Firearms Auction

Motleys Industrial | Commercial Auction
Tuesday May 25, 2021 | 3600 Deepwater Terminal Road. Richmond, VA. US. 23234

There are no notes for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Motleys Industrial, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 61274709

ASSORTED .308 WINCHESTER & 7.62X51MM, Hornady 168 Grain BTHP, CBC M80 Ball, Winchester 180 Grain Power Point, Wolf Steel Cased, Approximately 109 Rounds

Lot#: 61429635

SMITH & WESSON M&P Shield EZ TS PISTOL, SN: NKE4065, .380 ACP, Semi-Automatic, New In Box, 

Lot#: 61429636

SOUTHERN TACTICAL AM-15 PISTOL, SN: 21062349, .300 Blackout, Semi-Automatic, KAK Shockwave Brace

Lot#: 61429637

SMITH & WESSON M&P SHIELD EZ NTS PISTOL, SN: RDZ5442, 9x19mm, Semi-Automatic, New In Box

Lot#: 61429638

1966 US NAVAL UNIFORMS, 3 Pairs of 13 Button Pants, Shirt, Pea Coat - Size 38 Regular, Olive Drab Button-Up Shirt, Pair of Black Leather Shoes

Lot#: 61429639

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN OMNITHERM WOOL HUNTING SHIRT, Size: XL, 100% Wool Outer, Eye-D-Version, Very Good Condition

Lot#: 61429631

SMITH & WESSON M&P SHIELD PLUS NTS PISTOL, SN:JLA4471, 9x19mm, Semi-Automatic, New In Box

Lot#: 61429632

BROWNING CHALLENGER II PISTOL, SN: 655PX09836, .22 Long Rifle, Semi-Automatic

Lot#: 61429633

SMITH & WESSON M&P SHIELD PLUS TS PISTOL, SN: JHD8616, 9x19mm, Semi-Automatic, New In Box

Lot#: 61429634

SMITH & WESSON SD40 VE PISTOL, SN:FDF9149, .40 Smith & Wesson, Semi-Automatic, New In Box

Lot#: 61274710

1,550 ROUNDS .22 LONG RIFLE W/ AMMO BOX, Winchester M 22 40 Grain Round Tip, Federal 36 Grain Hollow Point, Ammo Box

Lot#: 61274711

TULAMMO .223 REMINGTON 500 ROUND TIN, 55 Grain, FMJ, Steel Cased, Contains 25 - 20 Round Boxes.

Lot#: 61274714

1,610 ROUNDS OF WINCHESTER & REMINGTON .22 LONG RIFLE, 2 - 555 Round Boxes of Winchester 36 Grain Hollow Point, 1 - 500 Round Box of Remington 22 Thunderbolt 40 Grain Round Nose, Approximately 1,610 Rounds

Lot#: 61274715

ASSORTED 7.62X39MM - WOLF, FEDERAL AMERICAN EAGLE, SELLIER & BELLIOT, Wolf 122 Grain Steel Cased FMJ, Federal American Eagle 124 Grain Brass Cased, Sellier & Belliot Steel Cased, Approximately 440 Rounds Total

Lot#: 61274712

TULAMMO .223 REMINGTON 500 ROUND TIN, 55 Grain, FMJ, Steel Cased, Contains 25 - 20 Round Boxes

Lot#: 61150559

RANDALL FA MFG COMBAT MODEL PISTOL, SN: F0008032C, .45 ACP, Semi-Automatic, All Original, Stainless Steel Finish with Original Factory Marked Magazine, Pachmayr Grips and Adjustable Rear Sight, Made in US.

Lot#: 61274713

22 - 20 ROUND BOXES WOLF MILITARY CLASSIC .223 REMINGTON, 440 Rounds Total, 55 Grain, FMJ, Steel Cased

Lot#: 61150558

ADVANCED ARMAMENT CORPORATION 300 BLACKOUT AR-15 UPPER RECEIVER, Yankee Hill Machine Quad Rail, Magpul Angled Fore Grip, Streamlight Rail Mount HL-X W/ Pressure Pad, AAC Flash Hider, Approximately 100 Rounds Fired.

Lot#: 61274718

420 ROUND FEDERAL 5.56X45MM AMMO BOX, XM855LC1 62 Grain FMJ BALL, On Stripper Clips, Unopened

Lot#: 61150557

BUSHMASTER XM-15 Rifle,  SN: BFI 1456730 5.56x45mm, Semi-Automatic, Piccaninny Top Rail, Removable Carry Handle, 14.5" Barrel with Pinned & Welded Muzzle Device, Approximately 50 Rounds Fired.

Lot#: 61274719

420 ROUND FEDERAL 5.56X45MM AMMO BOX, XM855LC1 62 Grain FMJ BALL, On Stripper Clips, Unopened

Lot#: 61150556

HOWA 1500 RIFLE W/ LEUPOLD SCOPE, SN: B130817, .308 Winchester, Bolt Action Heavy Barrel, Leupold Scope VX3 3.5-10X40mm Scope, Appx 50-70 Rounds Fired, (Some Corrosion on Barrel, Laminate Stock Has Minor Crack)

Lot#: 61274716

7 - 20 ROUND BOXES 30-06 SPRINGFIELD W/ AMMO BOX, 140 Rounds Total, Remington 150 & 165 Grain 

Lot#: 61150555

WINCHESTER MODEL 9422M XTR RIFLE, SN: F522291, .22 Magnum, Lever Action, Approximately 20 Rounds Fired In 1980's

Lot#: 61274717

420 ROUND FEDERAL 5.56X45MM AMMO BOX, XM855LC1 62 Grain FMJ BALL, On Stripper Clips, Unopened

Lot#: 61150554

REMINGTON 870 WINGMASTER SHOTGUN, SN: A17735H, .410 Gauge, Pump Action, 25" Full Choke Vent Rib Barrel, New In Box, Never Fired

Lot#: 61150553

MOSSBERG MODEL 351KA RIFLE W/ TASCO SCOPE, SN: NO SN, .22 Long Rifle, Semi-Automatic, Tasco 3-9x32mm Scope

Lot#: 61150552

BROWNING A5 MAGNUM 12 SHOTGUN, SN: 68V13065, 12 Gauge, Semi-Automatic, 29" Vent Rib Barrel, Full Choke, Made in Belgium 1968.

Lot#: 61210943

HAMILTON WEAPONS SAFE W/ ROLL-OUT RIFLE CART, GSA Class 5 (Black Label) Weapons Safe w/ Sergeant + Greenleaf Lock, Safe exterior: 39x22x51.5, Hardened Steel Doors and Walls, 33x18.5 Fold Down Rack, Roll-Out Rifle Cart: 33.5x16.5x35.5, Configured for 12 Rifles, New S&G Dial and Lock

Lot#: 61150551

SAKO L579 FULL MANNLICHER RIFLE, SN: 105519, .243 Winchester, Bolt Action Medium Heavy Barrel and Vintage Factory OEM Peep-Sight, Made in Finland 1971.

Lot#: 61210944

RUGER 22 CHARGER PISTOL, SN: 490-12819, .22 Long Rifle, Semi-Automatic, Vertical Rail, Bipod, Includes Soft Case.

Lot#: 61150560

BERETTA 96G PISTOL, SN: BER 00591M, .40 Smith & Wesson, Semi-Automatic, Includes 10 Magazines, Stainless Steel Construction

Lot#: 61210950

RUGER LCR PISTOL, SN: 546-27099, .357 Magnum, Double Action Revolver, Leather Holster, Gun Belt w/ 18 Rounds

Lot#: 61210951

REMINGTON MODEL 7600 RIFLE W/ BUSHNELL SCOPE, SN: 8364338, .30-06 Springfield, Pump Action, Bushnell 3-9x Scope

Lot#: 61274720

420 ROUND FEDERAL 5.56X45MM AMMO BOX, XM855LC1 62 Grain FMJ BALL, On Stripper Clips,

Lot#: 61329681

WINCHESTER MODEL 1873 RIFLE, SN: 328163B, .32 Winchester, Lever Action

Lot#: 61429657

2 - 20 ROUND BOXES CENTENIAL .22-250, 40 Rounds Total, 55 Grain, Jacketed Soft Points

Lot#: 61429658

30 ROUNDS WINCHESTER .300 SAVAGE WESTERN SUPER-X POWER POINT, 180 Grain, Jacketed Soft Point (1 Round w/ Clipped off Point)

Lot#: 61429659

19 ROUNDS REMINGTON HI-SPEED .257 ROBERTS, 117 Grain Soft Point, Core-Lokt

Lot#: 61429650

US MILITARY UNIFORM POSSIBLY WWII, Dress Jacket, Ike Jacket - 38 Regular, Pants, Cap, All Olive Drab, Some Wear Consistent W/ Use

Lot#: 61429651

US MILITARY MEDALS & INSIGNIAS WWII & LATER, Expert Rifleman Badge, Good Conduct Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Rifleman Badge, In Vintage Wooden Cigar Box

Lot#: 61429652

WWII ERA NAVAL UNIFORMS, 2 Shirts, 1 Pair of Pants, US Naval Training Station Banner

Lot#: 61329680

FN/BROWNING A-5 SHOTGUN, SN: 146517, 12 Gauge, Semi-Automatic

Lot#: 61429653

1963 LYMAN AMMUNITION MAKER Complete Equipment for Casting Bullets and Loading Cartridges, Includes Bullet Molds, Dyes, Instruction Manual Copyright 1958, Original Packaging

Lot#: 61429654

1955 WINCHESTER FIREARMS CATALOG, Details on All Shotguns, Rifles, and Ammunition

Lot#: 61429655

15 ROUNDS 7.62X54R, Believed to be Military Surplus

Lot#: 61429656

2 - 20 ROUND BOXES .243 WINCHESTER, 40 Rounds Total, 100 Grain Core-Lokt Jacketed Soft Points R243W3

Lot#: 61429646

BOWIE TYPE KNIFE, Mid 19th Century, 7 3/4" Blade, Horn Handle, 13 7/8" Overall Length, Patina Consistent W/ Age, Possibly Civil War, Intials Faintly Stamped in Center of Blade

Lot#: 61429647

THE HUNTERS ENCYCLOPEDIA, Editor: Raymond R. Camp, Copyright 1951, Dust Cover Partially Intact

Lot#: 61429648

BOWIE TYPE KNIFE, Marked Western & W49, 14 1/2" Overall Length, 9 1/4" Blade, Original Wood Grip, Approximately 60 Years Old, Includes Handmade Leather Scabbard

Lot#: 61429649

1968 HERTER'S WHOLESALE CATALOG NO. 78, Sporting Catalog

Lot#: 61429640

SLEEPING INDIAN DESIGN HUNTING SHIRT & VEST, Size: XL, 90% Wool, 10% Cotton, Very Good Condition, Heavy Material, 

Lot#: 61429641

SLEEPING INDIAN DESIGNS HUNTING JACKET, Size: XL, 90% Wool, 10% Cotton, Gusseted Elbows, Very Good Condition

Lot#: 61429642

3 WOOLRICH WOOL HUNTING SHIRTS & 1 PAIR OF JOHNSON WOOLEN MILLS PANTS, 1 XL Shirt, 2 Medium Shirts, Green Hunting Pants Approximately 40x32

Lot#: 61429643

TIME LIFE "THE CIVIL WAR" BOOKS, 5 Volumes, Forward to Richmond McClellan's Peninsular Campaign, First Blood Fort Sumter to Bull Run, The Road to Shiloh Early Battles in the West, Brother Against Brother The War Begins, The Blockade Runners and Raiders

Lot#: 61429644

BATTLES AND LEADERS OF THE CIVIL WAR CASTLE BOOKS 4 Volumes, Volume I - The Opening Battles, Volume II - The Struggle Intensifies, Volume III - The Tide Shifts, Volume IV - Retreat With Honor, All Dust Jackets Intact

Lot#: 61429645

ACE CASE SHOULDER HOLSTER W/ 3 MAGAZINES, GUN LOCKS & DUMMY GREANADE,  Shoulder Holster W/ 2 Magazine Pouches, 2 Glock .40 S&W 15 Round Magazines, 1 Sig Sauer 9mm 17 Round Magazine 2 New Gun Locks, Dummy Grenade

Lot#: 61301093


Lot#: 61301092


Lot#: 61250651

BROWNING A-5 SHOTGUN BARREL, SN: 2G73925, 12 Gauge, 30" Full Choke, Raised Vent Rib, 2 3/4" Chamber, Special Steel, Made in Japan

Lot#: 61250652

MARLIN MODEL 39A RIFLE, SN: H3333, .22 Short & Long Rifle, Lever Action, 24" Barrel, Factory Drilled for Peep-Sight, White Sling Stud Hole Plug and Added Front Sight Shade, Made in 1951

Lot#: 61250653

LC SMITH DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN, SN: 216334, 12 Gauge, 26" Barrel Stamped "Hunter Arms Co.", Matte Vent Rib, Factory Upgraded with Specialty Grade Stock and Matching Fore-End, Original Matching SN Metal Mounting Plate On Fore-End, Automatic Ejectors, Hunter One Trigger, Red Bead Sight, Original Field Grade Gun Made in 1913

Lot#: 61429670

1 - 20 ROUND BOX SAKO 6 PPC, 70 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail 

Lot#: 61191196

KEL -TEC RFB RIFLE, SN: T0S42, .308 Winchester, Semi-Automatic, Forward-ejecting Bullpup, Unfired New In Box, Adjustable Gas System, HK Sights, 2 Magazines

Lot#: 61191197

COLT SPORTER TARGET MODEL AR-15 RIFLE, SN: ST024069, .223 Remington, Model R6551, Unfired Pre 90's Ban Firearm, A2 Upper Receiver, Bottom Rail, 2 - 20 Round Magazines, 2 - 30 Round Magazines, Cleaning Rod, Brushes, Sling, Includes Original Box with Colt Label

Lot#: 61191198

FN SPR A1 RIFLE W/ BUSHNELL SCOPE, SN: FN24585, .308 Winchester, Bolt Action, 24" Cold Hammer Forged Chrome Lined Free Float Barrel, Black McMillan Fiberglass Stock, Bushnell Elite Tactical 3.5-21x50mm Scope, Plano Bone Collector 52"x13"x5.25" Gun Case.

Lot#: 61301091


Lot#: 61301090

13 BOXES REMINGTON 300 BLACKOUT, 380 Rounds Total, 3 - 60 Round Boxes 220 Grain OTFB Subsonic, 9 - 20 Round Boxes 220 Grain OTFB Subsonic, 1 - 20 Round Box OTFB Supersonic

Lot#: 61327593

SPRINGFIELD M1 GARAND RIFLE, SN: 1775320, .30-06 Springfield, Semi-Automatic

Lot#: 61327591

BAIKAL MP153 SHOTGUN, SN: 0415317545B, 12 Gauge, Semi-Automatic

Lot#: 61327592

STEVENS MODEL 940D SHOTGUN, SN: CNV, .410 Gauge, Single Shot, (Barrel Will Not Latch Shut)

Lot#: 61191185

TAURUS JUDGE REVOLVER, SN: DS231458, .45LC/.410 Gauge, Single Action Double Action Revolver, 5 Round Cylinder, New In Box

Lot#: 61332382


Lot#: 61191186

TAURUS MODEL 85 REVOLVER, SN: DN82298, 38 Special, Single Action/Double Action Revolver, 5 Round Cylinder, Wood Grips, Spare Polymer Grips, Trigger Lock, New In Box

Lot#: 61332383

WINCHESTER MODEL 1894 RIFLE W/ BUSHNELL SCOPE, SN: 2888818, .30-30 Winchester, Lever Action, Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm Scope on Weaver Side Mount

Lot#: 61191187

SMITH & WESSON MODEL 22A-1 PISTOL, SN: UCL6534, .22 Long Rifle, Semi-Automatic,  Browning Red Dot Sight, 2 Magazines, New In Box

Lot#: 61191188

SMITH & WESSON MODEL 66 COMBAT MAGNUM PISTOL, SN: CVC3809, .357 Magnum, Single Action Double Action Revolver, 6 Round Cylinder, 4.25" Barrel

Lot#: 61191189

PHOENIX ARMS HP22A PISTOL, SN: 4258238, .22 Long Rifle, Semi-Automatic, New In Box

Lot#: 61429668

1 - 20 ROUND BOX REMINGTON .222 REMINGTON, 50 Grain Jacketed Soft Points, 

Lot#: 61429669

2 - 50 ROUND BOXES REMINGTON & WINCHESTER .38 SPECIAL, Remington Target Master 148 Grain Lead Wadcutter 6138, Winchester Wester Super-X Match 148 Grain Lead Clean-Cutting Wadcutter

Lot#: 61191190

SCCY CPX-1 PISTOL, SN: 436919, 9x19mm, Semi Automatic, Includes 2 Magazines, Trigger Lock, New In Box

Lot#: 61191191

RUGER NEW SUPER BLACKHAWK PISTOL W/ LEUPOLD SCOPE, SN: 86-84396 .44 Magnum, Single Action Revolver, Leupold Scope w/ Butler Creek Covers

Lot#: 61191192

SIG SAUER P320 NWTF PISTOL, SN: 58A192758, 9x19mm, Semi-Automatic, National Wild Turkey Federation Edition, New In Box, 2 Magazines

Lot#: 61404307

ARMSPORT FIELD SHOTGUN, SN: 27915, 12 Gauge, Over-Under Double Barrel

Lot#: 61191193

KIMBER 1911 CUSTOM II NWTF PISTOL, SN: K667198, .45 ACP, Semi-Automatic, National Wild Turkey Federation Edition, New In Box

Lot#: 61404306

WINCHESTER MODEL 70 ULTIMATE SHADOW RIFLE, SN: 3AMN16601, .30-06 Springfield, Bolt Action 

Lot#: 61191194

BERSA THUNDER 380CC PISTOL, SN: J89625, .380 ACP, Semi-Automatic

Lot#: 61404309

WINCHESTER MODEL 1892 RIFLE, SN: 22191, .32 Winchester, Lever Action

Lot#: 61191195

NORINCO MAK-90 SPORTER RIFLE, SN: 9480879, 7.62x39mm, Semi-Automatic, Unfired Pre 90's Ban Firearm, Hard Case, 6 - 30 Round Magazines, 3 - 5 Round Magazines, Sling, Oil Bottle

Lot#: 61404308

REMINGTON MODEL 1100 SHOTGUN, SN: 503217V, 12 Gauge, Semi-Automatic

Lot#: 61429660

15 ROUNDS .270 WINCHESTER & RELOADABLE BRASS, Federal, Winchester & Remington Rounds, 17 Empty Cases for Reloading

Lot#: 61429661

2 - 20 ROUND BOXES 6.5 REMINGTON HI-SPEED MAGNUM, 40 Rounds Total, 120 Grain Jacketed Soft Points, Core-Lokt 

Lot#: 61429662

1 - 50 ROUND BOX REMINGTON 44-40 WINCHESTER, 200 Grain Soft Point

Lot#: 61250650

BROWNING A-5 LIGHT 12 SHOTGUN, SN: 2G-73925, 12 Gauge, Semi-Automatic, Raised Vent Rib, 2 3/4" Chamber, 26" Barrel, Rounded Pistol Grip, Gold Trigger, Made in Belgium in 1957

Lot#: 61429663

3 NRA SHOOTING QUALIFICATION BADGES, Including Marksman, Pro-Marksman, and Sharpshooter, All Excellent Condition

Lot#: 61429664

3 VINTAGE US ARMY BADGES, 2 US Army Aviation Badges, US Army Air Assault Badge, Believed to Date from WWII Through Vietnam Era

Lot#: 61327590

REMINGTON MODEL 121 FIELDMASTER RIFLE, SN: 88628, .22 Short & Long Rifle, Pump Action

Lot#: 61429665

2 BOXES .410 Gauge SHELLS, 25 - 3" #4 Shot, 5 - 000 Buck Shot, 

Lot#: 61429666

2 - 10 SHELL BOXES FEDERAL POWER SHOK 12 GAUGE, 2 3/4", 1 Oz, Maximum Rifled Slug HP, 1610 FPS

Lot#: 61429667

RELOADABLE BRASS, 73 Rounds Lake City .30-06, 7 Rounds Remington .30-06, 29 Rounds .30-30 Empty Brass, 20 Rounds .35 Remington

Lot#: 61301077


Lot#: 61327586

REMINGTON MODEL 522 VIPER RIFLE, SN: 3013724, .22 Long Rifle, Semi-Automatic

Lot#: 61301076

7 - 20 ROUND BOXES REMINGTON 300 BLACKOUT W/ AMMO BOX, 140 Rounds, Remington UMC, 220 Grain OTFB

Lot#: 61327587

W. RICHARDS FIELD SHOTGUN, SN: CNV, 12 Gauge, Side-by-side Double Barrel 

Lot#: 61150549

SAKO 75 V-ACTION DELUXE RIFLE W/ NIKON SCOPE, SN: 972068, 7mm Remington Magnum, Bolt Action, All Original with Nikon Monarch 5.5-16.5x44mm Scope in Sako OEM Optilok Mounts and w/ Scope Caps, Premium Grade Walnut Stock with Lacquer Finish, Rosewood Caps, Royal Blued Metal and Engraved Floorplate Assembly, Made in Finland

Lot#: 61150548

REMINGTON MODEL 700 BDL RIFLE, SN: B6584792, .270 Winchester, Bolt Action, Original Sights and Butt Plate, Made in 1984.

Lot#: 61150547

JP SAUER 200 RIFLE W/ BURRIS SCOPE, SN: H3916, .25-06 Remington, Bolt Action, All Original, Burris Signature Series 3-9x Scope with Illuminated Crosshair Dot, 23" Barrel with No Sights, Original Detachable Magazine, Made in Germany

Lot#: 61150546

WESTERN FIELD M822 RIFLE W/ WEAVER SCOPE, SN: CNV, .22 Magnum, Bolt Action, Weaver K6 Fixed Power Scope and Vintage Leather Sling, Original Magazine, Made in US

Lot#: 61150545

WINCHESTER MODEL 70 SPORTER VARMINT RIFLE W/ REDFIELD SCOPE, SN: G1911400, .243 Winchester, Bolt Action, Heavy Barrel Model W/ 25-1/2" Varmint Barrel, Vintage Redfield 4-12x Scope W/ Adjustable Objective AO

Lot#: 61191176

CENTURY ARMS ZASTAVA O-PAP AK-47 RIFLE, SN: 009777, 7.62x39mm, Semi-Automatic, 1.5mm Receiver and M-21 Side Rail For Mounting Optics, Approximately 20 Rounds Fired.

Lot#: 61301079


Lot#: 61327588

L.C. SMITH HUNTER ARMS #2 SHOTGUN, SN: 108545, 12 Gauge, Side-by-side Double Barrel

Lot#: 61150544

REMINGTON MODEL 700 BDL RIFLE W/ REDFIELD SCOPE, SN: B6371297, .243 Winchester, Bolt Action, Vintage Redfield 4x Scope, All Original with Open Sights with Front Hood in Place, Barrel Code Indicated Made in 1982.

Lot#: 61191177

HI-STANDARD H-B PISTOL, SN: 70903, .22 Long Rifle, Semi-Automatic, 6" Barrel, One Magazine, Original Grips,

Lot#: 61301078

18 - 20 ROUND BOXES HORNADY SUBSONIC 300 BLACKOUT W/ AMMO BOX, 190 Grain SUB-X, 376 Total Rounds

Lot#: 61327589

NORINCO SKS RIFLE, SN: 9009224, 7.62x39mm, Semi-Automatic

Lot#: 61150543

BROWNING BAR MARK II SAFARI RIFLE, SN: 107NX14524, 7mm Remington Magnum, Semi-Automatic, Original Magazine, Made in Belgium, Assembled In Portugal with Nikon 3-9x40mm Scope

Lot#: 61191178

HI-STANDARD FIELD-KING PISTOL, SN: 523351, .22Long Rifle, Semi-Automatic, Model FK101, 6" Ported Heavy Target Barrel, Original Target Grips, Factory Marked Magazine, Adjustable Rear Sight 

Lot#: 61150542

BROWNING A5 LIGHT 12 SHOTGUN, SN: G15877, 12 Gauge, Semi-Automatic, 27" Plain Barrel, Fixed Modified Choke, Made in Belgium 1956

Lot#: 61191179

BROWNING CHALLENGER II PISTOL, SN: 655PY15886, .22LR, Semi-Automatic, 6" Barrel, Hardwood Grips, Pistol Made in 1982, Unfired, New in the Box NIB with Paperwork/Manual

Lot#: 61150541

SAKO L461 VIXEN SPORTER RIFLE, SN:109832, .222 Remington, Bolt Action, 23" Barrel with OEM Peep-Sight, Made in Finland 1971

Lot#: 61150540

SAKO L461 VIXEN SPORTER RIFLE, SN: 67188, .222 Remington Magnum, Bolt Action, Bofors Steel Barrel, Leupold 3-9x40mm Scope, Sako Factory OEM Rings, Made in Finland 1964

Lot#: 61150550

BROWNING SAFARI RIFLE, SN: 63088L72, .338 Winchester Magnum, Bolt Action, All Original with Factory Open Sights, Folding Leaf Rear and Sight Hood In Place, Browning Recoil Pad, FN Mauser Action with 24" Step-Up Barrel, No Salt Wood, Made in Belgium 1972

Lot#: 61404314

CHIAPPA HONCHO XL SHOTGUN, SN: 20PA12V-3383, 12 Gauge, Pump Action, New In Box

Lot#: 61404313

ANDERSON MFG AM-15 RIFLE, SN: 21123401, 5.56x45mm, Semi-Automatic, 16 Inch Barrel, M-Lok Handguard, New In Box

Lot#: 61191180

EOTECH HWS 512, Rail Mounted Holographic Weapon Sight

Lot#: 61404315

COLT M4 CARBINE RIFLE, SN: CR047360, 5.56x45mm, Semi-Automatic, New In Box

Lot#: 61191181

3 MAGPUL PMAG 30AK MAGAZINES, 7.62X39MM, Unopened Packaging.

Lot#: 61191182

6 AR-15 30 ROUND STANAG MAGAZINES, Aluminum Construction

Lot#: 61191183

NORINCO SKS RIFLE, SN: 9147372, 7.62x39mm, Semi-Automatic, Original & Aftermarket Stocks, Unfired Pre 90's Ban Firearm, Sling, Oil Bottle, 5 Round Fixed Magazine, Reloading Clip, and 30 Round Detachable Magazine

Lot#: 61191184

STEVENS MODEL 940B SHOTGUN, SN: CNV, 12 Gauge, Single Shot

Lot#: 61404310

ARISAKA TYPE 99 RIFLE, SN: 4905, 7.7x58mm, Bolt Action, Sporterized Stock

Lot#: 61404312

ANDERSON MFG AM-15 RIFLE, SN: 21123416, 5.56x45mm, Semi-Automatic, 16 Inch Barrel, M-Lok Handguard, New In Box

Lot#: 61404311

WINCHESTER MODEL 67 RIFLE, SN: CNV, .22 Short & Long Rifle, Single Shot

Lot#: 61301084

4 - 20 ROUND BOXES .30-06, .308, 7.62X39MM, 40 Rounds Remington .30-06 180 Grain CORE-LOKT, 20 Rounds Remington .308 150 Grain CORE-LOKT, 20 Rounds Winchester 7.62x39mm 123 Grain FMJ

Lot#: 61301083

2 - 200 ROUND BOXES WINCHESTER 5.56X45MM, 400 Rounds Total, 55 grain, FMJ

Lot#: 61301082

2 - 200 ROUND BOXES WINCHESTER 5.56X45MM, 400 Rounds Total, 55 Grain, FMJ 

Lot#: 61301081

3 - 200 ROUND BOXES WINCHESTER 5.56X45MM, 600 Rounds Total, 55 Grain, FMJ

Lot#: 61301088

2 - 555 ROUND BOXES WINCHESTER .22 LONG RIFLE, 1,110 Rounds Total, 36 Grain, Hollow Point

Lot#: 61150539

BROWNING SAFARI RIFLE, SN: 8L45010, .308 Norma Magnum, Bolt Action, Scarce Factory Chambering in 308 Norma Mag, All Original, 24" Step-Up Barrel with Factory Open Sights Including Folding Leaf Rear and Front Hood in Place, FN Mauser Action, No Salt Wood, Made in Belgium 1968

Lot#: 61301087

4 - 333 ROUND BOXES WINCHESTER .22 LONG RIFLE, 1,332 Rounds Total, 36 Grain, Hollow Point 

Lot#: 61150538

STEVENS.22 RIFLE, SN: CNV, .22 Long-Short Or Long Rifle, Bolt Action, Wooden Stock, (MISSING MAGAZINE TUBE).

Lot#: 61301086

5 - 50 ROUND BOXES CCI .22 LONG RIFLE, 250 Rounds Total, 100 Rounds 30 Grain Jacketed Hollow point +V, 150 Rounds 40 Grain Jacketed Hollow point

Lot#: 61150537

MARLIN MODEL 60 RIFLE W/ BUSHNELL SCOPE, SN: 13487981, .22 Long Rifle, Semi-Automatic, Micro-Groove Barrel, Made In The U.S.A, Bushnell Sportview 3-7x20mm Scope

Lot#: 61301085

2 - 20 ROUND BOXES FEDERAL PREMIUM 6.5 CREEDMOOR, 130 Grain Hybrid Open Tip Match, 40 Rounds Total

Lot#: 61150536

ITHACA MODEL XL 900 SHOTGUN, SN: S2902806, 20 Gauge, Semi-Automatic, Cylinder Choke.

Lot#: 61150535


Lot#: 61150534

Motleys is Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer.

Lot#: 61301089

2 - 333 ROUND BOXES WINCHESTER .22 LONG RIFLE, 666 Rounds Total, 36 Grain, FMJ

Lot#: 61301080


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