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About Art Smith Auctioneers

Art Smith Auctioneers has a professional auction staff with knowledgeable advertising methods to find the most effective package in advertising your special auction-whether it is through newspaper, auction bills, Internet or our email and conventional mailing lists. Our auction firm has three auctioneers to handle the bid calling duties. We also have a large well-rounded crew that specializes in setup, clerking and cashiering. Our core has an immense knowledge of farm, estates, antiques and collectible items.


Art Smith Auctioneers is a family owned business and has had auctions on regular bases for 27 years. The majority of our crew has been with us from the start (they're just auction people). Our generational firm is growing and will be around for along time to come.

Art Smith Auctioneers has conducted hundreds of auctions across all of Michigan.  Ask any of our customers, both buyers and sellers and they'll tell you, let "The Sound That Sells" make your auction a success.

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