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Sunday February 17, 2019 | 212 E Loop 121. Belton, TX. US. 76513

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T. Gallaway TX LIC#12798, J. Parker TX LIC#13930

Lot#: 46372990

Angel lot

Vintage pair of Fenton angels, Vintage angel bell, blue Goebel angel, red Goebel angel

Lot#: 46372991

3 Powder coated misc. items

Powder coated propeller blade- metallic blue, magazine rack-turquoise glitter, flat basket-metallic green

Lot#: 46372870

Earrings, new

Hoop earrings with dangle pearls

Lot#: 46372992

Toy lot

Cradle, sock monkey bucket, Lionel train, Discovery Channel kangaroos, transformer

Lot#: 46372871

Bling costume jewelry, new

2 large heart necklaces, 3 barrettes, 2 sets of bangles with matching pierced earrings, variety of 4 bracelets, hoop earrings, gold tone chain necklace. Measurements in pictures, displays not included.

Lot#: 46372993

RC Plane

Hobby radio control plane + accessories, not tested

Lot#: 46372872

Earrings, new

Small hoop earrings with dangle pearls

Lot#: 46372994

Antique laundry lot

Antique ironing board, antique/vintage irons and wash board

Lot#: 46372873

Earrings, new

Grey pearl stud pierced earrings

Lot#: 46372874

Wooden Dining Table with 5 Chairs

Lot#: 46372875

Wooden Coffee Table with Drawer

Lot#: 46372876

Rug Set

1 large; 2 small

Lot#: 46372910

Bracelet, new

Hamsa bracelet, stretchy band, gold filled from Turkey

Lot#: 46372877

Blingy/costume jewelry lot 10, new

2 tiger head necklaces, 1 full body tiger necklace, tiger earrings, tiger bracelet, black and silver bracelet, 2 high heel shoe necklaces, long gold chain, yellow beaded multi strand necklace with matching earrings.

Lot#: 46372911

(4) Necklaces

Lot#: 46372878

Living Room Set (Chair and Sofa)

Wooden arm chair with cushions (extra wide); Wooden arm sofa with cushions

Lot#: 46372912

Silver looking neklace w/2 heart Love pendants 20"

Lot#: 46372879

Wooden TV Stands

set of 2 tv stands; one rolling; one stationary

Lot#: 46372913

Grey/Silver looking Beaded necklace

Lot#: 46372914

Tibetan necklace, new

Brass beads and Indian silver, measurement in pictures, display not included

Lot#: 46372915

Choker, new

Silk choker with double sided pendant, 10", from India, display not included

Lot#: 46372916

Horn necklace, new

Blue lapis and brass horn pendant on white leather cord adjustable strap up to 34", display not included

Lot#: 46372917

Tassel necklace, new

Beaded Hamsa tassel necklace, 36", from Turkey, display not included

Lot#: 46372918

Bling costume jewelry, new

2 tiger necklaces, tiger bracelet, lion necklace, 2 gold tone chain necklaces one with black one with gold accent, tiger earrings, chunky rhinestone necklace, full body tiger necklace, 2 bracelets (bangle has

Lot#: 46372919

Choker, new

Silk cord choker, 10", Indian silver

Lot#: 46372880

Wooden Dining Table with 2 leaves and 2 chairs

Lot#: 46372881

Wooden Bar Stools with Turquoise Seats

set of 2 bar stools

Lot#: 46372882

Leather Ottomans on Wheels

set of 2

Lot#: 46372883

Queen Size Metal Turquoise Headboard

Lot#: 46372884

Entry Way Table


Lot#: 46372885

Wooden Desk with Swiveling High Back Stool

3ft desk

Lot#: 46372886

7ft Wooden Shelf

5 shelf; 6 space capacity

Lot#: 46372920

Tibetan necklace, new

Brass and beaded necklace, turquoise and coral, measurement in photos, display not included

Lot#: 46372887

Wooden Coffee Table


Lot#: 46372921

Horn necklace, new

Blue lapis and brass horn pendant on leather cord adjustable strap up to 34", display not included

Lot#: 46372888

Horn necklace, new

Turquoise and brass horn, adjustable red leather strap up to 30?, display not included

Lot#: 46372922

Body jewelry

Body chain (2 sets)

Lot#: 46372889

Wooden Bar Stool

Lot#: 46372923

Dollhouse furniture

Lot of dollhouse furniture, a few different scales/sizes, a few pieces have been repaired but everything is in good working use.

Lot#: 46372924


Bar cabinet, top unfolds. 3 ft. 6 1/2" long when top is folded in, 5 ft. long when unfolded, 2 ft. 6 1/2" tall, 1 ft. 8" deep

Lot#: 46372925

Rocking Chair

Wide, slatted seat, light water spots (see picture)

Lot#: 46372926

Metal table

Metal rolling work table, 2 wheels have brakes, 4 ft. 7" long, 3 ft. Wide, 2 ft. 10 1/2" tall

Lot#: 46372927

Antique desk

2 1/2 ft long, 1 ft. 4" deep, 3 ft. 4" tall

Lot#: 46372928

Collectable/vintage dolls & clothes

Doll clothes- a variety of styles, sizes and eras. Vintage dolls- Mayfair birthstone doll (1947) in original box, right arm is detached, but is there. 2 of the vintage dolls heads are unattached, but still there.

Lot#: 46372929

Bling/costume jewelry, new

2 tiger necklaces, heart necklace, multi chain necklace, gold tone chain, tiger earrings, flower ring, set of bangle bracelets with earrings, variety of 4 bracelets

Lot#: 46372890

(3) Adjustable Rings

2 Blue and 1 Red

Lot#: 46372891

(3) Rings

1 Adjustable/ 2 size 8/9

Lot#: 46372892

Wooden jewelry box w/ contents

Lot#: 46372893

Allude mens watch

unknown working condition

Lot#: 46372894

Mens Fossil Watch

unknown working condition

Lot#: 46372895

(3) Earring Sets w/ 4 non matching singles

Lot#: 46372896

Gold looking necklace w/ locket 24"

Lot#: 46372930

Holiday lot

89 metal ornaments, 35 german glass ornaments (2 grapes have small holes, please see picture), 2 ceramic doves, 2 glass grapes (some grapes missing, please see picture). Danbury Mint Dachshund Christmas Wonderland

Lot#: 46372897

Gold looking necklace w/ diamond looking pend


Lot#: 46372931

Collectable Coca-Cola & other soda brands

Variety of different coca-cola bottles, 2 plastic coca-cola crates, 1 wooden Pepsi crate, misc. other brand soda bottles

Lot#: 46372898

(3) Silver looking necklaces-all 18"

Lot#: 46372932

9 vases + 8 pieces of decor

Variety of collectable ceramic vases plus 8 miscellaneous ceramic pieces. Please note the 2 pictures reflecting any damages.

Lot#: 46372899

Horn pendant, new

Coral and brass horn necklace charm

Lot#: 46372933

Table & 4 chairs

Table with built in leaf for extending. 4 heave chairs, frames are metal, seats and back wood/wicker

Lot#: 46372934

Grand Marnier display

3 tiered grand mariner display, please note any damages in the pictures. 3 ft. 4 1/2" tall, 2 ft. Across at its widest point.

Lot#: 46372935

Antique desk/dining table/lamp

Antique desk with 3 leaf extensions. Desk- 3 ft. 3 1/2" long, 18 1/2" deep, 2 ft. 6 1/2" tall. Unfolded- 3 ft. 4 1/2"/ with 1 leaf- 4 ft. 4 3/4"/ with 2 leafs- 5 ft. 4 1/2"/ with 3 leafs- 6 1/2 ft. Has extra

Lot#: 46372936

Antique coffee table/flower arrangement

Antique coffee table with floral arrangement, 3 ft. 5 3/4" long, 1 ft. 8 1/2" deep, 1 ft. 4 1/2" tall

Lot#: 46372937

Yard tools etc..

Weed whacker (works), shovels, folding dolly, work platforms, lightbulb changer etc..

Lot#: 46372938


Vintage freshwater pearls, beaded multi strand necklace, vintage chain necklace, wood beads multi strand, small beaded necklace, multi strand necklace, beaded necklace, faux pink pearl necklace, coin chain necklace,

Lot#: 46372939

Antique jewelry box

4 drawer antique jewelry box, dove tail construction

Lot#: 46299265

(1) Ancient Coin

Lot#: 46299266

(1) Civil War Penny

Lot#: 46299300

(1) Commemorative Medallion

Lot#: 46299267

(4) Old Proof Coins

Lot#: 46299301

(1) Proof Kennedy Half Dollar

Lot#: 46299268

(8) Foreign Coins

Lot#: 46299302

(1) Mexican Silver Peso

Lot#: 46299269

(9) Collector Cards

Lot#: 46299303

(1) Shield Nickel

Lot#: 46299304

(1) Large Cent

Lot#: 46372940

Bling/costumejewelry, new

Flower necklace with matching earrings, 2 gold tone chain necklaces one with black & one with gold accent, hoop dangle earrings, tiger bracelet, full body tiger on necklace, gold tone chain necklace, multi strand chain

Lot#: 46372941

Body jewelry + display

4 sided body jewelry display + jewelry, all sides are unlocked, no keys

Lot#: 46372942

Marilyn Monroe/James Dean lot

Marilyn on canvas, Marilyn book, mug & pillow + 5 framed James Dean pictures

Lot#: 46372943

Pottery & ceramic lot

Variety of pottery and ceramic pieces, some signed

Lot#: 46372944

Slat table

Handmade slat table, frame is powder coated, 2 slats missing. 4 ft 2 1/2" long x 1 ft 11" deep x 2 ft 3 1/2" tall

Lot#: 46372945


Hand made bench, 5 ft 2 1/2? long x 1 ft. 4 1/4" deep x 1 ft 4 1/2" tall (to the seat), 3 ft 7" at highest point (back)

Lot#: 46372946

Set of 2 bar stools

Height from floor to seat- 2 ft 5 1/2", height from floor to top of back-3 1/2 ft. Seats newly reupholstered, bases are powder coated.

Lot#: 46372947

Bird cage

Metal bird cage, opens from lid, 4 1/2 ft. Tall

Lot#: 46372948

Horse pads/supplies

8 horse pads, hand made, new + harness etc..

Lot#: 46372949

Zombie lamp

Zombie cut out lamp, 26 1/2" tall

Lot#: 46299270

(1) US Mint Set

Lot#: 46299271

(2) Sheets of 6 Wheat Cents

Lot#: 46299272

(8) Old Wheat Cents

Lot#: 46299273

(6) Steel War Cents

Lot#: 46299274

(6) Steel War Cents P-D-S

Lot#: 46299275

(6) Indian Head Cents

Lot#: 46299276

(8) Uncirculated Lincoln Cents

Lot#: 46299277

(6) Old Jefferson Nickels

Lot#: 46299278

(8) Old Jefferson Nickels

Lot#: 46299279

(2) Uncirculated Old Wheat Cents

Lot#: 46372950

Colored glass lot

Cobalt blue, smoke grey, and pink

Lot#: 46372951

Bling/costume jewelry, new

2 tiger necklaces, gold tone with black accent necklace, I do make up necklace, I do nails necklace, scissors necklace with comb & scissors earrings, hoop earrings, tiger bracelet with attached ring,

Lot#: 46372952

Vintage green glass lot

Vintage set of green drinking glasses, dessert glasses

Lot#: 46372953

Miller life cooler/glasses

1940s Miller High Life cooler + 8 heavy glass Miller life beer glasses

Lot#: 46372954

Glass plates

Its a boy glass baby shower plates

Lot#: 46372955

Vintage radio

1957 Grundig majestic vintage radio, not tested

Lot#: 46372956

Prostitution License

Replica license for prostitution Tea Cup Sallie March 1876

Lot#: 46372957

Vintage dresses

4 vintage dresses

Lot#: 46372958

Scrapbook Supplies

Huge lot of scrapping supplies

Lot#: 46372959

Scrapbook Supplies

Huge lot of scrapping supplies

Lot#: 46299280

(8) Uncirculated Roosevelt Dimes

Lot#: 46299281

(1) 1909 First Year Issue Lincoln Cent

Lot#: 46299282

(8) Uncirculated Mint Set Medallions

Lot#: 46299283

(1) Old Eisenhower Dollar

Lot#: 46299284

Central Texas Auction Services LLC

WEBSITE: PHONE: (254)718-5120 EMAIL: [email protected]

Lot#: 46299285

Terms and Conditions

All property is sold AS IS, WHERE IS and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please see Special Terms and conditions for full Terms.

Lot#: 46299286

Pick Up Dates and Times

Pick-up will be Monday, February 18, 2019 through Friday, February 22, 2019 from 9:30AM to 4PM. Any other times will be by appt only. Any items left past 5 days will be deemed abandoned and become the property of

Lot#: 46299287

Payment Information

Methods of Payment: 18% Buyers Premium Cash, Check (with bank letter of guarantee if over $1500, no out of state checks) Visa, MasterCard or Discover

Lot#: 46299288

(1) $10 Republic of Liberia Millennium Coin

Lot#: 46299289

(1) 24K First Day Commemorative Stamp

Lot#: 46372960


Coboodles make up/jewelry box with variety of fashion jewelry

Lot#: 46372961

Vintage baby clothes

Vintage bathing suits, dresses, sweaters, night wear etc.. plus vintage baby crib bed skirt

Lot#: 46372962

Bling/costume jewelry, new

2 high heel shoe necklaces,2 long chain necklace, 2 gold tone necklaces, 1 gold accent/1 black accent, 1 tiger necklace, 2 plastic bangle bracelets, set of bangle bracelets, 1 strap bracelet, cubic zirconia

Lot#: 46372963

Vintage baby clothes + accessories

Vintage baby blankets, sleepers, bibs, shoes and hair brushes/comb

Lot#: 46372964

Game lot

Variety of old games, National Geographic Global Pursuit still new in the package (pieces in games not counted or tested)

Lot#: 46372965

Vintage sheet music

Large variety of vintage sheet music, some sheets, some books

Lot#: 46372966

Silverware + box

34 pieces of mix & match silverware, some vintage, not all original

Lot#: 46372967


Lot of 7 frames, variety of shapes and sizes

Lot#: 46372968

45 records + accessories

Lot of 45s, storage case and storage/display rack

Lot#: 46372969

Elvis records

2 45s +limited edition 5 album set, 1950s-1970s

Lot#: 46299290

(1) Uncirculated Half Dollar

With Statehood Quarter Image

Lot#: 46299291

(1) Whitman Coin Folder (Empty)

Lot#: 46299292

(6) Uncirculated Jefferson Nickels

Lot#: 46299293

(4) "V" or Victory Nickels

Lot#: 46299294

(6) Buffalo Nickels

Lot#: 46299295

(8) Buffalo Nickels

Lot#: 46299296

(10) Westward Journey Nickels (Set)

Lot#: 46299297

(8) 2009 Lincoln Cent Set

Lot#: 46299298

(1) Old $2 Bill

Lot#: 46396891

Central Texas Auction Services, LLC

WEBSITE: PHONE: (254)718-5120 EMAIL: [email protected]

Lot#: 46299299

(1) Silver Certificate

Lot#: 46372970

Doilies etc..

Vintage collection of hand made doilies, pot holders, some table cloths, etc..

Lot#: 46372971

Lionel Trains

Collectable Lionel trains, track + accessories, not tested.

Lot#: 46372972

Porcelain birds

Signed and/or marked, proclaim collectable bird figurines. Please note any damages in photos.

Lot#: 46372973

Bling/costume jewelry, new

2 tiger necklaces, 2 high heel shoe necklaces, tiger bracelet, 2 beaded flower bracelets, long chain necklace, 2 gold tone necklaces with black accent. Measurements in pictures, displays not included.

Lot#: 46372852

Leather & Pearl bracelet, new

Tan leather, double strand pearl bracelet, 7", display not included

Lot#: 46372974

Tonka and Crader

Tonka front loader and bull dozer, grader tractor

Lot#: 46372853

Wood Chipper

212 cc wood chipper/shredder

Lot#: 46372975

Die cast cars

Collectable die cast cars from some of the original companies, Corgi, Cragstan, Dinky Toys etc.

Lot#: 46372854

Glass jars/bottles

Vintage mason jars, old medicine bottles, milk bottles, etc..

Lot#: 46372976


Punch bowl with 16 glasses, cake stand and knife, glass pitcher

Lot#: 46372855

Bottle lamps

Jack Daniels bottle and Bulleit Bourban bottle lamps, both in working condition

Lot#: 46372977


Silver rimmed wine glasses (4), silver rimmed bowls, various sizes (3), silver rimmed ice bucket, silver rimmed coasters (12), metal silver colored tray

Lot#: 46372856


Variety of bright and bold colors of plates & cups, mix & match

Lot#: 46372978


Punch bowl with 8 glasses, variety of 6 bowls/plate, spoon rest

Lot#: 46372857


Various speakers

Lot#: 46372979


Wine glasses, margarita glass, vintage frosted glasses, vintage ice tea glasses, set of 6 collectable Avon drinking glasses, a few miscellaneous, 2 glass carriers, gold serving tray

Lot#: 46372858

Panasonic stereo

Compact retro Panasonic stereo, record player and radio work, cassette & 8track not tested

Lot#: 46372859

Decor lot

Vintage stool, powder coated base & recovered seat, blissful wall sign metal powder coated on barn wood, embroidered throw pillow & tassel edged Mexican throw pillow

Lot#: 46372980

Mermaid blankets

8 child size, 3 adult size, mermaid fin blankets, all are new and unused.

Lot#: 46372981

Vintage ladies

Powder puffs, beaded handbag, compact mirror, gloves, hair accessories and curling island stand, head wrap (mannequin not included)

Lot#: 46372860

Vintage kitchen utensils

Vintage strainer with stand, meat grinder, shredder, beater, rolling pin and pestle

Lot#: 46372982

Jewelry supplies

Jewelry making supplies

Lot#: 46372861


Lots of cool pieces, vintage, watches, pins, etc..

Lot#: 46372983


Solid wood table, very heavy & sturdy, one side has a drawer, 4 ft. 11 1/2" long x 2 ft. 11 1/2" wide x 2 1/2 ft. Tall

Lot#: 46372862

Tin toys

Raggedy Ann refrigerator, barn & silo, wind up train car

Lot#: 46372984

Leather & Pearl bracelet,New, handmade, black

Black leather, knotted pearl bracelet, 8", display not included

Lot#: 46372863

Leather & pearl bracelet, newLeather braided brace

Not Together/Just for show 60 1/4"x34"x30 1/4"

Lot#: 46372985

Vintage ladies

Vintage celluloid pieces, decorative vintage table mirror and brush (metal), vintage Japanese lacquerware musical jewelry box with mother of pearl inlay

Lot#: 46372864

Leather & pearl choker, new

Brown leather choker with pearl and pearl clasp, 17", display not included

Lot#: 46372986

Coffee stuff

Vintage coffee grinder & and burlap coffee bean sack

Lot#: 46372865

Bling/costume jewelry,new Multi chain necklace

I do make up necklace, gold tone with black accent necklace, 2 tiger necklaces, tiger bracelet, tiger earrings, black/silver stretchy bracelet, set of kitty earrings, 1 kitty barrette, multi chain necklace, long

Lot#: 46372987

Western lot

1 mens cowboy boots (Diamond J size 10 1/2 D), 1 ladies cowboy boots (Corral Vintage, size 6 M), cowboy hat, cowboy sign, western glass, lighted and powder coated cactus

Lot#: 46372866

Multi earring lot, new

4 large pairs of leaf clip ons, 6 cards of number earrings, 6 cards of gold/silver/copper earrings, 1 card pearl earrings, 6 cards of glitter earrings

Lot#: 46372988

Military lot

large US Army rucksack/duffle bag, 4 pairs of boots- desert size 12 1/2 R, desert size 6 1/2 R (one lace missing), combat boots size 6 R, Gore-tex (can't find size), 2 pairs of cold weather boot inserts (new) size 8-8 1/2

Lot#: 46372867

Costume jewelry, new

32 pairs of earrings, 6 multi strand beaded necklaces and earrings

Lot#: 46372900

Womens Belt Buckle

Lot#: 46372989


Serving platter, 10 short glasses,6 tall glasses, 6 dessert bowls, 8 salad/dessert plates, pie dish, 2 pyrex baking dishes with lids (please notice chip on rim of round dish)

Lot#: 46372868

Cuff Bracelet, new

Wide leather cuff bracelet, black leather, adjustable sizing- 8 1/2? or 9 1/2?

Lot#: 46372901

(2) Necklaces

Beige and pink/ Pearl looking with butterfly (butterfly broken)

Lot#: 46372869

Earrings, new

Hoop earrings with dangling coral

Lot#: 46372902

Silver looking necklace w/ pink cross 20"

Lot#: 46372903

Bow Necklace 13"

Lot#: 46372904

Silver looking necklace w/ colored pendant

Lot#: 46372905

Black choker with pendant 16"

Lot#: 46372906

Gold looking chain with owl pendant 16"

Lot#: 46372907

Black/Grey Necklace 18"

Lot#: 46372908

(2) Necklaces and (1) Bracelet

Lot#: 46372909

(2) Sets of Earrings

Pearl looking/ yellow round

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