Dundas Downsizing Auction

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Sunday September 13, 2020 | Dundas, ON. CA.

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Lot#: 1

Metal Garden Pig

23 x 16.5

Lot#: 2

Homelite 26 cc Weed Eater

Running Condition

Lot#: 3

Metal Milk Crate

18.5 x 18.5 x 12 inches

Lot#: 4

Mid Century Modern Acylic Occassion Table

28 x 20 x 20 inches

Lot#: 5

Vintage Metal Magazine Rack

Lot#: 6

Vintage Metal Magazine Rack

Lot#: 7

Cast Iron 12 Quart Pot

Lot#: 8

Round Bottom Brass Planter

14.5 inches diameter

Lot#: 9

Pair of Tin Containers

tallest 17.5 inches

Lot#: 10

Large Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Large bulbs are 9 inches

Lot#: 11

Hot Lips Telephone

Lot#: 12

Vintage Yellow Rotary Phone

Lot#: 13

Vintage Brown Desk Phone

Lot#: 14

Wall Mount Powder Blue Telephone

Lot#: 15

Vintage Orange Doddle Phone NotePad and Pen Holder

Lot#: 16

City of Westminster Street Sign

1953 Flat Fifty 18.5 x 7 inches sign dimension

Lot#: 17

Stoneware Oil and Vinegar Containers

6 inches tall

Lot#: 18

Pair of Wood Masks

Largest is 16 x 8 inches Slight damage to colorful mask

Lot#: 19

Games, Poker Chips and Playing Cards

Lot#: 20

Alabaster Chess Set

Good Overall Condition

Lot#: 21

Collection of Match Boxes

Lot#: 22

Shopping Basket and Storage Trays

Lot#: 23

Four Vintage Porcelain Door Knobs

Lot#: 24

Four Black Porcelain Door Knobs

Lot#: 25

Five White Porcelain Door Knobs

Lot#: 26

Misc Vintage Metal Door Knobs

Lot#: 27

Glass Door Knobs One with Brass Lock Mechanism

Lot#: 28

Wilson Telegraph Transmitter

Lot#: 29

Valor Kerosene Space Heater

Overall Good Condition

Lot#: 30

Collection of Insulators

18 in total

Lot#: 31

British Consols Cigarette Tin, Budget Bank

Lot#: 32

Selection of Tins

Lot#: 33

Clock Faces and a Clock Mechanism

Lot#: 34

Antique Wood Box

Dovetailed Corners 18 x 5.5 x 6 inches

Lot#: 35

Misc Cigar Boxes, Woven Basket Ect.

Lot#: 36

Apx 75 Vintage Ink Stamps

Lot#: 37

Apx. 75 Vintage Ink Stamps

Lot#: 38

75 Vintage Ink Stamps

Lot#: 39

Apx 50 Vintage Ink Stamps

Lot#: 40

Bottle Cutter, Old Boxes, Hardware, Ect.

Lot#: 41

Collection of 16 Vintage Mugs

Lot#: 42

Ice Bucket with 8 Glasses and Matching Tray

Lot#: 43

Vintage Ford Advertising Desk Lamp

13 inches tall

Lot#: 44

Vintage Ombre Ice Bucket Glasses & carrier

Lot#: 45

Vintage Hanging Light Fixture, Milk Glass Shade

17 inches tall ,7 inch diameter

Lot#: 46

Various Stone Carvings,

Lot#: 47

Metal First Aid Box

18 x 9 x 7 inches

Lot#: 48

Vintage Metal Landry Can

19.5 inches tall

Lot#: 49

Porcelain Pots

Lot#: 50

Assorted Flatware

Wm Rodgers

Lot#: 51

Colllection of Soda Bottles

Orange Crush, Pepsi, 7-Up Ect.

Lot#: 52

Tin Lunch Pail, 2 Tin Cans

Lot#: 53

Antique Wood Toolbox and Henry Disston Level

24 x 11.5 x 7.5 inches

Lot#: 54

Candle Holders, Stoneware, Metal Baskets

Lot#: 55

Vintage Camel CigarettsThermos

9.5 inches tall Bakelite Handle

Lot#: 56

19.5 Inch Horn with Stopper

Lot#: 57

Tune Tote, LPs, Kaleidoscope

Lot#: 58

The Old Brigade Stoneware Tobacco Jar

Match Holder & Striker on Side

Lot#: 59

Wooden Kist Beverage Case

Lot#: 60

Storage Jar, Dewar's Pitcher, Tea Tray

Lot#: 61

Paper Weight, Art Glass Ashtray, Stone Ball

stone ball is 4 inch diameter

Lot#: 62

Heavy Steel and Glass Inscent Burner

6 inches square and 7.5 inches tall Cranberry Glass

Lot#: 63

Napkin Rings, Figurines, Misc Miniture Boxes

Lot#: 64

Minature Guitar in Case with Stand

11 inches long

Lot#: 65

Large Skeleton Keys

longest is 6.5 inches

Lot#: 66

Coasters with Mother of Pearl Inlay

Copper Jewellery Box Lacqueured Hand Decorated Box

Lot#: 67

Cribbage Boards, Leather Purse, Stoneware

Lot#: 68

Glass Honey Pot, Putz Flatware

Lot#: 69

Vintage Child's Airplane Lamp

Lot#: 70

Avro Arrow Print

23 x 16.5 inches

Lot#: 71

Wooden Child's Pull Toy

Lot#: 72

Sternau Chafing Dish

Recipe Book

Lot#: 73

Cast Door Stops

3 inches long

Lot#: 74

9 Inches Cast Iron Door Stop

Lot#: 75

Metal Deck Chairs

Overall Good Condition

Lot#: 76

Large Asian Fan

50 inches open

Lot#: 77

Porcelain Cabinet Door Knobs

Lot#: 78

Luncheon Plates, Cookie Jar Ect

Lot#: 79

Collection Buttons

Lot#: 80

Glass Exit Globe

Lot#: 81

Decorative Lacquered Jewellery Boxes

five in total largest 7.5 x 6 x 5 inches

Lot#: 82

Hand Decorated Lacquered Box

6 x 3.5 x 3 inches

Lot#: 83

Selection of Marbles

Lot#: 84

Olympus Microscope

13 inches tall

Lot#: 85

British Collectables, Canisters, Tins Ect.

Lot#: 86

Vintage Canister Set and Tray

Lot#: 87

Decorative Wood and Metal Table

33 x 19 x 24 inches slat wooden top

Lot#: 88

Burlap and Cotton Bags

Lot#: 89

Selection of Buttons

Lot#: 90

Selection of Buttons

Lot#: 91

Collection of Marbles

many minatures

Lot#: 92

George Henry Soapstone Carving,

Henry carving is 9 inches tall and there is some chipping on the carving

Lot#: 93

Antique Pyrex Baby Bottles

Lot#: 94

Brass Door Plates and Hardware

Lot#: 95

Picture Lamp, Old Bottles, Smirnoff Shot Dispencer

Lot#: 96

Nice Selection of Very Early Crown Jars

Lot#: 97

Adjustable Music Stand

Lot#: 98

Wooden Pepsi Case

Lot#: 99

Rare Antique Clear Glass Fleecy Jar

Dominion Glass Mark on Bottom Zinc top with Porcelain liner 9 inches tall

Lot#: 100

Tin Match Holder, Milk Glass Soap Dish

Lot#: 101

Antique Photography Case

10 x 12 x 21 inches

Lot#: 102

Selection of Rulers, Wooden Thread Spools

Lot#: 103

Electric Space Heater

15 inches tall

Lot#: 104

Vintage Clocks, Seth Thomas, Sentinal

Lot#: 105

Selection of Cuff Bracletts

Lot#: 106

Railroad Spikes

Lot#: 107

First Aid Cabinet, and Tins

Lot#: 108

Vintage Beads and Ribbon

Lot#: 109

Scrapbooking Supples

Lot#: 110

Decorative Metal Magazine Stand

Lot#: 111

Large 7 Inch Toy Jacks

Lot#: 112

American Breeders Service Tin Sign

15.5 x 19.5 inches

Lot#: 113

City of Burlington Dog Leash Sign

23.5 x 11.5

Lot#: 114

Overhead Obstruction Sign

13.75 x 9.75 inches

Lot#: 115

High Voltage Porcelain Sign

14 x 10 inches

Lot#: 116

Pool Closed Aluminum Sign

24 x 18 inches

Lot#: 117

Heavy Tin No Parking Sign

24 x 18 inches

Lot#: 118

Pair of Industrial Wooden Moulds

12 inches long

Lot#: 119

Metal Letters

13.5 inches tall

Lot#: 120

7-Up Wooden Pop Case

Lot#: 121

Imperial Metal Cabinet and Display

13.5 x 12.5 x 6 inches

Lot#: 122

Metal Drawers and Tool Kit

12 x 6 x 3 inches drawers

Lot#: 123

LED Connectable 12 Volt Garden Lights

with two transformers

Lot#: 124

Metal Ammunition Box

16 x 13 x 10 inches no lid

Lot#: 125

Beautiful Mid Century Style Dining Table

27.5 x 51 inches

Lot#: 126

Large Adjustable Asile

77 inches tall

Lot#: 127

Beautiful Milk Glass Hanging Fixture

18 inch diameter minor damage as shown

Lot#: 128

Wall Mounted Electric Knife

In original box

Lot#: 129

Selection of Yard Sticks

Lot#: 130

Brass Lenk Alcohol Burner

7 inches tall

Lot#: 131

LaFrance Brass Fire Extingusher

13 inches

Lot#: 132

Moulinex Food Processor

In original box with attachments never used

Lot#: 133

Decorative Ceramic and Wood Balls

largest is 4 inches in diameter

Lot#: 134

Vintage Wood Serving Trays

Largest 20 x 14 inches

Lot#: 135

Metal Globe

10 inches tall

Lot#: 136

Kodak film Display Cabinet

12 x 20 x 7 inches

Lot#: 137

Pair of Photography Lights

Adjustable height on tripods

Lot#: 138

Antique Floor Lamp

Marble base

Lot#: 139

Hand Blown Art Glass Centre Pieces

14 inches tall

Lot#: 140

Hand Blown Art Glass Centre Pieces

14 inches tall

Lot#: 141

Hand Blown Art Glass Centre Pieces

14 inches tall

Lot#: 142

Hand Blown Art Glass Centre Pieces

14 inches tall

Lot#: 143

RCAF Stoneware and Brass Military Buttons

Lot#: 144

British Minature Historical Replica Pieces

Lot#: 145

Stoneware Vase, J Wood Satin Glass dish, Ect

Lot#: 146

Devil's Egg Dish, Serving Plate, Cake Plate

Lot#: 147

Magazine Rack

Lot#: 148

Vintage Sewing Basket

Like New 13 x 9 x 14 inches

Lot#: 149

Perennials Wood Sign

27 x 24 inches

Lot#: 150

Acylic Tall Sign

30 x 14 inches

Lot#: 151

Wood Shopping Sign

27 x 24 inches

Lot#: 152

Selection orf Chairs

Deck Chairs, Folding Chairs

Lot#: 153

Metal Bin and Stools

Lot#: 154

Aluminum Double Sink on Castors

21 x 34 inches

Lot#: 155

Outdoor Ice Cream Table with Twisted Wire Legs

36 inch diameter

Lot#: 156

Heavy Metal Trunk with Original Locking Device

Brass Clasps 33 x 18 x 10.5 inches

Lot#: 157

King and Queen Gravel Art

12.5 x 18.5 inches

Lot#: 158

Rare Car-Snac Thermos Rack

Hangs over front seat of car for those in the back seat of the vehicle. Very Unique.

Lot#: 159

Picnic Basket and Contents

Lot#: 160

Customer Entrance Wood Sign

48 x 12 inches

Lot#: 161

Double Side Wood Sign

7.5 x 72 inches

Lot#: 162

Wicker Rocker, Aluminum Chairs

All Aluminum chairs have at least one broken weld

Lot#: 163

Metal Plant Basket

32 x 16 inches

Lot#: 164

Metal Fence Art

Lot#: 165

Iron Railing

30 inches on short side 53 inches on the long side 33 inches height

Lot#: 166

Aluminum Fence Art

20 x 20 inches

Lot#: 167

Metal R and Umbella Stand

Lot#: 168

Two Pair of Aluminum Shutters

12.5 x 59 inches 13 x 50 inches

Lot#: 169

Outstanding Heavy Cast Iron Mailbox

41 inches tall

Lot#: 170

Plaster Corbels

8.5 x 11 inches

Lot#: 171

Cast Aluminum Decorative Crest and Panel

54 x 27 inches

Lot#: 172

Large Stoneware Finger Crock

20 inches tall

Lot#: 173

Stoneware Finger Crock

12 inches tall

Lot#: 174

Stoneware Finger Crock

14 inches tall

Lot#: 175

Grain Elevator Trays

Lot#: 176

Andy Warhol Poster of M. Monroe

27 x 35 inches

Lot#: 177

Decorative Metal Hanging Candle Holder

21 inch diameter 22 inches tall

Lot#: 178

Pair of Metal Candle Holders

one tin and one heavy cast 12 inches tall

Lot#: 179

Dinner Bell, Hinge, Trivets Ect

Lot#: 180

Heavy Cast Outdoor Antique Fixture

Glass insert 12 x 12 x 12 inches

Lot#: 181

Vintage Recessed Medicine Cabinet

17.5 x 27.5 inches

Lot#: 182

Vintage Three Panel Mirror

48 x 18 inches

Lot#: 183

Water Colour - "Collingwood Hills" J. Wright

24 x 18 inches

Lot#: 184

Vintage Framed Posters

Largest 23 x 35 inches

Lot#: 185

Vintage Enamelware

Footed Cauldron, Laddle, Ect

Lot#: 186

Enamel Mixing Bowls, Plates, Cups, Ect.

Lot#: 187

Enamelware Bowls, Cauldron, Pie Plate, Ect.

Lot#: 188

Metal Shelf Stand

21 x 10 x 47 inches

Lot#: 189

Milk Can with Lid

Good Overall Condition

Lot#: 190

Lab Stool

seat is 30 inches tall

Lot#: 191

Scott's Deluxe Spreader

Lot#: 192

Selection of Wood Boxes

Butter Box, Corn Beef, Ect.

Lot#: 193

VHS Tapes and Panasonic Player

Remote Control and TV

Lot#: 194

Orange Crush Bird House

29.5 inches tall

Lot#: 195

Metal Garden Art

43 x 37 inches

Lot#: 196

Cast Aluminum Grill

37 x 13 inches

Lot#: 197

Decorative Cast Aluminum

Largest Piece is 26 inches

Lot#: 198

Decorative Cast Aluminum

longest is 26 inches

Lot#: 199

Heavy Cast Iron Garden Art

16 inches long

Lot#: 200

Cast Aluminum Fence Art

16 inch diameter

Lot#: 201

Spacemaker Heavy Steel Shelving

73 x 76 x 16 inches

Lot#: 202

Metal Fence Caps

Apx 7 feet total length

Lot#: 203

Vintage Cabinet

24 x 15.5 x 26 inches

Lot#: 204

Wood Barrel Chair

on castors

Lot#: 205

Vintage Bench

234 x 12 x 12 inches

Lot#: 206

Cast Wheel with Wooden Handle

Lot#: 207

Steel Implement Seat

Lot#: 208

Stainless Steel Surgical Trays

largest is 21 x 16 inches

Lot#: 209

Enamel Wash Basin and Pie Plate

19 x 14.5 inches General Steelwares Hamilton

Lot#: 210

Vintage Pole Lamp

Lot#: 211

Antique Cast Base Work Station

Adjustable height and table angle Extended Drawer Table top 30 x 26 fully extended

Lot#: 212

Solid Wood Desk Top

three drawers 22 inches wide and 66 inches long

Lot#: 213

Antique Pine Dry Sink

Heart shaped cutouts lower drawer & cabinet 30 x 18 x 32 inches

Lot#: 214

Heavy Cast Iron Children's Bench Ends

Good Condition

Lot#: 215

Four Tier Mini Greenhouse

new in box

Lot#: 216

Aquarius Drinking Fountain

Working when removed from store

Lot#: 217

Eight Day Campus Clock with Chimes

with chimes and key 13 x 7 x 15 inches

Lot#: 218

Metal Hardware Cabinet

12 x 20 x 6 inches

Lot#: 219

Enamel Light Fixture

18 inch diameter

Lot#: 220

Chrome Display Shelf with Glass Shelves

39.5 x 10 x 67 inches

Lot#: 221

Chrome Display shelf with Glass Shelving

35.5 x 10 x 67 inches

Lot#: 222

Pair of Enamel Light Fixtures

16 inch diameter very good condition

Lot#: 223

Fyr -Fyter Company Hamilton Fire Extingisher

Lot#: 224

Randolph Chrome Fire Extingisher

Lot#: 225

Quick Aid Fire Extingusher Windsor

Lot#: 226

Misc. Tools

Lot#: 227

12 T Bottle Jack , Pulleys, Ect.

Lot#: 228

Magazine Stand, Batik Art, Viking Vaccum

Lot#: 229

Vintage Hanging Light Fixture and Shades

Lot#: 230

Shelf Unit with Recessed Mirror

22 x 33 inches

Lot#: 231

World 1750 Calendar Map and London Poster

Lot#: 232

Avery Tillman - Acylic on Canvas

31 x 31 inches

Lot#: 233

Art Deco Wood Wall Art

20 x 42 inches

Lot#: 234

Antique Work Table

turned legs centre drawer 42 x 27 x 29 inches

Lot#: 235

Milk Glass Hanging Fixture

11 inches

Lot#: 236

Vintage Hanging Hall Fixture

26 inches tall

Lot#: 237

LED Glass Hanging Fixtures

7 inch diameter

Lot#: 238

Samsung (2) Blue Ray Disc Players and DVD

Lot#: 239

Denon S102 Stereo Unit, Speakers, Sub Woffer

Lot#: 240

New Guess Leather Boots

Size 8.5 M

Lot#: 241

Shiatsu Message Chair

Lot#: 242

Caledonia Milling Bags

Lot#: 243

Hamilton Centenial 1846 -1946

Lot#: 244

Wood Framed Mirror

19 x 63 inches

Lot#: 245

Robot Space Trooper

In original box

Lot#: 246

1951 Gay Products Calendar

"If it Gay, It's Okay" 5.5 x 10.5

Lot#: 247

1986 Royal Mail Post Cards

Insects Presentation Pack, RAF Presentation Pack, Halley's Comet Presentation Pack, Nature Conservation Speces at Risk Presentation Pack

Lot#: 248

Aprx. 80 Tobacco Cards

Lot#: 249

Aprx. Red Rose Tea Cards

Lot#: 250

Aprox. 70 Red Rose Tea Cards

Lot#: 251

4 Packs of Lovers Fun Cards

Lot#: 252

Vintage Post Cards

Lot#: 253

Collection of Old Maps

Welland, Brantford, Preston, Guelph, Ect

Lot#: 254

Large Quantity of Religious Scene Photos

Lot#: 255

1927 Eaton's Catalogue (Reprint)

Lot#: 256

Nice Collection of Old Photos

Lot#: 257

Post Cards, Slides, Ect.

Lot#: 258

Packages of Pencil and Drafting Lead, Thumb Tacks

Lot#: 259

Arx. 200 Classic Pin-up Post Cards

Lot#: 260

1908 Sears-Roebuck (Reprint) Catalogue

Lot#: 261

Stabilo Pencil Case, Charvoz Drawing Set

Lot#: 262

Shell Road Map, Advertising Pieces, Ect.

Lot#: 263

Stelco Tin, Cigerette Case, Ect.

Lot#: 264

Stuhrling Watch

New in Box

Lot#: 265

Partridge Family Trading Cards, Games, Ect.

Lot#: 266

Lovely Games Table with Storage

on castors

Lot#: 267

Singer Cabinet Sewing Machine

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