Heller Farms Retirement Auction

Steffes Group Inc. | Farm Auction
Thursday August 29, 201910:00 am | 87708 285th St Danube, MN 56230. Danube, MN. US.
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There are no notes for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Steffes Group Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Farm Retirement Auction! Major equipment is shedded with meticulous service and maintenance records.For information contact Blake 320.826.2483, Ben 320.522.2145 or Eric Gabrielson at Steffes Group, 320.693.9371 or 701.238.2570.


LOCATION:From Danube, MN, 4miles north on Cty Rd 1, .5 miles west on 870th Ave., .75 miles north on 285th St. From Roseland, MN, 5 miles south on Cty Rd 5 turns into Cty Rd 1, .5 miles west on 880th Ave., .25 miles south on 285th St. 87708 285th St, Danube, MN 56230

AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Heller Farms have farmed for over 43 years and have decided to retire. Major equipment is shedded with meticulous service & maintenance records. Online bidding available on all major equipment. Major equipment will sell at 10:30AM.


2008 Caterpillar Challenger MT855B, powershift, 5 hyd., Beeline auto steer, hyd. wide swing drawbar, climate control, power adj. mirrors, (20) front weights, 3,854.5 hrs., S/NAGCCO855TNTJG1007, single owner, 1 season on new tracks, yearly oil analysis records & inspections from Ziegler Cat

2006 John Deere 8430T, CAH, buddy seat, powershift, 5 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, 1000 PTO, auto steer ready, HID lights, beacon light, extra cab lights, K&M rock box, radar, (22) front weights, front idler weights, 4" wide idlers, 24' tracks set at 88, 4,486 hrs., S/NRW8430T901011


2008 John Deere 8130, CAH, active seat, buddy seat, powershift, 4 hyd., quick hitch, 1000 PTO, integrated auto steer, K&M drawbar kit, HID lights, extra light pkg., K&M rock box, front fenders, Goodyear 320/85R38 front tires, Goodyear 320/90R54 w/10-bolt duals, 2,532 hrs., S/NRW8130P026922

2007 John Deere 8330, CAH, active seat, buddy seat, powershift, 4 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, integrated auto steer, diff lock, K&M drawbar kit, HID lights, extra cab lights, extendable mirrors, rock box, Goodyear 320/85R38 front tires, Goodyear 380/90R50 w/10-bolt duals, 2,983 hrs., S/NRW8330P017575

2000 John Deere 8110, CAH, powershift, 3 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, 1000 PTO, diff lock, mirrors, ext. lights, ext. cab lights, K&M rock box, 320/85R34 front tires, New BKT 380/90R46 rear tires w/10-bolt duals, 4,552 hrs., S/NRW8110P002110, $19,000 transmission work order


1979 John Deere 4440, CAH, quad range, 3 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, dual PTO, diff lock, John Deere 740 Classic quick tach, loader, quick tach 8' bucket, joystick controls, 3rd valve, 11.00-16 front tires, Goodyear 380/85R46 rear tires w/10-bolt hub duals, 689 hrs., S/N4440H19071R, extensive history records

1979 John Deere 2640, open station, shuttle shift, diesel, 8 spd., 2 hyd., 3 pt., 540 PTO, new rear tires, 4,142 hrs.

1962 John Deere 4010, wide front, ROPS w/canopy, open station, diesel, syncro, 2 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, 540 PTO, flat top fenders, K&M step kit, (7) front 20 Series weights, 14.9-38 rear tires, 4,047 hrs., S/N401021T22004

John Deere B narrow front, gas, 540 PTO, restored


Ford 5500 tractor loader backhoe, cab, heat, diesel, 2WD, shuttle shift, 78" bucket, 22" rear bucket, 9.00x20 front tires, Goodyear 16.9-28 rear tires, shows 772 hrs.

2004 Mitsubishi FG20ZT forklift, ROPS, LP, 2 stage mast, 48" forks, solid tires, 7,453 hrs., S/NF35-00026


2008 John Deere 9770 combine, 2WD, PRWD, Contour-Master, bullet rotor, Y&M w/mapping, 5" display, direct drive feeder house, hyd. cap. lift, Maurer hopper top, hyd. bubble up auger, single pt. hookup, Goodyear 710/70R38 front tires w/duals, Goodyear 28L26 rear tires, 2,148 sep. hrs., 2,863 engine hrs., S/NH09770S727897, includes annual inspection records from Kibble, $12,000 of service work in 2017

John Deere 635FD flex draper, hyd. fore/aft, flex shafts, Crary wind system, stubble lights, single pt. hookup, S/N1H0635FDCG0785180

John Deere 612C chopping corn head, 12x22", hyd. deck plates, flex shafts, stalk stompers, stubble light pkg., single pt. hookup, S/NH0612CC730301, $3,700 work order in 2017


John Deere Starfire ITC receiver

(2) John Deere 3000 receivers

John Deere brown box w/mobile processor, SF2 card

(2) John Deere 2600 displays w/SF1

Ag Cam camera system


John Deere 455 drill, 30', 6" spacing, press wheels, markers, S/NN0455H001071

John Deere 9300 grain drill, 30', 6" spacing, markers

John Deere 8300 drill, 13', 6" spacing, rubber end wheel, rubber press wheels


2009 John Deere DB44, CCS, 24x22", VacuMeter, hyd. drive, Pro-Shaft drive, 20/20 SeedSense monitor, Delta Force down pressure, mini hopper ext., Yetter row cleaners, (3) section disconnect, plates to include pellet (sorghum), corn & soybean, markers, S/NA0DB44X730242

John Deere 7300, 12x22", VacuMeter, ground drive, 1.5 bu. boxes, Dawn row cleaners, rear lift assist, John Deere 250 monitor, plates to include corn, bean, sweet corn & sugar beets plates, markers, S/NA07300A100790

John Deere 7100, single row, pull-type, 1.5 bu. box, ground drive


Salford 570RTSHD vertical tillage, 31', all wave blades, rolling baskets, weight pkg., 3-bar coil tine harrow, S/N112501M1

John Deere 2410 chisel plow, 33', 2" points, floating hitch, single pt. depth, 3-bar harrow, S/NN02410X010352

John Deere 2210 field cultivator, 50', 9" knock-on sweeps, double wing fold, floating hitch, rear crumbler, single pt. depth, 3-bar harrow, S/NN02210X008269

John Deere 637 disc, rock flex, hyd. leveling, 3-bar coil tine harrow, (2) front gauge wheels

John Deere 2700 disc ripper, 9 shank, 24" spacing, 10" point, 9" covering boards, rear disc leveler, single pt. depth, Summer MA1420 3-bar coil tine harrow, S/NN02700X002099

John Deere 3710 auto reset plow, 10 bottom, flex frame, single coulter, new wear parts, S/N00300813

John Deere 856 row crop cultivator, 24x22", 3 pt., hyd. wing fold, C-shanks, rear lift assist, rolling shields, (6) gauge wheels, S/NN00856X000640

Summers pull-type coil packer, 34', rock flex, S/NZ0201

Kongskilde 3500 soil finisher, 34', 5-bar, rear hyd., rear crumbler, rear hitch, Danish tine, 3-bar spike tooth harrow

John Deere 1010 field cultivator, 9', 3 pt.


2002 IHC 9400I day cab, 60 Series Detroit, 470 hp., 10 spd., engine brake, air ride, air slide, cruise, diff lock, wet kit, 1/2 fenders, 181" WB, 275/80R22.5 tires, front aluminum rims, rear steel rims, 503,355 miles, S/N2HSCNAMRX2C046368

1998 IHC 9100 day cab, C12 Cat, 410 hp., Rockwell 10 spd., engine brake, air ride, air slide, cruise, diff lock, 1/2 fenders, 161" WB, 275/80R22.5 tires, front aluminum rims, rear steel rims, 644,713 miles, S/N2HSFRAXR6WC059380

1995 IHC 9200 day cab, 3176 Cat, Eaton Fuller 9 spd., air ride, air slide, cruise, diff lock, 1/2 fenders, 213" WB, 11R22.5 tires, front aluminum rims, rear steel rims, 104,750 miles, S/N2HSFMATR9SC014366

1992 IHC 9300 Eagle day cab, 3406 Cat, 13 spd., Legacy air ride seat, air ride, air slide 5th wheel, diff lock, headache rack, wet kit, dual tank, aluminum tool box, 201" WB, 11R22.5 tires on all aluminum rims, 542,433 miles, S/N2HSFBLUR4NC059560, $4,000 work order from 2018


1972 Ford L9000 tri-axle grain truck, 8V-71 Detroit, 13 spd., Crysteel 24' box, grain gate & beet gate, S/NU907VN53095, $3,000 work order in 2017


1997 Dodge 3500 Laramie SLT, ext. cab, 5 spd., 4WD, cloth interior, Cadet Western Series 8'x92" flatbed, headache rack, DRW 215/85R16 tires, 108,382 miles, S/N3B7MF33W9VM525712

2006 Dodge Ram 2500, ext. cab, long box, diesel, automatic, 4WD, 5th wheel ball, 265/70R16 tires, 188,488 miles, S/N3D7KS26CX6G137442

2001 Ford Ranger, ext. cab, V6 gas, automatic, 4WD, power window & locks, alloy wheels, 127,546 miles, S/N1FTZR15E01PA23424


Brent 1080 grain cart, 1000 PTO, extensions, hyd. spout, tarp, camera system, scale, 36" tracks, green, S/NB31530171

Ez-Flow 300 gravity box, Sudenga hyd. drive auger, tarp, on 1074 running gear, 12.5-15 tires

Parker gravity box, 250 bu., tarp, 4-wheel running gear


2013 Wilson Pacesetter DWH-500 hopper bottom trailer, 42'x66", ag hopper, spring ride, single belt drive traps, power roll tarp, 11R22.5 tires on outside aluminum rims, S/N4WW4412S5D7704281

1992 Wilson Pacesetter DWH-200 hopper bottom trailer, 42'x66", spring ride, 2 spd. traps, tarp, 11R22.5 tires on steel rims, S/N1W1MAFYD1NA216164, New tarp, brakes, drums & oil seals in 2017

2008 Trail King 4172 live bottom trailer, 41'x72", spring ride, power roll tarp, super singles, S/N1TKHA42278B013889

1995 Monan van trailer, air ride, (3) 1,400 gal. cone bottom Enduraplas tanks, (2) induction cones, stainless steel mixing tub, Honda pump, 2" Banjo hose reel, aluminum floor, roll-up rear door, rear step, sliding axle, 255/75R22.5 tires on steel rims, S/N1NNVA4524SM231551

2011 PJ tandem axle bumper hitch trailer, 14'x80", wood deck, side ramps, rear ramp, aluminum fenders, 5-bolt wheel, S/N4P5U81429B2155798

Shop-Built tandem axle bumper hitch flatbed trailer, 6'x12', wood deck, 225/75R15 tires

Unverferth HT36 header trailer, 36', 4-wheel, 22.5x8.0x12 tires, S/N696

Ez-Trail 880 header trailer, 4-wheel, 28x12x12 tires, S/N544-700


2009 WIC Amity 2500 beet lifter, 8x22", 1000 PTO, 11.2x24 tires, S/NH359209, $7,500 work order in 2018

Pickett CT2422-F beet row crop manager (beet thinner), 24x22", 3 pt., wing fold, S/N06-270

Alloway Topmaster RD267 beet topper, 12x22", 1000 PTO, scalpers, HID lights, 1 year on steel flails, S/N3219

1974 Gind beet trailer, 40', spring ride, side dump, adj. axle, 11R22.5 tires on steel rims, S/NG1950Y312


2011 Hardi Commander 6600 sprayer, 132' boom, 1000 PTO, triple nozzle, 1,800 gal. tank, PTO diaphragm pump, rinse tank, boom suspension, (3) sensor boom height, 7-section control, 5500 display, hyd. hitch, steerable axle, adj. axles, Titan 320/90R50 tires w/duals, S/N102364

AgChem 502 pull-type sprayer, 35' x-fold boom, 500 gal. tank, hyd. drive pump, S/N50196

Keller band sprayer, 72Rx22", pull-type, Riverbend 750 gal. tank, foamer

Alloway band sprayer, 12 row, 3 pt., 500 gal. tank, hyd. drive pump, 3-section control, lift assist, (4) gauge wheels, S/N2691


Unverferth 3750 Seedrunner seed tender, Honda engine, 2-compartment, self-loading, tarp, scale, cordless remote, side windows, on tri-axle 5th wheel trailer, torsion bar axle, 235/85R16 tires, S/ND55-620-185

Westfield MK100-71 auger, 70'x10", low pro swing hopper, mechanical drive, hyd. lift, 540 PTO, S/N152697

Westfield auger, 46'x8", center 540 PTO, S/N12519

Sudenga drill fill auger, hyd. drive


Case-IH MT rotary hoe, 44', 24x22", 3 pt., high clearance, wing fold

New Holland disc mower, 8', 3 pt., 540 PTO

Eversman 4512 land leveler, 12' blade, pull-type, 4-wheel

Farm King blade, 8', 3 pt.

Degelman R570 rockpicker, fork style, S/N20482

Nabors rock nabber, 3 pt., w/stand

Tandem axle rock wagon, 6'x10', hyd. dump, 31x10.50x15 tires

Woods SS108-2 snowblower, 9', 2 stage, double auger, hyd. turn & spout, 3 pt., 1000 PTO, S/N1235108

King Kutter rear tine tiller, 7', 3 pt., 540 PTO


2008 Land Pride 4420ST UTV, ROPS, Honda V-Twin gas engine, windshield, roof

2005 Kubota RTV 900RH UTV, Camo Edition, ROPS, diesel, hydro, 4WD, power steering, diff lock, radio, roof, front bumper, power dump box, rear receiver, 2,583 hrs., S/N47303

2014 Honda Foreman ATV, ES, EFI, 500cc, 4x4, power steering, front & rear racks, 1,237 miles

Demco ATV sprayer, 12v, folding boom & wand, ATV rack mount


Miller Millermatic 250 mig welder, single phase

Miller Blue Star 180E welder/generator, gas

Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC welder, single phase

Caroline HV-12 band saw

Shamrock shop press, 30 ton

Shamrock engine hoist

Raider 311RS pressure washer, kerosene heat, S/N18096

Well-Built parts washer

Dual tire installer

John Deere oil station

Misc. tools

Misc. shop items including welding bench


Fuel tank, 2,000 gal., w/pump

Fuel tank, 500 gal., w/pump

Demco saddle tanks, 250 gal., w/John Deere mounts


(2) Goodyear DT800 380/90R50 tires, on 10-bolt rims, at 95%

(2) Firestone tracks, 16", for John Deere

(2) Wheel spacers, 15", tall tire


For information contact Blake 320.826.2483,
or Ben 320.522.2145or Steffes Group at 320.693.9371, Eric Gabrielson 701.238.2570

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