January 19, 2019 Antiques & Fine Art Auction

Saturday January 19, 2019 | Pittsfield, MA. US. 01201
Fontaine's Auction Gallery Terms and Conditions.1. Each lot in this catalog is offered for sale subject to the terms set out below, as changed or supplemented by provisions a) written in other places within these Terms of Sale, b) in written supplements to this Catalog or other materials prepared by us and c) as stated by the auctioneer or posted in writing at the auction, prior to a bid being accepted for a lot. By bidding at the auction the buyer and all bidders agree to be bound by these terms or those changed and supplemented, whether bidding in person, through a representative, by phone, by internet, or other absentee bid. Fontaine's Auction Gallery, Inc. retains all rights to copyright and other intellectual property contained in this catalog. Sales Results: Results will be available by on our website no earlier than 10:00 am on the Monday following the auction or as soon as Fontaine's Auction Gallery, Inc. has audited and verified all sales. Please do not call prior to this time for results, as they will not be given out under any circumstances. We thank you for your understanding in this matter. 2. Buyer's Premium, Purchase Price, Taxes, and Billing Buyer's Premium: All bidding at auction and all purchases will be in U.S. Dollars. A buyer's premium in the amount of 21% when bidding with Fontaine's Auction; Bidding with 2nd party platforms (eg. eBay, AuctionZip, LiveAuctioneers, Invaluable, etc) is 26% including the live fee of the successful high bid will be added to the amount of the successful bid price for all lots purchased at auction. Purchase Price: Upon the announcement by the auctioneer, the successful bidder becomes the purchaser and is responsible for the amount of the successful bid, the buyer's premium, applicable taxes, and other charges provided for in the Terms of Sale. Taxes: Applicable taxes shall include Massachusetts sales tax (6.25%), use tax, excise tax, and other taxes or levies. Valid resale certificates are the only accepted as proof of exemption from Massachusetts's sales tax by U.S. dealers. No Massachusetts sales tax is charged for purchases shipped out of state by a licensed shipper with proper Bill of Lading. Billing: All successful bidders will be sent invoices by mail on or before the Wednesday after the auction. 3. Methods of Payment and Fees: Acceptable methods of payment are Cash. Personal Check, Certified Check, Wire Transfers. Payment from absentee and phone bidders is due within 7-10 days of notification of successful bids. All other payments are due upon receipt of invoice. We reserve the right to hold all goods paid for by check until payment has cleared. Late Payment Charge: If payment is not received within thirty (30) days of sale, Fontaine's Auction Gallery, reserves the right to impose from the date of sale a late charge of 1 1/2% a month of the total purchase price and deny all future credit. 4. Qualifying to Bid: If you are not known to us, you may be asked to furnish identification, a valid credit card number, and possibly, credit references. If you are acting as another's agent or principal, we may request a letter of authorization. If paying by check, you must establish credit at least three (3) business days prior to the auction. A letter from your bank, presented before the sale may also be accepted at our discretion, although we may retain your purchase(s) until the check clears. If you are successful and do not remit payment within thirty (30) days, the balance will be charged to your credit card together with such charges set forth in these terms of sale. 5. Bidding Increments0 - 250 = 25250 - 1000 = 501000 - 2500 = 1002500 - 10,000 = 25010000 - 25000 = 50025000 - 50000 = 100050000 - 100000 = 2500100000 - 500000 = 5000500000 - 1000000 =250001000000 up = 50000. The auctioneer has the sole and exclusive power, discretion, and authority to regulate the bidding and its increments. 6. Absentee Bids - We accept absentee bids by phone, by mail, in person, or by fax. Absentee bids are requested no later than 6:00 p.m. on the Friday before the auction. If you fax your absentee bids, please call us to confirm receipt. All absentee bidding is handled as though you are in attendance. We will buy all designated lots for you at the bidding increment just above where competition stops. Please check and comply with these increments. All unreserved bidding starts at 50% of the low estimate unless there are two or more competing absentee bids at a price higher than that. (For example, a lot estimated at $500-$750, with no reserve, will normally open at $375. If there are two absentee bids for $400 and $600, the lot will sell for $425. "Plus" bids: Because of our structured bidding increments, it is possible that several people will leave identical bids. Since an earlier bid wins in the event of a tie, a later bid with an added "plus" bid to the next increment would win the piece. All absentee bidder names and bids are held in strictest confidence, disclosed only in the event of a question after the sale. Absentee bidding is a convenience offered to our customers and, while we will make every effort to execute your instructions, Fontaine's Auction Gallery is not liable or responsible for any errors or failure to do so. 7. Telephone Bids Lines are available on a first-come, first-served basis - please reserve as soon as you are able. We must hear from you no later than 12 noon on the Friday before the auction. Determine the lots on which you most want to bid before reserving the lines. If you need condition reports, please request and review them prior to reserving phone lines. We will call you at one phone number ONLY during the auction. If you are unsure of where you or your agent will be during the sale, we recommend you leave absentee bids. All requests for overseas telephone lines must be accompanied by absentee bids, which will be executed on the buyer's behalf, should there be any problems with telephone connections. Your phone number and lots will be confirmed before the auction. Please do not change your phone number after your phone lines have been confirmed; if you do, Fontaine's Auction Gallery will not be responsible for any breakdown in communications. We strongly recommend landlines, as to date, they are more reliable than cellular phones. One of the reasons people bid by phone is to monitor how much they're spending. However, if you bid by phone, you must be willing to bid to the low estimate should the bidding go that far. You may, however, leave absentee bids for any amount. Bids are placed on the telephone at the discretion of Fontaine's Auction Gallery, and at the caller's risk. Telephone bidding is a convenience offered to our customers and, while we will make every effort to execute your instructions, Fontaine's Auction Gallery is not liable or responsible for any errors or failure to do so. 8. Auctioneer's Determination Final - A lot will be sold to the highest bidder as determined in the sole and exclusive judgment of the auctioneer. The auctioneer will also have the sole and exclusive power and authority to a) resolve any disputes between bidders, b) determine whether to pass or re-offer a lot for sale, c) reject or challenge any bid or advance in the bidding, and d) otherwise regulate the bidding and its increments. 9. Reserves - A reserve is the confidential minimum price established between Fontaine's Auction Gallery and the consignor. Fontaine's may implement the reserve by bidding on behalf of the consignor at the auction up to the reserve. If bids on a lot fail to reach the reserve, the lot will be bought-in. 10. Estimates - The estimates provided in this Catalog are our opinion of the price that a willing buyer would pay for the Property at auction. These estimates are opinion, based, where possible, on prices paid for comparable items sold in the past. They are neither a representation nor a prediction of the actual selling price that will be realized at auction, post-auction sale, or upon resale, which may be substantially different from these estimates. We shall not be liable in any way for such a difference. 11. Withdrawal of Property from Sale - Fontaine's Auction Gallery reserves the right to withdraw property from the sale for any reason and with no liability whatsoever for such withdrawal. 12. Warranties and Guarantees - This is a Guaranteed Auction as expressly stated in this paragraph. General: All information in the Catalog concerning: age, authenticity, genuineness, quantity, period, culture, source, or origin is warranted for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of sale by Fontaine's Auction Gallery, except as excluded below. This warranty extends to only the original buyer of record (that is, the registered bidder). Size is approximate. If keys are present, they will be provided. The terms "perfect," "mint," and "pristine" indicate that the lot is in the same condition that it was at time of manufacture. Exclusions and Limitations: This Warranty does not cover: a) Wear, minor imperfections or factory flaws b) Any description which states (or is bracketed in a section described as) "as-is" or "not guaranteed"; c) Subsequent owners or assigns of the property, This disclaimer of liability on our part applies whether the information is included in the catalog, advertisements, announcements, or communicated through our representatives, bills of sale, or elsewhere, and whether written or oral. 13. Condition Reports - Condition reports are statements of opinion by the staff of Fontaine's Auction Gallery, and/or independent consultants, it is not a warranty. If you would like a condition report for items in this sale, please email us at [email protected] Please be patient, we get many requests and we make every effort to respond to all of them in a timely fashion. Fontaine's Auction Gallery is not liable or responsible for any errors in the condition report or failure to deliver the same. The buyer is responsible to read the condition report and view the images provided with each item in their entirety as the combination of these two factors will be conclusive in determining the condition stated by Fontaine's Auction Gallery of the items in this auction. 14. Rescission by Purchaser - If within a reasonable time, not to exceed thirty (30) calendar days after the sale, the original purchaser a) gives written notice to Fontaine's Auction Gallery, alleging that the age, authenticity, genuineness, quantity, period, culture, source, or origin as set forth in the terms of sale and warranted by Fontaine's Auction Gallery were materially inaccurate and misleading and substantially overstated the value of the Property, and b) returns the Property with five (5) days of receiving this permission in the same condition it was in at the time of sale and c) proves the truth of such allegations to the satisfaction of Fontaine's Auction Gallery, the sale of such lot will be rescinded, Fontaine's Auction Gallery will refund the full purchase price to the purchaser. Refunds shall not include costs of transportation, insurance, or other expenses that may have been incurred by the purchaser. After 30 days from the date of purchase the guarantee will expire and all items are then sold as-is and there will be no returns for any reason. This limited right of rescission is available only to the original purchaser and may not be relied upon by any heir, agent, transferee, assign, or other third party or assigned to any subsequent transferee of the Property which gives rise to the claim. Purchaser acknowledges and expressly agrees that the provisions of the paragraph state the sole and exclusive remedy available to a purchaser in the event of nonconformity in Property purchased. The purchaser understands and agrees that the exclusive remedy for any breach of the warranty shall be a rescission of the sale and a refund of the original purchase price (bid plus buyer's premium), as well as any applicable taxes paid. Neither Fontaine's Auction Gallery nor its consignor shall be liable for damages beyond the remedy expressly provided for herein, such as but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential, including the loss of profit or revenue, cost of obtaining alternative property, claims of customers of the purchaser or otherwise. 15. Rescission by Fontaine's Auction Gallery - In the event Fontaine's Auction Gallery receives notice of an adverse claim with respect to purchased property, Fontaine's Auction Gallery shall have the right (but not the obligation), in its sole and absolute discretion, to rescind the sale to the purchaser, upon written notice to the purchaser. Upon such notice, the purchaser will promptly return the purchased property to Fontaine's Auction Gallery premises in the same condition as when purchased. Fontaine's Auction Gallery will then promptly refund the purchase price, including the buyer's premium and applicable taxes paid. Purchaser will have no further recourse against Fontaine's Auction Gallery or the consignor, and Fontaine's Auction Gallery and the consignor shall not be liable for any damages of any nature suffered by the purchaser. 16. Payment, Collection, and Shipping Responsibilities of Purchaser: Purchaser Obligations: On the fall of the auctioneer's hammer, title to the property immediately transfers to the successful bidder who, in turn, becomes the purchaser of the Property. The purchaser assumes full risk and responsibility for the purchased property, including all costs and expenses of handling, shipping, insurance, taxes, export, and otherwise, and is liable for the full purchase price, plus the buyer's premium, applicable taxes, and any other associated expenses. Collection of Property and Storage Charges: The purchaser will pay for and remove the purchased property from the premises of Fontaine's Auction Gallery within thirty (30) days of the sale. If the purchased Property is not removed in this time, the purchaser will thereafter be assessed a $10 per lot storage charge per day starting at the date of purchase. Fontaine's Auction Gallery may, at its discretion, remove the purchased Property to public storage at the purchaser's risk and expense. All associated charges will be added to the total invoice and must be paid in full before the property will be released. Packing and Shipping: The purchaser is responsible for the shipment of all purchased property. Fontaine's Auction Gallery does not facilitate shipping, but we can assist in providing information for local packing companies for smaller items or trucking companies nationwide. We are not responsible for any damage or loss that occurs while your objects are in another's care. Shipping larger items: Larger items are objects such as furniture, andirons, lamps, floor vases, or any other item whose safe packing will exceed the limits of common carriers. The delivery of large, heavy, or expensive objects is not an inexpensive proposition and we urge you to consider this before bidding. We will work with any shipper of your choosing. 17. Purchaser Default Remedies: If any of the Terms of Sale are not fully complied with by the purchaser, the purchaser will be in default without need of notice by Fontaine's Auction Gallery. The purchaser shall be liable to Fontaine's Auction Gallery and the consignor for the total purchase price, including all premiums, charges, and expenses specified in the Terms of Sale. Interest shall accrue at the rate of 18% per annum commencing with the date of the auction. In addition to other remedies available to Fontaine's Auction Gallery by law, Fontaine's Auction Gallery may, at its option, a) cancel the sale of the lot(s) on which the purchaser defaulted and of any other lots sold to the defaulting purchaser at the same or any other auction(s) and retain as liquidated damages all payments made by the purchaser, b) resell the purchased Property, whether at public auction or private sale, or c) pursue any combination of a) and b) above. In event of default, the purchaser will be responsible to Fontaine's Auction Gallery and the consignor for any deficiency, any and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, collection fees and expenses, late charges, and other damages. Fontaine's Auction Gallery may, at its discretion, apply any proceeds of sale otherwise due to the purchaser or monies of the purchaser in Fontaine's Auction Gallery's possession to reduce or satisfy the purchaser's obligations. Security Interest: As security for full payment to Fontaine's Auction Gallery and the consignor of all amounts due, the purchaser grants and Fontaine's Auction Gallery retains a security interest in the property purchased at auction and in any other property or money of purchaser in Fontaine's Auction Gallery possession or coming into Fontaine's Auction Gallery's possession (collectively, "collateral"). Fontaine's Auction Gallery shall have the rights of a secured creditor as provided by the Uniform Commercial Code and other applicable law. Such security interest in the Property or other collateral will cease when the property is physically released to the purchaser or the purchaser's agent. 18. Governing Law and Forum for Disputes The laws of Massachusetts shall govern the auctions of Fontaine's Auction Gallery. Any disputes, which may arise in connection with the auction and/or any auction purchase, and all of the terms and conditions set forth herein above, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Massachusetts law. Anyone who participates in the auction and/or makes auction purchases agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Massachusetts. Additionally, bidder/buyer agrees to jurisdiction and venue for any legal dispute to be exclusively in the courts located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in connection with the auction and/or any auction purchases. In the event that Fontaine's Auction Gallery needs to bring an action to enforce the terms and conditions herein and/or to collect any sum due and owing to it, Fontaine's Auction Gallery shall be entitled in addition to collect its reasonable attorney's fees, collection agency fees, and cost of suit. 19. Limitations of Liability: Fontaine's Auction Gallery acts in many cases as the agent for the consignor and in no event will be liable for any breach or default by the consignor. 20. Severability and Waiver: If any provision or portion of these Terms of Sale shall be deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable under applicable law, that provision or portion shall be stricken and severed from the remaining provisions which shall remain in full force and effect. Failure to enforce any of the provisions in these Terms of Sale shall not be deemed a waiver of the right to enforce any other provisions of these Terms of Sale. 21. No Assignment: Unless Fontaine's Auction Gallery consents in writing, purchasers may not assign their rights or any of their obligations related to an auction or other sale by Fontaine's Auction Gallery. 22. No Modifications: These Terms of Sale may not be changed unless Fontaine's Auction Gallery and purchaser have agreed to do so in a written agreement signed by both parties. 23. Miscellaneous Export or Import: An export license may be required for the export of certain materials. Some countries prohibit the importation of certain materials. It is the sole responsibility of purchasers to familiarize themselves with any required license and import/export requirements. Fontaine's Auction Gallery will have no responsibility with regard to these matters. Private Sales: These Terms of Sale shall apply to both auction and private sales of property. Paragraph Headings: Paragraph and subheadings are included in these Terms of Sale for ease of reference and should not be used to interpret the meaning of the substantive provisions. If you have any questions after having read the Terms of Sale, please contact the gallery at 413-448-8922. Bidders who bid from off site and are not present at the live auction or preview understand and acknowledge that they may not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person. It is the bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determining factor. Fontaine's Auction Gallery shall endeavor to describe in detail each item and any pertinent information about that item. Fontaine's Auction Gallery will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise. Fontaine's Auction Gallery in some instances provides internet pre-auction and live bidding as a service to potential bidders. The bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall the bidder have any claim against Fontaine's Auction Gallery or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly before or during the live auction. Fontaine's Auction Gallery will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Fontaine's Auction Gallery reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction.or re-catalog items in this auction.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Fontaine's Auction Gallery, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Magnificent Bronze & Cranberry Glass Centerpiece

Lot#: 2

3 Piece Gold, Diamond & Pearl Jewelry Set

Lot#: 3

Bronze & Enamel 3 Panel Screen Cabinet Clock

Lot#: 4

Tiffany Studios Acorn Double Student Lamp

Lot#: 5

Galleria Lapini Marble Sculpture with Pedestal

Lot#: 6

Bronze And Cut Glass Overlay Centerpiece

Lot#: 7

Belter Fountain Elms Laminated Rosewood Sofa

Lot#: 8

57 Piece Silver w/ S. Kirk & Son and Cartier Spoon

Lot#: 9

Emile Herbert Bronze Sculpture "Oedipus"

Lot#: 10

Champleve & Gilt Brass Animated Singing Bird Box

Lot#: 11

Galle 17.5 in."Hydrangea" Cameo Glass Vase

Lot#: 12

Figural Carved Putti Pedestal

Lot#: 13

3 Piece Bronze Mounted Cut Glass Garnitures

Lot#: 14

John Morgan 24" Leaded Grape Hanging Lamp

Lot#: 15

Edouard Drouot Bronze Sculpture "L'Art Lyrique"

Lot#: 16

Ivan F. Choultse O/C "Autumn River"

Lot#: 17

French Bronze "Queen Victoria" Mantle Clock

Lot#: 18

Miniature Gilt Bronze Curio Jewelry Cabinet

Lot#: 19

Grand Tour Alabaster Sculpture On Marble Base

Lot#: 20

Franz Bergman Cold Painted Bronze Sculpture

Lot#: 21

Figural Carved Black Forest Smoking Stand

Lot#: 22

2 Door RJ Horner Winged Griffin Mahogany Bookcase

Lot#: 23

Royal Vienna 9.5 in. Portrait Vase

Lot#: 24

Tiffany Favrile 10 in. Footed Art Glass Bowl

Lot#: 25

Dante Zoi Carved Nouveau Alabaster Sculpture

Lot#: 26

Pair of West Point Foundry Cast Iron Benches

Lot#: 27

Americo Makk O/C "Comments"

Lot#: 28

Large Meisssen Porcelain Figural Grouping

Lot#: 29

Quezal Art Glass 3 Light Wrought Iron Lamp

Lot#: 30

Hand Painted Royal Vienna Potpourri

Lot#: 31

Gothic Ebonized & Gilt Incised Pedestal

Lot#: 32

2 Estate Gold Diamond Rings

Lot#: 33

Elaborate Gilt Bronze Figural Clock

Lot#: 34

Marble Sculpture "Apollo And Daphne" after Bernini

Lot#: 35

Figural Carved Cat & Horn Double Inkwell

Lot#: 36

Constantin Westchiloff O/C Winter Landscape

Lot#: 37

5 Austrian Art Glass Threaded & Oil Spot Shades

Lot#: 38

Attr. Russian Bronze Mounted Cobalt Jardiniere

Lot#: 39

Oak Gustav Stickley No. 602 Chest Of Drawers

Lot#: 40

Pair of Platinum Background Porcelain Vases

Lot#: 41

Percy Moran O/C Washington Receiving Flag

Lot#: 42

Austrian Bronze Snake Table Lamp

Lot#: 43

14K Gold Estate Bracelets (5 Pieces)

Lot#: 44

Large Zsolnay Pottery Vase on Stand

Lot#: 45

5 Piece French Sterling Tea Set With Tray

Lot#: 46

Cast Bronze Chandelier with Cut Glass Shades

Lot#: 47

French 3 Piece Marble & Bronze Clock Set

Lot#: 48

Steuben 5 Piece Verre De Soie Console Set

Lot#: 49

Rosewood Renaissance Revival Etagere

Lot#: 50

Pair of Emile Puifocat Silver Mounted Lapis Bowls

Lot#: 51

Belter Laminated Rosewood "Fountain Elms" Chair

Lot#: 52

Lot of 10 Gold Coins

Lot#: 53

Signed F. Barbedienne Bronze Vase

Lot#: 54

Pair of Galle Pottery Figural Lion Candle Holders

Lot#: 55

Gilt Carved Eagle Wall Hanging

Lot#: 56

3 Meiji Bronze Lion Sculptures

Lot#: 57

1.73 Carat Diamond and 18K Gold Ring

Lot#: 58

Edouard Drouot Bronze Sculpture "Inspiration"

Lot#: 59

Picasso Madoura Still Life Plate

Lot#: 60

R. Lalique "Bacchus" Pattern Vase

Lot#: 61

Andre Gisson O/C Figures in a Garden

Lot#: 62

Enterprise No. 9 Counter Top Coffee Grinder

Lot#: 63

14 Piece Russian Silver Vodka Set

Lot#: 64

Tiffany Studios Linenfold Desk Lamp

Lot#: 65

Pr. Bronze Mounted Rosewood Marble Top Credenzas

Lot#: 66

Carved Coral Deity With Phoenix

Lot#: 67

Salvador Dali Ink on Paper "Don Quixote"

Lot#: 68

Gilt Sterling and Enamel Nef Ship

Lot#: 69

Large Room Size Sarouk Rug 18.5 ft. x 10 ft.

Lot#: 70

9.5 inch Royal Vienna Hand Painted Portrait Plate

Lot#: 71

Floor Standing Cast Iron Malted Milk Shaker

Lot#: 72

Jean Belloc Bronze Sculpture "La Fantasia"

Lot#: 73

Albert Nemethy O/C Trojan Steam Ship

Lot#: 74

Tiffany & Co. Carved Oak 9 Tube Grandfather Clock

Lot#: 75

Andrei Egorov Gouache Winter Landscape

Lot#: 76

Mappin Brothers Silver Plated Centerpiece

Lot#: 77

Oak Gothic Tramp Art Secretary Desk

Lot#: 78

F. Barbedienne Bronze "Le Courage Militaire"

Lot#: 79

Pair of Gilt Metal Relief Decorated Plaques

Lot#: 80

Carl Faberge Russian Jeweled Silver Kovsh

Lot#: 81

Walnut Boxed Game Board and Gambling Set

Lot#: 82

7 Pcs. 14K Gold Estate Jewelry

Lot#: 83

Large Fischer J. Polychrome Vase

Lot#: 84

136 Piece Wallace "Grand Baroque" Flatware

Lot#: 85

Louis Moris Bronze Battle Scene Sculpture

Lot#: 86

Andre Gisson O/C "Beach Figures No. 114"

Lot#: 87

3 Small Counter Top Coffee Grinders

Lot#: 88

Attr. Gainsborough Dupont O/C Portrait

Lot#: 89

Gilt Bronze Marble Top Rococo Pier Table

Lot#: 90

Bronze Figural Wild Boar Argand Lamps

Lot#: 91

F. Barbedienne Enameled Bronze Compote

Lot#: 92

C.W. Parker Bucking Bronco Carousel Horse

Lot#: 93

Pr. Export Style Armorial Wall Sconces

Lot#: 94

Carved Mahogany Bow Front Corner Cabinet

Lot#: 95

Bronze Putti Candelabra Signed Henry Dasson

Lot#: 96

2 Estate Gold Diamond Rings

Lot#: 97

Gilt Bronze Mounted Marble Pedestal

Lot#: 98

7 Light Iron Chandelier w/ Steuben Shades

Lot#: 99

Marble & Bronze Mantle Clock

Lot#: 100

15 inch Tiffany Studios Spider Table Lamp

Lot#: 101

Paul Dubois Bronze Sculpture "Columbine"

Lot#: 102

14K Gold And Citrine Estate Jewelry

Lot#: 103

R.J. Horner Oak Winged Griffin Partners Desk

Lot#: 104

6 Quezal Pulled Feather Art Glass Tulip Shades

Lot#: 105

Clesinger Bronze "Femme Pique Par un Serpent"

Lot#: 106

French Bronze and Chinese Cloisonne Console Set

Lot#: 107

Native American Indian Hand Woven Basket

Lot#: 108

E. Barrias Marble & Bronze Desk Stand

Lot#: 109

Turned & Acanthus Carved Marble Pedestal

Lot#: 110

5 U.S. Military Commissions Documents

Lot#: 111

Pr. Gilt Bronze Mounted Granite Obelisks

Lot#: 112

1.9 Carat Diamond and Platinum Ring

Lot#: 113

Marble & Bronze Pedestal

Lot#: 114

R.J. Horner Carved Mahogany Sideboard

Lot#: 115

Pair of 14K Gold & 2 Carat Diamond Earrings

Lot#: 116

Billiard Practice Coin-op Arcade Game

Lot#: 117

Black Forest Carved Boar Head

Lot#: 118

Michael Ignatius Stadlmann Cello

Lot#: 119

Pair of Silver Plated Bronze Figural Sconces

Lot#: 120

14K Gold Estate Necklaces (6 Pieces)

Lot#: 121

Bull Durham Bronze Clad Tobacco Advertising

Lot#: 122

6 Piece Sterling Silver Tea Set With Tray

Lot#: 123

Rare Statue Of Liberty 24 Inch Lamp

Lot#: 124

Russian Silver & Niello 12 Piece Demitasse Spoons

Lot#: 125

Gold Estate Pins And Brooches (22 Pieces)

Lot#: 126

Bronze & Bent Glass 26 Inch Hanging Lamp

Lot#: 127

Carlo Giuseppe Testore Cello

Lot#: 128

Set of 8 Matching Silver Bowls with Plates

Lot#: 129

14K & Topaz Bracelet, Necklace and Ring

Lot#: 130

Pair of Picard Onyx & Bronze Gas Light Candelabra

Lot#: 131

J.H. Belter "Milwaukee" Rosewood Armchair

Lot#: 132

Leland Co. Zeppelin Ceiling Fan

Lot#: 133

Brass & Cut to Cranberry Centerpiece

Lot#: 134

Gold, Jade & Lapis Jewelry (3 Pieces)

Lot#: 135

Leaded and Stained Glass Window

Lot#: 136

Armand Leveel Bronze "32nd Demi-Brigade"

Lot#: 137

Pair of Figural Griffin Marble & Bronze Lamp Bases

Lot#: 138

Currier & Ives "Midnight Race On The Mississippi"

Lot#: 139

Pair of Blackamoor Carved Pedestals

Lot#: 140

Italian 14K Gold 20 Inch Necklace

Lot#: 141

Monumental 6 1/2 Foot Bronze Gas Floor Torcheres

Lot#: 142

Monumental Carved Walnut Breakfront Secretary

Lot#: 143

Pair of Clodion Marble & Bronze Candelabra

Lot#: 144

Figural Terra Cotta Fountain

Lot#: 145

Arts & Crafts Curtain Border Hanging Lamp

Lot#: 146

2 Boxed Order of St. Vladimir Medals

Lot#: 147

After Falconet Alabaster Sculpture "Deux Amours"

Lot#: 148

Beautiful Carlo Tononi Cello

Lot#: 149

Wallace "Grand Baroque" Sterling Service For 12

Lot#: 150

Attributed Joshua Reynolds O/C Anne Gray

Lot#: 151

3 Paul Wegner Jaz Musician Bronzes

Lot#: 152

18K Coral & Gemstone Peacock Brooch

Lot#: 153

Large Figural Black Forest Bear Hall Tree

Lot#: 154

Bronze Mounted Porcelain Centerpiece

Lot#: 155

Hand Woven Caucasian Rug (11 ft. x 5.25 ft.)

Lot#: 156

Marble & Gilt Bronze Sculpture

Lot#: 157

Nude Enamel Decorated Silver Cigarette Case

Lot#: 158

Chinese Porcelain 36 Inch Floor Vase

Lot#: 159

Large Figural Terra Cotta Architectural Panel

Lot#: 160

Mikhail Ovchinnikov Russian Silver Kovsh

Lot#: 161

Pair of Gilt Bronze Orientalist Chenets

Lot#: 162

Deco Chair From Hitler's Yacht

Lot#: 163

Oil On Canvas Painting of Card Players

Lot#: 164

Carved Eagle Marble & Alabaster Lamp w/ Pedestal

Lot#: 165

7 Paul Jacoulet Woodblock Prints

Lot#: 166

29 Pieces of Estate Gold Jewelry

Lot#: 167

Tiffany Studios 3 Light Lily Lamp

Lot#: 168

Attributed Amedee Dieudonne Cello

Lot#: 169

Chicago Aero-Fan Plane Ceiling Fan

Lot#: 170

14K Gold Estate Rings (11 Pieces)

Lot#: 171

Large Bronze & Champleve Centerpiece

Lot#: 172

Gustav Stickley 1902 Model 460L Leather Top Desk

Lot#: 173

18K Limoges Enamel Portrait Pin

Lot#: 174

Richard Byrnes 1851 Navy Colt SN. 72702

Lot#: 175

Pair of German Sterling Silver Figures

Lot#: 176

Andrei Egorov Gouache Winter Landscape

Lot#: 177

5 Gold Estate Necklaces

Lot#: 178

Carved Marble Grand Tour "Diana of Gabii"

Lot#: 179

Carved Mahogany Mirrored Sideboard

Lot#: 180

KPM Porcelain Floral Tea Set Service For 12

Lot#: 181

Oak Beveled Glass Crystal Curio Cabinet

Lot#: 182

Pair of French Empire Gilt Bronze Urns

Lot#: 183

August Kraus O/C "Back From The Market"

Lot#: 184

J.H. Belter Laminated Rosewood Slipper Chair

Lot#: 185

Pietra Dura Inlaid Tilt Top Table

Lot#: 186

Large Terra Cotta Architectural Head

Lot#: 187

14 Pieces of Gold Estate Jewelry

Lot#: 188

2 Pair Gorham Sterling Candelabra & Candlesticks

Lot#: 189

10 Miniature Austrian Cold Painted Bronzes

Lot#: 190

American Mahogany Claw Foot Map Chest

Lot#: 191

Pair of Exceptional Bronze Figural Garnitures

Lot#: 192

3 Japanese Bronze Tiger Sculptures

Lot#: 193

Antonius Bachmann Child's Cello

Lot#: 194

Hale & Kilburn 4 Piece Mahogany Bedroom Set

Lot#: 195

Walnut Queen Anne 3 Hinge Wooton Desk

Lot#: 196

5 Silver Relief Decorated Icons

Lot#: 197

Estate Gold Jewelry (14 Pieces)

Lot#: 198

Wallace Sterling Grande Baroque Flatware (42 Pcs.)

Lot#: 199

Franz Bergman Cold Painted Bronze Sculpture

Lot#: 200

14K Gold Estate Rings (9 Pieces)

Lot#: 201

Massive 22 Ft. Carved Oak Banquet Table

Lot#: 202

Marble & Bronze Egyptian Revival Garnitures

Lot#: 203

Attributed Duffner & Kimberly 16 in. Ceiling Lamp

Lot#: 204

R.J. Horner Figural Carved Oak China Cabinet

Lot#: 205

3 Vintage French Posters

Lot#: 206

28" Leaded Floral Floor Lamp

Lot#: 207

Victor Bornschleger O/P of Two Figures Walking

Lot#: 208

Lot of 26 Estate Gold Rings

Lot#: 209

2 Door Mahogany Griffin Carved Bookcase

Lot#: 210

French Rosewood Tantalus Set

Lot#: 211

Large Room Size Indo-Bidjar Rug (18 ft. x 12 ft.)

Lot#: 212

5 Figural Standing Bronze Sculptures

Lot#: 213

Oak Criterion Disk Music Box With Stand

Lot#: 214

John James Wilson O/C Fishing Harbor

Lot#: 215

Lalique France "Ganymede" Pattern Ice Bucket

Lot#: 216

Chinese Burled Root Wood Tea Table

Lot#: 217

Vintage Charlie Chaplin Movie Poster

Lot#: 218

Andreas Feininger Helicopter Photograph

Lot#: 219

Pair of Benin Bronze Guardian Leopards

Lot#: 220

Sevres Porcelain Figural Aladdin Lamp Inkwell

Lot#: 221

4 Bronze "Heraldic" Pattern Lighting Fixtures

Lot#: 222

Signed "Niemann" O/C Richmond, Yokshire

Lot#: 223

Chinese Green Glaze Porcelain Bowl

Lot#: 224

Carved Mahogany Cheval Mirror

Lot#: 225

5 American Indian Head $5 and $10 Gold Coins

Lot#: 226

19th Century Jan Baptista Dvorak Violin

Lot#: 227

WMF Silver Plated Beveled Mirror

Lot#: 228

Antique Luminaire Floor Fan

Lot#: 229

Carved Walnut Marble Top Etagere

Lot#: 230

International Silver Co. Sterling "Wedgwood" Bowl

Lot#: 231

Oak Carved Block Front 6 Drawer Chest

Lot#: 232

Pair of 18th Century Sevres Porcelain Urns

Lot#: 233

2 Part Carved Mahogany Corner Cabinet

Lot#: 234

Tiffany Favrile Gold Iridescent Art Glass Vase

Lot#: 235

Pair of Hand Painted Carved Winged Angel Heads

Lot#: 236

Hand Woven Bidjar Persian Rug (14.5 ft. x 12 ft.)

Lot#: 237

Bronze Peddler Sculpture with Inkwell

Lot#: 238

Carved Marble Bust of Diana after Leochares

Lot#: 239

John Dehlinger (American, 1936-2003)

Lot#: 240

Pr. Figural Cast Bronze Egret Garden Sculptures

Lot#: 241

12 Limoges Hand Painted Porcelain Plates

Lot#: 242

Filli Pugi Carved Marble Bust

Lot#: 243

Gilt, Silver & Enamel Decorated Handkerchief Box

Lot#: 244

Galle Nancy Faince Pottery Chandelier

Lot#: 245

Allegorical Bronze Sculpture Depicting The Arts

Lot#: 246

Mahogany Winged Griffin Bow Front China Cabinet

Lot#: 247

Antique Tabriz Rug (6.5 ft. x 4.5 ft.)

Lot#: 248

Unger Bros. Sterling Silver Lorgnette (5 Pieces)

Lot#: 249

Pair of Gothic Carved Rosewood Sidechairs

Lot#: 250

Bronze Gas & Electric Chandelier

Lot#: 251

Carved Agate Covered Urn

Lot#: 252

John Califano O/C Mother and Child

Lot#: 253

Jeweled & Abalone 12" Table Lamp

Lot#: 254

Carved Russian Butterscotch Amber (6 Pieces)

Lot#: 255

Signed Teak Carved Nesting Tables

Lot#: 256

Carved Alabaster Sculpture of a Man and Woman

Lot#: 257

Evelyn Bicknell O/C Ship Scene

Lot#: 258

2 Glass Covered Boxes

Lot#: 259

Hand Woven Heriz Rug (12.25 ft. x 10 ft.)

Lot#: 260

Bronze Gas & Electric Chandelier

Lot#: 261

Katharine Hepburns?s "Europa and the Bull"

Lot#: 262

4 United States Gold Coins

Lot#: 263

Oak Regina Model 20 Disc Music Box

Lot#: 264

Bronze Mounted Cut Glass Table Casket

Lot#: 265

Thomas Brooks Carved Walnut Secretary

Lot#: 266

Quezal 9 Light Lily Lamp

Lot#: 267

60" Mahogany Split Pedestal Dining Table

Lot#: 268

Figural Carved Green Jade Sculpture

Lot#: 269

Royal Vienna 9.5 Inch Hand Painted Porcelain Plate

Lot#: 270

Walnut Gothic Reverse Painted Fire Screen

Lot#: 271

Bronze 6 Light Chandelier with Quezal Shades

Lot#: 272

Chinese Immortal Standing Porcelain Figure

Lot#: 273

Currier & Ives "Arguing The Point"

Lot#: 274

Pair of Signed Yoke Back Armchairs

Lot#: 275

After Paul Dubois Bronze Harlequin

Lot#: 276

19th Century Gothic Walnut Davenport Desk

Lot#: 277

Pair of Bronze Candelabra Signed Gagneau, Paris

Lot#: 278

2 Claude Guilleminet Oil Paintings

Lot#: 279

Silver Plated Harp Musical Jewelry Box

Lot#: 280

18K Swiss Honeycomb Mesh Bracelet

Lot#: 281

2 Door American Gothic Rosewood Armoire

Lot#: 282

Chicago Mosaic 19 Inch Acorn Table Lamp

Lot#: 283

Jules Moigniez Figural Bronze Grouping

Lot#: 284

3 Japanese 19th Century Carved Woodblock Plates

Lot#: 285

2 Piece Marble Top Pier Table & Mirror

Lot#: 286

Bronze Desk Stand with Encrier Pompe

Lot#: 287

Fisher 4 Piece Sterling Silver Tea Set

Lot#: 288

New Century Mahogany Disc Music Box

Lot#: 289

George H. Bogert O/C Sunset Landscape

Lot#: 290

Lalique 13.25 Inch "Medusa" Crystal Vase

Lot#: 291

Limoges 9 Inch Portrait Plates

Lot#: 292

Cut Glass Dresser Box

Lot#: 293

Franz de Beul O/P Pastoral Scene

Lot#: 294

Pair of Bronze Mounted Cut Glass Candelabra

Lot#: 295

4 Paul Jacoulet Woodblock Prints

Lot#: 296

Federal Carved Mahogany Chaise Lounge

Lot#: 297

Boulle & Brass Inlaid Tantalus Set

Lot#: 298

Leaded Glass 18 Inch Table Lamp

Lot#: 299

Hand Woven Heriz Rug (13.5 ft. x 9.5 ft.)

Lot#: 300

Bronze Figural Swan Newell Lamp Base

Lot#: 301

Gold Estate Jewelry (19 Pieces)

Lot#: 302

14K White Gold and Diamond Ring

Lot#: 303

Lithophane Cathedral Candle Lamp

Lot#: 304

800 Silver Pierced Decorated Basket

Lot#: 305

Bronze 4 Light Table Lamp

Lot#: 306

Carved Walnut Marble Top Pier Mirror

Lot#: 307

R. Lalique Opalescent "Gui" Vase

Lot#: 308

Russian Silver & Enamel Cups (2 Pieces)

Lot#: 309

Wilkinson 18 Inch Leaded Lamp Shade

Lot#: 310

Art Crafts Shop Enameled Copper Desk Set (5 Pcs.)

Lot#: 311

Paine Furniture Co. Oak Corner Chair

Lot#: 312

Large Sarouk Room Size Rug (14.75 ft. x 10.25 ft.)

Lot#: 313

Czech Rosewood 35 Inch 2 Tier Cubist Table

Lot#: 314

After Louis Moreau "Muse Champetre" Newel Lamp

Lot#: 315

14K Gold Diamond & Tanzanite Ring

Lot#: 316

Milton Lowell O/C Landscape

Lot#: 317

Pair of Bronze Figural Putti Candle Holders

Lot#: 318

Towle 63 Piece Sterling Flatware "Old English"

Lot#: 319

French Figural Moreau Mantle Clock

Lot#: 320

6 Pieces of Gold Estate Jewelry

Lot#: 321

Signed Rodgers Bronze Buffalo Sculpture

Lot#: 322

14K Gold and Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Lot#: 323

Figural Carved Black Forest Pipe Rack

Lot#: 324

Gold Estate Jewelry (9 Pieces)

Lot#: 325

Oak Guillotine Model Cigar Cutter

Lot#: 326

Inlaid Renaissance Revival 1 Dwr. Sewing Stand

Lot#: 327

Rookwood 1888 Standard Glaze Vase

Lot#: 328

14K Gold, Turquoise & Sapphire Bracelet

Lot#: 329

Bronze 11 Inch Sculpture of a Seated Buddha

Lot#: 330

14K Opal Pendant & Bulova Watch

Lot#: 331

Diana Etched Glass Luminaire Deco Lamp

Lot#: 332

Mexican Sterling Silver Tea Service Tray

Lot#: 333

Estate Malachite Jewelry (8 Pieces)

Lot#: 334

Carved Alabaster Bust of a Woman

Lot#: 335

Estate Gold Bracelets (11 Pieces)

Lot#: 336

3 Onyx & Cloisonne Holy Water Wall Fonts

Lot#: 337

Tiffany Studios Bronze Harp Floor Lamp Base

Lot#: 338

Kyoto Japanese Cloisonne Box

Lot#: 339

14K Gold, Diamond and Opal Ring

Lot#: 340

Grouping of 6 Bronze Sculptures

Lot#: 341

Oak Antique 9 ft. Pool Table

Lot#: 342

14K Gold Men's Purple Star Sapphire Ring

Lot#: 343

3 Carved Chinese Amethyst Censers

Lot#: 344

14K Gold Estate Jewelry (11 Pieces)

Lot#: 345

Federal Gilt Carved Girandole Mirror

Lot#: 346

Fancy Sterling Silver Estate Necklaces (3 Pieces)

Lot#: 347

Hand Woven Oriental Rug 7 ft. x 4.5 ft.

Lot#: 348

3 Estate Gold Ladies Watches

Lot#: 349

Arts & Crafts Wrought Iron Table Lamp

Lot#: 350

4 Tiffany Studios Bronze Desk Set Pieces

Lot#: 351

Pair of American Mahogany Gothic Hall Chairs

Lot#: 352

14k Gold Pearl Poinsettia Pendant Necklace

Lot#: 353

R. Lalique "Malines" Vase No. 957

Lot#: 354

14K Gold Estate Jewelry (16 Pieces)

Lot#: 355

Pair of Wrought Iron 10 Inch Hanging Shades

Lot#: 356

Gothic Pierced Cast Iron Organ Stool

Lot#: 357

10K Gold Estate Rings (8 Pieces)

Lot#: 358

Italian Icons In Gothic Carved Frames

Lot#: 359

Grand Tour "Arc de Triomphe" Bronze Sculpture

Lot#: 360

Anglo-Indian Inlaid Teak Wood Table

Lot#: 361

Doulton Lambeth 20 Inch Faience Portrait Charger

Lot#: 362

Bronze 10 Inch Sculpture of a Seated Buddha

Lot#: 363

Continental Carved Walnut Lift Top Bench

Lot#: 364

Monumental Gothic Oak Throne Armchair

Lot#: 365

Gilt Gesso Carved Wall Mirror

Lot#: 366

Federal Carved Mahogany Sofa

Lot#: 367

Vintage French "Jeu De Course" Horse Race Game

Lot#: 368

Bronze Figural Dog Inkwell

Lot#: 369

Hand Woven Oriental Rug (5 ft. x 3.5 ft.)

Lot#: 370

14K Gold Necklace with Pendants

Lot#: 371

R.J. Horner Carved Oak Crest

Lot#: 372

Henri Bendel Lalique "Deux Fleurs" Perfume Bottle

Lot#: 373

Amphora 19 Inch Pottery Vase

Lot#: 374

Tiffany Studios Bronze Smoking Stand

Lot#: 375

Oval Gilt Carved Wall Mirror W/ Birds

Lot#: 376

Gothic Oil Font Lamp on Stand

Lot#: 377

Hand Made Aubusson Rug (9.75 ft. x 7.25 ft.)

Lot#: 378

Spiral Turned Maple Pedestal

Lot#: 379

14K Gold Erotica Pinky Ring

Lot#: 380

20th Century Koryo Style Pottery Vase

Lot#: 381

Mickey & Minnie Boxed Child's Tea Set

Lot#: 382

13 Light Bronze Gothic Torchiere Table Lamp

Lot#: 383

Pair of RCA Victor Chromcraft Armchairs

Lot#: 384

French Rosewood Skyscraper Torchiere, c.1930?s

Lot#: 385

Rococo Gilt Gesso & Paint Decorated Mirror

Lot#: 386

C. Contri Alabaster Sculpture Of Cleopatra

Lot#: 387

Green Jade Beaded Necklace & Ring

Lot#: 388

Group of Pottery, Clarice Cliff, Etc. (21 Pieces)

Lot#: 389

Relief Silver Icon on Easel Stand

Lot#: 390

Sparten AM-FM Neon Radio

Lot#: 391

American Gothic Carved Walnut Mirror

Lot#: 392

Mickey Mouse 42 Piece D'Onnaing Porcelain Tea Set

Lot#: 393

Spelter Figural Dog Lamp

Lot#: 394

2 Fancy Estate Ladies Rings

Lot#: 395

Marx Mammoth Zeppelin Tin Toy

Lot#: 396

Gothic Pattern Transferware Pitcher & Bowl

Lot#: 397

Asian Bronze Figural Fernery

Lot#: 398

Meiji Bronze Bowl With Dragon

Lot#: 399

Estate Silver Accessories (4 Pieces)

Lot#: 400

Standing Figural Popeye Table Lamp

Lot#: 401

Meiji Bronze Sculpture of a Tiger

Lot#: 402

S. Parigot O/C Impressionist School

Lot#: 403

Oak 12 Drawer File Cabinet

Lot#: 404

3 Pieces of Various Art Glass

Lot#: 405

W.H. Wheelwright O/B Hunt Scene

Lot#: 406

Gutta Percha Mounted Tantalus Box

Lot#: 407

5 Tiffany & Co. Sterling Writing Utensils

Lot#: 408

Chinese Bronze & Champleve Incense Burner

Lot#: 409

Bronze Sculpture Signed "Bailey"

Lot#: 410

Mid-Century Design 5 Piece Dining Set

Lot#: 411

3 Miniature Cold Painted Bronzes

Lot#: 412

Pair of Carved Walnut Wall Shelves

Lot#: 413

Peter Tereszczuk Bronze Figural Inkwell

Lot#: 414

Limoges Porcelain Service Set (4 Pieces)

Lot#: 415

30 in. Carved Mahogany Tilt Top Table

Lot#: 416

Tiffany Favrile Blue Iridescent Cabinet Vase

Lot#: 417

Gilt Bronze Rococo Decorated Mirror

Lot#: 418

A. Pugin, Minton Bread Plate

Lot#: 419

Markel Co. Machine Age Moderne Harp Table Lamp

Lot#: 420

2 Silver Serving Pieces

Lot#: 421

Carved Chinese Jade Lamp Base

Lot#: 422

Pair of French Porcelain Figural Duck Sculptures

Lot#: 423

Renaissance Revival Walnut 1 Dr. Bookcase

Lot#: 424

Steuben Aurene Footed Art Glass Bowl

Lot#: 425

Renaissance Revival Carved Walnut Side Table

Lot#: 426

Pr. Adams Style Satinwood Twin Beds

Lot#: 427

332 Assorted British Pence & Farthings

Lot#: 428

Gold & Silver with Platinum Coins (2 Pieces)

Lot#: 429

19 Assorted Canadian Coinage Proof Sets

Lot#: 430

113 Assorted British Florins

Lot#: 431

198 Assorted English Half Pennies

Lot#: 432

32 Canadian Silver Dollars, Plus 2 Medallions

Lot#: 433

157 Assorted British Pennies

Lot#: 434

181 Assorted British Pence Coins

Lot#: 435

38 American Commemorative Coin & Mint Sets

Lot#: 436

162 Assorted 6 Pence Coins

Lot#: 437

17 Large Silver Commemorative Rounds

Lot#: 438

Lot of 84 Various Odd American Coins

Lot#: 439

52 Uncirculated American Coin Sets

Lot#: 440

170 Assorted Silver Rounds Medallions

Lot#: 441

31 American Commemorative Coin Sets

Lot#: 442

Unusual Lot of 55 Silver Medallions

Lot#: 443

39 American Commemorative Coin Sets & Singles

Lot#: 444

125 American Uncirculated Coin Sets

Lot#: 445

181 Assorted British Schillings

Lot#: 446

Lot of 53 Indian Head Pennies

Lot#: 447

Lot of 47 Large Cents

Lot#: 448

Lot of 69 Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Lot#: 449

144 Silver Dollars & Half Dollars

Lot#: 450

153 Washington Quarters

Lot#: 451

74 Liberty Head Barber Dimes

Lot#: 452

364 Jefferson, Buffalo & Liberty Head Nickels

Lot#: 453

248 Lincoln Cents

Lot#: 454

227 Mercury & Roosevelt Dimes

Lot#: 455

2 Roosevelt 1996 West Point Dimes

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