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About Cal Auctions

Cal Auctions is a full service online auction company. We believe consignors deserve excellent customer service and attention to detail when liquidating their assets and personal property.  We will arrange and conduct your sale from start to finish including:

• Advertising / Marketing

• Inventory Assessment

• Setup and Lotting

• Photography

• Payment Collection

• Equipment Removal

• Building Cleanup

Specializing in:

Bankruptcy Liquidations

Secured Creditor Liquidations

Business Liquidations

Government / Industrial Surplus

Abandoned Property Auctions (Civil Code 1988 and 1993.07)

Abandoned Property Auctions - Any time a tenant leaves a rental space and they leave possessions behind, the landlord or property manager has a legal obligation to dispose of the personal property properly.  The property that is left behind is considered "abandoned property" which can range from a few items to thousands of dollars of goods.  In order for landlords to clear the rental space, California Law provides a specific procedure that must be carried out to legally remove the items from the space and re-lease it.  WE CAN HELP!

If abandoned property is mishandled, the consequences can be very costly to the landlord.  In order for landlords to protect themselves, it is recommended to have an unbiased professional auctioneer conduct the inventory and public sale of the abandoned property.


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Cal Auctions | Murrieta, CA. United States
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