Delhi Downsizing and Collectables Auction

Tuesday February 05, 2019 | Delhi, ON. CA. N4B 2W4
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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Easy-bid Online Auction Services, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Green Plastic Patio Table

Lot#: 2

Double Metal Bed Frame

Lot#: 3

12 Cup Punch Bowl

Lot#: 4

Various Picture Frames

Lot#: 5

Black TV Stand / Glass Doors

Lot#: 6

4 Foot Corner Lamp

Lot#: 7

3 Ceramic Kitchen Storage Containers

Lot#: 8

Brother fax / copy / scan machine

Lot#: 10

Northern Electric Field Coil Speakers

Lot#: 11

One Hartley Speaker

Lot#: 12

Full Size Ironing Board

Lot#: 13

2 Decorative Wavy Mirrors

Lot#: 14

Queen Size Wooden Headboard

Lot#: 15

Winter Scarves / Hats

Lot#: 16

2 Blue Decorative Lamps

Lot#: 17

Various Hand Bags

Lot#: 18

Emerson Microwave Oven

Lot#: 19

Christmas Decorations

Lot#: 20

Christmas Decorations

Lot#: 21

2 Telephones

Lot#: 22

Various DVD

Lot#: 23

Shimano Orbita 15 Speed Mountain Bike

Lot#: 24

Shimano Nakamura 18 Speed Mountain Bike

Lot#: 25

Titaninum 22 Basketball Net

Lot#: 26

Metal Stand For Saw

Lot#: 27

Agri-fab 32 Inch Lawn Sweeper

Lot#: 28

Egyptian Picture made of grass cloth

Lot#: 29

Metal Reflector Right / Left Arrow Sign

Lot#: 30

Metal Reflector Right / Left Arrow Sign

Lot#: 31

Metal Sign - Truck Going Downhill

Lot#: 32

Metal White 50 Km/h sign

Lot#: 33

Metal Yellow 40 Km/h Sign

Lot#: 34

Metal 4*C Freezing Sign

Lot#: 35

Metal Arrow To The Left Sign

Lot#: 36

Wall Mount Adjustable Tire Holder

Lot#: 37

Wall Mount Adjustable Tire Holder

Lot#: 38

3 Milk Crates

Lot#: 39

Box Lot Of Various Blank / Empty CD Cases

Lot#: 40

Box Lot Of Various Blank / Empty CD Cases

Lot#: 41

Various 8 Track Tapes

Lot#: 42

Various Music CD's

Lot#: 43

Small Hand Tools

Lot#: 44

Tool Box With Tools

Lot#: 45

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 46

Kenwood 100 Watt LS-N5OS Speakers

Lot#: 47

Various Music Cassettes With Cases

Lot#: 48

Various VHS Tapes

Lot#: 49

Various DVD's

Lot#: 50

Childrens Books

Lot#: 51

Bell 4100 Receiver with Remote

Lot#: 52

Hand Crafted Miniature Clothes Pin Furniture

Lot#: 53

Hand Crafted Co-conut Statues

Lot#: 54

Decorative Plates / Plates Hangers

Lot#: 55

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 56

Caravelle / Regency Womens Gold Plated Watches

Lot#: 57

Rolex / Royal Lighters

Lot#: 58

Clear Insuator / Clear Pepsi Cola Bottle

Lot#: 59

Glass Lot

Lot#: 60

Various Size Shape Lamps

Lot#: 61

Various Knick Knck Figurines

Lot#: 62

Various Knick Knck Figurines

Lot#: 63

Blue Stemmed Wine Glasses

Lot#: 64

Decorative Frosted Light Fixture - 12 in dia

Lot#: 65

Forever Crystal 3 Piece Vanity Set

Lot#: 66

Table Top / Ping Pong Set

Lot#: 67

2 Micro fiber Drying Mats 15 x 20

Lot#: 68

4 Wooden Placemats / Food Warmers

Lot#: 69

2 Photo Realism Storage Bins 11 x 11 x 11

Lot#: 70

Miscellaneous Lot

Lot#: 71

E Ingraham Mantle Clock - NO KEY

Lot#: 72

Dietz kerosene lantern

Lot#: 73

Beacon Kerosene Lantern

Lot#: 74

Clear Glass Lantern

Lot#: 75

4 Labatts Stream Liner Coffee Mugs

Lot#: 76

Vintage Cooper 28 Hockey Gloves

Lot#: 77

5 - CM Coolidge Pictures

Lot#: 78

Icy Cold Coca Cola Advertising 16 x 10

Lot#: 79

Coca Cola Real Holiday Refreshment Advertising

Lot#: 80

Catch This Great Valu Coca Cola Advertising

Lot#: 81

Take Off For The Weekend Coca Cola Advertising

Lot#: 82

Coca Cola Proudly Presents Muhammad Ali Poster

Lot#: 83

Team Canada Hockey 2002 Signature Series Poster

Lot#: 84

Decorative Replica Guns

Lot#: 85

Costume Necklaces

Lot#: 86

Decorative Plates - Japan

Lot#: 87

Vintage Aylmer Tomato Catsup Bottle - 12 oz

Lot#: 88

Various Black & White Train/Locomotive Pictures

Lot#: 89

RAM decorative letters for pick up trucks

Lot#: 90

Various Decorative Glass Bowls

Lot#: 91

2 Vintage Avon Cologne Containers- Sports Car/ Bus

Lot#: 92

Decorative Candle Holder / Ice Carrier

Lot#: 93

Vintage Scales

Lot#: 94

6 Silver Goblets

Lot#: 95

2 Silver Plated Goblets

Lot#: 96

Vintage Coronet Paperback Books 1951-1959

Lot#: 97

Royal Family Lot

Lot#: 98

Vintage Car & Driver Magazines - Variious Years

Lot#: 99

Retro Street Rodder Magazines - Various Years

Lot#: 100

13 Cornflower Glasses / 12 Cornflower Plates

Lot#: 101

Decorative Glass Lot

Lot#: 102

3 Decorative Plates

Lot#: 103

6 Various Pattern Plates/ Shapes / Made In England

Lot#: 104

3 Various Church Plates

Lot#: 105

5 Decorative Plates

Lot#: 106

Blue Decorative Plate - Japan

Lot#: 107

Holly Hobby Collector Plate

Lot#: 108

Miscellaneous Glass Lot

Lot#: 109

Canadian Smokes Salmon Wooden Box 10 1/2 x 7 1/2

Lot#: 110

Various Toronto Bluejays Official Programs

Lot#: 111

Softball / Baseball Coaching Manuals / Rules

Lot#: 112

Various Baseball Books

Lot#: 113

1984 Baseball Los Angeles Olympics Program / Pin

Lot#: 114

1973-74 Merritt Centennials Hockey Team Program

Lot#: 115

2015 Induction Baseball Hall Of Fame Program

Lot#: 116

2015 Induction Baseball Hall Of Fame Program

Lot#: 117

2015 Induction Baseball Hall Of Fame Program

Lot#: 118

2 Hockey Books

Lot#: 119

5 Collectable Bottles

Lot#: 120

Various Collectable Bottles - Various Sizes/shapes

Lot#: 121

Partial Set Of Faberware Knives

Lot#: 122

Matryoshka Doll

Lot#: 123

KOBO with Charger

Lot#: 124

Various Hydration / Drinking Containers

Lot#: 125

Various Picture Frames - New In Wrappers

Lot#: 126

Vintage 341 ml Southern Comfort - Unopened

Lot#: 127

Vintage Cossart No 26 Madeira Wine - Unopened

Lot#: 128

Royal Doulton - Spring Morning HN 1922

Lot#: 129

Royal Doulton - Daffy Down Dilly

Lot#: 130

Francesca Art China - The Squire - England

Lot#: 131

Francesca Art China - Sarah - England

Lot#: 132

Francesca Art China - Jessica - England

Lot#: 133

Decorative Flower Basket - Japan

Lot#: 134

Decorative Flower Basket - Radnor Bone China

Lot#: 135

2 Decorative Blue Statues - 12 inches high

Lot#: 136

Wedgewood Christmas Mug - 1975

Lot#: 137

12 Pinwheel 6 Inch Crystal Glasses

Lot#: 138

12 Pinwheel 5 3/4 Inch Crystal Glasses

Lot#: 139

8 Pinwheel 5 Inch Crystal Glasses

Lot#: 140

12 Pinwheel 4 Inch Crystal Glasses

Lot#: 141

12 Pinwheel 8 Inch Crystal Wine Glasses

Lot#: 142

12 Pinwheel 4 1/2 Inch Crystal Shot Glasses

Lot#: 143

12 Pinwheel Crystal Dessert Plates

Lot#: 144

12 Pinwheel 4 Inch Crystal Wine Glasses

Lot#: 145

6 Glass Coffee Mugs

Lot#: 146

Various Decorative Dishes

Lot#: 147

12 Coal Port Bone China Place Card Holders

Lot#: 148

Decortative Vase - 12 inches high

Lot#: 149

Decortative Candle Stick Holders

Lot#: 150

Decortative Pin wheel Crystal Candle Stick Holders

Lot#: 151

Decorative Pin wheel Crystal Bowl

Lot#: 152

Decorative Pin Wheel Crystal Vase 8 Inches tall

Lot#: 153

Carnival Glass Bowl

Lot#: 154

Carnival Glass Bowl

Lot#: 155

Wedgewood Embossed Queens Ware Plate

Lot#: 156

2 Small Wedgewood Plates

Lot#: 157

Pinwheel Napkin Holders/ Candy Dish

Lot#: 158

Crystal Pinwheel Napkin Holder / Vase

Lot#: 159

Royal Doulton - Simone HN 2378

Lot#: 160

Royal Doulton - Alexandra HN 3286

Lot#: 161

Royal Doulton - Loretta HN 2337

Lot#: 162

Royal Doulton - Clarinda HN 2724

Lot#: 163

Royal Doulton - Cissie HN 1809

Lot#: 164

Royal Doulton - Monica HN 1467

Lot#: 165

Royal Doulton - Babie HN 1699

Lot#: 166

A Belcari Statue- Woman Holding Flowers

Lot#: 167

A Belcari Statue- Woman Holding Fan

Lot#: 168

A Belcari Statue - Woman Holding Hat

Lot#: 169

Royal Doulton - Wistful HN 2396

Lot#: 170

Royal Doulton - Meditation HN 2330

Lot#: 171

Royal Doulton - Tess HN 2685

Lot#: 172

Royal Doulton - Tinker Bell HN 1677

Lot#: 173

Schmid Police Bunny Music Figurine - No 345

Lot#: 174

Schmid Bunny With Carrots Music Box

Lot#: 175

Decorative Flower Vase - Nuova Canodimonte

Lot#: 176

Trinket Box - Frances Porcelain

Lot#: 177

Antique Elves Figurine Statues - Occupied Japan

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