5/27/2021 7th Street Coins, Collectibles, & More

Thursday May 27, 2021 | 611 7th Street. Altavista, VA. 24517
When registering as a new bidder the credit card you register with will have an authorization charge completed. The credit card used for registration will be charged following the auction unless you specifically call us ahead of time to arrange for different payment. If alternative payment is approved we accept cash or a good check. A buyer's premium of 20% plus applicable sales tax applies. This auction features an auto bid extend. Auction end times: Backwoods Auction & Artifacts, LLC Online Auctions are timed events and all bidding will close at specified times. Backwoods Auction & Artifacts, LLC Online Auctions also have an auto extend feature. When a bid is placed in the final 2 minutes of bidding the auction bidding will automatically be extended 2 minutes from the time the bid was placed. i.e.: If an auction is scheduled to close at noon, receives a bid at 11:59 the close time will automatically extend two minutes. The auto extend feature remains active until no further bids are received within a 2 minute time frame. If the first item is scheduled to close at 12:00 Noon items will close every twenty seconds after that unless the auto extend feature kicks in. i.e.: The second item will close at 12:00:20, the third item closes at 12:00:40. Backwoods Auction & Artifacts, LLC does not test items for genuineness. All descriptions are believed true, inspections encouraged. Measurements are approximate sizes. You are bidding on the described item, not the photography. On occasion the wrong photo may be displayed, always read the description. Any items left behind after the specific date or dates will be considered abandoned and will be forfeited unless alternate pick up or shipping arrangements were made prior to auction end, please email or call us ahead of time. Backwoods Auction & Artifacts, LLC staff does NOT move carry or load items for you. You must provide any packing material or boxes needed for transport of items. FAILURE TO PICK UP ITEMS ***Buyers who fail to pick up their purchases on load out day will be charged $5 per item on smaller items and $25 per item on larger items for removal. * All items sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with all faults. * No implied or express warranties. * All descriptions believed accurate but not warranted. * Bidder inspection is encouraged. * By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. * Backwoods Auction & Artifacts, LLC reserves the right to reject any bid at our sole discretion. * Applicable taxes of 5.3% sales tax will be charged unless a sales tax exemption form is provided. * Buyer's premium of 20% will be charged. * In the event of failure of the online bidding system or other technical failure, Backwoods Auction & Artifacts, LLC Auctioneers Inc reserves the right to cancel and/or reopen the auction. The bidder contract entered into between the bidder whose name is registered to this account and Backwoods Auction & Artifacts, LLC. Bidder and auctioneers agree that the terms listed below shall govern this auction. 1. Full payment shall be made before any items leave the premises. 2. Terms of auction: Unless auction is announced as absolute the auctioneer/auction firm has the right to reject any and all bids. The Auction firm further has the right to bid on behalf of the buyer, the seller, or on their behalf. Payment for purchases must be made according to terms of each particular auction. All checks must be made payable to Backwoods Auction & Artifacts, LLC. A Buyers premium will be added to bid price to arrive at the sale price. Any sales tax would be figured on this final sale price. All sales are subject to State Sales Tax Laws. Bidders agree not to stop payment on checks is responsible for any expenses due to collection of bad checks. Bidder agrees not to pursue chargeback's on any credit card payments. 3. NO WARRANTY: The descriptions of items in this auction are believed to be correct. Never the less, neither those descriptions nor any oral statements made by Owner, its Officers, Agents or Employees of auctions concerning any item shall be constructed as a warranty, either express or implied. ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS - WHERE IS. I, the buyer, have examined this merchandise and accept it the way it is. 4. SETTLEMENT: Must be made at the conclusion of the auction. Nothing is to be removed until settlement... Merchandise becomes the full responsibility of the Buyer at time of purchase, and Buyer assumes all risk of loss and damage to property. 5. RESALE: Auction Firm reserves the right to resell any property not paid for in full on auction day. The Buyer shall be responsible to Auction Firm for any expenses of resale and collection and damages resulting from the resale. 6. INJURY & DAMAGE: Bidder acknowledges responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by Bidder or his Agent, and further agrees to hold the Auction firm, property owner, Owners, its Officers, or Employees harmless for any personal injury to himself or his Agents and any property damage incurred on auction premises or pick up location. 7. By registering for this auction you give Backwoods Auction & Artifacts, LLC Auctioneers permission to add you to their call, mailing and electronic mailing list. . You can unsubscribe at any time. Backwoods Auction & Artifacts, LLC offers shipping through the USPS at the expense of the purchaser. All efforts to obtain the least expensive shipping method for the purchaser will be made. No merchandise will be shipped until invoice is paid in full including shipping cost.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Backwoods Auction & Artifacts LLC, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Pick up is at 611 7th Street Altavista, VA 24517

Lot#: 2

If picking up from multiple sales call by

Wednesday so that your items can be assembled from all locations or to ensure we have adequate staff at all locations to assist you.

Lot#: 3

1960 Ben Franklin Half Dollar

Lot#: 4

1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 5

1963 Ben Franklin Half Dollar

Lot#: 6

1962 Ben Franklin Half Dollar

Lot#: 7

1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 8

1963 Ben Franklin Half Dollar

Lot#: 9

1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 10

Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 11

Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 12

Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 13

Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 14

Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 15

(10) $2 Bills

Lot#: 16

1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar

Lot#: 17

President Dollars

Lot#: 18

(3) Sacagawea Dollars

Lot#: 19

Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 20

Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 21

Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 22

Lincoln Cents

Lot#: 23

Nice Coin Holder - Coin does not convey

Lot#: 24

(5) $2 Bills

Lot#: 25

(5) $2 Bills

Lot#: 26

1975 75th Anniversary of Coca-Cola Tray

Lot#: 27

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Lot#: 28

Small Pocket Watch

Lot#: 29

Pocket Watch Cases - 1 Missing Front

Lot#: 30

Service Pins

Lot#: 31

2 Bulova Watches - 1 Needs Band & More

Lot#: 32

Vintage Glasses

Lot#: 33

Cute Bee Pin

Lot#: 34

Vintage Brooches

Lot#: 35

US Navy Pin & Ladies Brooches

Lot#: 36

Ladies Watches in an Organizer

Lot#: 37

10 Miniature Lane Company Cedar Chest Keys

Lot#: 38

Selection of License Plates

Lot#: 39

Vintage Fuzzy Wuzzy Book & More

Lot#: 40

Jewelry Lot

Lot#: 41

Bakugan Collector Cards

Lot#: 42

Bakugan Collector Cards

Lot#: 43

Bakugan Collector Cards - Some Damage

Lot#: 44

Eagle Clock

Lot#: 45

Drill Master Jig Saw

Lot#: 46

Wiss Pinking Shears, New Scissors, & Flash Lights

Lot#: 47

New Screwdrivers, Flashlights, & Sockets

Lot#: 48

Tool Box Full of Tools

Lot#: 49

Cast Iron Footed Stew Pot

Lot#: 50

Craftsman Electric Chain Saw - Cut on - Pick up


Lot#: 51

Nice Scotts Turf Builder Spreader - Pick up only

Lot#: 52

Nice Red Crock Pot with Case

Lot#: 53

Cast Iron Frying Pans - Pans have rust

Lot#: 54

Nice Rubber Maid Water Cooler - Pick up only

Lot#: 55

Nice Antique Furniture Hutch - Pick up only

Lot#: 56

Nice Element Flat Screen TV - Pick up only

Lot#: 57

Nice Desk or Table with Drawers - Pick up only

Lot#: 58

One Drive Walker - Nice - Pick up only

Lot#: 59

Cow Bell

Lot#: 60

3 Potato Rakes - Pick up only

Lot#: 61

Sickle - Pick up only

Lot#: 62

3 Shovels - Pick up only

Lot#: 63

Yard Tools - Pick up only

Lot#: 64

Yard Tools - Pick up only

Lot#: 65

Hammer & Axe Heads - Pick up only

Lot#: 66

New Items

Lot#: 67

Nice Yard Clippers - Pick up only

Lot#: 68

Tool Box with Tools

Lot#: 69

Cast Iron Fry Pan & Griddle

Lot#: 70


Lot#: 71

Nice Fold & Go Shelf - Great for a display -

Pick up only

Lot#: 72

Nice Skill Saw

Lot#: 73

Nice Fold & Go Shelf - Great for a display -

Pick up only

Lot#: 74

Pyrex Small Mixing Bowl - Amish

Lot#: 75

Ceramic Horse Head Wall

Lot#: 76

Vintage Table Runner & Napkins

Lot#: 77

Galvanized Serving Tray

Lot#: 78

Hoyt USA ZR 200 Bow with Sights & Quiver

Lot#: 79

Tote with Flatware & Knives - Pick up only

Lot#: 80

Footed Milk Glass Cake Plate

Lot#: 81

Large Retro Bun Warmer

Lot#: 82

Hall Tree Hardware

Lot#: 83

Isle Chalk Board - Pick up only

Lot#: 84

Harp Chair - Pick up only

Lot#: 85

2 Plastic Saw Horses

Lot#: 86

Indian Collector Plate

Lot#: 87

Indian Collector Plate

Lot#: 88

Glass Bake Nesting Bowls - Middle One has a


Lot#: 89

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Lot#: 90

Vintage Dog Planter

Lot#: 91

The Rockwell Heirloom Santa Collection

Lot#: 92

Saturday Evening Post Collector Plate

Lot#: 93

Ring Case & Rings

Lot#: 94

(3) Cast Iron Frying Pans - Small - Needs


Lot#: 95

Cute Baby Doll

Lot#: 96

Barbie Angelic Inspiration

Lot#: 97

Barbie Yuletide

Lot#: 98

Barbie Spring Blossom

Lot#: 99

Duck House Faylinn

Lot#: 100

Baby Dream Doll

Lot#: 101

2 Porcelain Dolls

Lot#: 102

Asian Porcelain Doll

Lot#: 103

Pyrex Yellow Mixing Bowl 401

Lot#: 104

Pyrex Orange Mixing Bowl 403

Lot#: 105

Pyrex Yellow/Orange Mixing Bowl 402

Lot#: 106

Vintage Mother Goose Doll?

Lot#: 107

P. Buckley Moss Erin's Print Framed

Lot#: 108

P. Buckley Moss Summer Babe's Print

Lot#: 109

P. Buckley Moss Blue Angel Callie Print

Lot#: 110

P. Buckley Moss Dancing Joy Print

Lot#: 111

Thomas Kinkade A New Day Dawning

Lot#: 112

Chinese Desk Top Screen - Elephant, Bears, & Birds

Lot#: 113

Vintage Nut Cracker Bowl

Lot#: 114

Beautiful Angel Figurine

Lot#: 115

Porcelain Dolls

Lot#: 116

Baby Lupe - has a stain on clothes

Lot#: 117

Wooden Cradle with Porcelain Doll

Lot#: 118

Porcelain Dolls

Lot#: 119

Bisque Porcelain Doll Looks Like Marilyn Monroe

Lot#: 120

Katie Blows Bubbles Porcelain Doll

Lot#: 121

2 Porcelain Dolls

Lot#: 122

3 Porcelain Dolls

Lot#: 123

Baby Doll Swing - Pick up only

Lot#: 124


Lot#: 125

Baby Bed with Baby

Lot#: 126

Hazel Atlas Egg Nog Bowl

Lot#: 127

Vintage Babies, Porcelain, & More

Lot#: 128

Pyrex Casserole Dish 475-B

Lot#: 129

Pyrex Casserole Dish 473 1 Quart

Lot#: 130

Pyrex Large Mixing Bowl

Lot#: 131

Noritake China - Some chips see photos

Lot#: 132

Elegant Bowl of Fruit - Plastic

Lot#: 133

Corelle White Bowl Salad Set

Lot#: 134

Tool Lot - Screw Drivers

Lot#: 135

Sockets, File, Wrenches

Lot#: 136

New Items

Lot#: 137


Lot#: 138

Fire Place Set - Pick up only

Lot#: 139

Fire Place Set - Pick up only

Lot#: 140

Stanley Staple Gun

Lot#: 141

Hammer & Hatchet Heads

Lot#: 142

Swing Blades (4)

Lot#: 143

Vintage Hardware - Pick up only

Lot#: 144

Vintage Manger Scene - Made in Japan - Baby has

an imperfection

Lot#: 145

Diston & Craftsman Saws

Lot#: 146


Lot#: 147


Lot#: 148

Yard Professional Garden Tool

Lot#: 149

Vintage Westing House Fan - Works

Lot#: 150

Vintage Jaycees Vest

Lot#: 151

World Ware II Patches, Hats, & Ties

Lot#: 152

Vintage World War II Scarves

Lot#: 153

Black & White Photo's & Frame - Does have a crack

Lot#: 154

Vintage School Letters, Yearbook, & More

Lot#: 155

Vintage Sewing Box - Pick up only

Lot#: 156

Vintage Oiler

Lot#: 157

Cast Iron Frying Pans -Needs Seasoning

Lot#: 158

3 Totes with Lids- Pick up only

Lot#: 159

Vision Frying Pans & Pyrex Glass Pot

Lot#: 160

3 Totes with Lids- Pick up only

Lot#: 161

Indian Collector Plate

Lot#: 162

Indian Collector Plate

Lot#: 163

Indian Collector Plate

Lot#: 164

Indian Collector Plate

Lot#: 165

Vintage Rawlings Baseball Glove

Lot#: 166

Oliver Brother's Vintage Baseball Uniform

Lot#: 167

Transformer Skullcrusher

Lot#: 168

Transformer Optimus Prime

Lot#: 169

Transformer Car Carrier

Lot#: 170

Transformer Battle Station

Lot#: 171

Thomas, Spiderman, VTeck Early Learning Laptops

Lot#: 172

Fisher Price Rescue Hereos

Lot#: 173

13" Tall Spider Man 1 Robot

Lot#: 174

Battery Operated Robot

Lot#: 175

Nerf Gun & Bullseye

Lot#: 176

Lot of Transformers

Lot#: 177

Lot of Large Toy Trucks with Imperfections -

Pick up only

Lot#: 178

Plastic Farm Animals

Lot#: 179

Toy Lot

Lot#: 180

Dinosaurs, Cars, Figurines, & More

Lot#: 181

New Filters

Lot#: 182

Collector Plate

Lot#: 183

Collector Plate

Lot#: 184

Collector Plate

Lot#: 185

Vintage Nut Cracker

Lot#: 186

Nice Metal Storage Shelf - Pick up only

Lot#: 187

Nice White Chest of Drawers - Pick up only

Lot#: 188

Metal File Cabinet - Pick up only - some rust on

the bottom

Lot#: 189

Cute Girl Metal Yard Decoration - Pick up only

Lot#: 190

Wrought Iron & Wood Wagon Planter - Pick up only

Lot#: 191

Linens - Sheets & Curtains

Lot#: 192

2 Twin Black Comforters in Vacuum Storage Bags

Lot#: 193

Insulated Bag & Lunchbox Lot

Lot#: 194

Miscellaneous Cleaning Items - Some new & used -

Pick up only

Lot#: 195

Foggers - Pick up only

Lot#: 196

Electronic Items - Powerhouse, Neutrogena, & More

Lot#: 197

Household & Storage Items

Lot#: 198

Nice Framed Picture - Pick up only

Lot#: 199

Tupperware Lot

Lot#: 200

Antique Guide Hardback Book

Lot#: 201

Warman's Antique Guide Book

Lot#: 202

World War II Nickel Set

Lot#: 203

Antique Book on Banks - Hardback

Lot#: 204

Antique Book on Butter Prints & More

Lot#: 205

Scrimshaw Reproduction Angels Over British Ships

Lot#: 206

Antique Guide Books

Lot#: 207

M.A.S.H. & Pocket Book Art Guide

Lot#: 208

Orange Tupperware Canisters

Lot#: 209

Enamel Ware - Neat Color Great Shape

Lot#: 210

Bushnell Binoculars

Lot#: 211

Bushnell Binoculars

Lot#: 212

Salem Dairy 1/2 Pint Milk, Pepsi, & Dr. Pepper

10-2-4 Bottles

Lot#: 213

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Lot#: 214

Casserole Dishes

Lot#: 215

Foot Locker - Pick up only

Lot#: 216

NIB Garden Tool Rack - Pick up only

Lot#: 217

Retro Orange Tupperware Pitcher, Cutting Board, &


Lot#: 218

3 Nice Totes - Pick up only

Lot#: 219

2 Ton Floor Jack - Pick up only

Lot#: 220

Vintage Wall Decor

Lot#: 221

Baby Cradle New Born Girl Doll - Pick up only

Lot#: 222

Exercise Step - Pick up only

Lot#: 223

Kitchen Items in Nice tote - Pick up only

Lot#: 224

Santa, Ornaments, & Snowman with Tote - Pick up


Lot#: 225

Ball Caps - Made in the USA

Lot#: 226

Unique Lamp Shades

Lot#: 227

Vintage GE Record Player

Lot#: 228

Sandpaper, Drill Bits, Ice Picks, & Cheese Box

Lot#: 229

Garden Tools & Crate

Lot#: 230

Corning Ware Coffee Pot

Lot#: 231

Vintage Lights

Lot#: 232

Vintage Christmas Lights

Lot#: 233

Retro Mushroom Pots

Lot#: 234

Tupperware Lot with Tote - pick up only

Lot#: 235

Crystal Manger Scene

Lot#: 236

Vintage Cheese Platter & Glass Flower Frogs

Lot#: 238

1896 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 239

1896 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 240

1883 - O Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 241

1889 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 242

1888 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 243

Miniature Tobie Mugs

Lot#: 244

Die Cast Airplanes

Lot#: 245

Used Puzzles Taped Up

Lot#: 246

Retro Orange Tupperware Canister Set - 1 plastic

seal needs repair

Lot#: 247

Charging Cords & Ear Buds

Lot#: 248

Electronic Pulse Massager - (Tens Unit)

Lot#: 249

UNC $2 Bill in Case

Lot#: 250

Teal Enamel Wash Bowl

Lot#: 251

Showtime Rotisserie & Barbecue with Accessories-

Pick up only

Lot#: 252

Ceramic Canisters

Lot#: 253

Vintage Enamel Ware Bread Box

Lot#: 254

Good Cook Kitchen Scales

Lot#: 255

Pampered Chef Grater, Large Glass Measuring Cup,

& Ladle

Lot#: 256

A Little Bit of Everything Lot

Lot#: 257

Chili S & P, Iron Paper Towel Rack, & More

Lot#: 258

1959 P Roll of Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 260

Roll of Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 261

Joe Diffie & Jeff Foxworthy CD's

Lot#: 262

Reba, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, & More CD's

Lot#: 263

Little Texas, Mark Chesnutt, & More CD's

Lot#: 264

Pam Tillis, Diamond Rio, & More CD's

Lot#: 265

Silver Jeans 33 & 34 Waist

Lot#: 266

Silver Jeans 33 Waist

Lot#: 267

Sports Lot - Soft Balls & Stands

Lot#: 268

Indian Collector Figurine

Lot#: 269


Lot#: 270

Aluminum Squirrel Nut Cracker

Lot#: 271

Vintage Japan Bookends

Lot#: 272

Joke Books - You Can Only Imagine What's Inside!

Lot#: 273

Los Angeles Lakers #8 Jersey

Lot#: 274

8 Track Tapes - Elvis & Rolling Stones

Lot#: 275

Tonka Dump Truck Bank

Lot#: 276

Razors & Brushes

Lot#: 277

Elegant Lenox Carousel Horse

Lot#: 278

Lenox Carousel Horse - Rose has a chigger

Lot#: 279

John Wayne Collector Plate

Lot#: 280

John Wayne Collector Plate

Lot#: 281

John Wayne Collector Plate

Lot#: 282

John Wayne Collector Plate

Lot#: 283

John Wayne Collector Plate

Lot#: 284

John Wayne Collector Plate

Lot#: 285

Luzianne Tea

Lot#: 286

Vintage Tokens

Lot#: 287

Foreign Coins

Lot#: 288

Retro Scandale 4 Cups & Saucers

Lot#: 289

G.E. Halogen Lights

Lot#: 290

Vintage Tokens

Lot#: 291

Miniature Reproduction of Coins

Lot#: 292

Kriss Cross Sharpener & Razor

Lot#: 293

Schick Injector Razer

Lot#: 294

Eagle Figurine

Lot#: 295

Foreign Coins & Casino Tokes

Lot#: 296

Vintage Rhinestone Tiara & Earrings

Lot#: 297

Foreign Coins

Lot#: 298

Scooby Doo Haunted House

Lot#: 299

Basketball & Batman Collector Cards

Lot#: 300

Foreign Coins

Lot#: 301

Pool Ball Decor, Flask, & Strap Mount

Lot#: 302

Foreign Currency

Lot#: 303

New State Collector Map & Foreign Coins

Lot#: 304

Western Boot Figurine

Lot#: 305

Happiness Tooth Brush- Guess What's Inside

Lot#: 306

Crossman Fire Air Rifle - Pick up only

Lot#: 307

Flatware Lot

Lot#: 308

Hand Forged Trinket Boxes

Lot#: 309

PC Games

Lot#: 310

All for One Money - Pick up only with in 2 days

Lot#: 311

Wall Picture - Pick up only

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