Antiques & Primitives Public Auction

Marburg Auctions | Commercial Auction
Saturday July 31, 2021 | 3700 Davidsburg Rd.. Dover, PA. US. 17315

There are no notes for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Marburg Auctions, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 62499670

Rare Vintage T & B Tobacco Tin, Imported Lumatra Wrap, Long Filler, WM Teage and Co. Ohio, Graphics. 6" Tall

Lot#: 62499550

Dated 1930's Blue Glass Water Cooler, 21" Tall, Jug w/Cork GREAT CONDITION, 5 Gal.

Lot#: 62499672

RARE Vntage PA Railroad Galvenized Heavy Tin Pail w/Lid, handle, Marked CMSTP + PRR

Lot#: 62499430

Unusual antique Lap Dough Board, 40". 3rd trip

Lot#: 62499551

9" Antique Blue Speckled Graniteware Enamelware Bucket w/Bail Handle

Lot#: 62499671

Vintage 1940's Painted Original Wood Duck Rocker Chair w/Seat

Lot#: 62499431

Large Platform Scale- Howe Scale Co. Rutland, Vermont #10, w/3 Weights. Patened Aug 20, 1867 and Jan 15 1870

Lot#: 62499552

4 Pc. Antique Blue + White Swirl Graniteware. 1 lid, wire handle pot 6in, pan 7 1/2 in, pan 10 in

Lot#: 62499674

Large Primitive 19th C. PA Wooden Slaw Board Cutter, 2 Blades w/Slide Box

Lot#: 62499432

M. Svydam Green Trunk w/Stickers Wellsfargo + Co Express w/Inside Tray+Name of Company. Old Tags on Bottom, well built, sturdy!

Lot#: 62499553

. 2 funnels, 1 candle holder, 1 cup+saucer marked Germany, cup marked Sweeden, 2 small hand held strainersLot of Antique White with Blue Rim Graniteware Enamel

Lot#: 62499673

Antique Blue and White Swirl Graniteware Enamelware Pot w/Lid, Wire Bail Handle

Lot#: 62499433

Kerr & Co Spool Cabinet, Extra 6 Cord, Soft Finish Spool Cotton, 6 Drawers w/Stenciling on Sides

Lot#: 62499554

Antique Blue and White Graniteware Enamel, x4 Pieces, Longest 14". 1 blue pour cup marked Austria on bottom, 1 blue ladle, 1 7.5" blue pot w/bail handle, fruit

Lot#: 62499676

Rare 1920's Antique 1 Gallon Liquid Swingsput Metal Oil Can, New York City, Approved Type 10-0. Penna Serial no. S-4, California S-C-53 Swingspout Pat. No. 1, 286, 517

Lot#: 62499434

Favorite Cast Iron Child's Stove, Complete

Lot#: 62499555

Large lot of Antique Graniteware x7 Pieces. 1. Graniteware repainted, lid included (not exact fit), 2 Dark Blue white graniteware cup, 3. Enamelware Pat. Dates, 4. Pure Greystone Enamel Ware pat date on label 1894-1899 Souptray, Blue and White Enamelware 6 1/2" plate, 6 Blue and white pot boiler reducer enamelware, 7 Blue and white pot

Lot#: 62499675

Antique Florist Wire Original Slide Top Box w/Gauge Wire, 21, 18" Length, Finger Jointed, Cortland, NY

Lot#: 62499435

Cast Iron Small Child's Salesman Sampler. "Little Willie", Abbott + Nobel, Philidelphia, PA. #3 on sides, 1885-1897, 8" H, 9x14" Missing one burner top and base

Lot#: 62499556

Lot x5- Light Blue and White Graniteware, Enamelware Pie Pans, 3 McCormick Spice Tins

Lot#: 62499678

Vintage 14" Wooden Hand Carved Duck Decoy, Painted, Mallard Cir. 1970, Glass Eyes, 14"

Lot#: 62499436

Hand-Stitched Quilt, Circa Early 1900's Red, White, Blue w/Pattern, York, PA, PA Dutch? 68"x64"

Lot#: 62499557

2 Antique Blue and White Graniteware, Enamelware Pails, no lids, Cream Pails. 8" tall, 6 in tall

Lot#: 62499677

Antique Grey Graniteware LRG Campfire Coffee Pot Cowboy, 11" x 10.5", w/lid, Asset Handles,. Bail handle with wood, one small hole on side

Lot#: 62499426

18" Waterburg Clock Co., School House Clock, Metal, "WCC" Makers Mark w/Key, Circa 1880's-1900

Lot#: 62499547

Antique Grey Colander w/2 Handles, x2

Lot#: 62499669

Antique RARE Victorian 11" Revolving Domed Lid, Covered Serving Dish, Footed w/Inserts. Marked 4W on underside rims and on bottom, both stamped extra strong plated on Nickel Silver. Bottom of dish marked on rim, 11", EPNS (Electro Plated Nickel Silver) ousdie dom has flower etchings with 4 legs, measures 13.5 x 9 x 10

Lot#: 62499427

1900's Doll Craddle, Old Wicker, 22" Long x 10" Tall, Green Paint

Lot#: 62499548

Antique Brown/Purple Color 12 Cups Muffin Pan, Graniteware Enamel (unusual color), Antique Grey Graniteware Coffee Pot w/Tin Lid attached

Lot#: 62499668

LOT (3) 58.5" Wooden Paddle, Chicken Hook w/Advertising, Wooden 33.5" Stretcher. Advertising: WA Shellenberger Poultry Dealer.

Lot#: 62499428

22" Childs Old Wicker Rocking Chair, Green Paint w/design, 23" Tall.

Lot#: 62499549

Antique Grey Graniteware Pie Plate L & G MFG Co. (2) Extra Agate, Nickle-steel ware. Marked on back

Lot#: 62499429

Antique 1800-1900's Chair with Rush Seat + Painted Back Slat Stenciled, 35" Tall. 

Lot#: 62499661

Antique Church Wooden Colleciton Pedastool Box Stand

Lot#: 62499540

Lot of Various Vintage Kitchenwares- Cake Pans, Beater, Fliiper, Carlisle, PA. 1954 Label Kreamer Cake Pan, Kleen-e-ze Rug Beater, Good Shoes Herman's Carlisle, PA Kitchen Flipper, Old Porcelin Handle Scoop, Mineo's Pies Pan

Lot#: 62499660

Vintage Church Signs with wooden Box, Numbers, Cards

Lot#: 62499420

Large Cast Iron Corn Mold (7), Griswold non-marked, 13" Long

Lot#: 62499541

Easter Basket Continental Can Co., INC, Newark NJ USA, 12 Fl. oz, 2lbs, 2-Piece Chicken Candy Mold. Antique 2-Piece Metal Chicken Candy Cake Mold Marked 12 A L 103, 12 A R 103

Lot#: 62499663

Antique Ironstone Foot Warmer, 10" w/Screw Cap

Lot#: 62499421

12 Corn Bread Mold Cast Iron, Antique, 12 1/2" Long.

Lot#: 62499542

2 Old Pharmacy Glass Containers w/Stoppers, 1 Maw Seed Lebel w/Original Cork, Seeds

Lot#: 62499662

Antique RARE Flexible Flyer Sled 1900's w/Stenciled Design on Front

Lot#: 62499422

Full groove Stone Axe Head, cobble axe, Indian Artifact York County, PA

Lot#: 62499543

Long Wooden Level- Black Original Paint

Lot#: 62499665

Antique Cast Iron Apple Peeler- The Penn H. Co. Mounted , Old Wood Block, Wood Handles

Lot#: 62499423

Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle, 8" Tall Pestle, 5" Wide Mortar

Lot#: 62499544

Old Redware Crock- Unglazed on Side, Old brown Glazed Stoneware Crock 6 1/2" Tall

Lot#: 62499664

Vintage Blue and White Swirl Graniteware 19" Bowl Basin Pan

Lot#: 62499424

Smith Franois & Wells Cast Iron Waffle Iron, Crica 1860's-90's, Springville Chester Co., PA, 12 1/2" Long

Lot#: 62499545

Antique Light Blue Granitware Coffee Pot, No lid + Granitware Handles x3 Pieces, Longest 13"

Lot#: 62499667

Necco Candies Original Glass Lid Candy Drugstore Art Deco Skyscraper Jar

Lot#: 62499425

Griswold #32 Corn Muffin Cast Iron Mold, 1860's-90s.14 1/4" Long #962

Lot#: 62499546

Antique Grey Speckled Granitware 7inch w/ Pour Spout

Lot#: 62499666

LOT Antique Green Potter Spitoon, 10" White Pottery Bowl, Ironstone White Camber Pot

Lot#: 62499415

Columbia Graphophone, Circa Early 1900's. 15" x 16" x 10" Tall

Lot#: 62499536

Old Wire Milk Carrier, 19" Long

Lot#: 62499658

Wooden Domed Chest w/Wooden Side handles, original Interior

Lot#: 62499416

Brass Mortar and Pestle, 8" Tall Pestle, 6" Diameter Mortar HEAVY

Lot#: 62499537

Antique 1900 Black Cast Iron Scale w/weights

Lot#: 62499657

Antique Wooden Potty Chair w/Pot

Lot#: 62499417

Griswold #3 Size, (#262, 225) Crispy Corn Wheat Stick Pan Erie, PA USA Cast Iron, 8 1/2" Long

Lot#: 62499538

Little Wooden Pink Bench, 10"

Lot#: 62499418

Nice full grooved Archaic axe, York County PA find. 

Lot#: 62499539

Old Stove Butter0Nute Bread Cardboard Sign and Kew-Bee Bread Cutter

Lot#: 62499659

Child's or Salesman Sample Cast Iron Stove, Crescent, w/accessories

Lot#: 62499419

Pagoel-Hecho En Mex Cast Iron Corn Mold (7) Medium Size, 12" Long

Lot#: 62499650

Vintage Shredded Whole Wheat Shipping Crate Box, Niagra Falls, NY

Lot#: 62499530

Set of 3 Tin Old Ice Cream Molds, Set of 4 Scalloped Tin Molds, Tallest 5"

Lot#: 62499652

Antique 1860-80's Balnket Chest, Dovetail w/ Ball Feet

Lot#: 62499410

Large Blue Graniteware Pail w/Lid, Latch and Handle, 16 1/2" Tall

Lot#: 62499531

Antique Bartons Chocolate Ice Cream (cake) Mold, Made in Holland, 7"

Lot#: 62499651

Vintage Salterini Peacock Twisted Wire Chair, Original Aqua Blue Paint, Mid Century Modern NICE

Lot#: 62499411

19" Tall Maple Syrup Bucket w/Handle, Metal Straps, Decorated Handle (triangles), New England Origin

Lot#: 62499532

Old Bone-Out George's Codfish Box, Gloucester, Mass., 6"

Lot#: 62499654

Gateleg Table, Original Red Paint SOLID, Late 1800's

Lot#: 62499412

Tin Galvenized Wash Tub W/Lid, 28" Wide, 14" Tall

Lot#: 62499533

(2) Sets of 50 Small Brass Bells (100 total)

Lot#: 62499653

Antique 1860-80's PA Original Red Paint Grain Painted w/drawer inslide, Dovtailed HANOVER PA Find,

Lot#: 62499413

1880's-1900 Black Highchair w/Original Paint and Cane Seat, Heavy wear from childs feet!, 33 1/2" Tall

Lot#: 62499534

Antique Yellow Stoneware Cookie Jar w/ Lid, Old Pfaltsgraff?, No Markings 8" Tall. Believed to be same old bowls ribbing on jar from that company

Lot#: 62499656

1962 Kaycee Whyoming Prone Horn Buck

Lot#: 62499414

Wooden Baltimore "Fred Bucher + Sons" Mantle Clock w/Key, 20" Long x 10" Tall

Lot#: 62499535

Antique Yellow Stoneware Bowls, 9in and 8in Matching Set, No Markings, Made in USA

Lot#: 62499655

Wooden Pullet Practice Round, LARGE

Lot#: 62499404

 Brass Kettle 1800's 13" Diameter, 8" Tall

Lot#: 62499525

Iroquois Tin Number Box- Number Included

Lot#: 62499647

Crusades- Midevil Knights Arming on Broad Sword Reproduction

Lot#: 62499405

Handmade Small Trestle Table Date 1978, 12.5" Tall, 17" x 11"

Lot#: 62499526

2 Pink Antique Glass Stoppers- Gibson 1989 Glass Apple w/ White Flowers Paperweight

Lot#: 62499646

Old PA Elk Rack, 9 Point Taxidermy

Lot#: 62499406

US Standard Sieve Series Brass Sifter (2in Opening), Fisher Scientific Co.,

Lot#: 62499527

4 Small Stoneware Bowls One Large Old Rossville, Others Unmarked, Largest 7" Diameter

Lot#: 62499649

Vintage Wooden "Rich Toys" Rocking Horse Glider Original Paint

Lot#: 62499407

Brass Wash Tub w/Lid and Wooden Shelf, Handle Embossed "ROME". 28" Long, 12" Tall, 13" Wide

Lot#: 62499528

Glass Pink Traignel Shaped Paperweight; Glass Pie Lifter , 5"

Lot#: 62499648

Whitetail Buck 8 Point Antler Rack, Taxidermy

Lot#: 62499408

Great Bear Spring Co. Crate w/Plastic Labeled Bottle, Crate-14/12" Tall. 12 x 12"

Lot#: 62499529

Astor Tea Box, Dr. Cantin's K+B Tea Box, Sanka Tea Pot, 5"

Lot#: 62499409

White Enamel Bonyhad 16cm Lunch Pail, 13 1/2" Tall

Lot#: 62499641

Bridgewood & Son Porcelian Opaque 8 Pitcher, Floral, 1930's w/Scripted Personalied Name "Charles Ferrh"

Lot#: 62499583

Large Lot of x13 Green Handled Kitchenwares, 1930-40's, Mixer, Dough, Scoops, Baster and more. Longest 11"

Lot#: 62499463

Penn State Professor Old Leather Bag 17" x 11", 10" Tall

Lot#: 62499584

Lot of Vintage Antique Green Owens-Illinois 1930's Depression Glass Salt/Peper Shaker, Sugar

Lot#: 62499464

Antique Wooden Barbells (pair), 12" Long, Marked "2lbs"

Lot#: 62499585

Lot of x2 Vaseline Glass, Antique Uranium Vaseline Glass Shaker, Spice Storage Jar w/Tin Lid. 6" Vaseline Bowl, glows under black light,

Lot#: 62499465

Antique Victorian Era Piano Chair w/glass Ball Claw Feet, 35", 1860's-80s

Lot#: 62499586

Vintage Lot 1930-40's Kitchen Ware, Longest 10"

Lot#: 62499466

Antique Side Table, 28" Tall, 26" x 18"

Lot#: 62499587

Vintage lot of Glass Kitchen Containers and Snow Crest Bear Bank Bottle

Lot#: 62499467

Little Wooden Galvenized Wash Board, Lion Face Motif, 15" Long.

Lot#: 62499588

Vintage lot of Kitchenwares, 1930-40's Green-Handled, NICE LOT!

Lot#: 62499468

Antique Brass/Copper Pour Spout Pan

Lot#: 62499589

Vintage lot of 1930-40's Kitchenware Longest 19"

Lot#: 62499469

Antique Copper "Kreamer" #2, 6" tall, 11" Diameter

Lot#: 62499459

Set of Antique York, PA Pfaltzgraff 1930's Stoneware Bowls, 7 1/2", 5 1/2", 9 1/2" Green, White, Yellow.Green Bowl Marked

Lot#: 62499690

Antique 19th C. Brown Salt Glazed Stoneware Potter Pitcher, 8"

Lot#: 62499570

x2 Framed Pictures, 1890's, Autines Flower Garden 1879 George Stinson Art Litho Print, Maine. no glass in frame

Lot#: 62499692

Antique 1800's Stoneware Milk/Batter Pitcher, Albany Slip, 8.5", Notice Thumb Print Around Bottom. Thumb print around bottom base when this was dipped

Lot#: 62499450

Barrel Wood Butter Churn, 26" Tall, Circa Late 1890's-1900's.

Lot#: 62499571

Valley View Bottling Works Soda Crate, 24 Priginal Glass Embossed Bottles, Schuykill Co., PA

Lot#: 62499691

Antique Primitive Pottery Stoneware 8.5" Brown Pitcher (Flaws w/glazing during making)

Lot#: 62499451

Primitive Wooden Chair, Original Red Seat and Paint, 11" Tall, 12" Diameter

Lot#: 62499572

(3) Vintage Oven Proof Bowl Set Cream Color w/ Pink/Blue Strupes, McCoy Behive Shape. 9.5", 7.5", 5.5"

Lot#: 62499694

1800's Brown Albany Slip Glaze Stoneware Pitcher 8.5" (few chips around rim)

Lot#: 62499452

Wooden Stave Finger Jointed Bucket w/Original Red Interior

Lot#: 62499573

(5) Vintage Bowl Set w/Wide Rdiges, Cream w/Blue + Pink Shapes, Bands, McCoy Behive Shape. 8", 6", 7", 9", 10"

Lot#: 62499693

1800's Brown Glazed Water Pitcher, 8.5"

Lot#: 62499453

Antique York, PA Pfaltzgraff 1930's- Yellow Stoneware Batter Bowl w/Markings on Bottom

Lot#: 62499574

Vintage McCoy Fishscale Bowl Set: Pink, Green, Yellow, White (6"-9"). 1. Pink 6" 2 hairline cracks, 2. 7" yellow 2 hairlines, 3. 8" green hairline, 4. 9" white

Lot#: 62499696

1800's Dark Brown Stoneware Pitcher Short Spout Albany Slip Brown Glaze, 9.5"

Lot#: 62499454

Antique York, PA Pfaltzgraff 1930's- Yellow Stoneware 13" Green Ribbed Stoneware

Lot#: 62499575

Rare Vintage Graniteware Dark Blue+White Enamelware Bread Dough Rising Pan Bowl w/ Lid 17 1/2"

Lot#: 62499695

1800's Stoneware Milk/Batter Pitcher Pottery, Dark Brown 11.5" (small chip on rim)

Lot#: 62499455

Antique York, PA Pfaltzgraff 1930's- Yellow Stoneware 13 1/2" Blue Ribbed Stoneware Bowl w/Markings

Lot#: 62499576

Antique c. 1860-1880 Yelloware Rockingham Pitcher w/ Peacocks. 2 small old chips on spout

Lot#: 62499698

1800's Dark Brown Glazed Stoneware Pitcher, Very Heavy, 8"

Lot#: 62499456

Antique York, PA Pfaltzgraff 1930's- Yellow Stoneware 10 1/2" Green Stoneware Ribbed Bowl w/Markings

Lot#: 62499577

x2 Vintage Ceramics, Green/Brown Pitcher Pottery Bennington, Yelloware Green Bowl Watt Ware. Green and brown glazed pitcher pottery, diamond pattern 9 1/4" tall, Bennington Pottery. Second- Antique yellowware green bowl w/lid 7.5", crescent moon and star designs w/matching lid, possible wattware.

Lot#: 62499697

Antique Stoneware Bean Crock Pot Dark Brown Glazed w/lid, Floral Design, 3# Marked, 7.5". Loop Handles, small chip in rim.

Lot#: 62499457

Antique York, PA Pfaltzgraff 1930's- Yellow Stoneware 6 1/2" Green Stoneware Ribbed Bowl w/Markings

Lot#: 62499578

Large Lot of Graniteware, Pot, Pan, Pour Bowl, Colander, 11". Grey Graniteware coffee pot with lid not attached, blue/white small pour bowl, Grey collander, blue/white swirl

Lot#: 62499458

Set of 3 Antique Stoneware Bowls, York, PA Pfaltzgraff 1930's, no markings, 10", 8", 6" Matching Set

Lot#: 62499579

Lot of White Enamel Ware, Milk Pails, 2-Handled Pot, Coffee Pot w/Lid, Milk Pitcher

Lot#: 62499699

2 Antique Pottery Glazed Dark Brown Stoneware Canning Storage Jar/Crock, 8.5" and 7"

Lot#: 62499448

84"x69" Vintage Dated Feb. 1919 (Feb 19') Handmade Patch Quilt w/Makers Signatures. Made out of old feedbag material, Nice!

Lot#: 62499569

Large Antique Original Gramed 1900's Farm and Farmhouse Picture

Lot#: 62499449

35" Wooden Large Antique Slaw Board w/ 3 Blades (no slide box)

Lot#: 62499681

Antique Sail Makers Scissors, Tailor Shears, Newark USA, Partial Markings W.__ 1800's

Lot#: 62499560

Large Size 16 Quart Blue Graniteware, Enameled Cooking Pot, cast iron w/Wire Handle and Pour Spout

Lot#: 62499680

Vintage Roller w/Metal Teeth Meat Tenderizer, Dough Docker-Spiked Rotary Roller. Used for perforating pastry dough, PAT applied for in 1938.

Lot#: 62499440

Mid 1700-1800's Herb Cast Iron Grinder, 2 Pieces (wheel and base), 16" Long.

Lot#: 62499561

2 Coffee Pots, 1 Old Dominion Coffee Maker, 1 Enameled Steel Golden Rule Metalware, 10"

Lot#: 62499683

Antqiue Cyclone Red Wash Seeder Sower Spreader, Hand Crank, 15" Long

Lot#: 62499441

Early Rare Hooded Baby Cradle, Original Blue Paint Interior, Early Original Red Exterior, Dovetail, C. 1800's. Local York County Find, 38" Long

Lot#: 62499562

Old Exact Weight Scale w/Pan, 5/8 weights (candy scale?), 16" Tall

Lot#: 62499682

Vintage Kitchenwares, Lemon Hand Squeezer Press, Slotted Spoon+Fork, Sewing Bobbin Spool 1900's

Lot#: 62499442

Notched Hammerstone Axe York County, PA

Lot#: 62499563

Antique Vintage Tin Lot- Pie pan, sifter, fruite press, etc. pie pan, hand shovel sifter, fruit press w/3 interchangable sleeve sizes, pie w/green handle lifter, flour sifter, star tin

Lot#: 62499685

Lot of Antique Kitchenwares, Egg Coddler Ireland, Hard Boiled Egg Slicer, Graniteware, Forged Fork. 1. A.S. Cooper egg coddler Ireland shamrock pattern, screw lid. 2. Vintage egg slicer, aluminum 3.-4 2 graniteware gray enamelware pot/dipper, 1 small and 1 large 5-6 vintage hand forged 3 prong fork, vintage wtisted 2 prong wire fork

Lot#: 62499443

1750-1780 Delaware Valley Rocker Chair Rush Original Seat Rocker Chair, Ladder Back w/Fineals and Ball Rail Footrest, Shaker Made? Purchased in Mass, 1750-1780 Delaware Valley chair  38.5" tall, take a look at the wear on the foot rest area! This is incredible. Old rocker.

Lot#: 62499564

Antique Kitchenwares, Graniteware, Strainer, Serving Plate, Mini Muffin Tin, Cake Pans

Lot#: 62499684

Vintage Chocolate Wilbur Bud Tray Mold Litiz, PA 1894 Founder H.O. Wilbur

Lot#: 62499444

11" Water Buffalo Etched Horn, 1940's Military Soldier Souvenier, Phillipines WWII 1945

Lot#: 62499565

(2) Cradle Roll Certificates + (2) Confirmation Original Frames York, Codorus, 1896 OLD. Laura Stinkel- Born 12-3-1917 Codorus PA, Sarah Ellen Born Feb 23 1913 York PA, Mellie Martin May 1 1896 Selinsgrove PA, Dorthy Asendorf April 10 1927, Born April 2 1914 Baltimore Maryland

Lot#: 62499687

Vintage Original Cast Iron St. Bernard Newfoundland Rescue Dog Coing Still Bank, AC Williams. 8.5" long

Lot#: 62499445

24" Wooden Oak Knight Stick, 1800's

Lot#: 62499566

1910-1928 Certificats of Baptisms w/Original Frames x3 Lot. Chester Cullison April 18 1910 Franklin Twp Adams Co PA, Cathering O'Neill Nov 30 1909 Baltimore MD, Roy Fetrow June 10 1928 Newberry Township York Co., PA

Lot#: 62499686

Set of 4 Vintage Watt Pottery Bowls Nesting Ovenware Apple Leaf USA. 1. bowl #10 7", 2 bowl #06 6", 3 Bowl #05 5", 4 Bowl #04 4"

Lot#: 62499446

23" Wooden 1900-1920 Knight Stick

Lot#: 62499567

Diploma/Teacher Professional Certificate 1907, 1912. Common schools of PA Teacher Prof. Cert. Mancy L Sadler July 10 1912 Adams Co PA, Common school diploma, state of PA Nancy Sadler, Clearview School March 30 1907 Adams Co., PA.

Lot#: 62499447

68"x81" Hand-Stitched Vintage Patch Quilt w/Pinwheel Design, NICE! Made from Old Feed Bag Material

Lot#: 62499568

Antique Original Framed Pring "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" 1890-1920. Man 2 Engraving Co. Chicago.

Lot#: 62499688

Large Lot of 7 Pie Pants/Ceramic Pie Pottery, Glazed, Pie Pans. 2 Antique Stoneware Brown Glazed Pottery Pie Plate. 9.5", 1930's Cook-Rite, white glased pottery pie plate 9.5", grey graniteware pie plate and cake pan, white green trip graniteware pie plate, vintage Pfaltzgraff Willage pie plate

Lot#: 62499437

Pink Rose-Colored FENTON Rosebud Lamp, 3 Piece, 23" Tall, Electric- FLOOR BIDDING ONLY. Defect in Glass-Making Process, Appears Melted at the hole

Lot#: 62499558

Vintage Still Life Textured Print of Artist Robert J Smith Original Oil Painting (1901-1985). Born in Dayton Ohio, his works were prat of exhibitions held in Paris, New York City and Lost Angeles.

Lot#: 62499438

Cast Iron Turtle w/Makers Marer Underneath, #26

Lot#: 62499559

30" Large Antique Wooden Oval Mirror

Lot#: 62499679

Lot of 6 Vintage Tin Kitchen Utensils. 1. Red wood handle hand mixer Taplin MFG Co, New Britain Conn. 2. Wood handle spatula w/air holes 3. rumford cake mix and cream whip PAT Oct 6 1908, Saltsman Improved Royal 4. black handle tin dipper 5, 6, 2 tin spoon like dippers

Lot#: 62499439

Limestone Browning Wooden Wheels, Maysville, KY USA (set of 3) 16", 12", 10"

Lot#: 62499711

Lot of Tin Kitchen Utensils, Vintage x14. 1 Tin Toaster 2 funnels 3 large dipper with measuring markings 4 med+small dipper spoons 5 harpers pure milk ladle with bottle end opener 6 wire strainer spoon 7 small thumb held dipper 8 x3 unmarked spatulas 9 Rumford the wholesome paking powder server 10 Wertz milling Co Flour Reading PA "One good turn deserves another" spatula turner

Lot#: 62499710

Blue/White Wooden Handle Vintage Kitchen Utensils

Lot#: 62499702

Lot of Watt Ware x2 Pieces + Ironstone Pudding Mold. 1. Watt ware ovenware 7in wide, 6.5in tall pot with lid light brown, ovenware, made in USA 9in bowl, watt ware? Glazed interior, Ironsotne whiel pudding mold with fooled base (asparagus design?)

Lot#: 62499701

Lot of Watt Ware x4 Pieces, Cookie Jar, Ovenware, Pie Plates. 1. Watt oven ware cookie jarw/lid three leaf apple (chip on rim of jar and outside rim. 2. 6" Watt ovenware 3 leaf apple bowl 3. 5" watt ovenware star flower bowl, 4. 9" Watt ovenware yellow pie plate even bake, rare

Lot#: 62499704

Vintage Stoneware Yellow Ware Pink, Blue Stripes Lot x4. 1. Beehive mixing bow 8" 2. Covered dish w/lid (slight hairline, tight) 6.5" 3. 2 milk/juice pitchesr, 6.5" (repair on one pitcher spout)

Lot#: 62499703

Set of 4 Watt Vintage Nesting Bowls Ovenware Apple Leaf, Excellent Condition (8", 7", 6", 5")

Lot#: 62499706

Vintage Lot of Stoneware, Pfaltzgraff, Jug, Pitcher + More. 1. 1930-40's York Pfaltzgraff Crock w/2 handles Marked on bottom York P 494, 5.75" 2. Milk/Creamer 6.5" blue striped 3. Small Orange Ball Jug 3" hall style art pottery unsigned 4. small 4" brown/tan/cream stoneware glazed pitcher

Lot#: 62499705

Antique Yelloware Salt Glazed Mixing 12" Bowl w/Fan Arches

Lot#: 62499708

Lot of Vintage Juicers and Graters x3 Total, Cast Iron. 1. Artic #2 Cast iron handpress juicer strainer, 2 vintage steel USE handheld juicer press long handled, 3. Lorraine Vintage metal grater, NY USE Green. 4.The Acme Safety Grater original package copyright 1933

Lot#: 62499707

Antique Frary's Improved Spring Balance Warranted 25lb Scale Brass + 50lb Scale Brass+ 60lb. x3 Antique Scales, C.Forschner's Improved Circular Spring Balance Scale, 60lbs

Lot#: 62499709

Vintage Baking Utensil Lot (7 total pieces!). Mellow Rich Pie Tin Plate, Pie Lifter, green handled beater mixer, white handled mixer, wire wist with bottle opener end, wooding rolling pin, 6 small tin muffin pans

Lot#: 62499700

Antique P & J Arnold, London England, Stoneware Ink ottle, 1890's Boaine & Sons Denby Pottery

Lot#: 62499490

Germany Blue + White Porcelin Coffee Container, 6"

Lot#: 62499491

Tiffany & Co. Catalogs (1974-1975) (1977-1978)

Lot#: 62499492

Signed VintageArt Deco Studio Pottery Plate, 13 1/2", Picture of Man,Signed 13 1/2". Signature in front and back, maybe the potter who make plate.

Lot#: 62499493

Monogram Silverware and Measuring on Quart

Lot#: 62499494

Old Wooden Pedestle, Table, 37"

Lot#: 62499495

Old Hires Rootbear Stoneware Mug

Lot#: 62499496

Lot- Antique Dolls, R+B Doll Needs L Arm Reattached, Second Doll no Markings, 18 1/2" Tall

Lot#: 62499497

Set of 3- White and Blue Porcelin Drain Bowls

Lot#: 62499498

Pair of Soda Crates, Pepsi

Lot#: 62499499

Antique Wire Vase + Brown Graniteware Pie Pan

Lot#: 62499480

Antique Metal Cranberry Scoop, 13" x 8"

Lot#: 62499481

Blue and White Graniteware Old Pail w/Bail Handle, 12", Makers Mark

Lot#: 62499482

1860-19000 Wooden Highchair, 31" Tall

Lot#: 62499483

Old Grey Granitware Collander, 14 1/2" Diameter

Lot#: 62499484

Old Fraternity Board w/Names/Signatures on Backside, 24"

Lot#: 62499485

Yelloware Kahamrd Ovenware 9 1/2" Bowl +6 1/2" Bowl

Lot#: 62499486

Antique Large Metal Scoop, 20" Long

Lot#: 62499487

Antique Slaw Board with Box, 24"

Lot#: 62499488

Quality Framed Matted Japaneese 15th C. Artist Tosa Mitsuoki, Quails and Flowers Litho Print 1964. Museum of Asiatic Art, Rijka Museum Amstedam

Lot#: 62499489

Lot of Old Roadmaps + Walt Disney Guide to Disneyland Memorabilia

Lot#: 62499630

x3 Vintage Advertising Aluminum Ice Cream Scoops Roll Dipper TURKEY HILL, BASKIN ROBBINS. Turkey Hill, Baskin Robbins Burbank California, Fairgrove

Lot#: 62499510

2 Carved Ducks- One Signed B.L.D., other Wood Duck not Signed.

Lot#: 62499631

x3 Antique Vintage Mechanic Ice Cream Scoops- Japan, Blue handle Scoop Master, Hamilton Beach

Lot#: 62499511

3 Carved Birds- Bald Eagle, While Killdeer, and more

Lot#: 62499632

x2 Antique Ice Cream Serving Spoon Scoop, Wooden Handle, Green Handle w/ Turn Key attach. Marked WB

Lot#: 62499512

4 Carved Shore Birds, Tallest 15" Wooden

Lot#: 62499633

Antique Gilchrist No 31 Vintage Ice Cream Scoops- RARE. 1. #31 Brass/wood 1915 marked in finger tab , 2. #31 Brass 9.5" w/wood handle marked on front brass rod 1915, 3. #31 Brass 11 in w/wood handle marked on font brass rod 1915

Lot#: 62499513

2 Wooden Swans, Tallest 11"

Lot#: 62499634

Antique Ice Cream Scoops x5, Lot, No 31 Vintage Ice Cream Scoops, 1915. 1. No 31 1915 w/wood handle, 2. No 3 1915 scoop marked "Indestructo" w/wood handle, 3. "Veron" w/wood handle, 4. "Trarr" w/wood handle, 5. Blue handle.

Lot#: 62499503

Two Antique Beer Bottles- J.C. Helb Bottleing Works, Yorlk, PA 1904-1910, Red Amber

Lot#: 62499624

1903's Pfaltzgraff York, PA 10.5" Green Bowl + Green Pitcher 8.75" Pfaltzgraff. Bowl has minimal chips on rim, otherwise both in excellent condition!

Lot#: 62499504

Very Old Screw-in Ice Skates, Antique

Lot#: 62499625

Advertising Coal Shovel, Graniteware Dust Pan. "H.W. Sticks Coal Satisfies", Longest 18"

Lot#: 62499505

Homemade Antique Barrel Chair

Lot#: 62499626

2 Vintage Ice Cream Scoops, Rare, Dairy spade wood handle, 10.5", 14.5"

Lot#: 62499506

Carved Wooden on Stand + 2 Glass Christmas Light Bubls

Lot#: 62499627

Vintage Ice Cream Scoops (2), Benedict Grey Handle, Hamilton Beach Black Handle

Lot#: 62499507

Glass Apple Signed , St. Clair, Joe Paperweight + US Department of Navy Paperweight

Lot#: 62499628

x2 Antique Ice Cream Scoops, Roll Dipper "Zeroll USA", "Fairgrove"

Lot#: 62499508

Heavy Carved Duck

Lot#: 62499629

x3 Vintage Aluminum Ice Cream Scoops, Hershey's, Nuroll Patened in Canada (1937), Toledo Ohio, etc.

Lot#: 62499509

Lynwood L Drummond- Well Known Carver, Eastern Shore, VA, Signed "L.D.". HE carved until his death in 1991

Lot#: 62518743

Large old sled, no shipping available. 

Lot#: 62518744

Large lot of Oxen Collars, Wooden T's, Wooden and Metal Livestock, Unable to ship

Lot#: 62499620

7 Antique Tin Cookie Cutters, Candy Jar, Solid (small crack on bottom)

Lot#: 62518745

Large Wooden Crate Lot, Antique, Unable to Ship

Lot#: 62499500

Set of 4 Pfaltzgraff York, PA Old Stoneware Bowls, 2 Marked.

Lot#: 62499621

A.G. Marshuetz & Co., New York 1870;s Whiskey Bottle, Embossed 12", RARE

Lot#: 62518746

Antique Wooden Barn Doors w/Metal Hardware-- Onsite Bidding ONLY, various colors, NICE

Lot#: 62499501

Old Chiclets Gum Box Antique

Lot#: 62499622

Antique/Vintage Old Embossed Bottles Lot, USA, Baltimore MD. Pubifoam for the Teeth Put Ip by EW Hoyt & Co. Lowell Mass 2. Hires Household extract rootbeer 3. Sloans Linment USA, 4. Sloans Linment Cork Top Purple tinted glass, 5. Listerine-Lambery Pharmacal Co., 6. McCormick + Co Baltimore MD, 7. Friez Baltimore 1 oz ink bottle, 8. 4" Ble Cobalt Merson Drug Co., Baltimore MD, 9. 2.5" Blue cobalt Merson Drug Co., Baltimore MD

Lot#: 62499502

LOT- Large Ball Jar w/Glass Lid and Wire Bail, Milk Bottle-Hanover PA, H.A. Bortner

Lot#: 62499623

Store Display Saks Fifth Avenue Milk Chocolate w/Almonds, New York City Advertising, 17"

Lot#: 62499613

Lot Stoneware+Box, Maryland Biscuit Company Advertising Bowl, Stoneware Pie Plate, Box. Box-Nut-All Oleomargarine box Baltimore Butterine Co., Baltimore MD

Lot#: 62499735

1800's Child's Cradle Rocker, Red Crackled Paint over Original Blue Pain, Cut Out Handles on Each Side. 2brass buttons on each side, back rocker legs old repairs Dovetail joints

Lot#: 62499614

RARE Lynchbrug Standard Smooth Lip Beaded Neck Seat Quart Mason Jar, ATLAS 7"

Lot#: 62499734

Cannonball Grapeshot Local York County Finds 30+ years ago, Revolutionary War, 4 Different Sizes. Rare collection of x4 grape shot cannonballs, York County PA finds of over 30 years ago- Revolutional War. 4 different size are represented, need to be cleaned. Largest approx 2"

Lot#: 62499615

Antique John :. Getx + Sons (York PA) Hutchenson Bottle 8"

Lot#: 62499616

Vintage Quart Milk Bottle, Soda Bottle, YORK and HANOVER PA, longest 12" Tall. Pensupreme Glass Milk Bottle, Lancaster, York PA Ice Cream, PFAFF's Fine Beverage Soda Bottle, Hanover PA

Lot#: 62499617

Great Lot of Vintage 1940's Valentines Day Cards, 75+ Cards! Resellers Lot

Lot#: 62499618

Lot of 1940's Never Used Standup Valentines Day Cards, Plus Lot of 1940's Calling Cards, Misc.

Lot#: 62499619

Vintage Lot Food Containers, Tins, 1920-50's. Baltimore, New York. Crisco Can, 40's lid graphics and label 3lb and 1lb, 2 frozen strawberries wax containers, New York City, Silver Star 2lb Oleomargarinr 20's Baltimore Butterine Co.,

Lot#: 62499731

Vintage Pyrex Brown Old Orchard Mixing Bowl Set of 3

Lot#: 62499610

Vintage American Leader Trumpet w/Case and Mouthpiece

Lot#: 62499730

Brown Glazed Antique Stoneware Pitcher

Lot#: 62499611

x2 Wooden Buckets, Bail Handle, Measure with Metal Bands, 9"

Lot#: 62499733

Large Antique Willow Basket, Excellent condition w/2 Handles, 22" wide

Lot#: 62499612

Vintage Wattware 7.5" bowl w/apple design + Matching Lid. small chip on rim, old hairline crack down side

Lot#: 62499732

Old Wooden Finger Joint Cheese Boxes + Metal and Wooden Scoops VINTAGE. 1. Valio pasturized process gruyere cheese box from Finland 2. 5lb Valleybrook Brand Pasturized Process Cheese box, Buffalo NY. 3. Wooden handle tin scoop 4. Wagner Ware #921 1/2 marked metal scoop with black handle 5. Metal scoop #00

Lot#: 62499602

Vintage Tin and Copper Containers, Humidor, 1979 Tallest 10". Vintage Humidor Tobacco Round copper, Ye olde McCormick Tea House Baltimore Md tin can, 1979 Maxwell House High Grade Coffee Tin Cheek Neal Coffee Co., Federal Baking Pweder Tin Baltimore MD, Conewago Homogenized Milk Wax Carton Conewago Dairy Hanover PA

Lot#: 62499724

Antique Wooden Baby Cradle, 1800's w/Heart Cut Outs, Original Rope Bottom w/Square Nails. 32 x 28"

Lot#: 62499603

Pfaltzgraff York, PA Pottery Crock Large Utensil Holder, Folk Art, MILK BOTTLE, Clover Dairy, PA. Milk- Clover Dairy, Pottstown, PA w/stencil "Safe Milk from CleanFamrs Perfectly Pasturized", "Drink Clover Leaf Milk on Back)

Lot#: 62499723

Psaltzgraff Yorktowne x3 Nesting Mixing Bowl, York, PA, 10", 8", 6". Original Markings

Lot#: 62499604

x6 Coat of Family Arms +Creest, International Heraldic Institue L+D Washington DC. Family names: Micolson, Wormeley, Christian, Brown, Narwood, Digges

Lot#: 62499726

Antique Copper Kettle/Teapot w/handle, Acron Finial, Swan Neck, Dovetailed side and bottom. 12.5" H 13.5" To tip of spout to back, bettle opening approx 5"

Lot#: 62499605

The Marion Hartland Vintage Tea and Coffee Pot #2 Tin w/Inserts, Vintage Tea Pots, largest 10". 

Lot#: 62499725

Vintage Steiff Reclining Leo Lion Mohair w/Steiff Button in Lion's Left Ear, 13.5"

Lot#: 62499606

Lot of Vintage/Antique Tinware and Kitchenwares. 6 cup small muffin pan, 6 cup medium muffin pan patened mark sept 23 1890, large tin metal handle strainer, bright pride tin grater, vareity of green handle kitchen utencils, 2 scoops sugar and flower

Lot#: 62499728

x3 Crocks, Cowden & Wilcox Brown 6.5" Crock, Marked + (2) Antique Brown Glazed Stoneware, 7". Small chip under rim, Tight hairline noted (very tight, small approx 2"), other shows finger impressions around the bottom occuring when dipped

Lot#: 62499607

Large Lot of Vintage Advertising Kitchenwares. 1. glass candy thermometer 2. red handled hand mixer 3. red handled Schachy Rubber MFG Company Huntington IN 4. Hubbard Milling Company Mixer 5. Hagan Milk Buttermilk Chocolate milk Homongenized Milk Cottage Cheese "Hagen Milk" spatula, 6. Army/Navy Store West Market. St. York, PA soapstone knife sharpener 7. wooden handled brush 8. Small tin grater and peeler 9. miniature tin molds 10.2-cookie cutter tin Ecko Holland Rolling Cutters

Lot#: 62499727

Antique Large Copper Tea Kettle w/Wire Handle, Lid, Straight Spout, 13", Franklin Co., PA RARE. Teapot opening is 6.5", Attributed to the Chambers Family, White Rock Franklin Co., PA

Lot#: 62499608

Vintage Catina Basket Cookie Jar, Cat, American Pottery Bisque, 13" Tall

Lot#: 62499609

8 Drawer Wood Spice Cabinet, 19" High

Lot#: 62499729

1800-1900's Spindle Baby Cradle Rocker w/Crackeled Blue Original paint, wood slatted bottom

Lot#: 62499720

Antique Cast Iron Tea Kettle w/Original Lid, Gate mark on bottom, Early Heath 1800's

Lot#: 62499600

Matching Pair, Hand-Painted Vintage Vases, Pink w/ Flowers

Lot#: 62499722

Vintage Templeton Kenly & Co. Simplex No. 22 Railroad House Jack, 10 Ton

Lot#: 62499601

Huge Lot of Vintage Kitchenwares, x7. Collapsible Vintage wire basket, tin muffin pan, (2) Hog Scrappers, tin coop, mason nursery scale, pat pending, jar top grinder

Lot#: 62499721

Brown Suede Western Cowboy Leather Jacket w/Fringe + Eagle Bead Work, Made in Pakistan

Lot#: 62499713

Antique Cast Iron Muffin Pop Over Round Bottom Pan

Lot#: 62499712

Lot of Vintage Graniteware. 1 Blue, black white pie pans, grey speckled 2 hand conlander, small hand gre strainer, grey speckled hand pourer

Lot#: 62499715

Handmade Wood Herb/Wheat Grinder w/Wheel

Lot#: 62499714

Vintage Candy/Ice Cream Molds x2, Dandy, BO 4188. 1 Vintage Dandy candy mold, copper chocolate mold w/top hat man with cane #929, 2. Banana Hinged chocolate/candy/icecream mold marked BO 4188 (cannot read numbers prior to 4)

Lot#: 62499717

Antique Hand Carved Eagle Walking Stick, Made in Vysoke Tatry in Slovakia. Town is at the feed of the Slocak part of the High Tatras, Marked Flumserberg (in swiss alps known for skiing)

Lot#: 62499716

Lot of Antique Wooden Walking Sticks. 1. Vintage wood cane walking stick hand carved lion 35.5" 2. Beech Wood walking stick black color 35", 3. wood straight walking stick 34", 4.Solid wood cane advertising grand opening New Purina Mill 36.75"

Lot#: 62499719

Antique Red Chief- Patened Nov 1888, 1885 Corn Sheller

Lot#: 62499718

Red Vintage Child's Ice Cream Parlor Chair, Original Seat

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