Guelph's Downsizing Online Auction Part Two | Online Auction
Thursday January 24, 2019 | Guelph, ON. CA. N1G 5A3
Terms and Conditions For any questions regarding this auction, please email us at [email protected] IS AN ONLINE ONLY AUCTION!This website ("the Site") is owned and operated by 4Life's Transitions Inc. (hereafter "4Biddding"). 4Bidding offers this Site to bidders, to bid in this online auction. By placing a bid, the bidder agrees to all Terms and Conditions and agrees that the terms are binding on all parties. Registration: REGISTRATION IS 100% FREE. BIDDERS CREDIT CARDS WILL NOT BE CHARGED. Information is used to comfirm identity. Payment for winning goods will be taken the time of pick up. Please contact for further information and inquiriesTo access this online auction, bidders are required to register and create a user name and password. Bidders must be eighteen years old or older to register. All information provided to 4Bidding will be current, complete, and accurate. Bidders may be banned from participation in 4Bidding auctions indefinitely for providing false information. Identification: At the time of registration, 4Bidding collects basic information about bidder. This data is needed to verify the bidder's identity. 4Bidding respects the privacy of its Internet users. 4Bidding uses the information about Bidders and Owners/Sellers for the purposes of conduction online auctions only. 4Bidding does not, and will not, sell or rent this information.Account Information: Bidder may establish a 4Bidding account on the Site. The bidder is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of bidder's account and password, and for restricting access to this account. If at any time the bidder feels that their user name and/or password have been compromised the bidder must notify 4Bidding immediately.Conditions of articles sold: All items are sold "AS IS" and "WHERE IS." our best efforts are made to accurately represent all items in the descriptions and photographs. No responsibility is assumed by 4Bidding or the seller for any errors or omissions. 4Bidding is not responsible for the acts or omissions of the Seller. Bidders. Please inspect items during our preview times or by appointment. We do not guarantee the safety or regulatory compliance of any items, which may include infant and child products.All bids are considered legal binding contracts and all sales are final. All items on the auction are subject to 4Bidding's acceptance or rejection of the highest bid. Bidders agrees that 4Bidding may terminate the purchase/agreement, in which case 4Bidding's only liability shall be the return of any monies paid by bidder toward that item.Payment: PAYMENT IS TAKEN THE DAY OF PICK UP. Payments can be made with VISA, MASTERCARD, DEBT OR CASH.All payments must be in Canadian Funds. If a bidder places a bid and that bid is determined to be the winning bid, the bidder is obligated to pay for the item(s) that they have won at the price they bid. All winning bidders will receive an e-mail with an attached invoice from after the auction closes. The winning bidder's credit card will be charged for the final bid price, plus a bidder's premium (12.5% of the final bid price) and applicable retail sales. Any bidder who fails to carry through with a purchase will be banned from any further use of this site and may be subject to legal actionRemoval/pickup: Do not bid if you are unable to pick up the items at the published pickup date, time and place. Items not taken will be considered abandoned and bidder will be charged for disposal with no refund. SHIPPING AVAILABLE TO CANADA AND UNITED STATES. Shipping arrangements must be made prior to bidding. Please contact us with your information prior or shipping will not occur. We are able to assist you with the shipment of goods. Shipping arrangements may be made by calling 4Bidding at 519-266-6785. Shipping is at the actual cost of shipping plus a packaging and handling charge. You may select the method or company to ship by. Shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer..We DO NOT supply tools, packing material or assist with moving bidder purchases. PLEASE BRING HELP to move any large items. Note: Any damage to property caused by the bidder will be charged to their credit card for the full amount of the cost to repair. Bidder is solely responsible for the safe pick-up, removal, and transportation of items. Changes in Circumstance: All aspects of this auction are subject to change without notice. 4Bidding reserves the right to, at any time: add/remove items from the auction, split or combine lots, cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule the sale of an individual item, lot, auction, and/or auction event, inspection, or removal times, or take any other action the 4Bidding deems necessary to effect the fair conduct of this sale or for the protection of bidders', sellers', or other parties' interests. 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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 3400

G- Travel Poker table

Lot#: 3401

G- Breville Tart Press

Lot#: 3402

G- Lot of 5 Corell Bowls

Lot#: 3403

G- Lot of 5 Measuring Cups

Lot#: 3404

G- Lot of 5 Glassware Cooking Dishes

Lot#: 3405

G- Lot of Pantyhose - Wonderbra - New in Package

Lot#: 3406

DR- A lot of Socks & Leggings

Lot#: 3407

G- A Selection of Purses & Handbags

Lot#: 3408

G- Another Lot of Purses & Bags

Lot#: 3409

G- Lot of Mixed Purses & Clutches

Lot#: 3410

G- A Lot of Planting Pots

Lot#: 3411

DR- Lots of Christmas Ornaments

Lot#: 3412

G- Lot of Cookie Cutters

Lot#: 3413

G- Savory Dinner Serving Set

Lot#: 3414

DR- 3 Borcam Casserole dishes

Lot#: 3415

G- Dog Crate

Lot#: 3416

G- Evergreen Christmas Dish Sets

Lot#: 3417

G- Lot of 7 New Christmas Baking Tins

Lot#: 3418

G- Lot of Assorted Glassware & Serving Items

Lot#: 3419

G- Lot of Serving Utensils and Holder

Lot#: 3420

G- Mikasa Glass Photo Frame

Lot#: 3421

G - Assorted Valentine's dishes & more

Lot#: 3422

G- Assorted Serving dishes - salad bowls and more

Lot#: 3423

G- More Serving Glassware

Lot#: 3424

G- Assorted glass serving ware

Lot#: 3425

LR - Bulova Clock, Barometer & Hydrometer

Lot#: 3426

LR - Glass Shelf

Lot#: 3427

LR -Hanging Glass Shelf

Lot#: 3428

LR- Group Lot of Brass

Lot#: 3429

LR - Wooden Hall Table

Lot#: 3430

LR - Ornate Wooden Shelf

Lot#: 3431

LR - Room Divider & Photo Holder

Lot#: 3432

G- Coffee Lovers Delight

Lot#: 3433

G - Golf Course Fun

Lot#: 3434

G - Christmas Mugs Galore

Lot#: 3435

G - Christmas Mugs Galore 2

Lot#: 3436

G- Crazy About Dogs

Lot#: 3437

G- Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Lot#: 3438

G - Dogs Galore

Lot#: 3439

G- Lots of Ladybugs

Lot#: 3440

G- More Ladybugs x 2

Lot#: 3441

G - Plastic Ware

Lot#: 3442

G - Serving Party Glassware

Lot#: 3443

G- Glassware Serving Galore

Lot#: 3444

G - White Glass Serving Dishes

Lot#: 3445

G- Lots of Ladybugs

Lot#: 3446

G -Martha Stewart Pet Carrier

Lot#: 3447

G - Dog Bed

Lot#: 3448

G - Decorative Sand

Lot#: 3449

G - Crock

Lot#: 3450

G - Moulinex Food Processor & More

Lot#: 3451

BB-Lot of 3 Black Sabbath Albums & 1 Def Leppard

Lot#: 3452

B3- Shelf of Pillar Candles, Glass & Ceramic Vases

Lot#: 3453

B3- 2nd Lot of Pillar Candles, Holders & Vases

Lot#: 3454

B3-3rd Lot of Pillar Candles, Holders & Vases

Lot#: 3455

B3- 4th Lot of Pillar Candles, Holders & Vases

Lot#: 3456

B3- Shelf of Various Size Pillar Candles & Holders

Lot#: 3457

BB- Five Drawer Wooden Dresser

Lot#: 3458

BB- 3 Vintage Beatles Albums & More

Lot#: 3459

BB- Five Vintage Rock Albums

Lot#: 3460

DR- Assorted lot of Vaseline & Green Glass

Lot#: 3461

DR- Assortment of Home Decor Items

Lot#: 3462

FR- Vintage Boxed Carving Knife Set

Lot#: 3463

DR- Whole Home Photo Frame Set

Lot#: 3464

DR- Large Assortment of Shot Glass & More

Lot#: 3465

B1- Heart and Oval Tan Wicker Basket Box Lot

Lot#: 3466

B3-2nd Shelf of Various Pillar Candles & Holders

Lot#: 3467

B3-3rd Shelf of Various Pillar Candles & Holders

Lot#: 3468

B3- 4th Shelf of Various Pillar Candles & Holders

Lot#: 3469

B3- Shelf of Various Pillar Candles & Holders

Lot#: 3470

B1- Valentine Heart Basket Box Lot

Lot#: 3471

B1- Assorted Wicker and Wood Basket Box Lot

Lot#: 3472

B2- 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Lot#: 3473

B2- 2nd 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Lot#: 3474

B1- Small Baskets & More for Gifting!

Lot#: 3475

B1- 2nd Large Group lot of Assorted Baskets

Lot#: 3476

DR- Cats Galore 6 Pewter & More Cat Jewelry

Lot#: 3477

DR - Group Lot of Collector PIns

Lot#: 3478

DR- Six Gold Tone Costume Jewelry Brooches

Lot#: 3479

DR- 5 Ladies Fashion Belts - Metal, Leather & More

Lot#: 3480

DR- 6 Floral Leather Brooches

Lot#: 3481

DR- Signed Coro Necklace & Bracelet Set

Lot#: 3482

DR- Large Rhinestone Multi Coloured Bird Brooch

Lot#: 3483

DR- Six Gold Tone Costume Jewelry Necklaces

Lot#: 3484

G - Casino Dealer's Choice Poker Table

Lot#: 3485

B1- Group lot of Wicker Mini Baskets

Lot#: 3486

B1-2nd Box lot of Wicker Baskets & More

Lot#: 3487

B1- Mixed Assorted Baskets for Crafts & Gifts

Lot#: 3488

B1- Get Crafty with Baskets!

Lot#: 3489

B1-3rd Box lot of Wicker Baskets & More

Lot#: 3490

B1- Baskets & Unique Style Tin Gift Baskets

Lot#: 3491

G - Silver & Glass Serving Dishes

Lot#: 3492

G - Gold Coloured Serving Dishes

Lot#: 3493

G- Serving Dishes Galore

Lot#: 3494

G - Serving Trays for Social Gatherings

Lot#: 3495

G - Assorted Crystal

Lot#: 3496

G - Pink Jewelry Boxes & Candle Holders

Lot#: 3497

G- Blue Ceramic Candle Holder, Frames & More

Lot#: 3498

G- Lady Bug Theme Birthday Accessories & Supplies

Lot#: 3499

G - Ladybug Outdoor Decor & More

Lot#: 3500

DR-JVC Micro Hi Fi System with Dual iPod Docks

Lot#: 3501

B1-Framed 2002 Ladies Gold Medal Olympic Hockey

Lot#: 3502

B1-Framed 2002 Men's Gold Medal Olympic Hockey

Lot#: 3503

B1- Antique Quilt

Lot#: 3504

G- Ladybugs Galore

Lot#: 3505

B3-Shelf Lot of Candles

Lot#: 3506

B3- 2nd Shelf Lot of assorted Candles

Lot#: 3507

B3- Lot of Candles & More

Lot#: 3508

B3- Another Large Lot of Candles & More

Lot#: 3509

B3- Box Lots of Candles & Accessories

Lot#: 3510

G- 3 Pairs of Men's Pants, Size 34

Lot#: 3511

G - Lot of 3 Pairs of Men's Pants

Lot#: 3512

G - Lot of 3 Pairs of Men Pants

Lot#: 3513

G - 3 Pairs of Men;s Pants

Lot#: 3514

G- Lot of Ladies Clothing

Lot#: 3515

G - Purses and Wallets

Lot#: 3516

G - Purses and Wallets Part 2

Lot#: 3517

G - Purses and Wallets Part 3

Lot#: 3518

G - Children's Table, 2 Chairs and Chalkboard

Lot#: 3519

G- Bee My Valentine Lot

Lot#: 3520

G- Ladybug Linens

Lot#: 3521

G - So Many New Ladybugs

Lot#: 3522

G- 2 Wooden Shelves

Lot#: 3524

G - Lourdes & Crusaders Polos

Lot#: 3525

G- Low Tech Equipment

Lot#: 3526

G- Ladybug Theme Everything!

Lot#: 3527

DR- Large Bauer Hockey Bag with Hockey Equipment

Lot#: 3528

DR- Brand New 4 Piece TV Tray Table Set

Lot#: 3529

DR- 2nd Brand New 5 Piece TV Tray Table Set

Lot#: 3530

B3- Group Lot of Assorted Taper Candles & More

Lot#: 3531

B3 - 2nd Lot of Taper Candles & More

Lot#: 3532

B3-Mixed Lot of Pillar and Votive Candles

Lot#: 3533

G- New 6 Piece Pot Set

Lot#: 3534

G- 3 Assorted Appliances

Lot#: 3535

G- Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt & Ice Creamer Maker

Lot#: 3536

G- Braun Deluxe Juicer Extractor & Conair Cooker

Lot#: 3537

G- Assorted lot of Anchor Hocking Pyrex & More

Lot#: 3538

G- Assorted Pyrex & Glass Cookware

Lot#: 3539

G- Ceramic Short Bread Pan & Baking Accessories

Lot#: 3540

G- Brand New Ceramic Serving Dishes

Lot#: 3541

G- Holiday Baking & Kitchen Supplies

Lot#: 3542

G- KitchenAid Cookie Sheets & More

Lot#: 3543

G- 4 Brand New Wilton Cookie Sheets & More

Lot#: 3544

G- Assorted Office Supplies

Lot#: 3545

G- New Kitchen Items - Fun for Kids

Lot#: 3546

G- Brand New Whole Home Curtains & Sheers

Lot#: 3547

G- 2nd lot of Whole Home Curtains & Lace Curtains

Lot#: 3548

G- Brand New JYSK Pillow Cases & More

Lot#: 3549

G- Brand New Remington & Ladies Bathroom Items

Lot#: 3550

G- AITC International Transistor Corporation Radio

Lot#: 3551

B3- Assorted Group lot of Pillar Candles

Lot#: 3552

B3- Candles in a Variety of Sizes with Holders

Lot#: 3553

B3- Large lot of Pillar Candles & Holders

Lot#: 3554

B3- Huge Assortment of Pillar Candles!

Lot#: 3555

DR- Three Brass Lamps

Lot#: 3556

DR- Crate Style Shelves

Lot#: 3557

DR-Time for a Picnic - Wicker Picnic Basket & More

Lot#: 3558

DR - Vintage Decorative Wall Mirror

Lot#: 3559

DR- New - Four Enamel Christmas Picture Ornaments

Lot#: 3560

B1-Large box Lot of Wicker Baskets

Lot#: 3561

B1- Wicker Baskets, Wire Sleighs and more

Lot#: 3562

B1- Steel Lock Box with Key

Lot#: 3563

B1- 2 Wagner Power Rollers in Original Boxes

Lot#: 3564

B1- 2 Large Frames & Painted Picture

Lot#: 3565

B1- Samsonite Large Wardrobe Suit Case

Lot#: 3566

B1- Large lot of Brand New Poster Boards

Lot#: 3567

B1- Brushed Gold Metal Bathroom Accessories

Lot#: 3568

B1- Large Wooden Trunk with Hinged lid

Lot#: 3569

DR- 5 Large Glass & Pottery Pieces

Lot#: 3570

G- Large Box lot of Plastic Wrapping

Lot#: 3571

G- Meow-chi Sega Tiger Electronics 2000 Robot Cat

Lot#: 3572

G- BRAND NEW Tissue Paper, Ribbon & More

Lot#: 3573

G- Large Box lot of Ribbons & Bows

Lot#: 3574

G - 4 Cube Box Full of Bows

Lot#: 3575

G- 5ft Christmas Tree with Assorted Garland

Lot#: 3576

G- Large Box lot of LED Christmas Lights

Lot#: 3577

G- 3 Box lot Christmas Stationary & More

Lot#: 3578

G- Christmas Stuffies & Metal Wicker Slay

Lot#: 3579

G- Size 40 & 42 Men's Pants

Lot#: 3580

G- Size 38 & 40 Men's Pants

Lot#: 3581

G- Craftsman Airborne Fine Dust Cleaner

Lot#: 3582

G- Group lot of 8 Brand New Purses

Lot#: 3583

G- Blue Steamer Trunk

Lot#: 3584

G- 2nd Group lot of 8 Brand New Purses

Lot#: 3585

G- Assorted lot of 8 Travel Bags

Lot#: 3586

G- Exercise Gear & Helpful Supplies

Lot#: 3587

DR- 12 Assorted 45 RPM Records

Lot#: 3588

DR- 2nd lot of 12 Assorted 45 RPM Records

Lot#: 3589

DR- 3rd lot of 12 Assorted 45 RPM Records

Lot#: 3590

DR- 11 Assorted 45 RPM Records

Lot#: 3591

DR-2nd lot of 11 Assorted 45 RPM Records with Case

Lot#: 3592

G- 6 Large Travel Hand Bags

Lot#: 3593

G- 2 Carry-on Travel Bags & More!

Lot#: 3594

G- Brand New Nouveau Spirit Travel Bag & More

Lot#: 3595

DR- Six Gold Tone Ladies Necklaces

Lot#: 3596

DR- Assorted Lot of Twelve Bracelets

Lot#: 3597

G- Cabin Fever Box Lot

Lot#: 3598

G- Kitchen Accessories & Supplies

Lot#: 3599

G- 2nd lot of Kitchen Accessories & Supplies

Lot#: 3600

DR- Group Lot of Eight 45s with sleeves & More

Lot#: 3601

G- Group lot of 6 Brand New Black Tea Pots

Lot#: 3602

G- Assorted Cat & Small Dog Supplies

Lot#: 3603

DR- One Dozen Pairs of Earrings for Pierced Ears

Lot#: 3604

DR- Pearls, Pearls & More - Six Pearl Necklaces

Lot#: 3605

G-Large SP Walker Aircast & Wrist Tension Bracelet

Lot#: 3606

G- Home Organizational Lot

Lot#: 3607

DR- Vintage Hot Iron Transfers & Sewing Patterns

Lot#: 3608

DR- Vintage Silver Tone Necklaces & Earrings

Lot#: 3609

DR- Black & White Beaded Jewelry

Lot#: 3610

DR- Vintage White & Gold Style Costume Jewelry

Lot#: 3611

DR- 8 Assorted Beaded Costume Necklaces

Lot#: 3612

DR- White & Gold Tone Costume Jewelry

Lot#: 3613

DR- Vintage Sterling Ring Box & More

Lot#: 3614

DR- Men's Assorted Cufflinks, Tie Clips & More!

Lot#: 3615

DR- Brand New Caravelle Bulova Men's Watch

Lot#: 3616

DR- Assorted 10K Gold Ladies Jewelry

Lot#: 3617

DR- 2nd Assorted 10K Gold Ladies Jewelry

Lot#: 3618

DR- Assorted Fine Silver Jewelry

Lot#: 3619

DR- Unique & Vintage Military Insignia

Lot#: 3620

DR- Colorful Ladies Costume Jewelry

Lot#: 3621

DR- Assorted 14K Gold Ladies Jewelry

Lot#: 3622

DR- Huge lot of Silver Rings

Lot#: 3623

DR- Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set & More

Lot#: 3624

DR- 10K Gold Chains & Bracelets

Lot#: 3625

DR-2 Vintage Bulova Watch Presentation Boxes

Lot#: 3626

DR- Assortment of Seven Ladies Watches

Lot#: 3627

DR- Group Lot of Six Men's Watches

Lot#: 3628

DR- Selection of 4 Watches + Timex Watch in Case

Lot#: 3629

DR- Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

Lot#: 3630

DR- Men's Citizen Watch in Original Leather Case

Lot#: 3631

DR- Grouping of Ladies Costume Jewelry

Lot#: 3632

DR- Another Large Lot of Vintage Costume Jewelry

Lot#: 3633

DR- Eight Ladies Watches with Leather Straps

Lot#: 3634

DR-Selection Of Costume Jewelry - Including Avon

Lot#: 3635

DR- Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

Lot#: 3636

DR- Large Lot of Vintage Ladies Costume Jewelry

Lot#: 3637

DR-Large lot of Costume Chains

Lot#: 3638

DR-2nd lot of Costume Chains

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