August Consignment Auction

Tuesday August 11, 2020 | LaSalette, ON. CA. N0E 1H0
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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Easy-bid Online Auction Services, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Metal Round Patio Table

Lot#: 2

Decorative Garden Statue - 30" high

Lot#: 3

Wooden Serving Platter - 19" diameter

Lot#: 4

Fire King Serving Platter

Lot#: 5

Fire King Bowl - 10 " Diameter / 7 " High

Lot#: 6

Rowenta X-Cel Hand Steamer - Tested

Lot#: 7

Decorative Wicker Basket

Lot#: 8

Metal Ironing Board

Lot#: 9

Garden Tools

Hose Nozzle Hand Rake Hand Claw

Lot#: 10

Whirl Hand Held Fertlizer Spreader

Lot#: 11

Concrete Statue Stand - 24" High

Lot#: 12

Flower Pot Holder - 30" High

Lot#: 13

New Heavy Duty Tarp - 6 x 8

Lot#: 14

New Protective Bird Netting - 14 x 14

Lot#: 15

New Landscape Frabric - 31.5 x 16

Lot#: 16

Table Top Propane BBQ

Lot#: 17

Table Top Propane BBQ

Lot#: 18

Beer Hat Collection

Budweiser Bud Light Corona Guiness ETC

Lot#: 19

Schumacher 200 AMP Rapid Charge Battery Charger


Lot#: 20

Various Size Snow Brushes

Lot#: 21

Platform Controls For Genie

Lot#: 22

36" Decorative Overhead Light

Lot#: 23

16" GMC Hubcaps

Lot#: 24

Various Tail Lights

Lot#: 25

6 Libby Craft Beer Glasses

Lot#: 26

Collectable beer Glasses / Steins

Lot#: 27

Various Hand Tools

Caulking Gun Screw Drivers ETC

Lot#: 28

Various Hand Tools

Caulking Guns Wrenches Clamps Pliers ETC

Lot#: 29

Collectable Beer Glasses

Lot#: 30

Collectable Bottles / Jars / Vases

Lot#: 31

Black Tool Box / Tools

Various Size Wrenches

Lot#: 32

Antique Fishing Display Case - 21 x 17

Lot#: 33

Various Headlights / Mirrors

Lot#: 34

Decorative Light

Lot#: 35

Overhead Light

Lot#: 36

Various Cooler Bags

Canadian Labatt Blue Bud Light

Lot#: 37

Hardware Lot

Welding Rods Clip Boards ETC

Lot#: 38

Guiness & Smirnoff Plastic Banners

Lot#: 39

6 Guiness Cardboard Beer Signs - 20 x 10

Lot#: 40

Beer Lot

Red Stripe Shorts Jack Daniels Tennesse Coors Light Kenny Irish Cream Ale ETC

Lot#: 41

Guiness Battery Wall Clock

Small Crack

Lot#: 42

Guiness Metal Ashtray

Lot#: 43

Beer Thirsty Cap Opener And Holder

Lot#: 44

Corona Lot

Bucket Lights Pins ETC

Lot#: 45

Crown Royal Lot

2 Crown Royal Bags Coasters

Lot#: 46

Miscellaneous Lot

Belt Buckle Card Holder Necklace Beer Savers ETC

Lot#: 47

Special Edition Collectable Blue Rodeo DVD

Lot#: 48

No Parking Metal Sign - 12 x 12

Lot#: 49

Stupidity Metal Sign - 12 x 15

Lot#: 50

Miscellaneous Lot

Hair Clippers Calculator Curling Iron Thermometer ETC

Lot#: 51

JVC Car Stereo


Lot#: 52

Rexx NHL Game

Lot#: 53

Miscellaneous Lot

Marbles Saw Blade Toggle Bolts Letter Opener EC

Lot#: 54

Miscellaneous Lot

Globes Light Switch Covers Mason Jars ETC

Lot#: 55

12 Large Mason Jars

Lot#: 56

Collectable Childrens Toys

Legos Dominoes Action Figures ETC

Lot#: 57

Approximately 25 Small Mason Jars

Lot#: 58

Retro Blue Neon Battery Wall Clock


Lot#: 59

Sony Bravia 50" Tv

No Remote HMDI Does Not Work Good For Video Games

Lot#: 60

American Standard White Sonoma Bath Tub

Left Handed Outlet 60 x 30 New In Box

Lot#: 61

Wooden TV Cabinet - 37 x 20 x 60

Lot#: 62

Collectable Maps Of States And Provinces

Lot#: 63

Hitachi 8 Track Player With 8 Tracks

Al Martino Connie Francis Floyd Cramer ETC

Lot#: 64

PlayStation 2 / X Box Video Games / Guitar

Grand Theft Auto Terminator Mortal Kombat Madden 06 ETC

Lot#: 65

Tach - Dwell Meter - Untested

Lot#: 66

Harpco Gas Grill Burner

Small Single H Burner Kit

Lot#: 67

Samsung Blueray DVD Player with Remote


Lot#: 68

Justin Beiber / Deal Or No Deal Board Games

Lot#: 69

Various Childrens Books

Captain Underpants Spots Jumbo Disney ETC

Lot#: 70

Pandex Surround Sound Speakers


Lot#: 71

Gaming Lot

Controllers Microphone PC Games ETC

Lot#: 72

Various Size Sockets

Metric & Imperial

Lot#: 73

Various Size Bicycle Helmets

Lot#: 74

Porter Cable 18V Flashlight - No Charger

Lot#: 75

Childrens Toys

Cars / Trucks / Animals / Telephone ETC

Lot#: 76

Water Nipples For Chickens

Lot#: 77

Hardware Lot

Screwdrivers Files gardening Claws ETC

Lot#: 78

Personal Self Help Books

Power Of Praying Power Of Change Creating Money ETC

Lot#: 79

White Overhead 5 Blade Fan


Lot#: 80

Hardware Lot

Nails Screws Rope Various Sizes ETC

Lot#: 81

Miscellaneous Lot

Clocks Plates Mirror ETC

Lot#: 82

Antique Glass Bottle

Lot#: 83

Pro Choice Wheel Hub Bearings - NEW

For An 2005 Montana

Lot#: 84

Crome Knobs / Hardware

Lot#: 85

4 GM Hubcaps

Lot#: 86

2 Wicker Baskets / Plastic Dish

Lot#: 87

Gardening Tools

Lot#: 88

1/8 " Metal Tubing - Various Lengths

Lot#: 89

Glow Worm Rocking Horse

Lot#: 90

Little Tykes Play Station

Lot#: 91

Stainless Steel Range Hood

Lot#: 92

2 Round Lawn Chairs

Lot#: 93

Pink Child Car Booster Seat

Lot#: 94

Right Handed Mens Fazer Golf Clubs With Bag

5,6,7,8,9, Pitching Wedge, Putter, # 5 Driver ETC

Lot#: 95

2 Large Plastic Plant Trays - 48 x 96

Lot#: 96

Double Wooden Headboard

Lot#: 98

Heavy Steel Metal 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Lot#: 99

Small Fish Aquarium / terrarium

24 x 12 x 16

Lot#: 100

Small Copper Boiler with Lid

Lot#: 101

2 Plastic Water Tubs

Lot#: 102

Coleman Poly Lite 100 Blue Cooler

Lot#: 103

2 Speakers - Untested

Lot#: 104

Red Recliner Rocking Chair

Lot#: 105

Decorative Brass Corner Lamp - 48" High

Lot#: 106

2 Shelf Wooden Cabinet - Glass Doors

36 x 12 x 35

Lot#: 107

3 Panel Room Divider - 56 x 62

Lot#: 108

Thule Car Topper / Carrier

Lot#: 109

Free Flow Purifying Pet Fountain

Lot#: 110

Wagner Power Roller

Lot#: 111

Weight Set - Approximately 125LBS

Weights dumb bells bar curling bar ETC

Lot#: 112

Eaves Trough Screens

Lot#: 113

Camera Lot

Instamatic Camera Canon AE-1 Camera Cannon 105 Sureshot Camera Batteries Chargers ETC

Lot#: 114

Various Size / Colour Blinds

26 x 60 22 x 68 27 x 40 25 x 37 ETC

Lot#: 115

2 AIWA Speakers

Lot#: 116

Small Steel Lock Box - 13 x 7 x 7

Lot#: 117

Shark Steam Cleaner - with Pads & Accessories

Lot#: 118

2 Life Jackets

1 - Small - 32 - 40 1 - Large - 40 - 48

Lot#: 119

Large Aquarium - 30 x 13 x 16

Lot#: 120

Wooden Pool Cue Holder - 23 x 6 x 26

Lot#: 121

Headrest & Tonneau Cover For 2006 Ford Escape

Lot#: 122

54" Black Blind / 2 Curtain Rods

Lot#: 123

Hardware Lot

Honeywell Thermostat Nutone Replacement Bathroom Fan Motor Coleman Filter Funnel ETC

Lot#: 124

Wooden Plastic Phone Sign - 26 x 6

Lot#: 125

2 One Inch Light Filtering Blinds

From Sears 38 x 72 Earth Colour New In Box

Lot#: 126

Black Machete - 22" Long

Lot#: 127

Wilson Tennis Racket

Lot#: 128

Fazer Pro Classic Golf Clubs / Bag / Cart

1,3,5 Drivers 1,4,5 Drivers 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Pitching Wedge, Putter,2 Ball Scoops Bag Cart ETC

Lot#: 129

Uniden Submersible Two Way Walkie Talkies

Lot#: 130

3 Drawer Wooden Dresser / Mirror

42 x 19 x 36

Lot#: 131

Wooden Night Stand - 14 x 15 x 27

Lot#: 132

Bath Tub Shelf

Lot#: 134

Antique Walking Cane - 35" long

Lot#: 135

Wooden Chair

Lot#: 136

Miscellaneous Lot

Plastic Water Jug Clay Flower Pot Metal Roofing Roll ETC

Lot#: 137

2 Wiper Blades Fits 2006 Ford Escape

Lot#: 138

Michael Dumas - Northern Pike Print

Canadian Conservative Collection

Lot#: 139

Ken Zylla - "Nary A Care" Commorative Print

Lot#: 140

Ken Zylla - "A Likely Refuge" Commorative Print

Lot#: 141

Ken Zylla - "Coming Together" Commorative Print

Lot#: 142

Ken Zylla - "Lifting To The North"

Commorative Print

Lot#: 143

2 Needle Point / 1 Decorative Picture

Lot#: 144

3 Tennis Rackets

Lot#: 145

Various Music Cassettes

Jim Reeves Country Legends The Kendalls Dottie West ETC

Lot#: 146

Various VHS Movies

Peter Pan Flubber Alaska Oliver Twist ETC

Lot#: 147

Leather Gun Case

Lot#: 148

Collectable Books

JS Bothwith Mary Higgins Clark Gregory Mcdonald ETC

Lot#: 149

Picture Frames - Various Sizes / Shapes

Lot#: 150

Quartz Battery Operated Bird Clock

Needs Battery

Lot#: 151

Chaney Instrument Battery Wall Clock

Needs Battery

Lot#: 152

Collectable DVD Movies

Dying The Light Phone Book How To Be Single Knight & Day ETC

Lot#: 153

Costume Jewelry

Necklaces Tie Clips Broaches bracelets ETC

Lot#: 154

Ontario Licence Plates

Lot#: 155

Vintage Records With Crate

David Soul Jim Nabors Charlie Pride ETC

Lot#: 156

Colectable TY beanie Babies

Bears Kangaroo Rabbit Horse Dog ETC

Lot#: 157

Vintage Womens Size 8 1/3 Roller Skates

Lot#: 158

Daniel Dakota Battery Wall Clock

Needs Battery

Lot#: 159

5 Gallon Gas Can

Lot#: 160

Blue Step Stool

Lot#: 161

Acrylic Beverage Dispenser

Lot#: 162

Coleman Lunch Cooler

Lot#: 163

VHS Movies

X Files Pochontas Fern Gully 2 Hercules 2 ETC

Lot#: 164

Collectable Childrens Books

Lot#: 165

777 Sexy Men Cologne - Sealed

Lot#: 166

Sport Club Black Cologne - Sealed

Lot#: 167

Sport Club Black Cologne - Sealed

Lot#: 168

Coby Dvd Player / Earphones


Lot#: 169

Miscellaneous Lot

Double Microfiber Sheet Set Mens Long Sleeve Shirt - Size 15 1/2

Lot#: 170

Hardware Lot

Sockets Double Sided Tape tape Measures Screw Drivers ETC

Lot#: 171

Metal Bathroom Scale

Lot#: 172

Roller Blades / Ice Skates

Sizes 4, 6 , 12

Lot#: 173

Teac Speakers


Lot#: 174

Small Blue Mountain Pottery Pieces

Lot#: 175

Computer Lot

Mouse Wires GpS Booster ETC

Lot#: 176

Miscellaneous Lot

Dishes Bowls Cutlery ETC

Lot#: 177

Miscellaneous Lot

Plates Angle Bell Teapots Kitten Plate ETC

Lot#: 178

Collectable Porcelain Dolls

Lot#: 179

Collectable Porcelain Dolls

Lot#: 180

Temperature Glass / Gauge

Lot#: 181

Yukon 30FL oz Collectable Bottle

Lot#: 182

DP Collectable Bottle

Lot#: 183

Cummer & Son Hamilton Ont Collectable Bottle

Lot#: 184

Schwepps Gingerale 28FL oz Collectable bottle

Lot#: 185

KIST Green Label Ginger Ale Collectable Bottle

Lot#: 186

Schwepps Gingerale 33.8FL oz Collectable bottle

Lot#: 187

Buddah Statue Collectable Bottle

Lot#: 188

4 Collectable Bottles

Pepsi Cola Cherry Coke Viva Rosa Canada Dry

Lot#: 189

Molson Canadian / Labatt Blue Beer Pitchers

Lot#: 190

Mr Christy Chips A Hhoy Collectable Cup

Lot#: 191

USA Space Shuttle Discovery Picture - 20 x 24

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