Day 3 - 2019 June Public Auction

BidCal, Inc | Online Auction
Wednesday June 12, 2019 | Chico, CA. US. 95973
<b>All Lots ? AS IS WHERE IS.All lots are available for inspection prior to biddingNo guarantees or warranties of any kind.</b><b>NOTE! This auction has a 3 DAY CLOSE!</b> <b>Day 1 Auction:</b> 15% Buyer's Premium applies to all lots in Day 1.<b>Day 2 Auction:</b> 10% Buyer's Premium applies to all lots with a maximum cap of $1,500 per lot. <b>Day 3 Auction:</b> 15% Buyer's Premium applies to all lots in Day 3. Remember- you must refresh (F5) your screen in order to see the most current bid!<b>AS IS ? WHERE IS!</b><b>HOUR METER:</b> BidCal post only what the hour meter indicates. Unless otherwise noted, actual hours have not been confirmed and is up to the buyer to determine condition and hours of what they are bidding on. <b>BIDDING STARTS:</b> 8 AM (PST) Saturday, June 8th, 2019.<b>BIDDING CLOSES:</b> Lots will have a "STAGGERED" and "SOFT CLOSE".BIDS PLACED VIA ONLINE BIDDING SERVICES ARE FIRM COMMITMENTS TO PURCHASE AND MAY NOT BE CANCELED OR RETRACTED FOR ANY REASON.<b>THIS AUCTION HAS A 3 DAY CLOSE!</b>Day 1 (Dealer & Dismantlers Only) Auction Lots Close: <b>Monday, June 10th at TBA</b>Day 2 (Equipment & Implements) Auction Lots Close: <b>Tuesday, June 11th at TBA</b>Day 3 (Vehicles & Misc.) Auction Lots Close: <b>Wednesday, June 12th at TBA</b><b>LOCATION:</b> <b> <a href="">27 Freight Lane, Chico, CA</a></b>. NOTE: Some lots are located OFF SITE at a different location. Please see the Off Site lot description for specific inspection and pickup information. <b>Load Out:</b> Last Day to Pay or Deposit: Friday, June 14th @ 3 PMLast Day to Pick Up: Friday, June 21st @ 3 PMYard Hours are Monday - Friday: 8 AM to 3 PM<b>INSPECTION:</b> NOTE: Some lots are located OFF SITE and not available for preview as indicated below. Please see the Off Site lot description for specific inspection and pickup information. Saturday, June 8th - 8 AM to 1 PM Sharp!Monday, June 10th thru Wednesday, June 12th - 8 AM to 3 PM Sharp!This is an Auction House!! The buyer is responsible to determine the condition of the lot they are bidding on. The Auction House is Not!! All items are being sold AS IS WHERE IS! Items are Available for Inspection!! BidCal, Inc. will pass on any information, good or bad, that the seller gives to us in describing the items. However, it is up to buyer to determine the condition of the lot they are bidding on. BidCal, Inc. assumes no responsibility in the accuracy of the descriptions.<b>ALL BIDDERS MUST REGISTER</b> All bidders will be required to submit credit card information in order to register. <b>DON?T WANT TO TAKE THE TIME TO REGISTER? <a href="">CLICK HERE!</a></b><b>DEPOSIT:</b> (APPLIES TO DAY 3 ONLY, SEE OTHER DAY'S FOR THEIR DEPOSIT TERMS)Bidders that are new, out of state or international, and do not have a long history with BidCal, authorizes BidCal to charge their card on file a $100 fully refundable deposit <u>OR</u> 10% of the anticipated bid price <u>prior to bidding.</u> <b>BUYERS PREMIUM AND SALES TAX:</b> <b>Day 1 Auction:</b> 15% Buyer's Premium applies to all lots in Day 1.<b>Day 2 Auction:</b> 10% Buyer's Premium applies to all lots with a maximum cap of $1,500 per lot. <b>Day 3 Auction:</b> 15% Buyer's Premium applies to all lots in Day 3.Applicable California Sales tax of 7.25% will apply UNLESS:? <a href="">Farm Tax Partial Exemption Certificate:</a> Reduces Sales Tax to 2.25% for qualified purchases. ? <a href="">Resale License & Certificate:</a> Removes all sales tax for qualified resale purposes.? <a href="">Bill of Lading / Out of State Buyers:</a> If you are purchasing from out of state and do not wish to pay the California Sales Tax you must have your items shipped through a qualified 3rd Party Trucking Company and fill out the <a href="">Authorization of Release Form</a>. A Bill of Lading from the trucking company must be provided to BidCal at time of pickup. Again, the trucking company must be from a legitimate 3rd party trucking company (You can?t just send a friend down and say they are trucking for you . . . even you good folks up in Oregon!).? DMV Items: Sales tax will be determined by your address used for the registration. <b>PAYMENT:</b>?Last Day to Pay or Deposit: Friday, June 14th @ 3 PM?Cash, Certified Check or Wired Funds will be accepted. ?A service provider fee of 3% will apply to all credit card payments. Purchases may be paid by Visa, Discover or MasterCard.?We will NO LONGER accept American Express for payment under any circumstances!?A BidCal representative will be at <b><a href="">27 Freight Lane, Chico, CA</a></b> with your invoice and will be available to collect payment there.?Payments for invoices totaling less than $1000 must be paid by 3PM <b>Friday, June 14th</b>. For invoices totaling $1000 or more, a deposit of $1000 or 10%, whichever is greater, must be made by <b>Friday, June 14th</b>, at 3PM and the balance by <b>Friday, June 21st</b> at 3 PM. BidCal, Inc. reserves the right to use the bidder's credit card on file for payment in part or in full for any successful bids after 3PM on Friday, June 14th.?Interest will accrue starting Saturday, June 22nd.?Purchases made by non ? certified funds will not be released until funds are cleared by the bank and may take up to 10 business days. ?<b>NOTE:</b> Any business that receives more than $10,000 in "CASH" in one transaction or in two or more related transactions must file IRS Form 8300. Therefore, if you fall in this category, be prepared to provide BidCal with your SS# and Drivers License so we can fill out the report. ?Bidders that are new or that do not have a long history with BidCal, and wish to pay with a credit card, must be present to pick up their items and have the credit card and photo ID with them. ?In the case of Buyer Default, the buyer's credit card will be charged for the full amount of the invoice. Then the item(s) will be resold and the buyer will be charged a 25% relisting fee plus applicable commission. If in the course of a transaction any amount due to BidCal is declined, BidCal will continue to run your card for lower amounts until a transaction is completed. Any and all fees and or actions that the buyers bank implements including but not limited to: surcharges, overdraft charges, account seizures, etc, are the sole responsibility of the buyer. The purchaser hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BidCal, Inc., and the seller, against any and all liability, loss, costs, damages and other expenses arising from the buyer failure to comply with the terms of the auction. By bidding in this auction and accepting these terms, you are hereby authorizing BidCal to charge your Credit Card as stated in these posted terms. <b>ITEM PICKUP:</b>?All items must be removed by Friday, June 21st at 3 PM! Our normal business hours are 8 AM to 3 PM weekdays. ?<b>LOCATION:</b> <b> <a href="">27 Freight Lane, Chico, CA</a></b>. NOTE: Some lots are located OFF SITE at a different location. Please see the Off Site lot description for specific inspection and pickup information. ?DMV Items: In an effort to reduce the time waiting to do paperwork the BidCal offers appointments to complete paperwork. To make an appointment call the BidCal office once you have won your item. 30 minute appointments are available Monday - Friday 8 AM to 3 PM.?Note! Even though you may pick up the week following the auction, we will run your card for your purchases unless you have made prior arrangements. ?Except for large equipment that is waiting to be exported, the absolute drop dead date for removal is <b>Friday, June 21st</b> at <b>3</b> PM. ?Any items remaining after the above specified time are considered abandoned and forfeited and at which time any and all rights of the buyer will become null and void.?Forklifts <b>will be available to assist with loadout</b>.*** BidCal now offers forklift assistance in dismantling of harvesters for long distance transport if requested. Minimum charge for this service is $500 payable prior to service rendered.?BidCal does not offer postal shipping of any items. All items must be picked up in person or by an accredited 3rd party shipping company. BidCal does not package or prepare items for shipping. If you need help arranging for a trucking company please call the BidCal Office and we can give you some suggestions of who to contact to pick up your items. <b>BidCal Pickup Policy</b>If anyone other than you is picking up your auction item(s), please fill out the Authorization of Release form <a href="">(Click Here)</a> so we can release your item(s) to the authorized agent. You may return the form via email to [email protected] or fax it back to us at (530) 891-0683. To prevent delays in pickup, please submit the form prior to showing up at the auction site. Those bidders who are paying by credit card and have a 3rd party picking up must sign their credit card slip prior to BidCal releasing their items. Receipts can be emailed or faxed to the Bidder. If your driver shows up without an Authorization of Release and your credit card slip is not signed he may have to go ?get lunch? until we sort out the paperwork.<b>LOAD OUT:</b>Bring the appropriate vehicle to pick up your items! Don't ask us to help load an elephant into the back seat of a Volkswagen!! By not bringing the appropriate vehicle for load out, you tie up our forklifts and manpower for the rest of our customers causing a delay in their load out.<a href="">Click here</a> to see examples of inappropriate vehicles brought to auction for load out!Also, BidCal crew will not assist in driving rolling stock onto trailers, offer suggestions on how to load, where to place or how to tie down your purchases. By accepting these terms, Buyer agrees that Buyer is solely responsible for safely moving, loading, removing from the auction site and transporting the above item(s) on Buyer?s equipment in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Any assistance given by Auctioneer or its staff in loading such items onto Buyer?s equipment will be at Buyer?s direction and sole risk and will not absolve Buyer from Buyer?s sole responsibility for safely moving, loading, removing and transporting such item(s). Buyer shall defend, indemnify and hold Auctioneer harmless from any and all damages or claims of others arising from Buyer?s breach of Buyer?s obligations set forth above. <b>PURCHASE OF VEHICLES:</b> BidCal, Inc. is a California licensed automobile dealer. <b>NOTE! Your vehicle will be registered in the name of the person or business registered to the online bidder account. No exceptions. No changes. Please confirm that the correct name and address for the person or business you want to register the vehicle with is updated on the website prior to the close of the auction. We will not be changing any information at the window when you come to pay for and register your vehicle. If you request you name or address to be changed at the window there will be a $50 change of information service fee.</b>? In an effort to reduce the time waiting to do paperwork the BidCal offers appointments to complete paperwork. To make an appointment call the BidCal office once you have won your item. 30 minute appointments are available Monday - Friday 8 AM to 3 PM. <b>BUYER FEES:</b>1. A $70.00 processing fee will be added to the sale of any items involving titles, registration, any DMV documentation or processing. 2. A $48.25 fee for smog inspection and certificate will be assessed (if applicable) 3. Applicable sales tax on all items including vehicles will be collected. 4. On titled vehicles, BidCal, Inc. will collect all appropriate DMV fees and register the vehicle for you. It is possible that the DMV fees due are more or less than is estimated on the contract. Any additional fees due to DMV will be the buyer's responsibility.<a href="">Click on this link</a> for more information and a full list of DMV Fees:California law does not provide for a "cooling off" or other cancellation period for vehicles. Therefore, you cannot later cancel a contract simply because you change your mind, decide the vehicle costs too much, or wish you had acquired another vehicle.Certified funds must be received prior to the processing or release of DMV documents. IN-USE OFF-ROAD DIESEL VEHICLES (Off-Road Diesel Vehicles over 25 Hp)When operated in California, any off-road diesel vehicle may be subject to the California Air Resources Board In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation. It therefore could be subject to retrofit or accelerated turnover requirements to reduce emissions of air pollutants. For more information, please visit the California Air Resources Board website at HEAVY-DUTY DIESEL-FUELED VEHICLES (Diesel Trucks that are registered with the DMV, >14,000 GVWR, and not RETIRED)?An on-road heavy-duty diesel or alternative-diesel vehicle operated in California may be subject to the California Air Resources Board Regulation to Reduce Particulate Matter and Criteria Pollutant Emissions from In-Use Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles. It, therefore, could be subject to exhaust retrofit or accelerated turnover requirements to reduce emissions of air pollutants.? For more information, please visit the California Air Resources Board website at<b>BID INCREMENTS:</b><br>$5 - $99 Increment is $5<br>$100 - $249 Increment is $10<br>$250 - $999 Increment is $25<br>$1,000 - $9,999 Increment is $50<br>$10,000 or more Increment is $100<br><b>POLICY ON BUY BACKS:</b>There isn't one! If an auction has buybacks, then it "aint" an auction!!If you are aware of a seller bidding on their own item, call Rob 530-345-0840 immediately. The seller will be banned from selling in future auctions. If buyers feel they may be bidding against the seller, the whole business model of the auction is jeopardized. Therefore, BidCal does not tolerate any seller "hanky panky" or buybacks!<b>ASSISTANCE:</b>Please call BidCal, Inc. @ (530) 345-0840 or <a href="">click here</a> to send us an email. <b>OTHER TERMS:</b>1. You are responsible for knowing and understanding these terms.1A. <b>Although BidCal, Inc. has taken extraordinary steps to prevent technical failures in the Online Auction business, if a technical failure does occur, BidCal, Inc. reserves the right to extend or alter the closing time of a particular auction in order to preserve the intentions of the buyers and sellers.</b>1B. According to the California State Board Of Equalization, the Buyers Premium is considered part of the purchase price and is required to be taxed.2. All articles of merchandise are offered "As Is, Where Is" in units of measure as announced at the time of sale. No claim will be considered for allowance adjustment or rescission of any sale based upon the failure of the property to correspond to any particular standards or expectations of the buyer. The auctioneer reserves the right to group, modify, increase, diminish or delete lots at his sole and absolute discretion. While descriptions are believed correct, the Auctioneers or Owners make no warranties or guarantees as to genuineness, authenticity of, or defect in any lot and will not be held responsible for advertising discrepancies or inaccuracies. It is for this reason that buyers should avail themselves of the opportunity to make inspection prior to sale. All sales are final, when awarded to the successful bidder. Buyer accepts full responsibility for all purchases made and hold the Auction Company and Owners free of any liability in the event of theft or disappearance of any items purchased. All purchases must be checked out by an authorized Auction Company representative before leaving premises.3. The auctioneer may refuse to accept or acknowledge any bid which is merely a fractional advance over the preceding bid, and in the event of a tie bid, the auctioneer may reopen the bidding to determine the highest bidder. All sales are final upon the award of bid. THE FULL PURCHASE PRICE SHALL BE PAID SALE DAY AND IN ANY EVENT PRIOR TO THE REMOVAL OF ANY LOT. In the event the purchaser fails to pay the full purchase price for any lot within the prescribed time, or fails to comply with any other terms of sale, the auctioneer shall retain a possessory lien on all lots of the purchaser, and all of the purchaser's merchandise in the possession of the auctioneer. Purchaser shall pay all deficiencies resulting from such re-sale, together with all charges, fees, commissions and expenses in connection with such re-sale. The auction deposit shall be retained by the auctioneer for application against any such deficiency, expense or charge.4. PURCHASER SHALL MAKE HIS OWN ARRANGEMENTS FOR INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR ALL ITEMS PURCHASED.5. The purchaser hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BidCal, Inc. and the seller, against any and all liability, loss, costs, damages and other expenses arising from the loading out of equipment by BidCal, Inc. on the purchaser's behalf.6. No lots may be removed until the conclusion of the auction although invoices are available for payment at any time. All lots must be removed within the time announced or posted at the sale, at purchaser's sole cost and risk, and only in a manner approved by auctioneer. If for any reason the purchaser fails to remove any lot within the time specified, the lot shall be deemed abandoned, and the auctioneer may resell per Paragraph 3 above, or remove from the auction site, and/or store the said lots at purchaser's sole risk and expense. In addition, purchaser shall be liable for any rent incurred or damages suffered by auctioneer because of the purchaser's failure to timely remove any lot. Prior to the commencement of dismantling, rigging or cutting or any operation affecting buildings or land, purchaser shall furnish certificates, satisfactory to auctioneer, holding auctioneer harmless for any claims concerning damage or injury to persons or property arising out of any such acts. All equipment used in connection with removal, shall itself be removed with the purchased lots.7. Sales taxes will be added to purchase of all taxable items. Dealers who purchase for re-sale must pay said sales tax or provide a re-sale certificate to the auctioneer in the name of the registrant before items are removed from sale site. Purchaser must also comply with all local laws and all ordinances regarding sale of property at auction.8. All rights, privileges and powers reserved or granted to auctioneer in these Terms of Sale shall be deemed reserved and granted to auctioneer's employees, advertising representatives, and all owners for whom the lots are being sold.9. Auctioneer does not accept responsibility for the failure of any equipment sold to meet the safety standards on classifications of equipment by the Department of Labor Safety and Health Regulation, CALOSHA, Federal OSHA or the Environmental Protection Agencies. It is the express responsibility of the buyer to determine what safety equipment must be in service on any machinery purchased and to comply with these regulatory requirements prior to using any equipment, machinery or vehicles purchased from Auction.10. The purchaser may be responsible for obtaining a California Smog Certificate for any vehicle purchased. Buyer hereby certifies and acknowledges his/her understanding that a certificate of compliance is required to be obtained, certifying that any vehicle specified in subdivision (b) of Section 24007 of the Vehicle Code complies with the provisions of Part V (commencing with Section 43000) of Division 26 of the Health and Safety Code, before such vehicle may be registered in this state, unless the vehicle is sold to a dealer or for the purpose of being wrecked or dismantled or is sold exclusively for off highway use. Furthermore, buyer hereby agrees to indemnity and hold harmless BidCal, Inc. the registered owner, and the legal owner, against any and all liability, loss, cost, damages, fees of attorneys and other expenses arising from the purchase, acquisition, delivery or obtaining of certificate of compliance of any vehicle which does not comply with the California vehicle emission standard.11. In the event BidCal, Inc. is required to employ an attorney to enforce any term of the agreement, purchaser agrees to pay reasonable attorneys fees, in addition to all court costs.12. A bad check over $25 written to BidCal, Inc. will be prosecuted as a felony.13. When a bidder's awarded the "top bidder", that bidder instantly becomes the new owner of that item and is completely responsible for that item.</p>Auction Site FYI1.You are entering this Auction Site at your own risk and liability. BidCal Auctions assumes no risk or liability including injury, mishaps or stupid acts and/or behaviors of others. An Auction Site is a dangerous place with moving equipment and flammable substances. Please use extreme caution when entering this Auction Site.2.Children must be accompanied by a competent adult when entering this Auction Site.3.Do not operate equipment unless you are qualified to do so. Please consider your surroundings and safety of the others prior to operating equipment. 4.All loading and handling of items and equipment is at the risk of the buyer.5.BidCal employees are not authorized to load or unload mobile equipment. 6.No Dogs Allowed on the Auction Site.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. BidCal, Inc, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Test Lot

Lot#: 900

(DMV) 1973 Jeep CJ-6

Lot#: 901

(DMV) 1972 Chevy C-10 Cheyenne Pickup

Lot#: 902

(DMV) 2011 International Prostar +122 6x4 Semi Tr

Lot#: 903

(DMV) 2007 Ford F-550 XL Service Truck

Lot#: 904

(DMV) 1996 Bayliner Sierra Express 2452 & 1995 EZ

Lot#: 905

(DMV) 1980 Jeep

Lot#: 906

(DMV) 2001 Interstate West 6.5' x 14' Enclosed Tra

Lot#: 907

(DMV) 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup

Lot#: 908

(DMV) 2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty Ext. Cab XL Servi

Lot#: 909

(DMV) 2004 Tandem Tow HDXL Car Trailer

Lot#: 910

(DMV) 1997 POLAC Portable Welding Trailer

Lot#: 911

(DMV) Custom Pizza Oven & BBQ Trailer

Lot#: 912

(DMV) 2003 GMC 2500 HD Ext. Cab Service Truck

Lot#: 913

(DMV) 1990 Kenworth T800 Truck-Tractor

Lot#: 915

(DMV) 1986 International S1900 Service Truck

Lot#: 916

(DMV) 1994 International 4700 Dump Truck

Lot#: 917

(DMV) 2011 Dodge 3500 Dually Flat Bed

Lot#: 918

(DMV) 2015 Aluma 6.5' x 12' Trailer

Lot#: 919

(DMV) 2005 Chevrolet 3500 Flat Bed Dually

Lot#: 920

(DMV) 2006 GMC Sierra 3500 Ext. Cab Pickup

Lot#: 922

(DMV) 1986 Delta Tri-Cup Aluminum Boat with EZ Loa

Lot#: 923

(DMV) 2005 Ford Ranger Extra Cab

Lot#: 924

(DMV) 2008 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLE1 Pickup

Lot#: 925

(DMV) 2000 Ford Passenger Van

Lot#: 926

(DMV) 1963 Mille 8' W x 40' L 5th Wheel Trailer

Lot#: 927

(DMV) 2000 Sterling Water Truck

Lot#: 928

(DMV) Set of 1961 TRLMO Belly Dump Trailers

Lot#: 929

(DMV) 2007 Ford Passenger Van

Lot#: 930

(DMV) 1991 Monteray Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer

Lot#: 931

(DMV) 2000 Ford F-550 Service Truck

Lot#: 932

(DMV) 1979 Zieman 6' W x 14' L Tilt Trailer

Lot#: 933

(DMV) 1982 International Fire Truck

Lot#: 935

(DMV) 1971 Fruehauf Low Bed Trailer

Lot#: 936

(DMV) 1998 Great Dane 48' Dry Van Trailer

Lot#: 937

(DMV) 1987 Duplex Fire Engine

Lot#: 938

(DMV) 2002 Towmaster T-50 Equipment Trailer

Lot#: 939

(DMV) 1984 GMC C6500 Bobtail Dump Truck

Lot#: 940

(DMV) Project 1999 Diamond Back Airboat with Trail

Lot#: 941

(DMV) 1990 Ford FA8-8000 Boom Truck

Lot#: 943

(DMV) Project 2004 International 4300 Cab & Chassi

Lot#: 944

(DMV) 1990 Ford F350 Box Truck

Lot#: 945

(DMV) 1992 Circle J 6' x 10' Horse Trailer

Lot#: 947

(DMV) 1974 Peterbilt Water Truck

Lot#: 949

(DMV) 1985 GMC 1500 Pickup

Lot#: 950

(DMV) 1990 Ford Ranger XLT Pickup

Lot#: 951

(DMV) 1992 Dodge Cargo Van

Lot#: 952

(DMV) 1978 Toyota Flat Bed, Dually Pickup

Lot#: 953

(DMV) 2009 TNJIN Electric Utility Vehicle

Lot#: 954

(DMV) 1992 Ford F- Super Duty Fire Truck

Lot#: 956

(DMV) Custom Trailer

Lot#: 957

(DMV) 1994 Big Tex Trailer

Lot#: 960

OFF-SITE 28'W x 66"L Modular Building Modular Offi

Lot#: 961

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 962

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 963

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 964

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 965

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 967

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 968

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 969

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 970

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 971

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 972

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 973

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 974

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 977

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 978

OFF-SITE Lot of Assorted Furniture

Lot#: 1300

Cannon Safe

Lot#: 1300DR

OFF-SITE Ruger 10/22 .22LR

Lot#: 1301

Custom Wagon Wheel Bench

Lot#: 1302

(DMV) 2007 Saxon Warlord Motorcycle

Lot#: 1302A


Lot#: 1302DR

OFF-SITE Winchester RCBS INC 6mm Remington Rifle w

Lot#: 1303

Custom 3 Wheeler

Lot#: 1304

Fort Knox Safe

Lot#: 1304DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 70 .270 Rifle with Weave

Lot#: 1305

(DMV) 2005 BMW R1200RT Motorcycle

Lot#: 1306

Specialized Crosstrail Bike With Cycleops Stand an

Lot#: 1306DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 12 12 Gauge Full Choke 3

Lot#: 1307

(DMV) 1996 Zodiac Inflatable Boat

Lot#: 1308

Clifford, Black & Co. Model Stewart Wood Burning

Lot#: 1308DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 1300 12 Gauge Pump 2-3/4

Lot#: 1309

Honda 3000 Generator

Lot#: 1310

Johnson Seahorse 8.0 Motor

Lot#: 1310DR

OFF-SITE Remington Model 700 .257 Roberts Rifle wi

Lot#: 1311

Custom Wagon Wheel Bar with (6) Bar Stools

Lot#: 1312

Cannon Electric Down Rigger

Lot#: 1312DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 54 .270 WCF Rifle

Lot#: 1313

Daiwa Graphite Heartland S

Lot#: 1314

Custom Wagon Wheel Swing

Lot#: 1314DR

OFF-SITE Strum Ruger M77 .22-250 Rifle with Bushne

Lot#: 1315

(8) 3/4" Boxes of Shaw Epic Engineered Hardwood Fl

Lot#: 1316

7'6" Shimano Clarus Graphite Rod

Lot#: 1316DR

OFF-SITE Remington Model 1903 Rifle

Lot#: 1317

Vintage Coca Cola Cooler

Lot#: 1318

Set of West Marine Stainless Steel Upholstered Fol

Lot#: 1318DR

OFF-SITE .17 mm Rifle Make Unknown

Lot#: 1319

8' Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger BWD 2200

Lot#: 1320

Honda 2000 Generator

Lot#: 1320DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 1890 .22 Short Pump Rifl

Lot#: 1321

Wheelbarrow with Trash Can Filled with Assorted

Lot#: 1322

8' Pescato PMH Rod

Lot#: 1322DR

OFF-SITE Beretta Mark II 12 Gauge Single Shot Shot

Lot#: 1323

Craftsman Rolling Locking Tool Box Filled with Ass

Lot#: 1324

Rolling Torch Cart

Lot#: 1324DR

OFF-SITE .50 CAL Black Powder Rifle

Lot#: 1325

Shakespeare Ugly Stik USCC 2270ML 12-30 Lb.

Lot#: 1326

(3) Wire Crab Pots w/ Crab Gear

Lot#: 1326DR

OFF-SITE Remington Model 1100 12 Gauge Semi- Auto

Lot#: 1327

(2) Aluminum Loading Ramps

Lot#: 1328

Daiwa Graphite Heartland S

Lot#: 1328DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 70 .270 WCF Rifle with W

Lot#: 1329

Large Lot of Assorted Crab Pot Ropes

Lot#: 1329A

(3) Wire Crab Pots w/ Crab Gear

Lot#: 1330

Assorted Crabbing Equipment

Lot#: 1330DR

OFF-SITE Ruger 10/22 .22 LR Rifle

Lot#: 1331

8'6" G Loomis GL2 Rod

Lot#: 1332

Antique Air Compressor

Lot#: 1332A

(3) Wire Crab Pots w/ Crab Gear

Lot#: 1332DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 42 .410 Gauge Shotgun

Lot#: 1333

Antique Fire Alarm

Lot#: 1334

8'6" Daiwa Graphite Heartland S Rod

Lot#: 1334DR

OFF-SITE New England Gun Company Goose Gun 12 Gaug

Lot#: 1335

Antique Dolly with Antique Jack

Lot#: 1335A

(3) Wire Crab Pots w/ Crab Gear

Lot#: 1336

Large Lot, 3 shelves of Assorted Painting

Lot#: 1336DR

OFF-SITE Remington .30 Rifle

Lot#: 1337

7' Pescato Rod

Lot#: 1338

Craftsman 8.50 2800 PSI Pressure Washer

Lot#: 1338A

(3) Wire Crab Pots w/ Crab Gear

Lot#: 1338DR

OFF-SITE Browning BT-99 Special 12 Gauge Shotgun

Lot#: 1339

Folding Ladder

Lot#: 1340

(2) Bamboo Fishing Rods

Lot#: 1340DR

OFF-SITE Diana Model 48/52 .22 Caliber Sidelever S

Lot#: 1341

(2) Boxes of Assorted Lead Fishing Weights

Lot#: 1342

6" x 48" Craftsman Belt Sander & 9" Disc Sander/Gr

Lot#: 1342DR

OFF-SITE Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum Revolv

Lot#: 1343

7' Fenwick Voyageur Rod

Lot#: 1344

Rolling Cart of Assorted Nails, Screws, Nuts, Bolt

Lot#: 1344DR

OFF-SITE Waffenfabrik Mauser 9mm Pistol

Lot#: 1345

14" Craftsman Bandsaw & Craftsman 8" Bench Grinder

Lot#: 1346

Craftsman 3 HP 20 Gallon Air Compressor

Lot#: 1346DR

OFF-SITE Luger 9mm Pistol

Lot#: 1347

7' Cabela's E Glass Rod

Lot#: 1348

Rolling Cart of Assorted Nails, Screws, Nuts, Bolt

Lot#: 1348DR

OFF-SITE Franz Stock 7.65 Pistol

Lot#: 1349

6 1/8" Craftsman Joiner-Planner With Stand

Lot#: 1350

6'6" Daiwa Graphite Apollo Gold Rod

Lot#: 1350DR

OFF-SITE Hy Hunter Derringer .22 LR Pistol

Lot#: 1351

DeWalt Nail Gun with Charger

Lot#: 1352

Ryobi Tile Saw

Lot#: 1352DR

OFF-SITE Glock 22 .40 S&W Pistol

Lot#: 1353

Golden Sabre Rod

Lot#: 1354

Craftsman 150 PSI 6 Gallon Air Compressor

Lot#: 1354DR

OFF-SITE Hi-Standard Sentinel .22 LR Revolver

Lot#: 1355

Craftsman Shaper & Router

Lot#: 1356

7' Shakespeare Ugly Stik Rod

Lot#: 1356DR

OFF-SITE Beretta 1934 VT 9mm Pistol

Lot#: 1357

(2) Craftsman Hand Tool Set

Lot#: 1358

Craftsman Reciprocating Saw, Jigsaw, With Air Tool

Lot#: 1359

6'6" Shimano Trevala Jigging Rod

Lot#: 1360

Craftsman Professional Skill Saw w/ Assorted Tools

Lot#: 1360DR

OFF-SITE Dan Wesson Model CTG .44 Magnum Revolver

Lot#: 1361

Craftsman Oscillating Spindle Sander

Lot#: 1362

7' Daiwa Eliminator Rod

Lot#: 1362DR

OFF-SITE T Barker 20 Gauge Shotgun

Lot#: 1363

DeWalt Jig Saw

Lot#: 1364

Assorted Craftsman Drill Set, Skill Saw, and

Lot#: 1364DR

OFF-SITE Charles Daly Field II 12 Gauge Shotgun

Lot#: 1365

7' Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Rod

Lot#: 1366

Craftsman Professional Work Light Set with Stand &

Lot#: 1366DR

OFF-SITE Browning Citori Model L25 12 Gauge Shotgu

Lot#: 1367

Assorted Craftsman tools with Belt Sander, Detail

Lot#: 1368

6'6" Master Custom Striker Rod

Lot#: 1368DR

OFF-SITE Henry Repeating Arms .22 LR Rifle

Lot#: 1369

Assorted Craftsman Tools and Lights Including Batt

Lot#: 1370

M3000 Winch Accessory Kit

Lot#: 1370DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 70 .338-06 ACK IMP

Lot#: 1371

6'6" Fenwick K 254068 Rod

Lot#: 1372

Porter Cable Oscillating Multi-Tool & Craftsman Ha

Lot#: 1372DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 70 .257 Roberts Rifle wi

Lot#: 1373

DeWalt 20 Volt XR Brushless Battery Operated Nail

Lot#: 1374

7' Daiwa Graphite Grand Wave Rod

Lot#: 1374DR

OFF-SITE Wards Hercules Model 10 410 Gauge Shotgun

Lot#: 1375

Craftsman Router w/ Extra Parts

Lot#: 1376

Portable Camp Stove

Lot#: 1376DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 101 12 Gauge Shotgun

Lot#: 1377

Dremel Set

Lot#: 1378

15" Craftsman Drill Press

Lot#: 1378DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 70 .270

Lot#: 1379

Chest Filled With Animal Hide, Gun Cleaning

Lot#: 1380

Suburban Propane Camp Stove

Lot#: 1380DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 101 12 Gauge Shotgun

Lot#: 1381

Craftsman Scroll Saw & Bench Grinder

Lot#: 1382

Broil King Camp Grill

Lot#: 1382DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 70 .300 Magnum Rifle

Lot#: 1383

(2) Fuel Cans

Lot#: 1384

Assorted Sprayers

Lot#: 1384DR

OFF-SITE Beretta Model A303 12 Gauge Shotgun

Lot#: 1385

(3) Propane Tanks

Lot#: 1386

Craftsman Rolling Tool Box completely full of Ass

Lot#: 1386DR

OFF-SITE Browning Model A-Bolt .300 WSM Rifle

Lot#: 1387

Zodi Outback Gear Hot Tap X-40 On-Demand Hot Showe

Lot#: 1388

(2) Boxes of Road Flares

Lot#: 1388DR

OFF-SITE Thompson Center Arms .223 Remington Pisto

Lot#: 1389

Eberlestock RMEF Hunting & Trail Backpack

Lot#: 1390

Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera With Extra Lens, Tri-pod,

Lot#: 1390DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 52 .22 LR Rifle

Lot#: 1391

Assorted Bags & Backpacks

Lot#: 1392

Vintage Cash Register

Lot#: 1392DR

OFF-SITE Winchester Model 70 .257 Winchester Magnu

Lot#: 1393

Assorted Outdoor Books

Lot#: 1394

Assorted Hard & Soft Shell Gun Cases

Lot#: 1394DR

OFF-SITE Winchester 1866/1860 44 Cal Rifle

Lot#: 1395

San Blast Sand Blaster

Lot#: 1396

Motorcycle Stand

Lot#: 1396DR

OFF-SITE Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Pistol

Lot#: 1397

(2) Car Quest Buckets of Hydraulic Fluid

Lot#: 1398

Assorted Hard & Soft Shell Gun Cases

Lot#: 1398A

Barretta PxP Storm .177 CO2 Pistol-Pellet

Lot#: 1399

Craftsman Chop Table Saw

Lot#: 1400

Router with Stand & Buffer, Craftsman Chainsaw

Lot#: 1400A

Corosmaf Arms Co. .22 Caliber Bolt Action Pellet G

Lot#: 1401

Propane Heater

Lot#: 1402

Set of Ping Golf Clubs w/ Rolling Golf Caddy

Lot#: 1403

Set of Assorted Golf Clubs w/ Rolling Golf Caddy

Lot#: 1404

Assorted Gun Tools

Lot#: 1405

Zeiss Binoculars

Lot#: 1406

Assorted Misc. Items with Shooting Stand

Lot#: 1407

Assorted Black Powder Materials

Lot#: 1408

Assorted Scope Parts

Lot#: 1409AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (125) Nosler .270 Caliber 1

Lot#: 1410

Iverson Duck Call

Lot#: 1411

Assorted Gun Holsters & Clothes

Lot#: 1412AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (100) Nosler .25 Caliber 12

Lot#: 1413

Craftsman Shopvac with Filters

Lot#: 1414

Assorted Motorcycle Gear with Jacket

Lot#: 1415AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (175) Sierra Bullets .270 C

Lot#: 1416

Antique Wooden Chest

Lot#: 1417

Gun Cleaning Kit

Lot#: 1418AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (500) Sierra Bullets .25 Ca

Lot#: 1419

Assorted Ammunition Reloading & Cleaning Supplies

Lot#: 1420

Bushnell Scope, Weaver 1" Scope, SL100MAG Laser

Lot#: 1421AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (200) Nosler & Sierra Bulle

Lot#: 1422

Assorted (8) Hunting Knives

Lot#: 1423

BSA Binoculars

Lot#: 1424AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (650) Nosler .22 Caliber

Lot#: 1425

Assorted (6) Hunting Knives

Lot#: 1426

Assorted Knife Sharpener with Supplies

Lot#: 1427AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (50) Nosler .30 Caliber 220

Lot#: 1428

Assorted (10) Hunting Knives Assorted Hunting and

Lot#: 1429

Super Trainer Dog Shock Collar

Lot#: 1430AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (150) Speer .22 Caliber 45

Lot#: 1431

Binoculars with Phone Accessories

Lot#: 1432

Metal Shooting Target

Lot#: 1433AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (50) Speer .30 Caliber 180

Lot#: 1434

Rolling Bin of Assorted Lights, Scope Covers,

Lot#: 1435

Craftsman Garage Door Opener

Lot#: 1436AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (100) Nosler .30 Caliber 18

Lot#: 1437

Lasersite Rangefinder, Simmons Binoculars, &

Lot#: 1438

Assorted Fishing Nets

Lot#: 1439AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (150) Nosler .338 Caliber

Lot#: 1440

Assorted (2) Fishing Tackle Boxes with Lures & Sup

Lot#: 1441

Daiwa Sealine 50" Fishing Reel

Lot#: 1442AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (50) Nosler .338 Caliber 18

Lot#: 1443

Craftsman Shop Vac

Lot#: 1444

Daiwa Sealine SL30SH Fishing Reel

Lot#: 1445AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (200) Nosler .30 Caliber

Lot#: 1446

Assorted Crab Cooking Pots w/ Propane Burner

Lot#: 1447

Felt Sole Wading Shoes with Waders, Size:10

Lot#: 1448AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Approximately (80) .

Lot#: 1449

Assorted Crab Cooking Pots w/ Propane Burner

Lot#: 1450

Wader with Supply Vest

Lot#: 1451AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Vintage Mixed Brand

Lot#: 1452

Assorted Tackle

Lot#: 1453

Waders & Fishing Vest

Lot#: 1454AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Winchester .338

Lot#: 1455

Assorted Fishing Tackle and Bait

Lot#: 1456

Cabela's Fish Finder

Lot#: 1457AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Roberts .257 Caliber

Lot#: 1458

Assorted Fishing Tackle

Lot#: 1459

Craftsman Air Hose Reel

Lot#: 1460AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Winchester .45 Calib

Lot#: 1461

Penn Master Marina Fishing Reel

Lot#: 1462

Wooden Box With Assorted Fishing Lures & Tackle

Lot#: 1463AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Winchester .40 Smith

Lot#: 1464

Summit High Performance Toilet w/ Parts

Lot#: 1465

Penn Deep Sea Fishing Reel

Lot#: 1466AM

OFF-SITE Assorted .410 Gauge Shells

Lot#: 1467

Assorted Fishing Lures

Lot#: 1468

Penn Jigmaster Fishing Reel

Lot#: 1469AM

OFF-SITE Assorted Brands 9mm 115 Grain

Lot#: 1470

Assorted Camping Gear: Including a Stove, Tent, an

Lot#: 1471

Ritchie Compass

Lot#: 1472AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Ammunition Can Fille

Lot#: 1473

Black Magic Computer Accessory

Lot#: 1474

HJC HI-09 Motorcycle Helmet

Lot#: 1475AM

OFF-SITE Remington Buckshot 12 Gauge 2 3/4"

Lot#: 1476

Assorted Fishing Tackle

Lot#: 1477

Assorted Fishing Tackle

Lot#: 1478AM

OFF-SITE Crossman CO2 Powerlet's Assorted Ammuniti

Lot#: 1479

HJC HI-09 Motor Cycle Helmet

Lot#: 1480

DeWalt Battery Operated Nail Gun

Lot#: 1481AM

OFF-SITE Remington .357 Magnum 125 Grain

Lot#: 1482

Shurhold Clean-n-Simple Buffer and Assorted Crafts

Lot#: 1483

Project Antique Scale w/ Parts

Lot#: 1484AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components CCI .380 Auto 88 Gra

Lot#: 1485

Assorted Camping Gear. Including Plastic Wrapper,

Lot#: 1486

Assorted Camping Gear

Lot#: 1487AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Winchester .270 Cali

Lot#: 1488

12 x 10 Wall Tent With Stove Jack & 3 Enclosed Sid

Lot#: 1489

Assorted Golf Clubs w/ Bag

Lot#: 1490AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Assorted .257 Robert

Lot#: 1491

7 1/4" Craftsman Sliding Compound Miter Saw with L

Lot#: 1492

U-Haul Dolly

Lot#: 1493AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Winchester .270 Cali

Lot#: 1494

MEC Jr Mark With Accessories

Lot#: 1495

RCBS Case Trimmer Pro w/ Collets and Plates

Lot#: 1496AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components .300 Winchester Shor

Lot#: 1497

Craftsman Shop Vac with Filter

Lot#: 1498

MEC ME9000 Progressive Shotgun Reloader

Lot#: 1499AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components .300 Caliber

Lot#: 1500

RCBS Digital Powder Scale

Lot#: 1501

RCBS 357

Lot#: 1502AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Remington .17 mm

Lot#: 1503

RCBS Hand Priming Tool & Primer Tray

Lot#: 1504

RCBS FL Die Set .270 Winchester, Trim Die .270 Win

Lot#: 1505AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Approximately (50) 6

Lot#: 1506

RCBS 5.10 Balance Reloading Scale

Lot#: 1507

RCBS Dial Caliber

Lot#: 1508AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components .357 Magnum

Lot#: 1509

RCBS 5.10 Balance Reloading Scale

Lot#: 1510

RCBS Rock Chucker

Lot#: 1511AM

OFF-SITE Remington .40 Smith & Wesson 180 Grain

Lot#: 1512

RCBS Powder Measure/Throw

Lot#: 1513

RCBS Prep Station

Lot#: 1514AM

OFF-SITE Winchester Assorted Shotgun Ammunition

Lot#: 1515

RCBS Rock Chucker

Lot#: 1516

RCBS Powder Measure/Throw

Lot#: 1517AM

OFF-SITE Assorted Brands of 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell

Lot#: 1518

RCBS Vibratory Cleaner

Lot#: 1519

RCBS Case Separator

Lot#: 1520AM

OFF-SITE Eley Assorted Shotgun Shell 12 & 20 Gauge

Lot#: 1521

RCBS Electronic Powder Measure

Lot#: 1522

Remington 20 Gauge 2 3/4" Barrel & a Remington 12

Lot#: 1523AM

OFF-SITE Eley Assorted Shotgun Shells 12 Gauge

Lot#: 1524

Wagner .35 GPM Progold Airless Paint Sprayer

Lot#: 1525

Barretta 12 Gauge 2 3/4" Barrel

Lot#: 1526AM

OFF-SITE Eley Assorted Shotgun Shells 12 Gauge

Lot#: 1527

Propane Torch Burner

Lot#: 1528

Black Powder 54 CAL (Lyman) Model, w/ Tasko 1880

Lot#: 1529AM

OFF-SITE Eley Approximately (4,800) .22 Caliber

Lot#: 1530

Assorted Ski Gear, Ski's, Poles, Googles with Repl

Lot#: 1531

Winchester Model 70 Stock & Model 30-06 Barrel

Lot#: 1532AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (10,000) Tenex .22 Caliber

Lot#: 1533

Assorted Car Supplies, Jacks, Gun Rack & More

Lot#: 1534

Leaf Pro Collection System, Tent, Christmas Tree S

Lot#: 1535AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (5,000) Eley .22 Caliber

Lot#: 1536

Assorted Ammunition Cans & Propane Burner

Lot#: 1537

Assorted 10' x 14' Wall Tent With Rain Fly, Floor

Lot#: 1538AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (10,000) Eley .22 Caliber

Lot#: 1539

Assorted Car Tools with Creeper, Floor Jack, &

Lot#: 1540

Assorted Dog Supplies, Bowls, Dog Door & More

Lot#: 1541AM

OFF-SITE Eley Assorted Shotgun Shells 12 Gauge

Lot#: 1542

Assorted Chairs & Air Mattress

Lot#: 1543

Assorted Camping Gear, (2) Cots, Privacy Shelter,

Lot#: 1544AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (500) Eley Assorted Shotgun

Lot#: 1545

Camp Stove

Lot#: 1546

12' x 14' Wall Tent No Floor, No Rainfly, Comes Wi

Lot#: 1547AM

OFF-SITE Eley Assorted Shotgun Shells 12 Gauge

Lot#: 1548

Golf Balls, Ball Retriever, Heater

Lot#: 1549

Driving Practice Golf Net

Lot#: 1550AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (10) Boxes Winchester .223

Lot#: 1551

(2) Cot Pads

Lot#: 1552

Assorted Cold Weather Clothing

Lot#: 1553AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (11) Boxes Winchester .223

Lot#: 1554

Folding Portable Kitchen

Lot#: 1555

Assorted Seesaw Tables

Lot#: 1556AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (11) Boxes Winchester .223

Lot#: 1557

Assorted Ammunition Boxes & Reloading Components F

Lot#: 1558

Assorted Golf Equipment, Turf, Balls, Tee's, Range

Lot#: 1559AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (20) Boxes Eley 12 Gauge 9

Lot#: 1560

Assorted (3) Ice Chests

Lot#: 1561

Wooden Box with Game Bags & Lead Bags

Lot#: 1562AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (10,000) Eley .22 Caliber

Lot#: 1563

Assorted (4) Ice Chests

Lot#: 1564

(2) Bags of Lead, (2) Bags of Sand

Lot#: 1565AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (11) Boxes Winchester .223

Lot#: 1566

Craftsman 175 PSI Max Air Compressor, 60 Gallon, 2

Lot#: 1567

Brass Bar Railing

Lot#: 1568AM

OFF-SITE Approximately (5) Boxes Winchester .223 R

Lot#: 1569

Genie Runabout Lift

Lot#: 1570

Antique Super Vel .357 Magnum 110 Grain .380 ACP 8

Lot#: 1571AM

OFF-SITE Reloading Components Winchester Large Lot

Lot#: 1572

Antique Reloading Components .44 Remington Magnum

Lot#: 1573

Antique Winchester .308 Caliber 150 Grain

Lot#: 1574AM

OFF-SITE Assorted Shotgun Shells 12, 20 & .410 Gau

Lot#: 1575

Antique Federal .22 Caliber Winchester Magnum, Hor

Lot#: 1576

Antique Peters .357 Magnum 158 Grain

Lot#: 1577AM

OFF-SITE Large Lot of Assorted Ammo Multiple Brand

Lot#: 1578

Antique Remington .32 Automatic 71 Grain

Lot#: 1579

Antique Reloading Components Kurz Browning 9 mm .3

Lot#: 1580

Antique Assorted Ammunition 9 mm, 12 GA, .410, Pri

Lot#: 1581

Antique Reloading Components Kurz Browning 9 mm .3

Lot#: 1582

Antique Assorted 12 GA Shotgun Shells

Lot#: 1583

Antique Reloading Components Remington .22 Caliber

Lot#: 1584

Antique M7 Launcher For M1 Rifle

Lot#: 1585

Antique Smokeless Pistol & Revolver Powder

Lot#: 1586

Antique Squire Brass Lock With Key

Lot#: 1800

Miller Trailblazer 275 Welder/Generator

Lot#: 1801

Set of Wrenches

Lot#: 1802

Set of Service Wrenches

Lot#: 1803

Assorted Wrenches

Lot#: 1804

Gibraltar Machine Vise

Lot#: 1805

Project Miller Wire Welder

Lot#: 1806

Service Wrenches

Lot#: 1807

Snap On Assorted Wrenches

Lot#: 1808

(4) Snap On Impact Guns

Lot#: 1809

Lot of Assorted Sockets and Drives

Lot#: 1810

Lincoln Power Mig 255C Welder

Lot#: 1811

Assorted Air Drills and Air Scraper/Chisel

Lot#: 1812

Assorted Snap On Hammers & Ring Pliers

Lot#: 1813

6' Le Blond Lathe and accessories

Lot#: 1814

City Surplus - Gum Remover Agent and more

Lot#: 1815

Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

Lot#: 1816

JET Turret Milling Machine

Lot#: 1817

16 Speed Drill Press

Lot#: 1818

Dial Indicators

Lot#: 1819

Snap On Rolling Tool Chest With Assorted Random Co

Lot#: 1820

Table Vise

Lot#: 1820A

Misc. Snap-On Solus Code Reader

Lot#: 1821

Hydraulic Press

Lot#: 1822

Premier Plasma Table

Lot#: 1823

Scale and Precision/ Measuring Tools

Lot#: 1824

14 Gallon Diesel Tank

Lot#: 1825

Cart and Assorted Tooling Blocks and more.

Lot#: 1825A

(2) Pneumatic Bottle Jacks

Lot#: 1826

Torch Hoses

Lot#: 1827

(2) Work Lights

Lot#: 1828

Assorted Floor Jack Stands

Lot#: 1829

Assorted Floor Jack and Stands

Lot#: 1830

Better Engineering Parts Washer

Lot#: 1831

Chicago Electric Vibratory Bowl

Lot#: 1832

Lot of Assorted Sockets, Drill Bits, and more.

Lot#: 1833

Snap On Assorted Drill Bits, Tap Sets, and more.

Lot#: 1834

Lot of Assorted Sockets and Adaptors

Lot#: 1835

Lot of Assorted Crescent Wrenches and more.

Lot#: 1836

Lot of Assorted Wrenches

Lot#: 1837

Lot of Assorted Hand Tools

Lot#: 1838

3/4" 600# Wright Torque h

Lot#: 1839

Lot of Assorted Ratchets, Extensions, and more.

Lot#: 1840

3/4" 600# Wright Torque h

Lot#: 1841

Lot of Assorted Screw Drivers

Lot#: 1842

3/4" 600# Wright Torque h

Lot#: 1843

Assorted Hammers and Pry Bars

Lot#: 1844

Set of 1" Sockets

Lot#: 1845

DeWalt Shop Heater

Lot#: 1846

Miller Suitcase Wire Feeder

Lot#: 1847

Evolution Metal Chop Saw

Lot#: 1848

Assorted Nut and Bolt Bin

Lot#: 1849

Storage Boxes

Lot#: 1850

Lot of Assorted Air Tools

Lot#: 1851

Assorted Metal

Lot#: 1852

Assorted Stripping Discs w/ Air Tools

Lot#: 1853

Tool Box w/ Assorted Tools

Lot#: 1854

Milwaukie Hand Tool Set

Lot#: 1855

DeWalt Grinder

Lot#: 1856

Socket Adapters

Lot#: 1857

Blind Hole Puller Set

Lot#: 1858

Volt Meter and Heat Gun

Lot#: 1859

Torque Wrench

Lot#: 1860

Torque Wrench

Lot#: 1861

Lot of Pipe Wrenches, Punches, and Allen Wrenches

Lot#: 1862

Volt Meter, Jumper Button, and more.

Lot#: 1863

Snap On Diesel Compression Gauge

Lot#: 1864

Power Probe

Lot#: 1865

Hydraulic Crimping Tool

Lot#: 1866

Hydraulic AC Crimper

Lot#: 1867

Lot of Assorted Electrical Connectors

Lot#: 1868

Cylinder Leakage Tester

Lot#: 1869

Lot of Assorted Drill Bits

Lot#: 1870

Snap Ring Pliers, Dial Indicators, and more

Lot#: 1871

(2) Sets of Service Wrenches

Lot#: 1872

Bearing Puller, Tap Set, and more.

Lot#: 1873

Soldering Iron, Micrometer, and more.

Lot#: 1874

Lot of Assorted Bits, Bearing Pullers,

Lot#: 1875

Pittsburgh Wrench Set and Files

Lot#: 1876

Lot of Assorted Brass Fittings, Bolts, and more.

Lot#: 1877

Vacuum Pump, Cotter Pins, and more.

Lot#: 1878

Lot of Assorted Nuts, Bolts, and Chain Links.

Lot#: 1879

Saw and Punch Set

Lot#: 1880

(2) Sets of "O" Rings and "O" Ring Sizer

Lot#: 1881

Blades for Evolution Chop Saw

Lot#: 1882

Lot of Assorted Zip Ties

Lot#: 1883

Bearing Puller Set

Lot#: 1884

Torque Wrench and more.

Lot#: 1885

Creeper, Drill Bit Sharpener, and more.

Lot#: 1886

Elevator Chain

Lot#: 1887

Bearing Greaser, Shop Press Metal Bender, and

Lot#: 1888

Furnas Shop Compressor

Lot#: 1889

Rolling Tool Chest w/ Assorted Shop Tools

Lot#: 1890

Parts Washer

Lot#: 1891

Typhoon Mag Drill Press

Lot#: 1892

Volt Meter and Tank

Lot#: 1893

Couplamatic Press

Lot#: 1894

Micrometer Sets

Lot#: 1895

Assorted Grinding Pads

Lot#: 1896

Storage Boxes

Lot#: 1897

Spindle Square Meter

Lot#: 1898

Facing Cutters

Lot#: 1899

Drill Bits for Milling

Lot#: 1900

Hose Picks and more.

Lot#: 1901

Snap On Fuel Injection Pressure Gauge

Lot#: 1902

Lot of Assorted Boring Bars

Lot#: 1903

Lot of Assorted Milling Bits

Lot#: 1904

Lot of Assorted Air Tools

Lot#: 1905

Welding Helmet and more.

Lot#: 1906

Chain Rigging

Lot#: 1907

Mandrel Press

Lot#: 1908

Hold Down Clamps

Lot#: 1909

(2) Auto Transmission Engine Oil Pressure Test

Lot#: 1910

Lot of Assorted Mill Chucks and Bits

Lot#: 1911

Lot of Assorted Electrical Connectors and more.

Lot#: 1912

Lot of Precision Measuring Tools, Transmission

Lot#: 1913

JET Bench Grinder

Lot#: 1914

Wooden Shop Table w/ Blue Vise

Lot#: 1915

Valve Grinder and more.

Lot#: 1916

Large Lot of Assorted Shop Items: Including Grease

Lot#: 1917

(2) Rolling Carts w/ Assorted Electrical Wiring an

Lot#: 1917A

Misc. Roughneck Oil Drain Tank

Lot#: 1918

Central Machinery Belt Sander

Lot#: 1919

Transmission Jack

Lot#: 1920

Assorted Nuts and Bolts Bins

Lot#: 1921

(3) Shelves of Assorted Shop Items: Including Hand

Lot#: 1922

(2) Amber Light Bars

Lot#: 1923

AC Refrigerant

Lot#: 1924

Propane Tank

Lot#: 1925

Kohler Motor, unknown condition

Lot#: 1925A

Assorted Pop-Up Tent, Chainsaw, Ladder and More

Lot#: 1926

Shop Heater and Grinder Cart

Lot#: 1927

Lot of Assorted Metal

Lot#: 1928

Assorted Lights, Air Compressor Pumps, and more.

Lot#: 1929

Lot of Assorted Fire Extinguishers, Electrical

Lot#: 1930

Lot of Assorted Bearings, Aerosol Cans, and more.

Lot#: 1931

Shop Vac

Lot#: 1932

Engine Stand, Oil Degreaser, and more.

Lot#: 1933

Analog Hydraulic Tester

Lot#: 1934

Alternator Starter Tester

Lot#: 1935

Hydraulic Hose Protector

Lot#: 1936

Keyway Broach

Lot#: 1937

Aluminum Extension Ladder

Lot#: 1950C

12 V Diesel Tank Meter

Lot#: 1951C

1,000 lb Platform Scale

Lot#: 1952C

Lot of Assorted Tools Including: A Grinder, Skilsa

Lot#: 1953C

Duro Max Sidekick XP200 Generator

Lot#: 1954C

Assorted Jack Stands

Lot#: 1955C

Duro Max Sidekick XP200 Generator

Lot#: 1956C

Assorted Power Tools Including: A Drill, Jointer &

Lot#: 1957C

Senco Frame Pro Nail Gun

Lot#: 1958C

Assorted Shop Tools Including: A Belt Sander, Belt

Lot#: 1959C

Fischbein Sewing Machine Head & Pedestal Grinder

Lot#: 1960C

Table Saw Stand Extension

Lot#: 1961C

(2) Work Lights

Lot#: 1962C

Craftsman 9" Bandsaw

Lot#: 1963C

Large Lot of Assorted Tools Including: Tin Snips,

Lot#: 1964C

Assorted Hand Tools Including: Clamps, Drill Bits,

Lot#: 1965C

DeWalt Radial Arm Saw

Lot#: 1966C

Project Craftsman Jointer

Lot#: 1967C

Project Makita Chop Saw On Stand

Lot#: 1968C

Stanley Rolling Tool Box with Misc. Cabinetry

Lot#: 1969C

Ridgid Planer

Lot#: 1970C

Stanley Rolling Tool Box with Misc. Cabinetry

Lot#: 1971C

Coleman Powermate Pro-Gen 5000 Generator

Lot#: 1972C

Project Shop Smith

Lot#: 1973C

Performax 16" - 32" Belt Sander

Lot#: 1974C

Sears Table Saw

Lot#: 1975C

Ridgid Table Saw

Lot#: 1976C

6V2100 Multitach

Lot#: 2000

Custom Fuel Tank

Lot#: 2000A

BF Goodrich Tires & Rims

Lot#: 2001

12' MC Farm Equipment 12-S Mower

Lot#: 2002

Front Mount Saddle Tanks

Lot#: 2002A

(2) Bobcat 10 x 16.5 Tires & Rims

Lot#: 2003

OFF-ROAD Car Dolly

Lot#: 2004

Tool Box & 100 Gal. L-Shaped Fuel Tank With 12-V

Lot#: 2005

Heavy Duty Surplus Gearboxes

Lot#: 2006

Wayne Air Compressor

Lot#: 2007

Assorted Bricks

Lot#: 2008

(2) Fuel Tanks

Lot#: 2009

Merritt Aluminum Storage Truck Box

Lot#: 2010

Heavy Duty Surplus Gearboxes

Lot#: 2011

Misc. Saws, Drill Bits & Other Hand Tools

Lot#: 2012

Pallet of Assorted Hand Tools, Cords & More

Lot#: 2012A

Assorted Tires & Rims

Lot#: 2013

Harrow Attachment to a Cultivator

Lot#: 2014

1000 Gallon Poly Tank

Lot#: 2015

Excavator Arm with Grapple & Thumb Attachment

Lot#: 2016

Field Dolly

Lot#: 2016A

Assorted Tires & Rims

Lot#: 2017

High Arch Side Delivery Wheel Hay Rake

Lot#: 2017A

(4) Prune Harvester Tires & Rims

Lot#: 2018

V Hay Rake

Lot#: 2019

Broadcaster Seeder

Lot#: 2019A

Receiver Sizers

Lot#: 2020

FMC Bean XX-12-RG Sprayer

Lot#: 2020A

Compton Buddy Trailer Nut Buggy

Lot#: 2021

6' Ford 951 Rotary Mower

Lot#: 2022

Antique 8' Tandem Drag Disc with 18" Blades

Lot#: 2023

10' Portable Soil Screen

Lot#: 2024

Project Field Elevator with Honda GX390 Motor

Lot#: 2025

Ford 744 Front Loader Attachment

Lot#: 2026

Little Giant Forklift Rack

Lot#: 2027

(2) Bins of Assorted Irrigation Supplies

Lot#: 2031

5,000 Gallon Poly Pop Up Tank

Lot#: 2031A

32" Bucket Forks

Lot#: 2032

Custom Fuel Wagon

Lot#: 2033

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2034

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2035

Rears PTO Mini Blast Sprayer

Lot#: 2036

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2037

Approximately (750) 2" x 4' Tree Stakes

Lot#: 2038

Large Lot of Assorted Steel, Racks & More

Lot#: 2039

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2040

Halsey SPSP300 Prune Catching Frame

Lot#: 2041

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2042

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2043

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2044

14' Balderson Bucket

Lot#: 2049

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2050

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2051

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2052

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2053

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2054

Assorted Apiary Supplies

Lot#: 2055

Weber 1933 Man Lift

Lot#: 2056

Project Hardi Orchard Sprayer

Lot#: 2057

Project Allmand Light Tower

Lot#: 2057A

Compton Buddy Trailer Nut Buggy

Lot#: 2058

500 Gallon PVC Tank Trailer

Lot#: 2059

Flory Super Cart

Lot#: 2060

Air-O-Fan Orchard Sprayer

Lot#: 3000

(1) 4 Ton AC Unit

Lot#: 3001

(2) Portable Toilets

Lot#: 3002

(5) Aluminum Orchard Ladders

Lot#: 3003

(1) 4 Ton AC Unit

Lot#: 3004

(2) Portable Toilets

Lot#: 3005

Backhoe Fork Attachments

Lot#: 3006

(1) 4 Ton AC Unit

Lot#: 3007

(2) Portable Toilets

Lot#: 3008

10' Eversmen Orchard Plane

Lot#: 3009

(1) 4 Ton AC Unit

Lot#: 3010

(2) Portable Toilets

Lot#: 3011

Pallet of Pipe Vices

Lot#: 3012

(1) 4 Ton AC Unit w/ Electric Heat Pump

Lot#: 3013

(2) Portable Toilets

Lot#: 3014

Steel Rack

Lot#: 3015

(1) 4 Ton AC Unit

Lot#: 3016

Assorted Steel Doors

Lot#: 3017

Assorted Rental Surplus Including Mower, Project S

Lot#: 3018

(1) 4 Ton AC Unit

Lot#: 3019

Assorted Rental Surplus Including Mower, Buffer &

Lot#: 3020

Rental Surplus Toro TRX 19 Track Trencher

Lot#: 3021

(1) 4 Ton AC Unit

Lot#: 3022

Assorted Rental Surplus Including Cement Cutters &

Lot#: 3023

(2) Dehumidifiers

Lot#: 3024

(1) Ruud Achiever AC Unit

Lot#: 3025

(5) Aluminum Orchard Ladders

Lot#: 3026

Custom Tank on Frame

Lot#: 3027

(1) 4 Ton AC Unit

Lot#: 3028

Stair Assembly

Lot#: 3029

78" x 113' Rubber Mat

Lot#: 3030

(1) 4 Ton AC Unit

Lot#: 3031

Stair Assembly & Ruemel Bumpers

Lot#: 3032

5' x 100' Rubber Mat

Lot#: 3033

(1) 4 Ton AC Unit

Lot#: 3034

5' x 100' Rubber Mat

Lot#: 3035

Project Two Seater Duck Blind

Lot#: 3036

(2) Assorted 4 Ton Ruud Achiever AC Units

Lot#: 3037

82" x 113' Rubber Mat

Lot#: 3038

2' Bucket Elevator

Lot#: 3039

(2) Assorted 4 Ton AC Units

Lot#: 3040

5' x 100' Rubber Mat

Lot#: 3041

82" x 100' Rubber Mat

Lot#: 3042

(2) Assorted 4 Ton AC Units

Lot#: 3043

18" Conveyor Assembly

Lot#: 3044

82" x 100' Rubber Mat

Lot#: 3045

(2) Assorted 4 Ton AC Units

Lot#: 3046

82" x 100' Rubber Mat

Lot#: 3047

6' Galvanized Man Basket

Lot#: 3048

(2) Assorted 4 Ton AC Units

Lot#: 3049

5' x 100' Rubber Mat

Lot#: 3050

(2) Assorted 4 Ton AC Units

Lot#: 3051

5' x 100' Rubber Mat

Lot#: 3052

Mosquito Fogger

Lot#: 3053

Hydraulic Hoist

Lot#: 3054

Bin of Toro Sprinklers

Lot#: 3055

30' x 50' x 16' Large Party Tent

Lot#: 3056

OFF-ROAD 12' Custom Trailer

Lot#: 3057

8' 6" Offset Flail Mower

Lot#: 3058

Teco Squeeze Chute

Lot#: 3059

(2) Steel Rims

Lot#: 3060

Yard Art

Lot#: 3061

Edgemaster Curb Machine

Lot#: 3062

Diesel Engine

Lot#: 4000


Lot#: 4001

Pallet of Bailing Twine

Lot#: 4002

Assorted Steel Tables

Lot#: 4003

Pallet of Bailing Twine

Lot#: 4004

Steel Tractor Rims

Lot#: 4005

Wells Metal Cutting Band Saw

Lot#: 4006

Antique 8.3 x 24 Tractor Tires & Rims & More

Lot#: 4007

12" 220 Cut Off Saw

Lot#: 4008

Pallet of Assorted Timber Tek Deck Railing

Lot#: 4009

This item has been pulled from the auction.

Lot#: 4010

Approximately (11) Portable Fence Panels

Lot#: 4011

MK Diamond Block Saw & Table Saw

Lot#: 4012

(4) Utility Tires & Rims

Lot#: 4013

(2) Bins of Rain Bird Sprinklers

Lot#: 4014

(3) Assorted Ladders

Lot#: 4015

Fimco Industries Sprayer

Lot#: 4016

(3) Water Cans

Lot#: 4016A

Assorted Cyclone Fence

Lot#: 4017

Antique Steel Bender & Project Pallet Jack

Lot#: 4018

(3) Nut Carts

Lot#: 4019

Wheel Line, Pipe, and Clamps

Lot#: 4020

(4) Solid Skidsteer Tires

Lot#: 4021

Project Hoist

Lot#: 4022

Snap On AC Machine w/ Project Parts Washer

Lot#: 4024

Assorted Huller Brushes

Lot#: 4024A

Pallet of Oakridge Pro Onyx Black Asphalt

Lot#: 4025

Assorted Sprayer Attachments

Lot#: 4026

Fuel Tank & Project Pump

Lot#: 4027

(2) Pallets of Augers

Lot#: 4028

Green Maintenance Ladder & Stairs

Lot#: 4029

Yellow Maintenance Ladder

Lot#: 4030

Assorted Galvanized Maintenance Ladders

Lot#: 4031

Elevator Buckets

Lot#: 4032

Assorted Irrigation Valves

Lot#: 4033

Digital Portable Air Compressor

Lot#: 4034

Large Lot of Power Box Control Panels & More

Lot#: 4035

Large Lot of Assorted Farm Equipment & More

Lot#: 4036

Assorted Rails & Hitches

Lot#: 4037

3pt Ridger

Lot#: 4038

FMC 3pt PTO Sprayer

Lot#: 5000

9' Weiss McNair Sweeper Head

Lot#: 5001

6' Privacy Fence

Lot#: 5002

HiLift Jack, Rope & More

Lot#: 5003

Great Bend Loader Attachment

Lot#: 5004

Utility Rack For Pickup

Lot#: 5005

35KW Generator

Lot#: 5006

3pt PTO Concrete Mixer

Lot#: 5006A

Assorted Pallet Rack with Wood Shelves

Lot#: 5007

Project Fan, Cart & Tank