Fine VINTAGE Jewelry, Cartier, Jose Grant, 2ct Diamond

Saturday August 24, 2019 | CA. US. 95020
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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Garlic City Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

925 17" 16g GLO Italian sterling silver necklace

Lot#: 2

925 7g Concho earrings marked BC

Lot#: 3

10k 3g Jade Apple Gold Necklace

Lot#: 4

American Indian Zuni sterling silver ring 8.5g

Lot#: 5

18k Gold 9g Leo Pendant

Lot#: 6

**18k Gold 28" Necklace

Lot#: 7

14k 4.2g Tourmaline Diamond gold ring

Lot#: 8

Native American Indian Earnings sterling silver

Lot#: 9

925 IBB 30g 8" sterling silver chain bracelet

Lot#: 10

37g sterling silver Italian chain necklace 19"

Lot#: 11

14k White Gold ARR earrings

Lot#: 12

14k 9g Gold Ring Artcarved

Lot#: 13

18k Ruby,Pearl, Wht Gold 25" necklace

Lot#: 14

Vintage 14k Gold, Stainless Steel Concord Mariner

Lot#: 15

20" Native American Sterling,opal

Lot#: 16

14k 7.5g opal and gold earrings marked SK

Lot#: 17

925 Italian 20" rope chain 18g

Lot#: 18

Zuni earrings 7g sterling silver marked SE

Lot#: 19

40g 925 Milor Italy 23" necklace

Lot#: 20

999 Silver Heart 18" Necklace 77g

Lot#: 21

14k 19" 16g gold rope chain

Lot#: 22

17g Sterling 7" bracelet Jenna Nimler

Lot#: 23

10.2g Zuni earrings

Lot#: 24

Ecclissi solid sterling silver watch

Lot#: 25

18k 6.2g diamond gold Ruby fly

Lot#: 26

3.2g 18k Milor Gold earrings

Lot#: 27

14K 3g Gold Ring Marked EG14K Turkey

Lot#: 28

10K 36g White Gold Chain 19"

Lot#: 29

14K Jose Grant pilot of the year Ruby, Diamond,

Lot#: 30

14k AK Puzzle Ring

Lot#: 31

18K 13.2g Earrings

Lot#: 32

14K 29g Jadeite Gold Dragon Pendant 2 1/4"

Lot#: 33

14K 18g yellow gold chain

Lot#: 34

18K 4g gold earrings

Lot#: 35

14K 5.4g emerald diamond gold earrings

Lot#: 36

10K 4.9G Pendant

Lot#: 37

10K Jade 13g gold pendant

Lot#: 38

Vintage 1932 15.6g Gold Puzzle Ring Jose Grant

Lot#: 39

14K 10.4g Onyx Jade Gold Cross Pendant Necklace

Lot#: 40

14K 12.4g Gold, pink sapphire New York pendant

Lot#: 41

14K 8.6g 12 Diamonds (1ct) Gold 7" bracelet

Lot#: 42

4.3g 14K Gold, Garnet ring

Lot#: 43

14K 7.5" Gold Lapis Lazuli bracelet

Lot#: 44

18K Gold Coin Ring 6.3

Lot#: 45

Sterling Native American earrings

Lot#: 46

14K 11.4g 30" Malachite Gold Rope Chain and

Lot#: 47

14K Amethyst Gold Ring

Lot#: 48

10K Gold Pendant 2.2g

Lot#: 49

14K 18.6g Vintage Movado Gold Watch

Lot#: 50

14K 10g Masonic gold ring

Lot#: 51

ESPO SIG Sterling Necklace 69g 17"

Lot#: 52

(3) 14K 45.5g Bangles Gold Bracelets

Lot#: 53

14K 8g 9" gold bracelet marked I G

Lot#: 54

14K CZ White Gold Ring marked DQ

Lot#: 55

14K 46g gold bracelet PJD

Lot#: 56

10K 4g Gold ring, yellow / rose gold

Lot#: 57

Antique French 14K Gold Enameled Decorated

Lot#: 58

19g 18" 925 Italy Necklace Gold on Sterling

Lot#: 59

14K 10g Diamond, Iolite, Gold ring

Lot#: 60

14K 25g 18" gold Italian necklace

Lot#: 61

43g 4 1/2" JM Zuni Sterling Silver Pendant

Lot#: 62

14K 7g Opal Ruby gold ring

Lot#: 63

18K Vintage 1987 Panthre de Cartier's watch 69g

Lot#: 64

18K Blue Sapphire Jose Grant ring

Lot#: 65

14K 13g 7 1/2" Italian bracelet marked E G

Lot#: 66

10K 19g Gold Pilot USAF Josten Ring

Lot#: 67

18K 60g Gold Girard Perregaux watch 9423 HA

Lot#: 68

14K 23g Ruby bracelet 7"

Lot#: 69

14K 5.8g Gold Lapis Lazuli Ring

Lot#: 70

Jose Grant 14k Diamond Pearl Gold 12.4g 16"

Lot#: 71

14K 13g Diamond Gold Mason Ring

Lot#: 72

8.5g 14K Gold Blk Onyx Ring

Lot#: 73

14K 11g Pearl Sapphire Ruby gold pendant

Lot#: 74

4.5g 14K DQVZ ring

Lot#: 75

14K Gold Diamond Opal Cocktail Ring

Lot#: 76

14K Gold Emerald 7" bracelet 76g

Lot#: 77

14K white Gold Diamond Ring

Lot#: 78

14g 18K Gold 1ct Diamond Ring

Lot#: 79

14K 25g 36" Gold Italy BCM necklace

Lot#: 80

750 18K Gold 68g bracelet 212 AL

Lot#: 81

Vintage Veri-Thin 10K Gold Filled Watch

Lot#: 82

Turquoise sterling silver Native American

Lot#: 83

14K 10g Gold Ring Marked RL

Lot#: 84

18K 7g God Jadeite Ring

Lot#: 85

14K 7" 23g gold bracelet I G Mexico

Lot#: 86

14K Gold Ruby Jose Grant Ring 9g

Lot#: 87

14K 7" Croton wht Gold Watch

Lot#: 88

14K GOLD Moon Stone Ring DJO 10.8g

Lot#: 89

14K Gold Citrine Marked R 5g

Lot#: 90

(2) 18K Gold Italy Milor 1 white 1 yellow Gold

Lot#: 91

2000 tri color Eagle w GOLD 999 pure silver,

Lot#: 92

14K Gold 2ct Diamond Jose Grant ring

Lot#: 93

14K Gold & multicolor Jade bracelet

Lot#: 94

14K Gold Jade bracelet

Lot#: 95

16" Black Tahitian pearls

Lot#: 96

18K Gold Tie Clip 5.7g

Lot#: 97

4 Native American sterling silver rings

Lot#: 98

5 Rings & Pair Earrings

Lot#: 99

Collection of costume jewelry

Lot#: 100

14K 7.3g Gold cufflinks

Lot#: 101

Heishi Liquid silver necklace 925

Lot#: 102

18" Black pearls necklace 925 clasp

Lot#: 103

42" lapis lazuli

Lot#: 104

14K 32" gold and Jade bead necklace

Lot#: 105

14K 28" Jade & Gold necklace

Lot#: 106

14K amethyst gold white jade necklace

Lot#: 107

14K Gold & turquoise necklace 20"

Lot#: 108

14K Gold Vicence Miler Italy Watch

Lot#: 109

18K Vintage 17.7g Gold Exxon Mobil cufflinks

Lot#: 110

Lot of Native American designer sterling silver

Lot#: 111

14K Gold Onyx Pearl 36" necklace

Lot#: 112

(3) 14K Gold 12.4 g Diamond

Lot#: 113

Huge 7oz Native American Turquoise Necklace

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