Epic Sporting and Gun Auction

Sunday December 16, 2018 | 169 South Main Street. Leslie, MI. US. 49251

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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Epic Auctions & Estate Sales, LLC Brad Stoecker - Auctioneer, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 45392250

Winchester .22 Mag, Lever Action Rifle

With Leupold M8-4x Scope, Checkered Forearm and Grip, Very Good Condition, Tube Feed Maker: Winchester Model: 9422XTR Caliber/Gauge: .22 SN: F553370 Barrel Length:20

Lot#: 45392251

Winchester Model 1904 .22 Rifle

Bolt Action, .22 Short, Long or Extra Long, Single Shot Maker: Winchester Model: 1904 Caliber/Gauge: .22 SN: NA Barrel Length: 21

Lot#: 45392252

Browning A5 20ga Shotgun

Semi-auto. Original box. 2.75" chamber. Belgium made. Maker: Browning Model: A5 Caliber/Gauge: 20ga SN: 8Z1298 Barrel Length: 27.5"

Lot#: 45392253

Savage 12ga. Model 755A Shotgun

Semi-auto. Poly choke. Some engraving. Maker: Savage Model: 755A Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 586436 Barrel Length: 28:

Lot#: 45392254

Remington Model 31 12ga Shotgun

Pump action. Poly choke. 2.75" chamber. Maker: Remington Model: Model 31 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 113719 Barrel Length: 27"

Lot#: 45392255

Springfield Model 67H 12ga Shotgun

Springfield by Savage Arms. 3" Chamber. Pump action. Maker: Springfield Model: 67H Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: none Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392256

Springfield by Stevens 12ga Shotgun

Has a broken stock on left side of received. Single Shot. Maker: Springfield Model: 94A Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: N/A Barrel Length: 30"

Lot#: 45392257

Stevens 20ga. Model 238A Shotgun

Bolt action with drop out magazine. Maker: Stevens Model: 238A Caliber/Gauge: 20ga SN: n/a Barrel Length: 25.5"

Lot#: 45392258

Kassnar Imports 20ga. Single Shot Shotgun

3" Chamber. Full choke. Maker: Kassnar Model: n/a Caliber/Gauge: 20ga SN: 204510 Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392259

Marlin Model 81 .22 Rifle

Bolt Action. .22 S-L-LR. Tube Fed. This gun needs trigger work per the seller. Maker: Marlin Model: 81 Caliber/Gauge: .22 S-L-LR SN: n/a Barrel Length: 23.25"

Lot#: 45392260

CVA .50Cal Bobcat Muzzle Loader Rifle

Side hammer Percussion Cap. Synthetic Stock. Maker: CVA Model: Bobcat Caliber/Gauge: .50 SN: 61-13-072561-95 Barrel Length: 26" Barrel

Lot#: 45392261

Winchester 45-70 Govt, Lever Action Rifle

Like New, Receiver Feed, Maker: Winchester Model: 1886 Caliber/Gauge: 45-70 Govt SN: 00062ZY86A Barrel Length: 20

Lot#: 45392262

CVA .50cal Blazer Muzzle Loader Rifle

Percussion Cap inline hammer. Swift 4x32 scope. Maker: CVA Model: Blazer Caliber/Gauge: .50 SN: 653356 Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392263

Browning Model 2000 12ga Shotgun

Semi-auto. 3" Magnum. Maker: Browning Model: 2000 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 64035C47 Barrel Length: 29.5"

Lot#: 45392264

Winchester Model 12 12ga. Shotgun

Pump action. 2.75" Chamber. Modified choke. Maker: Winchester Model: 12 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 1026870 Barrel Length: 27"

Lot#: 45392265

Stevens-Browning 20ga. Pump Shotgun

Made by J. Stevens Arms. 20ga. Pump action. Modified Choke. Maker: Stevens Model: 620 Caliber/Gauge: 20ga SN: U46313 Barrel Length: 27.25"

Lot#: 45392266

Savage 30-30 Bolt Action Rifle

Dropout Magazine. Bolt Action. Maker: Savage Model: 340A Caliber/Gauge: 30-30 SN: n/a Barrel Length: 21"

Lot#: 45392300

S&W M&P-15 AR-15 .223/5.56 Rifle w/scope

5 Position Stock. Vortex Scope 4-12 power. Maker: S&W Model: M&P-15 Caliber/Gauge: .223/5.56 SN: SV79373 Barrel Length: 16"

Lot#: 45392267

Remington Sportsman 12ga Shotgun

Semi-Auto. Modified choke. Remington "Browning Patent" Maker: Remington Model: Sportsman Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 409796 Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392301

Diamondback Firearms AR-15 .223/5.56 DB15

6 poasition ATI adjustable stock. BSA Scope 4-12 with adjustable AO. Maker: Diamondback Firearms Model: DB15 Caliber/Gauge: .223/5.56 SN: DB1521308 Barrel Length: 16"

Lot#: 45392268

L.C. Smith 12ga SxS Dbl Barrel Shotgun

By the Hunter Arms Company of Fulton, NY. Checkering on forearm and grip. Round knob on stock. Patent July 13, 1886. Double Trigger. Has extractors, not ejectors. Maker: LCSmith Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 324013 Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392302

Hi-Point Arms .45ACP Model 4595 Rifle

3 Magazines. CP Red/Green Dot Scope. Sling. Removable Mount Flashlight. Maker: Hi-Point Model: 4595 Caliber/Gauge: .45ACP SN: R35430 Barrel Length: 19.5"

Lot#: 45392269

Remington Model 12-C .22 Rifle

Octagon Barrel. Tube Fed. Pump Action. Iron Sights. Maker: Remington Model: 12-C Caliber/Gauge: .22 S-L-LR SN: 633777 Barrel Length: 23.25"

Lot#: 45392303

Savage Axis .308 Win Bolt Action Rifle

Dropout Magazine. Laminated Thumbhole Stock. Redfield Revenge 4-Plex 4-12 Variable Scope. Maker: Savage Model: Axis Caliber/Gauge: 308 Win SN: J729761 Barrel Length: 22"

Lot#: 45392304

Browning A-Bolt .257 Roberts Rifle

.257 Roberts. Tasco 4-16x Scope. Maker: Browning Model: A-Bolt Caliber/Gauge: .257 SN: 47189PV717 Barrel Length: 22"

Lot#: 45392305

Browning A-5 Shotgun

Semi-Auto, Poly Choke, Maker: Browning Model: A-5 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: B17427 Barrel Length: 26

Lot#: 45392306

Remington Model 770 300 Win Mag Rifle

Camoflauge Synthetic Stock. 3-9x Scope. Dropout Magazine. Stainless Barrell. Maker: Remington Model: 770 Caliber/Gauge: 300 Win Mag SN: M7 1804074 Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45392307

Remington Model 7400 Semi-Auto .30-06 Rifle

Charles Daly 3-9x Scope with see through rings. Maker: Remington Model: 7400 Caliber/Gauge: .30-06 SN: 8405703 Barrel Length: 22"

Lot#: 45392308

Savage Model 110E .30-06 Rifle

Bushnell Sportview 4-12 Power Scope. Maker: Savage Model: 110E Caliber/Gauge: .30-06 SN: E503581 Barrel Length: 22"

Lot#: 45392309

Marlin 336CS 30-30 Win Lever Action Rifle

Lever Action. Walnut Stock. Maker: Marlin Model: 336CS Caliber/Gauge: .30-30 SN: 11048528 Barrel Length: 20"

Lot#: 45489176

Russian Nagant M1895 Revolver

Marked C.A.I. Georgia VT. 7 shot.

Lot#: 45489177

Phoenix Arm Model HP22 Pistol 3" Barrel

In original Box. 2 magazines.

Lot#: 45489178

Phoenix Arms HP22 Pistol with 5" Barrel

Includes 3" Barrel, 2 magazines, and original box.

Lot#: 45392270

Stevens Model 22-410 O/U Rifle/Shotgun

.22 Rifle over .410 Shotgun. 3" Chamber on .410. .22 LR. Barrel tapped for scope mount. Nylon stock. Maker: Stevens Model: 22-410 SN: n/a Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45392271

Heritage Rough Rider .22LR/.22Mag Revolver

New in Box. Maker: Heritage Model: Rough Rider Caliber/Gauge: .22 LR/ .22 Mag SN: R55800 Barrel Length: 6.5"

Lot#: 45392272

Winchester 30 W..C.F, Lever Action, Rifle

Pre 64, Very Good Condition, Maker: Winchester Model: 94 Caliber/Gauge: 30 W.C.F SN: 1114299 Barrel Length: 20

Lot#: 45392273

FNH FNS-40 .40SW Pistol

In original plastic case. 3 magazines. Maker: FNH Model: FNS-40 Caliber/Gauge: .40 SN: GKU0062843 Barrel Length: 3.75"

Lot#: 45392274

Bryco J48 .380 Pistol (Parts Gun)

Jennings Firearms by Bryco Arms. Sold as a non-working parts only gun, but still must be transferred via FFL. Maker: Bryco Model: J48 Caliber/Gauge: .380 SN: 905228

Lot#: 45392275

Taurus .38 Special Revolver

7-shot. Stainless. New In original box. Maker: Taurus Model: 827 Caliber/Gauge: .38 SN: EN365527 Barrel Length: 4"

Lot#: 45392276

Taurus Raspberry .380 Model PT738

Raspberry Color Grip. 6-shot. Maker: Taurus Model: PT-738 Caliber/Gauge: .380 ACP SN: 74240D Barrel Length: 3.3"

Lot#: 45392310

Ruger Mini-14 .223 Rifle w/Scope

Wood Stock. Tasco 5x20 World Class Scope. Dropout Magazine. Maker: Ruger Model: Mini-14 Caliber/Gauge: .223 SN: 18058219 Barrel Length: 18"

Lot#: 45392277

Astra Model 600-43 9mm Pistol

8-shot. 7 in mag and 1 in the chamber. Maker: Astra Model: 600-43 Caliber/Gauge: 9mm SN: 18519 Barrel Length: 5.25"

Lot#: 45392311

Ruger M77 Mark II .223 Rifle

Weaver 3-9x Scope. Walnut Stock. Hinged Floor plate. Maker: Ruger Model: M77 Mark II Caliber/Gauge: .223 SN: 780-65790 Barrel Length: 22"

Lot#: 45392278

Jimenez Arms J.A. Nine 9mm Pistol

New in Box. Maker: Jimenez Model: JA Nine Caliber/Gauge: 9mm SN: 253591 Barrel Length: 3.75"

Lot#: 45392312

Marlin Golden 39A Lever Action .22 Rifle

Tube Feed. Simmons 3-9x Scope. JM Add on Thumb Lever to fit under scope. Maker: Marlin Model: Golden 39A Caliber/Gauge: .22 SN: V21727 Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45392279

US Firearm .22LR Zip Pistol

No magazine included. New in Box. Maker: US Firearm Model: Zip Pistol Caliber/Gauge: .22LR SN: AAD685 Barrel Length: 5.25"

Lot#: 45392313

Remington Semi-Auto .22 Rifle w/Scope

Glenfield 4x Scope. Tube Fed. Scope is Blurry. Maker: Remington Model: N/A Caliber/Gauge: .22LR SN: A2239063 Barrel Length: 19.5"

Lot#: 45392314

Norinco Interarms .22LR Rifle w/Scope

Take down model. Bushnell Banner 22 Scope Maker: Norinco Model: 22AT Caliber/Gauge: .22LR SN: 910301 Barrel Length: 19"

Lot#: 45392315

Marlin 980DL .22 Mag Bolt Action Rifle w/Scope

Tasco 3-9x32 Scope. Detachable Magazine. Maker: Marlin Model: 980DL Caliber/Gauge: .22 Mag SN: NA Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45392316

Ruger .45cal Revolver

Like New, 2 cylinders, Shoots .45ACP or 45 Long Colt Maker: Ruger Model: Blackhawk Caliber/Gauge: .45cal SN: 48-62724 Barrel Length: 5.5"

Lot#: 45392317

Mossberg & Sons 151K .22LR

Walnut Stock. Semi-Auto. Tube Fed Through Stock. Maker: Mossberg Model: 151K Caliber/Gauge: .22LR SN: NA Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45392318

Marlin Glenfield Model 60 .22LR Rifle

Semi-Auto. Tube Feed. Simmons 3-7x20 Scope. Maker: Marlin Model: Model 60 Caliber/Gauge: .22LR SN: 72305831 Barrel Length: 22"

Lot#: 45392319

SCCY CPX-2 9mm Pistol

New in Box. Maker: SCCY Model: CPX-2 Caliber/Gauge: 9mm SN: 242585 Barrel Length: 2.75"

Lot#: 45392280

Ruger Single Six .22LR/.22Mag Revolver

2 Cylinders .22LR and .22 Mag Maker: Ruger Model: Single Six Caliber/Gauge: .22 SN: 517069 Barrel Length: 6.5"

Lot#: 45392281

Citadel .45ACP 1911 Pistol

New in box. 2 magazines. 9-shot (8+1) Maker: Citadel Model: 1911 Caliber/Gauge: .45ACP SN: CIT025155 Barrel Length: 5"

Lot#: 45392282

Ruger Old Army Black Powder Revolver

Percussion Cap. Maker: Ruger Model: Old Army Caliber/Gauge: .457 SN: 140-40444 Barrel Length: 7.5"

Lot#: 45392283

Remington 30-06, Rifle

Semi-Auto, Bushnell 3x9 Scope, w/sling Maker: Remington Model: 7400 Caliber/Gauge: 30-06 SN: 8153919 Barrel Length: 22

Lot#: 45392284

Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 Mag Revolver

6-shot. Stainless. Maker: Charter Arms Model: Pathfinder Caliber/Gauge: .22 Mag SN: 83315 Barrel Length: 4"

Lot#: 45392285

Ruger Single Six .22 Revolver

6-shot. Maker: Ruger Model: Single Six Caliber/Gauge: .22 SN: 430815 Barrel Length: 5.5"

Lot#: 45392286

Iver Johnson .32 Cal Revolver

5-shot. Break action. Double Action. Hammerless. Maker: Iver Johnson Caliber/Gauge: .32 SN: 6550 Barrel Length: 6"

Lot#: 45392320

Colt Trooper MK III .357 Revolver

Nickel Finish. 6-shot. Maker: Colt Model: Trooper MK III Caliber/Gauge: .357 SN: 81765L Barrel Length: 8"

Lot#: 45392287

Ruger Blackhawk .357 Mag Revolver

6-shot. Single Action. Wood grips. Model: Blackhawk Caliber/Gauge: .357 SN: 33-45567 Barrel Length: 6.5"

Lot#: 45392321

Remington 1911 R1 Pistol

Original Plastic Case. Excellent Condition. Maker: Remington Model: 1911 R1 Caliber/Gauge: .45ACP SN: RHN65040A Barrel Length: 5"

Lot#: 45392288

Colt Single Action Army .38-40 Revolver

Single Action Colt Army Revolver. Black Plastic Colt Grips. 6-Shot. Maker: Colt Model: Single Action Army Caliber/Gauge: .38-40 SN: 355336 Barrel Length: 5.5"

Lot#: 45392200

Ruger P85 9mm Handgun

2 Magazines. Maker: Ruger Model: P85 Caliber/Gauge: 9mm SN: 300-61846 Barrel Length: 4.5"

Lot#: 45392322

Ruger Mark III Target Stainless

Stainless. Heavy Fluted Barrel. Wood Grips.2 magazines. Original Plastic Case. Metal Scope Mounting Plate. .22LR Maker: Ruger Model: Mark III Target Caliber/Gauge: .22LR SN:275-07272 Barrel Length: 7"

Lot#: 45392289

Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Revolver

6-Shot. Custom Elk Horn Grips. Single Action. Maker: Ruger Model: Super Blackhawk Caliber/Gauge: .44 SN: 81-38692 Barrel Length: 5.5"

Lot#: 45392201

Ruger Single Six .22 LR/Mag Convertible Revolver

Comes with 22LR Cylinder. Single Action. Ruger Wood Grips. Maker: Ruger Model: Single Six Caliber/Gauge: .22LR SN: 63-05154 Barrel Length: 5.5"

Lot#: 45392323

Colt M1991A1 Series 80 Stainless Pistol

Guide Gear Metal 1911 Case. 1 magazine. Wood grips. Maker: Colt Model: 1991A1 Series 80 Caliber/Gauge: .45ACP SN: CV19544 Barrel Length: 5"

Lot#: 45392202

Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless

Colt Plastic Grips Maker: Colt Model: 1903 Pocket Hammerless Caliber/Gauge: .32 SN: 359829 Barrel Length: 3.5"

Lot#: 45392324

Smith and Wesson 38Spl Model 649 Revolver

Body Guard. Hammerless. Stainless. 5-shot. Maker: S&W Model: 649 Caliber/Gauge: .38spl SN: ANF2539 Barrel Length: 2"

Lot#: 45392203

Colt M1860 Army .44 Black Powder Reproduction

Reproduction of the Colt M1860 in .44 Black Powder. Maker: Colt Model: M1860 Caliber/Gauge: .44 SN: A-40454 Barrel Length: 8"

Lot#: 45392325

FIE Corp. Titan .25 Cal Pistol

2 magazines. FIE Corp. Miami, FL Maker: FIE Model: Titan Caliber/Gauge: .25 SN: 146669 Barrel Length: 2.5"

Lot#: 45392204

Smith & Wesson Hammerless .38 Revolver

Mother of Pearl Grips. .38spl. Double Action. 5-Shot Maker: S&W Model: Hammerless Caliber/Gauge: .38 SN: 145081 Barrel Length: 3.25"

Lot#: 45392326

Remington 597 .22LR Semi-Auto Rifle

Synthetic Green Stock. Remington 3-9x32 Scope. Maker: Remington Model: 597 Caliber/Gauge: .22LR SN: B2776683 Barrel Length: 20"

Lot#: 45392205

Remington Model 700 ML 50-Cal Muzzle Loader

In line percussion cap. Black synthetic stock with stainless barrel.

Lot#: 45392206

Remington Model 14 Pump .30 Rifle

Pump Action with twisted style tube. Maker: Remington Model: 14 Caliber/Gauge: .30 SN: 121551 Barrel Length: 22

Lot#: 45392207

Remington .30 Rem Parts Rifle

Pump action. Missing forearm. Action doesn't close. Needs work and parts to fire. Still requires background check or FFL transfer. Maker: Remington Model: UnknownCaliber/Gauge: .30 SN: C2738 Barrel Length: 21

Lot#: 45392208

Ithaca Model 72 .22LR Rifle

Lever Action Saddle Gun. Maker: Ithaca Model: 72 Caliber/Gauge: .22LR SN: 72036281 Barrel Length: 18"

Lot#: 45392209

Smith & Wesson .38 Revolver

6 Shot Maker: S&W Model: .38 Special Caliber/Gauge: .38 Special SN: V270526 Barrel Length: 4

Lot#: 45392290

Beretta M1934 Brevet 9mm Pistol

9mm Corto. Gardone V.T. 1943-XX. Semi-Auto Maker: Beretta Model: M1934 Caliber/Gauge: 9mm SN: 1190AA Barrel Length: 3.25"

Lot#: 45392291

Beretta M1915 Brevetta .32 Pistol

Beretta M1915 Semi-Auto. Italian Navy model. Wood grips. Maker: Beretta Model: M1915 Caliber/Gauge: .32 SN: 20167 Barrel Length: 3"

Lot#: 45392292

Rossi Model 88 .38 Revolver

Single Action. 5-shot. Stainless. Maker: Rossi Model: 88 Caliber/Gauge: '.38 SN: W088784 Barrel Length: 3"

Lot#: 45392293

Colt AR-15 Model SP1

Early Colt AR-15 SP1 Rifle Maker: Coly Model: AR-15 SP1 Caliber/Gauge: .223 SN: 123239 Barrel Length: 20"

Lot#: 45392294

Henry Arms 12ga. Shotgun

SxS Double Barrel, Hammers, Damascus Steel, Checkering on Forearm and Grip, Maker: Henry Arms Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 118610 Barrel Length: 30

Lot#: 45392295

Omni AR-15 .223/.556 Rifle

Omni AR-15 16" Barrel. 3-9x40 Scope Maker: Omni Model: AR-15 Caliber/Gauge: .223/556 SN: AR39614 Barrel Length: 16"

Lot#: 45392174

Henry 45-70 Govt Lever Action Rifle

Lever Action. New in box. Maker: Henry Model: H010 Caliber/Gauge: 45-70 Govt SN: FFS000369 Barrel Length: 18

Lot#: 45392296

DPMS AR-15 "Oracle" .223/5.56 Rifle

New in Box. 6-position Adjustable Stock. 30-round Magazine. Maker: DPMS Model: AR-15 Oracle Caliber/Gauge: .223/5.56 SN: DKF400240 Barrel Length: 16"

Lot#: 45392175

Colt .22cal Pistol

Semi-Auto, Very Good Condition Maker: Colt Model: Huntsman Caliber/Gauge: .22 SN: 0272755 Barrel Length: 6"

Lot#: 45392297

DPMS AR-15 "Oracle" .223/5.56 Rifle

New in Box. 6-position Adjustable Stock. 30-round Magazine. Maker: DPMS Model: AR-15 Oracle Caliber/Gauge: .223/5.56 SN: FFH096389 Barrel Length: 16"

Lot#: 45392176

Springfield M1 Garand 30-cal Rifle w/Bayonet

Semi-Auto. 6.5" Blade. 11" Overall length of M6 bayonet. Springfield trigger group. Winchester barrel. Mirror finish in barrel bore. Springfield bolt. Reproduction M6 Bayonet. Aftermarket sling. Maker: Springfield Model: M1 Garand Caliber/Gauge: .30 SN: 1551540 Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45392298

DPMS AR-15 "Oracle" .223/5.56 Rifle

New in Box. 6-position Adjustable Stock. 30-round Magazine. Maker: DPMS Model: AR-15 Oracle Caliber/Gauge: .223/5.56 SN: FFH096655 Barrel Length: 16"

Lot#: 45392210

Remington Fieldmaster Model 121 .22 Rifle

Pump Action. Wood Stock. Bushnell Scope. Maker: Remington Model: 121 Caliber/Gauge: .22S, L, LR SN: 201348 Barrel Length: 25"

Lot#: 45392177

Springfield 30-Cal M1 Carbine

Semi-Auto. End of Barrel is marked Blue Sky Arlington, VA. US Postal. Underwood Barrel. Round bolt. 4 pin hand guard. Original Postal Meter marked stock. Good bore. Replacement sling. Maker: Springfield Model: M1 Carbine Caliber/Gauge: .30 SN: 4140964 Barrel Length: 18"

Lot#: 45392299

DPMS AR-15 "Oracle" .223/5.56 Rifle

New in Box. 6-position Adjustable Stock. 30-round Magazine. Maker: DPMS Model: AR-15 Oracle Caliber/Gauge: .223/5.56 SN: F175839K Barrel Length: 16"

Lot#: 45392211

Remington Model 12 .22 Rifle

Pump Action. Tube Feed. Maker: Remington Model: 12 Caliber/Gauge: .22 SN: 779846 Barrel Length: 22

Lot#: 45392178

Remington 03-A3 .30-06 Rifle

Bolt Action Maker: Remington Model: 03-A3 Caliber/Gauge: .30-06 SN: 3743641 Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45490464

Phoenix Arm Model HP22 Pistol 3" Barrel

In original Box. 2 magazines.

Lot#: 45392212

Winchester Model 67 .22 Rifle

Bolt Action Single Shot Maker: Winchester Model: 67 Caliber/Gauge: .22 SN: n/a Barrel Length: 27"

Lot#: 45392179

Remington 03-A3 .30-06 Rifle

Bolt Action Maker: Remington Model: 03-A3 Caliber/Gauge: .30-06 SN: 3447231 Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45392213

Mossberg Model 142A .22 Rifle

Drop handle grip on front of stock. Bolt Action. Maker: Mossberg Model: 142A Caliber/Gauge: .22 SN: N/A Barrel Length: 18"

Lot#: 45490466

Phoenix Arms HP22 Pistol with 5" Barrel

Includes 3" Barrel, 2 magazines, and original box.

Lot#: 45392214

Mossberg 500E .410 Shotgun

2.5" to 3" Chamber. Full Choke. Pump Action. Black Synthetic Stock. Maker: Mossberg Model: 500E Caliber/Gauge: .410 SN: R503148 Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45490467

K. Kale Turkish 1945 Mauser 8mm Rifle

Bolt action. Marked Ankara. Barrel is marked C.A.I. Georgia CT - M1938 Turkish 8mm. Chambered 7.92x57MM (8mm Mauser).

Lot#: 45392215

Remington Model 31 12ga Shotgun

Pump Action. Poly Choke. Maker: Remington Model: 31 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 124725 Barrel Length: 24

Lot#: 45490468

Fabrica de Armas Spanish Mauser M98

Fabrica de Armas. 1925. Oviedo. Chambered in 7x57mm.

Lot#: 45392216

Stevens Model 258A 20ga. Shotgun

Bolt Action. Dropout Magazine Maker: Stevens Model: 258A Caliber/Gauge: 20ga SN: N/A Barrel Length: 26"

Lot#: 45490469

Mosin Nagant M91/30 7.62x54R Bolt Action Rifle

Russian Mosin Nagant Bolt Action Rifle with bayonet.

Lot#: 45392217

Stevens Model 311 SxS 16ga Double Barrel Shotgun

Double Trigger. Double Barrel. Maker: Stevens Model: 311 Caliber/Gauge: 16ga SN: n/a Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392218

Bridge Gun Single Shot 12ga Shotgun

Single Shot 12ga. Maker: Bridge Gun Company Model: Single S Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: A765894 Barrel Length: 18"

Lot#: 45392219

Riverside Arms Single Shot 12ga. Shotgun

Single Shot 12ga. Maker: Riverside Arms Model: Single Shot Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: n/a Barrel Length: 30"

Lot#: 45490509

Czech Mauser VZ98/22 Rifle w/ Bayonet and Sheath

E23 stamp indicates Czech Army. Chambered in 8x57mm Mauser. Bayonet is 15.75" long.

Lot#: 45392180

US Springfield 1878 Trapdoor .45-70 Govt Rifle

2 ring. Ainsworth inspected. Stock has not been sanded. Maker: US Springfield Model: 1878 Trapdoor Caliber/Gauge: .45-70 SN: 338476 Barrel Length: 32.5"

Lot#: 45392181

Chilean Mauser Model 1895

Overall Length of gun is 48.5". Bolt Action. Maker: Mauser Model: 1895 Caliber/Gauge: 7x57mm SN: L1469 Barrel Length: 29

Lot#: 45392182

Browning A-5 Light Twelve Shotgun W/Extra Barrel

12ga. Semi-Auto. Vent Rib. Screw in chokes. Extra Factory Browning 28" Barrel with fixed choke and vent rib. Maker: Browning Model: A-5 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 04111 PP211Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392183

Remington Model 1100 20ga. Shotgun

Semi-Auto. Vent Rib. Fixed Modified Choke. Walnut Stock. Maker: Remington Model: 1100 Caliber/Gauge: 20ga SN: 192934x Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392184

Remington Model 1100 12ga Shotgun

Semi-Auto. Fixed Modified Choke. 2.75" Chamber. Walnut Stock. Vent Rib. Maker: Remington Model: 1100 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 112930V Barrel Length: 26"

Lot#: 45392185

Remington 1100 12ga. 28" Shot Barrel

2.75" Modified Choke 28" Vent Rib Shot Barrel (barrel only) Maker: Remington Model: 1100 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga Barrel Length: 28

Lot#: 45490471

Czech VZ24 8mm Mauser Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher

Czech made Mauser chambered in 8x57mm Mauser. Stamped 1937 on receiver. Mauser 98K Grenade Launcher. Cannot be shipped to California.

Lot#: 45392186

Remington Sportsman Model 58 12ga. Shotgun

Semi-Auto. Modified Fixed Choke. Maker: Remington Model: Sportsman 58 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 16658V Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392220

Ruger Old Army Stainless .44 Black Powder Revolver

Excellent Condition. Stainless. Original Ruger Box. Maker: Ruger Model: Old Army Caliber/Gauge: .44 SN: 145-16245 Barrel Length: 7.5"

Lot#: 45392187

Smith & Wesson .38 Revolver

6 Shot, Very Good Condition, Original Wood Grips w/ checkering Maker: Smith & Wesson Model: 38 Special Caliber/Gauge: .38 SN: D414814 Barrel Length: 3.5

Lot#: 45392221

Bridge Gun Black Prince 16ga Shotgun

Single Shot 16ga Maker: Bridge Gun Company Model: Black Prince Caliber/Gauge: 16ga SN: A820422 Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392188

Remington 870 Super Mag 12ga. Shotgun

Pump, Camo Nylon Stock, Vent Rib, Screw In Choke, Super Mag, up to 3.5" Maker: Remington Model: 870 Super Mag Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: RS38448A Barrel Length: 26

Lot#: 45392222

New England Firearms Handi Rifle SB2 .45-70

.45-70 Govt. Single Shot. Tasco Scope. Maker: New England Firearms Model: Handi Rifle SB2 Caliber/Gauge: .45-70 SN: NF226830 Barrel Length: 22

Lot#: 45392189

Mossberg 500A 12ga. Shotgun

Pump, Black Nylon Stock, Slug Barrel Maker: Mossberg Model: 500A Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: T208329 Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45392223

Thompson Center .50 Cal Black Powder Rifle

Percussion Cap. .50 Cal. Maker: Thompson Center Model: 50 Cal Caliber/Gauge: .50 SN: 2656 Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392224

Thompson Center .50 Cal Black Powder Rifle

Percussion Cap. Maker: Thompson Center Model: .50 Cal Caliber/Gauge: .50 SN: K11730A Barrel Length: 28"

Lot#: 45392225

G.R. Douglas Barrel .45 Cal Kentucky Long Rifle

Percussion Cap. G.R. Douglas made Barrel. Maker: Unknown Model: Kentucky Long Rifle Caliber/Gauge: .45ACP Barrel Length: 44"

Lot#: 45392226

Douglas GAA .32 Cal Kentucky Long Rifle

Percussion Cap. Maker: Unknown Model: Kentucky Long Rifle Caliber/Gauge: .32 SN: n/a Barrel Length: 35

Lot#: 45392227

William Moore Muzzle Loading Rifle

Percussion Cap Model: Unknown Caliber/Gauge: Unknown Barrel Length: 33"

Lot#: 45392228

.32 Cal Muzzle Loader Douglas GAA Barrel

Percussion Cap. Maker: Unknown Model: Unknown Caliber/Gauge: .32 SN: n/a Barrel Length: 30"

Lot#: 45392229

Mathews Switchback XT Compound Bow & Case

Hard Plastic Case 5 Carbon Fiber Arrows 70 Pound Max Draw weight 40-70 lbsAxle to Axle Length 31" IBO Speed 315 FPS Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest EOTech Red Dot Sight String Loop Stabilizer Single Cam 2 Hand Releases Maker: Mathews Model: Switchback XT SN: 683858

Lot#: 45392190

Remington 870 Express Magnum 12ga

Screw in choke. Wood stock. Fixed power Weaver Scope. Vent Rib Barrel. Maker: Remington Model: 870 Express Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: NA Barrel Length: 21"

Lot#: 45392191

Wards Western Field SB30A 12ga Shotgun

Wood stock. 2.75" receiver. Maker: Wards Model: SB30A Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 18689 Barrel Length: 30"

Lot#: 45392192

Winchester Model 12 12ga Shotgun

Wood Stock. Pump Action. Poly Choke. Maker: Winchester Model: 12 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 1669377 Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45392193

Marlin Safety .32 HPS Lever Action Rifle

Rare Marlin Lever Action chambered in .32 HPS. Marlin stamped HPS on the barrel for a short time to avoid using the name Winchester. It is the same as a .32 WinSpecial. HPS stood for High Powered Special. Octagon Barrel. Maker: Marlin Model: Safety Caliber/Gauge: .32 SN: A363 Barrel Length: 26"

Lot#: 45392194

Marlin 38W Lever Action 38-40 Rifle

Marlin Octagon Barrel Rifle with lever action chambered in .38-40. Side feed. Missing a bolt in the front of the fore stock. Maker: Marlin Model: 38W Caliber/Gauge: 38-40 SN:46133 Barrel Length: 24"

Lot#: 45392195

Marlin Model 1936 Lever Action .32 HPS Rifle

Rare Marlin Lever Action chambered in .32 HPS. Marlin stamped HPS on the barrel for a short time to avoid using the name Winchester. It is the same as a .32 WinSpecial. HPS stood for High Powered Special. Standard round barrel. Maker: Marlin Model: 1936 Caliber/Gauge: .32 HPS SN: B6033 Barrel Length: 21"

Lot#: 45392196

Octagon Barrel Trap Door Style Rifle Unknown Maker

No markings to be found. Unknown firing condition or caliber. Maker: Unknown Model: unknown Caliber/Gauge: unknown SN: unknown

Lot#: 45392197

Dan Wesson 44 Magnum Revolver with 6" & 8" Barrels

Large Frame Dan Wesson 44 Magnum Revolver 6-shot. Includes original 6 and 8" Barrels. Leupold M8-2X Fixed Power Scope. Buehler Scope Top Rail Mount. Includes custom hardsided case. Maker: Dan Wesson II Model: 44 Magnum Caliber/Gauge: .44 Magnum SN: 003066 Barrel Length: 6 and 8

Lot#: 45392230

Mathews Q2 Solocam Compound Bow

Draw Weight: 40-70 (probably set at 58 currently) Axle to Axel Length 34" Draw Length 23-30"IBO SPeed 308 fps 13 Carbon Fiber Arrows Quiver Release Maker: Mathews Model: Q2

Lot#: 45392198

Smith & Wesson Ohio State Patrol .38 Revolver

Ohio State Patrol 40th Anniversary .38 Revolver in Presentation Case. 6 Shot, Very Good Condition Maker: Smith &Wesson Model: 40th Anniversary Caliber/Gauge: .38 SN: D632661 Barrel Length: 4

Lot#: 45392231

CVA .44 Black Powder Revolver

Revolver. Made in Italy. Maker: CVA Caliber/Gauge: .44 Black Powder SN: B 44048 Barrel Length: 7.5"

Lot#: 45392199

Iver Johnson 8-Shot Revolver

Appears to be a .22 Magnum 8-shot. Maker: Iver Johnson Model: 8-Shot Caliber/Gauge: .22 SN: E26346 Barrel Length: 4.75"

Lot#: 45392232

Freedom Compound Bow Case by SKB

41" Inside Length 16" Width Holds 12 Arrows ARROWS NOT INCLUDED Maker: SKB Model: Freedom

Lot#: 45392233

Mathews Solocam SQ2

70 pound Draw Weight Axle Length 31.5" Stabilizer Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest Maker: MathewsModel: SQ2

Lot#: 45392234

PSE Polaris Compund Bow

Lot#: 45392235

Winchester 1400 MK II 12ga. Shotgun

Semi-Auto. Repair to top of stock directly behind receiver. Maker: Winchester Shotgun Model: 1400 MK II Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 406803 Barrel Length: 28

Lot#: 45392236

Browning A-Bolt 30-06 Rifle

Shortened Barrel, w/ Tasco Scope, Maker: Browning Model: A Bolt Caliber/Gauge: 30-06 SN: 0133OPV217 Barrel Length: 18

Lot#: 45392237

Remington 1903 Patent Date 12ga Shotgun

Pump Pat 1903 Maker: Remington Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: U 88410 Barrel Length: 30

Lot#: 45392238

Winchester 1897 12ga. Shotgun

Pump Maker: Winchester Model: 1897 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: n/a Barrel Length: 30

Lot#: 45392239

Marlin, 22cal Lever Action Rifle

Original Golden 39-A, S.L. & L.R, Armsport 4x32 Scope, Tube Feed, Very Good Condition Maker: Marlin Model: 39-A Caliber/Gauge: .22 SN: 21265234 Barrel Length: 24

Lot#: 45392240

12ga Shotgun

Unusual Twist Style Action, Single Shot Maker: Unknown Model: Unknown Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: NA Barrel Length: 32

Lot#: 45392241

Browning Superposed Lightning 12ga Shotgun

Over/Under, Matching Numbers, Very Good Condition, Round Knob, Field Grade, With Original Breakdown Case, Choked in Mod/Mod Maker: Browning Model: Superposed LightningCaliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 69830 Barrel Length: 26

Lot#: 45392242

Winchester 1200 12ga Shotgun

Pump, Choked in Skeet, Excellent Wood, In Very Good Condition, Maker: Winchester Model: 1200 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 200537 Barrel Length: 26

Lot#: 45392243

Winchester 1200 12ga Shotgun

Pump, Choked in Full Maker: Winchester Model: 1200 Caliber/Gauge: 12ga SN: 282805 Barrel Length: 30

Lot#: 45392244

Winchester Model 42 .410 Shotgun

Pump, Choked in Full Maker: Winchester Model: 42 Caliber/Gauge: 410ga SN: 9096 Barrel Length: 28

Lot#: 45392245

Lefever 20ga Shotgun

Side by Side, Double Barrel Maker: Lefever Model: Unknown Caliber/Gauge: 20ga SN: 68955 Barrel Length: 28

Lot#: 45392246

Remington 870 Wingmaster Shotgun

Pump, Smooth Bore Barrel Maker: Remington Model: Wingmaster 870 Caliber/Gauge: 20ga SN: S295576X Barrel Length: 20

Lot#: 45392247

Remington Rifle

Pump, Iron Sights Maker: Remington Model: Gamemaster 760 Caliber/Gauge: 30-06 SN: 37242 Barrel Length: 22

Lot#: 45392248

Remington Rifle

Pump, Iron Sights Maker: Remington Model: Gamemaster 760 Caliber/Gauge: .270 SN: 156204 Barrel Length: 22

Lot#: 45392249

Mossberg Shotgun

Bolt Action, Drop Out Mag, Maker: Mossberg Model: 85 D Caliber/Gauge: 20ga SN: Unknown Barrel Length: 24

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