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Terms & Conditions for Low Country Auction & Real EstateThis is a legal agreement between you, the user or buyer and Low Country Auction & Real Estate. You must be at least 18 years old to bid. Low Country Auction & Real Estate (hereinafter referred to as Auction Co.) at its sole discretion, may ban from further use any buyer or seller which Auction Co. believes to have in any way misrepresented itself or any item selling, failed to abide by the terms, or conducted any improper auction behavior as determined solely by Auction Co. Any seller who misrepresented their items and any buyer who improperly fails to carry through with a purchase will be banned from any further use and may be subject to additional legal actions. PAYMENT/NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: Auction Co. RESERVES THE RIGHT to charge the credit card registered with your account a 20% deposit during the auction, or 20% immediately following close of bidding of your total purchase amount. The Balance will be due within two business days and prior to removal of purchased item(s), payable by cashiers check, cash, credit card, or wire transfer. No personal checks accepted. Company checks accepted up to $5,000.00 with proper identification. All payments must be in U.S. Funds. No checks accepted from out of Country. Auction Co. reserves the right to charge any remaining balance of your purchase price on your credit card if the balance is not otherwise paid by you within 2 days. We do not accept partial payments. Invoices must be paid in full.ALL ITEMS on the auction sell subject to the Auction Co.'s acceptance or rejection of the high bid. NOTICE: BUYER'S PREMIUM: A buyer's premium will be added to all purchases. This buyer's premium varies, depending on the auction. The actual buyer's premium in effect will be noted on the more information page. You will see this more information page when you click on the button to view the items that will be selling. You may also call us to find out the exact amount of the buyer's premium for any auction. Visa, MasterCard, Discover are accepted. Removal and Failure to Remove. All purchases must be removed from the auction site without damaging any property and within the time announced or posted. All costs, responsibility and risk of such removal shall be borne by buyer and, in every case; buyer will use prudence and care in such removal. If for any reason buyers fail to remove any of buyer purchases within the time specified, the Auction Co. shall have the right but not the obligation, in its sole discretion, to resell, discard or remove and store said purchase at buyers sole risk and expense (storage costs will be charged - per day - per item - other costs additional), without waiving any rights that Auction Co. or seller may have against buyer. Storage charges will be the responsibility of the buyer (after removal period.) Removal period is posted on each sale and may vary from sale to sale. Sales Tax: All bidders will be subject to the local sales tax of auction location unless you provide our office with the documentation we require for exemption. NOTICE: Out-of-state buyers and out-of-country buyers must pay sales tax on all items including titled items. (Unless stated differently in the auction terms) Note to the buyers of titled items. Buyers will be responsible for taxes and plates at their local Secretary of State office . Titles will be given day of sale if paid by Cash, Credit Card, or Certified Check. Company Checks will take 7 days to clear before title will be released. Seller Bidding: The SELLER, their agent, or the Auction Co. RESERVE THE RIGHT TO BID on the seller's item in order to protect their investment. Terms: All items sell AS IS - WHERE IS WITH ALL FAULTS and with no warranty of any type expressed or implied as to the merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any goods offered in this sale. All sales are made on an AS IS - WHERE IS WITH ALL FAULTS basis. All buyers are urged to physically inspect the item during the inspection period. No bids can be withdrawn after the auction for any reason. BUYER agrees that these terms as well as all other terms set forth below, can be amended or revised only in writing, signed by the auctioneer. BUYER also agrees that any oral representation made by the auctioneer shall not modify these "AS IS - WHERE IS WITH ALL FAULTS" terms. BUYER understands that any description given in the catalog or written on the equipment is not guaranteed, and BUYER will rely entirely on their own inspection. All information and descriptions contained in advertising this sale are believed correct, but no responsibility is assumed by Auction Co, or Seller for any errors or omissions. Posted closing times and displays of Auction Co.'s current time are approximate. Auction Co. reserves the right to close early or extend auctions at any time at its discretion. It is strongly recommended that bids be placed early to avoid losing out due to an ill-timed, last minute bid. All times are based on the Time Zone as specified on the auction. Dynamic bidding - The dynamic bid on this website is a feature that does NOT allow an item to sell at the end of the auction until there is 10 minutes of bidding inactivity. Example - An item is bid on at 7:50pm. An auction is scheduled to close at 8:00pm. When this bid is placed the ending time will automatically extend to 8:10pm. When another bid is place at 8:01 the auction will extend until 8:20pm. This will give bidder 19 minutes to place another bid. If no bids are placed this auction will conclude at 8:20pm. The key to your dynamic bidding feature is that the auction extends from the preset closing time in 10 minute intervals, NOT 10 minutes from when you placed your bid. Auction Co.'s Right to Terminate Purchase. If for any reason Auction Co. is unable to complete the sale of any purchase to buyer or provide such purchase free and clear of liens, even if the buyer was given notice that he is the high bidder and purchaser, Buyer agrees that the Auction Co. may terminate the purchase/agreement, in which case Auction Co.'s only liability shall be the return of any monies actually paid by buyer. Consent to Suit in Georgia. In the event of legal proceedings arising from this contract or from the auction in connection therewith, buyer consents to being subject to the personal jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Georgia. Buyer also agrees that venue shall be in Bulloch County, Georgia and that the laws of the State of Georgia shall govern this Agreement and the parties' transaction hereunder. The BUYER expressly agrees to indemnify and save the Auction Co., Seller and their assigns harmless from and against all claims, losses, expenses, damage or liability, (including, but not limited to, attorney's fees), directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from an act, including the negligent acts or omissions of the Auction Co., or anyone acting in his/her behalf in connection with or arising out of auction, except that the BUYER shall not be responsible to the Auction Co. for damages caused by or resulting from the Auction Co.'s sole negligence. Do not bid unless you agree to all of the terms above. By bidding you are acknowledging agreement with the terms above. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY AND RELEASE You expressly agree that use of this Web site is at your sole risk. 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Provider makes reasonable commercial efforts to make the Site available at all times, however, Provider is not responsible for any service interruptions, including, but not limited to, interruptions that may affect aspects of the sale of equipment. THIS SITE AND THE INFORMATION, CONTENT, AND MATERIALS ON THIS SITE ARE PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS," "WHERE IS," AND "WHERE AVAILABLE" BASIS. PROVIDER MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE OPERATION OF THE SITE, THE CONTENT, INFORMATION, OR THE MATERIALS ON THIS SITE. 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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. United Country Low Country Auction & Real Estate, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1


Lot#: 2


Lot#: 3


Lot#: 4


Lot#: 6

Kennedy Half Dollars

Lot#: 7

1827 Liberty Head Large Cent

Lot#: 8

1822 Liberty Head Large Cent

Lot#: 9

1988 George Bush Double Eagle

Lot#: 10

1984 Ronald Reagan Double Eagle

Lot#: 11

1886 Canada 5 Cent Coin

Lot#: 12

1885 1 cent Coin

Lot#: 13

1936 Georgivs V Penny and More

Lot#: 14

European Coins

Lot#: 15

Canadian Coins

Lot#: 16

Canadian Coins

Lot#: 17

1976 Silver Dollar and Kennedy Half Dollars

Lot#: 18

Madison Dollar and More

Lot#: 19

2000 Sacagawea Dollar and More

Lot#: 20

1775 Holland 2 Stuivers Coin

Lot#: 21

Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 22

Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 23

Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 24

Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 25

1889 Barber Nickel

Lot#: 26

1887 Liberty Head V Nickel

Lot#: 27

1892 Barber Nickel

Lot#: 28

1894 Barber Nickel

Lot#: 29

1899 Barber Dime

Lot#: 30

1901 Barber Dime

Lot#: 31

1902 Barber Dime

Lot#: 32

1907 S Barber Dime

Lot#: 33

1909 D Barber Dime

Lot#: 34

Mercury Dimes

Lot#: 35

Mercury Dimes

Lot#: 36

Mercury Dimes

Lot#: 37

Mercury Dimes

Lot#: 38

Mercury Dimes

Lot#: 39

Mercury Dimes

Lot#: 40

Mercury Dimes

Lot#: 41

1898 Barber Dime

Lot#: 42

1900 Barber Dime

Lot#: 43

1911 Barber Dime

Lot#: 44

1914 Barber Dime

Lot#: 45

1916 Barber Dime

Lot#: 46

1883 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 47

Kennedy Half Dollars

Lot#: 48

Kennedy Half Dollars

Lot#: 49

Kennedy Half Dollar

Lot#: 50

Kennedy Half Dollars

Lot#: 51

Schrade Old Timer Limited Edition

Lot#: 52

Browning Prism Pocket Knife

Lot#: 53

Remington Pocket Knife

Lot#: 54

Marbles U.S. Pocket knife

Lot#: 55

Kershaw Pocket Knife

Lot#: 56

Boker Fixed Blade Knife

Lot#: 58

Schrade Imperial Pocket Knife

Lot#: 59

Ocoee River Knife and Sheath

Lot#: 60

Schrade Imperial Pocket Knife

Lot#: 61

Boker Pocket Knife

Lot#: 62

U.S. Hawk Bill Pocket Knife

Lot#: 63

Maxam Fixed Blade Knife

Lot#: 64

Ozark Trail Multitool

Lot#: 65

Schrade Fixed Blade Knife

Lot#: 66

Browning Pocket Knife

Lot#: 67

Ruko Palmetto State Armory Pocket knife

Lot#: 68

Boker Pocket Knife

Lot#: 69

Schrade Imperial Pocket Knife

Lot#: 70

Ruko Pocket Knife

Lot#: 71

Browning Prism Pocket Knife

Lot#: 72

Hawkbill Style Pocket Knife

Lot#: 73

Schrade Imperial Pocket Knife

Lot#: 74

Remington Pocket Knife

Lot#: 75

Browning Pocket Knife

Lot#: 76

Gerber Pocket Knife

Lot#: 77

Schrade Old Timer Pocket Knife

Lot#: 78

Ruko Palmetto State Armory Pocket Knife

Lot#: 79

Schrade Imperial Pocket Knife

Lot#: 80

Schrade Fixed Blade Knife

Lot#: 81

Kershaw Pocket Knife

Lot#: 82

Marbles Pocket Knife and Tool

Lot#: 83

Schrade Imperial Pocket Knife

Lot#: 84

Gerber Pocket Knife

Lot#: 85

Remington Pocket Knife

Lot#: 86

Schrade Old Timer Knife

Lot#: 87

Schrade Imperial Pocket Knife

Lot#: 88

Browning Pocket Knife

Lot#: 89

Kershaw Pocket Knife

Lot#: 90

Schrade Imperial Pocket Knife

Lot#: 91

Remington Pocket Knife

Lot#: 92

Smith and Wesson Fixed Blade Knife and Sheath

Lot#: 93

SOG Spirit Spearhead Knife and Sheath

Lot#: 94

Ocoee River Knife and Sheath

Lot#: 95

.45 Auto Ammo

Lot#: 96

.380 Auto Ammo

Lot#: 97

.380 Auto Ammo

Lot#: 98

223 Ammo

Lot#: 99

223 Ammo

Lot#: 100

Tree Stand Safety Harness

Lot#: 101

270 Ammo

Lot#: 102

30-06 Ammo

Lot#: 103

30-06 Ammo

Lot#: 104

Tree Stand Safety Harness

Lot#: 105

Pro-Tech Ankle Holster

Lot#: 106

AR15 Magazines

Lot#: 107

243 Cleaning Kit

Lot#: 108

280/7mm Cleaning Kit

Lot#: 109

Winchester Shooting Glasses

Lot#: 110

Winchester Shooting Glasses

Lot#: 111

20 Gauge Cleaning Kit

Lot#: 112

.44/.45 Cleaning Kit

Lot#: 113

Swiss Hatchet

Lot#: 114

Zebco Reels

Lot#: 115

Zebco Reels

Lot#: 116

Zebco Reels

Lot#: 117

Fishing Reels

Lot#: 118

Tree Stand Safety Harness

Lot#: 119

Lighthouses of America U.S. Silver Eagle Set

Lot#: 120

100 Years of United States Silver Coins

Lot#: 121

2000 24Kt Gold Plated Coin Set

Lot#: 122

1971 S Eisenhower Proof Dollar

Lot#: 123

1999 Colorized American Silver Eagle

Lot#: 124

1999 24Kt Gold Plated Coin Set

Lot#: 125

New U.S. Nickel 2004-2006 Set

Lot#: 126

1882 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 127

1923 Peace Silver Dollar

Lot#: 128

1899 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 129

1924 Peace Silver Dollar

Lot#: 130

1883 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 131

1922 Peace Silver Dollar

Lot#: 132

1896 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 133

1922 Peace Silver Dollar

Lot#: 134

1900 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 135

1893 Columbian Commemorative Half Dollar

Lot#: 136

1900 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 137

1925 Stone Mountain Commemorative Half Dollar

Lot#: 138

1883 Morgan Silver Dollar

Lot#: 139

1925 Stone Mountain Commemorative Half Dollar

Lot#: 140

Coins of the Twentieth Century Set

Lot#: 141

2000 24Kt Gold Plated Coin Set

Lot#: 142

Penny Collection

Lot#: 143

1808 Admiral Gardner Shipwreck coin

Lot#: 144

1999 Colorized American Silver Eagle

Lot#: 145

1999 24Kt Gold Plated Coin Set

Lot#: 146

1971 S Eisenhower Proof Dollar

Lot#: 147

Two Dollar Bills and U.S. Notes

Lot#: 148

Silver Certificates

Lot#: 149

United States of America Indian Head Coins

Lot#: 150

Confederate Currency

Lot#: 151

Mercury Head Dime Collection

Lot#: 152

Silver Certificates

Lot#: 153

Coin Book Collections

Lot#: 154

United States Presidents Coin Collection

Lot#: 155

Statehood Quarter Collection

Lot#: 156

State Quarter Coin Albums

Lot#: 157

Eisenhower Dollars

Lot#: 158

U.S. Coins

Lot#: 159

Foreign Coins

Lot#: 160

1891 Seated Liberty Dime

Lot#: 161

1897 V Nickels

Lot#: 162

1903 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 163

1910 V Nickels

Lot#: 164

Buffalo Round

Lot#: 165

1907 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 166

1895 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 167

1943 War Pennies

Lot#: 168

1909 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 169

1853 Seated Liberty Dime

Lot#: 170

1900 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 171

1906 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 172

Buffalo Nickels

Lot#: 173

1907 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 174

1902 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 175

Buffalo Round

Lot#: 176

1901 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 177

1906 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 178

1899 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 179

1943 Mercury Dime

Lot#: 180

1881 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 181

1917 Liberty Walking Half Dollar

Lot#: 182

1912 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 183

1904 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 184

Buffalo Nickels

Lot#: 185

1904 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 186

1913 Barber Dime

Lot#: 187

1895 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 188

Buffalo Nickels

Lot#: 189

1888 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 190

1943 Mercury Dime

Lot#: 191

1911 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 192

1899 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 193

1916 Barber Dime

Lot#: 194

Buffalo Nickels

Lot#: 195

1934 Liberty Walking Half Dollar

Lot#: 196

1897 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 197

1944-D Mercury Dime

Lot#: 198

1 Roll of 1945 Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 199

1878 Spanish 5 Centimos Bronze Coin

Lot#: 200

1898 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 201

1914 Barber Dime

Lot#: 202

1909 Indian Head Penny

Lot#: 203

1908 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 204

1902 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 205

1880 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 206

1938 Liberty Walking Half Dollar

Lot#: 207

1943 Mercury Dime

Lot#: 208

Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 209

1912 Barber Dime

Lot#: 210

Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 211

Buffalo Nickels

Lot#: 212

Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 213

1999 and 2000 U.S. Dollar Coins

Lot#: 214

1905 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 215

Buffalo Nickels

Lot#: 216

1893 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 217

1908 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 218

1944 Mercury Dime

Lot#: 219

1898 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 220

1916 Barber Dime

Lot#: 221

1887 Liberty Head V Nickel

Lot#: 222

1944 Liberty Walking Half Dollar

Lot#: 223

1891 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 224

1944 Mercury Dime

Lot#: 225

1939 Liberty Walking Half Dollar

Lot#: 226

Buffalo Nickels

Lot#: 227

1896 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 228

1 Roll of 1944 Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 229

1903 Liberty Head V Nickels

Lot#: 230

1964 Kennedy Half Dollars

Lot#: 231

1914 Barber Dime

Lot#: 232

1892 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 233

1920 Liberty Walking Half Dollar

Lot#: 234

Buffalo Nickels

Lot#: 235

2009 Colorized State Quarters

Lot#: 236

1964 Kennedy Half Dollars

Lot#: 237

1883 Indian Head Penny

Lot#: 238

1943 Liberty Walking Half Dollar

Lot#: 239

1859 Indian Head Penny

Lot#: 240

Kennedy Half Dollars

Lot#: 241

One Roll of 1943 Wartime Wheat Pennies

Lot#: 242

2009 Colorized State Quarters

Lot#: 243

Indian Head Pennies

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