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888 AUCTIONS INC. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS1.YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THIS AGREEMENTPlease read these Terms & Conditions of Business (the 'terms') carefully. These terms apply to and govern your dealings with 888 Auctions Inc., including its employees, agents, officers and directors (collectively the 'Auction House' and/or 'us' and/or 'we'), whether in person, by proxy, through an agent, or through (the 'website') or some other platform used to access the website, i.e. These terms apply, but are not limited, to consignors of goods, auction bidders (whether in person, by proxy, online or other), buyers, users of the website, in person in store customers and/or other parties to whom we enter into a commercial relationship in furtherance of our business. In entering into business with us, you agree that you understand these terms, have no objections hereto, and agree to be bound. These terms govern your transactions with us along with your use of our website and its contents, as well as any products and/or services transacted with us. These terms also govern your use or accessing of our website and its products and services, including but not limited to visiting, logging on to your account, browsing, adding a lot to your watch list, registering a bid, bidding, requesting e-flyers, ordering a catalogue, purchasing, or otherwise using the website (the "Services") you signify your acceptance and agreement, and the acceptance and agreement of any person you purport to represent (and for purposes of this agreement, "person" includes any type of incorporated or unincorporated entity, including your employer), without limitation or qualification, to be bound by this agreement, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and you represent and warrant that you have the legal authority to agree to and accept this agreement on behalf of yourself and any person (such as your employer) you purport to represent. If you do not agree with each provision of this agreement, or you are not authorized to agree to and accept this agreement, or you do not have the legal authority to agree to and accept this agreement, you may not use the website or enter into a transaction with us or through us, i.e. placing bids at auction, consigning goods to us, buying goods from us etc.2.CHANGES TO THIS AGREEMENTThese Terms and Conditions are current as of the date of at the bottom of this agreement, but are subject to revision by us at any time, without notice. Each time you enter into a transaction with us, or use our web site, you should review the current terms of this agreement. For each transaction and/or visit to our web site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions then in force. You may not change, supplement, amend or assign your rights or responsibilities under this agreement in any manner. It is our express intent that any changes to this agreement be in writing, and evidenced by writing.3.MISPRINTS AND ERRORS, PRICES AND PURCHASESWe endeavour to provide current and accurate information on the website and in our Catalogues. Nevertheless, misprints or other errors may occur. Accordingly, we reserve the right to change the prices, listed fees and charges at any time, without notice or liability to you or any other person. Also, we cannot guarantee that the Services advertised on the website will be available when a bid is submitted, or a lot is purchased, or at any relevant time. Accordingly, we reserve the right at any time to reject, correct, cancel or terminate any Services or other request. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any request for products and/or services, notwithstanding any course of dealing between the Auction House and you in the past.4.BIDDING AT AUCTION AND PURCHASING AT RETAILIn purchasing items, either at retail or at auction, you further agree to be bound by the following terms:a)You are responsible for reading the full item listing, examining, inspecting, making arrangements for inspection or otherwise fully satisfying yourself as to the authenticity, condition and provenance, if any, of each lot upon which you place a bid, and acknowledge that you have not relied upon any representation made by us, our employees, officers, directors or agents.b)You acknowledge that in placing a bid, you are extending an irrevocable offer to enter into a legally binding contract for purchase, and that a legally binding contract to purchase is formed when such bid is either the winning bid, or is otherwise accepted by us. You acknowledge that we are entitled to payment in full immediately upon acceptance, and that we may immediately submit the charges to your credit card if on file. You further acknowledge that ALL SALES ARE FINAL WITH NO REFUND, NO EXCHANGE AND NO STORE CREDIT.c)While the Auction House has endeavoured to catalogue and describe correctly each lot to be sold, such representations merely reflect our opinion, are cursory in nature, and as such, are not to be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. You acknowledge that errors may include, but are not limited to, the catalogue or contents therein, lot description or other descriptions of the physical condition, trueness of the photographic image used in the online lot description or catalogue, medium, importance, authorship, origin, age, size, attribution, genuineness, authenticity, provenance, exhibitors, literature or historical relevance of any lot or item contained therein, and as such, the Auction House shall not be liable for any such errors or omissions. Measurements on paintings are approximate only and are of image size. Further, the absence of description regarding an item or the failure to note a flaw or defect in an item does not imply that the lot is in perfect condition or free from defects, wear and tear, modification, alterations or other imperfections. Unless noted, all items have some amount of wear and tear, scratches, nicks, missing stitches or other imperfections, corresponding to their age and use. No statement made by us, whether written or oral, shall be deemed as a warranty, representation or condition. No sale will be set aside on account of any imperfection, regardless of whether noted. Each lot is sold "AS IS", "WHERE IS," "WITH ALL FAULTS" and "WITHOUT RECOURSE". Each and every lot is sold by us with all faults and defects and with all errors of description and is to be taken and paid for whether genuine and authentic or not and no compensation shall be paid regarding any imperfection, fault, damage or other defect. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the authenticity and condition (and to otherwise fully satisfy themselves) of each item prior to making a bid (or prior to purchase for those items listed by us for sale), and should the buyer lack the appropriate skills and knowledge, the buyer shall, at their expense engage an expert in determining authenticity, prior to purchase. No transaction shall be set aside on the basis that the buyer later determined any such item purchased to not be authentic, or have other fault or flaw, and all parties agree that each such sale shall have been intended by the parties to be for a "novelty or replica item," without regard to the description or image used, price actually paid or the market value of same (including the difference between the market value of the item as understood by the buyer, and the actual market value determined after proper inspection). Should the buyer place a bid or otherwise buy an item or lot without having satisfied themselves as to authenticity, condition or any other factor set forth in this subparagraph, the buyer shall be deemed to have intended to purchase a "novelty or replica item." In such case, the buyer agrees to waive any claim or defence alleging inadequate consideration. To be clear, the buyer assumes all risks relating to the authenticity and condition of items, along with the other factors set forth herein, and agrees to hold the Auction House harmless in regard to same.The company make no representation or warranty and accepts no liability whatsoever to the seller, the buyer, or any third party in respect of the availability or issuance of valid import and export permits or the existence or exercise of pre-emption or other rights to purchase by governmental or regulatory authorities anywhere.All authorship of paintings in this catalog are described according to the following terms:By [Artist Name]: In our opinion, the work is by the artist.Attributed to [Artist Name]: In our opinion, the work may be ascribed to the artist on the basis of style, but there may be some question as to actual authorship.In the manner of [Artist Name]: In our opinion, the work was executed by an unknown hand, but was designed deliberately to emulate the style of the artist.After [Artist Name]: In our opinion, the work was executed by an unknown hand, but is a deliberate copy of a known work by the artist.Circle of [Artist Name]: In our opinion, a work of the period of the artist showing his influence, closely associated with the artist but not necessarily his pupil.Follower of [Artist Name]: In our opinion, a work by a pupil or a follower of the artist (not necessarily a pupil).American, 19th century: In our opinion, this work was executed by an unknown hand, and can only be identified by origin (i.e., region, period).Bears signature: In our opinion, the signature on the artwork may be spurious.Apocryphal: Of doubtful authenticity.d)You expressly acknowledge that the contents of our website and/or catalogs and/or other promotional material, including, but not limited to lot descriptions, does not constitute advice or a recommendation. You expressly acknowledge that you have a responsibility to seek professional third party advice and recommendations before acting, at the risk of overpaying for a "novelty item" or otherwise not receiving the item you had thought you were bargaining for and purchasing. You expressly acknowledge that you have not acted, or omitted to act based on any information provided by us. As noted above, we list items as we understand them to be, based on our opinion and what we are told by the sellers of each item, and sometimes we are fooled or otherwise get it wrong.e)All descriptions appearing on-line are subject to any variation announced by the auctioneer, on-line or otherwise, prior to the time of sale. No representation is made in respect to any copyrights available to any purchaser. All prospective purchasers shall have an opportunity to inspect all lots prior to the time of the auction and it is recommended that they do so. Purchasers assume all risks by failing to inspect and/or have items and/or lots properly authenticated prior to purchase. Nothing within this contract shall limit the purchaser's recourse against an expert retained by them to determine authenticity. We are an auction house and/or small collectibles store only, and are unable to, and do not, guarantee the authenticity of any items listed for sale, or the condition of same, whether at auction or retail.f)Estimates of item value are merely that, and are intended to help prospective purchasers estimate what amount of money that might be required for the purchase of a particular lot. The lower estimate may represent the reserve price, and the price at auction will not be below that amount. Estimates do not include the Buyer's Premium. Estimates are subject to revision at any time, and are in no way definitive.g)The auctioneer and 888 Auctions Inc. have the right to withdraw any item from bidding at any time, for any reason, and/or to divide any lot, or to combine any two or more lots, in their sole discretion. Likewise, the auctioneer and 888 Auctions Inc. have the right, at their discretion, and without penalty, to default or cancel any sale in the event of an error or dispute. The auctioneer has the right to refuse and/or reject any bid and to advance the bidding and set bidding increments, at his absolute discretion. The highest bidder accepted by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. If any dispute should arise between bidders, or in the event of any doubt on the part of the auctioneer as to the validity of any bid, the auctioneer may, at his discretion, determine the successful bidder, or he may reoffer the lot, and in making this determination, the auctioneer shall have absolute discretion. The auctioneer will also have full discretion to reopen the bidding, cancel any sale and/or re-offer or resell the property. Should a dispute arise after the auction, our sale record is conclusive. Further, the purchaser acknowledges that invoices generated during the sale or shortly after may not be error free, and are subject to review to correct errors.h)The purchaser will be the highest bidder for the lot accepted by the auctioneer and will thereupon pay the full purchase price, including the buyer's premium and all applicable taxes.i)Each lot sold at auction is subject to a buyer's premium of 20% on top of the purchase and/or hammer price, payable by the purchaser, and shall form a lien and first security interest on any such item purchased.j)The purchaser shall, at the time of opening an on-line account and at the time of registering and placing a bid, make available to us, the name, address and telephone number of the purchaser and make payment as aforesaid. Also, if the required payment is not complied with, we may assert a lien and first security interest on any works purchased by the purchaser and any funds owing by us to the consignor and in addition to all other remedies we may have. In our sole discretion, we may resell any of the lots affected without notice to the original purchaser and in such case the original purchaser shall be responsible to us and the consignor for: (a) any deficiency in price between the resale amount and the amount that should have been paid by the original purchaser, (b) reasonable charges for storage, (c) any excess commission which would have been earned by us had the original sale been completed in full, and (d) such additional fees and charges as may be reasonably incurred by us.k)Risk of damage/loss is conveyed immediately after retail sale or upon receipt of payment (including waiting for a cashier's cheque to clear) after a successful bid at auction, as the case may be, and buyers are encouraged to immediately (after payment) remove such items from the premises and/or to secure their own insurance on same. While we will try to handle and store items left at our facility after sale, we disclaim all liability for loss or damage to those items, from all causes, including specifically our own negligence, or the negligence of those for whom we are at law responsible. If shipping is necessary, buyer shall make all arrangements for shipping, and pay all associated charges. Buyer is solely responsible for purchasing insurance on each item purchased.l)Each lot offered for sale may be subject to an unpublished reserve in consultation between the consignor and us. The auctioneer may bid on behalf of the consignor. We also, as a service, may provide absentee order bids for purchasers who cannot participate in the on-line auction. We shall attempt to execute the absentee bid at the lowest possible price taking into account the reserve price and other bids. If identical bids are left by two or more parties, the first bid received by us will take priority. We shall not be responsible for errors or failures to execute such bids.m)Arrangements for absentee bidding can be made by completing and submitting the Absentee Bid Form by 5:00 pm the day prior to sale day. This form can be obtained by emailing or calling our office. The Absentee Bid Form must contain your credit card number. We will endeavour to see that all absentee bids are executed in a fair, competitive and confidential manner, but we are not responsible for the failure to execute a bid, nor for any losses incurred thereby. Where appropriate, written bids will be rounded down to the nearest amount consistent with the auctioneer's bidding increments.n)We reserve the right to refuse admission to our premises, any preview, on-line auction or to accept any bids from any particular person or persons at any on-line auction in our sole discretion.o)Bidding is in Canadian or US dollars, as indicated.p)Live internet bidding is available during the auction. 888 Auctions cannot be held liable for live internet bids that are not sent, received, or executed by the administrator. If you are bidding live on-line, please bid quickly because there is a time delay in receiving these live bids, and if problems are experienced, we may not receive your bid at all.5.PAYMENTAll items purchased in person at auction must be paid for on sale day. All items purchased via absentee bid must be paid for within five (5) business days of sale date. If a buyer fails to contact 888 Auctions within five (5) business days following the sale, the credit card used to secure the bid will be charged the full invoice amount, which bidder agrees to pay. For items purchased through telephone bidding and Live Auctioneers, 888 Auctions Inc. will contact and send an invoice to all winning bidders via e-mail at the completion of the auction. If paying by certified check, 888 Auctions reserves the right to hold the item(s) until the check has cleared, for up to 3 weeks. 888 Auctions accept the following forms of payment: BANK DRAFT, CERTIFIED CHEQUE, AND WIRE TRANSFER. In addition, items may be paid for with a properly authorized Visa or MasterCard. Please note we do not accept PayPal under any circumstances. Bad checks or non-payment of purchases will be prosecuted by 888 Auctions to the fullest extent permissible by law and the names of offenders will be announced to the public and to other auction firms. 6.NON-PAYMENT & FAILURE TO COLLECT LOT(S)Where the purchaser fails to make payment in full, or to collect their lots as required once full payment has been received, the Auction House, in its absolute discretion, may elect one or more of the following remedies without providing further notice to the purchaser and without prejudice to any other rights or remedies the Auction House may have:i)To issue judicial proceedings against the Buyer for damages for breach of contract together with the costs of such proceedings on a full indemnity basis;ii)To rescind the sale of that or any other Lot(s) sold to the Buyer;iii)To charge the full purchase price against any credit cards then on file for the purchaser, without the need for any signatures;iv)To resell the Lot or cause it to be resold by public or private sale, or by way of live or online auction, with any deficiency to be claimed from the Buyer and any surplus, after Expenses, to be delivered to the purchaser. By way of liquidated damages, in any subsequent sale, the Auction House will again be entitled to both a seller's commission and a buyer's premium, calculated in each instance based upon the greater of the sales prices from the various auctions;v)To store the Lot on the premises of the Auction House or third party storage facilities with Expenses accruing to the account of the purchaser, and to release the Lot to the purchaser only after payment of the Purchase Price and Expenses to the Auction House;vi)To charge compound interest on the Purchase Price (which includes the buyer's premium and HST if applicable), at the annual rate of fifty-nine(59) percent, or otherwise at the maximum rate allowable by law;vii)To retain that or any other Lot sold to, or placed for sale by, the purchaser at the same or any other auction and release the same only after payment of the aggregate outstanding Purchase Price;viii)To apply any Proceeds of Sale of any Lot then due or at any time thereafter becoming due to the purchaser towards settlement of the Purchase Price, and the Auction House shall be entitled to a lien on any other property of the purchaser which is in the Auction House's possession for any purpose;ix)To apply any payments made by the purchaser to the Auction House towards any sums owing from the purchaser to the Auction House without regard to any directions received from the purchaser or his agent, whether express or implied; andx)In the absolute discretion of the Auction House, to refuse or revoke the Buyer's registration in any future auctions held by the Auction House.xi)To transfer the putative purchasers' account for collections, for which purchaser further agrees to such additional charges as imposed by the collections agency and all reasonable charges incurred in a collections action, again, on a full indemnity basis.7.SHIPPINGIt is the responsibility of purchaser to make all necessary arrangements in regard to shipping, including picking up, packing and crating of purchased items, and to pay any charges incurred for same. Such arrangements can be made through third party shipping companies (e.g. UPS Freight, FedEx Freight). We are not responsible for shipping, or problems arising from shipping or the use of third parties for shipping, including damages arising from shipping or preparing an item for shipping. We are unable to release your item(s) to a shipper without written instructions from you.8.INSURANCE & TITLEUntil payment has been received by us (including the expiry of our holding period where payment was made by Cashiers' Cheque), it is the responsibility of the consignor to maintain insurance on their property, including insurance protecting them against damage to their property, including, but not limited to damage caused by our negligence, or the negligence of those for whom we are at law responsible. Once payment in full has been made, and title has passed to the purchaser, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to obtain insurance protecting them against damage to their property, including, but not limited to damage caused by our negligence, or the negligence of those for whom we are at law responsible.9.CONSIGNOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESIn selling items to us or through us (i.e. consignment), you agree to be bound by the following terms:a)The Auction House shall have absolute discretion as to whether any lot or item is suitable for sale, the particular auction sale for the Lot, the date of the auction sale, changing the date a lot is to be sold at auction, the manner in which the auction sale is conducted, the catalogue descriptions of the Lot, and any other matters related to the sale of the Lot at the auction sale;b)The Auction House further reserves the right to withdraw any Lot at any time prior to the auction sale if, in the sole discretion of the Auction House:i)there is doubt as to its authenticity;ii)there is doubt as to the accuracy of any of the Consignor's representations or warranties;iii)the Consignor has breached or is about to breach any provisions of this agreement; oriv)any other just cause exists.c)In the event of a withdrawal for the reasons set forth in subparagraph b immediately above, the consignor shall pay a charge to the Auction House, as set forth below.d)The Consignor may not withdraw a Lot prior to the auction sale without the consent of the Auction House. In the event that such consent is given, or in the event that we are required to withdraw a lot for one of the reasons set forth in subparagraph b above, the consignor shall pay to us a charge of thirty-five percent (35%) of the high pre-sale estimate, as liquidated damages (as it is difficult to precisely quantify the time, expenses, lost profits and damage to reputation so incurred), together with any applicable taxes, prior to any release of the property. Where such fee is not paid, the Auction House may nonetheless proceed with selling such items at auction, and the consignor consents to same.e)The consignor authorizes the auction house to deduct the seller's commission also referred to as the commission on sale, from the sale price. The consignor also acknowledges that in addition, the Auction House shall charge and retain the buyer's premium on each sale.f)The consignor shall pay and authorize the Auction House to deduct all expenses incurred on behalf of the consignor, together with any taxes. g)The Auction House retains all rights to photographic and printed material and the right of reproduction of such photographs.10.CONSIGNOR WARRANTIES AND INDEMNITIESa)The consignor warrants to the Auction House and to the Buyer that the consignor has and shall be able to deliver unencumbered title to the Lot, free and clear of all claims;b)The consignor shall fully indemnify the Auction House, its employees and agents and the purchaser against all claims made or proceedings brought by persons entitled or purporting to be entitled to the Lot;c)The consignor shall fully indemnify the Auction House, its employees and agents and the purchaser against all claims made or proceedings brought due to any default of the consignor in complying with any applicable legislation, regulations and these Terms and Conditions of Business; andd)The consignor shall reimburse the Auction House in full and on demand for all Expenses or any other loss or damage whatsoever made, incurred or suffered as a result of any breach by the Consignor of these Terms and Conditions of Business.e)The Auction House is authorized by the Consignor to Knock Down a Lot at less than the Reserve, provided that, for the purposes of calculating the Proceeds of Sale due to the Consignor, the Hammer Price shall be deemed to be the full amount of the agreed Reserve established by the Auction House and the Consignor.f)In consideration of the Auction House's services to the consignor, the consignor further represents and warrants to the Auction House that it has the right to grant to the Auction House, and the Consignor does hereby grant to the Auction House, a non-exclusive, perpetual, fully paid-up, royalty free and non-revocable right and permission to:i)reproduce (by illustration, photograph, electronic reproduction, or any other form or medium whether presently known or hereinafter devised) any work within any Lot given to the Auction House for sale by the Consignor; andii)use and publish such illustration, photograph or other reproduction in connection with the public exhibition, promotion and sale of the Lot in question and otherwise in connection with the operation of the Auction House's business, including without limitation by including the illustration, photograph or other reproduction in promotional catalogues, compilations, and other publications and materials distributed to the public, and by communicating the illustration, photograph or other reproduction to the public by telecommunication via an Internet website operated by or affiliated with the Auction House ("Permission"). Moreover, the Consignor makes the same warranty and representation and grants the same Permission to the Auction House in respect of any illustrations, photographs or other reproductions of any work provided to the Auction House by the Consignor. The Consignor agrees to fully indemnify the Auction House and hold it harmless from any damages caused to the Auction House by reason of any breach by the Consignor of this warranty and representation.11.PAYMENT OF PROCEEDS OF SALEa)The Auction House shall pay the Proceeds of Sale to the Consignor thirty-five (35) days after the date of sale, provided, the Auction House has been paid the Purchase Price in full by the Buyer;b)If the Auction House has not received the Purchase Price from the Buyer within the time period specified, then the Auction House will pay the Proceeds of Sale within seven (7) working days following receipt (and clearance of said funds as otherwise provided for in this agreement) of the Purchase Price from the Buyer;c)Receipt of payment by the Auction House is a condition precedent to the Auction House making payment to the consignor, i.e. for unsold items and items where the purchaser defaults in making payment, no payment is due to the consignor; andd)If before the Purchase Price is paid in full by the Buyer, the Auction House pays the Consignor an amount equal to the Proceeds of Sale, title to the property in the Lot shall pass to the Auction House. There shall be no obligation that the Auction House do this.12.DEFAULT IN PAYMENT - AS TO CONSIGNORIf the purchase price remains unpaid for (5) days after the date of sale, the Auction House will, to the extent it deems practical, seek to obtain payment from the putative purchaser, including taking any actions authorized elsewhere in this agreement, though the Auction House is under no obligation to do so. Further, the Auction House reserves the right and is hereby authorized at the Consignor's expense, and in each case at the absolute discretion of the Auction House, to agree to special terms for payment of the Purchase Price, to remove, store and insure the Lot sold, to settle claims made by or against the purchaser on such terms as the Auction House shall think fit, to take such steps as are necessary to collect monies from the Buyer to the Consignor.13.SOLD & UNSOLD LOTS - STORAGE AND DISPOSITIONa)Purchaser further agrees, as does consignor for all unsold lots, that any lots not removed from the premises within five (5) days after auction will be subject to storage charges of $5.00 per day, not to exceed $20.00 per month. We disclaim all responsibility for items stored with us beyond 365 days from the time of sale, at which point purchaser shall be deemed to have abandoned same to us for our benefit, for use as we see fit, including listing at auction solely for our benefit, or discarding, or taking any other action, again, at our discretion.b)Unsold Lots are to be collected at consignor's expense within five (5) days after an unsuccessful auction, or within the week of receiving notice from the Auction House. Storage charges shall apply, as set forth above. If the unsold lots are not removed from our premises on request, the Auction House shall also have the right to sell such Lots by public or private sale and on such terms as the Auction House shall alone determine, and shall deduct from the Proceeds of Sale any sum owing to the Auction House or to any associated company of the Auction House including Expenses, before remitting the balance to the Consignor. If the Consignor cannot be traced, the Auction House shall place the funds in a bank account in the name of the Auction House for the Consignor. c)Lots returned at the Consignor's request shall be returned at the Consignor's risk and expense and will not be insured in transit unless the Auction House is otherwise instructed by the Consignor and arrangements are made for the Consignor regarding same, with the Consignor bearing all related expenses;d)If any Lot is unsold by auction, the Auction House may elect to act, at its sole discretion, as the exclusive agent for the Consignor for a period of ninety (90) days following the auction to sell such Lot by private sale or auction sale for a price that will result in a payment to the Consignor of not less than the net amount (i.e., after deduction of the Seller's Commission and Expenses) to which the Consignor would have been entitled had the Lot been sold at a price equal to the agreed Reserve, or for such lesser amount as the Auction House and the Consignor shall agree. In such event, the Consignor's obligations to the Auction House hereunder with respect to such a Lot are the same as if it had been sold at auction. The Auction House shall continue to have the exclusive right to sell any unsold Lots after the said ninety (90) day period, until such time as the Auction House is notified in writing by the Consignor that such right is terminated.14.IMPORT AND EXPORT LAWS AND RESTRICTIONSWe are an Ontario based business selling items within Ontario. However, certain items sold to us, through us or by us, may be subject to laws governing export from Ontario (including, but not limited to, the provisions of the Cultural Property Export and Import Act and/or The Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act), or other jurisdiction where the item is located, such that special permits are required before such goods are permitted to leave Ontario and/or the items jurisdiction and before any item is imported into any other jurisdiction. It is your sole responsibility to check with the relevant government authorities, prior to bidding, to determine whether there are any restrictions that affect export of the item you're bidding on or import restrictions in the jurisdiction you intend to ship it to. On some items, it may be possible to obtain such permits, while on other items, it will likely be impossible (effectively limiting the market for the goods to Ontario alone). If you are unsure regarding any item, you should satisfy yourself by making inquiries to a customs broker you retain and/or by making investigation to the appropriate government authorities, prior to purchase. We are unable to, and do not, guarantee that you will be able to export any item or items from Ontario, or that any item purchased will not require one or more permits or permissions to ship outside of Ontario or to ship to another jurisdiction or that same is even possible. It is solely your responsibility to obtain any relevant export or import licenses, and you agree to ensure any item purchased is imported into your jurisdiction as required by law. As an additional service, and for an additional fee, 888 Auctions Inc. may, at the discretion of 888 Auctions Inc., be retained to assist you in attempting to obtain the necessary export permit, though no guarantee is made of success. All lots purchased shall be paid for, regardless of whether you later learn that you will not be able to export the item or will otherwise experience difficulty or be unable to ship to your desired destination due to export and/or import restrictions. You acknowledge that any delay or denial of any export or import license shall not be grounds to set aside or reverse any sale or otherwise delay in making full payment. We have made no representations, given no warranties, and accept no liability to the seller, the buyer, or any third party in respect to the propriety of a certain item or items for export, the availability or feasibility of obtaining export permits or exercises of pre- emption or other rights to purchase by governmental or regulatory authorities anywhere.15.WEBSITE USE AND ACCESSThe Web Site may be used only by persons who have reached the age of majority or legal age in their jurisdiction and who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. The Web Site may not be used by persons in jurisdictions where access to or use of the Web Site or any part of it may be illegal or prohibited. It is solely your responsibility to determine whether your use of the Web Site is lawful, and you must comply with all applicable laws.We may, in our sole discretion, change, suspend or terminate, temporarily or permanently, our website, the services provided or any part of it or any feature at any time, for any reason, and without notice or liability to you or any other person. Likewise, at any time, we may, for any reason, with or without cause, in our sole discretion, immediately suspend or terminate (in whole or in part) your permission to use our website, the services, your login name and password, all without any notice or liability to you or to any other person.16.WEBSITE - LIMITATIONSWhile we hope to make the use of our website an enjoyable experience, and an effective way to purchase the products and/or services offered by us, we are unable to offer assurances that it will work properly, at all, or as intended, and are therefore unable to accept any liability for your use of our website, or inability to use same.17.LOG IN AND PASSWORDWebsite accounts may be accessed only by use of a unique login/username and password, but we retain access to all information contained within your account. Your login/username and password may not be shared by you. You (or your employer, if you use the Web Site on behalf of your employer) are solely responsible and liable for any use and misuse of your login/username and password and for all activities that occur under your login/username and password. You must ensure that all uses of your login name and password comply with this agreement.You must immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your login/username or password, or if you know or suspect that your login name or password has been lost or stolen, has become known to any other person, or has been otherwise compromised.All login/usernames and passwords remain our property, and may be cancelled or suspended at any time by us without any notice or liability to you or any other person. We are not under any obligation to verify the actual identity or authority of the user of any login name or password. THE SECURITY AND PRIVACY PROVIDED BY PASSWORDS IS NOT COMPLETE, AND CAN BE CIRCUMVENTED. YOUR USE OF PASSWORDS AS WELL AS OUR WEBSITE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.18.INFORMATION SUBMISSIONSAll information you provide through the website, including registration information (name and email address), personal information, payment information (credit card numbers and expiration dates), and transaction-related or bid-related information, must be true, accurate, current and complete. You must also provide us with updated registration information within 30 days of any changes. We will rely upon the information you provide to us.You will be solely responsible and liable for any and all loss, damage, and additional costs that we, you or any other person may incur as a result of your submission of any false, incorrect or incomplete information or your failure to update your registration information, bidding information and payment information within 30 days of any change. 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The entire risk from entering into the transaction rests with purchaser. 888 Auctions Inc. disclaims ANY AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES including, but not limited to, any guarantees as to age, period, history or historical significance, authenticity, composition, artist/sculptor/creator and/or provenance. No statement in this catalogue or elsewhere, orally or in writing, shall be construed as an express or implied warranty, representation or assumption of liability as to authenticity. Any such warranties are waived.26.GENERAL LIMITATION OF LIABILITY AND LIABILITY EXCLUSIONS, RELEASE AND INDEMNITY PROVISIONSa)YOUR USE OF THE WEBSITE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. THE WEBSITE IS PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS" AND "AS AVAILABLE" BASIS, AND WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABLE QUALITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, PERFORMANCE OR USEFULNESS, ALL OF WHICH WE AND OUR INTERNET PROVIDERS HEREBY DISCLAIM TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW.b)YOU (AND NOT US OR OUR PROVIDERS) ASSUME THE ENTIRE COST OF ALL NECESSARY SERVICING, REPAIR OR CORRECTION TO ANY COMPUTER OR OTHER EQUIPMENT ARISING FROM, CONNECTED WITH, OR RELATING TO YOUR USE OF THE WEBSITE.c)THE OPERATION OF THE WEBSITE MAY BE AFFECTED BY NUMEROUS FACTORS BEYOND OUR' CONTROL. THE OPERATION OF THE WEBSITE MAY NOT BE CONTINUOUS OR UNINTERRUPTED OR SECURE. SECURITY AND PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY RISKS CANNOT BE ELIMINATED.d)WE ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO VERIFY THE IDENTITY OF USERS OF THE WEBSITE. 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YOU WILL ASSIST AND CO-OPERATE AS FULLY AS REASONABLY REQUIRED BY THE INDEMNIFIED PARTIES IN THE DEFENCE OF ANY SUCH CLAIM OR DEMAND. YOU FURTHER AGREE TO INDEMNIFY US AND OUR PROVIDERS FROM ALL SUITS, DAMAGES, COSTS AND LIABILITIES WHATSOEVER ARISING FROM ANY TRANSACTIONS IN WHICH YOU ENGAGE USING PRODUCTS OR SERVICES OBTAINED FROM OR THROUGH THE WEBSITE.k)ADVICE AND INFORMATION PROVIDED BY US OR OUR REPRESENTATIVES, WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN, WILL NOT CREATE ANY REPRESENTATION, WARRANTY OR CONDITION OR VARY OR AMEND THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING THE ABOVE DISCLAIMER, LIABILITY EXCLUSION, LIABILITY LIMITATION, RELEASE AND INDEMNITY PROVISIONS, AND YOU MAY NOT RELY UPON ANY SUCH ADVICE OR INFORMATION. ANY SUCH ADVICE AND INFORMATION SO PROVIDED SHALL BE DEEMED TO HAVE MERGED INTO THIS AGREEMENT, WITH THE TERMS OF THIS WRITTEN AGREEMENT CONTROLLING.27.GOVERNING LAW AND FORUMThis agreement, your use of our website and the products and/or services provided by us, and any claims arising out of or relating to this Agreement and its subject matter shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the Province of Ontario, without reference to its conflicts of law principles. In the event of any conflicts between foreign law, rules, and regulations, and Canadian law, rules, and regulations, Canadian law, rules, and regulations shall prevail and govern. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to this Agreement. The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act as enacted shall not apply. All matters arising hereunder shall be deemed to have occurred solely in Toronto, Canada, and the Courts of Toronto shall form the exclusive forum, and have exclusive jurisdiction, to resolve any disputes between the parties. In any dispute, the parties waive their rights to demand, and no attendance money need be paid, in regard to examinations or other steps in any proceedings, all of which shall occur in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In any action brought in Toronto, the parties expressly waive their rights, and no party shall raise the issues of lack of jurisdiction of forum non conveniens.28.MISCELLANEOUSi)Severability. It is the intent of the parties that in case any one or more of the provisions contained in this Agreement shall be held to be unlawful, void, invalid or unenforceable in any respect, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions of this Agreement, and this Agreement shall be construed as if such invalid or unenforceable provision had never been contained herein. In such an event, it is the intent of the parties that the fewest words possible be stricken so that the remainder of this agreement may be upheld and the intent of the parties effectuated as set forth herein.ii)The provisions of this agreement will inure to the benefit of and be binding upon each of the parties, our providers, and all respective successors and assigns and related persons and you and your heirs, executors, administrators, successors, permitted assigns, and personal representatives. We may assign our rights and obligations under this agreement without your consent, as we see fit.iii)No waiver, express or implied, by either party of any breach of or default under this agreement will constitute a continuing waiver of such breach or default or be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach or default.iv)The Auction House and you are independent contractors and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employment or franchise relationship is intended or created by this agreement or your use of the website.v)The parties have expressly requested and required that this agreement and all other related documents be drawn up in the English language. Les parties conviennent et exigent expressement que ce Contrat et tous les documents qui s'y rapportent soient rediges en rights not expressly granted by this agreement are reserved to 888 Auctions Inc.vii)Section Headings & Contract Interpretation. Section headings, including paragraph headings and sub-paragraph headings are descriptive only, and shall not be used to limit the terms of this agreement or the described intent of same. In the event the Court is required to resort to the rules of construction, the parties request that the Court take a purpositive approach, guided by the parties' stated intent to, to the fullest extent possible, exculpate 888 Auctions Inc. from any and all liability, including any liability arising from its own negligence, and hold 888 Auctions Inc. harmless from any and all claims, and that 888 Auctions Inc. be fully indemnified from same, recognizing that the Auction House deals with a high volume of relatively low priced merchandise, and that it's prices reflect the fact that all duties of inspection and due diligence are willingly borne by the bidders, purchasers and/or consignors, which is reflected in the prices paid and/or fees charged. Further, the doctrine that documents be construed against their drafter shall not apply.viii)Wherever necessary to effectuate the stated intent of the parties to this agreement, summarized in the Section Headings & Contract Interpretation subparagraph above, words used in the singular include the plural and vice versa, and the neuter gender includes the masculine and the feminine.ix)All provisions of this agreement that may limit the liability of 888 Auctions Inc., and/or those that limit warranties and/or those that require 888 Auctions Inc. be indemnified shall survive any party's termination of this agreement. Likewise, any provisions related to the collection of unpaid accounts shall survive.x)In any legal proceedings, the Auction House shall be entitled to recover its legal fees on a full indemnity basis.xi)As may be used in this document, "and" is conjunctive (meaning, e.g., A and B); and "or" is disjunctive and inclusive (meaning, e.g., A or B, or both A & B). The term "and/or" shall be construed likewise.Modified October 1, 2015

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. 888 Auctions, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Toshusai Sharaku Japanese Woodblock Print Kabuki

Lot#: 2

Hutao Modern Chinese Watercolor Tiger Scroll

Lot#: 3

Edward Garbely 1908-1999 US Watercolor Landscape

Lot#: 4

US Gelatin Silver Print Abstract Gyorgy Kepes

Lot#: 5

US Pop Art Ink on Paper Comic Signed Chic Young

Lot#: 6

Luo Tang Modern Chinese Watercolor Peony Scroll

Lot#: 7

Spanish Surrealist Mixed Media Signed Miro

Lot#: 8

French Pop Art Silkscreen #3/100 Signed Brainwash

Lot#: 9

Latvian Suprematism Gouache Signed Klutsis

Lot#: 10

Zhuang Shanren 20th C. Chinese Watercolor Roll

Lot#: 11

Italian Pop Art Ink on Paper Signed Manara

Lot#: 12

Mexican Surrealist-Cubist Mixed Signed Tamayo

Lot#: 13

Shi Gu Modern Chinese Watercolor Landscape Scroll

Lot#: 14

US Pop Art Charcoal Graphite Signed Friz Freleng

Lot#: 15

Wang Xi Chinese Watercolor Paper Scroll

Lot#: 16

Brazilian Naive Art Acrylic Signed Aldemir Martins

Lot#: 17

Yan Bo 19th Century Chinese Ink Calligraphy Scroll

Lot#: 18

Wei Zixi 1915-2002 Chinese Watercolor Paper Roll

Lot#: 19

Russian Mixed Media Collage Liubov Popova

Lot#: 20

French Fauvist Oil Panel Signed G. Rouault

Lot#: 21

American Abstract Oil on Canvas Signed KLINE

Lot#: 22

America Pop Art Ink Femlin Provenance LeRoy Neiman

Lot#: 23

French De Stijl Oil on Canvas Signed Piet Mondrian

Lot#: 24

French Post-Impressionist Oil Paper Pierre Bonnard

Lot#: 25

American Dada-Surrealist Photogram Signed Man Ray

Lot#: 26

Italian Impressionist Mixed Media Signed Borghese

Lot#: 27

Paris Abstract School OOC Signed Serge Poliakoff

Lot#: 28

French Oil on Canvas Signed Jacques Bouyssou

Lot#: 29

Qi Baishi 1864-1957 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 30

Canadian Abstract Oil on Canvas Signed A. Martin

Lot#: 31

Li Xinchun 20th C Chinese Watercolor on Paper Roll

Lot#: 32

Zhao Shaoang 1905-1998 Chinese Watercolor Roll

Lot#: 33

American Abstract Oil on Canvas Signed E BRIGGS

Lot#: 34

Hudson River Artist Dawn Gouache on Paper Framed

Lot#: 35

Mexican Surrealist OOC Signed Leonora Carrington

Lot#: 36

French Cubist Oil on Canvas Signed G. Braque

Lot#: 37

German Expressionist Gouache Signed M Pechstein

Lot#: 38

US Pop Art Mixed Media Signed Basquiat

Lot#: 39

German Expressionist OOC Signed E. L. Kirchner

Lot#: 40

Cheng Shengda b.1941 Chinese Watercolor Paper Roll

Lot#: 41

Xu Zhong Fang Abstract Folk Art Painting Signed

Lot#: 42

Chilean Surealist-Cubist Gouache Signed Matta

Lot#: 43

Dutch Post-Impressionist Oil Canvas Signed Vincent

Lot#: 44

Yu Zhizhen 1915-1995 Chinese Watercolor Peony Roll

Lot#: 45

Spanish Cubist Lithograph EA Signed Picasso

Lot#: 46

Wang Zhen 1866-1938 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 47

US Pop Art Mixed Media Signed RL 07

Lot#: 48

Austrian Art Nouveau OOC Signed Gustav Klimt

Lot#: 49

Gouache and Watercolor Paper Signed Egon Schiele

Lot#: 50

Czech Abstract Oil on Canvas Signed Kupka

Lot#: 51

US Abstract Expressionist OOC Signed Joan Mitchell

Lot#: 52

French Expressionist Landscape OOC Signed P Lepage

Lot#: 53

Spanish Cubist Oil on Panel Signed Picasso

Lot#: 54

Yun Shouping 1633-1690 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 55

Carlo Canevari Italian 1922-1997 Oil on Board

Lot#: 56

Brazilian Modern Oil on Canvas Signed Djani

Lot#: 57

American Pop Art Ink Paper Batman Signed Bob Kane

Lot#: 58

French-Ukrainian Abstract Oil Sign Sonia Delaunay

Lot#: 59

Chang Lu 20th Century Chinese Watercolor Peony

Lot#: 60

Sun Qifeng b.1920 Chinese Watercolor Paper Roll

Lot#: 61

French Impressionist Oil Paper Signed Cassigneul

Lot#: 62

Russian Constructivist Gouache Signed A Rodchenko

Lot#: 63

British Watercolor Cove on Paper Signed W.S.C

Lot#: 64

Zhang Daqian 1899-1983 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 65

Italian Modern School Gouache Paper Signed Marini

Lot#: 66

Australian Abstract OOC Signed Grace Crowley

Lot#: 67

US Abstract Oil on Canvas Signed Philip Guston

Lot#: 68

Hiroshige Ando Tokaido 53 Station Print Booklet

Lot#: 69

American Abstract Oil on Canvas Signed Sam Francis

Lot#: 70

Russian Cubo-Futurist Gouache Signed Kliun

Lot#: 71

Russian Suprematist Gouache Signed Puni

Lot#: 72

French Lithograph Artist Proof E. A Marc Chagall

Lot#: 73

Patricia Erickson XX Costa Rican Acrylic/Paper

Lot#: 74

British Pop Art Ink on Paper Signed Reg Smythe

Lot#: 75

Colombian Modern Graphite Framed Signed Botero

Lot#: 76

French Photogram Collage Signed Catherineau

Lot#: 77

US-Ukrainian Futurist Oil on Panel Signed Burliuk

Lot#: 78

Xiao Ping b.1942 Chinese Watercolor Landscape Roll

Lot#: 79

American Pop Art Lithograph Signed Andy Warhol

Lot#: 80

American Abstract Expressionist OOC Signed LeWitt

Lot#: 81

Robert Mapplethorpe US Photogravure Portrait

Lot#: 82

Print Painting F Hutchison & Phyllis Edmonson

Lot#: 83

French Impressionist Pastel Signed Claude Monet

Lot#: 84

British Modern Watercolor Signed Chris Olfili

Lot#: 85

Spanish Romanticist Ink on Paper Signed Goya

Lot#: 86

Harlem Renaissance OOC Lois Mailou Jones Haiti 56

Lot#: 87

French Fauvist Cubist WC Signed Raoul Dufy

Lot#: 88

French Surrealist OOC Signed Francis Picabia

Lot#: 89

American Tempera Naive Art Signed Moses

Lot#: 90

American Fauvist Acrylic Signed Max Weber

Lot#: 91

French Cubist Tempera Signed P. Cezanne

Lot#: 92

French Impressionist Mixed Media Signed Degas

Lot#: 93

Tao Lengyue 1895-1985 Chinese Watercolor Landscape

Lot#: 94

Li Keran Chinese 1907-1989 Watercolor Cowboy

Lot#: 95

French Dadaist WC on Paper Signed Jean Cocteau

Lot#: 96

Huang Binhong 1865-1955 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 97

French Impressionist Tempera Signed C. Pissarro

Lot#: 98

American Abstract Acrylic/Canvas Signed de Kooning

Lot#: 99

Russian Abstract Gouache Paper Signed A. Jawlensky

Lot#: 100

Fan Zeng Chinese b.1938 Watercolor on Paper

Lot#: 101

French-German Lyrical OOC Signed Hans Hartung

Lot#: 102

Meng Zhaoming b.1945 Chinese Watercolor Paper Roll

Lot#: 103

French Impressionist Pastel Signed Renoir

Lot#: 104

Puru 1896-1963 Chinese Watercolor Landscape Scroll

Lot#: 105

Liu Haisu 1896-1994 Chinese Watercolor Landscape

Lot#: 106

Polish Surrealist Mixed Media Signed Beksinski

Lot#: 107

French Art Brut Informel School Oil Paper Signed

Lot#: 108

Japanese-Brazilian Abstract Oil Signed Mabe

Lot#: 109

German Expressionist OOC Signed Nolde

Lot#: 110

French Post-Impressionist Tempera Signed Kisling

Lot#: 111

Artist Signed KPM Russian Oil on Paper Landscape

Lot#: 112

German-American Abstract OOC Signed Hans Hofmann

Lot#: 113

Huang Yongyu b.1924 Chinese Oil on Canvas Lotus

Lot#: 114

Huang Chong Modern Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 115

American Abstract Mixed Media Signed Rauschenberg

Lot#: 116

Ma Shaochen b.1952 Chinese Ink and Watercolor 2 PC

Lot#: 117

Russian Suprematist Gouache Signed KM

Lot#: 118

Yan Wen Chinese Modern Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 119

Alexander & Vera Antanenka Russian Mixed Media

Lot#: 120

American Abstract Mixed Media Signed Cy Towbly

Lot#: 121

American Abstract OOC Signed Frankenthaler

Lot#: 122

Guatemalan Cubist Gouache Signed Carlos Merida

Lot#: 123

American Abstract OOC Signed Robert Motherwell

Lot#: 124

British Impressionist Watercolor Signed WSC

Lot#: 125

Neo-Impressionist Tempera & Oil Signed P. Signac

Lot#: 126

American Abstract Oil on Canvas Signed RD

Lot#: 127

American Abstract Oil on Canvas Signed Pollock

Lot#: 128

Brazilian-Japanese Abstract Acrylic Tomie Ohtake

Lot#: 129

Li Yuhai b.1947 Chinese Ink Calligraphy on Paper

Lot#: 130

Fu Baoshi 1904-1964 Chinese Watercolor Paper Roll

Lot#: 131

Italian Surrealist Gouache Signed G de Chirico

Lot#: 132

Hu Sanqiao 1839-1883 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 133

Japanese Watercolor Otsu-e Painting Paper Scroll

Lot#: 134

Russian Cubist Oil Paper Signed N. Goncharova

Lot#: 135

American Abstract Oil on Canvas Signed Resnick

Lot#: 136

Artist Signed Russian Oil on Panel Seaside 1990

Lot#: 137

Wei Zixi 1915-2002 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 138

Gordon Lee Oil on Canvas Harbor Scene

Lot#: 139

French Impressionist Oil & Tempera Signed Manet

Lot#: 140

Italian Fauvist Graphite Signed Signed Modigliani

Lot#: 141

Canadian Abstract Expressionist School OOC

Lot#: 142

Ando Hiroshige Japanese Woodblock Print Uchida Co

Lot#: 143

French-Japanese Post-Impressionist Signed Foujita

Lot#: 144

Tanryou Hirama b.1901 Japanese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 145

French De Stijl Charcoal Paper Signed Ozenfant

Lot#: 146

French Cubist Gouache on Paper Signed R. Delaunay

Lot#: 147

Shen Wenjiang b.1941 Chinese Watercolor Paper Roll

Lot#: 148

Zhou Sicong 1939-1996 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 149

Salvador Dali Spanish Surrealist Bronze Sculpture

Lot#: 150

Ukrainian Rayonism Gouache Signed M. Larionov

Lot#: 151

American Pop Art Ink on Paper Signed Schulz

Lot#: 152

British Pop Art Silkscreen Litho Signed Banksy

Lot#: 153

American Pop Art School Marker Signed Haring

Lot#: 154

Bulgarian Cubist Ink Paper Signed Pascin

Lot#: 155

French Lyrical Abstract OOC Signed Georges Mathieu

Lot#: 156

Bao Haiying b.1976 Chinese Watercolor on Paper

Lot#: 157

Australian-American Pop Art Signed Pat Sullivan

Lot#: 158

Italian School Mixed Media Signed Beltrame

Lot#: 159

German Expressionist Oil on Canvas Signed Klee

Lot#: 160

Alexander Antanenka b.1951 Russian Acrylic Canvas

Lot#: 161

Tang Xinyu Republic Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 162

German Abstract Watercolor Signed Joseph Beuys

Lot#: 163

French Surrealist Mixed Media Signed Marc Chagall

Lot#: 164

American Expressionist OOC Signed Lee Krasner

Lot#: 165

American Pop Art Mixed Signed Roy Lichtenstein

Lot#: 166

Cubo-Futurism Gouache on Paper Signed Olga Rozanov

Lot#: 167

Xu Beihong Chinese 1895-1953 Ink Scroll

Lot#: 168

Oil Autumn Flower Artist Signed Dated 1983

Lot#: 169

Japanese Woodblock Print Landscape 4 Assorted

Lot#: 170

American Modernist OOC Signed Stuart Davis

Lot#: 171

American Pop Art School Signed Illegibly by Artist

Lot#: 172

Chinese Watercolor Bird and Flower on Feather Fan

Lot#: 173

Chen Shaomei 1909-1954 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 174

Qi Baishi 1864-1957 Chinese Watercolor & Ink

Lot#: 175

Qu Zhaolin 1866-1937 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 176

Ge Kun Modern Chinese Watercolor Bamboo Scroll

Lot#: 177

American Nativist Oil Canvas Signed Storch

Lot#: 178

Dutch Impressionist OOB Signed Isaac Israels

Lot#: 179

Izumisawa Japanese Woodblock Print of Flower

Lot#: 180

Spanish Surrealist Charcoal Signed Dali

Lot#: 181

French Fauvist Ink on Paper Signed H. Matisse

Lot#: 182

Russian Suprematist Ink on Paper Signed VK

Lot#: 183

Czech Art Nouveau OOC Signed Mucha

Lot#: 184

Alexander Antanenka b.1951 Russian Mixed Media

Lot#: 185

Jin Meisheng 1902-1989 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 186

American Modernism Gouache on Paper

Lot#: 187

American New York Abstract OOC Signed E de Kooning

Lot#: 188

French Avant-Garde Gouache Paper Signed A. Gleizes

Lot#: 189

Spanish Surrealist OOC Signed O. Dominguez

Lot#: 190

Giuseppe Armani Italy 12" Figurines ?Country Boy?

Lot#: 191

Walasse Ting Chinese Limited Edition Screenprint

Lot#: 192

Hongyi 1880-1942 Chinese Ink Arhats on Paper

Lot#: 193

Zhao Shaoang 1905-1998 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 194

French Nouveau Realisme Mixed Signed Yves Klein

Lot#: 195

Fan Zeng b.1938 Chinese Watercolor on Paper

Lot#: 196

Post-Impressionist Gouache Signed Henri Rousseau

Lot#: 197

Edward Garbely 1908-1999 US Watercolor Landscape

Lot#: 198

US-Armenian Abstract OOC Signed a gorky

Lot#: 199

French Cubist Mixed Media Signed Marie Laurencin

Lot#: 200

French Cubist Oil on Canvas Signed F. LEGER

Lot#: 201

Chinese Watercolor Horse on Paper Scroll

Lot#: 202

American Pop Art Ink on Paper Signed R. Crumb

Lot#: 203

Russian Cubo-Futurist Gouache Alex Exter

Lot#: 205

Norwegian Expressionist OOB Signed Ed Munch

Lot#: 206

Li Keran Chinese 1907-1989 Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 207

Wu Guanzhong 1919?2010 Chinese Watercolor Scroll

Lot#: 208

Polish Oil on Canvas Signed Szancenbach

Lot#: 209

Cao Xiuxian 1708-1784 Chinese Watercolor Roll

Lot#: 210

American Mixed Media Signed Adolph Gottlieb

Lot#: 211

Polish-French Art Deco Charcoal T de Lempicka

Lot#: 212

Huang Jinquan b.1940 Chinese Watercolor on Paper

Lot#: 213

Indonesian Oil on Board Landscape Signed Arie Smit

Lot#: 214

Dutch-French Fauvist Oil Paper Signed Van Dongen

Lot#: 215

Illegibly Signed Oil on Canvas Lady Nude Portrait

Lot#: 216

Embroidery Panel of Four Chinese Leaders

Lot#: 217

Chinese Embroidery Imperial Panel Qing Period

Lot#: 218

Chinese Imperial Style Yellow Dragon Robe

Lot#: 219

Chinese Peking Glass Snuff Bottle Inner Painting

Lot#: 220

Chinese Amber-like Stone Carved Duck Toggle

Lot#: 221

Chinese Archaistic Hardstone Carved Disk Pendant

Lot#: 222

Chinese Celadon Hardstone Carved Pendant

Lot#: 223

Chinese Green Hardstone Carved Pendant

Lot#: 224

Chinese Green Peridotite Carved Dragon Pendant

Lot#: 225

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Chilong Pendant

Lot#: 226

Chinese Icy Hardstone Carved Bean Pendant

Lot#: 227

Chinese White Hardstone Carved Phoenix Pendant

Lot#: 228

Chinese Yellow Hardstone Carved Pendant Zigang

Lot#: 229

Hongshan Hardstone Carved Face Pendant

Lot#: 230

Hongshan Hardstone Carved Human Pendant

Lot#: 231

Chinese Hardstone Carved Pendants 2 Assorted

Lot#: 232

Chinese Lapis Carved Bangle

Lot#: 233

18th C. Chinese Green Hardstone Carved Toggle

Lot#: 234

Chinese Shoushan Stone Carved Longevity Seal

Lot#: 235

Chinese Shoushan Stone Carved Heaven King Seal

Lot#: 236

Chinese Qing Dynasty Hardstone Carved Bird Plaque

Lot#: 237

Chinese Agate Carved Snail and Beetle Statue

Lot#: 238

18/19th C. Chinese Hetian White Jade Pendant

Lot#: 239

19th C. Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Pendant

Lot#: 240

Chinese Celadon Jade Carved Longevity Pendant

Lot#: 241

Chinese Green Jade Carved Archaistic Face Pendant

Lot#: 242

Chinese Green Jade Carved Couching Dragon Pendant

Lot#: 243

Chinese Green Jade Carved Hair Ornament

Lot#: 244

Chinese Green Jade Xianfeng Tongbao Coin Pendant

Lot#: 245

Chinese Hetian Green Jade Carved Phoenix Pendant

Lot#: 246

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Bamboo Pendant

Lot#: 247

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Disk Pendant

Lot#: 248

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Grape Pendant

Lot#: 249

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Guanyin Pendant

Lot#: 250

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Lock Pendant

Lot#: 251

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Pendant

Lot#: 252

Chinese Old White Jade Carved Dragon Pendant

Lot#: 253

Chinese White and Black Jade Carved Pendant

Lot#: 254

Chinese White Jade Carved Plaque Signed Zigang

Lot#: 255

Chinese Green Jade and Hardstone Pendants 2 PC

Lot#: 256

Chinese Green Jade Carved Pendants 2 Assorted

Lot#: 257

Chinese Green Jade Carved Figure Toggle

Lot#: 258

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Beast Toggle

Lot#: 259

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Boys Toggle

Lot#: 260

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Man Toggle

Lot#: 261

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Old Man Toggle

Lot#: 262

Chinese Hetian White Jade Carved Taoqie Toggle

Lot#: 263

Chinese Russet Skin White Jade Carved Dog Toggle

Lot#: 264

Chinese Old Brown Jade Carved Mountain Brush Rest

Lot#: 265

Two Natural Rough Tumbled Polar Jade Boulders

Lot#: 266

Chinese Green Jade Carved Happy Buddha Statue

Lot#: 267

18th C. Burma Green Jadeite Carved Lock Pendant

Lot#: 268

Burma Fine Green Jadeite Carved Monkey Pendant

Lot#: 269

Burma Green & Lavender Jadeite Carved Pendant

Lot#: 270

Burma Green and Brown Jadeite Buffalo Pendant

Lot#: 271

Burma Green and White Jadeite Carved Peach Pendant

Lot#: 272

Burma Green Jadeite Carved Beast Pendant

Lot#: 273

Burma Green Jadeite Carved Dog Pendant

Lot#: 274

Burma Green Jadeite Carved Guanyin Pendant

Lot#: 275

Burma Green Jadeite Carved Guanyin Pendant

Lot#: 276

Burma Green Jadeite Carved Lotus Pendant

Lot#: 277

Burma Green Jadeite Carved Peace Pendant

Lot#: 278

Burma Green Jadeite Carved Round Pendant

Lot#: 279

Burma Icy Green Jadeite Carved Chilong Pendant

Lot#: 280

Burma Icy Green Jadeite Carved Pepper Pendant

Lot#: 281

Burma Icy Green Jadeite Happy Buddha Pendant

Lot#: 282

Burma White Jadeite Carved Crane Pendant

Lot#: 283

Chinese Green Jade Bead and White Jadeite Lingguan

Lot#: 284

Burma Green Jadeite Pendants and Ring 3 Assorted

Lot#: 285

Burma Emerald Green Jadeite Carved Bangle

Lot#: 286

Burma Green Jadeite Carved Bangle

Lot#: 287

Burma Mixed Green and Brown Jadeite Carved Bangle

Lot#: 288

18/19th C. Burma Green Jadeite Carved Deer Toggle

Lot#: 289

Burma Green & Russet Jadeite Carved Fish Toggle

Lot#: 290

Hong Kong Agate Longevity Brooch

Lot#: 291

Sterling Silver Red Amber Pendant

Lot#: 292

0.28ct Diamond Earrings CRV $1100

Lot#: 293

0.75ct Diamond Earrings CRV $700

Lot#: 294

1.25ct Black Diamond Earrings CRV $2100

Lot#: 295

0.22ct Diamond Ring CRV $2100

Lot#: 296

0.25ct Diamond w/0.05ct Diamond Ring CRV $1500

Lot#: 297

0.32ct Diamond Ring CRV $2900

Lot#: 298

0.52ct Blue w/0.40ct Diamond Ring CRV $5100

Lot#: 299

1.60ct Black Diamond Ring CRV $2100

Lot#: 300

Sterling Silver Diamond Ring RV $120

Lot#: 301

0.48ct Diamond & 0.50ct Sapphire Ring CRV $2400

Lot#: 302

18k Garnet and Gold Stud Earrings RV $300

Lot#: 303

14k Gold Omega Back Clip Earrings

Lot#: 304

Burma Green Jadeite and 18k Gold Pendant

Lot#: 305

Burma Icy Green Jadeite Pendant

Lot#: 306

10ct Morganite Rose Gold Plated Bracelet CRV $1200

Lot#: 307

19.2ct Morganite Bracelet CRV $1400

Lot#: 308

Sterling Silver Square Cut Morganite Ring

Lot#: 309

Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire Bracelet RV $400

Lot#: 310

27.0ct Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire Necklace CRV $1300

Lot#: 311

10k White Gold Gem Ring Size 7

Lot#: 312

2.60ct Peridot Ring CRV $1300

Lot#: 313

12ct Quartz & 0.30ct Sapphire Earrings RV $600

Lot#: 314

10.0ct Sapphire Necklace CRV $1000

Lot#: 315

Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire Ring Size 8

Lot#: 316

Antique Sterling Silver Ring Size 7

Lot#: 317

Silver Yellow Stone Bracelet

Lot#: 318

Antique Gold Colored Multi-Stone Necklace

Lot#: 319

14k Gold Red Gem and Diamond Ring Size 8

Lot#: 320

10ct Tanzanite Bracelet CRV $1200

Lot#: 321

2.13 ct Blue Topaz Ring CRV $2800

Lot#: 322

Silver Turquoise Bracelet

Lot#: 323

4.5ct Zircon & 0.17ct Diamond Pendant CRV $1600

Lot#: 324

3.0ct Genuine Australian Opal Loose Gems

Lot#: 325

4.0ct Genuine Peridot Loose Gems

Lot#: 326

1.5ct Genuine Loose Rubies

Lot#: 327

Bulova Women's Mother of Pearl Dial Watch RV $375

Lot#: 328

Invicta Men's "Force" Chronograph Watch RV $600

Lot#: 329

Movado Swiss Made Two Black Dial Watch RV $800

Lot#: 330

Roots Tuff "The Rock" Black Watch RV $100

Lot#: 331

Seiko Kinetic Men's Blue Dial Watch RV $310

Lot#: 332

10-11th Century Russian Orthodox Cross Pendant

Lot#: 333

1628-1644 Chinese Ming Chongzhen Tongbao Brass

Lot#: 334

1662-1722 Chinese Qing Kangxi Tongbao H 22.125

Lot#: 335

1820-1841 Vietnamese Mingming Tongbao Brass Coin

Lot#: 336

1023-1063 Northern Song Jingyou Yuanbao 1 Cash

Lot#: 337

1032-1055 Liao Dynasty Chongxi Tongbao H 18.11

Lot#: 338

1056-1063 Northern Song Jiayou Tongbao H 16.155

Lot#: 339

1068-1085 Northern Song Xining Zhongbao H 16.194

Lot#: 340

1094-1094 Northern Song Shaosheng Yuanbao H 16.294

Lot#: 341

1101-1125 Chinese Northern Song Zhenghe Tongbao

Lot#: 342

1101-1125 Northern Song Zhenghe Tongbao H 16.448

Lot#: 343

1149-1169 Chinese Western Xia Tiansheng Yuanbao

Lot#: 344

1195-1225 Chinese Southern Song Jiatai Yuanbao

Lot#: 345

1211 Southerm Song Jiading Tongbao 2 Cash Coin

Lot#: 346

1308-1311 Yuan Dayuan Tongbao Hartill 19.46

Lot#: 347

1621-1627 Ming Dynasty Tianqi Tongbao H 20.207

Lot#: 348

190 China Eastern Han Dong Zhuo Bronze H 10.31

Lot#: 349

202 BC-8 Chinese Western Han Banliang Hartill 7.16

Lot#: 350

206 BC-25 AD Chinese Western Han Wuzhu Bronze Coin

Lot#: 351

221-265 Kingdom of Shu 100 Wuzhu Bronze H 11.1 var

Lot#: 352

222-280 Kingdom of Wu Daquan Dangqian 1000 Cash

Lot#: 353

336-221 BC Chinese Qin State Banliang Bronze Coin

Lot#: 354

350-220 BC Zhou Dynasty Yuan Early Round Coin H6.3

Lot#: 355

386-534 Northern Wei Yongan Wuzhu Bronze Coin

Lot#: 356

535-556 Western Wei Dynasty Wuzhu Hartill 10.25

Lot#: 357

718-732 Chinese Tang Kaiyuan Tongbao Hartill 14.4

Lot#: 358

7-23 Chinese Wang Mang Dibu Babai Hartill 9.27

Lot#: 359

7-23 Wang Mang Xin Dynasty Daquan Wushi H 9.1

Lot#: 360

732-907 Tang Kaiyuan Tongbao with Error H 14.8

Lot#: 361

919-925 Chinese Fomer Shu Qiande Yuanbao H 15.42

Lot#: 362

960-1127 Song Zhenghe Tongbao 1 Cash Bronze Coin

Lot#: 363

961-978 Chinese Southern Tang Kaiyuan Tongbao

Lot#: 364

1201-1204 Large Jiatai Tongbao Coin C. 1940

Lot#: 365

1039-1054 Northern Song Huangsong Tongbao 3 PC

Lot#: 366

Assorted Hong Wu Tong Bao Coins 5 PC

Lot#: 367

1368-98 Ming Hongwu 1 Cash Hartill- 20.57 6 PC

Lot#: 368

Chinese Wuzhu Bronze Coins 9 Assorted

Lot#: 369

1046-256 BC Chinese Zhou Dynasty Bronze Fish Money

Lot#: 370

1644-1912 Chinese Qing Dynasty Flower Charm Money

Lot#: 371

1644-1912 Qing Dynasty Bronze Wudu Flower Money

Lot#: 372

400-300BC China 2 Jin Shan Yang Hartill 3.26 Spade

Lot#: 373

1423-1425 Korean Chaoxian Tongbao Bronze Coin

Lot#: 374

1633-1891 Korean Changping Tongbao Nian Liu Coin

Lot#: 375

Korean Bronze Flower Charm Money

Lot#: 376

1644-1912 Qing Jiqing Youyu Flower Charm Money

Lot#: 377

1931-1937 Chinese Soviet Republic San Chuan Copper

Lot#: 378

943-961 Southern Tang Yongtong Quanhuo H 15.78

Lot#: 379

900-971 Southern Han Chu Area Wuwu Hartill 15.146

Lot#: 380

1101-1125 China Nortern Song Zhenghe Tongbao 5

Lot#: 381

5 Assorted Siam (Thai) Porcelain Gaming Tokens

Lot#: 382

1875-1908 Qing Guangxu Yuanbao 3 Mace 6 Candareen

Lot#: 383

1914 Chinese Republic 1 Dollar Coin Y-329

Lot#: 384

1908 China Qing Guangxu 1 Dollar Silver NGC Graded

Lot#: 385

1629-1676 Russian Aleksey Mikhailovich Copper Coin

Lot#: 386

1533-1547 Russian Ivan IV Vasiliyevich Silver Coin

Lot#: 387

1596-1645 Russian Mikhail Romanov Silver Kopeck

Lot#: 388

1629-1675 Russian Alexei Romanov Silver Kopeck

Lot#: 389

1696-1725 Russian Peter the Great Silver Kopeck

Lot#: 390

1932 China Republic Xinjiang 10 Tael Banknote

Lot#: 391

1942 China Republic Thrift & Reconstruction Bond

Lot#: 392

China Republic Xinjiang Banknotes 2 Assorted

Lot#: 393

1989-1992 Chinese Stamps 3 Assorted

Lot#: 394

Republic of China Postage Stamps 10 Assorted

Lot#: 395

Hong Kong First Day Covers 5 Assorted (21 Stamps)

Lot#: 396

17th C Chinese Qing Dynasty Metal Peony Charm

Lot#: 397

19th C Chinese Qing Dynasty Silver Amulet

Lot#: 398

19th C. Chinese Metal Happiness & Longevity Amulet

Lot#: 399

19th C. Chinese Bronze Mirror w/ Xuexi Huzhou Mark

Lot#: 400

Chinese Bronze Cast Shakyamuni Buddha Statue w/ MK

Lot#: 401

Chinese Wood Carved Brush Pot with Qianlong Mark

Lot#: 402

18/19th Century Southeast Asia Gilt Wood Buddha

Lot#: 403

Chinese Doucai Porcelain Cups Chenghua Mark 6 PC

Lot#: 404

Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Bowl Yongzheng Mark

Lot#: 405

Chinese Wucai Porcelain Phoenix Bowl Yongzheng MK

Lot#: 406

16/17th Century China Minyao B&W Porcelain Bowls

Lot#: 407

Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Basin Qianlong Mark

Lot#: 408

Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Dragon Vase

Lot#: 409

Chinese Copper Red Porcelain Dragon Jar

Lot#: 410

Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vase Qianlong MK

Lot#: 411

Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vase Yongzheng MK

Lot#: 412

Chinese Imperial Yangcai Reticulated Vase Qianlong

Lot#: 413

Chinese Yuan/Ming Copper Red Porcelain Dragon Vase

Lot#: 414

Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Jar Kangxi MK

Lot#: 415

Chinese Large Yuan/Ming Blue & White Porcelain Jar

Lot#: 416

Chinese Porcelain Water Pipe Shen De Tang MK 1950

Lot#: 417

Chinese Yuan/Ming Blue and White Porcelain Guanyin

Lot#: 418

19th Century Cuban Slavery Manuscript Ramon Blanco

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