Collectors #40 - Vintage & Collectible Toys

Thursday February 21, 2019 | 2910 9th Street East. Glencoe, MN. US. 55336

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Lot#: 46441890

Mighty-Tonka Dozer


Lot#: 46441891

Tonka dozer with broken lift cylinder and broken roll cage


Lot#: 46441892

Tonka grader


Lot#: 46441893

Tonka turbo-diesel dump truck


Lot#: 46441894

2 Tonka cranes red


Lot#: 46441895

Nylint farms pickup and trailer


Lot#: 46441896

Tonka pickup dump truck


Lot#: 46441897

Nylint farms pickup and trailer


Lot#: 46441930

Packard Caribbean and other assorted model cars


Lot#: 46441898

Mighty-Tonka dump truck


Lot#: 46441931

Ford Thunderbird, Chevrolet Impala and other assorted model cars


Lot#: 46441899

Tonka pickup dump truck


Lot#: 46441932

Schwans semi with sound buttons, NAPA semi, Ford 1918 Runabout semi


Lot#: 46441933

NFL collectable semi double trailers 4


Lot#: 46441934

Featherlite American Family Insurance semis 3


Lot#: 46441935

Peterbilt side dump, Peterbilt day cab with ag hopper trailer, Peterbilt car hauler tractor


Lot#: 46441936

Sunnyside LTD model cars


Lot#: 46441937

NFL collectable semi double trailers 5


Lot#: 46441938

Tonka Pickups 3


Lot#: 46441939

Chevrolet and other assorted pickups


Lot#: 46441940

Chevrolet tow truck and other assorted pickups


Lot#: 46441941

Ford Runabout semi 2 flatbed trucks hauling rail cars


Lot#: 46441942

Citroen and other cars


Lot#: 46441943

NASCAR #24 car with light and sound buttons and NASCAR #29 car


Lot#: 46441944

Tonka Ace Hardware semi and GMC Mac quality tools semi


Lot#: 46441945

Structo Auto Haul car hauler semi


Lot#: 46441946

Tonka Silver Edition 25th Anniversary dump truck


Lot#: 46441947

Model ship


Lot#: 46441948

2 horse team and covered wagon


Lot#: 46441949

18 mule hitch pulling 2 wagons, 2 wooden stage coaches

Sold as is. handle with care

Lot#: 46442000

Fire Truck pedal car with ladders


Lot#: 46442001

Murray Trac turbo drive pedal tractor


Lot#: 46442002

McCormick Farmall M with plastic seat and steering wheel


Lot#: 46442003

Yellow and white two tone pedal car with doll


Lot#: 46442004

Classic Limited Edition pedal car


Lot#: 46442005

McCormick Farmall Super H pedal tractor with plastic seat steering wheel and fenders


Lot#: 46441950

Volkswagen and other assorted cars


Lot#: 46441951

Cat RC loader and New Bright Power Horse RC dozer


Lot#: 46441952

City Transport Larkin & Newton Anchor Biscuits wooden passenger bus


Lot#: 46441953

2 model ships


Lot#: 46441954

Tonka Bell System utilities truck


Lot#: 46441955

Tonka dump trucks 2


Lot#: 46441956

Nylint pickup and trailer

Missing front grill

Lot#: 46441957

Tonka Flying T Ranch plastic pickup and trailer


Lot#: 46441958

Tonka crawler loader with backhoe


Lot#: 46441959

Tonka construction dump truck


Lot#: 46441960

Tonka pickups 2


Lot#: 46441961

Tonka crane truck and Tonka pickup truck


Lot#: 46441962

Tonka fire truck plastic motorized


Lot#: 46441963

Mighty-Tonka dump truck and Tonka turbo-diesel dump truck


Lot#: 46441964

Mighty-Tonka dump truck and Tonka mighty-diesel dump truck


Lot#: 46441965

Tonka dump trucks-2


Lot#: 46441966

Tonka gas-turbine belly dump semi and Tonka grader


Lot#: 46441967

Tonka turbo-diesel dump truck and Mighty-Tonka dump truck


Lot#: 46441968

Structo Vista Dome Horse Van semi


Lot#: 46441969

Tonka dump trucks 2


Lot#: 46441970

Tonka Wreckers tow truck


Lot#: 46441971

Tonka fire trucks 2


Lot#: 46441972

Mighty-Tonka dump truck and Tonka dump truck


Lot#: 46441973

Nylint Aerial Hook and Ladder fire truck


Lot#: 46441974

Tonka Forklift


Lot#: 46441975

Tonka army Jeeps 3 and Fighting Machines tank


Lot#: 46441976

Mighty-Tonka Motorized plastic loader dump truck, Mighty-Tonka Motorized power loader, Tonka crawler


Lot#: 46441977

Thank you for bidding.


Lot#: 46441978

Tonka crane truck and other plastic Army toys

Sold as is. Tonka crane truck has been painted green

Lot#: 46441979

Tonka crawler loader with backhoe and Tonka grader


Lot#: 46441980

Tonka Vintage Winnebago Indian campers 2


Lot#: 46441981

Mighty-Tonka Car Carrier semi


Lot#: 46441982

Tonka Pickups, Tonka Station Wagon, Jeeps


Lot#: 46441861

Thank you for bidding. Important Information, please read. Do not bid on this lot.

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Lot#: 46441983

Tonka turbo-diesel grader with wing


Lot#: 46441862

Mighty-Tonka grader with wind


Lot#: 46441984

Mighty-Tonka T-9 Dozer and Tonka mighty-diesel excavator


Lot#: 46441863

Mighty-Tonka tow truck


Lot#: 46441985

Tonka excavator and Mighty-Tonka loader


Lot#: 46441864

Tonka crane truck


Lot#: 46441986

Tonka dozer and Tonka dover missing both tracks and broken roll cage


Lot#: 46441865

Mighty-Tonka Roller


Lot#: 46441987

Tonka small dozer and Tonka Chevy pickup dump truck


Lot#: 46441866

Ertl Transtar dump truck with hydraulic dump


Lot#: 46441988

Tonka crawler loader with backhoe, grader, dozer, 2 forklifts


Lot#: 46441900

Tonka turbo-diesel dump truck


Lot#: 46441867

Tonka fire truck


Lot#: 46441989

Tonka loaders 2 with plastic buckets


Lot#: 46441901

Tonka Hydraulic pickup dump truck


Lot#: 46441868

Mighty-Tonka tow truck


Lot#: 46441902

Tonka Allied Van Lines semi and Bigfoot monster truck semi hauler


Lot#: 46441869

Tonka backhoe


Lot#: 46441903

Nylint GM goodwrench parts truck, Tonka pickup camper, RC Jeep Rubicon PT cruiser

Tonka pickup camper has broken windshield, Jeep does not have controller

Lot#: 46441904

Tonka cement mixer, Tonka cement mixer, Nylint cement mixer, 2 Buddy L school buses 2 flats

One school bus has broken windshield and other is missing front axle

Lot#: 46441905

Tonka dump trucks, Ertl dump truck, smaller assorted dump trucks, 2 flats


Lot#: 46441906

Tonka trucks and other assorted trucks


Lot#: 46441907

Tonka fire trucks


Lot#: 46441908

Tonka loaders


Lot#: 46441909

Tonka graders


Lot#: 46441990

Nylint semi


Lot#: 46441991

Hardware Hank car and other cars


Lot#: 46441870

Tonka turbo-diesel dump truck


Lot#: 46441992

Tonka pickup dump truck and Tonka pickup with backhoe


Lot#: 46441871

Tonka Jeepster yellow and pink Tonka Jeepster


Lot#: 46441993

Tonka turbo-diesel crane truck


Lot#: 46441872

Tonka turbo-diesel dump truck


Lot#: 46441994

Tonka turbo-diesel crane truck


Lot#: 46441873

Nylint emergency truck


Lot#: 46441995

Tonka turbo-diesel crane truck


Lot#: 46441874

Mighty-Tonka tow truck, missing rear arms


Lot#: 46441996

Adams diesel motor grader missing balde


Lot#: 46441875

Tonka turbo-diesel dump truck


Lot#: 46441997

Little Pro golf car peddle car with clubs and bag on back


Lot#: 46441876

Tonka dump truck


Lot#: 46441998

Police peddle car


Lot#: 46441877

2 Union Pacific die-cast railroad sets


Lot#: 46441910

Tonka shovel


Lot#: 46441999

Jumping horse with bent metal (possibly homemade) spring


Lot#: 46441878

Mighty-Tonka dump truck


Lot#: 46441911

Tonka cement mixer


Lot#: 46441879

Mighty-Tonka Dozer


Lot#: 46441912

Tonka grader with wing


Lot#: 46441913

John Deere 4960 with rear duals, Ertl John Deere #5506


Lot#: 46441914

John Deere 1915 Model R #559 John Deere Ford coin bank and 1920's Wayne gas pump


Lot#: 46441915

John Deere tractors and wagon, 2 flats

Sold as is. some steering wheels missing

Lot#: 46441916

International tractors and plow, Hubley tractor, 2 flats


Lot#: 46441917

John Deere tractors, planter, skidloader, small square baler

Sold as is. square baler chute it broken, hitch to planter is broken

Lot#: 46441918

International tractors and wagons


Lot#: 46441919

Ford tractors and 1 has a plow

Sold as is. one steering is broken

Lot#: 46441880

Tonka dozer with broken lift cylinders


Lot#: 46441881

Tonka backhoe


Lot#: 46441882

Mighty-Tonka Dozer


Lot#: 46441883

Mighty-Tonka dump truck


Lot#: 46441884

Tonka police Jeepster and pink Tonka Jeepster


Lot#: 46441885

Mighty-Tonka mighty-diesel dump truck


Lot#: 46441886

Tonka Hydraulic dump truck


Lot#: 46441887

Tonka-Dump truck


Lot#: 46441920

John Deere tractors, disk, dozer, and Tonka loader tractor


Lot#: 46441888

Tonka pickup red with broken windshield and green flatbed Tonka Pickup


Lot#: 46441921

Tonka pickups and other toy trucks and a hunting bank


Lot#: 46441889

Mighty-Tonka dump truck


Lot#: 46441922

NRHA Bud King dragsters


Lot#: 46441923

Tonka Car Carrier


Lot#: 46441924

MGA Bratz bus


Lot#: 46441925

John Deere 9620 Ertl RC four wheel drive tractor

Includes controller and charger

Lot#: 46441926

Allis-Chalmers Milwaukee bank truck, Pepsi Cola bank truck, Big Bear family centers bank trucks


Lot#: 46441927

Wayne gas pump mechanical coin bank, Red Crown Lockheed Orion airplane bank


Lot#: 46441928

Texaco bank truck and gas pump, assorted Texaco coin bank trucks


Lot#: 46441929

Mustang diecast model cars, Chrysler model cars, Dodge model cars


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