Dunnville Antiques Collectables & More Auction

Tuesday August 18, 2020 | Dunnville, ON. CA. N1A 2H1
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Lot#: 1

Precious Moments Figurine

(This is Your Day to Shine)

Lot#: 2

Precious Moments Figurine (Thou Art Mine)

Lot#: 3

Precious Moments Figurine

(You Have Touched So Many Hearts)

Lot#: 4

Precious Moments Figurine (Let Love Rain)

Lot#: 5

Precious Moments Figurine

(I'll Never Stop Loving You)

Lot#: 6

Mutant Chronicle Figurines

Lot#: 7

Lavorazione Arte Murano Decorative Centrepiece

Lot#: 8

2 Decorative Statues (10" high)

Lot#: 9

Sports Lot

Steve Frances Jason Spezza Hockey Trophy

Lot#: 10

Decorative Figurines

Lot#: 11

Wedding Lot

Ring Bearer Pillows Hanging Lily Pearls Bridal Party Accents Bridal Dolls

Lot#: 12

Wedding Lot

Ring Bearer Pillows Hanging Lily Pearls Bridal Party Accents

Lot#: 13

Kitchen Lot

Coffee Mugs Personal Groomer Dough Press Egg Separator Kitchen Magnets

Lot#: 14

Kids Toy Lot

Cap Gun Jumping Beans Hacky Sacs Sidewalk Chalk

Lot#: 15

DVDs from the series 24

Lot#: 16

Upper Deck Hockey Cards (89/90 & 90/91)

Lot#: 17

Costume Jewellery

Necklaces Earrings Bracelet

Lot#: 18

Who Needs Google Metal Sign (13" diameter)

Lot#: 19

Texaco Motor Oil Metal Sign (12x15)

Lot#: 20

Say Hello To My Little Friend Metal Sign (12x15)

Lot#: 21

Warning Do Not Expect a Warning Shot Metal Sign


Lot#: 22

Warning You Are in Range Metal Sign (12x17)

Lot#: 23

Legends Never Die Metal Sign (16x12)

Lot#: 24

Texaco Metal Sign (17x7)

Lot#: 25

Standards Supreme Metal Sign (17x7)

Lot#: 26

Beatles Metal Sign (16x12)

Lot#: 27

Wooden Wine Bag Holder (11x9)

Lot#: 28

Wiltshire Laser 9-piece Knife Set (new)

Lot#: 29

Depend Fit-Flex XL Absorbent Underwear for Men

Lot#: 30

Depend Fit-Flex XL Absorbent Underwear for Men

Lot#: 31

Depend Fit-Flex XL Absorbent Underwear for Men

Lot#: 32

2 Decorative Mirrors (12" and 8" diameter)

Lot#: 33

Decorative Wooden Truck (18" long)

Lot#: 34

Various Incense

Lot#: 35

Hardware Lot

Markers Duct Sheetz Pen/Pad Clipboard

Lot#: 36

2XL Rain Pants

Lot#: 37

Decorative Mirror (16" diameter)

Lot#: 38

Vanity Black Dress Necklace Holder

Lot#: 39

2 Wooden Tigers

Lot#: 40

Kites (various sizes, shapes)

Lot#: 41

Black Hand Ring Holder

Lot#: 42

Kitchen Lot

Salt and Pepper Shakers Coin Counter Brushes Hair Clippers Gelatin Moulds

Lot#: 43

14-piece Pro-Fix Paint Gun and Accessories (new)

Lot#: 44

Nautical Wall Clock (new)

Lot#: 45

Golf-Baseball Sports Clock (new)

Lot#: 46

Various Board Games

Bamboozle Tri-Bond Squabble TV Poker

Lot#: 47

Decorative Wooden Shelf for Keys (9x12)

Lot#: 48

Revlon Travel Light/Mirror (new)

Lot#: 49

Mr Clean Auto-Dry

Lot#: 50

Carleton Canoes Decorative Clock

Lot#: 51

Cowboy Hats (various styles, sizes, colours)

Lot#: 52

Betty Boop Collectible Watches and Purse

Lot#: 53

Wicker Newspaper Stand

With 1950s Dunnville Chronicle Newspapers (18x18)

Lot#: 54

Conair Deluxe Thermal Spa

Lot#: 55

Game Lot

Various Pin Ball Games

Lot#: 56

Picnic Lot

Cups Plates Napkins Tablecloths

Lot#: 57

2 Titanic-Inspired Ring and Earring Set

(size 6 & size 7)

Lot#: 58

Princess Diana-Inspired Rings

(size 6, 7, 8)

Lot#: 59

Various Hats

Lot#: 60

Stater Mint Ltd Collector Series

Vancouver Habitat Dollar Red River Dollar Winnipeg Centennial Dollar

Lot#: 61

Decorative Wall Mount Faces (new in box)

Lot#: 62

Crystal Beach Pennant

Lot#: 63

Dr. Sholl Back Cushion Massager

Infrared Heat (new in box)

Lot#: 64

New Clips

Lot#: 65

Seth Thomas Antique Wall Clock (with key)

Lot#: 66

Dolphin Wooden Mirror (15" diameter)

Lot#: 67

Box of New Socks (various styles, sizes, colours)

Lot#: 68

Blue Ray DVDs

Bad Lieutenant Straight Talk Kung Fu Master Terminal Velocity

Lot#: 69

Decorative Wooden Box (17x10.5x7)

Lot#: 70

Royal Doulton Elegance (HN 2264)

Lot#: 71

2 Royal Doulton Figurines

Fair Maiden (HN 2211) Penny (HN 2238)

Lot#: 72

Collectible Figurines

1 Collectible Figure Bell - Lady of Fashion - Melanie - Coal Port Bone China 1 Collectible Figure Bell - Elegant Eve

Lot#: 73

Melissa and Doug Toys

Lot#: 74

Melissa and Doug Bug Jump Spill and Fill

Lot#: 75

Antique Glass Grapes

Lot#: 76

Pottery Bird Feeder/Water Dish

Lot#: 77

Office Supplies

Butterfly Clips Thumb Tacks Paper Clips

Lot#: 78

Various Cat Nip Toys

Lot#: 79

Plates (various sizes, shapes)

Lot#: 80

Beauty Lot

Body Lotion Lip Colour Shower Gel Finishing Powder

Lot#: 81

Pinwheel Crystal Pitcher (8")

Lot#: 82

Antique Pressed Glass Bowl

Lot#: 83

Antique Pressed Glass Bowl

Lot#: 84

Various Collectible Children's Books

Baby Mickey Little Lou Lou Sesame Street

Lot#: 85

3 Die Cast Stock Cars 1/64 scale

Jeff Gordon Bill Elliot Terry Lebonte

Lot#: 86

1996/97 Upper Deck McDonald's Ice Cards

Lot#: 87

1996/97 Upper Deck McDonald's Ice Cards

Lot#: 88

1996/97 Upper Deck McDonald's Ice Cards

Lot#: 89

4 Hockey Rookie Cards

Jarmoir Jagr Jaromir Jagr Jaromir Jagr Sergi Fedorov Sergi Fedorov

Lot#: 90

Various DVDs

Lethal Weapon Saw 2 Gangster Unknown

Lot#: 91

2 Dale Earnhardt Jr Die Cast Cars

Lot#: 92

Welcome on Board Nautical Sign (9" diameter)

Lot#: 93

Nautical Decorative Wall Clock

Lot#: 94

Landia Low Voltage Decorative Landscape Lighting

Lot#: 95

Chelsea Art Pottery (2-piece)

Lot#: 96

Miscellaneous Lot

Cups Potpourri Hose Nozzle Bathroom Scale Candle Holder

Lot#: 97

Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer (various colours)

Lot#: 98

Decorative Mantle Clock (18x12)

Lot#: 99

Various Candles and Holders

(various sizes, shapes, colours)

Lot#: 100

Papel Giftware Miniature Teapot (x6)

Lot#: 101

2 Hummingbird Barn Feeders

Lot#: 102

Terry Lebonte Kellog's 5 Car 1/24 scale

Lot#: 103

Space Saving Organizer

Lot#: 104

Various Birthday Cards

Lot#: 105

Car Lot

Headlight Extension Cord Edge Guards Turtle Wax CD Holder Fuzzy Dice

Lot#: 106

Key Chains (various sizes, colours)

Lot#: 107

Party Lot

Napkins Tablecloths Straws Banners

Lot#: 108

Care Bear Combs

Lot#: 109

2 Magic Mess Hands-Free Screen Doors (83x19.5)

Lot#: 110

Scarf Yarn (various colours)

Lot#: 111

Scarf Yarn (various colours)

Lot#: 112

Scarf Yarn (various colours)

Lot#: 113

Scarf Yarn (various colours)

Lot#: 114

Hand Painted Porcelain Clown

Lot#: 115

Miscellaneous Lot

Grill Daddy Remote Ceiling Fan Truck Grip

Lot#: 116

Craft Lot

Acrylic Enamel Beads String Paint

Lot#: 117

Children's Hair Accessories

(headbands, bows, elastics)

Lot#: 118

Electrical Light Covers (various styles, colours)

Lot#: 119

Bicycle Training Wheels

Hearts and Flowers (3 sets) Fits Bicycles 12-16"

Lot#: 120

Decorative Wall Art (x12)

Lot#: 121

Wooden Frog Statues (x3)

Lot#: 122

Looney Tunes Play Set (cups, saucer, spoon)

Lot#: 123

Gameboy Advance Games

Chicken Little Rats Poker

Lot#: 124

Antique Slide Rules (x2)

Lot#: 125

Rooster Lot

Decorative Signs Art Wall Art Basket

Lot#: 126

Various shampoo, body wash, hand soap

Lot#: 127

Stainless Steel Bowls (various sizes)

Lot#: 128

Wooden Toy Truck (10" long)

Lot#: 129

Mini Screwdrivers (various colours)

Lot#: 130

Mighty Mouse Terry Tune Giant Pencils (x4)

Lot#: 131

Women's Belts (various sizes, colours, styles)

Lot#: 132

3 Decorative Wall Mirrors

Lot#: 133

1990 Upper Deck Baseball Cards

Lot#: 134

Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Hopscotch Kit

Lot#: 135

Various VHS Videos

Black Rain Love Crimes Batman Forever

Lot#: 136

Melissa and Doug Castle Wooden Figurine Set

Lot#: 137

Miscellaneous Lot

Teacups Glasses Cups

Lot#: 138

Miscellaneous Lot

Cups Glasses Plates Centrepiece

Lot#: 139

Candle Lot

Tapers Lipstick Candles Party Candles

Lot#: 140

Bedside Security System

Lot#: 141

Hawaiian Lot

Leis Grass Skirts Flower Bra Coconut Bra

Lot#: 142

Princess Genevieve Barbie

Lot#: 143

Universal Inkjet Refill Kit

Lot#: 144

Decorative Golf Wall Art (9x8)

Lot#: 145

Sunbeam Ball Tip Brush & Curling Iron

Lot#: 146

Original Lava Lamps (x2)

Lot#: 147

Fascinators (x3)

Lot#: 148

Toy Lot

Skipping Rope Coloured Chalk Super Spinners Stuffed Animals

Lot#: 149

Floral Brights Cookie Jar

Lot#: 150

Barbie Little Learning Laptop

Lot#: 151

Desperate Housewives Dirty Laundry Game (sealed)

Lot#: 152

Antique Sound Division Pink Telephone

Lot#: 153

Floral Centerpiece

Lot#: 154

Bakelite 6-piece Knife Set

Lot#: 155

Elizabeth Arden Replenishing Body Spray

Lot#: 156

2 Wooden Rolling Pins

Lot#: 157

Miscellaneous Lot

Collectable Figurines Statues Native Statues

Lot#: 158

2 Wooden Wall Mirrors (16x16)

Lot#: 159

Photo and Memory Books

Lot#: 160

Miscellaneous Lot

Candle Holders Wall Decorations Figurines

Lot#: 161

Party Lot

Straws Letters Banners Twisty Animals Streamers Balloons

Lot#: 162

Shift Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Speaker

Lot#: 163

Tablecloth, napkins, napkin rings

Lot#: 164

Nautical Figurines and Anchor Wall Art

Lot#: 165

2 Meat Loaf Pans

Lot#: 166

3 Purses

Lot#: 167

Collectible Snake Sword (21" long)

Lot#: 168

Various Oriental CDs

Lot#: 169

Miscellaneous Lot

Native Figurines Candles Bobbins

Lot#: 170

Antique Amber Collectible Jugs (160oz)

Lot#: 171

Oriental Statues (11")

Lot#: 172

Brother Intilli 775 Fax Machine

Lot#: 173

Ties (various styles, colours)

Lot#: 174

Parts Container Boxes (various sizes, colours)

Lot#: 175

Puffin Umbrella

Lot#: 176

Box of Beauty Soap

Lot#: 177

Decorative Statue (20")

Lot#: 178

3 Light Fixtures

Lot#: 179

Vintage Comic Books

Little Sad Sack Porky Pig Denise the Menise

Lot#: 180

Vintage Comic Books

Sin City The Mummy Night Streets

Lot#: 181

Various Collectible Plate (authenticity cert)

Father's Help - Norman Rockwell Grandpa's Treasure Chest - Norman Rockwell Mother's Day 1987 - Knowles Mother's Day 1986 - Knowles Mother's Day 1985 - Knowles The Musician's Magic - Knowles

Lot#: 182

Box of Buttons (various sizes, shapes, colours)

Lot#: 183

Furniture Carrying Strap

Lot#: 184

Ties (various colours)

Lot#: 185

Candle Lot (various colours, sizes, shapes)

Lot#: 186

Blue and White Collectibles

Vase (chip on top - fixed) Figurines Music box

Lot#: 187

Melissa and Doug Peg Puzzle Boards

Lot#: 188

Tie-Up Belts (various styles, colours)

Lot#: 189

Box of Bows (various sizes, colours)

Lot#: 190

Belts (various sizes, shapes, colours)

Lot#: 191

The Magazine Antiques, Jan. 1952

30th Anniversary Edition Furniture of the Old South 1640-1820

Lot#: 192

Cherimoya Crack Nail Polish (various colours)

Lot#: 193

Craft Lot

String Rope Glue

Lot#: 194

Wooden Rocking Chair

Lot#: 195

Tool Lot

Clamps Level Saw Spark Plug Puller

Lot#: 196

Nippon Dishes

Plates Cups Saucers Tea Pot Cream/Sugar

Lot#: 197

Miscellaneous Lot

Kitchen Knives Banana Holders

Lot#: 198

Compact Disk/DVD Holder

Lot#: 199

2 Teapots

Lot#: 200

Christmas Cabbage Patch Records

Lot#: 201

Various Puzzles

NCIS: Los Angles 3D Cats Moonlight Tango

Lot#: 202

Total Pillow

Lot#: 203

Various Charms (bracelets, necklaces, wine stems)

Lot#: 204

Corner Pine Umbrella Stand (16x11x24)

Lot#: 205

Candle Lot (various sizes, shapes)

Candles Candle Holders

Lot#: 206

Party Lot

Tablecloths Straws Ribbons Balloons Streamers

Lot#: 207

Box of Artificial Flowers

Lot#: 208

Warriors Baseball Jersey (size M)

Lot#: 209

Various VHS Movies

XMen Nobody's Fool Boworth Cliffhanger

Lot#: 210

Blank Paint Canvases

Lot#: 211

Incense (Scents: Sensuality, Opium)

Lot#: 212

Women's HMG Leather Coat (size M)

Lot#: 213

Star Wars Episode 1 Anakin Skywalker T-shirt (one)

Lot#: 214

Big Bill Blue Jean Jacket (40Reg)

Lot#: 215

Miscellaneous Lot

Clown Figurines Wine Glasses Vases Platters Salt and Pepper Shakers

Lot#: 216

4 Vases (19")

Lot#: 217

Musical Golf Statue

Lot#: 218

4 Vases (12", 14", 16")

Lot#: 219

Ceramic Frog Statue (7")

Lot#: 220

Collectible Tea Set

Lot#: 221

Big Top Donut Silicone Bakeware

Lot#: 222

HMG Leather Jacket (size S)

Lot#: 223

Shark Turbo Hand Vac

Lot#: 224

Melissa and Doug Wallet Play Set

Lot#: 225

Melissa and Doug Bella Butterfly Tote

Lot#: 226

Bibi Bee Watering Can

Lot#: 227

Chair Replacement Seats

Lot#: 228

Mastercraft Miter Box

Lot#: 229

2 Vases

Lot#: 230

4 Peg Boards (47x47)

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