Heavy Equipment & Truck SPOOKtakular Auction Day 1

Friday October 29, 2021 | 1892 COUNTY ST. Dighton, MA. US. 02715

There are no notes for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. NORTH COUNTRY AUCTIONS, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 64236268

Lot#: 64389000

vin# 1fdwx37p16ed92231, meter reads 82886 miles, 4x4, automatic, powerstroke diesel,

Lot#: 64582342

sn# 63x05321, meter reads 21533- hours, erops, equipped with heat, good glass, rubber is as seen, runs and operates

Lot#: 64236267

Lot#: 64582343

Serial # 5852s, Diesel Power, No Hour Meter Available, Orops, Diesel Power

Lot#: 64582344

double drum, walk behind

Lot#: 64236269

Lot#: 64582345

Orops, Double Drum, Sn# Bc47300209

Lot#: 64236264

Lot#: 64582346

sn# a35v3115, meter reads 17705 hours, erops, good glass, heat and air conditioning, very good rubber (few tires look new) runs strong

Lot#: 64236263

meter reads 1336 hours, Gas power

Lot#: 64582347

sn# a35cv60033, meter reads 21468 hours, good glass, rubber as seen, equipped with heat and air conditioning

Lot#: 64236266

Lot#: 64582348

sn# a35dv61171, meter reads 750 hours, 80,000 miles, equipped with heat and ac, good glass, rubber as pictured, runs and operated strong

Lot#: 64236265

Lot#: 64582349

meter reads 1532 hours, 4x4, 33 ft reach, 84" work platform

Lot#: 64236260

Lot#: 64236262

vin 1p912171x2g301233, 3328 lb gvw,model smc-1000

Lot#: 64236261

Lot#: 64582350

meter reads 42765 hours, 54 ft max height, 10,000 lb max lift height. 4x4. erops

Lot#: 64582351

32808 gvw, 10,000 lb max lift, joystick controls, orops, good seat, outriggers

Lot#: 64582352

sn# 25686, 80 ft max reach, 500 lb max capacity, 12 volt auxiliary power, diesel power, 4x4

Lot#: 64236257

fresh rebuild and 30 day warranty if installed by Peterson Attachments

Lot#: 64236256

Lot#: 64236259

Lot#: 64236258

Lot#: 64236253

Lot#: 64236252

Lot#: 64236255

Lot#: 64236254

Fresh rebuild, 30 Day warranty if installed by Peterson Attachments

Lot#: 64582339

sn# 7dk00774, meter reads 9909 hours, aux hydraulics, erops, good seat, heat, sprockets and pads @ 40%

Lot#: 64236251

Vin 1ftnf21l1xea84951, Meter Reads 85183 Miles. 4x4, Triton V8. Automatic

Lot#: 64236250

Vin 1fdwf36l4xed59419, Meter Reads 107301 Miles, Automatic, Triton V8, Versalift Bucket, Good Rubber

Lot#: 64236249

vin# wmefj5da8gk082301, automatic, gas power, cruise, ac, navigation, meter reads 30473 miles!

Lot#: 64582340

meter reads 8009 hours, erops, sprockets @ 70%, erops, good glass, equipped with heat

Lot#: 64582341

sn# 563211625, meter reads 69 hours, rubber tracks, erops, equipped with heat, mechanical thumb, rubber tracks, blade

Lot#: 64236246

vin# wmefj5da8gk125719, automatic, gas power, cruise, ac, navigation, meter reads 37071 miles!

Lot#: 64236245

vin# wmefj5da8gk082786, automatic, gas power, cruise, ac, navigation, meter reads 37999 miles!

Lot#: 64236248

vin# wmefj5da8gk083837, automatic, gas power, cruise, ac, navigation, meter reads 36748 miles!

Lot#: 64236247

vin# wmefj5da8gk126031, automatic, gas power, cruise, ac, navigation, meter reads 38595 miles!

Lot#: 64236242

Vin# 1gdjk34r1vf007967, Meter Reads 105282 Miles, 4x4, Automatic, Dually Rear

Lot#: 64236241

vin# 1fdxf47p84ec79628, meter reads 123227 miles, automatic, 4x4, powerstroke turbo diesel, Boss Super Duty Plow, 15,000 lb gvw, air conditioning, Xl Super Duty, nice truck

Lot#: 64236244

vin# wmefj5da8gk123276, automatic, gas power, cruise, ac, navigation, meter reads 36978 miles!

Lot#: 64236243

BILL OF SALE ONLY! V-twin, American Classic Edition, Miles Unknown, saddlebags, good rubber.

Lot#: 64236240

vin# 1jk0dt208ha100021, Tandem Axle, Pintle Hook, Air Brakes, Solid Deck, Rear Ramps, sells with Prior Reg and Bill of Sale

Lot#: 64236239

vin# 1tkds2927vb117253, 80,000 gvw, tandem axle, 11r24.5 rubber on bud wheels, 28 ft, aluminum

Lot#: 64236238

Vin# 5dmdssbb64m000059, 11r24.5 Rubber, 85,000 Gvw, Steel, Tandem Axle, Spring Suspension

Lot#: 64236235

Car Hauler; Vin 1fvhac5dv3bhb8435, Meter Reads 401733 Miles, 40k Rears, Smart Shift Auto, Ac, Cruise, Engine Brake, Dd13 Power, 2011 Cottrell 11 Car Hauler, Model Cx11hcsd, 45000 Gvw, Tandem Axle With 22.5 Rubber

Lot#: 64236234

Vin# 1vmhcmhe5ewn759177, Volvo 300 Hp Diesel, Allison Auto Trans, Cruise Control, Hour Meter Reads 4133 Hours, Mcneilus Controls

Lot#: 64236237

Vin# 1fv6jjbb8yga54308, Meter Reads 72532 Miles, Automatic, Air Conditioned, Air Brakes, Cruise Control, Chelsea Pto, 18,000 Front, 23,000 Rears, 1 Inch Front Rodder Hose, 2500 Psi, Fully Equipped AndMaintained, Brand New Cat Motor

Lot#: 64236236

Vin# 1htmsaar1dh187810, Meter Reads 115486 Miles, Automatic, Lift Gate, Air Brakes, Air Conditioned, Air Brakes, Power Windows And Locks, Morgan Body With Side Door, 52,000 Gvw, 22.5 Rubber

Lot#: 64236231

meter reads 4516 hours, single dually axle, diesel power, grizzly

Lot#: 64236230

Serial# 2875 Very Good Condition Less Then 1,000 Hours On New Engine 23.1 Size Tires Tight Plated Blade

Lot#: 64236233

Vin# 2fzhazde46aw66143, 66,000 Gvw, Meter Reads 325785 Miles, 10 Speed Eaton Transmission, Heat And Air Conditioned, 20,000 Lb Front, 46,000 Lb Rears, 11r225 Rubber, Well Maintained

Lot#: 64236232

vin# 1nkdlu0x42j890754, meter reads 205553 miles, 8424 hours, powered by a Cat C-12 2KS diesel @ 380 hp, 8LL Transmission, Engine brake, cruise control, diff-lock, PTO, air ride, power mirrors, 3.90 ratio, aluminumrims, Palfinger model PK32080, pintle hook, nice truck

Lot#: 64388997

vin# 4lee5230853527455, 22.5 rubber, complete refab, model 55fld, non ground bearing, ready for work

Lot#: 64388998

solid deck, beaver tail ramps, bud wheels

Lot#: 64388995

vin# 1fdyr90l4jba07301, meter reads 351720 miles, raton fuller transmission airflo sander controls, 22.5 rubber on aluminum rims

Lot#: 64388996

vin# 1hdafs6p66ea18532, 19,000 gvw, meter reads 342014 miles, automatic, pto, 3220 Maintainer, rear bumper vice, runs strong, ready for fleet maitanence.

Lot#: 64236228

Serial# 10001, Meter Reads 11028, Equipped With Erops Heat Coupler Rubber @ 50% All Around Good Glass, Solid Bucket, Runs And Operates

Lot#: 64236227

Sn# 20407, Meter Reads 11,010 Hours, Equipped With Erops, Heat And Air Conditioning, Backup Camera, Undercarriage At 60% Overall, Good Glass, Good Seat

Lot#: 64388999

vin# 5teuu42n86z248687, meter reads 95894 miles, manual transmission, v6 power, 4x4, this is a clean low mile 4x4 Toyota! Drive it anywhere!

Lot#: 64236229

Sn# Bln05400, Meter Reads 7546 Hours, Erops, Equipped With Erops, 4x4, Extendahoe, Good Glass, Clamshell Bucket, Coupler, Runs And Operates Strong!

Lot#: 64388990

vin# 4v5jabbe4tr847478, meter reads 111436 miles, cat 3306c power, eaton fuller transmission, heat, steel caster sander, plow

Lot#: 64236226

Sn# 335315, Erops, Equipped With Heat And Air Conditioning, Good Glass, Good Seat, 70% Rubber All Around., Good Bucket, Outriggers

Lot#: 64388993

vin# 1m2p199cxkw003481, meter reads 68486 miles, maxitorque 7 speed transmission, heat and air conditioned, engine brake, Chelsea PTO, beauroc 14 ft steel body with 3 asphalt scuttles, air to rear, pintle hooj

Lot#: 64388994

vin# 1m2b156c1ga003459, meter reads 317135 miles, maxitorque extended range transmission, camelbaack spring suspension, 3 asphalt scuttles, super clean truck, nice dump body, tarp, 11r24 rubber,

Lot#: 64388991

vin# 1htsdaar32h520569, meter reads 62824 miles, cruise control, engine brake, eaton fuller 6 speed transmission, 14,000 lb front, 23,000 lb rear, steel caster sander

Lot#: 64388992

vin# 1htmpafl65h167401, meter reads 101006 miles, automatic, 455 wheel base, 22.5 rubber, stainless sander, plow

Lot#: 64468079

vin# 1gbe5c3295f500723, meter reads 138826 miles, automatic, duramax diesel power, 4x4, Tiger crane model 6031e, miller welder generator, nicely equipped truck!

Lot#: 64468078

sn# gjm42903, meter reads 643 hours, orops, 921x front end loader, rear pto, hydraulic coupler, nice clean low hour tractor

Lot#: 64388986

vin# 1htmkaan55h100215, meter reads 212548 miles, automatic, 33,000 gvw, 11r22.5 rubber, equipped with heat and air conditioning, Arrow 3500 Gallon tank, with .486 shell, .269 head. Fleet maintained.

Lot#: 64388987

vin# 1m1aa18y8tw067920, meter reads 395234 miles, 13 speed maxitorque, cruise, pto, power divider, Cirus spreadsmart controls, heat and air conditioning, 12,000 lb front, 44,000 lb rears, hi way e2020xt sander,canclium tank setup, e7-427 power

Lot#: 64388985

Sn# 4ws00376, Meter Reads 403 Hours, Erops, Equipped With Heat And Air Conditioning, Good Glass, Good Seat, Joystick Controls, Full 360 Degree Led Flood Lights, Beacon Lights, Aux. Hydraulics, Stored Inside! Never SeenSalt. Nice Clean Low Hour Unit!

Lot#: 64388988

vin# 1m1aa18y3ww088212, meter reads 559894 miles, 18 speed maxitorque, cruise, pto, power divider, Cirus spreadsmart controls, heat and air conditioning, 14,000 lb front, 52,000 lb rears, hi way e2020xt sander,caclium tank setup, e7-427 power

Lot#: 64388989

vin# 1m2aa14y0mw011831, meter reads 506556 miles, 8ll transmission, chelsea pto, power divider,engine brake, heat and air conditioning, 14,000 lb front, 52,000 lb rears, hi way e2020xt sander, caclium tanksetup, e7-427 power

Lot#: 64468082


Lot#: 64582375

gas power, rear seat

Lot#: 64468083

vin# 1m1aa18y23n154007, 12,000 lb front, 38k rears, meter reads 286260 miles, cruise control, sliding 5th wheel, locking differential, 13 speed transmission, heat and air conditioning, aluminum headache rack, wet line

Lot#: 64582376

gas power, 1225 hours, brush gaurd

Lot#: 64468080

vin# 2npnhd7xx4m829832, meter reads 246939 miles, allison automatic transmission, cat c7 power, 5.29 rear ratio, 11r22.5 rubber, 33,000 gvw, fleet maintained

Lot#: 64582377

gas power, rear bag carrier, #17

Lot#: 64468081


Lot#: 64582378

gas power, rear bag carrier

Lot#: 64468086

sn# c129-10s06, 6x6, meter reads 12431 miles, 424 hours, 5 speed transmission, runs and operates

Lot#: 64582379

6 passenger, 4800 miles, runs excellent, luggage rack, led lights

Lot#: 64468087

sn# 04N-05171, 6x6, 5 speed transmission, meter reads 45846 miles, 1583 hours, runs and operates

Lot#: 64468084

vin# 1m2p267c9ym051492, meter reads 297327 miles, eaton fuller 8ll transmission, jacobs engine brake, air to rear, pintle hook, asphalt scuttle, cruise control

Lot#: 64468085

sn# C329-10277, meter reads 10272 miles, 118 hours, 6x6, 5 speed transmission, diesel power, runs and operates

Lot#: 64468088

Sn# C531-02446, 6x6, Meter Reads 7083 Miles, 340 Hours, Automatic Transmission, 11r22 Rubber, Runs And Operates

Lot#: 64468089

sn# ask-15-1283, diesel power, 3 phase, meter reads 2628 hours, pintle hook

Lot#: 64468093

sn# c124-12676, 5 ton, 6x6, diesel power, meter reads 27596 miles, 76 hours on meter, tandem axle, 5 speed transmission

Lot#: 64582364

vin# 4lf4s5133y3510425, 55 ton, non ground bearing, triaxle, 22.5 rubber, air ride, solid deck

Lot#: 64468094

tandem axle, 5th wheel, fair deck, good rubber

Lot#: 64582365

vin# 1ftww31r98ec55977, meter reads 108675 miles, powerstroke diesel, automatic, 4x4, harley davidson edition, leather seats, power windows and locks, crew cab 4 door, clean truck

Lot#: 64468091

Sn# 316, 5000 Gallon, Two Compartment, 4 Wheel, Self Contained Powered Pump.

Lot#: 64582366

vin# 1ftbf3b62bec86739, meter reads 135275 miles, automatic, 4x4, leather, reading body, good rubber, clean truck

Lot#: 64468092

single axle, rolling landing gear, sn# 2330007058932, very nice condition, ready to go

Lot#: 64582367

vin# 1ftrf3d61feb47302, dually, automatic, 4x4, only 7509 miles, one owner, back rack, super clean and ready to go

Lot#: 64468097

Paver Special, vin# 57je53308n35a0737, 22.5 rubber, 5 position gooseneck, 22" loaded deck height, 24' clear deck with 8'6" width, triaxle, model workhourse 55 pvr, aluminum rims, air ride, 120197 gvw, brand new andready to work, brand new FET applies

Lot#: 64582368

model sdg45s, sn# 1338b10148, 45 kva output, 240.480 volt, 60hz, meter reads 3752 hours, pintle hook, tandem axle

Lot#: 64468098

vin# 1ftnf21515eb11970, meter reads 229405 miles, automatic, gas power, 4x4, XL super duty

Lot#: 64582369

model sdg25s, 25 kva output, 240/480 volt, 60 hz, sn# 1236a70794, meter reads 2257 hours, pintle hook

Lot#: 64468095

sn# c124-14756, 5 ton, 6x6, diesel power, 5 speed transmission, meter reads 1254 miles, good rubber, rear pintle

Lot#: 64468096

2022 Fontaine 50 FLD Lowbed, vin# 57je50300n35a0343, 118720 gvw, triaxle, air ride, 24' flat level deck. 20" loaded height, 8'6" wide, ai rlift third, 22.5 rubber, magnitude 50 model, brand new readyto go, FET applies

Lot#: 64468099

sn# e8420a/003, meter reads 710 hours

Lot#: 64582370

kubota diesel power, ball hitch, meter reads 826 hours, single axle

Lot#: 64582371

subaru 28 hp motor, pintle hook, single axle, clean unit

Lot#: 64468090

sn# c124-10053, 5 ton, 6x6, diesel power, meter reads 27520 miles, 299 hours, rear pintle, 5th wheel, runs and operates

Lot#: 64582372

sn# 2108404, 3 phase, 277 / 480 volts, 67 amps

Lot#: 64582373

6 cylinder diesel power, meter reads 1633 hours, sn# 1278, model HPH 2400 S-Pack 6 BT

Lot#: 64582374

Lot#: 64582353

sn# 644716, cummins diesel power, orops, meter reads 6253 hours, 4x4, foam filled rubber, 25740 gvw

Lot#: 64582354

vin# 2npnhd7x64m823865, meter reads 371437 miles, 30,000 gvw, c7 cat power, 3.90 gear ratio, allison automatic, heat and air conditioning, fleet maintained

Lot#: 64582355

vin# 4v5k39gf62n334084, allison 5 speed auto, 20k front 23k rear, 345hp d12, swenson spreader, plow with wing

Lot#: 64582356

vin# 1htglg3t7mh316146, meter reads 82371 miles, waton fuller 13 speed transmission, spring ride, jacobs engine brake, tarp

Lot#: 64236275

Lot#: 64582357

vin# 1htmpafm73h565495, automatic, rear stinger axle, VT365 power, steel rollback, 24.5 rubber

Lot#: 64236274

Lot#: 64582358

vin# 2nkmhd7x54m051585, meter reads 124487 miles, allison automatic, cruise control, heat and ac, single axle

Lot#: 64582359

sn# 02293, 1 and 3 phase, diesel power, pintle hook, canvas, 960 lb gvw

Lot#: 64236271

Lot#: 64236270

Lot#: 64236273

Lot#: 64236272

Lot#: 64582360

sn# 00890, 1 and 3 phase, diesel power, pintle hook, canvas, 960 lb gvw, meter reads 293 hours

Lot#: 64582361

sn# nw088j1240, 7250 gvw, single axle, pintle hook, rack panels

Lot#: 64582362

vin# 4e7pa422xhaba4699, 68000 gvw, 11r24.5 rubber, 1,000 cubic foot load capacity, 58,000 lb product capacity

Lot#: 64582363

vin# 3byd6te23f4009599, 1000 gallon capacity with a load rating of 60,158 lbs, 48 ft, 102 wide, 22.5 rubber, super clean and ready to go!

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