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Saturday February 29, 2020 | Anchorage, AK. US. 99518
BE AWARE: Ivory, Baleen or any marine mammal products to include whale bone, seal skin, polar bear rough, etc., cannot be purchased or shipped to anyone outside of the United States. Guns must be picked up in person unless arrangements have been made to send the gun to an FFL holder in your area. We will not ship ammunition outside of Alaska! All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with no warranties or guarantee expressed or implied. Do not bid unless you have inspected the items and determined the condition for yourself. We make every effort to describe all items as complete and detailed as possible, however the seller and/or Alaska Auction Co., (Auctioneers) are not responsible for any incorrect description or defect in any lot and make no warranty or guarantee, either expressed or implied as to the authenticity of the item being sold. All descriptions, conditions, years, models, etc of equipment on this website have been obtained from sources deemed reliable. However, neither the seller nor the Auctioneers are responsible for any errors in description or condition. The buyer is cautioned to use the preview to examine all merchandise and to use his/her best judgment as to whether or not the descriptions and categories are accurate. The content of all advertisements and the catalog are prepared to the best of the auctioneer's ability. The Buyers Catalog is a courtesy, meant as a descriptive guide only. We do our best to take a lot of pictures, including any damage that we see, so you have the benefit of viewing the items from all angles. All Sales are FINAL! We have a 17.5% buyer's premium (15% if paid with cash, wire transfer, or direct deposit). The buyer and the seller help pay auction costs. No one is excluded from the buyer's premium. All sales are final. All goods are sold as is, where is. The auctioneer's decision is absolute & final in any disputes. The bidder is responsible for payment in full for all items bid. There are no expressed or implied warranties on any item unless specifically stated during the auction or in the catalog. There is no warranty of merchantability or fitness for any purpose. Appliances (if stated during the auction) are guaranteed for 48 hours. Use of any items, is at buyer's own risk. We believe that all people are created equal thus we sell to the highest bidder - that includes staff.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Alaska Auction Co, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Playful Lemming quote and graph, by W.D. Berry, Ju

Lot#: 2

Wooden commemorative shield plaque "Polar Explorat

Lot#: 3

Wood block art by Bernard Katia, titled "Woman Cut

Lot#: 4

5 framed Arctic Animals First Day Issue envelopes,

Lot#: 5

Authentic, vintage brass whale gun with hide barre

Lot#: 6

The infamous "Wampus Cat" captured by the late Roy

Lot#: 7

Commemorative plaque, "Humble's Maiden Northwest P

Lot#: 8

Commemorative plaque, "USS Burton Island AGB-1" ca

Lot#: 9

Rare original Florence Napaaq Malewotkuk ink, pen

Lot#: 10

Lavalle framed poster, titled "Alaska Village Chri

Lot#: 11

Unframed Livingston oil on board, titled "For the

Lot#: 12

Original Heurlin oil on canvas linen, titled "The

Lot#: 13

Original Dorothe Livingston oil on board, of group

Lot#: 14

Original Dorothe Livingston oil on board, of nativ

Lot#: 15

Original oil on canvas, signed by artist but cover

Lot#: 16

Beautiful fossilized ivory tusk made into a cribba

Lot#: 17

Vintage fossilized ivory tusk made into a cribbage

Lot#: 18

Vintage fossilized ivory tusk made into a cribbage

Lot#: 19

Doug Silook fossilized ivory tusk, made into a cri

Lot#: 20

5" Soapstone carving of a salmon, signed by artist

Lot#: 21

Fossilized walrus tusk scrimmed by J. Davis, lengt

Lot#: 22

Fossilized walrus jawbone made into a cribbage boa

Lot#: 23

Authentic cotton wood Kachina doll, Nuvok Chin Man

Lot#: 24

Soapstone carving of a woman's head 2.25" tall

Lot#: 25

Vintage miniature skinning ulu with fossilized bon

Lot#: 26

Fossilized whale's tooth, with a hunting scene, to

Lot#: 27

Fossilized polar bear's tooth, scrimmed by JHK of

Lot#: 28

Fossilized whale's tooth scrimmed with a standing

Lot#: 29

Soapstone carving of a seal, 1 flipper is chipped,

Lot#: 30

Stone carving of a polar bear, 3.75" long

Lot#: 31

Fossilized bone carry with you eating spoon 4.75"

Lot#: 32

Anaktuvuk Pass mask with fur trim, face is 3.5" lo

Lot#: 33

Stone carving of two igloos with removable tops, 7

Lot#: 34

Almost black soapstone carving of a bear 5.5" long

Lot#: 35

Unique wood Anaktuvuk Pass mask by Billy Moorly wi

Lot#: 36

5" Tall soapstone carving of a man (

Lot#: 37

Authentic Hopi Indian pottery pendant, signed Tiyo

Lot#: 38

Interesting soapstone carving of a spotted seal, 5

Lot#: 39

4" Tall soapstone carving of a native man

Lot#: 40

Soapstone carving of a native man (m 186)

Lot#: 41

Unusual antler and wood tool (m 186)

Lot#: 42

10" Long fossilized ivory tusk (M 18

Lot#: 43

Soapstone carving of a walrus with ivor (M 18

Lot#: 44

Hopi Indian pottery mud head, about 4" tall

Lot#: 45

Hopi Indian pottery figurine, about 4" tall

Lot#: 46

Anatuvuk pass mask with fur trim (M 18

Lot#: 47

Interesting fossilized bone spirit mask with wolf

Lot#: 48

Authentic Hopi Indian pottery bowl painted by C. N

Lot#: 49

6.25" Soapstone carving of a salmon

Lot#: 50

8" Soapstone carving of a beluga whale

Lot#: 51

7" Long soapstone carving of a bird by C.G.C. His

Lot#: 52

Anaktuvuk Pass mask by Frank Rulland wolf trim, ca

Lot#: 53

Soapstone carving of a man 3.5" tall and a soapsto

Lot#: 54

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 55

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 56

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 57

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 58

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 59

Vintage Abe Simmones baleen basket with white bale

Lot#: 60

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 61

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 62

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 63

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 64

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 65

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 66

Tupilak made from baleen from Greenland, created

Lot#: 67

Lot of 4 fossilized ivory picks with seal carved h

Lot#: 68

Hand made ivory and copper fishing hook with a ca

Lot#: 69

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 70

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 71

Lot of 3 ivory carved figurines, 2 birds and a squ

Lot#: 72

Nunivak Island ivory letter opener, with a seal ca

Lot#: 73

Lot of 4 misc. ivory pieces (M 186)

Lot#: 74

Beautiful fossilized ivory carved olive fork, abou

Lot#: 75

8.5" Long ivory knife scrimmed with a polar bear e

Lot#: 76

3.5" Long ivory harpoon tip, chipped (

Lot#: 77

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 78

Fossilized ivory harpoon tip with a baleen point,

Lot#: 79

Erik Frost Swedish knife in custom leather case, 7

Lot#: 80

David Anderson Norwegian knife with wood handle an

Lot#: 81

Vintage ivory carving of a bird on an ivory base,

Lot#: 82

Fossilized ivory knife 8.75" long (M 1

Lot#: 83

Unusual knife 11" long made of fossilized bone

Lot#: 84

Pair of spoon and fork with ivory handles, scrimme

Lot#: 85

Vintage steel ulu with ivory handle, blade is 6.5"

Lot#: 86

Lot of 4 ivory pieces, 1 is a carved bird, 1 is a

Lot#: 87

Beautiful gold nugget, 2" long 1.7 ounces

Lot#: 88

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 89

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 90

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 91

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 92

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 93

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 94

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 95

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 96

Tupilak fossilized whales tooth from Greenland, cr

Lot#: 97

Pair of jade carved pendants, largest is 1.5" long

Lot#: 98

Steel ulu with fossilized ivory handle, 6.25" blad

Lot#: 99

Steel ulu with horn handle, 6" blade (

Lot#: 100

Authentic Tlingit ceremonial rattle, 16" long

Lot#: 101

Pamphlet on Tupilaks (M 186)

Lot#: 102

Stylish ladies knee length "wooly" coat, labeled "

Lot#: 103

Adorable all beaver childs fur coat, handmade with

Lot#: 104

Stunning ladies, vintage sheared beaver coat, thig

Lot#: 105

Exquisite ladies all red fox fur coat, calf length

Lot#: 106

Vintage waist length all rabbit fur coat, made in

Lot#: 107

Impressive blond mink ladies jacket, hip length, v

Lot#: 108

Incredible ladies blond and brown patchwork muskra

Lot#: 109

Ladies stunning sheared fur jacket by Sitka Fur Ga

Lot#: 110

Beaver with red fox trim, womens size Medium/Large

Lot#: 111

Dark mink, ladies full length coat, lining at coll

Lot#: 112

Fossilized whale's tooth Billiken with a pair of h

Lot#: 113

Carved ivory polar bear, 6.5" tall by Romeo Katexa

Lot#: 114

Fabulous gold nugget and ivory bracelet, c.1950 wi

Lot#: 115

Whale's tooth carved as a polar bear's head on an

Lot#: 116

Sterling silver and ivory letter opener, with fabu

Lot#: 117

Large scrimshawed perfume bottle, unknown material

Lot#: 118

Cow and calf walrus fabulously carved, overall len

Lot#: 119

Ivory happy bears, 2.75" p604 (P 1)

Lot#: 120

2" Ivory polar bear with seal 2.5" wide

Lot#: 121

Gold nugget cuff links, total weight 16.6 grams (

Lot#: 122

Long tailed duck carved by Larry Mayac 2014 fossil

Lot#: 123

Seal claw, 3.75" long mounted with ivory seal head

Lot#: 124

One of finest dahl sheep we've ever had to sell, 3

Lot#: 125

Arctic Loon by Larry Mayac 4.75" long 2019

Lot#: 126

Carved ivory seal, swimming, 4.5" long by Misak

Lot#: 127

Carved and scrimshawed bone box, scrimmed with sai

Lot#: 128

6" Ivory cribbage board, relief carved with walrus

Lot#: 129

Ivory handled knife, handle is carved from whale's

Lot#: 130

Model Eskimo hunter's kit, with 10 different tools

Lot#: 131

Fossilized ivory bear scene by Michael Scott with

Lot#: 132

Outstanding baleen basket with fossilized ivory se

Lot#: 133

Ivory disk necklace with heart shaped disks, rest

Lot#: 134

Mammoth ivory mammoth, carved in Russia 1994 by Ya

Lot#: 135

Boar's tooth relief carved cork screw with sterlin

Lot#: 136

Phenomenal carving of fossilized ivory on mammoth

Lot#: 137

Natural gold nugget, weighs 2.7 grams size of a co

Lot#: 138

Relief carved elk butt horn, black bear looking at

Lot#: 139

Natural gold nugget ring, weighs 13.7 grams size

Lot#: 140

Fossilized ivory napkin ring 1.5" tall x 2" long

Lot#: 141

5" Carved ivory dancing bear by Alook (

Lot#: 142

Baleen basket with wolf dancer finial, 5" tall x 3

Lot#: 143

Scrimshawed ivory bracelet with 2 gold nuggets, Es

Lot#: 144

Scrimshawed white and fossilized ivory story brace

Lot#: 145

Ancient Roman coin from Claudius II (M

Lot#: 146

Carved ivory swan pin 2.5" long by Fred Mayac

Lot#: 147

Magnificent carved ivory and baleen spirit mask 8.

Lot#: 148

Picture in a round glass frame 4" Duchess De Mont

Lot#: 149

Spirit mask by J. Kokuluk overall height is 6" w

Lot#: 150

Phenomenal scrimshawed bull elk with herd of 5 cow

Lot#: 151

Carved ivory necklace, overall length is 34" p1

Lot#: 152

Ivory necklace, unmarked Ming, 3 fabulously carved

Lot#: 153

Herd of 3 mammoths carved into fossilized ivory by

Lot#: 154

Bear claw mounted in a 14kt gold frame, overall we

Lot#: 155

Scrimshawed mammoth on fossilized mammoth ivory on

Lot#: 156

Ivory cribbage board made from female walrus tusk

Lot#: 157

Scrimshawed cribbage board, 18.5" by C. Pelowok wi

Lot#: 158

Miniature hand painted porcelain portrait of young

Lot#: 159

Hand painted porcelain 3" signed by Colgti in a ro

Lot#: 160

Hand painted porcelain 2.5" in a rose gold frame

Lot#: 161

Whaling Harpoon from Barrow Alaska, circa 1940's,

Lot#: 162

Polished strip of baleen, approx. 81" long signed

Lot#: 163

Brian Tepton scrimshawed baleen strip, approx.

Lot#: 164

Fossilized bone and ivory wooden harpoon,

Lot#: 165

Lovely 2 sided ceiling hanger, one side features

Lot#: 166

Lalique female nude, 9" tall (M 363)

Lot#: 167

Magnificent whale bone whale by Michael Scott 25"

Lot#: 168

Kingeekuk doll, largest we've ever seen, 21" tall

Lot#: 169

Framed Eskimo caribou beard and seal skin dance ha

Lot#: 170

Eskimo doll 16" tall p1 (P 1)

Lot#: 171

Eskimo doll with wood face, wood hands, 10" tall

Lot#: 172

Phenomenal finest and largest baleen basket we've

Lot#: 173

Caribou hide bag, by Cheeko Desjarulas, phenomenal

Lot#: 174

Wood and metal adze with a bear handle by Michael

Lot#: 175

Tlingit carved flint lock shotgun (i99)

Lot#: 176

Ivory and wood Samurai fabulous carved hands and f

Lot#: 177

11" Doll by M. Jerks and E. Samson of Point Hope,

Lot#: 178

Pine needle basket, extremely ornate with wood bas

Lot#: 179

Relief carved whale on whalebone, 13" tall x 21" w

Lot#: 180

Scrimmed ivory cribbage board, 13.5" with birds, w

Lot#: 181

New in box William Henry knife, made in 2008, blad

Lot#: 182

Ivory face hunter doll, 12" tall with wood and ivo

Lot#: 183

Scrimmed cribbage board, c.1920 with hunting scene

Lot#: 184

Salmon harpoon, c.1890 barbs made from whale bone,

Lot#: 185

Large walrus head mount, overall length of piece i

Lot#: 186

Wall hanging basket with arrow and trade beads, KL

Lot#: 187

Walrus head mount by Carson Sockpick overall lengt

Lot#: 188

Sailing vessel, 7" tall x 6" wide by Arnie Iyakita

Lot#: 189

Scrimmed mammoth ivory of a ship 13" tall by Micha

Lot#: 190

Relief carved mammoth tusk with mammoths 18.5" ta

Lot#: 191

Tlingit cedar root basket 3" tall x 4.25" wide

Lot#: 192

Whaler's Liquor flask 7oz. C.1870 from St. Lawrenc

Lot#: 193

11.5" Fossilized ivory scrimshawed tusk with whale

Lot#: 194

Huge ivory kayaker 12" long x 7" tall out of fossi

Lot#: 195

Huge ivory cribbage board, 27" long p170

Lot#: 196

Whale bone bowl, with carved and scrimmed ivory on

Lot#: 197

Ivory necklace, largest beads are 1", graduated be

Lot#: 198

Scrimmed ivory cribbage board, 18" long with whale

Lot#: 199

Ivory cribbage board 8" long signed by Pelowok bir

Lot#: 200

Mammoth tooth 8.5" long x 6" tall in excellent con

Lot#: 201

Half pint milk bottle from St. Lawrence Island "W

Lot#: 202

Ivory cribbage board scrimmed with fish, whales, p

Lot#: 203

Native made hand woven belt, with antler buckle, o

Lot#: 204

Ivory bead necklace, overall length is 27" p1708

Lot#: 205

Fabulous scrimmed ivory cribbage board by Pelowok,

Lot#: 206

Bernard Katexac 21/30 "Rookery" frame size is 11

Lot#: 207

Relief carved mammoth on mammoth bone, overall len

Lot#: 208

Huge ivory polar bear by Charles Edwards 15" tall

Lot#: 209

Fabulous ivory totem, overall height is 19" carved

Lot#: 210

Scrimshawed mammoth ivory 8.5" tall by Michael Sco

Lot#: 211

Fabulous birch bark covered basket, 12" tall x 13"

Lot#: 212

Scrimshawed walrus head mount, 23" long by Carson

Lot#: 213

William Henry RB1 Rollerball ink pen, new in box d

Lot#: 214

Whalebone stretcher bar for an umiak tension bar

Lot#: 215

Relief carved bears on ancient walrus ivory sled r

Lot#: 216

Scrimmed Ivory tusk 8" tall by Miller Kingeekuk

Lot#: 217

Scrimmed mammoth on mammoth ivory 6" tall by Micha

Lot#: 218

Scrimshawed mammoth ivory tusk by Michael Scott of

Lot#: 219

Rectangular willow root basket extremely rare, onl

Lot#: 220

Relief carved Oosicks with seals, walruses, whales

Lot#: 221

William Henry pen new in box, RB2 premiere collect

Lot#: 222

Scrimshawed ivory whale's tail with a whaling scen

Lot#: 223

Carved sow and cub bear by Michael Scott out of fo

Lot#: 224

Ulu by Michael Scott with caribou handle and moose

Lot#: 225

Fabulous scrimmed ivory tusk 28" long Klondike Gol

Lot#: 226

Relief carved whale's tooth cribbage board 6.5" wi

Lot#: 227

High quality 4" megalodon's sharks' tooth in nice

Lot#: 228

Huge basket Panama rainforest Woumnan by Amanda To

Lot#: 229

Birch bark basket 11" tall x 14" long p1 (P 1

Lot#: 230

12" Tall x 14" wide Eskimo basket p1 (P 1)

Lot#: 231

Handmade basket 18" tall Indian, unknown origin p

Lot#: 232

Coast Salish Indian Square basket 12" long x 21" l

Lot#: 233

Beautiful original oil painting of Mt. McKinley,

Lot#: 234

Children's seal gut parka, framed approx. 24 x 31

Lot#: 235

Robert Mayokok original charcoal and ink on

Lot#: 236

Charles Gause signed and numbered 693/1049,

Lot#: 237

"Moving on" by Winder, done in 1987, beautiful

Lot#: 238

Judy Pelowook original ink and charcoal on

Lot#: 239

C.J. Park original oil on canvas with 3 polar

Lot#: 240

Outrageous original Fred Machetanz charcoal

Lot#: 241

Rie Munoz titled "Iditarod Headquarters", signed

Lot#: 242

Fred Machetanz stone lithograph, titled "The Stalk

Lot#: 243

Goodale original oil painting of cabin in the

Lot#: 244

Lawerence signed and numbered print 295/500,

Lot#: 245

Goodale original oil painting of a land otter in

Lot#: 246

King crab on display board w/rope edge, display

Lot#: 247

Caribou rack tussled w/copper wire (M 186)

Lot#: 248

Magnificent whale saw, approx. 30" long (I

Lot#: 249

David Greene fur mink, car coat, ladies size

Lot#: 250

Mink, full length, size large (I 99)

Lot#: 251

Full length mink, size Large (3)

Lot#: 252

Ladies Large car coat, mink (3)

Lot#: 253

David Greene white mink and artic fox collar,

Lot#: 254

Mutton, ladies (3)

Lot#: 255

Fabulous ivory bead necklace, 28" long, beads are

Lot#: 256

Necklace and earring set multi-colored Rondelles

Lot#: 257

Necklace 24.5" long polished and banded copper

Lot#: 258

Turquoise and silver choker with a butterfly

Lot#: 259

Huge walrus oosick 22" long with a walrus head on

Lot#: 260

Cast iron crab 10" long (i99)

Lot#: 261

Bag of fossilized ivory artifacts and chips

Lot#: 262

Gold nugget and jade watch, made by Le Jaye,

Lot#: 263

Relief carved ivory flower bracelet

Lot#: 264

Ivory flower bracelet (3)

Lot#: 265

Fossilized ivory handled and blade letter opener

Lot#: 266

Ivory bead necklace, overall length is 32" p1

Lot#: 267

Ivory barrel bead necklace, overall length is 23"

Lot#: 268

Ivory bead necklace, overall length is 19" p1702

Lot#: 269

Ivory bead necklace, overall length is 18" with

Lot#: 270

Mammoth carved ivory whale's tail on a beautiful

Lot#: 271

Ivory and jade and gold nugget necklace, with 3

Lot#: 272

Relief carved ivory spoon, 6.5" (i99)

Lot#: 273

Carved ivory Yankee whaler piece 6" long

Lot#: 274

Pair of ivory glove stretchers 8" long

Lot#: 275

Ivory walrus 2.5" tall with inset baleen eyes by

Lot#: 276

Ivory poker chip (i99)

Lot#: 277

Ivory bangle bracelet set with 5 gold framed

Lot#: 278

Ivory letter opener 6.75" with Billiken head on

Lot#: 279

Carved walrus 2.5" tall inset baleen eyes by

Lot#: 280

Pair of bone glove stretchers 5.75" long

Lot#: 281

Pair of child's beaded moccasins c.1920 from

Lot#: 282

Ivory bead necklace, 21" long, beads are over

Lot#: 283

Triple strand freshwater pearl and pink coral

Lot#: 284

Hunting knife with leather sheath, wood handle,

Lot#: 285

Jade bear 2" long (i99)

Lot#: 286

Jade bear with fish in mouth 1" long

Lot#: 287

Jade bear with fish in mouth 1" long

Lot#: 288

Sterling silver 1987 Iditarod pin (i99)

Lot#: 289

Ivory bracelet with carved ivory pineapples

Lot#: 290

Ivory necklace, graduated ivory beads, 16" long

Lot#: 291

Scrimmed ivory bead and stone necklace, overall

Lot#: 292

Fabulous sterling silver choker with dragon's

Lot#: 293

1" Jade bear with fish in mouth (i99)

Lot#: 294

1" Jade bear with fish in mouth (i99)

Lot#: 295

Jade bear 2" long (i99)

Lot#: 296

Hawaiian ivory symbol on a silk necklace

Lot#: 297

Pair of seal skin mittens, excellent condition,

Lot#: 298

Walrus hide bag, 7" wide x 6" tall (i99)

Lot#: 299

Fabulous hat, Arctic fox and wolf, trapper style

Lot#: 300

14kt. Yellow gold, 2 1/2 dollar Indian head coin

Lot#: 301

Beautiful 4 piece silver plated serving set by Cha

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