Capehart Communication Collection Western Electric Part I

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Thursday February 21, 2019 | Corsicana, TX. US. 75110
Internet Premium: 15%Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approvalPayment Options: Cash, Bank Wire Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover OnlyPlease call for credit card payment. We prefer pickup only. Shipping and freight is available, see shipping instructions below. AMT Auction Marketing does not pack or ship items. Shipping Charges are NOT included in purchase prices. Shipping Instructions:Please contact FedEx Store or your shipping agent before auction ends to get estimate of shipping cost and following the auction to arrange shipping. Company name: CTWP Copy Center Authorized FedEx Ground Shipping CenterAddress: 117 S. Beaton Street, Corsicana, Texas 75110Phone: (903) 872-6657Contact: Chuck MillerTerms: All winning auction items will be picked up daily from auction location at 1:00 p.m. All items will be package professionally and shipped next business day. Winning Bidder agrees to pay for all packing materials and cost of FedEx Ground shipping. All Ground Shipments provide Insurance at a rate of $100 per shipment. Additional insurance may be purchased by winning bidder.Winning bidder must provide proof of purchase and a copy of valid I.D. via email to cmiller@ctwpcopycenter for items to be picked up from auction house. Send all inquiries regarding shipping via email to cmiller@ctwpcopycenter or call (903) 872-6657.Chuck Millercmiller@ctwpcopycenter.comManager CTWP Copy CenterALL CHARGES for Packing and Shipping is the responsibility of the BUYER. You will need to email my paid invoice and a copy of your ID for pick up. NO EXCEPTIONS. We do not see your credit card information and do not give it to the FedEx Store or your shipping agent. If you have a Valid Tax number. Put your tax ID number in registration Information. If it is not in registration information you will be charged tax! We will NOT reimburse your tax if you have a Tax ID number and it is not in your registration information. Currency Type: USDAMT Auction does not pack or ship! We do not charge for shipping when we send your invoice. You will need to contact shipper and give them your payment information. Please contact them before removal date stated for an auction. Freight Shipping is the responsibility of the Buyer. Please contact us if there is a freight pick up. This includes all loading and packing. Freight pick up schedule is flexible please contact. zPreview Date & Times: All previews are by appointment only unless otherwise stated. Please contact us at 210.376.9267 to schedule a preview.Checkout Date & Times: If you do not pick up your items or shipping has not been arranged you will forfeit your purchases. Local Pickup is February 23rd 10 am to 4 pm and February 24th from 10 am to 3 pm only. This does not include items for shipping. Please contact us for additional time if needed. Shipping Schedule: All items being shipped will have until March 1st to have their items picked up and out of the warehouse. If you fail to have your paid items out of the warehouse by this date, it will be considered abandoned. Location: 409 S. North Street Corsicana, Texas 75110Special TermsThe description for each piece is believed to be accurate. However, everything is sold as-is where-is, onsite inspection is HIGHLY recommended. AMT Auction Marketing does not make any warranties to condition, make, model, or descriptions. Buyer is solely responsible for judgment to any purchase made or not made. All items are being sold As-Is with no warranty. Auctioneer shall not be responsible for any incorrect description, authenticity, genuineness of or defect in any lot, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. Auctioneer makes every effort to provide accurate information about the items being sold. Errors may occur, either written or verbal. It is Buyers? full responsibility to confirm the accuracy of items offered for sale. INSPECTION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.AMT Auction Marketing will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy-bidding feature and leave their maximum bid no less than 24 hours before the auction begins. AMT Auction Marketing reserves the right to withdraw items in this auction or cancel. RELY ONLY UPON YOUR INSPECTION OF THE ITEM. AS SUCH INSPECTION WILL BE THE ONLY ASSURANCE YOU WILL HAVE AS TO THE CONDITION OR QUALITY OF THE PROPERTY OR THE NUMBER OF ITEMS IN THE AUCTION LOT YOU MAY PURCHASE. NO REFUND FOR ANY REASON WILL BE MADE. Removal is responsibility of the buyer. Please bring valid driver?s license to confirm your identity at time of pickup. Risk of Injury: Bidder acknowledges that an auction site is a potentially dangerous place and shall be deemed to be there at his own risk along with anyone brought with you to assist with your removal. No person shall have any claim against the auctioneers, their agents, employees or principals for any injuries sustained or for damages to or loss of property which may occur from any cause whatsoever. REMOVAL OF ITEMS- Bring your help. There is no help on site. No item may be removed from the auction site until the full bid price, buyer?s premium and taxes are paid. All items must be removed during the scheduled pickup time or day that we have arranged as appointment only. NO refunds, credits or charge back's will be granted due to a lack of removal at the designated times. After the scheduled removal, items will be considered abandoned YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE TO PICK UP AND REMOVE YOUR ITEMS AT THE POSTED REMOVAL TIMES. Bidders who do not pick up their items at the scheduled time or arrange shipping by removal date will be considered to have abandoned their purchases and agree that they will not be entitled to any refund or adjustment. Items will be sold to cover storage, moving and re-listing fees.We hope that you enjoy the auction and please ensure prompt payment is made.Thank you,Felix BarrerasAMT Auction Marketing

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. AMT Auction Marketing, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

W.E. J99254C-2L5-A 54C Return Loss Measuring Set

Lot#: 2

W.E. J98710Hl1A-WA Repeater Test Set

Lot#: 3

W.E. 24hr clock w/ transformer New

Lot#: 4

W.E. Pulse Checking Test Set J94723A

Lot#: 5

W.E. J94006F 6F Voiceband Noise Measuring Set

Lot#: 6

W.E. J79911B 911B Test Sentence Generator

Lot#: 7

W.E. J94022A 22A Milliwatt Ref Meter

Lot#: 8

W.E. J94723A Pulse Checking Test Set

Lot#: 9

Altec 545A Regulated Power Supply

Lot#: 10

W.E. J79911C 911C Distortion Measuring Set

Lot#: 11

W.E. J94706A 200,206,209,& 211 Type Selector Set

Lot#: 12

Spring Tension Gauge Telephone Relay Scale Lotof12

Lot#: 13

W.E. J94710A Trunk Test Set SXS & Toll Offices

Lot#: 14

W.E. J94723A Pulse Checking Test Set

Lot#: 15

W.E. J98710F-2L2-A Fault Locating Set

Lot#: 16

W.E. J94723A Pulse Checking Test Set

Lot#: 17

CMC Trunk SKAN-I CMC 705B Comm Mfg. Co.

Lot#: 18

W.E. KS-7361 Current Meter

Lot#: 19

W.E. J94002AB Aux Trans Test Set

Lot#: 20

W.E. J94002AB Aux Trans Test Set

Lot#: 21

W.E. Loudspeaker Control Unit

Lot#: 22

W.E. J94725A L4 Test Set for Mercury Relays

Lot#: 23

W.E. J94002P 2 P Tube Test Set Lot of 3

Lot#: 24

W.E. P400888 TRK Continuity Test Set

Lot#: 25

W.E. J54701B P.B.X. Test Set

Lot#: 26

W.E. J94002N 2N Group unit Switching Set

Lot#: 27

NE Electronics Model TTS-28 Test Meter

Lot#: 28

W.E. 108 Loudspeaker Set

Lot#: 29

W.E. 108 Loudspeaker Set

Lot#: 30

W.E. TST & MON SD96519-01

Lot#: 31

W.E. 76B (SPL) Test Set D-169795

Lot#: 32

W.E. 3C Noise Measuring Set J94003C

Lot#: 33

W.E. Current Tester

Lot#: 34

W.E. 30A Level Distribution Register

Lot#: 35

Dual Ringer Assembly

Lot#: 36

Spot Welder 1004B Tool kit

Lot#: 37

W.E. Contact Closure Test Set J94724A

Lot#: 38

W.E. Power Units 20C2 / 2802 Lot of 2

Lot#: 39

W.E. 1905 Impediance Test Set

Lot#: 40

W.E. J70119A 164C1 TLG Trans Measuring Set

Lot#: 41

W.E. J54701B PBX Test Set

Lot#: 42

Weston Elec Inst. Corp. Resistor Model 57

Lot#: 43

W.E. Contact Closure Test Set J94724A

Lot#: 44

W.E. J99300AU N3 SW Set

Lot#: 45

The Standard Electric Time Co. Timer S-1A

Lot#: 46

W.E. 5A Attenuator

Lot#: 47

T-75 Test Set

Lot#: 48

Wescom 9131 Repeater Test Set

Lot#: 49

Leeds & Northrup Co. 1063696 Test Set No. 5430-A

Lot#: 50

SF Test SD56335-01

Lot#: 51

W.E. Control Set for Position Test CKT J64717A

Lot#: 52

Teletypewriter line switching unit Type FA-1696A

Lot#: 53

W.E. Gauge/ Weston Sensitrol Relay

Lot#: 54

W.E. KS-12055 L6 Recorder - Reproducer

Lot#: 55

W.E. 6H Impulse Counter J94006H

Lot#: 56

W.E. 108 Loudspeaker set white

Lot#: 57

W.E. 108 Loudspeaker set tan

Lot#: 58

W.E. 108 Loudspeaker set yellow

Lot#: 59

W.E. 106C Loudspeaker set

Lot#: 60

W.E. 106C Loudspeaker set

Lot#: 61

W.E. 5G45B Speaker Set

Lot#: 62

DC Volt Milliameter Model C-SP

Lot#: 63

W.E. KS-15946 Test Set

Lot#: 64

W.E. J94002P 2P Tube Test Set

Lot#: 65

W.E. Rapid Operation Line Finder Test Set J34721A

Lot#: 66

J.H. Bunnell & Co. Pen Register Model KS-3106

Lot#: 67

NE Lightning Arrestor

Lot#: 68

Wilcom Model T303B Signaling Sender

Lot#: 69

Timer KS-16100

Lot#: 70

W.E. J34716A SEL Rotary Action Test Set

Lot#: 71

W.E. 107B Loudspeaker

Lot#: 72

W.U. Tel. Co. DB Meter 3-B No. 803

Lot#: 73

TTI 1140A-1 11 Nixie Tubes Display

Lot#: 74

W.E. Office made Clock

Lot#: 75

W.E. Rectifier KS-5663L7

Lot#: 76

W.E. Power Unit SD-81824-01

Lot#: 77

W.E. Transformer KS-5133-01

Lot#: 78

W.E. J94002K 2K Tube Test Set

Lot#: 79

W.E. 132A Test Set

Lot#: 80

W.E. J98705M Channel Unit Test Stand Lot of 3

Lot#: 81

Stromberg Carlson 115A Interruptor

Lot#: 82

W.E. Secretary Line Circuit 10 443A WE Tubes

Lot#: 83

W.E. Secretary Line Circuit 10 443A WE Tubes

Lot#: 84

W.E. Mini Crossbar

Lot#: 85

W.E. Frequency Test Circuit

Lot#: 86

W.E. 60 Type Railroad Relay

Lot#: 87

W.E. 314A Relay Lot of 2

Lot#: 88

W.E. 314A Relay Lot of 2

Lot#: 89

W.E. 314A Relay Lot of 2

Lot#: 90

Stromberg-Carlson Selector Switches 4D40

Lot#: 91

Stromberg-Carlson Selector Switches 4D40

Lot#: 92

Stromberg-Carlson Selector Switch 400800

Lot#: 93

Stromberg-Carlson Selector Switch 400800

Lot#: 94

HP 11005A Bridging Transformer

Lot#: 95

Teletype 5SH25A511B Auxillary Motor

Lot#: 96

HP Vacuum Tube Voltmeter 400D

Lot#: 97

Stromberg-Carlson Alarm Control Unit

Lot#: 98

W.E. 52A Test Set

Lot#: 99

Bell System Service Access Unit

Lot#: 100

Pair-Gain Test Set GMC

Lot#: 101

W.E. 3" Dial

Lot#: 102

W.E. P-339952B Dial

Lot#: 103

555 PBX Dial

Lot#: 104

W.E. P-339952B Dial

Lot#: 105

AE 3C PA Dial

Lot#: 106

W.E. 6NB Dials & Holders

Lot#: 107

ITT 38 H Dial

Lot#: 108

Dial With MV rack Mount

Lot#: 109

AE Dial 6-A 30A

Lot#: 110

W.E. 6N3 Dial New in Box P-339952B

Lot#: 111

W.E. 6N3 Dial P-339952B

Lot#: 112

Ansafone Corp. D95 C Vintage Answering Machine

Lot#: 113

W.E. J94023B Transmission Measuring Set

Lot#: 114

GMC DC Extender

Lot#: 115

Stromberg-Carlson Power Unit

Lot#: 116

W.E. 410 Control Unit

Lot#: 117

Collins Radio Deviation Calibrator

Lot#: 118

Collins Radio Deviation Calibrator

Lot#: 119

Collins Radio Deviation Calibrator

Lot#: 120

Siemens Cathode Ray Relay Relay Tester

Lot#: 121

Bell System Service Access Unit

Lot#: 122

W.E. J58877TA-1 812A PBX Circuit Pack Test Set

Lot#: 123

W.E. J87116A Single Cell Discharger Test Set

Lot#: 124

W.E. N3 Terminal Test Stand

Lot#: 125

George Evans Cable Rewinder

Lot#: 126

W.E. 890 Multi Wire Rewinder

Lot#: 127

Teletype IA Message Ticketer

Lot#: 128

Connector Block

Lot#: 129

Power Supply GS-3 Digitech Data Industries

Lot#: 130

W.E. KS-19594 LI Dialer Unit w/ Power Supply

Lot#: 131

Klein Wire Bag/ Tool Bag

Lot#: 132

W.E. R-2738 Wire bags/ Tool Bags

Lot#: 133

Distributing Frame Wire Clipping Bags/ Wire Bag

Lot#: 134

W.E. ANI B IDENT KS-20100 451B KTU

Lot#: 135

Lot of 6 RIng Masters

Lot#: 136

Gray Andograph BIT-5A

Lot#: 137

G.E. Power Relay Model 12ICW51A11A

Lot#: 138

Lot of 3 Wall Phones

Lot#: 139

Lot of 5 Phones

Lot#: 140

1952 Rotary Phone

Lot#: 141

KS-8455-LZ Soldering Iron W.E. Foot Control

Lot#: 142

Lot of 2 Power Supply

Lot#: 143

TRT-101 Warren Power Supply

Lot#: 144

W.U. Multi-Plex 1-A Transmitter

Lot#: 145

KS- 5585 Sub-Cycle Static Frequency Converter

Lot#: 146

Telering Telkor Model H Power Supply

Lot#: 147

W.E. Ringing Sub Set

Lot#: 148

W.E. 74Type Test Set

Lot#: 149

AT33683-A Switchboard card plug changer

Lot#: 150

Nokia 5121 I Lot of 4

Lot#: 151

Nokia 5120/ 5165 Lot of 6

Lot#: 152

Audiovox 525 / Nokia 121

Lot#: 153

Nokia 8260 / Motorola Star Tac Lot of 3

Lot#: 154

Lot of Misc Phones/ Batteries/ Cords

Lot#: 155

W.E. Gauges

Lot#: 156

W.E. Gauges

Lot#: 157

W.E. 40C Test Set

Lot#: 158

W.E. ITE 4174 Test Set

Lot#: 159

W.E. Relay

Lot#: 160

W.E. Vintage Metal Battery Cases

Lot#: 161

Lot of 2 Vintage Speakers

Lot#: 162

W.E. Hand Set

Lot#: 163

1014B Tool Kit

Lot#: 164

1012A Tool Kit

Lot#: 165

1014B Tool Kit

Lot#: 166

1014B Tool Kit

Lot#: 167

1014B Tool KIt

Lot#: 168

HP 85051A 7MM Verif Kit

Lot#: 169

HP 85053A 3.5MM Verif. Kit

Lot#: 170

W.E. Data Set 401H Transmitter

Lot#: 171

Lot of 2 FM Communitcator 110079/ 120077

Lot#: 172

W.E. R-3186 Crimping Coaxial Tools

Lot#: 173

1003-A Tool KIt

Lot#: 174

Vintage First Aid Kit

Lot#: 175

Weston P200102 Meter

Lot#: 176

Motorola Base Station Power Supply

Lot#: 177

W.E. Lot of 2 Ringers

Lot#: 178

Weston Meter

Lot#: 179

W.E. 314B Relay Lot of 2

Lot#: 180

W.E. Hand Set

Lot#: 181

W.E. 24V Repeater Cabinet & Power Supply

Lot#: 182

Comtech Control Panel

Lot#: 183

Hawker Siddley Dranetz Model 1657

Lot#: 184

Fanon Intercom 676805

Lot#: 185

Lot of 4 Terminal Connectors 211AK

Lot#: 186

Lot of 4 Terminal Connectors 211AK

Lot#: 187

Lot of 4 Terminal Connectors 211AK

Lot#: 188

Lot of 4 Terminal Connectors 211AK

Lot#: 189

Stromberg-Carlson Lot of 4 Selector Switches

Lot#: 190

Stromberg-Carlson Lot of 6 Selector Switches

Lot#: 191

Digital DEC Server 700

Lot#: 192

W.E. ED-92153-10 Alarm Cabinet

Lot#: 193

W.E. Distributing frame plug up board

Lot#: 194

Halcyon 515A Data Line Test Set

Lot#: 195

Digitech Data Indust PS-3 Power Supply

Lot#: 196

Prison Pay Phone Huntsville

Lot#: 197

Prison Pay Phone From Huntsville

Lot#: 198

W.E. Line Finders SXS Switches

Lot#: 199

W.E. Line Finders SXS Switches

Lot#: 200

Siemens 200 Serial No. 0008

Lot#: 201

W.E J94006G Wide Band Noise Measuring Set

Lot#: 202

W.E. J64730B 2B-1 Signaling Test Set

Lot#: 203

W.E. J94727A 1A Signaling Test Set

Lot#: 204

W.E. J64722A Pulse Repeating Test Set

Lot#: 205

W.E. KS-20501 L3 Return Loss Measuring Set

Lot#: 206

W.E. J64722A Pulse Repeating Test Set

Lot#: 207

W.E. OG Test TRK Set for BD ?? testing

Lot#: 208

W.E. Logic Test Set

Lot#: 209

W.E. J94710A Trunk Test Set SXS and Toll Offices

Lot#: 210

W.E. KS-19125 L3 Recorder Ampex Corp.

Lot#: 211

Altec 481A Amplifier

Lot#: 212

W.E. Switchboard Vintage J59013A-6

Lot#: 213

Vintage 1909 Phone Booth w/ Bell Systems Ash Tray

Lot#: 214

W.E. Speaker KS-21347

Lot#: 215

Federal Television Range Calibrator TS-102B/AP

Lot#: 216

Stromberg Carlson Alarm Cabinet

Lot#: 217

SXS Aux Test Set

Lot#: 218

W.E. Local Test Cabinet No. 3 J94709B

Lot#: 219

W.E. Distribution Frame O/S Plant Protectors

Lot#: 220

Coin Box Small Office PBX

Lot#: 221

W.E. 106B Loudspeaker

Lot#: 222

Control Switches for Vintage Stereo

Lot#: 223

W.E. 106F Loudspeaker

Lot#: 224

Empty Ringer Box

Lot#: 225

W.E. DC Amp Relay

Lot#: 226

7E Ringer Bell Lot of 3

Lot#: 227

VenCAT-24 Venator Transmission Channel Test Set

Lot#: 228

Weston DC Volt Milliameter Model 622

Lot#: 229

Big Beam Vintage No. 700 U-C Lite Mfg. Co.

Lot#: 230

Dry Cell Battery Cases

Lot#: 231

Dry Cell Battery Cases

Lot#: 232

Dry Cell Battery Cases

Lot#: 233

Dial 57A

Lot#: 234

Battery Hook

Lot#: 235

W.E. KS-16765 L2 Announcement Set

Lot#: 236

W.E. J94724A Contact Closure Test Set

Lot#: 237

Space Saver Phone Ringer

Lot#: 238

Wall mount temperature gauge (thermostat)

Lot#: 239

1970's 3GH Microwave Wave Guides

Lot#: 240

14B Resistance Lamps New Box Quantity 100

Lot#: 241

Intel Uscope 820 Microprocessor System Console

Lot#: 242

W.E. KS-16461-L8

Lot#: 243

Codenoll Fiber Optic Unit From the Pentagon Bldg

Lot#: 244

Dynatel 505 Cable & Conductor Identifier

Lot#: 245

W.E. Generator 2 Motors AC/DC Motor

Lot#: 246

Dial Tester 1 & 2

Lot#: 247

W.E AC/DC Motors on Holtzer Cabot Ringing Machine

Lot#: 248

1960's Bell System Alarm Cabinet

Lot#: 249

W.E. Loudspeaker

Lot#: 250

W.E. Vintage Test Set 1900's

Lot#: 251

1950's Cable Dispensing Reels

Lot#: 252

Teletype Corp Model 5SH25AB11B Polishing Tool

Lot#: 253

1950's Cable Dispensing Reel

Lot#: 254

Cable Wire Dispenser KS-8047

Lot#: 255

Johnson Viking II Oscillator Tester

Lot#: 256

Midget Impinger Apparatus Vacuum Tester

Lot#: 258

Meters/ VF Test Set / Distributing Frame Protector

Lot#: 259

W.E. J34721A Rapid operation Line Finder

Lot#: 260

WE. KS-15811-L1 / J64717A Speed Reducer Motor

Lot#: 261

Speed Control Unit 1-A Serial #17 The Teleregister

Lot#: 262

Amp Check

Lot#: 263

W.E. Pen Register KS-3106

Lot#: 264

W.E. Ringers

Lot#: 265

Large Stencil Kit

Lot#: 266

W.E. Vintage Fire Detection Wire

Lot#: 267

W.E. System Tapes

Lot#: 268

ADC Patch Panel

Lot#: 269

Stromberg-Carlson Generators

Lot#: 270

W.U. Tel Co. DB Meter 3-B No. 367

Lot#: 271

Resistance Lamps & Panels

Lot#: 272

Resistance Lamps & Panels

Lot#: 273

W.E. Equalizer Amplifier SD-97114-01

Lot#: 274

W.E. J94713A Relay Timing Test

Lot#: 275

W.E. J98710F Fault Locating Set

Lot#: 276

W.E. J64070B 70B Power Meter

Lot#: 277

812A PBX Circuit Pack Test Set

Lot#: 278

Vintage 1910 Switchboard foot switch set of 2

Lot#: 280

Safety Flares Box & 1 Flare

Lot#: 281

CMC Quik Chek 707A

Lot#: 282


Lot#: 283

W.E. J99254A 54A Transmission Measuring Set

Lot#: 284

W.E. J94003C 3C Noise Measuring Set

Lot#: 285

TRK Continuity Test Set

Lot#: 286

Switchcraft Patch Panel

Lot#: 287

W.E. J34726A Aux Test Set / NA-96 Portable Desk

Lot#: 288

Tape O Matic 730 / NEC 7005 T1 Bridging Error Det

Lot#: 289

Hickok FA-5596 Oscilloscope

Lot#: 290

Berry Electric 314A Trunk Test Set

Lot#: 291

T-COM 515A DS1/ PCM Simulator

Lot#: 292

TPI 108-109 RT Receiver/ Transmitter

Lot#: 293

Multi TS-505/ U Serial No. 732

Lot#: 294

Heathkit Audio Wattmeter / Vacuum Tube Voltmeter

Lot#: 295

SD-81869-01 Power Unit 28A1

Lot#: 296

Tektronix Type 310 Oscilloscope Serial No. 4254

Lot#: 297

W.E. Radio Division Test Set

Lot#: 298

KC-19 Intercom Rotary & Tone Connect Block

Lot#: 299

KS-15620 LT3 48V Power Plant

Lot#: 300

W.E. J64714B Multi Frequency Control Set

Lot#: 301

W.E. J1C016C-1 Central Office Selector

Lot#: 302

W.E. J70146A 1640-4 Test Set

Lot#: 303

W.E. J34706A Register Test Set

Lot#: 304

W.E. Pulse Checker

Lot#: 305

W.E Polarity Checker 15346 Test Set

Lot#: 306

W.U. DC Voltmeter

Lot#: 307

N.E. Model TTS-26A Pulse Signaling Set

Lot#: 308

W.E. 113B Test Set Serial No. 1321 Series 3

Lot#: 309

W.E. 113B Test Set Serial No. 1578 Series 3

Lot#: 310

W.U. Telegraph Carrier Test Set Model TCTS-1

Lot#: 311

W.E J98710F-2 L2-A Fault Locating Set

Lot#: 312

W.E. J94710A Trunk Test Set SXS &Toll Offices

Lot#: 313

W.E. J94711C Cord Test Set

Lot#: 314

100 Line Switchboard

Lot#: 315

CODE A PHONE 700 Answering Machine

Lot#: 316

W.E. J99300AU N3 SW Test Set

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