Collector's Downsizing Auction - Guelph

Thursday July 08, 2021 | 5665 Watson Road North. Guelph, ON. CA. N1H 6J2
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Lot#: 1

Aynsley 'Valencia' Service for 10

- #8364 circa 1934 per stamped mark. - Includes cream and sugar dishes too. - No visible cracks or chips on any piece - There are 10 each of dinner plates, salad/side plates, teacups and saucers, and there are 12 bread and butter plates. - An exceptional set that was passed down to the consignor from Grandmother.-

Lot#: 2

Rosenthal 'Thomas' Dinner Set

- 8 10" plates- 8 teacups and saucers- 10 bread and butter- 6 salad/side plates- No visible cracks or chips on any piece, other than normal cutlery usage wear. -Consignor's mother collected these in the late 1960's to 1970's

Lot#: 3

Royal Doulton Roseanna HN1926

-(FB initialled)-8" -issued 1940 - 1959-

Lot#: 4

Royal Doulton Shore Leave HN 2254

-7 "-Issued 1965 - 1979-

Lot#: 5

Royal Doulton Susannah HN 4221

-8" issued 2000-

Lot#: 6

Royal Doulton Robin Hood HN 2773

-7 3/4 "-Issued 1985 - 1990-

Lot#: 7

7 Royal Doulton Valentines Day Plates

-1976, 1977, 1979, 1980 X 2, 1982, 1983

Lot#: 8

Wade Logs, Leaves and Pitcher

-all in excellent condition-leaves are in original box

Lot#: 9

Complete Set of Wade Nursery Rhyme Miniatures

-collected over many years-consignor switched out with more vibrant coloured ones as they were found

Lot#: 10

Murano Vase - 13"

-with sticker-No damage-a large size you don't see very often

Lot#: 11

Two Murano Vases

-one is 11"-one is 9"-Both stickered-No damage on either

Lot#: 12

Two Murano Vases

-one is 7.5"-one is 6.6"-no damage on either-both have stickers

Lot#: 13

Two Murano Rings

Lot#: 14

20 Murano Candies

Lot#: 15

21 Murano Candies

Lot#: 16

Murano Dish

- 8.5" x 8.5"

Lot#: 17

Murano Dish

- 7.5" x 7.5"

Lot#: 18

Murano Dish

- 9" x 12"

Lot#: 19

3 Murano Dishes

-4.75" X 5"-5.75" X 6"-6" X 6"

Lot#: 20

Two Murano Dishes

-9.25" X 8.25"-6.5" X 10.75"-Match some other vases in auction

Lot#: 21

Rare Blue Mountain Apollo Glaze

-15" X 7"-Manufactured 1975 - 1980

Lot#: 22

2 Rare Blue Mountain Apollo Glaze

-11.5" X 5"-7.25" X 7"-Manufactured 1975 - 1980

Lot#: 23

2 Rare Blue Mountain Apollo Glaze

-7.5" X 7"-10" X 6"-Manufactured 1975 - 1980

Lot#: 24

Rare Blue Mountain (no design) N.A. Glaze

-Native Artists glaze, with NO design-The only ones with NO design were the ones at the shop when this line was suddenly discontinued-They were waiting for the design, that never came-6.5" X 4"

Lot#: 25

Rare Blue Mountain (no design) N.A. Glaze

- Native Artists glaze, with NO design- The only ones with NO design were the ones at the shop when this line was suddenly discontinued- They were waiting for the design, that never came -Large size 10" X 6"

Lot#: 26

3 Blue Mountain Pieces

-vase, seal, squirrel-vase is 4.5" X 11.25"

Lot#: 27

Large Blue Mountain Vase

-original hanging tag-original sticker-original price sticker-12.5" X 7.5"

Lot#: 28

Two Large Blue Mountain Eagles

-beautiful examples-14.75" X 8.25"

Lot#: 29

Two Large Blue Mountain Spaniels

-13.75" X 11"

Lot#: 30

BMP - 2 Buffalos & 3 Swans

-buffalo are 9" X 7.5" tall-large swan is 7.5" X 6"-small swan is 5.5" 5"

Lot#: 31

BMP - 3 Horses & 2 Dolphins

-horses are 9" X 5.25"-dolphins are 7.5" X 7.5"

Lot#: 32

Paragon Cup & Saucer

Lot#: 33

Rare Foley Cup & Saucer

-rare due to Foley having very few '2 colour' sets produced

Lot#: 34

RS Tillowitz Cup & Saucer

Lot#: 35

Aynsley Cup & Saucer

Lot#: 36

Alfred Meakin Tea Reading C&S

-circa 1930's-saucer has small crack-18kt gold borders

Lot#: 37

Two Cups & Saucers

-Noritake occupied Japan-Royal Chelsea

Lot#: 38

Two Queens Monarch C&S

Lot#: 39

4 Cups & Saucers

-Royal Standard-England-Clarence-England-Royal Albert-England-Winterling-Bavaria

Lot#: 40

6 Cups & 5 Saucers

-Royal Stuart-England-Sutherland-H&M England-Unmarked bone china? With clover motif-J.P. -France-Royal Stuart X 2

Lot#: 41

Match Holders & Tiny Sugar

-Royal Staffordshire match holders-2 O. & E.G. tiny sugar? snuff?

Lot#: 42

Cranberry Crystal? / Cut Glass?

-From the 1960's-large bowl and 6 salad? Bowls

Lot#: 43

Royal Delft FJell-Oranje Planter

Lot#: 44

Royal Delft FJell-Oranje Signed Bowl

Lot#: 45

Royal Delft FJell-Oranje Decanter

Lot#: 46

Royal Delft FJell-Oranje Candle Holder

-2 other candle holders included

Lot#: 47

2 Royal Delft Candy Dishes

-one hand signed on the bottom-some chips on lid-The other is perhaps a powder dish/bowl-tiny chips interior lip-can't be seen when lid is in place

Lot#: 48

Royal Delft FJell-Oranje Wall Art & More

-hand signed-mint condition-also has a Delft's cow creamer-creamer has chip on one lip edge

Lot#: 49

Hoselton Curling Rock Sculpture

-quite heavy-on marble-hand signed in pencil by Gordon Hoselton-10.5" X 7"

Lot#: 50

Signed Hoselton Loon

-hand signed in pencil by Gordon Hoselton-on marble-5" X 3"

Lot#: 51

Signed Revolving Hoselton Duck

-duck rotates to position you desire-hand signed in pencil by Gordon Hoselton-6.5" X 5"

Lot#: 52

Large Hoselton Seals

-on marble-marble is 11" X 11"

Lot#: 53

Large Hoselton Bird on Rock

-9" X 6" and 6" high

Lot#: 54

Hoselton Goose on Rock

-quite heavy-9" X 10"

Lot#: 55

Hoselton Seals on Marble

-8.5" X 10.75"

Lot#: 56

Hoselton Loon on Marble

-10.5" X 6"

Lot#: 57

Hoselton Bird on Rock

-8" X 4.5" and 6.5" high

Lot#: 58

Hoselton Duck on Rock

-9" X 7"

Lot#: 59

Hoselton Geese on Marble

-8" X 7.5"

Lot#: 60

Hoselton Loon on Marble

-9.5" X 5"

Lot#: 61

Large Hoselton Manta Ray

-8.75" X 7"

Lot#: 62

Huge (6lbs) Hoselton Beaver

-one of a kind-made in 1979-10" X 4" and 4.5" high-very heavy....never seen another like it

Lot#: 63

Hoselton Whale and Kangaroo

-whale is 7" long and 4.5" high-kangaroo is 6.5" long and 6" high

Lot#: 64

Hoselton Ogopogo and Boats

-Ogopogo is 4" long-sailboats are 4" X 4.5"- the Ogopogo is a lake monster said to inhabit Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada

Lot#: 65

Two Different Hoselton Cranes

-tallest is 9.75" high

Lot#: 66

Rare 1970's Hoseltons

-engraved initials by Carl Hoselton-you don't see much of Carl's early work-both are 3.75" X 3.25"

Lot#: 67

Hoselton Crane Family of 4

-mom and dad are 11"-son and daughter are 8"

Lot#: 68

Belfor Crystal Vase

-has sticker-10" tall

Lot#: 69

Mats Jonasson Crystal Wolf

-full leaded crystal-Signed and numbered-6" tall-

Lot#: 70

Mats Jonasson Crystal Cub

-full leaded crystal-signed and numbered- 7.5" X 4.5"-

Lot#: 71

1920's Hand Gilt Vase

-also 1958 - 1960 Alboth-Kaiser Bavaria vase-AK is 12" tall and in excellent condition

Lot#: 72

Gibson's Jasperware Teapot and...

-cream, sugar-Staffordshire England-Jasperware-numbered-chip on teapot lid

Lot#: 73

Mobach Brutalist Candlestick

-also includes unique three dimensional vase-vase is stamped "S" over "L"-Consignor could not identify maker

Lot#: 74

Tony Evans Vintage Signed Pottery

-10.5" high with lid-signed-original-

Lot#: 75

Goebel Setter

-excellent condition-CH 622 marked-about 10" long and 6.5" high

Lot#: 76

3 Avon President's Club Awards

-The Albee awards-1981, 1983, 2006

Lot#: 77

3 China Figurines

-12" tall-great condition-no markings

Lot#: 78

2 Different Dave Grossman Geese

-original stickers and price stickers-sold at people's jewellers -each a bit different-8" tall

Lot#: 79

2 Matching Stuart McCullochs

-Pheasants-8.5" long and 7.25" high

Lot#: 80

Beswick Eagle and Donkey

-each is 4.25" high

Lot#: 81

Antique Bookends

-White Hills foundry early 1900's-brass-Made in St. Johns-original sticker

Lot#: 82

Birks Sterling Silver Clamshells

-55.86 grams in total weight

Lot#: 83

Evangeline Ware Lattice Vase

-made in New Brunswick-red bay of Fundy clay fired-8.5" tall and very pretty

Lot#: 84

Gouda Pot #935 Dorion

-bottom is signed-5.75" tall

Lot#: 85

Red Wing 'Egyptian-Style' Vase

-#159-9" tall

Lot#: 86

Red Wing Rare Oval Serving Bowl

-#870-"never seen another like it and can't find it online"

Lot#: 87

Red Wing #5 Shoulder Jug

-4" wing-manufactured between 1906 - 1930-very good condition

Lot#: 88

Antique Salt Glazed #3 Crock

-bee sting mark?-11" high and 10.5" across

Lot#: 89

Medalta #5 Crock

-13" high and 13" across

Lot#: 90

1944 M142 Mine Box

-28" X 9" X 9"-hinges and handles are good

Lot#: 91

6 Cheesecloth War Patches

-not reproductions

Lot#: 92

Medalta #6 Butter Churn

-no chips or cracks, including on lid-handles present, and working well-heavy-21" high-14" across at the handles

Lot#: 93

1966 Zippo Lighter

-with guarantee and paperwork too-hoffman industries advertising-IIII IIII date code = 1966

Lot#: 94

New Zippo in Box

-never used

Lot#: 95

New Zippo in Box

-never used

Lot#: 96

2 Zippos

-one with //// //// date code of 1974-one in case with paperwork-date code 1996 engraved

Lot#: 97

Two Zippos

-one Niagara Falls with date code 1990- etched ship picture-the other has no date (worn off)-has the same faint etched ship picture

Lot#: 98

2 Zippo Tape Measures

-consolidated Bathurst in box-Algoma steel-both made in Niagara Falls

Lot#: 99

Aristocrat Lighter

-made in Canada-dates to the 1940's

Lot#: 100

1940's Ronson Pencil Lighter

-rhodium plated

Lot#: 101

1940's Ronson Pencil Lighter

-14K gold plated

Lot#: 102

Royal Musical Lighter

-working music and lighter-in box and case with paperwork-model MR-500-Mid century date

Lot#: 103

Ronson Varaflame Premier

-in box with brush-still has plastic insert to be removed by purchaser-also 3 other Ronson brand lighters

Lot#: 104

Two Ronson Varaflame Lighters

Lot#: 105

Saffa, Firlite, Invicta Lighters

-Saffa has case with papers

Lot#: 106

Crown and Two Fisher Lighters

-one fisher still has tag, and is very nice

Lot#: 107

Lauren, Dynasty, Forum Lighters

Lot#: 108

12 Various Lighters

-Omega, Imco triplex, YYG, Auer Zepher, Edwin, Hestia-Slick, and 4 'no-names'-also a 1967 centennial keychain lighter

Lot#: 109

Grenade and Knight Head Lighters

-grenade is not real

Lot#: 110

Gun and Table-Top Lighters

-gun is not real

Lot#: 111

Bleikristal Crystal Lighter and Holder

-matching set-Excellent condition-Both have original stickers

Lot#: 112

Two Vintage Ashtrays

Lot#: 113

Old Pocket Ashtray & More

- Smokers would carry this in their pocket to hold their ashes and butts-3 unopened chewing tobacco pouches for anyone brave enough to try them-case of matchbooks from the royal wedding in 1981

Lot#: 114

3 Vintage Cigarette Holders

-1 made in Austria-1 marked Guipani-1 marked Har-Bro made in England

Lot#: 115

Two Brigham Pipes and Stands

-pipes numbered 210, and 203T

Lot#: 116

3 High Quality Pipes and Stand

Lot#: 117

Beautiful Pipe and Brass Stand

-nice lidded pipe-heavy brass bulldog stand

Lot#: 118

Glass Tobacco Jar & Humidor

-old mill fine cut jar

Lot#: 119

9 Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 120

7 Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 121

4 Almost Mint Tobacco Tins

-all still even have the key opener present

Lot#: 122

Old Virginia and Chum Tins

Lot#: 123

6 Tobacco Tins

-great graphics-Granger, Union Jack, Prince of Wales-Raleigh, Ottoman, Canada straight

Lot#: 124

3 Edgeworth Tins and More

Lot#: 125

George Washington Cut Plug Tin

-from about 1910-6.75" X 3.75"- RJ Reynolds tobacco company

Lot#: 126

Mayos Cut Plug Tin

-8" long, 3.75" wide, 7.75" tall-Approx 110 years old

Lot#: 127

1959 St. Lawrence Seaway Tin

-excellent condition

Lot#: 128

Egyptian Tobacco Tin

-excellent condition

Lot#: 129

Canadian Legion Tobacco Tin

Lot#: 130

Players Navy Cut Tin

Lot#: 131

2 Tobacco Tins

-McDonalds hostess package tin-Great graphic on the other one

Lot#: 132

Unused Prince Albert Tin & Another

-Bond street tin is in good condition-Prince albert still has tobacco pouch inside

Lot#: 133

Picobac and Rawleigh Tins

Lot#: 134

4 Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 135

1 Wood and 2 Cardboard 'Tins'

Lot#: 136

Baby's Bottom and 3 Nun's Tins

Lot#: 137

3 Round Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 138

3 Round Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 139

4 Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 140

4 Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 141

4 Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 142

6 Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 143

5 Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 144

7 Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 145

7 Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 146

7 Tobacco Tins

Lot#: 147

11 Cigar Boxes

Lot#: 148

1951 Parkie Boom-Boom Geoffrion

-Rare rookie card-HHOF-nice centering-Nice back-in a screw down holder for security and to keep it safe-

Lot#: 149

4 x Signed Blue Jays Baseball Cards

-Paul Molitor HOF-Joe Carter-Alex Gonzalez-Juan Guzman-COA misfiled, but if found will forward to purchaser

Lot#: 150

Crosby, Brodeur, Luongo Signed Hat

-Martin Brodeur HHOF-Sydney Crosby (will go to HHOF)-Roberto Luongo- COA misfiled, but if found will forward to purchaser

Lot#: 151

Multiple Hockey Collectibles

-90 - 91 red army set of 22cards-2002 complete team Canada pin set-7X hockey cards with Canada post stamp-Patrick Roy game worn sweater card-78 - 79 Opeechee shutout card-73 - 74 Opeechee Terry O'Reilly card-2 Manon Rheaume cards (one is signed)-Manon is the first female player to play in any North American pro-sports leagues-Played with Tampa Bay Lightning in pre-season games in 1992 and 1993

Lot#: 152

Multiple (included signed) Collectibles

-Dave Ellet, Peter Zexel, and Rod Black signed poster-Doug Wilson signed poster-5 sleeves of rookie cards-one sleeve is the more sought after Canadian printing- an error card-all cards in excellent shape

Lot#: 153

Signed Hockey Jersey with 34 Signatures

-Johnny Bower, Darryl Sittler, Rod Gilbert, Rod Langway, Ted Lindsay-Many other players signed as well...see picture of COA-COA is framed (has a repair on one corner)

Lot#: 154

Multiple Sets of Collectible Cards

Lot#: 155

Antique Bookends

-1920's German Shepherd cast iron bookends-says CHAD 112 on back

Lot#: 156

Farley Mowat Signed 1st Edition and More

-A whale for the killing signed first edition-another first edition of a whale for the killing but not signed-Tundra is first edition-Sibir 2nd edition- James King's Mowat biography is a 1st edition

Lot#: 157

Larousse Gastronomique & 5 Batemans

-Three first editions of the Bateman books- Larousse Gastronomique is considered to be THE preeminent culinary book-get it for yourself or an aspiring chef-just ask a sous chef you know-expensive to buy new

Lot#: 158

3 Volume 1st Edition of 1st 2 Years

-and 6 volumes of "The story of civilisation" by Will Durant

Lot#: 159

Tolkien First Editions and More

-Simarillion UK 1977 1st edition (has a map at back)-RARE 1991 hardcover 1st edition 21st printing (run 30 - 21)-illustrated beautifully by Allen Lee -It has 1200 pages-AND three more obscure Tolkien books

Lot#: 160

Antique Oriental Rug Reference Book Plus

-16 tissue guarded plates inside -1927 edition-plus two miller reference books-and a Lladro reference book

Lot#: 161

Jean Auel Signed First Editions & 3 More

-This is the complete collection of the Earth's Children series-Clan of the Cave Bear signed first edition -The Valley of Horses signed first edition-The mammoth Hunters first edition-The Plains of passage signed first edition first printing-The Shelters of Stone first edition-The Land of Painted Caves first edition (no dust cover)

Lot#: 162

The Hardy Boys 1st Editions and More

-the older ones are believed to be first editions, but are missing slipcovers- CR = copyright- Information on the editions: -The House on the cliff CR 1927 212 pages-The Missing Chums CR 1928 214 pages-The Mark on the door CR 1934 219 pages-The disappearing door CR 1940 218 pages-The short wave mystery CR 1945 217 pages -The secret of the lost tunnel CR 1950 210 pages-The wailing siren mystery CR 1951 214 pages (spline damage) -The secret of pirates hill CR 1956 213 pages-The mystery of the Chinese junk CR 1960 184 pages- 16 more newer Hardy Boys editions as well-ALSO 7 'classics' JH Sears & Co. Inc. Kingsport Press New York

Lot#: 163

Large Selection of Antique Books

-Shakespeare's Historical Plays, Poems & sonnets. Everyman's Library No. 154 - the world's 100 best short stories volume nine ghosts funk and wagnalls 1927- the canterbury poets longfellow published by walter scott 1886- the world's classics Lorna Doone by R.D. Blackmore Oxford University Press 1920-EB Browning poems 1932-the black convent slave by ford hendrickson 1914 1st edition abebooks-uncle tom's cabin harriet beecher stowe george bell and sons 1896 (binding needs to be re-glued)-space platform murray leinster pocket books 1953-treasure island robert louis stevenson leather cover printed in england by castle and company (back page)-little women & good wives by Loiusa M Alcott 1922Jm Dent publisher-poems edgar allan poe published by henry altemus company Philadelphia unknown date-waterbabies kingsley published by henry altemus company (unknown date-missing some front pages)-masterpieces from charles kingsley published by hurst and company New York (unknown date)-Children's own magazine 1921-The Children's Companion - Interesting Stories, Articles, and Pictures for Boys and Girls Volume 1( 1st edition, 379 pages)-'The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan', by James MOrier, New York: Random House, 1937. First Edition illustrated throughout with color plates by Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge (no dust cover)-everyland for boys and girls IV wyman and sons published in the 1920's-Websters pocket dictionary 1894-j. walker hall j.acworth menzies the golden rules of physiology published by john wright and company England 1900-golden rules of obstetric practice w.e. fothergill published by john wright and company England 1901- PASAKAS believed to be rare (#612 of 750) and signed by Janis Sirmanis fairy tales

Lot#: 164

Large 'New-Age' and Astrology Collection

Lot#: 165

Treasure Island Printing Plate

-chapter 2 page 8-starts with: "And when I had pointed out the rock....."-Unknown date of printing-Also includes another unknown 'scenery' book plate

Lot#: 166

High Value Charizard Pokemon Card

-Base, unlimited, holographic-from the late 1990's Rare-near mint condition- Never played in the game-

Lot#: 167

35 Pokemon Marbles

Lot#: 168

12 Antique Marbles

-largest is 1 "-handmade

Lot#: 169

11 Antique Marbles

-handmade-largest is 1 1/8"-also includes a modern error marble

Lot#: 170

Large Antique Marble

-excellent condition -1.25" (1 )

Lot#: 171

10 Antique Marbles

-Great condition-the 2 largest are 7/8 "

Lot#: 172

Soapstone Bear (5 5/8" tall)

-Stands on one back leg-artist signed and with hangtag paperwork

Lot#: 173

Soapstone Seal (5.5" long)


Lot#: 174

Soapstone Totem (7" long)

-signed and numbered

Lot#: 175

Soapstone Seal?/Walrus? (4 1/4" long)


Lot#: 176

Soapstone Loon (7" long)

-signed and numbered

Lot#: 177

Soapstone Turtle (5" long)

-signed and numbered

Lot#: 178

Soapstone Bird Standing on a Seal

-4.75" high and 5.5" long-signed and numbered

Lot#: 179

Soapstone Walrus

-5" high and 5.5" long-signed

Lot#: 180

5 Soapstone Carvings

-all signed or numbered-largest is 4.5" long-tallest is 3 3/8 " tall

Lot#: 181

Soapstone Seal (5.25" long)

-signed and numbered

Lot#: 182

Iroquois Stone Carving

-3.75" long and 2.5" high-signed and numbered

Lot#: 183

4 Soapstone Carvings

-tallest is 3.25"-All are signed

Lot#: 184

Soapstone Carving

-6" tall-signed-chipped on feather when viewed from the right side/angle

Lot#: 185

Large Native Stalactite Carving

-extremely nice piece-Stalactites are the icicle-shaped formations that hang from the ceiling of a cave-10" tall-unsigned

Lot#: 186

Original 'Ghost Dance' Shirt

-One owner (The Consignor)-Unknown maker-purchased 30 years ago at "The Crow's Nest" store in Orillia Ontario ("when they actually had good stuff" says the consignor)-There are similar shirt designs online, but each one is unique-still has original price sticker on a lower fringe on right side- Led by the Paiute visionary Wovoka, the Ghost Dance religion brought hope to many tribes that they could bring about the renewal of the world by working hard, living peacefully, and doing the Ghost Dance. The Arapaho were instrumental in spreading the doctrines of the dance to other tribes. Hide dresses, shirts, and leggings with painted symbols of the sky, such as the stars and moon, were made for the dance. Designs for the clothing often came to individuals in visions that occurred during the ceremonies. Eagles, crows, and magpies were considered messengers to the heavens.

Lot#: 187

Original Christian Morrisseau Painting

-Untitled painting - Christian was born on December 11, 1969 and raised in Red Lake, Ontario. He is the youngest of Seven Children of the renowned Woodland Artist, Norval Morrisseau and Harriet Morrisseau. He now currently lives between Thunder Bay and Keewaywin First Nation, Ontario. -Purchased at auction, by the consignor, from one of his authorized dealers (copy of that receipt will be included in the pictures for you to print off for provenance purposes with private information redacted)- Christian rarely does painting on native drums, sticking mainly to canvas.-14 inches across -Stored well since new-Very nice vibrant colours- for information and a listing of recent sales

Lot#: 188

The Cult, Cream and Grupo-Irakere

-The last one is LDA-3420 in LP 3420 sleeve. Rare album-Cream is a 2 album set

Lot#: 189

Five Judas Priest Albums

-One is a rarer Dutch import

Lot#: 190

Five Judas Priest Albums

-Hero-Hero is a double album

Lot#: 191

Five Beatles Albums

-also has a 250+ page hardcover book-the book has some great history/pictures

Lot#: 192

Supertramp, Bee Gees & 9 More

-Sheena Easton, Billy Squires, Bryan Adams, Genisis-Harry Chapin, The Rovers, Bob Seger, Gloria Estafan

Lot#: 193

15 Frank Sinatra and Doris Day Albums

Lot#: 194

Madonna, Celine Dion and 8 More

-Pat Benatar, The Honeydrippers, Alanah Miles, Christopher Cross-Footloose soundtrack, Sheena Easton, Bob Seger

Lot#: 195

Chicago, Bill Joel & 8 More

-3 max Webster with Kim Mitchell before he went solo-The 5th dimension, BJ Thomas, -Three dog night, Emerson Lake and Palmer

Lot#: 196

Bee Gees, Spitfire Band and 8 More

-The Blues Brothers, Bob Seger, Burton Cummings, -Oak Ridge Boys, Men at work, Irish Rovers, Harry Chapin

Lot#: 197

Cruel Story of Youth, U2 and 8 More

-Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Culture Club, Leonard Cohen-Flashdance, REO Speedwagon, Loverboy, Tom Cochran and Red Rider

Lot#: 198

The Police, Styx and 8 More

-Cyndi Lauper, Robert Palmer, Laura Branigan, Weird Al-PhilCollins, Air Suppy, Supertramp

Lot#: 199

Seventeen Ray Conniff Albums

Lot#: 200

The Who, Woodstock Album and More

-The Kinks, Jackson Browne-7 albums in total

Lot#: 201

Air Supply, Garth Brooks and 8 More

-38 Special, Naked Eyes, Kylie Minogue, Spandau Ballet-Berlin, Bee Gees, The Spitfire band

Lot#: 202

Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin

-Four albums total

Lot#: 203

25 Nat King Cole Albums

Lot#: 204

Eagles and Crosby Stills Nash (and Young)

-3 Eagles albums-1 Crosby Stills and Nash-1 Byrds with David Crosby-2 Crosby Stills Nash and Young-2 Neil Young

Lot#: 205

Carly Simon, Paul Simon and 8 More

-Jefferson Starship, Jefferson Airplane, Wings over America-Loggins and Messina, Donny Most, Gerry Raferty

Lot#: 206

Shan Na Na, Joni Mitchell and 6 More

-Gladys Night and the Pips, Joan Baez, Moxi II, -Judas Priest, Chris de Burgh, The Kinks

Lot#: 207

Sister Sledge, Heart and 8 More

-Rick Springfield, Bangles, Bonnie Tyler, Supertramp-Seals and Crofts, Darryl Hall and John Oates, Corey Hart

Lot#: 208

Public Enemy, Kool Mo Dee & More

-Kid 'N Play, Kool and the gang, Jive Bunny-Shriekback, The Todd Terry Project

Lot#: 209

Twelve Village People & ABBA Albums

Lot#: 210

22 Mixed Artist Albums

Lot#: 211

14 John Mathis Albums

Lot#: 212

11 Niche Albums: Look Inside

-A day in Algonquin park-Charlton Heston narrates....-A coronation Of the Queen-Man on the moon recording-has booklet even-Songs of the North and South-Hollywood Bowl (1960) Very nice-Robert Frost reads his poetry-Walt Disney

Lot#: 213

Bill Idol, Styx & 8 More

-Bob Seger, The Dukes of Hazard, Blue Brothers, Seals and Crofts-Darryl Hall and John Oates, Bryan Adams, Jim Steinman

Lot#: 214

Madonna, BTO & 8 More

-Night Ranger, Men at Work, Harry Chapin, Phil Collins-Oak Ridge Boys, Burton Cummings, Bob Seger

Lot#: 215

The Funny 12 Collection

-Sammy Davis Jr, Rodney Dangerfield, Lily Tomlin, Bob Newhart -Carol Burnett, Steve Martin, Andy Griffith, Cheech and Chong

Lot#: 216

11 Johnny Cash Albums

Lot#: 217

Star Wars, 2001 Soundtracks & 9 More

-The Star Wars one has 4 albums-2 for Star Wars, and 2 for The Empire Strikes Back

Lot#: 218

Van Halen, Meatloaf & Ratt

- 5 albums total

Lot#: 219

Iron Maiden, Dio, Molly Hatchett

Lot#: 220

19 Big Artists of 50's and 60's

Lot#: 221

13 Kenny Rogers and Newton-John

Lot#: 222

12 Beach Boys and Boney M

Lot#: 223

Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart, E. John

-5 Rod Stewart-2 Neil Diamond-2 Elton John

Lot#: 224

Def Leopard, Yes,Rush and 5 More

-Cheap Trick X 2, Wings, Nazareth, Magentalane

Lot#: 225

Aerosmith, ZZ Top and More

-Iron Butterfly, Led Zepplin

Lot#: 226

Rock's Bad Boys & Girls

-Little Richard X 3-Dr. Hook X 2-Ted Nuggent-Rick James-The Runaways (This band was the starting point for Joan Jett, and Lita Ford, you need this if you collect any of them)-Joan Jett X 2

Lot#: 227

23 12" Singles

-includes Earth Wind and Fire, Motown, Wild Cherry, -Papa was a rolling stone, Simple Simon, Soul II Soul,-Young & Co., Joe Tex, Smokey Robinson, Bananarama

Lot#: 228

10 Rarer 12" Singles

-Honil (Disco Devil) never opened-Hypnotone (only 500 copies made)-Clime Fisher, Break Machine, After The Fire-Boom Boom by Paul Lekakis-Redhead Kingpin and the FBI, Debra laws-Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand (No more tears)-Beat This (Bomb the Bass)

Lot#: 229

A Selection of 45's

-includes two rare Russian propaganda magazines that have "Flexi disks" in them-The flexi disks often had bootleg Western rock and pop songs on them-

Lot#: 230

10 Nice Collectible 45's

-She sells sanctuary by the CULT-Whip it and Satisfaction by DEVO with Mick Jagger-Pump up the volume, by M.A.R.R.S.-Hotel California by The Eagles-America, and My way by Elvis on limited edition red vinyl-Strut by Sheena Easton- Boom Boom by Paul Lekakis-Walk this way by Run DMC with S. Tyler-Heart and soul by T'PAU-March of the Bunnykins by Royal Doulton on Yellow vinyl

Lot#: 231

Grand Funk Railroad & 9 More

-Wings, Up With People, Butterfield blues ban, Neil Diamond-Pretenders, Cest Chic, Loggins and Messina, The Carpenter, Stone Poney

Lot#: 232

Steppenwolf, C.C.R., & 9 More

Derek and the Dominoes (Layla) Eric Clapton's former band-Bread, Blood Sweat and tears, The Carpenters, Eagles-The Allman Brothers, Peter Paul and Mary,

Lot#: 233

Rarities, Promos and Autographed

-Sophia Loren framed promo-Let's Dicso with book-Test Record-Recording blank-Foghat album PROMO-The Conch Shell (signed copy)-Honil Never opened and signed (disco devil and I'm a dancer 12" single)- 1964 release The Schoolboys ?- Beatle Mania-1938 Bing Crosby Cowboy songs four album set of 78's -Songs from Walt Disney 3 album set released in 1952-

Lot#: 234

7 Fleetwood Mac & Foreigner

-Fleetwood Mac Rumours- Fleetwood Mac self titled- Fleetwood Mac Tusk (2 album set)-Stevie Nicks The wild heart- Foreigner Agent Provocateur- Foreigner 4- Foreigner Self titled

Lot#: 235

8 Albums Bought for Covers

-One is x-rated-one has the infamous Rodeo song-"Well it's forty below-and I don't give a FXXX-got a heater in my truck-and I'm off to the rodeo......"

Lot#: 236

7 Queen, Moody Blues, Triumph

-Queen News of the world-Queen Flash Gordon soundtrack-Queen LIE Killers-Moody Blues Threshold of a dream- Moody Blues Long distance voyageurs-Triumph Just a game-Triumph self titled

Lot#: 237

Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Yngwie Malmsteen

Lot#: 238

Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan

-Black Sabbath is a two record set

Lot#: 239

Black Sabbath, Yngwie Malmsteen & Ozzy

-Ozzy Osbourne tribute to Randy Rhoads (2 record set)

Lot#: 240

3 KISS Record Albums

-Rock and Roll Over-Dressed to Kill-Love Gun

Lot#: 241

Rare Mint Black Sabbath Picture Album

-Paranoid record album-Framed-never played, never opened-all stickers present

Lot#: 242

Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Stones

-The Sabbath one is the first Canadian pressing-Ozzy is misspelled Ossie on reverse

Lot#: 243

Huge Collection of Vintage Pinbacks

-All attached to material backing(s)-Mostly hockey -Well over 500 of them -Consignor did not count to see

Lot#: 244

READ THIS for the Games & Systems Lots

-DO NOT BID ON THIS LOT (#244)-Wavy bars on any TV screen, particularly with the older tube model the consignor used, are an issue with the lighting or the pictures only.-When there is a picture showing a game going to the start screen, that lot does not also include other items shown in the picture including but not limited to: cords, gaming systems , TV, etc.-If the lot is a gaming system, it does NOT include the TV or the game, if any, showing that the system is working.- A picture of each game's start screen is in the game lot's pictures if available-NONE of the games were played through (The consignor had no time for that, or the skills in most cases)-The games will be described as either going to the start screen, or untested/not working.-If it does not say either of those two things, or there is no picture of a specific game getting to the start screen, it may have been missed, so you have to assume it is NOT working.-All games and gaming systems are sold 'as-is'. The consignor got 95% of them to the start screen, but cannot guarantee that you will be able to. -Some games had to be jiggled/jostled/blown on/blown into to get them running (we've all been there blowing on a cartridge that did not work the first time it was inserted)-Look at the pictures. Consignor has noted the 'known' concerns with a particular lot if there are any, and will have them in the lot description(s)-Most games will have its manual, unless noted in the lot description-The few games and peripherals that are in plastic were not checked. These items could be new, refurbished or re-wrapped- ALL PSP, PS3, X-BOX, XBOX 360 games (and peripherals of those systems) were not checked as the consignor has no system to check them on-Prices (in American dollars) on some of the games helped the consignor package them in 'decently valued lots' which also allows you to have a general idea on the value(s)-These prices were from early May (This site updates daily, just like silver prices)- NOTE: prices listed on that site are in AMERICAN DOLLARS-This is a legit site that sells games and systems and then will average their selling price with E-Bay SOLD prices.-You cannot go by the asking price on E-Bay, because people can ask whatever stupidly high price they want, and some have low prices, but very high shipping fees.-(remember the silly people asking for thousands for 'Black Diamond' Disney VHS)

Lot#: 245

Telstar Working System in Box

-TV not included-Has three built in games

Lot#: 246

Thirteen Atari Games

-untested-see pictures for games

Lot#: 247

Thirteen Atari Games

-untested-see pictures for games

Lot#: 248

Multitude of Computer Games

-see pictures-some have manuals-some don't have manuals (see picture)-All untested

Lot#: 249

GamBoy and Advance Games

-Three GameBoy games-Eleven Game Boy advance games-All untested

Lot#: 250

Large Gaming 'Grab-Bag' Lot

-Conker's Bad Fur Day for N64. Consignor could not get it working, but if you can it sells in the secondary market for over $150.00 CAN. (even with no box or manual)-Read carefully this entire lot's description-N64 gameshark (untested...consignor does not know how it works)-Four games the consignor could not get going with NO manuals (see picture)-Nine games the consignor could not get going WITH manuals (see picture)-Five manuals with NO games (see picture)-2 boxes with manuals, but no games (see picture)-Zelda Windwaker official strategy guide

Lot#: 251

Sega Master System (Working)

-One working game included-2 controllers-power supply-RF cable-Also has gun controller-The system has two built in games as well-TV NOT included

Lot#: 252

Gaming Peripherals (Some New)

-All untested-New Heavy duty RF modulator-Two switchers to connect multiple system cables to one AV input on TV-Nintendo DS car adapter (untested)-New box with adapters for 5 components (untested)-Gamecube AV cable (untested)-Sony AV cable (untested)

Lot#: 253

Sega Genesis in Box - Complete

-This is a working system, as shown in the picture-has all parts needed to get up and running-RF adapter, power adapter, the controller was never used-has manual, and even the pamphlets that came with the system-Purchased new by consignor when it came out-This does not have the '6 in 1 game', as shown on the box

Lot#: 254

8 Sega Genesis Games

-see pictures for games-all games, as shown in pictures, get to the start screen-NONE have manuals, and one has no case

Lot#: 255

Four Sonic the Hedgehog Games

-the original one has manual- three, as shown in pictures, get to the start screen-the Sonic And Knuckles game would not start up when tested

Lot#: 256

New Gen. Batman & Michael Jackson

-Michael Jackson one does not have manual, but is one of the rare games besides-Michael Jackson, as shown in pictures, gets to the start screen-the batman one has a partially ripped end, but appears to have never been opened-It still has the security tag on it

Lot#: 257

2 Sega Genesis Systems

-one works-one would not start up -It powers up but would not start game-One controller does not work and may be dirty inside-Both are the first model style-has cables for working one (RF and power)

Lot#: 258

Sega Genesis and Sega CD System

-Both have manuals-Both work. See pictures, and also the pictures for the Sega CD games (lot 265)-Has original pamphlet that unfolds to a poster-On/off switch for the genesis needs to be held in on position until red light comes on (about a 1/4 of a second)-One controller does not work and probably needs an interior cleaning-Consignor put a brand new AV cable in for the genesis (opened for testing purposes only)-Has 2 power cables, and AV/RF cables required to operate

Lot#: 259

Sega 32X with Box

-shown as working in the pictures-includes 3 games, working as shown in pictures, to get to the start screen-Golf, motocross, and DOOM-Does not have the interior cardboard packing material-Included an adapter for AV line so it can go on either Genesis 1 or 2 systems-Cord, RF cable, clips for genesis door included

Lot#: 260

Sega Nomad & Sega Gamegear

-read descriptions and pictures for condition-The Nomad has a crack on screen, but 'works'- Consignor included a new AV cable so you hook it up to your TV, as shown in the pictures.-The screen can be replaced with a regular 3.5" TFT screen which can be had for about 15.00 plus shipping from various places. (below is one)- Nomad does not have a power adapter. The consignor used the one for the 32X (in another lot) to power it to show it works on the TV screen, but it is not included in this lot.-The Game gear comes with an Echo the dolphin game, which is untested.-The game gear powers on, but consignor is unsure if it is not working or the game is not working, as the consignor has only the one game to test.-The wire is slightly frayed at the plug end, but no wires are split/exposed, so it's cosmetic-There are permanent hand holders installed on the game gear, where the batteries go, for comfort when holding the unit. (Battery compartment lids are not present)

Lot#: 261

8 Sega Saturn Games

-Alien Trilogy with manual starts up and gets to the start screen and/or further, as shown in the pictures-Hardcore 4X4 starts up and gets to the start screen -Dragonheart starts up and gets to the start screen and/or further, as shown in the pictures-Bug starts up and gets to the start screen and/or further, as shown in the pictures-Daytona USA (could not get it going)-Nights into dreams (could not get it going)-Iron man XO (could not get it going)-Panzer Dragoon (could not get it going)-Note from the consignor: "Some of the games that I could not get going would spin, and I could hear the game coming on in the background, and even play them, but the video was not there. Online it says when games do not read it could mean there needs to be an adjustment made on the potentiometer. There is a screw inside to adjust the resistance of the potentiometer so Saturn CDs can be recognized and booted. I did not feel comfortable in opening the unit up to try this."

Lot#: 262

Sega Genesis and 2 Wireless Controllers

-This is a 'modern' Genesis-like player, and works very well-It was used to test most of the games in the other Genesis lots-You can see pictures of it in action there-It comes with power cable, AV cable, and one controller-The wireless controllers do NOT fit this modern Genesis style.-They were tested on the model in lot #253 which is not included in this lot-You can see this in the pics. Both sets were tested. (A & B)-They also work on Genesis model 1's, as that is what they were originally used on-The wireless controllers use AA batteries-The games shown are not included, nor is the TV

Lot#: 263

Sega Saturn System - Working

-Has manual included-Working as shown in the pictures here and in the Saturn game lots-Consignor included a brand new AV (with super video) cord (only opened to try the system) -Consignor changed out the battery for memory, and put three more new ones in the lot-Two controllers were not tested, as they were found after the lot was processed-Note from the consignor: "Some of the games that I could not get going would spin, and I could hear the game coming on in the background, and even play them, but the video was not there. Online it says when games do not read it could mean there needs to be an adjustment made on the potentiometer. There is a screw inside to adjust the resistance of the potentiometer so Saturn CDs can be recognized and booted. I did not feel comfortable in opening the unit up to try this."

Lot#: 264

7 Sega Saturn Games

-Panzer Dragoon ZWEI starts up and gets to the start screen and/or further, as shown in the pictures-Shinobi starts up and gets to the start screen and/or further, as shown in the pictures-Astal starts up and gets to the start screen and/or further, as shown in the pictures-Duke Nuke 'em 3-D starts up and gets to the start screen and/or further, as shown in the pictures-Clockwork Knight (could not get it going)-Clockwork Knight 2 (could not get it going)-Nights into dreams (could not get it going)-Note from the consignor: "Some of the games that I could not get going would spin, and I could hear the game coming on in the background, and even play them, but the video was not there. Online it says when games do not read it could mean there needs to be an adjustment made on the potentiometer. There is a screw inside to adjust the resistance of the potentiometer so Saturn CDs can be recognized and booted. I did not feel comfortable in opening the unit up to try this."

Lot#: 265

8 Sega CD Games

-7 start up and get to the start screen, as shown in the pictures-Six are looses with no manuals-Two are boxed with manuals-NightTrap is high value, with box and manual-NightTrap could not be tested, as it needs to be hooked up with a system with the 32X on the genesis, and by the time the consignor realized this the 32X had been packed up for this auction

Lot#: 266

4 N64 Games - Boxed

-None of them have manuals-All go to start screen, as shown in the pictures-Donkey Kong-Command & Conquer-Diddy Kong Racing -Zelda Ocarina of Time-Also has Player's official guide for Ocarina of time (in 'well-loved' shape)

Lot#: 267

4 N64 Games with Manuals

-All have manuals-All go to start screen, as shown in the pictures-Turok-Shadow man-Maximum gear Overdrive-Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Lot#: 268

4 N64 Games with Manuals

-All have manuals-All go to start screen, as shown in the pictures-Star Wars Shadow of the Empire-South park-Forsaken-Star Wars episode 1 Racer

Lot#: 269

6 N64 Games Loose

-Sports games were untested-Harvest Moon goes to start screen, as shown in the pictures-Mischief Makers with manual goes to start screen, as shown in the pictures-4 different sports ones

Lot#: 270

6 Loose N64 Games

-All go to start screen, as shown in the pictures-Doom-Pokemon Stadium-Hybrid heaven with manual-Chameleon Twist-Caslevania-Starfox-No manuals for any of them, but or Hybrid heaven

Lot#: 271

N64 Pokemon Snap Game

-Goes to start screen, as shown in the pictures-The bars on the screen is my lighting-has manual

Lot#: 272

N64 Super Mario Game

-Goes to start screen, as shown in the pictures-has manual

Lot#: 273

N64 Super Smash Bros.Game

-Goes to start screen, as shown in the pictures-has manual

Lot#: 274

5 N64 Peripherals

-Light Purple Clear Atomic N64 Controller-Nice and tight 'joystick' on it -This is a nice lot for a 'flipper' or reseller -Cleaning kit in box. (box is open but it appears to be unused-see pictures)-Extension cord for the N64 controller...very handy (untested)-Transfer PAK which allows data transfer between the N64 game and a Game Boy or Game Boy Color cartridge. (untested)-Rumble PAK (untested)

Lot#: 275

N64 Gaming System in Box

-After the Stadium and Pikachu systems this is the 3rd most sought after system-This is the unit that was used in all the N64 pictures on the previous game lots-So you know it works-Includes an installed expansion PAK (a $50.00 value)-Note that a couple pictures do not show the expansion PAK , but rest assured it is included and already installed. -It has all the cords, and wires to get you up and running (RF AV, power)- specific system runs about $350.00 Canadian (with expansion PAK) as of May 12th 2021

Lot#: 276

20 PS2 Games

-all have manuals, and get to the start screen unless noted in the picture(s)-NOTE: one screen shot was missed for the "Board game Collection" game

Lot#: 277

20 PS2 Games

- all have manuals, and get to the start screen unless noted in the picture(s)

Lot#: 278

20 PS2 Games

- all have manuals, and get to the start screen unless noted in the picture(s)

Lot#: 279

32 PS2 Games

-14 have no manuals-The ones noted as having NO manuals in the pictures were verified to open to the start screen-The dancing and sports ones were not verified to open to the start screen

Lot#: 280

PS2 Games with HIGH Value

-Def Jam Fight for N.Y. (even without case and manual it's rare)-In fact it's the highest value PS2 game in this auction, even 'loose' as it is.-All the others have their manual-All tested and get to the start screen, as shown in the pictures-Ghost in the Shell-Rayman 2-Arcade Treasures-Tekken-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-The Simpsons

Lot#: 281

7 PS1 Games

-NOTE: These can also be played on a PS2-All tested and get to the start screen, with the PS2, as shown in the pictures-2 higher valued ones-See pictures-All have manuals, except for the tennis one

Lot#: 282

5 PSP Games

-None tested as the consignor does not have that system-All have manuals-See pictures or titles

Lot#: 283

2 Working PS2 Systems

-They both have all cords required to operate- See pictures of them getting to the start screens

Lot#: 284

Two Working PS2 Systems

-One is the larger first model-includes a blue authentic PS2 Dual Shock controller- They both have all cords required to operate-includes a memory card (untested)-See pictures of them getting to the start screens

Lot#: 285

18 PS3 Games

-All have manuals-untested as consignor has no PS3 system

Lot#: 286

17 PS3 Games

-untested as consignor has no PS3 system-Some don't have manuals-see pictures for which ones

Lot#: 287

24 X-Box Games

-With manuals-unable to be tested as consignor has no system to test them

Lot#: 288

17 X-Box Games

-No manuals- unable to be tested as consignor has no system to test them

Lot#: 289

17 X-Box 360 Games

-NOTE: These are 360 games-Star Wars game is new/unopened-13 have manuals-HALO has both discs, and special metal case-4 have NO manuals- Unable to be tested as consignor has no system to test them

Lot#: 290

14 Gamecube Games

-All open to the start screen-All have manuals

Lot#: 291

8 Gamecube Games

-All open to the start screen, as shown in the pictures-4 have manuals-4 do not have manuals

Lot#: 292

7 Gamecube Games

-All open to the start screen, as shown in the pictures-6 have manuals-1 does not have the manual

Lot#: 293

Animal Crossing & Paper Mario

-For the Gamecube system-They both have manuals-Both open to the start screen, as shown in the pictures

Lot#: 294

F-Zero FX & Pokemon Channel

-For the Gamecube system-They both have manuals-Both open to the start screen, as shown in the pictures

Lot#: 295

Gamecube System and Wavebird

-System works-It was used to test all the gamecube games in this auction-Has its manual as well-Also has an extra controller-AND it comes with a working Wavebird (and its manual)-Wavebird is a cordless controller

Lot#: 296

Wii System - Working

-With all required cords and cable to operate

Lot#: 297

17 Wii Games

-All go to the start screen, as shown in the pictures-All have manuals

Lot#: 298

17 Wii Games

-All go to the start screen, as shown in the pictures-All have manuals

Lot#: 299

17 Wii Games

-All go to the start screen, as shown in the pictures-All have manuals

Lot#: 300

Wii System - Working

-With all required cords and cable to operate

Lot#: 301

Desirable Wii Games Plus

-Ten games with manuals-All go to the start screen, as shown in the pictures-Six more without manuals-NOTE: The last picture is showing the games that have NO manual-There are NOT two of some games-There are 16 games, in total, in this lot

Lot#: 302

Working Red Wii

-With all the required cables and cords to operate

Lot#: 303

3 Wii Accessories

-NEW Dance party Challenge in box unopened-WII Active (may have been opened, or a 'return', or it may be new?)-Inflatable Car for 3DS and the WII.-The inflatable car box has been opened, but contents appear to be undisturbed/unused

Lot#: 304

Many Wii Aftermarket Peripherals

-Look at all the pictures for what's included-box full of mixed items-All items in this lot are untested-Consignor is not sure what some items are for-Two crossbow/gun thingies, that hold the controller(s)-Mat for dancing games?-Also has three balance boards

Lot#: 305

Wii Rockband Drums & Guitar

-It was set up so you can see all the parts are there-Both untested

Lot#: 306

2 XBox 360 Guitars

-One is boxed, the other is loose-Original game is missing from the box, so I put an AC/DC one in there-Both untested

Lot#: 307

1991 Comic Ball 2 Collectors Album

- sets 1 & 2, Upper Deck- Looney Tunes Baseball Collectors Album set

Lot#: 308

1992 Comic Ball 3 Collectors Album

- sets 1 and 2, Upper Deck- Looney Tunes Baseball Collectors Album set

Lot#: 309

RCM 1975 Silver Dollars

- commemorates RCMP 1873-1973- in RCM case

Lot#: 310

1992 Donruss McDonalds MVP Baseball Cards

- 32 unopened packs

Lot#: 311

1996 Denny's Full Motion Hologram Baseball Cards

- 14 unopened packs

Lot#: 312

1992 JOGO CFL Packs

- 16 unopened packs- 10 cards per pack

Lot#: 313

1990 Upper Deck Comic Ball Cards

- 12 unopened packs

Lot#: 314

1991 Batman Returns Topps Stadium Club Cards

- 12 unopened packs

Lot#: 315

The Little Mermaid Meets Plasm

- 1991 ProSet Disney The Little Mermaid, 12 unopened packs- 1993 The River Group Plasm Zero Issue, 4 unopened packs

Lot#: 316

1992 Hildebrandt PrismSubset Chase Cards

- 3 x PI Dracula, 1 in hard case- P2 Poe, in hard case- P6 Alice, in hard case

Lot#: 317

1984 O-Pee-Chee Steve Yzerman Rookie

- Detroit Red Winds, in hard case- 2 x Steve Yzerman 93-94 cards

Lot#: 318

1992 Beauty and The Beast Pro Set

- 2 full sets

Lot#: 319

1992 Spiderman 30th Anniversary

- Marvel Comics- 4 cards in protective sleeves

Lot#: 320

XMen and Death Watch

- 1998 X-Men Skybox cards (Storm, Rogue, Prof. X, Sentimals)- 1993 Classic Games Deathwatch - 2 cards

Lot#: 321

Elvis, Garfield and The Man of Steel

- 1978 Garfield Skybox halogram, 2 cards- 1993 Elvis halogram promo card- 1993 Bloodlines The Man of Steel

Lot#: 322

1990 Eric Lindros Rookie Cards

- Score #440- 2 cards in hard cases

Lot#: 323

1992-93 McDonalds All Stars

- 48 unopened packs, Upper Deck

Lot#: 324

1993 McDonalds All NBA Fantasy

- 12 unopened packs, Upper Deck

Lot#: 325

Bowman Major League Baseball Cards

- 1994 - 24 packs, sealed- 1995 - likely 24 packs, sealed

Lot#: 326

McDonalds MVP Chicklist

- 1991 Upper Deck Cal Ripkin Jr.card, in sleeve- 1992 McDonalds MVP Checklist, 26 cards, in case

Lot#: 327

Eric Lindros Cards

- 1990 Oshawa Generals card, in hard case- 1992 Flyers card, in hard case- promo card in hard case

Lot#: 328

Bobby Orr Stanley Cup Hero

- score card, 1991, in hard case

Lot#: 329

Hockey Greats

- Owen Nolan, Score 91 card, signed, in sleeve- Pavel Bure Rookie card, 91-92,Gillette series, in hard case- Mario Lemieux, 92 Flashback card, numbered

Lot#: 330

NHL All Star Stamps

- 50th All-Star game commemorative stamp folder, 2000- NHL All-Stars commemorative stamp folder, 2001

Lot#: 331

1992 Donruss Baseball Series

- major league baseball series 1 and 2- both boxes factory sealed

Lot#: 332

1992 Baseball Bubble Gum Cards

- O-Pee-Chee, factory sealed- 2 boxes

Lot#: 333

1992 Fleer Ultra Baseball Cards

- 36 packs in factory sealed box- series II

Lot#: 334

Pre Rookie '91 AAA Baseball Cards

- Line Drive, 3 boxes- all factory sealed

Lot#: 335

Pre Rookie '91 AAA Baseball Cards

- Line Drive, 2 boxes- all factory sealed

Lot#: 336

Pre Rookie '91 AA Baseball Cards

- Line Drive, 2 boxes- factory sealed

Lot#: 337

Pre Rookie '91 AA Baseball Cards

- Line Drive, 1 box- factory sealed

Lot#: 338

Topps and Donruss Baseball Cards

- 1992 Donruss Blue Jays World Series set, factory sealed- Topps Stadium Club, 50 card box, 1994

Lot#: 339

1995 Upper Deck Football Box

- 12 cards per pack, 36 packs per box- factory sealed

Lot#: 340

1993 Upper Deck MBB Box

- 1993 major league baseball, series 1- factory sealed

Lot#: 341

Members Only Baseball Cards

- 1995 Topps Members Only 50 card box- 1996 Topps Members Only 50 card box

Lot#: 342

Upper Deck Hockey Cards

- 1990-92 NHL Hockey High # Series, factory sealed- 1991-92 NHL Hockey High # Series, 200 card box

Lot#: 343

1992 Skybox Marvel Universe

- Series 3, full box, factory sealed

Lot#: 344

1992 Marvel Masterpieces SkyBox Box

- numbered box, limited edition- factory sealed

Lot#: 345

1993 Marvel Masterpieces SkyBox Box

- numbered box, limited edition- factory sealed

Lot#: 346

Upper Deck The Valiant Era Box

- 1993, 8 cards per pack, 36 packs per box- factory sealed

Lot#: 347

DC Comics Bloodlines Box

- SkyBox, 1993- factory sealed

Lot#: 348

1992 Doomsday The Death of Superman

- SkyBox, factory sealed

Lot#: 349

1993 Star Trek SkyBox Master Series

- 2 boxes, factory sealed

Lot#: 350

1991 Disney Collector Cards

- Impel box, factory sealed

Lot#: 351

1991 Disney Collector Cards

- Impel box, factory sealed

Lot#: 352

1992 Disney Collector Cards

- SkyBox, Series 2, factory sealed

Lot#: 353

1992 Disney Aladdin Collectible Story Cards

- Panini box, factory sealed

Lot#: 354

1994 Disney The Lion King

- SkyBox, 16 cards per pack, 24 packs per box- factory sealed

Lot#: 355

1991 Minnie 'n Me Collector Cards

- Impel box, factory sealed

Lot#: 356

1993 Flintstones NFL Collector Cards

- Cardz box, factory sealed

Lot#: 357

1993 Flintstones NFL Collector Cards

- Cardz box, factory sealed

Lot#: 358

1993 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

- SkyBox, 1 box sealed, 1 box opened

Lot#: 359

1990 Upper Deck Looney Tunes

- Series 1, Limited Edition, comic ball cards- factory sealed

Lot#: 360

1992 Comic Ball 3 Cards

- 2 boxes, both factory sealed- Upper Deck

Lot#: 361

1992 Comic Ball 2 Cards

- Upper Deck, factory sealed

Lot#: 362

1992 Parkhurst NHL

- full box, factory sealed- Series 2

Lot#: 363

1992 Legends of Indy

- full box, limited edition

Lot#: 364

1992 Original 6 Hockey Cards

- full box, factory sealed

Lot#: 365

1991 Parkhurst NHL Cards

- Series 1, factory sealed box

Lot#: 366

1991 Parkhurst NHL Cards

- Series 1, factory sealed

Lot#: 367

1992-93 Parkhurst NHL Jumbo Pack

- Series 1, 25 cards per pack, 25 packs- factory sealed

Lot#: 368

1990-92 NHL Hockey Cards

- Upper Deck, factory sealed box

Lot#: 369

1990-92 NHL Hockey Cards

- Upper Deck, factory sealed box

Lot#: 370

1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier Hockey

- full box, factory sealed

Lot#: 371

1992-93 Fleer Hockey Cards

- full box, factory sealed

Lot#: 372

1992-93 NHL Hockey Cards

- Pinnacle Score, factory sealed

Lot#: 373

1991-92 NHL ProSet Series II

- full box, factory sealed

Lot#: 374

1991 NHL ProSet Cards

- 'The Hottest Cards on Ice'- english edition, factory sealed

Lot#: 375

1991 NHL ProSet Cards

- 'Les Cartes Des Pros Du Hockey'- french edition, factory sealed

Lot#: 376

1991 Stadium Club Topps Hockey Cards

- premium cards, full box

Lot#: 377

1991-92 NHL Series II Cards

- ProSet Platinum edition- full box, factory sealed

Lot#: 378

1991-92 NHL Series I Cards

- ProSet Platinum edition- full box, factory sealed

Lot#: 379

1991-92 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Cards

- 2 boxes, complete with bubble gum

Lot#: 380

1991 NHL Score Cards

- full box, Series 2

Lot#: 381

1995-96 Score Pinnacle Hockey Cards

- full box, 12 cards per pack, 36 packs per box

Lot#: 382

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- Pro-Index collecting system- brand new

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