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Lot#: 59325279

SOUTH ATLANTIC SEAWAY: History of Passenger Lines Europe to Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina

Very good condition, hardcover with dust jacket. Comprehensive book devoted to the passenger lines and liners running from Europe to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

Lot#: 59626821

SMOKY The Cow Horse by WILL JAMES (1929)

Very good condition hardcover with illustrations as shown.

Lot#: 59327336

SIGNED GAMES SIX by Mark Frost - Boston Red Sox vs. Cincinnati Reds

Very good condition, hardcover signed by the author.

Lot#: 59629815

The Second World War (1950) by WINSTON CHURCHILL - Six Volume Set

The Second World War. The Gathering Storm. Their Finest Hour. The Grand Alliance. The Hinge of Fate. Closing the Ring. Triumph and Tragedy. Six Volume Set by Winston S.Churchill, Published by Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company (1950) all six dust jackets in protectors as shown. (item is relisted for non-payment from previous auction)

Lot#: 59325156

BRITISH DESTROYERS & FRIGATES: The Second World War and After

Very good condition, hardcover. "Since World War II the old categories of destroyer and frigate have tended to merge, a process that author Norman Friedman traces back to the radically different Tribal-class destroyers of 1936. This volume covers the development of all the modern destroyer classes that fought in the war. It looks at the emergency programs that produced vast numbers of trade protection vessels--sloops, corvettes, and frigates--and analyzes the pressures that shaped the post-war fleet and, until recently, dominated design."

Lot#: 59632703

COLLECTION of Books on UBOATS - Intelligence - Fighting Admiral

All in good condition, hardcovers with dust jackets that have some wear.

Lot#: 59489306

RARE English Fairy Tales Retold by F. A. Steel and Illustrated by ARTHUR RACKHAM

Published by The Macmillan Company, New York (1924) Frontispiece color plate by Arthur Rackham: "Mr. and Mrs. Vinegar at Home". Illustrated endpapers of simple children among rings of butterflies. Good condition.

Lot#: 59621172

THOMAS JEFFERSON by Dumas Malone (c.1965) SIX Volume Set

Very good condition, wonderful set, dust jackets in protectors.

Lot#: 59632746

Picturesque SICILY by William A. Paton (1898)

Good to very good condition hardcover as shown. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. 385 pages with 48 plates and a regional map.

Lot#: 59327217

TREASURE ISLAND by Robert Louis Stevenson (1930) Illustrated

Good to very good condition with little wear. Hardcover with color illustrations.

Lot#: 59485703

RARE Fairy Gold for Young and Old: In Eighteen Tales (1857)

Good condition, hardcover, edited by Henry F. Chorley, with illustrations, London Routledge (1857)

Lot#: 59326849

RARE Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap-Book with Poetical Illustrations (1842)

Fisher, Son & Co,, London, 1839. hardcover. Condition: Good condition, original edition. Frontis., title-page vignette and 34 full-page steel engravings.Some wear on the outer upper spine. Hardcover.

Lot#: 59632743

COLLECTION of Antiquarian Books - George Washington - Napoleon

As shown, all in fair to fair/good condition, includes Washington and his Generals Vol II (1848) and Military and Political Works of Napoleon Bonaparte (1823)

Lot#: 59485780

Sermons of the Late Rev. Edward Payson (1828)

Fair/Good to good condition, with cover wear, hardcover as shown.

Lot#: 59486231

RARE The Two Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling (1924) First Thin Printing Edition

The Two Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling, Published by London; Macmillan; (1924) London; Macmillan;, 1924. First printing of the combined thin paper edition. Good condition.

Lot#: 59632742


As shown, all in good condition. Everything in one lot.

Lot#: 59632741

RECOLLECTIONS of WWII by Henry Atkins - Private Printed Memoirs

As shown, spiral bounds, 125 pages privately printed.

Lot#: 59489300


Good condition as shown, hardcover, lovely cover and illustrations inside.

Lot#: 59632740

COLLECTION of Juvenile Books - LAST OF THE MOHICANS - War of Independence - Indian Legends (c.1910)

All in good- condition with general wear, small hardcovers.

Lot#: 59325161

Frigates of the ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY: 1943-1974

Very good condition, hardcover. "It is extraordinary that one seldom hears of the finest anti-submarine vessels built in Canada during the entire Second World War: frigates. Frigates, initially dubbed "twin-screw corvettes" were designed by William Reed of Smith's Dock company. They were to prove their worth as ocean escorts and were important contributors to victory over the U-boats. Perhaps because of their late arrival on the scene, wartime photographs of frigates are now scarce. The purpose of this book is to reproduce more than one illustration of each ship, especially those that were rebuilt to "Prestonian class" configuration after the war."

Lot#: 59627123

COLLECTION of 1960's Romance Comic Books

As shown, all mostly in good condition, dates around the late 1960's, 15 in total.

Lot#: 59620797

GEORGE WASHINGTON Four Volume Set by James Flexner (1972)

All in very good condition, dust jackets in protectors. The Forge of Experience 1732-1775; In the American Revolution 1775-1783; And the New Nation 1783-1793; Anguish and Farewell 1793-1799. 4 volumes. Hardcovers.

Lot#: 59627089

RARE Addresses on International Subjects (1916) SIGNED BY U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE

Harvard University Press (1916) inside is inscribed by one of the editors Robert Bacon who for the last 38 days of Theodore Roosevelt's term became Secretary of State after Elihu Root (the author of this book) was elected to the Senate. The book is inscribed to Herbert Parsons who was a U.S. Representative from New York.

Lot#: 59627122

COLLECTION of WW2 Books - HITLER - Potemkin Mutiny - Fleet That Faced Both Ways

All in good condition, as shown.

Lot#: 59325165

The Development of a MODERN NAVY: French Naval Policy, 1871-1904

Large hardcover. "An impressive study on technological change, strategic theory, the balance of power, and the "strategy of the weak." Good condition with dustjacket.

Lot#: 59626830


As shown, fair/good to good condition, all from c.1910. Small hardcvovers.

Lot#: 59327221

SEQUEL to the ENGLISH READER (1809) Prose & Poetry

Good condition, small hardcover, as shown, Boston Lincoln & Edmands (1809)

Lot#: 59483610

KLONDIKE GOLD: The Philatelic History of the Klondike Gold Rush

Darien, CT. Gold Fever Publishing. 1996., 1996. tall8vo, 25cm, 268p., many plates and illustrations, glossary, bibliography, indexes, illustrated yellow wraps, very good condition, privately printed.

Lot#: 59483611


Very good condition, softcover pamphlet.

Lot#: 59326894

These Splendid Ships; The Story of the Peninsular & Oriental Line by David Divine (1960)

These Splendid Ships; The Story of the Peninsular & Oriental Line by David Divine, Published by Frederick Muller Limited, London (1960) Good condition in good dust jacket. For 150 years P & O has been one of the world's greatest shipping lines. Beginning with the mail contract to Gibraltar, P & O quickly became the natural way for generations of English men and women to travel to India and the Far East. In wartime, P & O's service and sacrifice was vital to Britain's survival. In two world wars and in the Falkland's conflict P & O ships and their crews endured with unexampled courage contributing to eventual victory. Today, P & O is a modern internationally based company with wide ranging interests; it faces the future with pride in its past and confidence in its ability to rise to new challenges. P & O's quartered blazon is now as familiar inland as it ever was on the sea lanes. The naval historians, David and Stephen Howarth, tell vividly an exciting story of the birth and development of one of Britain's greatest companies. Illustrated. 224 pages.

Lot#: 59486007

The Problem Of Human Destiny; Or, The End Of Providence In The World And Man (1864)

James Miller, New York, 1864. Hardcover. Good+ condition, author is Rev. Orville Dewey.

Lot#: 59327228

SIGNED The Time of Our Time (1998) by NORMAN MAILER

New York: Random House, 1998. Hardcover. Condition: Very good condition, 1st Edition. Thick 8vo., black cloth and red boards lettered in gilt; pictorial dust jacket. First edition. A gorgeous copy signed by Mailer.

Lot#: 59484866

The Elements of Natural Philosophy. For the Use Schools and Academies (1879)

Good condition, hardcover. Published by Eldridge & Brother, Philadelphia (1879)

Lot#: 59489313

SIGNED A History of American Marine Painting (1968)

Published by Little, Brown and Company, Boston, Massachusetts (1968) The first full study of American marine painting drawing together representative works by more than sixty painters from Colonial times to the present. The development of the works, style, and subject matter of each artist is discussed. Profusely illustrated with black and white and full-color photographs of the representative artwork. Very good condition hardcover.

Lot#: 59632579


As shown, we added a book at the end (last picture) all in good condition. All generally published in the last 30 years give or take. Four books in total.

Lot#: 59489284

RARE Beautiful WILD FLOWERS of America. From Original Water-color Drawings After Nature

156pp. including 14 full page flower prints in chromolithograph. First edition. Wonderful color illustrations.

Lot#: 59489283

The Settler's At Home (1856) by Harriet Martineau

Very good condition small hardcover, as shown, London Routledge (1856)

Lot#: 59632580

The Diary of JOHN QUINCY ADAMS 1794-1845

Published by Longmans, London (1928) Good condition, faded spine. The edited diaries of the American statesman who served as the sixth President of the United States from 1825 to 1829.

Lot#: 59484708

THE WONDER CLOCK: Or Four and Twenty Marvellous Tales (1915)

THE WONDER CLOCK: Or Four and Twenty Marvellous Tales, being One for Each Hour of the Day, Howard Pyle, With Verses By Katharine Pyle. Published by Harper and Brothers, New York (1915) "The Wonder Clock or four and twenty marvelous Tales, being one for each hour of the day; written and illustrated by Howard Pyle and Embellished with Verses by Katharine Pyle." It contains 318 pages with marvelous b/w illustrations.

Lot#: 59620887

Collection of U.S. and ITALIAN Warship Books - WW1 & WW2

As shown, three small hardcovers with dust jackets.

Lot#: 59624165

SIGNED Continuous Performance: The Story Of A. J. Balaban (1942)

Balaban was a Chicago-based showman whose particular influence on popular entertainment in the early 20th century led to enormous innovations in the American movie-going experience. Good condition, inscribed inside.

Lot#: 59325295

THE INVERGORDON MUTINY: A Narrative History of the Last Great Mutiny in the Royal Navy in 1931

Very good condition, hardcover, with dust jacket. "In September 1931 the Royal Navy experienced its biggest modern mutiny. The largest warships in the Atlantic Fleet were gathering in Cromarty Firth, for their autumn exercises. ..."

Lot#: 59485965

The Boat Club or The Bunkers of Rippleton - Fireside Henty Series - A Tale for Boys (1858)

Good condition, small hardcover. THE BOAT CLUB was a wildly popular book that went through 60 editions and spawned 5 more books in the "Boat Club Series," sparking a wider trend for "boy books".

Lot#: 59625038

CRETE 1941: The Battle at Sea (1972) Military Book Society

Published by Military Book Society (1972) Good condition hardcover with dust jacket with some slight wear. With b&w photos in plates and 3 maps, as well as maps to endpapers. Pioneering history of the battle at sea around Crete in 1941 when the Royal Navy sustained heavy losses to the Luftwaffe, and its strategic implications.

Lot#: 59325896

History Of The CONFEDERATE NAVY Navy: From Its Organization To The Surrender Of Its Last Vessel

Very good condition, large hardcover. "Published originally in 1887, this is the history of the Confederate States Navy, from it's beginnings to the surrender of it's last ship. Includes a chapter on the many times forgotten Confederate States Marine Corps."

Lot#: 59632604

Collection of AMERICAN WIT & HUMOR Books (1907) Mark Twain - Oliver Wendell Holmes

All in good condition, smaller sized hard covers. Unclear if complete set.

Lot#: 59632603

SIGNED Revolutionary War in the Hackensack Valley (1962) FIRST EDITION

Published by Rutgers University Press, New Jersey (1962) First Edition, signed. The story of the American Revolution in the Hackensack Valley of New Jersey. Includes notes, bibliography & index. A history of northern New Jersey which lay between the opposing battle lines during the Revolutionary War and became a contested neutral zone which saw much internecine warfare between its inhabitants, largely Dutch, fighting as Tories or patriots.

Lot#: 59325138

THE FIRST DESTROYERS The Torpedo Boat Destroyers (TBDs) of the 1890's

Very good condition large hardcover. "The Torpedo Boat Destroyers (TBDs) of the 1890s--the first destroyers--were among the most glamorous naval vessels ever built. With their remarkable speed, their connotations of David and Gliath, and their initial deployment against the Royal Navy’s traditional enemy, the French, they caught the public imagination, while the command of one was coveted by all young naval officers. Drawing on Admiralty documents and plans, the author has compiled a brilliant collection of data on the early development of these vessels up to the River class of 1900. He also looks at the German response and the development in the US, particularly the Bainbridge class with its distinct raised forecastle."

Lot#: 59325935

Merchant Adventurers 1914-1918: Exploits Mercantile Marine of Great Britain during the GREAT WAR

A & C Black, 1920. 1st edition. ppviii 319, illustrated from photographs. Exploits of the Mercantile Marine of Great Britain during the Great War 1914-18 and that of the German submarine offensive.

Lot#: 59486493

The International Political Classical and Historical Atlas with 62 Maps (c.1900)

As shown, covers are fair/good interior maps with little wear, hardcover.

Lot#: 59489320


Very good condition softcover. A photographic collection of many of HM Ships which saw service during World War II.

Lot#: 59488161

Highways and Byways of New England (c.1910)

As shown, good condition, hardcover, many photographs.

Lot#: 59569290

RARE The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte by Baring-Gould (1897) with 12 Photogravures

The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte by Baring-Gould, S. Published by Methuen & Co, London (1897) 12 fine photogravures with lettered tissue guards, hundreds of black & white illustrations throughout the text. Good condition, some old library markings and the top of the spine is frayed (see pic) Large hardcover, Size: 12.75 x 9 Inches.

Lot#: 59488162

SIGNED Playing With Fire - The 1968 Election by Lawrence O'Donnell

Like New condition, hardcover, signed.

Lot#: 59488164

The Alice Bradley Menu COOK BOOK (1936) October - November - December

Good condition, softcover.

Lot#: 59623606

The Natural History of ANIMALS (1845) by Jones Thomas Rymer

Hardcover. Very Good. 1st Edition. 2 vols in one. x, 362, vi, 395 pages. Numerous illustrations in the text. Original green cloth, lettered gilt.

Lot#: 59620896

COASTAL EXPRESS: Ferry to the Top of the World (1987)

Complete story of the "hurtigrute" service, promoted as "the most beautiful voyage in the world," which began in 1838 and covers 2500 miles, passing through some of the world's most beautiful scenery. 223 pp. with extensive black and white photographs and illustrations. Very good condition, inside someone left a stamp attached probably something to do with the book.

Lot#: 59629766

Memoirs of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE (1905) Four Volume Set

Good condition, four volumes one has a loose front end page, as shown.

Lot#: 59629767

FIVE Newspapers from Jefferson Era - Boston MA (1804-1805)

All in good condition as shown, with many interesting articles. (item is relisted for non-payment from previous auction)

Lot#: 59629764

Military Career Of NAPOLEON The Great (1899)

Good condition, hardcover. Published by The Werner Company (1899) 514 pgs. with index. Illustrated with black & white plates. 8vo.

Lot#: 59482664

Grandma's Old Fashioned MOLASSES RECIPES (1936)

Good condition, softcover pamphlet.

Lot#: 59485778

ELLIS AMORY: A True Story of Every Day Life (c.1860)

Good condition, hardcover as shown.

Lot#: 59326237

FAST ATTACK CRAFT: The Evolution of Design and Tactics

Very good condition large hardcover. The evolution, design, performance and tactics of fast fighting boats, from the late nineteenth century to the 1970s. Includes coastal motor boats, motor torpedo boats, motor gun boats, S-boats, MAS-boats, PT-boats and fast patrol boats. Includes an appraisal of World War Two performance. Illustrated. ; 224 pages.

Lot#: 59484963

Philip Alderton's Temptation (1860)

Very good condition, hardcover, as shown.

Lot#: 59485777

The North American Review Magazine (1837) Native Americans - Expedition to the South Seas

Fair/Good to good condition, many interesting articles. Native American languages, and United States Expedition to the South Seas, and more.

Lot#: 59327125

RARE Garfield at 25: In Dog Years I'd be Dead by Jim Davis SIGNED WITH CERTIFICATE

Easton Press, USA, 2002. Full-Leather. Condition: Near Fine. Bound in full leather, with hubbed spine, satin bookmark, 22 kt. gold gilding on three edges and gilt on front and back covers and spine. Signed by Jim Davis on limitation page. Includes publisher's Certificate of Authenticity signed by the author, the publisher and a witness.

Lot#: 59484962

SCARCE A Modern Pioneer in KOREA; the Life Story of Henry G. Appenzeller (1912)

Good to Very good condition, as shown, hardcover. Griffis, William Elliot. A modern pioneer in Korea the life story of Henry G. Appenzeller. New York: Fleming H. Revell, 1912. Griffis (1843-1928) traveled to Japan in 1870 to teach and soon became a leading educator in Tokyo. His work took him around the country meeting various prominent people. He wrote and lectured extensively on Japan upon his return home, becoming the West's most respected authority on Japanese culture. He received the Order of the Rising Sun in 1928.

Lot#: 59485776

The Works of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (c.1880)

Very good condition, hardcover, decorative covers.

Lot#: 59485775

The Woods And By-Ways Of New England (1872)

Published by Boston: James R. Osgood And Company, (1872). Illustrated with 22 heliotype plates after photographs.

Lot#: 59325900

The Invergordon Mutineer (1974) by Len Wincott

The Invergordon Mutiny was an industrial action by around 1,000 sailors in the British Atlantic Fleet that took place on 15–16 September 1931. For two days, ships of the Royal Navy at Invergordon were in open mutiny, in one of the few military strikes in British history. Good condition in good dust jacket with a little wear.

Lot#: 59489218

HANS ANDERSEN'S Fairy Tales (c.1910)

Good condition, hardcover, as shown.

Lot#: 59327129

SIGNED The DiMaggios: Three Brothers, Passion for Baseball, Their Pursuit of the American Dream

Signed by author. "In The DiMaggios, acclaimed sportswriter Tom Clavin reveals the untold Great American Story of three brothers, Joltin' Joe, Dom, and Vince DiMaggio, and the Great American Game--baseball--that would consume their lives. A vivid portrait of a family and the ways in which their shifting fortunes and status shaped their relationships,"

Lot#: 59325307

RARE The Diadem for MDCCCXLVI: A Present for All Seasons (1846) with 10 Engraved Illustrations

Very good hardcover, as shown. Contains three of Emerson's poems ("Loss and Gain", "A Fable", and "The Fore-Runners"), other contributors include C.T. Brooks, F.H. Hedge, Anne C. Lynch. First Edition. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.

Lot#: 59632750

The SHIPS and AIRCRAFT of the U.S. FLEET - War & Victory Edition

As shown - REPRINT (didn't realize this until I took the photos) very good condition with slipcase.

Lot#: 59488167

THROUGH A LOOKING GLASS by Lewis Carroll (1908)

Through a Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. Published by H M Caldwell Company (1908) Good condition, small hardcover.

Lot#: 59486420

RARE The American Conflict - A History of the Great Rebellion (1866)

Volume II only, good- condition with some spotting. Hardcover.

Lot#: 59489220

SPIRIT OF THE BORDER (c.1940) with Nice Dust Jacket

Very good condition, hardcover, some slight browning on pages. Dust jacket in protector.

Lot#: 59627094

LARGE COLLECTION of HARDY BOY'S - Many 1920's with Dust Jackets

As shown, eight copies, one does not have the dust jacket - all from the 1920's to 1940's.

Lot#: 59625033

RARE Under the Big Top by Courtney Ryley Cooper (1923) CIRCUS

Under the Big Top by Courtney Ryley Cooper, Published by Little, Brown and Company, Boston (1923) good condition with dust jacket. the author ran away band joined the circus at 15 as a clown. He held many circus jobs including as the press agent for William Cody, he book is lovely has green cloth with a color photograph paste-on on the cover.

Lot#: 59327332


As shown, hardcover, signed by Earvin Magic Johnson

Lot#: 59625036

UNBROKEN: The Story of a Submarine (1953)

Good condition in good dust jacket with some wear. "During the bleak, heartbreaking days of early 1942, when beleaguered Malta was reeling under bombardment and blockade and Rommel was making his last desperate thrust towards Egypt, only one British submarine was operating in the western Mediterranean - the tiny, 600-ton Unbroken."

Lot#: 59621596

THE PRIVATEERS by Captain Donald Macintyre (1975)

Recounts the principal exploits of some of the most notable privateers in history to give an exciting, richly detailed and authentic living picture of what the term meant, translated from legal definition into full-blooded action. A very good clean hardback in very good dustwrapper.

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