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Thursday September 26, 2019 | 23730 John T Reid Pkwy. Scottsboro, AL. US. 35768

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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Horton Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Auction Information

Lot#: 7

Alabama Emblem Wall Decor

Lot#: 8

Auburn Emblem Wall Decor

Lot#: 9

Barbecue/smoker 60" x 76" x 61", plus 3ft x 1ft vent, plus 9" x 29" x 60" add on at side

Lot#: 10

Montague gas oven/warmer; 35" x 35" x 38"

Lot#: 11

Electric warmer holding cabinet; 24" x 30" x 18"

Lot#: 12

Royal Ranges gas grill (6 burners); 31" x 36" x 24"

Lot#: 13

Montague gas grill (top & bottom pieces)

Lot#: 14

Royal 2 basket fryer

Lot#: 15

Castle gas grill; 60" x 29" x 13"

Lot#: 16

Gas grill; 36" x 32" x 14"

Lot#: 17

Waterless food warmer w/ sectional thermostatic control

Lot#: 18

3 door refrigerator bar; 30" x 35" x 70"

Lot#: 19

Randell 2 door refrigerator; 34" x 30" x 79"

Lot#: 20

Stainless steel custom serving table w/ built-in warmer and contents including plates, bowls, etc; 14 ft x 4 ft x 64"

Lot#: 21

San Jamar 3 port heating/steam table w/ shelf and contents; 32" x 48" x 35"

Lot#: 22

Stainless steel prep table w/ contents on table

Lot#: 23

Centaur 3 door cooler on wheels; 33" x 80" x 83"

Lot#: 24

Manitowoc ice maker; 22" x 34" x 72"

Lot#: 25

Lockwood 9 shelf heating/proofing electric oven

Lot#: 26

Prep table w/ contents; 60" x 30" x 35"

Lot#: 27

Sharp microwave

Lot#: 28

Kenmore upright freezer on stand(stand included); 26" x 28" x 60"

Lot#: 29

True refrigerated 2 door salad prep table on rollers(electric); 60" x 34" x 37"; top is broken

Lot#: 30

Turbo Air 2 door rolling coller

Lot#: 31

Avantco freezer on wheels

Lot#: 32

Golden malted waffle maker

Lot#: 33

Solwave commercial microwave

Lot#: 34

Solwave commercial microwave

Lot#: 35

Solwave commercial microwave

Lot#: 36

Nu-Vu proofing cabinet; 21" x 27" x 73"

Lot#: 37

Stainless steel prep table(contents not included); 30" x 72" x 30"

Lot#: 38

Avantco food warmer

Lot#: 39

Avantco food warmer

Lot#: 40

Avantco food warmer

Lot#: 41

Stainless steel prep table on rollers; contents not included

Lot#: 42

Royal 6 burner gas oven; 32" deep x 36" wide x 56" tall

Lot#: 43

Royal 6 burner gas oven; 32" deep x 36" wide x 56" tall

Lot#: 44

Blodgett 2 door gas oven on rollers; 38" x 38" x 72"

Lot#: 45

7 commercial cooking pots

Lot#: 46

Stainless steel prep table(contents not included); 29" x 48" x 33"

Lot#: 47

1 commercial cooking pot & 4 commercial strainers

Lot#: 48

Craftsman 6 HP shop vac

Lot#: 49

Stainless steel cutting table; 30" x 70" x 32"

Lot#: 50

True cooler; 6ft x 34" x 34"

Lot#: 51

Small stainless steel table; 24" x 24" x 24"

Lot#: 52

Stainless steel prep table(contents not included); 48" x 30" x 35"

Lot#: 53

Stainless steel prep table(contents not included); 60" x 30" x 35"

Lot#: 54

Cuisinart microwave

Lot#: 55

Cleveland steam heating electric oven includes stainless steel table

Lot#: 56

Commercial universal gas oven for boiling/frying

Lot#: 57

Contents of lot 52

Lot#: 58

Contents of lot 53

Lot#: 59

Assortment of steam table pans; includes rack

Lot#: 60

Assortment of steam table pans, trays, buckets; includes rack

Lot#: 61

Assortment of steam table pans & other items; includes rack

Lot#: 62

Storage rack with 2 shelves & contents

Lot#: 63

Stainless steel table(items on top are not included); 8ft x 30" x 24"

Lot#: 64

Stainless steel table(items on top are not included); 8ft x 30" x 31"

Lot#: 65

Commercial meat slicer

Lot#: 66

Stainless steel medium prep table; 24" x 24" x 36"

Lot#: 67

Two large commercial cooking pots

Lot#: 68

Skillets & cooking pots; 22 skillets & 6 pots

Lot#: 69

Dunnage rack; 59" x 24" x 14"

Lot#: 70

Baker's rack, including pans & contents

Lot#: 71

Baker's rack includes pans

Lot#: 72

Refrigerator storage unit for salads

Lot#: 73

Aluminum storage rack

Lot#: 74

Rolling cart

Lot#: 75

Plastic storage bins on wheels

Lot#: 76

Dunnage rack; 36" x 12" x 24"

Lot#: 77

Storage rack including pots, trays, knives, forks, etc.

Lot#: 78

Plastic storage rack plus contents

Lot#: 79

Contents for room; storage racks, desk, computer, etc.

Lot#: 80

Stainless steel prep table with contents; plates, 2 commercial toasters, etc.

Lot#: 81

Plastic storage shelf; contents not included

Lot#: 82

Wire rack; contents not included

Lot#: 83

Wire rack; contents not included

Lot#: 84

Wire rack

Lot#: 85

Wire rack

Lot#: 86

Wire rack & contents

Lot#: 87

Wire rack w/ contents

Lot#: 88

Pans & covers on shelf

Lot#: 89

Stainless steel shelf(contents not included); 12ft x 15"

Lot#: 90

Contents of wall including skillets, kitchen utensils, etc.

Lot#: 91

Contents of sink shelf; kitchen utensils, etc.

Lot#: 92

Amana microwave

Lot#: 93

Dunnage rack & contents

Lot#: 94

Dunnage rack & contents

Lot#: 95

Wire rack

Lot#: 96

Wire rack

Lot#: 97

Wire rack

Lot#: 98

Wire rack

Lot#: 99

Wire rack

Lot#: 100

Wire rack

Lot#: 101

Wire rack

Lot#: 102

Storage rack

Lot#: 103

Wire rack

Lot#: 104

Dunnage rack

Lot#: 105

Storage rack

Lot#: 106

Storage rack

Lot#: 107

Storage rack

Lot#: 108

Storage rack

Lot#: 109

Baker's rack & 3 baker pans

Lot#: 110

Stainless steel sink; must disassemble & remove; 14ft x 30" x 33"; contents not included

Lot#: 111

Stainless steel table & sink, does not include dishwasher; must disconnect & disassemble

Lot#: 112

Stainless steel power soak commercial sink; must disconnect & remove; 8ft 8in x 34" x 37"

Lot#: 113

Step stool/foldout ladder

Lot#: 114

Rolling cart with serving trays

Lot#: 115

Bulldog dolley

Lot#: 116

Air compressor

Lot#: 117

Blimpie double oven; Super systems

Lot#: 118

Stainless steel prep table w/ 3 doors

Lot#: 119

Cooking pot on stand

Lot#: 120

Bunn commercial coffee maker

Lot#: 121

Cooking pot

Lot#: 122

Raetone 2 door commercial cooler

Lot#: 123

Plastic rolling serving cart

Lot#: 124

6 burner gas oven - needs repair

Lot#: 125

Southbend gas oven - may need repair

Lot#: 126

Royal gas fryer - may need repair

Lot#: 127

3 door refrigerated salad bar

Lot#: 128

Royal gas top grill

Lot#: 129

Frymaster 6 basket fryer

Lot#: 130

Wells chargrill top

Lot#: 131

Prep table

Lot#: 132

8 ft long stainless steel storage table & contents

Lot#: 133

Henny Penny heated holding cabinet HC900

Lot#: 134

Black plastic carlisle storage cabinet

Lot#: 135

Black plastic carlisle storage cabinet

Lot#: 136

Rolling serving cart

Lot#: 137

Rolling metal warming cart

Lot#: 138

Henny Penny heated holding cabinet

Lot#: 139

Prep table w/ contents

Lot#: 140

Frymaster 6 basket fryer

Lot#: 141

Lot of rolling carts

Lot#: 142

Stainless steel serving cart & contents

Lot#: 143

Garbage cans, mop bucket, & cleaning tools

Lot#: 144

Serving cart

Lot#: 145

Lot of take-out boxes, pitchers, cream dispensers, etc.

Lot#: 146

Lot of plastic coca-cola glasses & other misc. drinking glasses

Lot#: 147

Lot of serving trays

Lot#: 148

Folding table

Lot#: 149

Swivel wooden bar chairs(7)

Lot#: 150

Folding server tables

Lot#: 151

Entertainment center/POS cabinet

Lot#: 152

Vintage mirror

Lot#: 153

Toshiba flat screen tv, app. 39 inch

Lot#: 154

Toshiba flat screen tv, app. 39 inch

Lot#: 155

Lot of condiment holders

Lot#: 156

Round pedestal table, 29" x 42"

Lot#: 157

Lot of condiment holders

Lot#: 158

Glass hostess/greeting station

Lot#: 159

Wooden bench(church pew styling); 98" x 65 x 20"

Lot#: 160

2 tables, 4 metal bases,1 unattached top

Lot#: 161

Folding sandwich board

Lot#: 162

Metal pig silhouette

Lot#: 163

Light fixtures; condition unknown

Lot#: 164

Oak & glass display case

Lot#: 165

Oak counter used for cash register

Lot#: 166

Folding chalkboard

Lot#: 167

Folding sandwich board

Lot#: 169

Beverage Air refrigerated glass display case

Lot#: 170

2 wooden chairs & 1 bar stool

Lot#: 171

Ketchup bottles; table not included

Lot#: 172

3 high chairs & 3 booster seats

Lot#: 173

8ft x 30" folding table

Lot#: 174

3 "Open" signs

Lot#: 175

Hamilton Beach mikshake mixer

Lot#: 176

Lot of coffee cups & 2 metal carafes

Lot#: 177

Hand sanitizer station

Lot#: 178

Samsung flat screen tv 72" vertical screen

Lot#: 179

POS system, 4 monitors, 2 cash registers, 3 thermal printers

Lot#: 180

14 Chairs - metal with vinyl seats

Lot#: 181

14 chairs - metal with vinyl seats

Lot#: 182

14 Chairs - metal with vinyl seats

Lot#: 183

14 Chairs - metal with vinyl seats

Lot#: 184

14 chairs - metal with vinyl seats

Lot#: 185

14 chairs - metal with vinyl seats

Lot#: 186

3 tables, 2 wooden chairs, 2 double booth seats

Lot#: 187

4 wooden chairs, 12 wooden chairs

Lot#: 188

4 wooden tables; 16 chairs

Lot#: 189

4 wooden tables, 16 wooden chairs

Lot#: 190

4 tables, 3 double booths, 2 single booth benches

Lot#: 191

2 tables, 4 wooden chairs, 4 single booth chairs

Lot#: 192

4 tables, 3 double booths, 2 single booth benches

Lot#: 193

1 table, 2 chairs

Lot#: 194

1 table, 2 chairs

Lot#: 195

2 tables, 1 double booth, 2 single booths

Lot#: 196

6 tables, 5 double booths, 2 single booths

Lot#: 197

3 tables,2 double booths, 2 single booths

Lot#: 198

2 tables, 3 booths

Lot#: 199

Wooden divider

Lot#: 200

Table & 4 chairs

Lot#: 201

2 tables, 8 chairs

Lot#: 202

1 round table, 7 chairs

Lot#: 203

4 metal serving pan holders

Lot#: 204

1 table, 4 chairs

Lot#: 205

5 tables, 12 chairs

Lot#: 206

1 table, 4 chairs

Lot#: 207

4 tables, 10 chairs

Lot#: 208

1 table, 4 chairs

Lot#: 209

7 tables, 23 chairs

Lot#: 210

LG flat screen tv; 60" vertical

Lot#: 211

American flag on stand

Lot#: 212

5 high chairs

Lot#: 213

Table with 6 wooden chairs

Lot#: 214

Night stand

Lot#: 215

2 table bases

Lot#: 216

Folding table, 8ft x 30in

Lot#: 217

Folding table, 8ft x 30in

Lot#: 218

2 wooden chairs, 2 wooden bar chairs

Lot#: 219

Single booth bench

Lot#: 220

Double booth bench

Lot#: 221

Double booth bench

Lot#: 222

Folding portable table

Lot#: 223

7 tables, 1 metal base & contents

Lot#: 224

Custom room divider on rollers;

Lot#: 225

Custom room divider on rollers

Lot#: 226

Custom room divider on rollers

Lot#: 227

Outdoor table w/ 4 chairs

Lot#: 228

Wooden bench; church pew style

Lot#: 229

Wooden Bench

Lot#: 230

Wooden bench

Lot#: 231

Outdoor trashcan & smokers outpost can

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