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Sunday December 15, 2019 | 830 Main St.. Sealy, TX. US. 77474

There are no notes for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Hradil Auction Co., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 51250655

Twenty-Five (25) 1930's Matchbook Covers: Cough Drops, Murine, Mennen, Tonics, Soap, Tums, Vicks

and more. Estate Find. All One Money

Lot#: 51157962

Four (4) X The Money: 2 pair of forks, OLD, Estate Find, 5.25" x 6", need cleaning,

Lot#: 51209211

Eight (8) X The Money: OLD Serving Spoons, longest 8.75", All Are Dirty, ESTATE FIND. Need Cleaning

old and all different patterns

Lot#: 51158608

5" x6.625" x 2.5" OXO Cubes tin, old, for cooking and drinking, needs cleaning, barn find.

Lot#: 51215013

Depressiona Era Salt & Pepper Tray, 3.5"x2.5" Estate Find, Needs Cleaning.

Lot#: 51158607

Six (6) X The Money: Highly Detailed Vintage Serving Pieces, Estate Find, OLD, metal content unknown

outstanding, longest is 6.5"

Lot#: 51208764

Eleven (11) X The Money: OLD Butter Knife Collection, Dirty, need cleaning. Estate Find

longest is 7.25"

Lot#: 51161214

Five (5) X The Money: 8" WM Rogers & Son Spoons, Estate Find, need cleaning, AA marked

nice details

Lot#: 51223428

2.5"x3" Brass Fish, Estate Find

Lot#: 51315589


AK47 7.62X39

Lot#: 51161215

TEN (10) X The MONEY: Estate Find of Unusual Spoons, longest is 5.375", some have nice Details.

Estate Find, Dirty, Need Cleaning.

Lot#: 51160164

Four (4) X the MONEY: 6.5" Vintage Spoons, Estate Find, Need Cleaning, Metal Content Unknown.

Lot#: 51165579

Five (5) X The Money: Estate Find, Believed to be Napkin Rings, 1.75" to 2", as found, need polish

metal content unknown.

Lot#: 51171736

Estate Barn Find: All Three for One Money, OLD straight edge razor with some rust (handle seems to

be bone and looks to be bench made), Old 20 lb Fishing Scale with some rust made in England and a small (2.25") glass insulator. all one money all need cleaning. as found

Lot#: 51172307

All One Money: Pewter Salt & Pepper (Italy, 2.5"), Silverplate? Salt & Pepper (5" England) and a

Pewter baby shoe. All One Money. Estate Find, All Need Cleaning and Polishing.

Lot#: 51172625

11" Length early leather soccer cleats (boots), leather is cracking and dirty, barn find. outstandng

some loss to left toe of the boot.

Lot#: 51172789

TWO (2) X The Money: Fine Bone China, England Bowls, (1) 3.5"x2.25" Coalport Country Ware and (2)

1.25" x 1.125" Shelley with flowers and ribbed exterior, both need cleaning, as found estate finds.

Lot#: 51223242

7.25" Trench Art, Letter Opener made from Bullet Casing, OLD, Estate Find.

Lot#: 51172788

11" Vintage Leather Wine Canteen, barn find needs cleaning. most of these were made in Spain.

Lot#: 51157971

Three (3) X The Money: Pewter Plates, OLD, 7", 6" and 5.5". Estate Find, Note: smallest plate

has residue and needs cleaning. Pewter, Vintage.

Lot#: 51157646

Outstanding Two Piece Victorian Serving Set, fine etching details, estate find, cleaning needed.

metal content unknown. 9" and 11.375" both one money

Lot#: 51172790

All One Money: Outstanding 2.75" Candle Holder, pair of foot salts, salt shaker and condiment tray.

All need cleaning and polishing. Estate Finds. all one money. metal content unknown.

Lot#: 51209303

Eight (8) OLD Forks, All One Money, Estate Find Need Cleaning

Lot#: 51409212

100 Rounds! Armscor 10mm Ammunition 50440 180 Grain Full Metal Jacket 100 Rounds Brass

10mm Bullet Weight: 180 Gr Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket

Lot#: 51409134

9mm Magtech Guardian Gold Jacketed Hollow Point 124 Grain 20 Round Box 1096 fps GG9B ws

Muzzle velocity: 1096 fps Velocity at 50 yards: 1017 fps Muzzle energy: 331 ft/lbs Energy at 50 yards: 285 ft/lbs Uses: Personal Protection, Law Enforcement

Lot#: 51161661

Three (3) X The Money: Vintage Suger Cube Tongs, 4" Length, Estate Find, Metal Content Unknown, OLD

Lot#: 51210171

Harmony House Plate AA+ Vintage Serving Set, 3 pieces for One Money, Estate Find. Needs Cleaning

Lot#: 51161663

Seventeen (17) pieces of Vintage High Quality Silver plate Flatware, OLD, Estate Find. All One Money

Lot#: 51210170

Three (3) X The Money: 1. 2.5"x3" Occupied Japan Perfume, 2. 4.25" handled urn 3. 3"x5" Brighton

Fairy Ware Souvinir tea pot. Estate Finds. 3X

Lot#: 51223256

OLD 3.88"H OXO 4oz wide mouth amber bottle, Estate Find, needs cleaning

Lot#: 51158591

Three (3) X The Money: 6.5" Serving Spoons, W&HS, EPA, Estate Find, need cleaning

Lot#: 51250518

Twenty-Two (22) X The Money: 1930 Match Book Covers, Auto, Oil & Gas Related. Vintage. Estate Find.

22 X the money

Lot#: 51250639

Twelve (12) X The Money: 1930's Matchbook Covers All Train Related, Estate Find

Lot#: 51210535

6"x5" Toy Bank Telephone, Vintage, OLD, made in Gr. Britain, plastic and Metal, Estate Find.

needs cleaning, metal components are showing some rust and bottom of bank is missing. cord is cut.

Lot#: 51157782

Seven Pieces of Roger Flatware, All One Money, Estae Find, Metal Content Unknown. marked IS

all one money

Lot#: 51175886

18""x10" Vintage Cowboy Serving Tray/Wall Hanger Cowboy with Covered Wagon Decor Piece! Wow! Pine

Rope, some loss to Decal. most likely made in house or shop. NOT Factory made or mass produced. Outstanding. OLD Cowboy Art.

Lot#: 51157940

Five (5) X The Money: Vintage Viners Sheffield Super A 5.25" Spoons, metal content unknown

estate find. need cleaning.

Lot#: 51157932

Silver Plated Made in England Two Piece Serving Set, 9.5", both one money, Estate Find, need clean

very nice

Lot#: 51210066

Nickel Silver, OLD. Five (5) X The money. Old Nickel Silver Forks, Estate Find, Need Cleaning

longest is 7.625"

Lot#: 51208385

Twenty-Five (25) Pieces of Tudor Plate Onedia Community, Found in Old Abandoned House, Very Dirty

All One Money, NEED Cleaning and Polishing. OLD

Lot#: 51209551

6.5"x4.625"x1.625" Vintage Blue Pyrita Ovenware Dish, Made in England. OLD

Lot#: 51408911



Lot#: 51408716



Lot#: 51161637

Twelve (12) Vintage Feather shaped metal Cocktail Sticks, All One Money, Estate Find, OLD, 3.25" L

metal content unknown, all one money. nice details

Lot#: 51223448

Vintage 5.125" mechanical pencil "Plum Township High School" 1920's -1930's, Estate Find

Lot#: 51161672

9.25" John Batt Two Piece Serving Set, Sheffield. EPNS, Estate Find, all one money.

needs cleaning, as found

Lot#: 51161113

Four (4) X The Money: Alex Clark & Co Sheffield England, Welbeck. 5.5" Spoons, Nice Details, Estate

Lot#: 51159692

TWO (2) X The Money: Pewter Plates, OLD, 7" and 8.375". Estate Find, PEWTER, OLD

Lot#: 51165450

Both for One Money! Pair of WATT (USA) Crock Bowls, 3"x5", American Art Pottery, Note: 1 has crack

as shown, Estate Find!

Lot#: 51159690

May 13th 1900 A.L.C. Adjustable Wrench, 119 years old, Loss to wooden handle as shown, 10" length

dirty, as found condition, barn find. outstanding!

Lot#: 51250643

Thirty (30) X The Money: 1930's -1940's Matchbook Covers, All Beer, Soda and Liquor Advertising.

estate find, 30X

Lot#: 51250687

Fifty (50) 1930's -1940's Matchbook Covers, all One Money. from Printing to Hearing Aides to Funeral

Home to Feed Mills

Lot#: 51250649

Thirty-Two (32) 1930's Matchbook Covers, All Food, Coffee, Ice Cream, Flour, Peaches, Estate Find.

All One Money

Lot#: 51159210

seven (7) X the Money: larger serving spoons, longest is 9", Estate Find, Cleaning Needed

metal content unknown.

Lot#: 51157155

4.625" x1" Cloisonne bowl, ducks, nice details, age unknown, estate find

Lot#: 51250647

Forty-Four (44) 1930's-1940s' Matchbook Covers, All Restaurants, Eating and Drinking, All One Money

Christies, Prince's, Gaidos and more!

Lot#: 51158600

Four (4) X The Money: 4" Vintage Salt/Sugar Spoons, OLD, Estate Find, Metal Content Unknown

one spoon has a bent neck, nice details.

Lot#: 51171995

Both for One Money: 4" Early Folk Art Doll Head and 7"x5" porcelain two piece soap dish with

loss to porcelain and rust. Doll head maybe used as a Christmas Ornament has ribbon on top to be hung. Estate Find.

Lot#: 51315170

Frontier Cartridge, Lake City, 556 NATO, 55 Grain, FM193, FMJ, 20 Round Box, HFR200

3,240 Feet per second 55 Grain full metal jacket (M193) Cartridge features Hornady bullets

Lot#: 51175830

Three (3) X The Money: 3.5"x4" MONAX Glass Hen on Nest, 3" Glass Creamer with Silver Overlay, 4.375"

Case Glass Vase with Silver Overlay. Estate Finds! 3X all need cleaning, as found

Lot#: 51175285

Five (5) X The Money: Two German Porcelain Plates, Clear 3.5" George Washington pressed glass plate

and Two Egg Coddllers (2.5"H) of a Cat and the other the Three Little Bears. Estate Find. 5X

Lot#: 51315173

Mecgar, Magazine, 9MM, 20Rd, Fits Beretta 92, Anti-Friction Coating, Heat Treated, MGPB9220AFC

Strengthened Feed Lips

Lot#: 51208396

Five (5) X The Money: 8.75" Serving Forks, OLD Estate Find, All Different Patterns. Need Cleaning

Lot#: 51210471

Thrirty Seven (37) Piece Flatware Set, needs cleaning, Estate Find. OLD. marked PAT-15 all one money

Lot#: 51165806

Forty (40) Times The Money: OLD Sheet Music, Don't Fence Me In, many from 1930's, most from movies

Swing Time (starring Astaire and Rogers), Boogie Woogie, nice cover art. most edges in rough condition

Lot#: 51215520

Six (6) X The Money: Old Silver Plate Utensils, Estate Find. Need Cleaning.


Lot#: 51315177

$111.49 ProMag, Magazine, Drum, 556NATO, 65Rd, Fits AR-15, Black, Polymer, NEW IN BOX, DRM-A8

Heat-Treated Chrome Silicon Wire Spring, Manufactured & Assembled in the U.S.A.

Lot#: 51157946

Three (3) X The Money" Yeoman Plate, Made in England, Nicely Detaled 5.5" Spoons, Estate Find.

need cleaning.

Lot#: 51315175

Genuine COLT Manufacturing, Magazine, 45ACP, 8Rd, Fits 1911 Government/Commander, Blue Finish

Factory Colt Magazine, Steel Body, $19.41 DEALER Cost, Manufacturer Part #: 54926B

Lot#: 51164757

Nine (9) X The Money: Collector Spoons, Estate Find, Metal Content Unknown, one is a butter knife.

all need cleaning, as found condition. highly detailed. longest is 5"

Lot#: 51165648

Barn Find, Dirty: Made in England, Bates Brass of Birmingham Candle Holder, Pair, 2.75"H, Both One $

high quality craftsmanship

Lot#: 51165649

4.88" pair of marble book ends, most likely Mexican, age unknown, Estate Find. both one money

Lot#: 51165646

Silver Plated Vintage Alexandre Paris Flute with Case in Poor Condition, OLD, Estate Find.

Needs Cleaning, Barn Find.

Lot#: 51223458

Five (5) X The Money: 1930's Matchbook Covers, Tractors and Equipment, International, Farmall

John Deere.

Lot#: 51165603

9.25" heavy pewter plate, OLD, Estate Find, has "B" and Eagle Engraved on Rim, has wall hanger

on back. Pewter

Lot#: 51165523

Twenty-Seven (27) X The Money: 1847 Rogers Bros, Vintage Flatware. Estate Find, Needs Polishing

high value

Lot#: 51165524

TWO (2) X The Money: John Henry Potter Fruit Spoon Irium pattern, Estate Find. need polishing, 8.5"

Lot#: 51208759

Three (3) X The Money: 1. handpainted lacquered box, OLD, 2. Wooden Match Box Holder, OLD, 3. Round

Wooden Storage Box, OLD, OLD. 1. 2.5"x3"x1" 2. 2.25"x2.625" 3. 2.5"x1.5" three good pieces

Lot#: 51216094

TWO (2) X The Money: Gabriella Village Ocean Side Marquetry Wood Panel Sorrento, Italy Via Tasso 10

made in Italy, inlaid wood, laquered, 1950's -1960's 6.5"x8.75"

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