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Terms and Conditions The bidders(s) and the Auctioneer(s) agree that the terms listed below shall govern each and every auction sale. All registration information the Bidder provides to the Auctioneer shall be current, complete, and accurate. All bidders must be 18 years of age or older. The bidder agrees to not use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of any transaction being conducted on and during any auction sale. 1.Photos with lot descriptions are to be used to act as part of the item description. We make all efforts to note any defects prior to the auction close. Please view all photos for each item before you bid and bid accordingly.2.Settlement for payment for purchases will be made by Visa or MasterCard. All sales are subject to provincial sales taxes where applicable. HST provinces will be charged 13% on all purchases, buyer?s premium, convenience fees, and shipping and handling costs. British Columbia will be charged 12% on all fees and non-HST provinces with 5% on all fees and Quebec buyers will be charged GST on all fees. International bidders do not pay any additional taxes provided items are shipped out of Canada. 3.All sales are subject to a 10% Buyer's Premium of the Purchase Price and payable by the Buyers. Full settlement to be made at the conclusion of the sale. Nothing is removed until paid in full, and invoice received. Buyer acknowledges and agrees not to retract their bids. The Highest Bidder shall be the Buyer, and if any dispute arises during the Sale, then the Auctioneer, may at his discretion, put the Lot up again. The Auctioneer's decision is final. The Auctioneer reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and shall control the bidding at all times.4.Buyers picking up their merchandise shall be responsible for making all arrangements for merchandise pick-up and / or removal per specific terms or conditions listed for auction. Please note that some removal times are short, be aware of removal times when you bid. Removal times will be posted - buyer must adhere to these times, no exceptions will be made. Buyer must provide all packing materials necessary to remove all items purchased.5.Buyers whose merchandise will be shipped will be responsible for payment of the convenience fees and shipping fees. These fees will be charged to the credit card on file. Convenience fees; all items being shipped will be charged with a $5.00 convenience fee for the first item purchased and a fee of $1.00 for every additional item. This fee covers securing your purchase at the facility until shipped.6.All items are sold "AS IS". Condition reports available upon request.7.Despite efforts to avoid withdrawal of item/lots from the sale after they are listed it may sometimes be necessary. Auctioneer and the Owner/Seller reserve the right to do so at any time before or during the sale. The Owner/Sellers of property sold through this Site reserve the right to reject any and all bids in their sole discretion. If there is a reserve on a lot, the Auctioneer and/or the Seller have the right to bid on behalf of the Seller.8.Merchandise becomes the full responsibility of the Buyer at time of PAYMENT. Any Buyer having someone, other than himself, pick-up his purchases must notify the Auctioneer. Buyer shall be at his own risk and liability at the Owners' property for pick ups, and shall hold the Owner/Seller and the Auctioneer harmless for the Buyer's negligence. Buyer shall also be held responsible for any damage to the Owner's property, caused by the Buyer. 9.PICKUPS & REMOVALS: Dates and Times are published in the "Auction Details" tab. Buyers are responsible for the complete removal of their purchases within these posted timeframes. You will be removing items from a private home / property; possibly from multiple floors and areas. BRING: Help, Tools, Packing Material, Etc. All removal will be conducted in a "workman like" manner. Buyers' will be charged for the full costs of any repairs of damage to property caused directly by buyer and or their agents.Any item not picked up during the posted pickup times will be considered an abandoned item. Refunds will NOT be given on items that you have abandoned. In addition your credit card will be charged for a minimum administration fee of $25.00 and NON PICK-UP Fees of $15 for each small item and $25 for each large / awkward item. Bidding privileges may be revoked or suspended. 10.Auctioneer reserves the right to resell any property not paid for in full with all funds received by Auctioneer within two days on the online auction item/lots closing date. Failure to pay for item/lots won on this online auction may result in legal action against Buyer.11.Auctioneer cannot, and will not, be held responsible for any interruption in service, errors and/or omissions, caused by any means and does not guarantee continual, uninterrupted or error free service or use of the Site. Bidder acknowledges that this auction is conducted electronically and relies on hardware and software that may malfunction without warning. The Auctioneer, in its sole discretion, may void a sale, temporarily suspend bidding and re-sell any items/lots that were affected by any malfunction. The decision of the Auctioneer is final.12.Auctioneer gathers information about Bidders and Owners/Sellers for the purposes of conducting online auctions only. Auctioneer does not, and will not, sell or rent this information.13.Auctioneer uses email mailing lists to notify its customers about online and live auctions. If you are receiving a particular mailing and wish to discontinue receiving future mailings, simply forward the received email to Auctioneer to have your name removed from our list.14.As a Bidder you are responsible for any bids placed under your bidding number and password. The security of your Bidder information is your sole responsibility as you, the Bidder, will be responsible for any and all bids placed under your number. If at any time you feel that your Bidder number and password have been compromised due to lack of security on your part you must notify Auctioneer immediately.15.By using this site, you, the Bidder, agree in advance to accept all rules, terms, and conditions, and any such possible changes thereto.16.Theresa Taylor Auctioneering is acting as Agent for the Seller. All guarantees are between seller and the buyer.17.What does "SOFT CLOSE" mean? Items close every second. Any bids placed in the last minute of the auction will cause the auction item to stay open for an additional 3 minutes. This will continue until all bidding has ceased.18.What is "MAXIMUM BIDDING"? Bidders may place a maximum bid on each item. Your initial bid will increase automatically, each time you are outbid, up to your maximum bid. If a competing bid is above your maximum bid, you will be required to bid online again, if you want to be the successful bidder.19.Your use of this auction site marks your acceptance in full these Terms and Conditions.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Taylor Auctioneering, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1000

Glass and metal shelving unit 20" W x 14.25" D x

Lot#: 1001

Wooden Mirror H 30" x 20"

Lot#: 1002

Ashley Upholstered arm chair

Lot#: 1003

Vintage Torchere floor lamp- 62" H base 11" D.

Lot#: 1004

Brown leather and leather like sofa showing

Lot#: 1005

Leather and leather like recliner

Lot#: 1006

3 drawer antique dresser with hardware

Lot#: 1007

Needlepoint top stool with Queen Anne Legs,

Lot#: 1008

Parlour table with drop sides, Paw feet, dimension

Lot#: 1009

Sewing cabinet 14" x 13" x 25" H

Lot#: 1010

Eastlake arm chair with back and bottom needlepoi

Lot#: 1011

Eastlake parlour chair with back and bottom needle

Lot#: 1012

Wicker Arm rocking chair

Lot#: 1013

Rounded glass china cabinet with lead glass too

Lot#: 1014

Modified Antique cabinet with glass shelves

Lot#: 1015

Pattern Glass Coal oil lamp

Lot#: 1016

Patlern Glass coal oil lamp 18" H

Lot#: 1017

Honey comb pattern coal oil lamp 16" H

Lot#: 1018

Globe Mini metal wash board

Lot#: 1019

Pair of glass wash boards

Lot#: 1020

Pair of glass wash boards

Lot#: 1021

Sade Irons and trivet

Lot#: 1022

Oversize vintage jars and jugs

Lot#: 1023

Pair of coal oil lamps smallest is 6"

Lot#: 1024

Cast dinner bell 8.5' H

Lot#: 1025

Wooden Canadian Butter box, Quebec

Lot#: 1026

Collection of rolling pins, egg beaters pair

Lot#: 1027

Wall mount wine rack and bar set

Lot#: 1028

Lot: Cup holder, mugs, Hot chocolate maker,

Lot#: 1029

Side Board - 60" L x 22" D x 43" H

Lot#: 1030

Side by Side China Cabinet

Lot#: 1031

Retro China cabinet 40" x 15.5" x 44" H

Lot#: 1032

Wooden Advertising Box : Vapo-Cresolene

Lot#: 1033

Dining Room Table and 6 chairs pub style

Lot#: 1034

Decorative Cast stove- 25" W x 22" D x 31.5" H

Lot#: 1035

Kenmore Refrigerator:

Lot#: 1036

Kenmore Electric Range glass top

Lot#: 1037

Pair of stools:adjustable height currently set

Lot#: 1038

Three footed stool missing handle 10" x 11.5"H

Lot#: 1039

Baskets & Grape vine wall hangings

Lot#: 1040

Wall Hanging 48" H x 23" W

Lot#: 1041

Wall hanging- 14" x 5.5"

Lot#: 1042

Pedestal Ash Tray with alabaster in column

Lot#: 1043

Wooden Stool 13.25" Dia. x 29" H

Lot#: 1044

White Stool 13" Dia. x 23.25 H

Lot#: 1045

Parlour Table 17.5" dia. x 20.25"H

Lot#: 1046

Corner Table 15.25" x 9" x 23.5"

Lot#: 1047

Cast iron bird bath; peg missing on one bird.

Lot#: 1048

Harp base parlour table with one drawer,

Lot#: 1049

Wooden Ironing Board

Lot#: 1050

Wooden Rocking chair with rattan seat

Lot#: 1051

Decorative wooden ladder green Paint 58.5"

Lot#: 1052

Wooden Ladder 56.5"

Lot#: 1053

Hanging Net Swing

Lot#: 1054

Lot of picture frames & blank certificates

Lot#: 1055

Partylite wall unit votive holder 8 candles 27"

Lot#: 1056

Tree of life votive holder 21.5" dia.

Lot#: 1057

Maple base boudoir lamp 12.5" H

Lot#: 1058

Antique washstand with towel rack , dovetailed

Lot#: 1059

Antique swing mirror, dovetailed drawers dresser,

Lot#: 1060

Parlour table 26" x 19.5" x 24" H

Lot#: 1061

Wicker Chair

Lot#: 1062

Sewing basket with contents

Lot#: 1063

Antique Dresser dovetailed drawers 34" x 19" x

Lot#: 1064

Boudoir lamp 15" h

Lot#: 1065

Pair of candle wall sconces 15 " L

Lot#: 1066

Wall mounted beveled mirror 22" x 20.5"

Lot#: 1067

Wooden Chair

Lot#: 1068

Wooden chair

Lot#: 1069

Tube frame twin bed with new mattress and linen

Lot#: 1070

Ikea wicker mirror 23" diameter

Lot#: 1071

Trio: red lamp, table and home deco heart

Lot#: 1072

Bevelled mirror 23.75" x 27" W

Lot#: 1073

Metal wall shelf 24.5" x 9.25" x 15" H

Lot#: 1074

Double bed frame with mattress

Lot#: 1075

Wooden Magazine Table 23.5' x 13.5" x 20.5" H

Lot#: 1076

Rocking Chair

Lot#: 1077

Music Stand needs restoration 20.25" x 14"x 43"

Lot#: 1078

Trio fans; pedestal, Royal Soverign, white table

Lot#: 1079

Frigidaire front loading washing machine

Lot#: 1080

Frigidaire dryer

Lot#: 1081

Bevelled Mirror 29" x 35 "

Lot#: 1082

Bench; seat 21" x 11 Length 26"

Lot#: 1083

Bed Side Table 20" 25" x 16.25 h

Lot#: 1084

2 drawer cabinet on rollers 21:" x 16:

Lot#: 2000

Pinwheel Crystal - 5 pieces

Lot#: 2001

Crystal, cut glass, Cornflower 2 pc.

Lot#: 2002

4 pc. Cut glass

Lot#: 2003

5 pc. of American Press cut, plus a charger 15" D

Lot#: 2004

Frosted rose glass lot- 4 pc.

Lot#: 2005

5 pc. Glassware: Amethyst pedestal bowl 4.5' H,

Lot#: 2006

Frosted Hibiscus salad set with 4 bowls

Lot#: 2007

Clear Glass Lot: 2 Bowls, cake plate, basket, Cov

Lot#: 2008

Retro Kitchen: Fire King loaf pan, refrigerator

Lot#: 2009

Assortment of press glass : Tallest is 7"

Lot#: 2010

3 pc of cobalt blue lined, sugar, cream and condi

Lot#: 2011

Assorted Glassware: CL stamped rim of bowl

Lot#: 2012

Porcelain lot: Sadler tea pot, Woods and Son teap

Lot#: 2013

Porcelain Lot: Viictorian Creamer, Royal Albert

Lot#: 2014

Glassware assortment: trifle bowl, etched pitcher,

Lot#: 2015

EPG pedestal compote, ruby flash covered

Lot#: 2016

Assorted glassware: depression sugar, and cream,

Lot#: 2017

Tea cup lot of 8: Royal Albert, Delphine,

Lot#: 2018

Hammersley: cream and sugar and under plate

Lot#: 2019

Royal Winton Chintz cream and sugar, Lord Nelson

Lot#: 2020

Moriage Salt and pepper

Lot#: 2021

Pink Glass - 2 bowls, server, jug,

Lot#: 2022

Coffee/tea mugs- Royal Stuart, Buckley, Queens,

Lot#: 2023

Stemware assortment 16 or 4 each plus one

Lot#: 2024

Retro Juice set with 5 glasses and pitcher

Lot#: 2025

Ridgways Tea set 3 pieces

Lot#: 2026

Fine Procelain made in Japan dinner service 8

Lot#: 2027

J. G. Meakin transfer ironstone

Lot#: 2028

5 pcs. pink dishes: bowl, fan, covered bowl,

Lot#: 2029

Porcelain lot: decorative honey jar, tea ot with

Lot#: 2030

Carletonware bowl. W 11" x 4" H

Lot#: 2031

Pottery lot: Hall Jug, Fiesta pc., jug, covered

Lot#: 2032

Aluminum pieces 4

Lot#: 2033

Corning Ware lasagna dish and small casserole

Lot#: 2034

Porcelain lot: pair of platters Grimwades, Cheas

Lot#: 2035

Assorted glasses- 20 pcs.

Lot#: 2036

Dinner ware 7 bowls, side plates 7 and dinner pl

Lot#: 2037

Bellacucina Chocolate fountain with book

Lot#: 2038

Hamilton Beach Electric roaster 18 Qt.

Lot#: 2039

Grouping: Magic Bullet, water thermos,

Lot#: 2040

Barbecue rack, barbecue basket and utensil set

Lot#: 2041

Lot: SP Candle sticks, Meriden Child mug,

Lot#: 3000

Admiral Super Aeroscope with built in antenna

Lot#: 3001

Red Rose collectible minature tea pots

Lot#: 3002

Roseville Red Rose 1997- minature teapots

Lot#: 3003

Roseville Red Rose in paper box 6 pieces

Lot#: 3004

Candle lot: holders and candles

Lot#: 3005

Party lite lot: containers and candles.

Lot#: 3006

Cat Collectibles: Cat Angel , Planter, Jug,

Lot#: 3007

Assortment of glass milk bottles

Lot#: 3008

Fly on the Wall candle holder

Lot#: 3009

4 Table top easels and a rocking horse

Lot#: 3010

Bird Bath -stone ware

Lot#: 3011

Candle holders, candle, Male figure,

Lot#: 3012

Pair of Hummell frosted angel candle holder, plus

Lot#: 3013

Collection of candle motto ware, metal angels,

Lot#: 3014

Candle metal wall scones, humming bird hanger,

Lot#: 3015

Candle lanterns & wall sconce

Lot#: 3016

Home Decor: motto ware, candle holder,

Lot#: 3017

Home Decor and trinkets

Lot#: 3018

Assorted vases: Coloured- green, blue , Milk glass

Lot#: 3019

DVD movies assortment 14 +

Lot#: 3020

CD musical assortment - 38

Lot#: 3021

Assorted Cook Books

Lot#: 3022

Camera Lot: Kodak Tourist Camera , Warwick No 2

Lot#: 3023

Pair of decorative boxes: 10.5" x 6.5" x 7" T

Lot#: 3024

Pair of circle of friends largest 10" D x 7" H

Lot#: 3025

Chess set, Backgammon, and checkers assembly

Lot#: 3026

Yoga/exercise/fitness equipment: Ball, yoga mat

Lot#: 3027

Coby 7" Widescreen digital photo frame

Lot#: 3028

Bathroom Set: towels, soap dish, toothbrush, holdr

Lot#: 3029

Dr. Scholl foot bath, and Conair curling iron

Lot#: 3030

Chrome toilet paper holder, towels, mats and showe

Lot#: 3031

Fall/ Halloween decorations

Lot#: 3032

Tray of Christmas decoratons , candles, night

Lot#: 3033

Valentine surprise pkg. Boa, mesh nyleons, Recipe

Lot#: 3034

Lot Home Decor pair of Roosters, Love bird sign

Lot#: 3035

Christmas Decorations: Snow Globes, candle

Lot#: 3036

Lot of Sarah Angels some musical one is a fountai

Lot#: 3037

Christmas items; new tablecloth, plates, runner

Lot#: 3038

Christmas lot: Slate plaque, folk wall hanging,

Lot#: 3039

Assorted Christmas Decorations

Lot#: 3040

Gingerbread Man Cookie Jar 10"

Lot#: 3041

Home Decor: Large Candle Holder

Lot#: 3042

Ronson Shoe Shine Kit, with electric buffer

Lot#: 3043

Shutter Christmas wall decorations 40.5" x 14"

Lot#: 3044

Christmas decorations: Basket of garland, berries,

Lot#: 3045

Basket of Christmas decorations and ornaments

Lot#: 3046

Christmas motion Santa and Mrs. on bench

Lot#: 3047

Christmas motion children pair 19" H

Lot#: 3048

Group: snowmen tallest is 24"

Lot#: 3049

Christmas decorator sleighs plus Christmas child

Lot#: 3050

Christmas decorator sleighs plus Christmas candles

Lot#: 3051

50" H Christmas tree with lights

Lot#: 3052

Christmas stockings, Runners, wall hanging, hat,

Lot#: 3053

General Electric plastic radio

Lot#: 3054

Royal Doulton Bunnykin bank, piggy bank, Victorian

Lot#: 3055

Barbie with clothes and carrying case

Lot#: 3056

7.5 Bauer skates, wore once ladies with tote

Lot#: 3057

HO Scale PC Insider Express Train sets

Lot#: 3058

Bisque doll made in Japan arms need new

Lot#: 3059

Real fur stuffed rabbit 15" Length

Lot#: 3060

Philips Antena, Sony clock radio and another

Lot#: 3061

Snow Shoes

Lot#: 3062

Vintage Sleigh - deoorated

Lot#: 3063

Fall Decorations bins not included

Lot#: 3064

Christmas decorations

Lot#: 3065

Pair of planters decorated for Christmas

Lot#: 3066

Window 22" x 24" decorated to hang for Christmas

Lot#: 4000

Frosted glass dresser set; perfume and scent

Lot#: 4001

atmosATMOS Jaeger - Le Coultre, Geneve clock

Lot#: 4002

10 kt Yellow gold ladies diamond tested ring

Lot#: 4003

10 kt yellow gold pair of charms 2.87 grams both

Lot#: 4004

925 Silver mens size 12. 16.11 grams

Lot#: 4005

Yellow gold ring not stamped but tested 1.85 gram

Lot#: 4006

.Alpaca Mexico Silver money clip 30.91 grams

Lot#: 5000

Pair of prints : 9.5" x 11.5"

Lot#: 5001

Pair of prints 8" x 10" each

Lot#: 5002

Claude Theberge pair of prints largest 11.5" x

Lot#: 5003

Carol Lawson, Daydreams 34" x 21.5" framed poster

Lot#: 5004

Robert11" x 14.5" Bateman print "Getting to know",

Lot#: 5005

Christopher Miller , Mohawk of Akwesane print 9.75

Lot#: 5006

3 Prints largest if 12" x 9.75"

Lot#: 5007

Folk art, motto ware 9.5" x 19"

Lot#: 5008

Motto ware wall hangings 4 pc. 12" x 12"

Lot#: 5009

Folk art- outhouses on board 5.75" x 23.5"

Lot#: 5010

Wooden sign: 24 Laundry service 19.75" L

Lot#: 5011

Lyall's fabric textured original art 20.25" x 17."

Lot#: 6000

Linen: Assortment of table cloths one with 8 nap

Lot#: 6001

2 sets of Pillow cases and lace bib apron

Lot#: 6002

Box lot of dollies and runners

Lot#: 6003

Coloured dollie lot

Lot#: 6004

Curtains 4 panels with rods 84" x 52" each

Lot#: 6005

Pair of runners-71" x 24"

Lot#: 6006

5 Throws and 3 Runners

Lot#: 6007

Maple Leaf blanket and throw, pair of navy pillow

Lot#: 6008

Body Pillows largest 40" L

Lot#: 6010

Vintage baby clothing: sweater sets, blankets,

Lot#: 6011

Vintage baby clothing: sweater sets, blankets,

Lot#: 6012

Avaition leather helmet

Lot#: 6013

Leather belt 32"

Lot#: 6014

Purses, wallet, computer bag

Lot#: 6015

Ladies books size 8; 4 pr.

Lot#: 6016

10 pairs of ladies shoes 7.5-8 sizes

Lot#: 6017

Lot of throw pillows

Lot#: 7000

Novo Clear 465 Series Main BIF Chem - Free Filter

Lot#: 7001

5 ft. Aluminium ladder

Lot#: 7002

Simplicity Sno-Away 55 cm 7 HP snowblower

Lot#: 7003

Poulan 18 HP 42 " cut 6 speed riding lawnmower

Lot#: 7004

Sears compound mitre saw 10"

Lot#: 7005

Garden Implements: shoves, edger, racks

Lot#: 7006

Hand tools: socket set, pliers, C. Clamp, level,

Lot#: 7007

Lot: fluids partials, caulking, chainsaw oil,

Lot#: 7008

Hardware lot and some fishing tackle,

Lot#: 7009

Handyman lot: caulking gun, painting supplies,

Lot#: 7010

Jobmate jigsaw, Ryoai drill, Black & Decker drill

Lot#: 7011

Assorted tools: 4 ton Hydrauli jack, saws, sledge,

Lot#: 7012

Stanley shop vac 4 HP 5 Gallon

Lot#: 7013

Birdhouses and feeders

Lot#: 7014

Garden Decor - cement figures etc.

Lot#: 7015

Garden Deco - cement figures etc. plus bird bath

Lot#: 7016

Garden lot: pruners, sprayer, saw, knee pads, tree

Lot#: 7017

Tempo 610T Treadmill

Lot#: 7018

Weight set and bench

Lot#: 7019

Black and Decker Workmate bench

Lot#: 7020

Extension ladder 22 ft Aluminum

Lot#: 7021

Aluminum Step ladder 5 ft. by GLAM

Lot#: 7022

Murray 20" 4.5 HP push lawnmower

Lot#: 7023

Cub Cadet 2 cyl Trimmer with extra cord

Lot#: 7024

Accessories and attachments: Poulan Pro-5500P, saw

Lot#: 7025

Tru Temper Wheelbarrow

Lot#: 7026

Folk art milk can

Lot#: 7027

Bishop Hooks and Morning Glory Wall Plaque

Lot#: 7028

Galvanized tub and pail

Lot#: 7029

Exterior furnishings, chairs and tables

Lot#: 7030

Exterior Swing and cushions

Lot#: 7031

Wooden Garden display wagon

Lot#: 7032

Plumbing snake

Lot#: 7033

Schwinn Bicycle

Lot#: 7034

Pair of Gas cans and a milk crate

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