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Wednesday April 06, 2022 10:00 pm | ND. US.

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Terms & Conditions

By accepting the terms and conditions of this auction you acknowledge you are entering into a legal and binding contract. You agree to abide by all terms and conditions and you acknowledge receipt of all explanations and information made available by Steffes Group, Inc., also referred to as Steffes Group or Company. 


When paying within the stated time and with our acceptable payment methods: 


  • A 10% buyer’s premium with a maximum charge of $1,000 per item applies to items purchased on Timed Online Auctions.
  • A 2% buyer’s premium with a maximum charge of $1,000 per item applies to items purchased on Live Webcast Auctions.


You agree to make payment for all online purchases in U.S. funds within 2 business days of receipt of invoice by one of the acceptable forms of payment unless approval of financing arrangements is made with Steffes Group. To issue a check by fax, simply write a check as you normally would and fax a copy to us. All NSF checks will be charged a $30 fee. Checks by mail are not an accepted form of payment. Any other form of payment, other than the listed acceptable payment methods are subject to an additional 3% buyer's fee on the full amount of the purchase. No items will be released until full payment clears our office.


Acceptable forms of payment:


  • Bank Wire Transfer; please call for wire instructions to be emailed to you.
  • Check delivered to our office that held the auction
  • Check By Phone


West Fargo, Sioux Falls, Grand Forks 701-237-9173

Litchfield 320-693-9371


Mt. Pleasant, Ames 319-385-2000


  • Check By Fax


West Fargo, Sioux Falls, Grand Forks 701-237-0976


Litchfield 320-693-9373


Mt. Pleasant, Ames 319-385-4709


Sales Tax


Listed below is a link for the Streamlined Tax Exemption form that includes 24 participating states. States that do not participate in the streamlined form, but in which Steffes Group frequently transacts business are MO and IL. Please contact our office if you would like us to send you a form for one of these states. The link for the streamlined form includes the states of IA, MN, ND, NE, and SD, among others.

Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement Certificate of Exemption

If you have any questions concerning sales tax, please contact the appropriate state government agency for that location or contact our office. Minnesota requires sales tax to be charged on all online consignment auctions unless the buyer provides an exemption form. 

Titled vehicles

$35 document fee charged on all titled vehicle purchases. Titles will be sent via USPS certified mail ten business days following payment.

Per vehicle and sales tax laws, upon registration and licensing of any titled vehicle or trailer, any buyer’s premium paid is considered to be part of the sales price. Sales tax will be charged on the entire sales price (including the buyer’s premium). 

If you have any questions concerning sales tax on a piece of equipment, please contact the appropriate state government agency at the location of the item on auction. 

ND Sales Tax Terms for Canadian Customers

 Used Farm Equipment

The sale, at auction, of used farm machinery to a Canadian farmer for agricultural use is exempt from sales tax the same as a North Dakota Farmer.

The purchase, at auction, of used farm machinery by a Canadian farm equipment dealer (retailer) would be sales taxable unless:

  • You complete an exemption certificate with a ND sales tax permit number
  • The purchased goods are shipped by a 3rd party to you in Canada - in this case a delivery receipt must be provided to Steffes Group.

 New Farm Equipment


The sale, at auction, of new farm machinery to a Canadian farmer for agricultural use, or a Canadian farm equipment dealer (retailer) is taxable at the current state rate of 3% plus any local sales tax if applicable.  The law also provides that Canadians may apply for a refund of the tax paid when meeting certain requirements.  This form and conditions of use are available online at 


Agents for Sellers
Steffes Group, Inc. and its Employees act merely as agents for sellers. All auctions are with reserve unless specifically stated otherwise. Auctions are with undisclosed reserves unless advertised otherwise as "Absolute."  Auctioneers, at their discretion, may place a reserve bid on behalf of the seller. All final bids are subject to the seller's confirmation. Only the top bidder will be contacted as to the status of his/her bid. While the information we provide on item(s) is deemed correct, no warranties are expressed or implied as to any items being sold, and you agree to purchase and accept the item in an as-is condition. Information on items is obtained by us from the sellers and you hereby agree to hold harmless Steffes Group and our Employees for any errors or omissions regarding the item(s) being sold. This information includes but is not limited to year, model, machine or engine hours, physical condition, options, features and other data pertinent to the value of the item. 
All items are sold As-Is-Where-Is unless specific factory or seller issued warranties are listed in the item description.



You acknowledge that you have the right and responsibility to inspect the item(s) personally, or to have a third party representative inspect the item(s) for you. That by bidding on an item you have agreed to accept that item in its present condition at its present location and with the description provided whether accurate or not. 

Auction Close


Timed-online auctions will begin to close on the date and time listed. Lots will remain open until no bids have been placed within the last 4 minutes. Timed-online auctions normally close at a rate of 3 lots every 2 minutes.  

Please note that some lots can be tied together and will be set to close simultaneously.  This will be indicated in those lots by a paper clip symbol.  Please hover your mouse over the symbol to see what lots are tied together. The paper clip symbol means that each lot tied will stay in extension until there are no more bids on any of the lots that are tied.

         Steffes Group reserves the right to close multiple lots per minute at its discretion. Upon your accepted bid of an item, that item shall immediately become your responsibility and be at your risk (whether you have paid for that item or not). You agree that Steffes Group, its employees, and its sellers are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items and will not reimburse or discount items for any type of loss. Buyers are responsible for any costs incurred to prepare your item(s) for transport and/or shipping. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the cost of any rigging, dis-assembly, special loading requirements, transport, packaging, insurance, and all other costs related to physical transfer of your item(s). You agree to remit payment and remove from the auction property any purchases within the stated time for the auction being conducted. You further understand and agree that failure to remove items in the stated time for the auction will subject you to moving and storage fees unless arrangements have been made with the seller. 

Buyer Default


When using our online auction services you are making a firm commitment to purchase said item(s) and are entering into a legal and binding contract. Bids may not be cancelled or retracted for any reason. 


Non-paying bidders or fraudulent bidding will subject you to legal recourse and possible criminal charges including any fraud and/or interstate commerce violations. 


Internet Risk


You acknowledge that the internet may be an unreliable and error-prone network. Steffes Group will not guarantee that bids placed online will always be transmitted to or received by the auctioneer in a timely fashion. You agree to hold Steffes Group, Inc. and its employees harmless for any interruptions in online bidding. At the sole discretion of the Company, the auction may be suspended, postponed, or cancelled if internet service is unstable or disrupts the online portion of any event that is simulcast as an Internet Auction. 


Further, the auctioneer has the sole discretion to accept or refuse any bid. Steffes Group retains the right, at our sole discretion, to add, delete, or change some or all of our online services and the terms and conditions governing their online auctions at any time without notice. 


Abandonment Policy


Steffes Group provides this Abandonment Policy to inform you of our policies and procedures regarding any purchased item(s)/property that has not been removed by a buyer in a timely manner. Upon winning the bid for an item(s), after paying for item(s) purchased, a buyer is obligated to remove the item(s) from the auction site within a timely manner. 


Steffes Group may deem a buyer's failure to claim and remove equipment within 60 days following the close of an auction as evidence of buyer's intention to abandon the property. In these instances, the Company may take action that is adverse to buyer's interest in the property, including, but not limited to steps to dispose of the property. 


Disposition of property may include a variety of approaches based upon the buyer's purchase price of the property as follows: 


1) For those items with a final selling price of $5,000 or less, the Company will determine the appropriate disposition approach which may include:


  • Removing and disposing as the Company sees fit.
  • Allowing seller to retain or scrap.
  • Sell the item(s), whereby the Company will remit the sales proceeds to the buyer, less selling and advertising expenses, storage costs, plus 20% administrative fee. 


2) For those items with a final selling price of greater than $5,000, Steffes Group may remove the item from the selling location and resolve as follows:


  • The Company may reimburse the seller on the buyer's behalf for storage fees of $25 per day, with the total amount not to exceed $1,500.
  • Sell the item(s), whereby the Company will remit the sales proceeds to the buyer, less selling and advertising expenses and storage costs, plus 20% administrative fee. 


If a buyer with the winning bid has not removed the purchased item(s) from selling location within 10 business days after the close of the auction, the buyer will be responsible for directly paying the seller any and all storage fees if levied by the seller. If levied by the seller, storage fees will be $25 per day beginning the 10th day after the close of the auction/winning bid.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Steffes Group, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Preview by appointment and all items to be removed within one week of auction. Major equipment begins selling at 10:30AM. Live online bidding available on major equipment. For information contact Brad Olstad at Steffes Group, 701.237.9173 or 701.238.02


LOCATION: From Mohall, ND, 5 miles west on Co. Rd. 5, 3 miles north on Co. Rd. 28, 3 miles west on 95th St NW. (4452 95th St NW, Mohall, ND 58761)

PREVIEW: By appointment.

LOADOUT: All items to be removed within one week of auction.

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Major equipment begins selling at 10:30 AM. Live online bidding available on major equipment.


2005 Case-IH STX450, 4WD, deluxe cab, buddy seat, powershift, 4 hyd., power beyond, return flow, Outback xDrive w/STX display, Goodyear 800/70R38 metric duals, 3,507 hrs., S/NJEE0106831

1990 John Deere 4955, MFWD, powershift, 3 hyd., return flow, 3 pt., 1000 PTO, diff lock, 1,450 lb. inside rear weights, 480/80R42 press steel duals, shows 12,205 hrs., S/NP005651

1973 John Deere 4430, 2WD, 8 spd., 3 hyd., 540/1000 PTO, diff lock, John Deere 146 loader, joystick, 60 Series step, 18.4-38 single tires, shows 2,757 hrs., 12,757 actual hrs., S/N12750

1969 John Deere 4020, open station, Standard, 8 spd., 2 hyd., side console, diff lock, 540/1000 PTO, rear weights, 23.1-30 rear tires, unknown hrs., S/N201759

Massey Ferguson 210, 2WD, open station, 21 hp. diesel, gear trans., 3 pt., 540 PTO, hyd. loader, 11R24.5 rear tires, 276 hrs., S/N02561

Buhler 3895 SLS self-leveling loader, quick tach 102" bucket, 5-tine grapple, joystick


2013 John Deere S680, 2WD, STS, Contour-Master, premium cab, deluxe controls, 10" display, integrated auto steer, power fold hopper, 5 spd. feeder house, ProDrive, TouchSet, 26-1/2' high cap. unloading auger, fine cut chopper, New style round bar/small wire concaves, HID lights, 650/85R38 straddle duals, 620/75R26 rear tires, 2,038 sep. hrs., 3,023 engine hrs., S/N1H0S680SJD0757704

2010 Case-IH 8120, axial flow, 2WD, Field Tracker, deluxe controls, 262 receiver, Pro 600, integrated auto steer WAAS, rock trap, chopper, power reverser, 26' unloading auger w/ext., (4) set concaves, 520/85R42 straddle duals, 540/65R30 rear tires, 1,846 sep. hrs., 2,519 engine hrs., S/NYAG209358

2006 Case-IH 8010, axial flow, 2WD, Field Tracker, Pro 600 display, deluxe controls, rock trap, chopper, power reverser, long auger w/ext., 520/85R42 straddle duals, 540/65R30 rear tires, S/NHAJ106593

1992 Agco Gleaner R62, deluxe controls, Deutz diesel, hydro, rock trap, HID lights, 30.5-32 single tires, 16.9-24 rear tires, 4,718 sep. hrs., 6,171 engine hrs., S/NRG2G4006A


2014 John Deere 640FD flex draper, fore/aft, return to height in rigid mode, stubble lights, S/N1H0640FDTE0765994

2009 Case-IH 2162 flex draper, 40', fore/aft, Flagship mounts, slow spd. transport, New drum, S/NY92N11301

2008 Case-IH 2015 pickup head, Swathmaster pickup, light pkg., Flagship mounts, S/NCCC0021275

Universal pickup head, 12', w/11' Rake-Up rubber belt pickup, light pkg., S/NSJ41132

Agco 400 pickup head, Swathmaster 7-belt pickup for RG2 Gleaner

2003 Case-IH 2212 corn head, 12x30", knife rolls, deck plates, Flagship mounts, S/NHAJ035225

Agco 700 straight head, 30' w/SeedEater 9" pans, mounts for Case-IH or John Deere

1990 MacDon straight head, 36', bat reel, mounts for Gleaner R Series, S/N76884

Dose Head Hunter Classic tandem axle header trailer, 43', torsion axle, brakes, light pkg.

Frontier tandem axle header trailer, 40', torsion axle, brakes, light pkg.

Bulldog 4-wheel header trailer, 30'


Case-IH 8220 pull-type swather, 25', auto fold, bat reel, hyd. canola cutter, 1000 PTO, S/NCFH0128689


M&W 750 tandem axle grain cart, 10" non-folding auger, roll tarp, 1000 PTO, 18-22.5 tires


2014 SeedMaster 7012 air seeder, 70', 12" space, liquid & dry fertilizer, hyd. down pressure, Amity 3350 twin compartment SS commodity cart, vari-rate, hyd. fill auger, Torpedo hitch, offset axle, 23.1-26 tires, cart S/NA58100-08


John Deere 7300 vacuum planter, 12x30", vertical fold, vari-rate, 3 bu. hoppers, lift assist, liquid fertilizer, Martin row cleaners, extensive reconditioning

John Deere 71 Unit plot planter, 4-row, 3 pt.


Degelman 7645 land roller, 45', 36" drum, S/N3166

2008 Summers Series 10 Diamond disc, 44', 10" space, rock flex, weight pkg., tandem duals across, Summers 3-bar single harrow, S/NH0606

John Deere 1610 chisel plow, 41', 12" space, walking tandems across, 3-bar harrow

Bourgault 9400 chisel plow, 40', 12" space, 550 lb. trip, full floating hitch, walking tandems across, 16" knock-on sweeps, Valmar 1620 granular applicator, ground drive, 4-bar harrow

Bourgault 6000 mid-duty harrow, 90', hyd. fold, down pressure, adj. pitch sections, flotation tires

Summers Superweeder 60', 3- rank hyd. adj., HD harrow sections, S/N87000

John Deere 845 row crop cultivator, 12x30", spring shank, gauge wheels, coulter stabilizers, flat fold


2001 Mack CH613 factory day cab, E7-400 hp., 9 spd., engine brake, air ride, air slide 5th, dual aluminum fuel tanks, full fenders, 160" WB, 111R22.5 tires on steel rims, shows 725,990 miles

1999 Sterling day cab, 12.7L Detroit, 10 spd., air ride, air slide 5th, full fenders, 180" WB, 11R24.5 tires on steel rims

1988 Freightliner factory day cab, 350 Cummins, 9 spd., spring susp., air slide 5th, twin aluminum fuel tanks, full fenders, 160" WB, 11R22.5 tires on steel rims, shows 579,225 miles, 50,000 miles on engine OH

1986 IHC 2600 single axle day cab, 350 Cummins, 9 spd., spring susp., fixed plate, twin aluminum fuel tanks, 150" WB, 285/75R24.5 tires on steel rims, shows 722,544 miles

1998 IHC 4700 single axle, DT466E, 6 spd. manual, 16' steel flatbed w/Enduraplas 2,600 gal. poly tank, 225 gal. rinse tank, 3" plumbing, 11R22.5 tires on steel rims, 93,850 miles


2005 Ford F650 Super Duty XLT dually, 5-9 Cummins, 7 spd., 2WD, air brakes, 10' shop-built service body, Homak RS Pro toolbox, 100,252 miles

2006 Ford F250 Super Duty XLT, crew cab, long box, Powerstroke diesel, automatic, 4WD, lockouts, grill guard, bed liner, shows 227,260 miles

2000 Ford F350 Super Duty, crew cab, short box, 7.3L Powerstroke, automatic, 4WD, lockouts, grill guard, power running boards, 5th wheel ball, shows 282,139 miles

1963 Chevrolet 20, 6 cyl., 4 spd., shows 68,942 miles


2010 Wilson DWH550 tandem axle hopper bottom trailer, 41'x96"x72", ag hopper, air ride, electric roll tarp, single row lights, 11R24.5 tires on full aluminum rims

1995 LG tandem axle steel hopper bottom trailer, 36'x102"x70", ag hopper, spring susp., electric roll tarp, air slide gates, 11R24.5 tires on steel rims

1993 Wilson DWH200 tandem axle hopper bottom trailer, 38'x102"x72", ag hopper, air ride, electric roll tarp & traps, double row lights, rear pintle & air, 11R22.5 tires on full aluminum rims


Lufkin spread axle flatbed trailer, 48', air ride, w/1,100/1,500/3,000 gal. HD poly tanks, plumbed 3", transfer pump, bottom fill, 11R24.5 tires on steel rims

Duo Lift tandem axle pintle hitch water trailer, 1,250 gal. cone bottom tank, (2) 50 gal. mix tanks, 3" Honda, flotation tires

Tri-axle gooseneck trailer, 30', tandem duals


2008 Top Air TA2400 pull-type sprayer, 132' boom, 6-section boom control, 2,400 gal. poly tank, triple nozzle bodies, fence row nozzle, 3" fill, full hyd. boom rinse tank, air purge system, auto rate monitor, rear susp., touchdown wheels, 380/90R54 straddle duals, S/NB26-090-123

Flexi-Coil 67 pull-type sprayer, 120' boom, 1,000 gal. poly tank, double nozzle body, wind screen, 18.4-26 bar tires

1996 Walker 44 self-propelled sprayer, 110' boom, 5-section control, triple nozzle bodies, 1,100 gal. SS tank, 3" fill, hydro, hyd. tread adj., Raven rate control, Raven SmarTrak guidance, fenders, 520/85R38 tires at 90%

Wac 1010 broadcast spreader, 3 pt., 540 PTO


Pattison PLS330 liquid cart, (2) 1,650 gal. poly cone bottom tanks, ground drive pump, Honda 3" fill, 28L-26 front tires, 30.5-32 rear tires

(2) 10,000 gal. poly liquid fertilizer tanks, black, 3" plumbing

5,000 gal. poly liquid fertilizer tank

(2) Sets of (2) 1,000 gal. NH3 tanks plumbed together


Renn grain bagger, 10', hyd. conveyor, 1000 PTO

Haul-All twin compartment drill fill, 18', self-contained hyd. power Honda motor, roll tarp, 7" low pro auger

Walinga 7614 grain vac, 6", 1000 PTO, cleanup pkg., SS hose, New blower, S/N1108921

2010 Westfield MK130-71 Plus mechanical swing hopper auger, 71'x13", low pro hopper, hopper walker w/remote, hyd. lift, 540 PTO, S/N220974

Westfield MK auger, 71'x13", low pro hopper, hyd. lift

Meridian HD8-46 loadout auger, 46'x8", 5 hp. 3 phase motor

Sakundiak HD8-1200 loadout auger, 28'x8", Vanguard 23 hp. gas motor, electric start

Blanchard jump auger, 10"

Johnson jump auger, 8", gas


Meridian GrainMax 4,000 bu. hopper bin, non-skid, sight glass, ladder, Grain Guard 5 hp. 3 phase fan, 28'x8" Westfield auger

GrainMax 4,000 bu. hopper bottom bin, double skid, sight glass, manhole, ladder, Grain Guard 5 hp. propane burner, 3 phase, S/N10271

Lode King 2,000 bu. hopper bin, w/Mayrath 10" loadout auger

(2) Meridian 4,000 bu. hopper bins, non-skid, sight glass, ladder, GSI 3 phase fan &

Grain Guard 7 hp. 3 phase fan w/28'x8" Westfield loadout augers

(2) Behlen hopper bottom bins, 500 bu.

Grain Guard fans, (1) 7-1/2 hp., 1 phase, (1) 5 hp., 1 phase, (5) 7 hp., 3 phase, (3) 5 hp., 3 phase

(1) Keho fan, 5 hp., 3 phase & (1) Superdyne fan, 5 hp., 3 phase


Hiline XL-6084 hyd. rotary rockpicker, 3-bat, hyd. swing hitch, 16.5-16 flotation tires, S/N4298

Woods BW180 hyd. fold mower, 15', 1000 PTO, safety chain, aircraft tires, S/N1161981

Wildcat 8600A snowblower, 86", 3 pt., 1000 PTO, dual hyd. spout, light pkg.

King Kutter rototiller, 48", 3 pt., 540 PTO

Clark C-500 forklift, gas, 2-stage, 5,500 lbs. cap., shows 2,632 hrs., S/NY3558172542083

(3) Pull-type canola rollers

Jari sickle mower


McCormick Deering 15-30 collector tractor on steel, belt pulley, does not run

Farmall F14 collector tractor on steel, parade runner

John Deere antique grain wagon, flare wood box on running gear


2021 Honda Rancher, ATV, 4x4, fuel injection, 80 miles

Polaris 500 H.O. ATV, AWD, 154 hrs.

Ag Spray ATV sprayer, 15 gal., 12v


10,000 gal. upright fuel tank w/pump

2,000 gal. diesel tank w/Gasboy pump

150 gal. L-shaped fuel tank, Tuthill 15 gpm 12v pump

(2) 1,000 gal. LP tanks, (1) 500 gal. LP tank


Set of 11-46 narrow tires for Walker

(2) Honda transfer pumps, 3"

Teco motor, 15 hp., 3 phase, New

Portable posthole auger, 6", gas

Asst. gas trimmers

(3) Large tow ropes

Gas ice auger


Lincoln 256 power mig wire welder

Lincoln Ranger welder/generator

Aaladin 14-423 high pressure power washer, 220v

John Deere AC2-80ES air compressor, 80 gal. tank, 1 phase, 16.9 cfm, 175 psi

(2) John Deere AC2-8GH gas air compressors

(2) John Deere AC-400 portable heater, fuel oil, 400,000 BTU

ESAB PowerCut 1500 plasma cutter

AFF hyd. floor press, 50 ton

Atlas bench drill press, 1/2"

Cenex 4-barrel oil bar

CP toolbox

DeWalt chop saw

Knipco heater, 150,000 BTU

Wilton bench grinder, 8"

Shop cherry picker

(2) Floor jacks, 5 & 3 ton

Air jack, 20 ton

Warehouse pallet racking, 5-sections, 2'x6'x6'


Shanette Haarsager, PR

For information contact Brad Olstad at Steffes Group, 701.237.9173 or 701.238.0240

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