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Wednesday August 05, 2020 | St. Thomas, ON. CA.
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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Timewell Auctions, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

John Wayne framed poster cards from movies

with actual wardrobe fabric piece Limited edition 219/499 27 1/2" x 23 1/2"

Lot#: 2

Muhammad Ali photos of his biggest matches

27 1/2" x 23 1/2"

Lot#: 3

Beatles' Apple Records Display framed record

Laser signed

Lot#: 3a

Star Wars Bendables 4 piece gift set

Lot#: 4

Bobby Orr signed framed cards and emblem

33" x 33"

Lot#: 5

Grouping of Hot Wheels Cars

Lot#: 6

Grouping of Hot Wheels Cars

Lot#: 7

Grouping of Hot Wheels Cars

Lot#: 8

Bo Jackson action figure

Lot#: 9

Limited Edition 2003 Richard Petty model car

Lot#: 10

Star Wars bendables four piece set

Lot#: 11

50th Anniversary Nascar Barbie

some damage to the box

Lot#: 12

Special Edition "Happy Holidays" Barbie

Lot#: 13

Ken doll

Lot#: 14

Special Edition "Happy Holidays" Barbie

Lot#: 15

Planet of the Apes Special Collectors Edition


Lot#: 16

Sydney 2000 Olympic pin collector Barbie

Lot#: 17

"When I Read, I Dream"

Jo - Inspired by "Little Women"

Lot#: 18

DC Superhero Girls - "Wonder Woman"

Lot#: 19

1972 Team Canada box of pucks

Lot#: 20

DC Girls "Wonder Woman"

Lot#: 21

Back to the Future dice game

Lot#: 22

"The Little Mermaid" story reader

Lot#: 23

"American Dream" license plate

Lot#: 24

Super Hero Collection "The Joker"

Lot#: 25

Box Full of Teen Titans Hero Clix

Lot#: 26

Super Hero Collection "Penguin"

Lot#: 27

Super Hero Collection "Batman"

Lot#: 28

Super Hero Collection "Harley Quinn"

Lot#: 29

Star Trek The Next Generation grouping

Lot#: 30

Dorbz "Iron Fist"

Lot#: 31

Planet of the Apes - Major Lee Davidson

Lot#: 32

Pop! Civil War Captain America

Lot#: 33

Pop! Suicide Squad Boomerang

Lot#: 34

Pop! Suicide Squad Diablo

Lot#: 35

Pop! Dr. Who River Song

Lot#: 36

Pop! Dr. Who Sarah Jury

Lot#: 37

Pop! Twilight Saga Jane of the Volturi

Lot#: 38

Pop! Inside Out - Fear

Lot#: 39

Pop! Twilight Saga Tuxedo Edward

Lot#: 40

Pop! Dr. Strange Karl Mordo

Lot#: 41

Pop! Marvel - Nova

Lot#: 42

Hallmark Ornament - Michael Vick

Lot#: 43

Star Wars Pop! Figures

Lot#: 44

Pop! Marvel Deadpool

Lot#: 45

Pop! Vancouver Bo Horvat

Lot#: 46

Pop! Star Wars Sidon Ithano

Lot#: 47

Pop! X-Men Iceman

Lot#: 48

Pop! Ottawa Senators Erik Karlsson

Lot#: 49

Pop! BioShock Infinite Booker DeWitt

Lot#: 50

Pop! Power Rangers Rita

Lot#: 51

Pop! Doctor Strange Karl Mordo

Lot#: 52

Pop! Suicide Squad Rick Flag

Lot#: 53

Pop! Kung Fu Panda - Po

Unglued box

Lot#: 54

Hallmark Keepsake Jerry Rice

Lot#: 55

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Lot#: 56

X-Men Nightcrawler

Lot#: 57

X-Men Banshee

Lot#: 58

X-Men Marvel Girl

Damaged tin

Lot#: 59

Bobble Head - Talking "The Godfather"

Lot#: 60

Pop! Dr. Strange - Ancient One

Lot#: 61

Final Fantasy XV "Gladiolus Amicitia"

Damaged Box

Lot#: 62

Really interesting chess set

Some damage

Lot#: 63

AMC "The Walking Dead" Glenn figure

Lot#: 64

Bloodlines Trading Cards

Lot#: 65

1992 Jordan Locker Upper Deck Series #5

Lot#: 66

1992 Jordan Locker Upper Deck Series #6

Lot#: 67

1992 Jordan Locker Upper Deck Series #4

Lot#: 68

1992 Jordan Locker Upper Deck Series #3

Lot#: 69

1992-1993 Low Series Jordan Upper Deck cards

Lot#: 70

Elvis "The Cards of his life"

Series One cards

Lot#: 71

Elvis "The Cards of his Life" Series 2 cards

Lot#: 72

Star Trek "Generations" cinema collection cards

Lot#: 73

Olivia II All-Prism Series

Adult-Oriented collector cards

Lot#: 74

Elvis "The Cards of his life" Series One

collector cards

Lot#: 75

1993 Swimsuit Issue collector cards

Lot#: 76

Wild West collector cards

Lot#: 77

GunSmoke collector cards

Lot#: 78

Elvis "The Cards of this Life" Series Two

collector cards

Lot#: 79

Marilyn Monroe collector cards

Lot#: 80

Julie Strain "Queen of B movies"

collector cards

Lot#: 81

Official Petty Family collector cards

12 packs of 50 cards

Lot#: 82

Light Seekers Awakening starter packs

and extra cards

Lot#: 83

Box of books

Lot#: 84

Box of miscellaneous collector cards

Lot#: 85

Box of miscellaneous collector cards

Lot#: 86

Frazetta's Princess Series 1 First Edition

Master Artist Series

Lot#: 87

"Death Dealer 2" by Frank Frazetta

Special Edition

Lot#: 88

Frazetta's Sea Witch Master Artist Series

Lot#: 89

Comic Book Champions Limited Edition "Mr. Freeze"

Fine Pewter Figure

Lot#: 90

Comic Book Champions Limited Edition "Spiderman"

Fine pewter figure

Lot#: 91

Comic Book Champions Limited Edition "Robin"

Fine pewter figure

Lot#: 92

Comic Book Champions Limited Edition "Superman"

Fine pewter figure

Lot#: 93

Comic Book Champions "Captain America"

Limited edition Fine Pewter figure

Lot#: 94

Frazetta's Sea Witch Master Artist Series

Lot#: 95

Frazetta's Princess 1st Edition Series #1

Master Artist Series

Lot#: 96

Coalport "Tower of London Beefeater"

Small chip on bird's beak

Lot#: 97

Two Avengers screen printed canvasses

Lot#: 98

Rare Simon Bisley collector art

Lot#: 121

Pop! Twilight Saga Jacob Black

Lot#: 122

Pop! The 100 Clarke

Lot#: 123

Pop! Frozen Kristoff

Lot#: 124

Pop! The 100 "Octavia"

Lot#: 125

Pop! The 100 "Lexa"

Lot#: 126

Pop! The 100 "Lincoln"

Lot#: 127

Pop! The 100 "Raven"

Lot#: 128

Pop! Guardians of the Galaxy " Yondu"

Lot#: 129

Pop! Star Wars "Han Solo"

Lot#: 130

Pop! Batman/Superman "Aquaman"

Lot#: 131

Pop! Batman/Superman "Superman Soldier"

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