 Box of Federal approx 35 rounds Approx 25 rounds of hydra-shocks LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 41xx

Pallet of 8 Medium Muscle Wall Sections 6' x 2'

Lot#: 42do

3pt Gopher Getter

Lot#: 42gd

4 Partial Rolls of Pole Barn Wrap & a Dolly

Lot#: 42rl

12 ga 4 boxes Slugs

3 boxes are winchester supreme 12ga 3 in HP Sabot Slugs 1 box Federal Rifled Slug LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 42xx

Pallet of 8 Medium Muscle Wall Sections 6' x 2'

Lot#: 43do

7ft 3pt Harrow

Lot#: 43gd

Pallet w/Sump, Stove, pipe, Flashing & Motor

Motor is Marathon

Lot#: 43jr

Truck Rack for Small Bed

Lot#: 43rl

.380 Auto Approx 300 Rounds

95gr. 3 boxes of UMC LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 43xx

Pallet of 10 Medium Muscle Wall Sections 6' x 2'

Lot#: 44do

3pt Auger Continental Belton Co.

Model QP SN: 15514

Lot#: 44gd

Tongue and Groove Decking

5-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 16' Perfect for trailer decking

Lot#: 44jr

Truck Winch Lift

Lot#: 44rl

8 CCI Minimags


Lot#: 45gd

Roller Table

Lot#: 45jr

3pt Hydraulic Wood Splitter

Unknown information but she is a beast. Attach to your tractor and you can split IN the woods

Lot#: 45rl

3 Boxes .25 Cal Hornady Auto & 1 box of 30 caliber

2 Full boxes of Hornady 35 gr XTP 1 partial box of Hornady 35 gr XTP 1 full box of .30 cal ammo LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 46gd

Pallet of Misc Tools, Hoses, Tub, etc

Lot#: 46rl

12ga 2 3/4" Rifled Slug Federal

Approx 50 rounds LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 47gd

Pallet of Misc

Full Roll of bale twine, 2 wheelbarrow wheels, gate fence stretcher, rake

Lot#: 47rl

10 Boxes of Remington 1 Bk

3" Brand new in Package Approx 50 rounds LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 48gd

Lot Welding Curtain Rods

Lot#: 48rl

5 PKGS Remington 12 ga 3" NEW

1 box Slugs 2 boxes 00 Buck 2 boxes 000 Buck Approx 25 rounds LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lot#: 49gd

Pallet w/ 2 Forks for Skidsteer

Lot#: 49rl

8 Pkgs .22 LR


Lot#: 50do

18" Diameter Culvert Approx 18ft

Lot#: 50gd

Lot of 3 Trusses for Pole Barn

Lot#: 50ms

Oster Mfg Pipe Threader 3hp Type RS

w/Box of dies

Lot#: 50rl

3 ton Coffing Hoist

Nice condition chain hoist with both hooks ready to work

Lot#: 50ro

Davidson Fiberglass 6ft Ladder

Lot#: 50sa

Approx. 100ft Overhead Wire

Lot#: 50sj

Plastic Tote for Liquid Fertilizer

Lot#: 50sm

Century AC Welder 230 Amp w/Leads

VERY nice newer condition welder!

Lot#: 51br

Pallet of Cinder Blocks

Approx 90. All appear new old stock Your bidding on the pallet, block count is a estimation only!

Lot#: 51dc

Lincoln Gas Powered ARC Welder Lincwelder 225

Owner states it runs

Lot#: 51do

Culvert 24" Diameter Approx 20ft

Lot#: 51gd

Lot of Lumber for Pole Barn

Lot#: 51ms


500 Lbs, newly rebuilt Cable & casters One man can now lift 500 lb. loads up to a maximum height of 20 ft. in two minutes or less. This can be done with the Model 520 Lift. This unit is equipped with guy cables, outrigger bars, and adjustable wing-screw levelers with sturdy rubber feet to stabilize the load. If used on bare ground, wood blocks should be placed under casters and levelers. To move the unit on hard surface, simply raise the rubber footed levelers slightly to allow the swivel casters to turn freely.

Lot#: 51rl

1.5 Ton Chain Hoist

Direct differental. Nice WORKING vintage peice. America Baby!

Lot#: 51ro

Werner Model 356 6ft Aluminum Ladder

Lot#: 51ry

DR Weed Eater OHV 174cc


Lot#: 51sj

Plastic Tote for Liquid Fertilizer

Lot#: 51tl

Set of 4 Kubota Tires **New and Rims

Front set of nearly new all purpose r-1 front tires 8-16, high traction lug Titan Brand Rear tires 14.9x24 on 13" rim Titans

Lot#: 51wf

Ford Mower 3pt

Lot#: 52br

Pallet Mixed Concrete Decorative Blocks

Approx 45 Your bidding on the pallet, block count is a estimation only!

Lot#: 52do

Mitchell Mfg. 3pt General Purpose Sprayers

Model 5ESM SN: 3422

Lot#: 52gd

Lot of Lumber for Pole Barn

Lot#: 52ms

Haugen HMD904 Magnet Drill

Lot#: 52rl

Large Plate Clamp

Solid plate clamp!

Lot#: 52ro

Wood 6ft Ladder

Lot#: 52ry

Weed Eaer Paulan Pro 22" Wheeeled Trimmer

Briggs & Stratton 25 Series; 6.25 ft Gross Torque

Lot#: 52wf

4x6 Trailer w/ Oxy-Acetylene Tank Mounts

Lot#: 53br

Pallet Landscaping Bricks

Approx 120 L shaped decorative blocks. Appears to be new old stock Your bidding on the pallet, block count is a estimation only!

Lot#: 53do

Pallet of Flower Pots & Feeders

Some damage

Lot#: 53gd

Lot of Lumber for Pole Barn

Lot#: 53ms

Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Lot#: 53rl

14" Simplex Style Mechanical Jack w/ Spreader

Heavy duty Jack provided load holding

Lot#: 54br

Pallet Straight and L Shaped Landscaping Blocks

Approx 104. Appears New old stock Your bidding on the pallet, block count is a estimation only!

Lot#: 54do

Pair of Feeders

Lot#: 54gd

Lot of Lumber for Pole Barn

Plywood & siding

Lot#: 54ms

Vacuum Minuteman HEPA Model 829 116

U.L.P.A. filtered vacuums for the safe recovery of asbestos, lead, mold, hexavalent chromium and other hazardous materials Available in a 6 gallon or 15 gallon dry only or wet/dry to fit any remediation need Dry recovery unit vacuums directly into a disposable bag Direct load to a 6 mil lined tank increases cleaning capacity, eliminates double handling of debris and reduces decontamination time

Lot#: 54rl

10" Machinist Vise

VERY heavy duty!

Lot#: 55br

Pallet L Shaped Landscaping Blocks

Approx 120~ Appears New old stock Your bidding on the pallet, block count is a estimation only!

Lot#: 55do

25ft Extension Ladder

Lot#: 55gd

Lot of Lumber for Pole Barn

Lot#: 55ms

Handy Rolling Cart/Parts and Washer

Lot#: 55rl

5" Quickwerk Blacksmith Post Vise

All parts are there and in working condition showing the later (NEWER) industrial period styling.

Lot#: 56br

2 Misc Pallets of Cinder Blocks

Your bidding on both pallets

Lot#: 56do

Lot of T-Post Brackets

Lot#: 56gd

Lot of Lumber for Pole Barn

Lot#: 56ms

Handy Pro Tool/ Set of 3 Drawer Top

One roll around, one three drawer tool box. Bid now!

Lot#: 56rl

Pallet of Handi-man Jacks

Some are good and some are good for parts

Lot#: 56wf

3pt Quick Hitch

Lot#: 57br

Pallet Landscaping Brick

Approx 120 ~ Appears to be new old stock Your bidding on the pallet, block count is a estimation only!

Lot#: 57do

Pallet of Misc Hand Tools

Pitch forks, shovel, post hole diggers, pry bars

Lot#: 57gd

Coated Chain Link Fence 6ft

Lot#: 57ms

Unassembled Metal Handrail

Perfect for the hobby welder

Lot#: 57rl

Pallet of Hand Tools

Approximately 10 items collins axe co, grubhose, axe picks bale fork and misc

Lot#: 57wf

5ft Kubota Model 3660

3 point , PTO Power Flail mower ~ Appears in operating condition

Lot#: 58br

12" Floor Joists

New Old Stock 12"X12 Approx 18 Your bidding on the lot, count is a estimation only!

Lot#: 58do

Pallet of Electric Fencing Materials and NZ Fence

And a Fence Stretcher!!

Lot#: 58gd

Roll of Roofing Membrane Approx 12ft

Lot#: 58ms

Partial Spool of new 3/8" Cable

Lot#: 58rl

Pallet of Hand Tools

Approximately 10 items pick, pitch fork, maul, hay fork, & shovels

Lot#: 58wf

Brillion 6ft Crowfoot Plow Packer

Lot#: 59br

Pallet Concrete Blocks

Approx 90 ~ Appears to be new old stock Your bidding on the pallet, block count is a estimation only!

Lot#: 59do

Pallet of Livestock Equipment

Tank heater, buckets, blanket

Lot#: 59gd

Lot of Metal Roofing 10'-12' Lengths

Lot#: 59ms

Safemark Systems Personal Safe

Lot#: 59rl

Pallet of Hand Tools

approximately 10 items hay fork, potato fork, spud bar, maul, post hole digger

Lot#: 60br

Pallet Landscape Bricks

Approx 150 Your bidding on the pallet, block count is a estimation only!

Lot#: 60do

Misc Livestock

3 Mineral Tubs and electric fence posts

Lot#: 60gd

Lot of Metal Roofing 13'

Lot#: 60ms

Safemark Systems Personal Safe

Lot#: 60rl

Lot of 4 Spud Bars and Tamping Bars

Several tamping and pry bars for the wife to use

Lot#: 60ro

Pair of Wheels & Tires 7.5x18

Lot#: 60sa

Polycarbonate Polebarn Panels Approx. 9

Panels are designed specifically to match up to the metal panel profile.

Lot#: 60se

Tank 250-275 Gallon Diesel

Lot#: 61br

Homelite 2250 Watt Generator

Model HL2500 Untested

Lot#: 61do

Creep Feeder for Calves

Lot#: 61gd

Lot of Metal Roofing 14'

Lot#: 61ms

Safemark Systems Personal Safe

Lot#: 61rl

Approx 10 Large Clevises

Thick and heavy duty~ Most are over 1 inch

Lot#: 61se

Tote Water Fresh Water Only 275 gallons

Lot#: 62gd

Ramp for Truck Bed Collapsible

Make step or ramp

Lot#: 62ms

Safemark Systems Personal Safe

Lot#: 62rl

5 Large Hooks

Large over 1 inch thick hooks

Lot#: 62se

Rectangular Stock Tank/ Water Tank 275-300 gal

Lot#: 63gd

3Pnt 5.5ft Box Scraper w/ 4 RIppers

Appears to be in good condition with little actual use.

Lot#: 63ms

Pallet of Fiberglass Grating

Lot#: 63rl

Bucket of Clevis Hooks

Large lot of large clevis

Lot#: 64ms

Brunner Eng Mfg Tank 687 gal LP Gas Only

sn: HH8706

Lot#: 64rl

Bucket of Brand New 10" Barn Spikes

BRAND NEW Barn Spikes

Lot#: 65gd

Pallet of Snow Fencing

Appears in good condition

Lot#: 65ms

40-45 Gal Tank

Lot#: 65rl

Lot of Miscellaneous Hooks

Lot#: 66gd

Cordless 18v Dewalt Impact & Drill Set

3 batteries & 2 chargers tested and they do work

Lot#: 66ms

Pallet of Misc Hoses

Lot#: 66rl

Lot of Cable Clamps

Small to large size

Lot#: 66wf

Snow Plow for Quad Cycle Country

4ft Adjustable

Lot#: 67gd

New Polebarn Self-tapping Screws & 40 Penny Nails

Lot of Buckets New for pole barn construction

Lot#: 67ms

Box of 36 Lamp Heads & 26 Cords

Lot#: 67rl

Large Lot of Brass Valves

All look to be in very good condition from 1/2 to 1.5'

Lot#: 68gd

Lot of Lag Screws & Bolts

2 buckets of lag screws & miscellaneous bolts

Lot#: 68ms

Box of 36 Lamp Heads & 26 Cords

Large lot of NEW lamps and cords

Lot#: 69gd

3 buckets Clevises, Misc Bolts & Chain

Lot#: 69ms

Box of 36 Lamp Heads and 26 Cords

Lot#: 70gd

Large Lot of Misc Hardware

Fasteners and other hardware

Lot#: 70ms

Simonds 6ft Misery Whip Crosscut Saw w/Case

Vintage Simons Saw and Case. Very rare to see these case still with the blade.

Lot#: 70ro

23" Grind Stone

Very nice vintage grinding stone for antique grinding wheel

Lot#: 71gd

Pallet of Building Materials

Simpson strong tie joist hangers, Gate hinges, barn door hinges (new), large lot of pvc supplies, House tie downs

Lot#: 71ro

17" Grind Stone

Very nice grinding wheel for Vintage Grinder

Lot#: 72gd

Pallet of Miscellaneous Tools

4 shovels, rebar bender, spud bars, hayfork, brooms, an axe and wedges

Lot#: 72ro

16" Grind Stone

Nice grinding wheel

Lot#: 73gd

26gal Husky Air Compressor

220v 5 hp

Lot#: 73rl

Coast to Coast Rear Tiller 5 hp

Lot#: 74gd

Welding Curtain Hangers

Used for hangin welding curtains

Lot#: 74rl

Pallet w/2 motors

Lot#: 75rl

2 Vintage Rototillers

Unknown working condition

Lot#: 76rl

3 Old Forest Service Signs

Lot#: 77rl

3 Old Forest Service Signs

Lot#: 78rl

3 Old Forest Service Signs

Lot#: 79rl

3 Old Forest Service Signs

Lot#: 80rl

Pallet with "Pedestrian" & "School Zone" Signs

Lot#: 80ro

Pair of Running Boards 7.5' long

Lot#: 81rl

Pallet with "Interstate 5" & "Do Not Enter" Signs

Lot#: 82rl

Pallet w/ "Road Work Ahead" & "Road Closed" Signs

Road work sign folds

Lot#: 83rl

Pallet w/ 2 "Railroad Crossing" Signs

Lot#: 84rl

Pallet w/ "Oregon State Park" & "Historic Salem"i


Lot#: 85rl

Pallet w/"Restricted Area" & "Rocks" Sign

Lot#: 86rl

Pallet w/3 Animal Signs

1 cow, 2 deer

Lot#: 87rl

Pallet of 4 Signs

"Caution Children Present' "Golf Crossing Ahead" "Firetruck" "Bike" "

Lot#: 88ch

Wagon Frame

Lot#: 88gd

Pair of Axles 6000lbs

Lot#: 88jr

John Deere Wagon Frame

Lot#: 88rl


Lot#: 88sg

Lot of Wooden Bunks

Lot#: 89rl

Vintage Par Pony Golf Cart

Runs and has new batter and belt

Lot#: 90rl

Antique Snowmobile

Lot#: 91rl

Pallet of 4 Chokers

Lot#: 92rl

Pallet of 3 Chokers

Lot#: 99rl

Pallet of Cedar Shakes

Lot#: 100fh

Case 580 Super M Back Hoe Precision Construction

1/16th scale ERTL, Sealed in original box. Die Cast Loader, Rubber tires, Opening door cab, sliding rear window, new was 164.99

Lot#: 100jd

Union 76 5 Gal. Oil Can w/Original Caps & Handle

Lot#: 100rl

Vintage Coca Cola Machine

Dispenses Glass Bottles, but adjustable to dispense cans

Lot#: 101fh

ERTL 1/16th Scale John Deere 8530

Collectors Edition, new in box.

Lot#: 101rl

Vintage AMF Harley Davidson Golf Cart

Lot#: 102fh

ERTL 1/16th Scale John Deere 8760 4WD

Collectors Edition New in box.

Lot#: 102rl

Pallet of Unskinned Poles 8-10ft

Lot#: 103fh

ERTL 1/16th John Deere 50th Anniversary Set

John Deere 40 & John Deere 70 Unopened in Box

Lot#: 103rl

Pallet of Wood Poles 8-10ft

Lot#: 104fh

1/16 John Deere Lindeman Crawler w/ Cultivator

With cultivator, new and unopened in box

Lot#: 104rl

Pallet of Wood Poles 12ft approx

Lot#: 105fh

1/16th ERTL Precision Classics Model 720

Sealed in Box with paperwork Model 720 Tractor with Model 80 blade, model 45 loader. 1956 promotional material.

Lot#: 105rl

Pallet of wood Poles 8-10ft

Lot#: 106fh

ERTL Precision Classics Model 4020 Diesel Tractor

With historical booklet and collector coin included, unopened. Includes promotional material 1963-65 unopened. Year 1992. Third toy in the Precision Classics Series

Lot#: 106rl

Pallet of Gluelam Beams Various Sizes & Lengths


Lot#: 107fh

ERTL 1/16th New Holland 8560 Gemini

Collector Edition, very nice box, Brand new condition Authentic Graphics, opening hood, swivel seat, 4WD, Came off reputable farm with LOW HOURS.

Lot#: 107rl

Pallet of Redwood Staves Approx 10ft

Lot#: 108fh

Swan Hill Cari-car Lift

All wheels function, lift functions, wheels in excellent conditions

Lot#: 108rl

Pallet of Barnwood

Lot#: 109fh

ERTL 1/16th Allis-Chalmers Roto-baler New in Box

Hitches to all 1/16th scale tractors, in very good condition.

Lot#: 109rl

Pallet of 1x4 Cedar 5' Length Barnwood

Lot#: 110fh

1/16th Spec Cast Allis Chalmers D10 High Clearance

New in Box, Collectors edition, rubber tires, metal rims, made in USA, has accessories with it

Lot#: 110rl

Pallet of Barnwood

Lot#: 111fh

1/16th ERTL Farmall 350 FFA Edition New Condition

First edition from 1991, Box in Good Condition, , Iowa FFA, Has paperwork.

Lot#: 111rl

3 Barnwood Beams

Lot#: 112fh

1/16th ERTL Oliver 1655 Tractor New in Box

Collectors Edition, One of Four

Lot#: 112rl

36" x 75" Skylight

appears to be New old stock, it was never installed NICE!!

Lot#: 113fh

1/16th Spec Cast Oliver Row Crop 88

USA made; Very Nice Condition Tractor

Lot#: 113rl

2 Solar Panels & Waterheater

Solar Panels 6'4"x40" Waterheater by Solahart: Indirect High Pressure Solar Hot Water System 300 L Panels are Solahart Collector K for closed circuit only

Lot#: 114dl

Mayrath Smal Bale Elevator

Can raise bales over 25Ft Over just went though it and claims ready condition

Lot#: 114fh

1/16 Spec Cast Oliver 60 Row Crop

USA made; Oliver 60 steel wheels; Very Nice!!

Lot#: 114rl

Pallet of Wood Poles Approx 16ft

Lot#: 115dl

Newhouse Bale Squeeze

Lot#: 115fh

ERTL John Deere 520 Tractor with ROPS

Licensed John Deere Collector Edition Rear Hitch, steerable front end;

Lot#: 115rl

5 Rails

4 are approximately 10ft 1 shorter

Lot#: 116fh

ERTL 1/16 John Deere Grain Drill

Unopened Box, Licensed in 1992 Attaches to all ERTL scale tractors Removable Press Wheel Hopper cover opens and closes

Lot#: 116rl

Pallet of Downspouts and Round Pipe Galvanized

Lot#: 117fh

ERTL 1/16 Blue Print Replica John Deere 1934 Model

Tractor and Wagon Set Unopened in box

Lot#: 117rl

5 10ft Lengths of .5 inch Conduit

Lot#: 118fh

ERTL 1/16 John Deere Forest Harvester


Lot#: 118rl

Metal Wagon Tongue 11ft Length

Lot#: 119fh

ERTL John Deer 620 High Crop Tractor

Unopened, Good condition box 2001 Collector Edition Very nice !

Lot#: 119rl

Large Lot of Masonry and Tile Tools

Gettem here!

Lot#: 120fh

Spec Cast 1/16 John Deere Lindeman w/2 Bottom Plow

Lot#: 120rl

3 Phase 30HP Pump

GE #5A284JL158A

Lot#: 121fh

Sealed Spec Cast John Deere Vintage Airplane Bank

Unopened Bi plane Bank Stock 37516

Lot#: 121rl

6ft Hydraulic Cylinder

Lot#: 122fh

ERTL 1/16 50th Anniversary Allis Chalmers 7080

1995 Summer Farm Show Toy Inc. Beckman High and National Museum Opened only for picture purposes~ Very nice condition!!

Lot#: 123fh

ERTL 1934 John Deere Model A

50th Anniversary Commemorative edition 1934-1984 Unopened in box USA Made

Lot#: 124fh

ERTL 1/16 Scale Massey Harris 55

Box and tractor in good condition Made in USA Bid on this rare one today!

Lot#: 125fh

Precision Classic Model A John Deere

Unopened in box with Paperwork #1 in Series 1/16th Scale But the tractor that build America!

Lot#: 126fh

ERTL 2 Cylinder Club Expo John Deere 620 Orchard

1957-1960 New in Box, unopened Condition Unsealed and opened only for photos

Lot#: 127fh

ERTL 1/16h John Deere 430 Crawler

National Toy Truck Construction Show Sealed in box

Lot#: 128fh

1/16 Scale 1941 Pumper Fire Truck

General Motors Highway 61 Collectibles Made in 2003 New Old Stock

Lot#: 129fh

ERTL 1:50 Scale John Deere 850 Crawler

60th Anniversary Edition Brand new in the Boxl (New old stock)

Lot#: 130fh

Highway 61 1946 Grain Truck 1/16 Scale

Sealed in box Opening Doors & Hood

Lot#: 131fh

ERTL 1/16 Catepillar 2 Ton Track Type Tractor

1993 Special Edition tractor 1921/4900 Nice nice nice!

Lot#: 132fh

ERTL Presige Series JD 1957 Stake Truck

New In Box John Deere Dealership Truck, Unsealed ~ Opened only for photography

Lot#: 133fh

ERTL 1/16 John Deere VW Tractor

Unopened, Tractor is pristine

Lot#: 134fh

Spec Cast John Deere 1957 Dodge D100 Panel Truck

Limited Edition!!

Lot#: 135fh

Spec Cast Allis Chalmers D14 Tractor

Unopened and sealed in box Collectors Edition NIB Official Summer Toy Festival

Lot#: 136fh

United Rentals Ford F150 & JLG T350 Trailer

Trailer has boom lift Collector Series V Great Condition!!

Lot#: 137fh

ERTL John Deere 330 & 430 Dubuque Collector Set

In original unopened box Tractors are pristine in the set

Lot#: 138fh

United Rentals Peterbilt, Lowboy & Telehandler

Collector Series 4 New in Box Newray Toys

Lot#: 139fh

Spec Cast 1/28 1938 John Deere Thrasher

New Old stock in Original Box Thrasher is in pristine condition!

Lot#: 140fh

ERTL John Deere 4WD Tractor with Peterbilt Toy

NIB Toy Toys are pristine

Lot#: 141fh

ERTL John Deere 9600 Combine

Made in USA 1/28 scale Collectors Edition

Lot#: 142fh

Diecast 1/32 Kenworth W900

Made by CSM Original Box

Lot#: 143fh

ERTL 1/16 John Deere Disc

Made in USA Diecast

Lot#: 144fh

Snap-On Racing 1:9 1995 Limited Edition Super Bike

Still in the box!

Lot#: 145fh

John Deere Toy Set NIB

Lot#: 146fh

United Rental Collector 3 Series

Contains JLG Scissor Lift & JCB Mini Excavator

Lot#: 147fh

ERTL Blue Print Replica Internation Combine

Made in USA Original Box, unopened

Lot#: 148fh

ERTL Series 2 Precision Case IH STX450

1/32 scale, Comes with IH Collector book and medallion still in wrappers complete

Lot#: 149fh

ERTL 1/16 Internaltion T- 340 Crawler

Collectors edition, unopened in box

Lot#: 149rl

Breaker Box by Siemans

Single bus, 30 breaker capacity, Type 1, Nema Enclosure 14 1/2" x 36"

Lot#: 150fh

ERTL John Deere Farm Play set 1/64 40 piece set

1/64 Scale, new in box

Lot#: 150rl

Heavy Duty Steel Sawhorse 4' x 32"

Lot#: 151fh

Spec Cast 1/16 John Deere MC Crawler w/Steel Track

Made in USA

Lot#: 151rl

Welding Table

30-3/4" tall x 41-1/2"long x 28" wide, 1/4" plate table top

Lot#: 152fh

ERTL 1/8 Antique Corn Sheller

Power House Farm Series New!! Very cool!

Lot#: 152rl

Pair of Heavy Duty Sawhorses 4' x 22.5"

Lot#: 153fh

ERTL John Deere Motor Grade Blue Print Scale

Original Box USA Made

Lot#: 153rl

6ft Auger 10"

Lot#: 154fh

Athearn John Deere Train Set HO Scale

Unopened Includes to diecast 4010 tractors

Lot#: 154rl

Pair of Livestock Stanchions

Lot#: 155fh

ERTL 1/16 Manure Spreader

Number 192

Lot#: 155rl

Heaty Energy Systems Inc, Woodstove

Model Trailblazer Serial #14583

Lot#: 156fh

ERTL Little Genius Mccormick Deering Plow

Precision series 1/16 Comes with medallion and paperwork VERY NICE!

Lot#: 156rl

Lot of 3 48" Bar Clamps

Lot#: 157fh

ERTL Deerborn 2 Bottom Plow and Blade

Precision Series Factory Sealed, brand new

Lot#: 157rl

Master Motor 1hp Single Phase 110/220v

Lot#: 158fh

ERTL Mccormick Little Genius Plow 1/16

Factory Sealed VERY NICE!

Lot#: 158rl

Pallet w/ 5 gal Bucket of Various

One bucket has maul heads One bucket has Hooks and Chokers one bucket has fence staples & more

Lot#: 159fh

Lot of 2 ERTL 1991 IHC 66 Series

Unopened in box, factory sealed 2 of 4 in the Collection

Lot#: 159rl

Delta Scrollsaw

Lot#: 160fh

John Deere Disc

Made in Argentina

Lot#: 160rl

Vortex fan

Lot#: 161fh

ERTL 1/16 Ford 5000 Tractor NIB

number 0005/1943 Made in USA 1988 NIB

Lot#: 161rl

Kennedy Toolbox

Lot#: 162fh

JOAL 1/50 Komatsu Bull Dozer D155AX-5 NIB

New Old Stock

Lot#: 162rl

Approx 50' Tow Rope

Lot#: 163fh

ERTL 1/32 Case IH Discharge Spreader

New Old Stock in Box PTO Side Discharge spreader 1988

Lot#: 163rl

American Scale Co. Bench Vise w/ 4" Jaw

#2 11

Lot#: 164fh

Lot of 2 Die Cast Toys

Lot#: 164rl

Air Compressor w/ Craftsman Motor

Lot#: 165fh

Lot of 2 2 Catepillar Toys

725D Articulated Truck and 416B Backhoe

Lot#: 165rl

Barber Chair Base

Lot#: 166fh

Lot of 2 1/16 John Deere Garden & Farmall Tractor

ERTL Blue Print Replica

Lot#: 166rl

Antique Garden Tool Parts

Shovel heads, hoe heads, pick heads, hayfork heads

Lot#: 167fh

ERTL 1/16 Backhoe Tractor Attachment

NIB unopened

Lot#: 167rl

Antique Duro Water Pump Style #80

Lot#: 168fh

Highway 61 1946 Grain Truck

New old stock in box

Lot#: 168rl

Antique Dempster Water Pump

Dempster of Beatrice Neb

Lot#: 169rl

Antique Winsby Jr Pump

Pulley Size 28-54

Lot#: 170rl

Antique Grinder

Lot#: 171rl

Air Tank

Lot#: 172rl

3 Hitches, 2 w/ Balls 1 7/8" & 2 5/16"

Lot#: 173rl

1 Oil Pan w/ 3 Heavy Duty Stingers

Lot#: 174rl

Tongue for Trailer Receiver

Lot#: 175rl

Box w/ 3 Lanters & a Kerosene Heater

Made when men were still men and women could cook

Lot#: 176rl


Lot#: 177rl

Antique Whatchamacallit

New keys, your chance to find a treasure!

Lot#: 178rl

Jeep Roll Cage

Lot#: 200do

Pallet of Misc

Old Kerr Jars in an antique crate, Water Bath Canner Pot with Lid, Flamingo-in-a-bag, Siphon pump & hose reel, Guardex 4-in-1 Testing Kit

Lot#: 392rl

Mosler Safe Co. 1 Safety Deposit Box Set

New keys, your chance to find a treasure!

Lot#: 393rl

Mosler Safe Co. 1 Safety Deposit Box Set

New keys, your chance to find a treasure!

Lot#: 394rl

Mosler Safe Co. 1 Safety Deposit Box Set

New keys, your chance to find a treasure!

Lot#: 395rl

2010 Dodge Ram 3500 Truck Bed

w/ Gate & Bumper. VERY nice condition. Ower removed for a flatbed.

Lot#: 396rl

Mosler Safe Co. 3 Safety Deposit Box Sets

No Keys! Take a chance and find the crown jewels inside!

Lot#: 397rl

2015 Dodge Ram 3500 Tailgate

Some Damage

Lot#: 399rl

Pair of Truck Boxes

Full bed size Ill give the first person to walk up to me during preview and say" I LOVE AUCTIONS!" a free ball cap!

Lot#: 400rl

Pair of Truck Boxes

Full bed size

Lot#: 400ry

Pallet 7 Rolls of Mulch

35" x 4000ft

Lot#: 401rl

Pallet of Granite

Lot#: 402rl

Pallet of 2 Boat Motors & Can

Lot#: 403rl

Pair of Tires LT 650-13

Lot#: 404rl

Pair of Tires Wild Country LT 235/85/R16

Dually Wheels M+S

Lot#: 405rl

Single Wrangler Tire 255/70R/16

Lot#: 406rl

Acetelyne Cylinder

Lot#: 407rl

15.5 Gal Keg Heileman Brewing Co.

No Bung

Lot#: 408rl

Fuel Tank

Lot#: 409rl

Pallet of Barrels

Lot#: 500do

Antique Manure Spreader

Lot#: 500jr

Antique CC Cultivator

Yard art delight! And it appears to be all there in good condition!!

Lot#: 500rl

Pallet of 11 Vintage Pots and Yard Decor

Enamel to tin all in Barn find condition!

Lot#: 500ro

4ft Antique Steel Wheel

Nice Antique Implement Wheel

Lot#: 500ry

Antique Spring Tooth 4 Section Plow

Top of the line, 1911 style!

Lot#: 501rl

Antique Wringer Wash Machine

Rollers/wringer in good condition. Ladies, if the men dont find you handsome, make sure they find you handy!

Lot#: 501ro

Spring Tooth Drag Harrow 5ft x 5ft

Cool yard art of America past

Lot#: 502rl

Antique Cider Press

Very nice piece and still useable!

Lot#: 503rl

Vintage Kits Merry-Go-Round


Lot#: 504rl

8 Antique Cultivator Wheels

Great for decor!

Lot#: 505rl

Hanel Lumber Co. Hood River Oregon Sign

Vintage sign from Hanel Lumber Co. Hood River Or

Lot#: 506rl

Lot of 3 Antique Gaff Hooks

Lot of 3 Vintage gaff poles.

Lot#: 507rl

Pallet of Misc. Antiques & "Yard Art"

Lot#: 508rl

Montag Furnace Wood Stove w/2 Large Doors

Very cool heavy duty shop or cabin heat!

Lot#: 509rl

Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

Lot#: 510rl

Sickle Mower Guards

Getting the bucket full

Lot#: 511rl

Rototiller Tines & Drag Blades (New)


Lot#: 512rl

4 Old Heavy Duty Casters

Lot#: 513rl

Antique Wood Stove Warming Closet

The Wehrle Co., Newark, Ohio

Lot#: 514rl

Pallet of 3 Wooden Axles from Wagons

Vintage wagon parts

Lot#: 515rl

Chicago Rivet Machine Type Apex

Would make a great item for the manly mans , man cave

Lot#: 516rl

Homemade Wood Table 34 x 42x 29.5

Rustic decor

Lot#: 555rl

Pallet of Miscellaneous T-posts

Pallet of very misc shaped fence posts

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