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Auction Terms & Conditions ****DUE TO COVID-19 WE WILL BE ADJUSTING OUR PICKUP TIMES USING A SIGNUP PLATFORM AND APPLICATION. WE WILL SEND NOTICES OUT PRIOR TO PICKUP REGARDING THOSE NEW PROCEDURES******YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN HELP TO LOAD AS THERE WILL BE NO ONE ONSITE TO ASSIST YOU*** ***PLEASE BRING BOXES AND PACKING MATERIAL TO SAFELY REMOVE / TRANSPORT YOUR ITEMS.*** ***IF YOU ARE REMOVING LARGE ITEMS OF ANY KIND SUCH AS FURNITURE OR ATTACHED EQUIPMENT, YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN TOOLS. ALL REMOVAL IS EXPECTED TO BE ACCOMPLISHED PROFESSIONALLY WITH NO DAMAGE TO THE PROPERTY. ANY DAMAGE CAUSED BY UNSAFE REMOVAL OF ITEMS WILL RESULT IN A CHARGE TO THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY'S CREDIT CARD ON FILE .*** ***PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU ARE ABLE TO COMPLY WITH THE ABOVE TERMS.*** ***PICKUP IS AVAILABLE ONLY ON THE DATES AND TIMES POSTED - WITHOUT EXCEPTION.*** ***FAILURE TO REMOVE ITEMS WON BY THE TIME(S) POSTED WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF YOUR ITEMS AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.******Shippers must also pick up per schedule. Shipping is available for small items at a cost of actual USPS shipping costs, plus handling fee relative to packing effort & materials. Minimum $10. No refunds/credits/chage-backs for non-pickup. ***1. Binding Terms The lots listed in this catalogue will be offered by Mid-Atlantic Appraisals, Claims & Estate Liquidations, LLC DBA (Manger Auctions & Estate Sales) as owner or as agent for consignor subject to the following terms and conditions. Where Manger Auctions & Estate Sales is agent, the contract is between seller and buyer. The following Conditions of Sale and Terms of Guarantee constitute the entire agreement with the purchaser relative to the property listed in this catalogue. By bidding at auction you agree to be bound by these terms.2. As Is All lots are sold ?AS IS? and without recourse and neither Manger Auctions & Estate Sales nor its consignor makes any warranties or representations, express or implied, with respect to such lots, except for the limited warranties expressly stated in the Terms of Guarantee section of this catalogue. Prospective buyers are strongly advised to examine personally any property in which they are interested, before the auction takes place, to determine its condition, size, and whether or not it has been repaired or restored. Except as otherwise expressly and specifically provided in the Terms of Guarantee, neither Manger Auctions & Estate Sales nor its consignor makes any express or implied warranty or representation of any kind or nature with respect to merchantability, fitness for purpose, correctness of the catalogue or other description of the physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, medium, material, genuineness, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, exhibitions, literature or historical significance of any lot sold. The absence of any reference to the condition of a lot does not imply that the lot is in perfect condition or completely free from wear and tear, imperfections or the effects of aging; nor does a reference to particular defects imply the absence of others. References in the catalogue entry or the condition report to damage or restoration are for guidance only and should be evaluated by personal inspection by the bidder or a knowledgeable representative. The Terms of Guarantee are controlling, and no statement, whether written or oral, and whether made in this catalogue, an advertisement, a bill of sale, a salesroom posting or announcement, the remarks of an auctioneer, or otherwise, shall be deemed to create any warranty, representation or assumption of liability. All statements by Manger Auctions & Estate Sales in the catalogue entry for the property or in the condition report, or made orally or in writing elsewhere, are statements of opinion and are not to be relied on as statements of fact. Except as stated in the Terms of Guarantee, neither Manger Auctions & Estate Sales nor the seller is responsible in any way for errors or omissions in the catalogue or any supplemental material. Buyers are responsible for satisfying themselves concerning the condition of the property and the matters referred to in the catalogue entry. Manger Auctions & Estate Sales and its consignor make no warranty or representation, express or implied, that the purchaser will acquire any copyright or reproduction rights to any lot sold. Manger Auctions & Estate Sales expressly reserves the right to reproduce any image of the lots sold in this catalogue. The copyright in all images, illustrations and written material produced by or for Manger Auctions & Estate Sales relating to a lot, including the contents of this catalogue, is, and shall remain at all times, the property of Manger Auctions & Estate Sales and shall not be used by the buyer, nor by anyone else, without our prior written consent.3. Withdrawal Manger Auctions & Estate Sales reserves the right to withdraw any lot at any time prior to the commencement of bidding for such lot and shall have no liability whatsoever for such withdrawal. 4. ReservesIf the auctioneer decides that any opening bid is below the value of the lot offered, the auctioneer may reject that bid and withdraw the lot from sale; and if, having acknowledged an opening bid, he decides that any advance thereafter is insufficient, he may reject that advance. Unless otherwise indicated, all lots are offered subject to a reserve, which is the confidential minimum price below which such lot will not be sold. No reserve will exceed the low estimate of the lot. Reserves are agreed upon with the consignor or, in the absence thereof, in the absolute discretion of Manger Auctions & Estate Sales. Unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer, all bids are per lot as numbered in the catalogue. The auctioneer may implement a reserve by opening bidding on any lot by placing a bid on behalf of the seller. The auctioneer will not specifically identify bids placed on behalf of the seller. The auctioneer may further bid on behalf of the seller, up to the amount of the reserve, by placing successive or consecutive bids for a lot or by placing bids in response to other bidders. Unless otherwise noted in the catalogue or by an announcement at the auction, Manger Auctions & Estate Sales acts as agent on behalf of the seller and does not permit the seller to bid on his or her own property. 5. Estimates Some items listed may be given a low and high estimate representing that range which, in the opinion of Manger Auctions & Estate Sales, represents a fair and probable auction value. When possible, the estimate is based on previous auction records of comparable property, condition, rarity, quality and provenances. The estimates are often determined several months before a sale and are therefore subject to change upon further research of the property, or to reflect market conditions or currency fluctuations. Estimates are subject to revision. Actual prices realized for items can fall below or above this range. An estimate of the selling price should not be relied on as a statement that this is the price at which the item will sell or its value for any other purpose. Estimates do not include the buyer?s premium. Where ?Estimate on Request? appears, please contact the auctioneer for further information.6. BiddingManger Auctions & Estate Sales reserves the right, at our complete discretion, to refuse admission to the premises or participation in any auction and to reject any bid, as well as the right to refuse to acknowledge any bidder. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer will be the purchaser. The auctioneer has the right at his absolute and sole discretion to advance the bidding in such a manner as he may decide, to withdraw or divide any lot, and to combine any two or more lots. In the event of error or dispute between bidders, or in the event of doubt on our part as to the validity of any bid, whether during or after the sale, the auctioneer has final discretion to determine the successful bidder, to continue the bidding, to cancel the sale, or to reoffer and resell the lot in dispute. If any dispute arises after the sale, the Manger Auctions & Estate Sales sale record shall be conclusive. 7. Purchaser's Responsibility Title passes upon the fall of the auctioneer?s hammer to the highest acknowledged bidder, subject to the conditions of sale set forth herein. Such bidder there upon assumes full risk and responsibility there for (including, without limitation, liability for or damage to frames and glass covering prints, paintings or other works). Although in our discretion we will execute orders or absentee bids or accept telephone bids as a convenience to clients who are not present at auctions, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions in connection therewith. When making a bid, a bidder is accepting personal liability to pay the purchase price as follows, unless it has been explicitly agreed in writing with Manger Auctions & Estate Sales before the commencement of the sale that the bidder is acting as agent on behalf of an identified third party acceptable to Manger Auctions & Estate Sales, and that Manger Auctions & Estate Sales will look only to the principal for payment: The total purchase price to be paid by purchaser is the amount of the successful bid price plus a premium of 15% of the hammer price. All purchases regardless of bidding method are subject to the Buyer's Premium and appropriate Sales Tax. Prior to the sale, all bidders are required to register at HIBID.COM. All items sold as is/where is in the condition they are in. By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. Bidder inspection is encouraged. All sales are final. No refunds or credits will be provided. Credit Card customers may not request charge-backs for any reason. The highest bidder shall be the buyer when the clock ends on each particular lot for sale. The buyer will not acquire title to the lot until we have received all amounts due to us from the buyer in good cleared funds even in circumstances where we have released the lot to the buyer. Manger Auctions & Estate Sales reserves the right to hold merchandise until all fee's are paid in full. 8. Remedies Available to Manger Auctions & Estate SalesIn addition to the other remedies available to us by law, we reserve the right to impose a late charge of 1 1/2% per month of the total purchase price if payment is not made in accordance with the conditions set forth herein. All property must be removed from the premises by the purchaser at their expense not later the specified date and times listed in the sale and, if it is not removed, Manger Auctions & Estate Sales reserves the right to charge a minimum storage fee of $5 per lot per day or to deliver the property to a public warehouse for storage at the purchaser?s expense, to be released only after payment in full of all removal, storage, handling, insurance and any other costs incurred, together with payment of all other amounts due to us. Manger Auctions & Estate Sales shall have no liability for any damage to property left behind. If any applicable conditions herein are not complied with by the purchaser, in addition to other remedies available to us and the consignor by law, including without limitation the right to hold the purchaser liable for the total purchase price, including all fees, charges and expenses more fully set forth herein, we shall be entitled in our absolute discretion to exercise one or more of the following rights or remedies: To charge interest at such rate as we shall reasonably select; To hold the defaulting buyer liable for the total amount due and to commence legal proceedings for its recovery together with interest, legal fees and costs to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law; Cancel the sale of that, or any other lot or lots sold to the defaulting purchaser at the same or any other auction, retaining as liquidated damages all payments made by the purchaser; Resell the property whether at private sale or public auction without reserve, and the purchaser will be liable for any deficiency, cost, including handling charges, the expenses of both sales, our commission on both sales at our regular rate, all other charges due hereunder and incidental damages; To set off the outstanding amount remaining unpaid by the buyer against any amounts which we may owe the buyer in any other transactions; Where several amounts are owed by the buyer to us, in respect of different transactions, to apply any amount paid to discharge any amount owed in respect of any particular transaction, whether or not the buyer so directs; To reject at any future auction any bids made by or on behalf of the buyer or to require a deposit from the buyer before accepting any bids; To take such other actions as we deem necessary or appropriate; or To effect any combination thereof. In addition, a defaulting purchaser will be deemed to have granted and assigned to us a continuing security interest of first priority in, and we may retain as collateral security for such purchaser?s obligations to us, any property or money of or owing to such purchaser in our possession. We shall have all of the rights accorded a secured party under the New York Uniform Commercial Code with respect to such property and we may apply against such obligations all monies held or received by us for the account of, or due from us, to such purchaser. At our option, payment will not be deemed to have been made in full until we have collected funds represented by checks, or in the case of bank or cashier?s checks, we have confirmed their authenticity. In the event the purchaser fails to pay any or all of the total purchaser price for any lot and Manger Auctions & Estate Sales nonetheless elects to pay the consignor any portion of the sale proceeds, the purchaser acknowledges that Manger Auctions & Estate Sales shall have all of the rights of the consignor to pursue the purchaser for any amounts paid to the consignor, whether at law, in equity, or under these Conditions of Sale.9. Limited Liability If for any cause a purchased lot cannot be delivered in as good condition as at the time of sale, or should any purchased lot be stolen or mis-delivered or lost prior to delivery, Manger Auctions & Estate Sales shall not be liable for any amount in excess of that paid by the purchaser. We are not responsible for the acts or omissions of carriers or packers of purchased lots, whether or not recommended by us. Packing and handling of purchased lots by us is at the entire risk of the purchaser and Manger Auctions & Estate Sales will have no liability for any loss or damage to such items. 10. Manger Auctions & Estate Sales EmployeesEmployees of Manger Auctions & Estate Sales are not prohibited from bidding on property. In the course of their employment it is possible that they may have access to information not available to the public. 11. Waiver of Conditions Any and all of these conditions may be waived or modified in the sole discretion of Manger Auctions & Estate Sales. The Conditions of Sale, Terms of Guarantee, the glossary, if any, and all other contents of this catalogue are subject to amendment by us by announcements made during the sale. 12. All measurements and weight are approximate. Manger Auctions & Estate Sales is not responsible for damage of glass covering paintings, drawings, other works or frames and lamp shades regardless of cause. 13. If any part of these Conditions of Sale is found by any court to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the balance of the conditions shall continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law. 14. The rights and obligations of the parties with respect to these Conditions of Sale and Terms of Guarantee, as well as the purchaser?s and our respective rights and obligations hereunder, the conduct of the auction and any matters connected with any of the foregoing, shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the State of Virginia. By bidding at auction, whether present in person or by agent, by written bid, telephone or other means, the buyer shall be deemed to have submitted, for the benefit of Manger Auctions & Estate Sales to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal or state courts located in the state and county of Virginia and waives any objection to the jurisdiction and venue of any such court.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Manger Auctions & Estate Sales, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1994

C. 1950 Gorham Chantilly Sterling Silver 88 -Piece

Includes: 12 - Teaspoons, 3 - Tablespoons, 8 - Soup Spoons, 8 - Iced Tea Spoons, 9 - Butter Spreaders, 9 - Ice Cream Forks, 1 - Cold Meat Fork, 12 - Salad Forks, 8 - Knives, 9 - Forks, 7 - Cocktail Forks, 1 - Butter Knife, 1- Sauce Ladle; Total 88 Piece

Lot#: 1995

20th C. Assorted Sterling Silver Flatware

Marked; Good Condition.

Lot#: 1996

C. 1900 M.M. Baldwin & Co. Sterling Silver Spoons

Good Condition; Marked; Set of 12

Lot#: 1997

1919 Alvin Sterling Silver Partial Set of Flatware

Pattern: Florence NightingaleDesigner: Frederick KaupmannIncludes 5 - Knives, 1 - Butter Knife, 5 - Table Spoons, 3 - Teaspoons, 5 - Dinner Forks; Marked; Good Condition.

Lot#: 1998

Partial Collection of Old Comany Plate Utensils

Marked; Good Condition.

Lot#: 1999

Collection of Assorted Silver Plated Utensils

Good Condition; Marked

Lot#: 2000

19th Century Mahogany Buffet/Server

Good Condition w/ Normal Age Wear; 37.5" T X 4' W X 22" D

Lot#: 2001

Contemporary Metal Kitchen Tower Shelf

Good Condition; Unknown Make; 86.5" T X 24" W X 17" D

Lot#: 2002

Contemporary Chrome & Wood Coat Rack

Good Condition; Metal Base; 74" T X 18" R

Lot#: 2003

Vintage Pine Hope Chest

Good Condition w/ Normal Wear; 14.5" T X 32" W X 11.5" D

Lot#: 2004

Vintage Imperial Mahogany End Table

Two Drawers; Marked inside; Good Condition w/ Minor Scratches; 23" T X 19" W X 27" D

Lot#: 2005

Vintage Walter Hunt Print

Collie w/ Kittens; Good Condition; Framed; 21" W X 18" T

Lot#: 2006

Pair of Williamsburg Flower of The Month Prints

Good Condition; 21" T X 18" W; November & January

Lot#: 2007

Vintage Laquer & Gild Wall Mirror

Good Condition; Unknown Maker; 43" W X 31" T

Lot#: 2008

Vintage Wells Furniture Co. Mahogany Silver Chest

Good Condition; Marked; and Lined; 38" T X 24" W X 15" D

Lot#: 2009

Collection of Ceramic Unglazed Figurines

Good Condition; Some Marked; 7" T

Lot#: 2010

Vintage Ceramic Glazed Chicken Figurine

Average Condition w/ Broken Foot; Unknown Maker; 16" T X 11" W

Lot#: 2011

Vintage Ceramic Glazed Chicken Figurine

Good Condition; Unknown Maker; 16" T X 11" W

Lot#: 2012

Vintage Ceramic Glazed Chicken Lidded Pot

Good Condition; Unknbown Maker; 9" T X 9" W

Lot#: 2013

Vintage January Botanical Print by Robert Furber

28" T x 22" W. Good condition.

Lot#: 2014

Vintage Park Designs Chicken & Rooster Cookie Jar

Hand-Painted; Good Condition; Marked; 18" T X 15" W

Lot#: 2016

Early 19th Century Walnut Full Size Bed

Good Condition w/ Normal Age Wear; Headboard is 63" T X 60" W

Lot#: 2017

19th C. Oak Inlaid Wash Stand w/ Mirror

Good Condition w/ Normal Age Wear; 32" T X 31.5" W X 18" D

Lot#: 2018

Collection of Decorative Pottery

Some Marked Portugal; Includes Music Box Snow Globe; Good Condition;

Lot#: 2019

Vintage Pine Secretary

Good Condition w/ Wear; 42" T X 31.5" W X 22" D

Lot#: 2020

Collection of Decorative Glass Vases

Unknown Maker; Good Condition; 11" T

Lot#: 2021

Sunglasses & Vintage Decorative Collar

J. Crew Collar and Ladies Sunglasses; Good Condition.

Lot#: 2022

Collection of Resin Elephant Figurines

Good Condition; 6" T

Lot#: 2023

Vintage Wicker Vanity w/ Drawer

Good Condition w/ Normal Wear; 35" T X 30" W X 16" D

Lot#: 2024

Collection of Decorative Chicken Motif Pottery

Good Condition.

Lot#: 2025

Vintage Ceramic Sea Shell Table Lamp

Good Condition; No Visible cracks or chips; 14" T

Lot#: 2026

Vintage Pine Night Stand

Good Condition; 24" T X 17" Sq.

Lot#: 2027

Vintage Wooden Quilt Rack

Good Condition; 31" T X 25" W X 8" D

Lot#: 2028

Decorative Metal Cat Silhouette Door Topper

Good Condition' 16" T X 7" W

Lot#: 2029

19th C. Oak Wash Stand

Good Condition w/ Normal Age Wear; 55" T X 31" W X 19" D

Lot#: 2030

Vintage Set of Chippendale Ribbon Back Chairs

Needlepoint seats; Good Condition; 34" T X 20" Sq.

Lot#: 2031

Vintage Oak Swing-Leg Drop-Leaf Table

Good Condition; 30" T X 36" W X 19" D

Lot#: 2032

Contemporay Faux Leather Bar Stool

Good Condition; 41" T X 18" W X 21" D

Lot#: 2033

19th C. Oak High Chair

Good Condition w/ Normal Age Wear; 39" T X 17" Sq. Includes Tray.

Lot#: 2034

Vintage Music Box Babydoll

Good Conditions; Working Condition; Unknown Maker; 11" T

Lot#: 2035

Vintage Mahogany Corner China Cabinet

Unknown Maker; Good Condition w/ Minor Scratches; 77.5" T X 36" W X 22" D

Lot#: 2036

1890, Oil On Canvas, Signed Robert Weir Allan

Damage with amateur repair to canvas lower right of painting; refer to second photo; Good Condition otherwise; 37" W X 25" T

Lot#: 2037

Vintage Channel Sheraton Sofa

Marked; Good Condition w/ Normal Wear; 28" T X 6' W X 28" D

Lot#: 2038

Vintage Baby Gate

3 sliding sections. 2 Broken rails on center section.

Lot#: 2039

Vintage Indian Almora Wool Area Rug

100% Virgin Wool Area Rug. Made in India; Good Condition w/ Age Wear; 4' W X 6'6" L

Lot#: 2040

Vintage Southwood Furniture Channel Wing Chair

Average Condition; 45" T X 32" W X 32" D

Lot#: 2041

19th C. Empire Mahogany Pedestal Base Coffee Table

Good Condition; Unknown Maker; 29" T X 32" R

Lot#: 2042

18th C. Primitive Walking Wheel for Spinning

Includes Old Whitmore Patent Brushes & Small Quilt; Good Condition; Unknown if all parts included. 56" T X 5' W

Lot#: 2043

Vintage Miniature Wicker Side Table w/ Drawer

Good Condition; 15" T X 16" W X 13" D

Lot#: 2044

Vintage Banks Barrel Back Arm Chair

Original Seat; Average Condition w/ Age Wear; 32" T X 22" W X 22" D

Lot#: 2045

Vintage Classic Olefin Area Rug

Good Condition w/ Normal Wear; 23" W X 43" L

Lot#: 2046

Vintage Library Table w/ Drawers

Average Condition w/ Age Wear; 29.5" T X 33.5" W X 11" D

Lot#: 2047

Antique 3 Gallon Robinson Ransbottom Crock

Good Condition; No Visible Cracks or Chips; 13.5" T X 10" R

Lot#: 2048

Vintage Mahogany Break Front China Cabinet

6' T x 44" W x 16" D. Good Condition; Unknown Maker;

Lot#: 2049

Lyra Vanity Set with Mirror by Willa Arlo

56" T x 46" W x 18" D. From Pier 1 Imports. Good condition.

Lot#: 2050

Vintage Chest of Drawers

53" T x 34" W x 17.5" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2051

Vintage Storage Stool

15" T x 16" R. Good condition.

Lot#: 2052

Vintage Night Stand

24" T x 24" W x 16" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2054

Vintage Print of Mother & Child

16" T x 9.5" W. Good condition.

Lot#: 2055

Vintage Gold Frame Oval Wall Mirror

35" T x 19.5" W. Good condition.

Lot#: 2056

Vintage Wood Clothes Butler

Good Condition; 42" T X 18" W

Lot#: 2057

19th C. Empire Mahogany Scroll Arm Chair

Good Condition w/ Normal Age Wear.

Lot#: 2058

20th C. Empire Mahogany Settee w/ Scroll Arms

Upholstered Seat, Good Condition; Unknown Maker;

Lot#: 2059

Vintage Oak Night Table

28" T x 16" Square. Good condition.

Lot#: 2060

Vintage Jewelry Armoire

40" T x 17" W x 16" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2061

Vintage Rose Pastel Signed by Gina Everett

21" T x 17" W. Good condition.

Lot#: 2062

Pair of Vintage Table Lamps

One has plaid shade and one has print shade. Good condition.

Lot#: 2063

Vintage Wall Mirror

38" T x 24" W. Good condition.

Lot#: 2064

Vintage Collection of Designer Perfumes

Shalimar, Lalique & Beautiful.

Lot#: 2065

Vintage Collection of Perfume Bottles

Good condition.

Lot#: 2066

Vintage Hand Blown Art Glass Paperweight

Good condition. 3" Round.

Lot#: 2067

Vintage Vanity Shaving Mirror

23" T x 18" W x 6" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2068

Vintage Brass Candlestick Lamp

Good condition.

Lot#: 2069

Vintage Mahogany Chest of Drawers

34.5" T x 46" W x 22" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2070

Vintage LG Television

Good condition.

Lot#: 2071

Vintage Spindle Etagere

45" T x 26" W x 12" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2072

Vintage Mahogany Unique Mirrored Dresser

32.5" T x 56" W x 20" D. 70" T to top of mirror. Good condition.

Lot#: 2073

Vintage Chrome Hat Rack

75" T. Good condition.

Lot#: 2074

Vintage Blanket Chest

20" T x 48" W x 20" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2075

Pair of Conch Shell Planters & Conch Shell

Good condition.

Lot#: 2076

Vintage Decorative Figurines

Good condition.

Lot#: 2077

MId Century Modern Stalking Panther Planter

2 1/2" T x 8 3/4? W x 3 1/2? D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2078

Vintage Blue & White Rooster Figure

10" T. Good condition.

Lot#: 2079

Vintage Decorative Figurines & Trinket Box

Signed & Numbered Dream Angel figure. Good condition.

Lot#: 2080

Vintage Queen Pencil Post Bed

Good condition.

Lot#: 2081

Vintage Collection of Decorative Brass Items

Carter's Grove Metalcrafters Floral Trivet, Vintage Brass Incense Burner, candlesticks and more. Good condition.

Lot#: 2082

Vintage Brass Door Stop

Good condition.

Lot#: 2083

Vintage Brass Elephant Spoons & Angel Candlesticks

8 New boxes containing 2 brass elephant spoons each; Set of 3 Brass Angel candlesticks, new in plastic.

Lot#: 2084

Vintage Collection of Wedgewood Jasperware

Good condition.

Lot#: 2085

Vintage Cast Iron Elephant Bank

5" T x 7" L. Missing adjustable trunk.

Lot#: 2086

Wolfgang Puck 5 Piece Turkey Set

New in box.

Lot#: 2087

Vintage Watt Oven Ware Bowl

#14. Good condition.

Lot#: 2088

Vintage Pottery Planter & Pitcher

Devonshire Oval Planter & Royal Ironstone China, Johnson Bros., England. Good condition.

Lot#: 2089

Vintage Venus De Milo Figure

Good condition.

Lot#: 2090

Rare 1930 Czech Bull Creamer & Duck Figurines

5" T x 5" W. Hand painted. Good condition.

Lot#: 2091

Vintage Mama Says & Boxer Figurines

"Mama Says, Do your chores" figurine and boxer dog figurine. Good condition.

Lot#: 2092

Vintage Jamestown Plate, Made in Germany

Good condition.

Lot#: 2093

Decorative Holiday Serving Plates & Trinket Box

House Trinket Box marked "made in Italy". Good condition.

Lot#: 2094

Vintage Decorative Candles & Tealights

Good condition.

Lot#: 2095

Vintage Desktop World Globe

Good condition.

Lot#: 2096

Vintage Oriental Lamp

Good condition.

Lot#: 2097

Vintage Neoclassical Marble Carved Table Lamp

12.5" base. Good condition.

Lot#: 2098

Vintage Neoclassical Carved Marble Lamp

Good condition.

Lot#: 2099

1960's Brass Candlestick & Hand-painted Globe Lamp

Good condition.

Lot#: 2100

Antique Leather Embossed Tin Type of Soldier

2.5" x 3.5". Good condition.

Lot#: 2101

Vintage Dining Room Table with 2 Leaves

30" T x 43" W x 60" L. Good condition, some wear as photographed.

Lot#: 2102

Vintage Signed Horse Photo Print

20" x 20". Good condition.

Lot#: 2103

"Oh Thou Who Clothest The Lillies" Framed Poem

20" T x 14" W. Framed poem by Poet Robert Euringer. Good condition.

Lot#: 2104

Vintage Photograph Corolla Lighthouse

24" T x 18" W. Signed Beatty. Good condition.

Lot#: 2105

Signed & No. Print by Ed Obermeyer

20" x 20". Titled "Rusty & Raven" , signed and numbered print 13/15. Good condition.

Lot#: 2106

Vintage Framed Print

Good condition.

Lot#: 2107

Vintage Colonial Williamsburg Virginia Prints

Good condition.

Lot#: 2108

Rachael Ray 4 Qt Casserole & 3-12 oz Bakers

Good condition.

Lot#: 2109

Lorena Garcia & Southern Living Bakeware

2 Lorena Garcia, 1 Southern Living baking dish. Good condition.

Lot#: 2110

Vintage Corning Ware French White Stoneware

Casserole Dishes with lids. Good condition.

Lot#: 2111

Vintage Set of Corning Ware Stoneware Bowls

Good condition. Largest bowl is 3 qt (12 cup) capacity.

Lot#: 2112

Vintage Assortment of Glassware Bowls & Bakers

Good condition.

Lot#: 2113

Vintage Winter Snow Scene Holiday Stemware

7 glasses. Good condition.

Lot#: 2114

Vintage Christmas Spode Style China Set

7 Spode gold rimmed water glasses, Spode style china includes: 8 coffee cups, 7 dinner plates, 12 dessert plates, 8 saucers, 1 serving platter, 1 votive candle holder. Good condition.

Lot#: 2115

Vintage Santa Clause Bowl Set

Set of 8. Good condition.

Lot#: 2116

Home Accents & Holiday Harvest Plate Sets

Home Accent Chicken Design Plates, 4 designs, 12 plate set. 6 Holiday Harvest plates. Good condition.

Lot#: 2117

Vintage Temp-tations Ovenware by Tara

Comes with metal trivet stand. Good condition.

Lot#: 2118

Vintage Majolica Water Lily Planter

8.5" T. Good condition.

Lot#: 2119

Le Creuset French Cookware Oval Casserole

Good condition.

Lot#: 2120

Pair of Rosanna Toile Platters

Good condition.

Lot#: 2121

Vintage Colony Harvest Milk Glass Snack Plate Set

Set of 4. Good condition.

Lot#: 2122

Vintage Collection of Coffee Mugs

Good condition.

Lot#: 2123

Collection of Travel Cups

Good condition.

Lot#: 2124

Vintage Glassware

Set of 4 tumblers. Good condition.

Lot#: 2125

Vintage Assorted Vases & Glassware

Good condition.

Lot#: 2126

Vintage Collection of Custard Cups

Good condition.

Lot#: 2127

Vintage Collection of Barware

Good condition.

Lot#: 2128

Vintage Collection of Wine Glasses

Good condition.

Lot#: 2129

Better Homes Flip Tight Food Storage Set

Large container has crack as photographed.

Lot#: 2130

Vintage Acrylic Lock Clamp Canisters

Good condition.

Lot#: 2131

Vintage Pr Westmoreland "Puss in Boots" Figurine

Good condition.

Lot#: 2132

Vintage Elephant Figurines

Baby elephant has broken trunk, other 2 good condition.

Lot#: 2133

Vintage Safari Napkin Rings

Zebra, Llama and elephant. Good condition.

Lot#: 2134

Vintage Wall Letter Holder & Plate Stands

Good condition.

Lot#: 2135

Vintage Collection of Pink Depression Glass

Pair of Koi candlesticks, top broken on one. Fenton Strawberry double handled vase, good condition. Elephant wall pocket/match holder. Good condition.

Lot#: 2136

Vintage Pink Depression Glass Cake Plate

Good condition.

Lot#: 2137

Vintage Fenton Iridescent Amber Pedestal Vase

6" T. Good condition.

Lot#: 2138

KitchenAid Classic Plus Mixer

Good condition.

Lot#: 2139

Vintage Peanuts Character Plates & Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup by Hallmark. Plate set by Vandor LLC. Good condition.

Lot#: 2140

Collection of Holiday Plates

by Christmas Village, Snow Couple and Spode. Spode plate has drilled central hole. Good condition.

Lot#: 2141

Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus & Living Home Toaster

Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus & Living Home Clear View Single Slot Toaster. Good condition.

Lot#: 2142

Vintage Pottery Barn Martini Plate Set

4 plates. Good condition,

Lot#: 2143

Pair of Pineapple Trivets, Brass by Wm. A. Rogers

Slate trivet with pineapple design. Good condition.

Lot#: 2144

Vintage Set of 6 Oriental Design Square Plates

6". Good condition,

Lot#: 2145

Brass & Porcelain Bowls & Decorative Oriental Fan

Miller & Rhoads brass and porcelain hand-painted bowl is fractured and held together by outer brass bowl.

Lot#: 2146

Vintage Glass Serving Platters

Good condition.

Lot#: 2147

Vintage Decorative Glass Serving Plates

Good condition.

Lot#: 2148

Crystal Rosella Pink Frost Dogwood Egg Plate

Crystal Rosella Pink Frost Dogwood Deviled Egg Plate/Platter 11.5" by MIKASA. Good condition.

Lot#: 2149

Vintage Indiana Glass & Anchor Hocking Egg Plates

Indiana Glass Hobnail Pattern Egg Plate. Anchor Hocking Pressed Glass Egg Plate. Good condition.

Lot#: 2150

Assorted Scalloped Glass Vases & Blown Glass Vase

Good condition.

Lot#: 2151

Vintage Cut Crystal Vases

Good condition.

Lot#: 2152

Vintage Cobalt Blue Clear Stem Wine Glass Set

15 piece set of Handblown Cobalt Blue Clear Stem Wine Glass/Water Goblet, 7 5/8" T. Good condition.

Lot#: 2153

Collection of Etched Glassware & Cruets

Good condition.

Lot#: 2154

Vintage Champagne Glasses with Silver Accent Stem

Set of 6 glasses with silver accent stem; 2 etched glasses marked "Black Seal Bermuda Black Rum". Good condition.

Lot#: 2155

Vintage Hand-Painted & Etched Wine Glasses

Set of 4 hand-painted wine glasses. Set of 2 etched glasses. Good condition.

Lot#: 2156

Vintage Set of 6 Stemmed Water Goblets

Good condition.

Lot#: 2157

Vintage Pedestal Irish Coffee Mugs

Good condition.

Lot#: 2158

Vintage Beer Glasses & Blown Glass Swizzle Sticks

Good condition.

Lot#: 2159

Vintage Pr Ruby Champagne Glasses & Asstd Glasses

Good condition.

Lot#: 2160

Vintage Lenox Crystal Bowls & Pr of Etched Globes

Good condition.

Lot#: 2161

Assorted Glass/Crystal Relish Dishes

Good condition.

Lot#: 2162

Assorted Vintage Pressed Glassware

Good condition.

Lot#: 2163

Vintage Assortment of Pressed Glass

Good condition.

Lot#: 2164

Vintage Assortment of Crystal

Good condition.

Lot#: 2165

Vintage Collection of Glass/Crystal Pitchers

Good condition.

Lot#: 2166

Long Drink Glass Cover Cloche

Good condition.

Lot#: 2167

2 Pairs of Vintage Glass Candlesticks

Good condition.

Lot#: 2168

Vintage Crystal Decanter & Vase

Good condition.

Lot#: 2169

Vintage Footed Crystal Bowl with Decorative Orbs

Good condition.

Lot#: 2170

Collection of Vintage Glass Decanters

Good condition.

Lot#: 2171

Blown Glass Birds & Millefiori Paperweight

Good condition.

Lot#: 2172

Vintage Assortment of Silver Plated Wares

Average condition.

Lot#: 2173

Vintage Silver Plated Coffee Pot & Ice Bucket

Good condition.

Lot#: 2174

Vintage Glass & Silver Plate Coasters

Total of 11. Average condition.

Lot#: 2175

Pair of Vintage Silver Plate Candelabras

Average condition.

Lot#: 2176

Pair of Sterling Silver Compotes

Base is broken and missing on one.

Lot#: 2177

Vintage Pair of Waterford Crystal Coasters

New in box from Bank of America.

Lot#: 2178

Vintage Polished Pewter Teapot, 4 cups & Platter

Good condition.

Lot#: 2179

Vintage Assortment of Polished Pewter

Good condition.

Lot#: 2180

Vintage Set of Jefferson Polished Pewter Cups

Some are monogrammed. Some damaged in packing as shown in photograph.

Lot#: 2181

Vintage Collection of Polished Pewter

Good condition.

Lot#: 2182

Vintage Polished Pewter Goblets

Some were damaged when packed as photographed.

Lot#: 2183

Vintage Selection of Pewter Trays

Good condition.

Lot#: 2184

Vintage Wilton Pewter Colonial Style Soup Tureen

Good condition.

Lot#: 2185

Vintage Collection of Pewter Goods

Good condition.

Lot#: 2186

Selection of Polished Pewter Serving Trays

Good condition.

Lot#: 2187

Vintage Pewter Cake Plate & Handled Server

Good condition.

Lot#: 2188

Vintage Hoselton Turtle & Goose Aluminum Sculpture

Metal elephant sculpture with rhinestone eye unknown maker. Turtle 3" T, Goose 1.75" T x 3" L. Good condition.

Lot#: 2189

Vintage Fiesta Sunflower Disc Pitcher

Good condition.

Lot#: 2190

Vintage Hall Pitcher in Nora Yellow

with ice lip. Good condition.

Lot#: 2191

Ardalt Nesting Dishes & Hand-Painted German Trivet

Trivet and relish dish from Germany. Good condition.

Lot#: 2192

Vintage Asian Ginger Jar & Bowl, Enamel Tray

Brass & Enamel sea shell theme tray. Good condition.

Lot#: 2193

Vintage Porcelain Pedestal Cameo Teacup & Saucer

Pedestal needs joined to cup.

Lot#: 2194

Vntg Collection of Hand-Painted Decorative Plates

Good condition.

Lot#: 2195

Vintage Royal Goedewaagen Williamsburg Houses

from Delft Holland. Includes Bruton Parish Church, Campbell's Tavern, The Magazine and The Courthouse. Very good condition.

Lot#: 2196

Vintage Decorative Houses & Colonial Figurines

Wood plaque of St Paul Church; Ceramic Bermuda Cottage trinket box; 7 colonial figures by Village Art. One figure has been repaired. Average condition.

Lot#: 2197

Vintage Collection of Infant Figurines

Good condition.

Lot#: 2198

Vintage Collection of Victorian Porcelain

Good condition.

Lot#: 2199

Vintage Decorative Eggs

3" T. Marble and enameled. Good condition.

Lot#: 2200

Collection of Vintage Decorative Porcelain

Frame by Lefton. Bowl marked Nippon.

Lot#: 2201

Vintage Teacup and Plate Set

10 Teacups and 11 plates. Good condition.

Lot#: 2202

Theodore Haviland Springtime Partial China Set

14 dinner plates; 9 salad plates; 7 desert plates; 7 saucers; 1 teacup; 2 handled waste bowls; 1 large oval platter; 1 medium oval platter; 2 large oval vegetable dishes; 2 lidded vegetable serving dishes. Good condition.

Lot#: 2203

Vintage Collection of Coasters & Cheese Knives

Good condition.

Lot#: 2204

Vintage French Brass & Beveled Glass Trinket Box

2.5" T x 2.5" square. Fair condition.

Lot#: 2205

Carleton 6215 Fine China Partial Set

15 teacups, cream & sugar, 2 chop plates, 16 dinner plates, 16 bread plates, 15 salad bowls, 15 saucers Good condition.

Lot#: 2206

Vintage 1950's Bleu De Roi Alfred Meakin Platter

15" Oval Platter from England. Good condition.

Lot#: 2207

C. 1880-1895 Dunn Bennett Imperial Serving Plate

Good condition.

Lot#: 2208

Vintage 20th C Figurines & Cherub Vases

Good condition.

Lot#: 2209

Vintage LLadro Boy with Vegetable Basket

Good condition.

Lot#: 2210

Vntg Spode Salt & Pepper Xmas Trees & Decor

Good condition.

Lot#: 2211

Vintage Collection of Figurines

Good condition.

Lot#: 2212

Vintage Elephant Collectable Figurines

Resin and ceramic. Average condition.

Lot#: 2213

Vintage Shawnee Elephant Creamer

Good condition.

Lot#: 2214

Vintage Currier & Ives Decorative Plates

Good condition.

Lot#: 2215

Vintage Lenox Collectable Christmas Plates

Good condition.

Lot#: 2216

Vintage Handled Serving Platter

Good condition.

Lot#: 2217

Decorative Deviled Egg Tray

Good condition.

Lot#: 2218

Vintage Hand-Painted Wood Bowl from Mexico

Good condition.

Lot#: 2219

Vintage Fleur De Lis Platter

Good condition.

Lot#: 2220

19 C. Lemaire Field Glasses

Average condition for age.

Lot#: 2221

Pr of Etched Cranberry Glass, Brass & Marble Lamps

Etched with grape vine and grapes. Good condition.

Lot#: 2222

Vintage 8 Piece Set of Christmas Glasses & Mug

Good condition.

Lot#: 2223

Vintage Holiday Glasses

One set is plastic. Good condition.

Lot#: 2224

Vintage Set of Holiday Garland Glasses

Set of 8 with gold rim. Good condition.

Lot#: 2225

Vintage Hazel Atlas Carriage Ride Tumbler Sets

Set of 7 Tumblers and 7 Highballs. Good condition.

Lot#: 2226

Set of 10 Ceramic Place Setting Name Markers

Good condition.

Lot#: 2227

Vintage Brushes Earthenware Bowl

Good condition.

Lot#: 2228

Vintage Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne Bowl

Good condition.

Lot#: 2229

Vintage Wood Salad Serving Bowl

Good condition.

Lot#: 2230

Pair of Lane Wood Valet Boxes.

Good condition. 3" T x 9? W x 5? D

Lot#: 2231

Set of Three Calphalon Non-Stick Skillets

Marked; Good Condition w/ Nominal Use.

Lot#: 2232

Pair of Taste of Home Wearever Lidded Pots

Good Condition; Marked

Lot#: 2233

Pair of Belgique Lidded Skillets

Good Condition; Marked

Lot#: 2234

All-Clad Lidded Skillet

Good Condition; Marked

Lot#: 2235

Mid Century Westbend Penguin Hot Cold Server

Includes Small Sauce Pan & Spagetti Pot; Marked; Good Condition.

Lot#: 2236

Calphalon Non-Stick Roaster - New

Never Used; Very Good Condition; Marked.

Lot#: 2237

Lodge Square Cast Iron Skillet - New

Very Good Condition; Marked.

Lot#: 2238

Sony Blue Ray Disc Player

Marked; Good Condition

Lot#: 2239

Kenwood Compact Player & Receiver

Models # DP-M993 and # KR-A5050; Average Condition w/ Normal Use.

Lot#: 2240

Collection of Assorted Milk Glass

Good Condition; No Markes; No Chips or Cracks.

Lot#: 2241

Collection of Assorted Milk Glass

Good Condition; No Markes; No Chips or Cracks.

Lot#: 2242

Assorted Collection of Candle Holders

Good Condition.

Lot#: 2243

Certified International Collection on Platters

Marked; Rooster Theme; Good Condition; No Visible Cracks or Chips.

Lot#: 2244

Certified International Collection Platters & Bowl

Marked; Rooster Theme; Good Condition; No Visible Cracks or Chips.

Lot#: 2245

Decorative Ceramic Balls on Glass Platter

Good Condition; Unknown Maker

Lot#: 2246

Vintage Birdhouse Candle Votive

Good Condition; 12" T

Lot#: 2247

Collection of Vintage Blankets & Quilts

Good Condition; Queen Size

Lot#: 2248

Vintage Toshiba Radio, Oster Massager & Alarm Clok

Good Condition w/ Normal Wear

Lot#: 2249

1999, Polonaise "Peanuts Collection Set" Ornaments

Kurt S. Alder, Polonaise "Peanuts Collection Set", retired, mouth-blown and handcrafted Polish glass Christmas tree ornament, 1999, GP556 GP 556. Original Wood Crate and Tag; Very Good Condition; Charlie Brown around 6 inches tall, Snoopy around 5 inches tall, Lucy around 6 1/4 inches tall.

Lot#: 2250

Vintage Table-Top Artists Easel & Supplies

Good Condition; Unknown Maker

Lot#: 2251

Vintage Jewlery & Dresser Box

Average Condition;

Lot#: 2252

Vintage Mahogany Pencil Post/Canopy Queen Bed

Unknown maker; Good Condition; Includes Mattress/Boxspring.

Lot#: 2253

Vintage Vanity Mirror Tray w/ Brass Fenders

Good Condition; 12" L X 6" W

Lot#: 2254

Pair of Vintage Decorative Wall Hooks

Good Condition; Unknown Maker; 16" T X 9" W

Lot#: 2255

Vintage Selection of Paperback Books

Good condition.

Lot#: 2256

Terry Lewis Ladies Faux Fur Top Coat

Good Condition; Medium

Lot#: 2257

Cache Womens 100% Lamb Leather Jacket

Size 12. Made in India. Good condition.

Lot#: 2258

Vintage Fur Collar

Good condition.

Lot#: 2259

Vintage Talbots Leather Jacket

Size 12. Good condition.

Lot#: 2260

Vintage Brandt Rolltop Desk

Made in Hagerstown, MD. 39" T x 32" W x 20" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2261

2 Vintage Tabletop Lamps

30" T & 14" T. Good condition.

Lot#: 2262

Vintage Elephant & Palm Tabletop Lamp

27" T. Finial broken.

Lot#: 2263

Vintage Pair of Resin Elephant Book Ends

5" T. Good condition.

Lot#: 2264

Vntg Historic American Cape Hateras Lighthouse

From the Danbury Mint. Good condition.

Lot#: 2265

Pair of Lucky Horseshoes

Average condition.

Lot#: 2266

Vintage Lenox Picture Frame

5" T x 3" W. New in box.

Lot#: 2267

Decorative Wooden Bird House

Good condition.

Lot#: 2268

Collection of Vintage Canvas Luggage

as photographed. Good condition.

Lot#: 2269

Vintage Dried Rose & Grapevine Wreath

20" R. Good condition.

Lot#: 2270

Vintage Wicker Side Table

25" T x 21" W x 13" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2271

Sporting Equipment

2 Wilson softball gloves and a ladies lacross stick. Good condition.

Lot#: 2272

Vintage Collection of Decorative Teapots

Good condition.

Lot#: 2273

Vintage Parfait Glasses & Old Fashions

9 Parfait Glasses, 4 Old Fashion gold rimmed glasses & Malamac decorative serving tray. Good condition.

Lot#: 2274

Vintage Set of Pressed Glassware

Parfaits, juice and water glasses on a decorative malamac tray. Good condition.

Lot#: 2275

Vintage Wooden School Desk

34" T. Average condition.

Lot#: 2276

Vintage Handpainted Wooden Stool

Good condition.

Lot#: 2277

Vintage Collection of Goebel Angel Figurines

Good condition.

Lot#: 2278

Vintage Handled Basket & Assorted Candles

Good condition.

Lot#: 2279

Vintage Pair of Angel Figurines

Good condition.

Lot#: 2280

Vintage Collection of Calendar Angels

2 January & 1 December. Good condition.

Lot#: 2281

Vintage Collection of Christmas Angels

Good condition. w/ Missing Wing and Minor Chips

Lot#: 2282

Set of 3 Porcelain Flower Votives

Good condition.

Lot#: 2283

Vintage Collection of Decorative Angels

Good condition - Average Condition.

Lot#: 2284

Vintage Basket Containing Household Items

as photographed.

Lot#: 2285

Vintage Computer Desk

32" T x 43" W x 24" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2286

Vintage Mosaic & Wood Tray & Household Items

as photographed. Good condition.

Lot#: 2287

Signed Cover Surfer Magazine Vol. 40 No. 11

Good condition.

Lot#: 2288

Williams Sonoma China

12 dinner plates and 12 soup bowls. New with price tags.

Lot#: 2289

Vintage Hair Stylist & Shopper NutCrackers

10" T. Good condition.

Lot#: 2290

Vintage Christmas Water Globes

Dog theme glove is musical. Good condition.

Lot#: 2291

Vintage Fiesta Ware Covered Butter Dish

color: sunflower. Good condition.

Lot#: 2292

Vintage Pottery Chickens

Good condition.

Lot#: 2293

Vintage Chicken Candle Holders

Good condition.

Lot#: 2294

Collection of Decorative Pottery w/ Chicken Theme

Good Condition.

Lot#: 2295

Jean Freed Painted Sand Dollar

Signed on Back; Average Condition.

Lot#: 2296

Pair of Department 56 Krinkles Magi Ornaments

Never Used; Very Good Condition.

Lot#: 2297

Vintage Resin Giraffe & Rubber Turtle

Good Condition; 12" T

Lot#: 2298

Collection of Ceramic Chickens & Ducks

Good Condition; 5" T

Lot#: 2299

Vintage Salton Food Warmer & Assorted Trivets

Good Condition; Orig. Box

Lot#: 2300

Pier 1 Large Porcelain Decorative Platter

Marked; Good Condition; No Visible Cracks or Chips; 14" R

Lot#: 2301

Vintage Portable Pub Travel Bar

By Destinations; Average Condition w/ Age Wear.

Lot#: 2302

Vintage Virginia Metalcrafters Brass Door Knocker

Marked CW; Good Condition requiring repair.

Lot#: 2303

Vintage Porcelain Boy Doll

Unmarked; Unknown Maker; Good Condition; 10" T

Lot#: 2304

C. 1994 Goebel Carol Anne Doll

Limited Edition; #263/500; Good Condition; 14" T

Lot#: 2305

C. 1994 Marie Osmond Porcelain Doll

Limited Edition #247/20,000; Good Contion; 14" T

Lot#: 2306

C. 1990 Dynasty Doll Anna Collection "Masha"

Masha "The Nutcracker" Limited Edition 7500 Pieces; Very Good Condition; 18" T

Lot#: 2307

C. 1989 Goebel, Betty Jane Carter Doll

Limited Edition; #994/1000; Bette Ball; Good Condition; 15" T

Lot#: 2308

C. 1993 Goebel, Charlot Byj Doll

Limited Edition; #435/500; Good Condition; 14" T

Lot#: 2309

C. 1989 Goebel, Betty Jane Carter Doll

Limited Edition; #961/1000; Bette Ball; Good Condition; 15" T

Lot#: 2310

Vintage Pine Crate & Barrel Cabinet

Average Condition; 30.5" T X 29" W X 22" D

Lot#: 2311

Vintage Charlie Brown & Snoopy Plastic Trash Can

Average Condition w/ Normal Wear

Lot#: 2312

Vintage Painted Wood Chest of Drawers

Average Condition w/ Normal Wear; 30" T X 37" W X 19.5" D

Lot#: 2313

Collection of Childrens Books

Good Condition.

Lot#: 2314

Collection of Better Homes & Garden Cookbooks

Good Condition.

Lot#: 2315

Vintage Black Clarinet

Unknown Maker; No Case.

Lot#: 2316

Pair of Vintage Twin Beds w/ Mattress & Covers

Good Condition w/ Normal Wrar; 36" T

Lot#: 2317

Vintage Painted Chest of Drawers

Good Condition w/ Normal Wear' 4' T X 332" W X 19.5" D

Lot#: 2318

Collection of Resin Animals

Good Condition.

Lot#: 2319

Pair of New Peanuts Plastic Kid's Dishware

Orig Box; Very Good Condition.

Lot#: 2320

Vintage Tin Decorative Rabbit Balancing Toy

Good Condition; 22" T

Lot#: 2321

Assorted Candle Holders & Tin Lanterns

Good Condition 10" T

Lot#: 2322

Reproduction Greek Vase

Very Good Condition; 6" T

Lot#: 2323

Grace Kelly Barbie & 2012 Holiday Barbie - NEW

In Orig. Box; Very Good Condition.

Lot#: 2324

Samsonite Hard Case Carry-On & Soft Case

Good Condition;

Lot#: 2325

Pair of Motorola Walkie-Talkies

w/ Power Stand; Good Condition.

Lot#: 2326

Code 3 Die-Cast Fire Engine

Orig. Box; Very Good Condition.

Lot#: 2327

Vintage Wrought Iron - Wood - Basket Storage Chest

Very Good Condition; 20" T X 42.5" W X 16" D

Lot#: 2328

Shelf of Vintage Books

Good condition.

Lot#: 2329

Shelf of Vintage Books

Lot#: 2330

Vntg Adventures of Sherlock Homes & Encyclopedias

Good condition.

Lot#: 2331

Danbury Mint Brides - Abigail; A Colonial Bride

3/0. Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Abigail wears a colonial dress from the mid-eighteenth century. Has original tag. Good condition.

Lot#: 2332

Danbury Mint Brides - Dorothy Bride of the 1940's

3/0. Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Good condition.

Lot#: 2333

Danbury Mint - Catherine, A Gibson Girl Bride

Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Has original tag. Good condition.

Lot#: 2334

Danbury Mint - Lindsey, A Contemporary Bride

Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Has original tag. Good condition.

Lot#: 2335

Danbury Mint - Annie, Bride of the Gay Nineties

Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Has original tag. Good condition.

Lot#: 2336

Danbury Mint Brides - Mary, Bride of the 1950's

Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Has original tag. Good condition.

Lot#: 2337

Danbury Mint Brides - Betsy, Flapper Bride

Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Good condition.

Lot#: 2338

Danbury Mint Brides - Sarah, The Frontier Bride

Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Good condition.

Lot#: 2339

Danbury Mint Brides - Julia, The Victorian Bride

Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Has original tag. Good condition.

Lot#: 2340

Danbury Mint Brides - Margaret, The Empire Bride

Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Has original tag. Good condition.

Lot#: 2341

Danbury Mint - Charlotte, Bride of the Ol' South

Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Has original tag. Good condition.

Lot#: 2342

Danbury Mint - Susan, Bride of the Gatsby Period

Doll is from Danbury Mint and she is from the "Brides of America Series." Good condition.

Lot#: 2343

1991 Porcelain Priscilla Bride Doll, Signed & No.

1991 Priscilla Bride Doll 744/9500. Good condition.

Lot#: 2344

Vintage Talbots Lambskin Leather Bomber Jacket

Size 12. Very good condition.

Lot#: 2345

Vintage Talbots Black Leather Jacket

Size 14. Very good condition.

Lot#: 2346

Vintage Nordstrom Classique Entier Leather Jacket

Size XL. Good condition.

Lot#: 2347

100% Black Leather Pants

Size. Good condition.

Lot#: 2348

Vintage Jones of New York Suede Jacket

Size L. Good condition. (spots noted on front as photographed)

Lot#: 2349

April Cornell Faux Fur Jacket

Size Large. Good condition.

Lot#: 2350

Vintage Brown Mink Stole

Good condition.

Lot#: 2351

Vintage Hooded Fur Jacket

Good condition.

Lot#: 2352

Vintage Faux Fur Wrap

Good condition.

Lot#: 2353

Pair of Valerie Stevens Rabbit Fur Neck Warmers

Good condition.

Lot#: 2354

Vintage SPI 25 Fox Fur Collar

Good condition.

Lot#: 2355

Vintage Painted Pony, The Dog & Pony Show

#12231. 2006. Artist Gene Dieckhoner. Good condition.

Lot#: 2356

Vintage Set of 3 Metal Decorative Canisters

Good condition.

Lot#: 2357

Collection of Vintage Blankets & Throws

Good condition.

Lot#: 2358

Vintage Collection of Summer Patio String Lights

Good condition.

Lot#: 2359

Vintage Victorian-Style Floral Sofa

34" T x 84" W x 36" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2360

Vintage Pen/Ink & Watercolors by John R. Taylor

Christmas in Suffolk & Christmas at Station No. 1 from "Those Good Old Days" Collection. Good condition. 20" T X 16" W

Lot#: 2361

Williamsburg Theme Needlepoint & Cross Stitch

Good conditiion.

Lot#: 2362

Vintage Signed Photograph of Russel's Drugstore

by Eric Brooke.; 20" W X 16" T

Lot#: 2363

Vintage Bamboo Art Work Set of 3

9" x 12". Good condition.

Lot#: 2364

Signed & No. Print by Barclay Sheaks, VA Artist

"Deserted Beacon" Repro. No. 89 of 100. Good condition. 26" T X 18" W

Lot#: 2365

Vintage Oil Painting by Nicolas Lancret

1864. Rudolf Lesch Fine Arts Inc. Marked ' Lancret, Dancing'. Artist Nicolas Lancret (22 January 1690 ? 14 September 1743) was a French painter.

Lot#: 2366

Framed Photograph, Bodie Island Light Station

Photograph by Bruce Roberts. Bodie Island Light Station, Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Good condition.

Lot#: 2367

Vintage Print by Rudulph Bye

Good condition.

Lot#: 2368

Framed Print "Autumn Return" by Robert Clontz

Signed & Numbered 361/950. Good condition.

Lot#: 2369

Photo "Key West" by Brenda C. Wright

Signed & Matted. Good condition.

Lot#: 2370

Original Watercolor Painting by M. Joyner

Good condition.

Lot#: 2371

Oil on Canvas Still Life by Van Hunt

Good condition.

Lot#: 2372

Vintage John Taylor Oil on Canvas

Good condition.

Lot#: 2373

2003 Watercolor Painting by Elaine Nunnaly

Good condition.

Lot#: 2374

1800's Main Street Suffolk by Nat Thompson

4/25 Main Street Suffolk, VA Early 1800's. Watercolor Print. Good condition.

Lot#: 2375

Watercolor Print by Nat Thompson, Riddick's Folly

Signed & numbered 4/25. Riddick's Folly, Suffolk, Va. Good condition.

Lot#: 2376

Signed Bermuda Print by C. Holding

Good condition.

Lot#: 2377

"The Elephant" Engraving by J.Taylor

Engraved after a picture by De Seve. Good condition.

Lot#: 2378

Signed & No. Print by Herb Jones, Swans in Flight

Good condition.

Lot#: 2379

Signed & No. Print by Michael James

Signed & No. 76/325.

Lot#: 2380

Original '78 Watercolor by F. Fitzgerald, Jr.

Good condition.

Lot#: 2381

Vintage Print, "The Dark Knight"

New in packaging.

Lot#: 2382

Print by Adolf Sehring "Summer Dreams"

Good condition.

Lot#: 2383

Vintage Hummingbird Print by Robbin Allen

Good condition.

Lot#: 2384

Print of Frigate Chesapeake by Casey Holtzinger

Good condition.

Lot#: 2385

C. Monet Mother & Child Print

"Flowers have the sun, Children have their mothers". Good condition.

Lot#: 2386

Vintage Wall Mirror

Damage to top of frame.

Lot#: 2387

Antique Flag Carried in Picketts Brigade

as photographed.

Lot#: 2388

Vintage Book Shelf

Good condition.

Lot#: 2389

Vintage Ralph Lauren Rain Boots

Size 9. Good condition.

Lot#: 2393

Vintage Natural Rattan Furniture Set

Sofa, Loveseat, Chair, Coffee Table and side table. Good condition.

Lot#: 2394

Vintage Pair of Wood Painted Birds

Good condition.

Lot#: 2395

Vintage Christmas Tree with String Candle Lights

Good condition.

Lot#: 2396

Vintage Patio Metal & Glass Table

24" Square. Good condition.

Lot#: 2397

Craftsman 4.25 HP Wet/Dry Vac

Average condition.

Lot#: 2398

Multi-Functional Garden Kneeler & Seat

Good condition.

Lot#: 2399

Twin-Head Adjustable Work Light W/ Tripod

by Commercial Electric. Good condition.

Lot#: 2400

Artificial Potted Christmas Tree

48" T. Good condition.

Lot#: 2401

5 Front Gate Tan Modular Chair Covers

New in box.

Lot#: 2402

Vintage Lighted/Musical Christmas Carousel

11" T. Good condition.

Lot#: 2403

Vintage Carved Elephant Head Sculpture

24" T x n30" W. Good condition.

Lot#: 2404

Vintage Child's Wooden Rocking Elephant

Childs wooden rocking elephant. Solid Carved Wood, Good condition. 24" T X 30" L X 12" D

Lot#: 2405

Vintage Ashland Furniture Wicker Storage Chest

17" T x 28" W. Good condition.

Lot#: 2406

Coleman Electronic Ignition Propane Lantern

5154A700. New in box.

Lot#: 2407

GCI Freestyle Outdoor Camping Rocker

Good condition.

Lot#: 2408

Vintage Cast Iron Kettle w/Cowboy Handle

Average condition.

Lot#: 2409

Vintage Cast Iron Frying Pans

Largest pan is 10" 3 footed. Smaller pan marked Wagner. Average condition.

Lot#: 2410

Vintage 5 Qt Cast Iron Bean Pot w/Cowboy Handle

Average condition.

Lot#: 2411

Saunders Cervical Home Traction Unit

For spinal decompression. Good condition.

Lot#: 2412

Vintage Copper Frog Sculptures & Metal Ladybug

Good condition.

Lot#: 2413

Pair of Hand Carved Patty Cake Frog Book Ends

Good condition.

Lot#: 2414

Vntg Pair of Brass Eagle Bookends by PM Craftsman

Good condition.

Lot#: 2415

Vintage Brass Liberty Bell Bookends

Good condition.

Lot#: 2416

Vintage White Wicker Chest

17" T x 30" W x 16" D. Good condition.

Lot#: 2417

Vintage Pottery Jack-O-Lantern

Good condition.

Lot#: 2418

Envirotemp Kerosene Radiant Tower Heater

by Kerosun. Good condition.

Lot#: 2419

Empi Pain Management System Tens Device

Good condition.

Lot#: 2420

Lighted Charlie Brown & Rudolph Xmas Decoration

Good condition.

Lot#: 2421

Thomas Kinkade Wonderland Express Christmas Tree

Tabletop tree with 12 illuminated buildings, moving trains and Santa and sleigh tree topper, a medley of 8 Christmas carols and more. Measures approximately 16" H. Good condition.

Lot#: 2422

Vintage Collectable Teddy Bear

Good condition.

Lot#: 2423

Showstopper Inc Porcelain Doll, Running Brook

16" Tall, new in box.

Lot#: 2424

Showstopper Inc Porcelain Doll, Running Brook

16" T. New in Box.

Lot#: 2425

Vintage Crystal Candle Holder

Good condition.

Lot#: 2426

Vintage Boyds Bears from the Head Bean Collection

Bear and Moose. Good condition with tags.

Lot#: 2427

Vintage Boyds Bears from the Head Bean Collection

2 bears and 1 rabbit. Good condition.

Lot#: 2428

Vintage Glazed Porcelain Sea Turtle Night Light

Good condition.

Lot#: 2429

Lefton Historic American Lighthouse Collection

1986. Currituck, NC #10834. Good condition.

Lot#: 2430

Lefton Historic American Lighthouse Collection

1995. #01118, Bodie Island Lighthouse. Good condition.

Lot#: 2431

EdenPure Elite Heater

Good condition.

Lot#: 2432

Collapsible Dog Crate

Good condition.

Lot#: 2433

Vintage CocaCola Lithograph Metal Trays

3 metal trays. Good condition.

Lot#: 2434

Antique Sears, Roebuck & Co. Sewing Machine

Minnesota Sewing Machine. Average condition.

Lot#: 2435

Rachael Ray Glass Bakeware & Insulated Bag

New with tags.

Lot#: 2436

Vintage Teddy Bear Autumn Greetings Wreath

Good condition.

Lot#: 2437

Collection of New Themed Photo Frames

4" x 6" & 5" x 7". New.

Lot#: 2438

Vintage Nintendo Game Boy & Portable Carry-All

Good condition.

Lot#: 2439

Lincoln Cent Collection & Portfolio Cover

with Handbook of US Coins. Good condition.

Lot#: 2440

Collection of Historic & Military Books

Good condition.

Lot#: 2441

Assorted Coffee Table Books

Good condition.

Lot#: 2442

Pair of Vintage Sansui SP 1200 3 Way Speakers

Good condition.

Lot#: 2443

Pier 1 Imports Park Avenue Puppies Plates

8 plates, 1 platter. Good condition, still have tags on them.

Lot#: 2444

Carved Wood Bowls w/Giraffe & Carved Elephant

Good condition.

Lot#: 2445

Vintage Collection of Brass Figurines

Dolphin, Crab, Oyster Shell and Leaf. Good condition.

Lot#: 2446

Vintage Collection of Decorative Wood Carvings

Good condition. Turtle leg has been repaired.

Lot#: 2447

Vintage Decorative Metal Flower Sculpture

Average condition.

Lot#: 2448

Vintage Pottery Bowl & Twine Balls

Good condition.

Lot#: 2449

Vintage Duck Head Magnifying Glass

Good condition.

Lot#: 2450

Hallmark Peanuts Character Plush Talking Dolls

Good condition.

Lot#: 2451

Snoopy & the Red Baron

Good condition.

Lot#: 2452

Pair of Metal & Tinsel Christmas Trees

Good condition.

Lot#: 2453

Vintage Peanuts Character Collectibles

Good condition.

Lot#: 2454

Vintage Wide Mouth Glass Vase

Good condition.

Lot#: 2455

Vintage Pinecone & Berry Xmas Tree Decoration

Good condition.

Lot#: 2456

Vintage Metal Sleigh & Potpourri Balls

Good condition.

Lot#: 2457

Vintage Old World Santa Clause Doll Figures

Good condition.

Lot#: 2458

Vintage Old World Santa Clause Doll Figure

Good condition.

Lot#: 2459

Vintage Pair of Resin Santa Figurines

Santa on a polar bear and on chimney. Good condition.

Lot#: 2460

Pair of Vintage Santa Clause Figures

Small figure is a Signed Provincial Mold by D. Wills, 1992.Good condition.

Lot#: 2461

Vintage Pair of Santa Figurines signed by D. Wills

Good condition.

Lot#: 2462

Vintage Pair of Christmas Music Box Figurines

Good condition.

Lot#: 2463

Whimsical Christmas Character Decorations

Good condition.

Lot#: 2464

Vintage Noel, Peace & Hope Angel Figurines

Good condition.

Lot#: 2465

Vintage Yarn & Plastic Christmas Canvas

Good condition.

Lot#: 2466

Vintage Electric Infrared Heater

Good condition.

Lot#: 2467

Vintage Penguin Cookie Jar & Jingle Bell Wreath

Cookie Jar from Pier 1 Imports. Good condition.

Lot#: 2468

Vntg Westland 'Poultry in Motion' Spicy Chicken

10"T x 10" W. Poultry In Motion Rooster by Sharon Neuhaus - Spicy Chicken 16786. Good condition.

Lot#: 2469

Vntg Westland 'Poultry in Motion' Eggs Benedict

10"T. Poultry In Motion Rooster by Sharon Neuhaus. Good condition.

Lot#: 2470

Vntg Westland 'Poultry in Motion' Eggs Poppyseed

10"T. Poultry In Motion Rooster by Sharon Neuhaus. Good condition.

Lot#: 2471

Vntg Westland 'Poultry in Motion' Rose-ter Rooster

10"T. Poultry In Motion Rooster by Sharon Neuhaus. Good condition.

Lot#: 2472

Vintage Collection of Elephant Figurines

Good condition.

Lot#: 2473

Vintage Wooden Trinket Box

Good condition.

Lot#: 2474

Vintage Red Rooster Wall Clock

Good condition.

Lot#: 2475

Vintage Collection of Frog Figurines

Good condition.

Lot#: 2476

Vintage Collection of Dog Figurines

Good condition.

Lot#: 2477

Vintage Glass Cat Bowl

Good condition.

Lot#: 2478

Vintage Collection of Animal Figurines

Good condition.

Lot#: 2479

Vintage Oriental Porcelain Tureen

10" T. Good condition.

Lot#: 2480

Vintage Decorative Pottery & Candle Holders

Good condition.

Lot#: 2481

Vintage Hot Plates & Coasters & Metal Basket

Good condition.

Lot#: 2482

Set of Wolfgang Puck Metal Mixing Bowls

with airtight lids. Good condition.

Lot#: 2483

LNT Home Corkscrew

New in box.

Lot#: 2484

3 Vintage Decorative Metal Pet Theme Signs

Good condition.

Lot#: 2485

1920's Belmont Record Copper Casket Capsule

Good condition.

Lot#: 2486

Vintage Old Britain Castles China Set

Johnson Bros England 1883. Old Britain Castles Earthenware.

Lot#: 2487

Tripod Sprinkler

Good condition.

Lot#: 2488

3 Canvas Folding Chairs

Good condition.

Lot#: 2489

Briggs & Stratton Yard Machine 21" Push Mower

21 in. 140cc 550ex Series Briggs & Stratton Engine 2-in-1 Gas Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower with High Rear Wheels. Includes 3 gas cans. Good condition.

Lot#: 2490

Vintage Collection of Lawn Sprinklers

Good condition.

Lot#: 2491

Brinly-Hardy Tow Behind Spreader

Good condition.

Lot#: 2492

Pair of Orange Extension Cords on Reels

Good condition.

Lot#: 2493

Scotts Standard Spreader

Good condition.

Lot#: 2494

Vintage Set of Yard Tools

Good condition.

Lot#: 2495

Vintage Polar Bear & Snowman Xmas Decorations

Good condition.

Lot#: 2496

Vintage Collection of Cooler Bags & Cooler

Hard side Cooler by Rubbermaid. (Printed on back of cooler "Suffolk Peanut Festival") Soft side bags by Ozark Trail. Good condition.

Lot#: 2497

Pair of Spring & Winter Wreaths

Christmas & Spring design wreaths. Average condition.

Lot#: 2498

Vintage North Pole Express Train Set

Good condition.

Lot#: 2499

65W Golight Portable Spotlight

Good condition.

Lot#: 2500

Vintage Santa & Sleigh Christmas Decoration

" L. Good condition.

Lot#: 2501

3 Green Extension Cords

Good condition.

Lot#: 2502

Pair of Heavy Duty Extension Cords

Orange & red and black extension cords. Good condition.

Lot#: 2503

3 Vintage Hand Saws

Good condition.

Lot#: 2504

Vintage Nut Driver Set

Good condition.

Lot#: 2505

Vintage Black & Decker Cyclonic Sander

Average condition.

Lot#: 2506

4 Vintage Keyhole Saws

Good condition.

Lot#: 2507

Vintage 2 Over 4 Chest of Drawers

Good condition.

Lot#: 2508

Vintage Tabletop Books

Good condition.

Lot#: 2509

Vintage Outdoor Planter & Garden Tools

Good condition.

Lot#: 2510

Basket of Electric Cords & Spotlight

Good condition.

Lot#: 2511

Basket of Surge Protectors

Good condition.

Lot#: 2512

Vintage Collection of Assorted Screwdrivers

Good condition.

Lot#: 2513

Vintage Assortment of Pliers

Good condition.

Lot#: 2514

Brinkman Q-Beam Spot/Flood Light

hooks to car lighter. Good condition.

Lot#: 2515

Pair of Wire Wreath Stands

Good condition.

Lot#: 2516

Vintage Combination Wrench Set & Socket Set

Included miscellaneous tape measures. Good condition.

Lot#: 2517

Vintage Paramedic Helmet, Goggles, Ear Protection

Good condition.

Lot#: 2518

Vintage Double Lumen Stethoscope

Unknown maker. Good condition.

Lot#: 2519

Littmann Single Lumen Stethoscope

Good condition.

Lot#: 2520

Vintage Pry Bar & Crow Bars

Good condition.

Lot#: 2521

Task Force Diamond Plate Tool Box & Contents

Good condition.

Lot#: 2522

Vintage Collection of Tools

Good condition.

Lot#: 2523

JP Pilates Performer

Good condition.

Lot#: 2524

Vintage Water Cooler/Dispensers

Good condition.

Lot#: 2525

Decorative Wire Handled Square Basket

Good condition.

Lot#: 2526

New Indoor/Outdoor Ribbed Area Rug 6' x 8'


Lot#: 2527

Decorative Spiral Wreath

Good condition.

Lot#: 2528

Vintage Folding Transport Wheelchair by Dr. K

Good condition.

Lot#: 2529

Vintage Collection of Handled Baskets

Good condition.

Lot#: 2530

Collection of Ladies Reformation Dresses

Ladies, Size 8, Good Condition.

Lot#: 2531

Moda International & White House Skirts

Good Condition; Size 6 and Size 8.

Lot#: 5000

Vintage Siam Gems 18K Princess Harem Ring

11 Rubies set in 18K gold. Measures size 6. total weight: 5.4 grams. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5001

Vintage Pearl w/Diamond Accent 14K Ring

2 pearls with diamond accent stones set in 14K gold. Size 6. Total weight: 4.8 grams. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5002

Vintage 14 K Italian Gold Band

Measures size 8.5. Total weight: 3.3 grams

Lot#: 5003

Vintage 18K Gold & Black Onyx & Diamond Ring

Marked size 7 on band. Very good condition. Total weight: 3.4 g.

Lot#: 5004

Vintage Men's 14K White Gold Wedding Band

Measures size 10. Marked Exquisite 14K on inner band. Inscribed CSB to RWH, 6-17-72. MIZPAH. Very good condition. Total weight: 4.9 g

Lot#: 5005

Vintage Sun 10K G & Diamond Earring & Pendant Set

Marked SUN 10K on earring stud. Pendant is missing one diamond. Earrings in very good condition. Total weight: 5.6 grams.

Lot#: 5006

Vintage 14K Beverly Hills Gold Earrings

Total weight: 2.3 grams. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5007

Vintage 14K Gold & Pearl Drop Earrings

Total weight: 3.5 grams. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5008

Vintage 14K Gold & Diamond Hoops by Melinda Maria

Total weight 7.9 grams. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5009

14K Gold Diamond & Amethyst, 14K Topaz Earings

Very good condition. Total weight: 3.2 grams.

Lot#: 5010

Vintage 14K Gold Bermuda Charm Bracelet

Very good condition. Total weight 21.7 grams.

Lot#: 5011

Vintage 14K Gold & Garnet Tennis Bracelet

Very good condition. Marked 14K Mexico. Total weight: 6.9 grams.

Lot#: 5012

Vintage Dueber Engraved Pocket Watched

7 jewels. Made in 1912. Beautifully engraving on both sides. Elgin workings: 16250607, 48094, 8048094. Good condition. Total weight 39 grams.

Lot#: 5013

Vintage Benrus Women's Watch 10K G Bezel

Benrus, 10K RPG Bezel, Stainless Steel Back. Good condition.

Lot#: 5014

Vintage Italian Micro Mosaic Flower Brooch

Brooch total weight: 4.8 grams. Includes 10K Gold Monogram Stick Pin and 14K gold and genuine pearl stick pin with combined weight of 2.5 grams. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5015

Vintage Assorted 14K Gold Pendants/Charms

14K gold engraved cross, 14K gold & pink enameled ribbon charm, 14K gold bird charm marked PSCO, unmarked gold charm from Bermuda containing coral sand. Total weight: 8.3 grams. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5016

Vintage 14K Past Present & Future Pendant Necklace

3 diamonds represent past present and future, 4 diamonds line the bar between each setting. Very good condition. Total weight 3.3 grams.

Lot#: 5017

Vintage SJM 18K & Diamond Cross

Cross marked SJM 18K with Diamond accents, necklace is 14K gold. Very good condition. Total wieght 4.1 grams.

Lot#: 5018

Vintage RCI 10K Gold & Diamond Cross Necklace

Pendant marked 10K. Chain marked RCI 10K Turkey. Very good condition. Total weight: 2.7 grams.

Lot#: 5019

Vintage 14K Gold Sand Dollar Pendant Necklace

Very good condition. Total weight: 3.6 grams.

Lot#: 5020

Vintage Collection of GP Brooch & Pins

Sammartino Erde 1/20 12K Cameo Brooch, 1/20 12K GP H. G. Flour-de-lis Pin, unmarked gold-toned nugget stick pin. Good condition.

Lot#: 5021

Vintage .925 SS 5 Stone Edwardian Filagree Ring

Measures Size 7 3/4. Marked .925 inside band. Very good condition. Total weight: 4.4 grams.

Lot#: 5022

Vintage .925 SS 3 Stone Ring

Measures size 7.5. Very good condition. Total weight 2.9 grams.

Lot#: 5023

Vintage .925 SS Pearl Ring & Necklace Set

Pearl wrapped in Sterling Silver ring and pendant necklace. Marked Israel, LIRM, .925. Very good condition. Ring measures size 8. Total weight: 14.7 grams.

Lot#: 5024

Vintage .925 SS 3 Stone Ring

Measures size 7 3/4. Total weight 5.6 grams.

Lot#: 5025

Vintage Marsala .925 Sterling Silver Ring

New on jewelry card. Measures size 8. Very good condition. Total weight: 7.6 grams.

Lot#: 5026

Art Deco 14K Filigree Diamond & Sapphire Jewelry

Diamond & Sapphire Filigree Brooch marked 14K. Diamond & Sapphire pendant bail needs repaired. Good condition. Total weight 3.9 grams.

Lot#: 5027

1986-1988 Lund Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments

Good condition. Total weight: 46.5 grams

Lot#: 5028

Vintage 14K Monogram Pocket Knife

Blade marked Stainless Steel, F. Semko. Total weight 20.4 grams

Lot#: 5029

Antique Chapin & Hollister Engraved Cross Locket

Sterling C. & H. Co., inscribed: VJC 1919. Very good condition. Total weight: 14.5 grams.

Lot#: 5030

Webster Sterling Silver Kiwanis Intern'l Bookmark

Good condition. Total weight 4.0 g

Lot#: 5031

Vintage Gorham Sterling Guardian Angel Pendant

Genuine Diamond accent Gorham two-toned Sterling Silver Guardian Angel, back inscribed, "Guardian Angel, Ever this day, be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide." Very good condition. total weight: 13.3 grams

Lot#: 5032

1974 Reed & Barton Sterling Christmas Cross

Very good condition. Total weight 24.7 grams.

Lot#: 5033

VIntage .925 SS Engraved Heart Locket

18" chain. Total weight: 7.7 grams. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5034

Vintage Marvel Sterling Dolphin Pendant Necklace

Very good condition. Total weight: 5.2 grams.

Lot#: 5035

Vntg Robert Lee Morris Studio.925 SS Chain

36" Large Oval Chain necklace. Very good condition. Total weight 30.7 grams.

Lot#: 5036

Vintage .925 Sterling Silver Chains

14.5" Pocket Watch chain by Simmons Sterling. 20" Chain .925 SS. Total weight: 11.2 grams.

Lot#: 5037

Vintage .925 Sterling Necklace & Heart Pendant

Good condition. Total weight 9.3 grams.

Lot#: 5038

Vintage .925 SS Dog Theme Charm Bracelet

Italy .925. Very good condition. Total weight: 22.1 g.

Lot#: 5039

Vintage Kabana Sterling Whale Bracelet

Very good condition. Total weight 20.7 grams.

Lot#: 5040

Vintage Coin Silver Bracelet

Vintage silverware, spoon bracelet. Very good condition. Total weight: 46.9 grams.

Lot#: 5041

Silpada .925 Cha Cha Roman Coin Bracelet B1624

Vintage Silpada .925 Sterling Silver Cha Cha Roman Coin Bracelet B1624. Design features Coins of Alexander the Great . Very good condition. Total weight: 61.7 grams.

Lot#: 5042

Vintage .925 Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

Loaded with charms. Very good condition. Total weight: 82.2 grams.

Lot#: 5043

Vintage Lois Hill .925 Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Indonesia .925 sterling. Very good condition. Total weight 57.6 grams.

Lot#: 5044

Vintage Lois Hill .925 Sterling Pendant

Pendant 1 3/4" Round. Very good condition. Total weight: 59.7 grams

Lot#: 5045

Lois Hill .925 SS Maltese Cross Pendant Necklace

32" Chain. Very good condition. Total weight 72.5 grams.

Lot#: 5046

Vntg Lois Hill .925 Amethyst Key Pendant Necklace

Pendant 2.25" T, 32" chain. Very good condition. Total weight: 22.6 grams

Lot#: 5047

Vintage Lois Hill .925 Scrollwork Bar Earrings

1 1/2" Long bar. New. Total weight: 5.4 grams.

Lot#: 5048

Vintage Lois Hill .925 Scrollwork Hoop Earrings

1 1/4" Hoop. New. Total weight: 11.7 grams

Lot#: 5049

Vintage Sterling Silver Pins

Round pin measures 1 1/8" Round; very good condition. Sterling Eagle pin good condition. Total weight: 7.8 grams.

Lot#: 5050

Vintage 2 tone Sterling Silver Elephant Pin

.925 Mexico. Good condition. Total weight 14.4 grams.

Lot#: 5051

Kenneth Jay Lane Enamel & SS High Heel & Lily Pin

Vintage Kenneth Jay Lane Enameled Sterling Silver Lily HIGH HEEL SHOE Brooch. Good condition. Total weight 10.4 grams.

Lot#: 5052

Vintage .925 Sterling Silver Bow Brooch

.925 Thailand. Good condition. Total weight: 10.3 grams.

Lot#: 5053

Vintage .925 SS Button Stud Clip On Earrings

1" round smooth button earrings. 3/4" round hammered button earrings. Good condition. Total weight 29.4 grams.

Lot#: 5054

Vintage Sterling Silver Earrings

.925 SS flower clip on earrings with blue stone, 1" round. Mexico, .925, TS-74 twisted pattern pierced earrings, 1 1/2" tall. Total weight 32.4 grams

Lot#: 5055

Two Vintage Pair of Clear Stones set in .925 SS

Good condition. Total weight 9.1 grams.

Lot#: 5056

Vintage .925 SS Tassel Earrings

Very good condition. Total weight: 9.3 grams.

Lot#: 5057

2 Pairs of Vintage .925 SS Hoop Earrings

Very good condition. Total weight 12.2 grams.

Lot#: 5058

Vintage Sterling & Pearl Drop Earrings

.925 Sterling square design drop earrings, genuine pearl drop earrings. Very good condition. Total weight: 7.1 grams.

Lot#: 5059

Vintage Taxco SS & Brass Grape Cluster Earrings

.925 Mexico, T-40. One earring missing ear wire hook, otherwise very good condition. Total weight 13.9 grams.

Lot#: 5060

Vintage .925 SS Fish Earrings

.925 Mexico. Good condition. Total weight: 10.8 grams

Lot#: 5061

Vintage SS Garnet Drop Earrings

Includes small SS butterfly earrings. Total weight 3.6 grams.

Lot#: 5062

Collection of Loose Gemstones (Ruby & Emerald)

As photographed.

Lot#: 5063

Vintage Men's Two-Tone Arkitekt Fossil Watch

Arkitekt Fossil Watch, FS-4318, 250710. Water resistant to 50 M. Stainless steel back. Good condition.

Lot#: 5064

Vintage Roxy Silver-tone Women's Watch

Stainless Steel back. Water resistant to 100 M. Good condition.

Lot#: 5065

Vintage Ladies Citizen Quartz Silver-tone Watch

Good condition.

Lot#: 5066

Vintage Embassy by Gruen Ladies Watch

Stainless Steel back, Water resistant to 100 Ft. Good condition.

Lot#: 5067

Vintage Anne Klein Resin & Gold-tone Ladies Watch

Water resistant to 100. Good condition.

Lot#: 5068

Vintage Ladies Faberge Gold-tone Watch

Good condition.

Lot#: 5069

Vintage Designer Watch

Made in China. Good condition.

Lot#: 5070

Vintage Jordache Digital Watch

Good condition.

Lot#: 5071

Vintage Elgin Galaxie 17 Gold-tone Ladies Watch

Good condition.

Lot#: 5072

1980 Bermuda Coin Pendant set in 12/20 GF Pendant

14/20 GF 18" chain. Very Total weight good condition. 12/20 GF 14" chain with Fire opal cabochon pendant. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5073

Vintage Lanecraft .925 Italian SS Necklace

Includes 2 broken .925 SS chains. Total weight 19.8 grams.

Lot#: 5074

Vintage Bucherer Gold-tone Swiss Watch Pendant

Swiss watch, 17 jewel. 30" chain. Watch is 1" round. Good condition.

Lot#: 5075

Swarovski Pure Medium Teal Solitare Crystal

1098424, New in Box.

Lot#: 5076

J. Crew Gold-tone, Faux Pearl & Ribbon Necklace

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5077

J Crew Gold-tone Jeweled Elephant & Tortoise Chain

30" double chain necklace. Good condition.

Lot#: 5078

J. Crew Enamel & Jeweled Frog & Tortoise Set

30" double chain necklace and matching bracelet. Good condition.

Lot#: 5079

Vintage J. Crew Chunky Chain Necklace

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5080

Vintage J. Crew Silk Flower & Multi-Chain Necklace

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5081

J. Crew Rhinestone & Faux Pearl Statement Necklace

19" long. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5082

J. Crew Faux Gem & Pearl Elephant Pendant

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5083

J. Crew Mixed Media Rock Candy Necklace

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5084

Vintage J Crew Gold-tone Double Tassel Necklace

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5085

Rare J Crew Decorative Robin Egg Pendant Necklace

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5086

Vintage Rare Rhinestone Elephant Necklace

Includes Gray Elephant Pendant Necklace. Good condition.

Lot#: 5087

Pair of Elephant Pendant Necklaces

Good condition.

Lot#: 5088

Vintage J Crew Gold-tone Enameled Bangle

Yellow and tan enamel bangle with latch close. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5089

Rare J Crew Glacier Statement Rhinestone Bracelet

New with tags. Hard to find.

Lot#: 5090

J Crew Gold-tone Enamel & Jewel Elephant Bangle

Has latch closure. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5091

Vintage J Crew Enamel & Jewel Ram Bangle

Has latch closure. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5097

Vintage J Crew Chunky Bracelet w/Pave Links

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5098

Rare Vintage J. Crew Anchor Charm Bracelet

Good condition.

Lot#: 5099

Pair of 14 K Necklaces

NW 24" 14K Gold Chain, good condition. 15" 1/20 14K gold chain. Very good condition. Total weight 8.7 grams.

Lot#: 5100

18K Gold Italian Necklace

24" chain. Very good condition. Total weight 9 grams.

Lot#: 5101

Vintage J Crew Faux Pearl & Chain Bracelet

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5102

Vintage Banana Republic Faux Topaz Bracelet

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5103

Vintage Banana Republic Gold-tone Bracelet

Good condition.

Lot#: 5104

Vintage Talbots Gold-tone Seashell Jewelry Set

Necklace, bracelet and earrings. All new with tags.

Lot#: 5105

Vintage Natural Coral Bead Necklace

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5106

1940's Navajo Silver Fringe Necklace

Unsigned & unmarked. Leather cord broken, needs restrung. Total weight: 90.4 grams. Good condition.

Lot#: 5107

Vintage Collection of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

All signed. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5108

Vintage Disney Pin & Universal Studios Bracelet

Cinderella Pin in very good condition. Bracelet has some fading.

Lot#: 5109

Vintage Bali Style Silver-tone Earrings

Screw-back closure. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5110

Vintage Designer Earrings

Screw back closure. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5111

Vintage Designer Silver-tone Faux Gem Earrings

Faux Emerald stone earrings have screw back closure; black stone accent drop earrings have clip back closure. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5112

Vntg Sarah Covington Stone Accent Adjustable Ring

Gold-tone with burgundy stone. Measures size 6 with plenty of room for adjustment. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5113

Vintage Lia Sophia #688 "Ooh La La" Ring

Size 8. New with tags.

Lot#: 5114

Vintage Collection of Rhinestone Rings

Size 5 Goldtone 2 piece engagement set; Size 6 3/4 Silvertone rhinestone band; Size 8 1/2 Silvertone Rhinestone band with center solitaire. Good condition.

Lot#: 5115

Vintage West German Pin & Scarf Clip

Marked W. Germany. Good condition.

Lot#: 5116

Vintage Collection of Rhinestone Accent Pins

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5117

Vintage Collection of Designer Rhinestone Pin Art

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5118

Vintage Collection of Goldtone Beach Theme Pins

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5119

Collection of Vintage Elephant Theme Brooches

Makers such as K & T and R.O.C. Top left pin is hand made. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5120

Assortment of Vintage Brooches

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5121

Vintage Liz Claiborne & Carolee Brooches

2 signed brooches. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5122

Vintage Collection of Pearl Accent Brooches

Good condition.

Lot#: 5123

Vintage Collection of Designer Earrings

Juicy Couture Hoops, enamel drop earrings and Chinese coin earrings. Good condition

Lot#: 5124

Lia Sophia "Knotted Up" Necklace & Bracelet Set

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5125

Lia Sophia Gold-tone Necklace

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5126

Vintage Silver & Gold-tone Necklace & Earring Set

New with tags.

Lot#: 5127

Vintage Black Rhinestone Necklace & Earring Set

New in box.

Lot#: 5128

Vntg White House Black Market Faux Pearl Jewelry

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5129

Lia Sophia "Kiam Family" Necklace

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5130

Camrose & Kross Reprod Jackie Kennedy Jewelry

Faux gold, diamond and saphire bracelet. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5131

Camrose & Kross Reprod Jackie Kennedy Jewelry

Goldtone & Rhinestone bracelet. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5132

Vintage Collection of Designer Jewelry

Coventry Necklace, Monet, Trifari & Kenneth Lane Earrings. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5133

Vintage Assorted Monet Faux Pearl Jewelry

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5134

Vintage Nolan Miller & Joan Rivers Clip Earrings

Joan Rivers Floral Rhinestone Earrings missing one stone. Good condition.

Lot#: 5135

Vintage Nolan Miller & Marvella Pearl Necklaces

Good condition.

Lot#: 5136

Vintage Napier Faux Pearl Necklaces

Good condition.

Lot#: 5137

Vintage Selection of Napier Jewelry

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5138

Vintage Napier Faux Pearl Necklace & Brooch

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5139

Vintage Nolan Miller Rhinestone Heart Necklace

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5140

Cats Eye Glass Bead Necklace & Earring Set

New with tags.

Lot#: 5141

Vintage Nolan Miller Peridot & Rhinestone Pendant

Very good condition in box.

Lot#: 5142

Vntg Rare Givenchy Pearl Chain Link Necklace

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5143

Vntg Nolan Miller Red & Crystal Rhinestone Brooch

Very good condition in box.

Lot#: 5144

Premier Design Hidden Gems Pendant/Brooch

Multi-color cut stone pendant/brooch. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5145

Vntg Nolan Miller Faux Pearl Drop w/Sapphire

Good condition.

Lot#: 5146

Vintage Monet Necklaces

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5147

2008 Multi-strand Acrylic Necklace by Ms. V

Designs Very good condition.

Lot#: 5148

Vintage Brighton Leather Bracelet & Bangle

Unknown maker on bangle. Good condition.

Lot#: 5149

Vintage Adrienne Evil Eye Bracelet & Cuff

HSN Adrienne bracelet, very good condition. Wide cuff bracelet in good condition. Paint on inner band peeling.

Lot#: 5150

Michael Kors Safari Glam Long Tooth Pendant

Silver snake chain. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5151

Vintage Beaded Bracelet & Pin

Good condition.

Lot#: 5152

Assortment of Vintage GF, GP, Gold-tone Pins

Good condition.

Lot#: 5153

Vintage Enamel Elephant Pendant & Earrings

Pendant necklace was new in bag, earrings in good condition.

Lot#: 5154

Vintage Acrylic Elephant Jewelry Set

New on jewelry card.

Lot#: 5155

Collection of Designer Earrings

Good condition. One pair new with tags.

Lot#: 5156

Vintage Collection of Drop Earrings

Good condition.

Lot#: 5157

Vintage Collection of Clip Earrings

Good condition.

Lot#: 5158

Vintage Collection of Pierced Earrings

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5159

Vintage Collection of Clip On Earrings

Good condition.

Lot#: 5160

Vintage Silver-tone Statement Necklaces

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5161

Vintage Blue Glass Bead Necklace

Good condition.

Lot#: 5162

Vintage Beaded Necklaces

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5163

Vintage Collection of Red & Black Beaded Jewelry

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5164

Vintage Malachite & Beaded Tusk Jewelry

Beaded tusks missing some stones, otherwise good condition.

Lot#: 5165

Vintage Assorted Necklaces

Good condition.

Lot#: 5166

Assorted Faux Pearl Necklaces

Good condition.

Lot#: 5167

Collection of Silver Pearlescent Beaded Necklaces

Good condition.

Lot#: 5168

Vintage Detailed Bead Jewelry Set

Pink necklace and bracelet have magnetic closure. Very good condition.

Lot#: 5169

Vintage Collection of Designer Necklaces

Good condition.

Lot#: 5170

Vintage White & Goldtone Beaded Jewelry

Good condition,

Lot#: 5171

Vintage Selection of Faux Pearl Theme Jewelry

Wide pearl bracelet missing toggle on one end, otherwise good condition.

Lot#: 5172

Vintage Collection of Costume Pearl Jewelry

Rhinestone and pearl bracelet shown hanging needs restrung. Good condition.

Lot#: 5173

Vintage Collection of Gold-tone Bracelets

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5174

Vintage Collection of Pink Beaded Jewelry

Good condition.

Lot#: 5175

Assorted Collection of Sand Dollar Necklaces

Good condition

Lot#: 5176

Vintage Natural Stone & Beaded Jewelry

Very good condition.

Lot#: 5177

Vintage Collection of Beaded Necklaces

Good condition.

Lot#: 5178

Vintage Beaded Necklace Collection

Good condition.

Lot#: 5179

Vntg Bandals Flair Shoe Clip & Hair Accessories

Bandals new in package.

Lot#: 5180

Collection of Vintage Christmas Jewelry

Good condition.

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