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About Collar City Auctions Realty & Management, Inc.

Started in 1987, Collar City Auctions Realty & Management, Inc., has been selected to conduct many high profile auctions, such as handling the sale of assets for The A.W. Lawrence Insurance Co. Collar City also handled the liquidation of Andrew Cappocia’s Debt Collection Firm's Assets in NY and Vermont, the sale of Luigi’s Restaurant in Schenectady, NY that was seized by NY State and most recently the Van Dyck Fine Dining & Brewery in Schenectady, NY to name just a few. Collar City is also known as one of the premiere foreclosure auction companies in the auction industry.

Real and personal property auctions, including commercial liquidations, bankruptcies, business liquidations, certified appraisals, real estate auctions, estates, antiques, trucks, farms, livestock, construction and heavy equipment and machinery, metal - wood working machinery and equipment, vehicles, tools, watercraft and aircraft. "We turn merchandise into instant cash". Licenses & Qualifications: Licensed and Bonded Auctioneers, Realtors, Liquidators, Certified Appraisers and Consultants. Auctioneers, Certified Appraisers and Certified Consultants on Staff. 

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