KJNT July 27th-August 3rd 2020 Online Auction

KJ's Needful Things | Online Auction
Monday August 03, 2020 | Rochester Hills, MI. US. 48309
Auction Terms & Conditions -------------------------------------- By registering for this auction you agree to the following terms and conditions. This is a legal binding contract between you, referred to as the ?bidder? and KJ's Needful Things, LLC referred to as the ?Auction House?.   1. ITEM CONDITION: The bidder acknowledges all items are sold ?AS-IS? and ?WHERE IS?. The Auction Houses makes no guarantee to the condition or usability of items up for auction. The Auction House will make its best effort to write accurate descriptions of each items up for auction. This is a services provided to the Bidder. The Bidder does not hold the Auction House responsible for bidding and winning items that are broke or defected in same way. The Auction House strongly recommends that each Bidder attends the preview days provides so they can inspect each item they wish to bid on.   2. LOADING ITEMS: The bidder agrees to bring help to load larger items. The Auction House DOES NOT provide help for loading large items into vehicles or trailers dueto insurance purposes. The Auction House does not provide bags, paper, or other wrapping material when picking up lots which the Bidder has won.   3. PAYMENT: If the Bidder, or representative/agent of the Bidder, cannot pick up the items during the pick up date and times provided, then PLEASE DO NOT BID on any items. In the event that items are not picked up during the time slots, the Auction House reserves the right to charge the Bidders credit card on file for items' fees, buyers premiums, taxes, and any applicable fees (disposal fees, ect.). There is no storage available, so if an item goes unclaimed after the pick up times, the Bidder forfeits the items, the Bidders credit cards will be charged, no refunds given at the time the pick up window closes. If the items are not picked up during the pick up time slot, and the Auction House or their clients have not already disposed of the items, the Auction House still has access to the property, and the Bidder wishes to pick up their items there will be a travel fee of $50 to let the bidder into the property to pick up the lots they have won. If the Auction House has to pay to have these items disposed of, the Bidders credit card on file will be charged a reasonable disposal fee. There are no exceptions to these rules.   4. BUYERS PREMIUM: The Bidder understands that each item up for auction will have a buyer?s premium of 15% added to the price of each item. When placing a bid and winning items please take the buyers premium into account and bid accordingly. This means that if an item is sold at $100, the buyers premium would $15, and your total would be $115 (not including Michigan?s 6% sales tax).  5. SALES TAX:: Due to Michigan state law, there will be sales tax of 6% added to every lot won. 6. FAILURE TO PICK UP: The Auction House reserves the right to dispose of any items the Bidder has not picked up immediately after the pick up times. The Auction House reserves the right to determine the method of disposal which may or may not consist of waste disposal, resale or donation. The Bidder will be charged a reasonable disposal fee and their credit on file will be charged the full amount of items won, buyers premiums, and sales tax.. In the event a Bidder does not pick up items, the Auction House reserves the right to terminate their bidder status, and thus not letting the Bidder bid on any items in any future auctions.   7. INSPECTION/PREVIEW DAY: The Auction House will hold specific auction preview hours so all Bidders will have the chance to preview the lots they wish to bid on. We strongly recommend every person bidding on items to attend the preview days to inspect the items. Please note, the Auction House will not give refunds or returns for Bidders who bid and win items, but are unhappy with the condition of those items.   8. INFORMATION CHANGES: The Bidder agrees to let the Auction House know of any changes with their contact information or credit information as soon as the Bidder knows.   9. BIDDING ERRORS AND SOFTWARE MALFUNCTIONS: In the event you have made an error bidding, the Bidder must contact the Auction House immediately. The Auction House will not assume any bid is an error. In the event there is a malfunction within the software and/or bidding the Auction Houses is using, the Bidder will not hold the Auction House accountable.  10. AUCTION CHANGES: The Auction House reserves the right to change lots, pull items from the auction, combine lots, split lots, remove lots, increase, decrease or add reserve amounts, cancel the auction before, during or after the auction has closed or change any other auction options or settings at anytime without notice.  11. STAGGERED CLOSING AND SOFT CLOSING: The Auction House uses staggered closing which means that lots close within seconds of each other giving everyone a chance to view each item closing in real time. The Auction House also uses soft closing, which means that an auction item ends only after a specific time without any additional bids. This prevents against sniping and giving every bidder a fair chance at winning that item. 12. BIDDER NOTIFICATION: If the Bidder has won any items at the auction, the Auction House will notify them via email to let them know the items they have won and amount they owe. This is the only contact the Bidder will receive from the Auction House. Please make sure you check your email after the auction has closed. In the event the Bidder won an item at the auction and does not receive this email, contact the auction house at 248-505-5985. Please check your spam file if you do not find it.  13. THIRD PARTY LIABILITY: The Bidder will not hold the Auction House liable for any action done by a third party. This includes, but is not limited to actions done by the fellow Bidders, Auction House clients, friends and family of the clients of the Auction House, or any person who commits a crime (I.E. breaking in an stealing or vandalizing auction lots) before, during, or after the auction has finished.  14. REMOVING ITEMS: The Bidder must remove the items safely. The Bidders agrees to pay all costs associated with damages that may happen when the bidder and/or their helpers are moving items. In the event the Bidder damages anything while removing the items, their credit card on file will be charged for all costs associated with fixing said damages.  15. AUCTION HOUSE LIABILITY: The bidders agree to not hold the Auction House responsible for any damages or injury that may happen when attending the inspection/preview day or auction pick up days. The Auction House asks the Bidder to watch their step inside the auction areas, as there may be some elevation changes or steps. 16. LEGAL RECOURSE: In the event an issue arises between the Bidder and Auction House, both the Bidder and Auction House agree to binding arbitration rather than litigation to resolve the dispute. The Bidder agrees to choose a venue located within Oakland County. The Bidder agrees that their dispute cannot be combined with any other person or party.   17. CLIENT RIGHTS: The clients of the Auction House have the right to bid on and win any items they have put to auction. The Clients agree to pay for all items and buyers premiums associated with any lots they have won.    18. These Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time without notice. Please read these terms and conditions each time you register for one of our auctions. These terms and conditions supersede any other agreement between you, the Bidder, and the Auction House made in the past or present.  19. You are bidding on what is described. There may be items in the background, but those are not included in the lot unless specifically told otherwise. 20. The Auction House reserves the right to enforce the rest of our terms and conditions.  21. Contact Information: Kristina Johnson (248) 505-5985 EMAIL: [email protected]                 WEBSITE: www.kjsneedfulthings.com  22. MSRP's: The MSRP is the value given to us by the retailer we are auctioning off content for. This number was their retail value, and may or may not be the actual MSRP given from the manufacturer.  23. RETAIL ITEMS: Items may have a line crossed out through any tag or barcode after photos have been taken. We will do this after photos have been taken. This is to make sure items can not go through the return process again. Furthermore, the Bidder agrees to not return any items bought through our auction to any retailer.    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Sebae Data Solutions, Inc .SERVICE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS Sebae Data Solutions, (the makers of Auction Flex & HiBid (formerly Bidopia) hereafter referred to as "Sebae"), provides its service to you, subject to the following Terms & Conditions ("TAC"), which we may update from time to time without notice to you. The most current version of the TAC can be found found at any time by visiting the link: http://www.auctionflex.com/showtandc.ap USE AND REGISTRATION Our services are available only to, and may only be used by individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Without limiting the foregoing, our services are not available to children (persons under the age of 18) or to temporarily or indefinitely suspended members. If you are under the age of 18, you can use this service only in conjunction with, and under the supervision of your parents or guardians. If you do not qualify, please do not use our service. If you are registering as a business entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind the entity to the TAC. REGISTRATION OBLIGATIONS In consideration of your use of the Service, you agree to: (a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the Service's registration form (such information being the "Bidder Information") and (b) maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or Sebae has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Sebae has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service (or any portion thereof).  DESCRIPTIONS OF SERVICE Sebae provides the following services under the Auction Flex & HiBid trademarks: Integrated Web Service (for auctioneers), internet bidding (absentee, online-only, & webcast). You can learn more about these services in the following sections. HIBID INTERNET AUCTION PLATFORM & WEB SERVICE DESCRIPTION Sebae provides the HiBid (formerly Bidopia) Internet Auction Platform & Web Service ("HWS") under the HiBid trademark as a software solution for auctioneers wishing to extend the audience of their live auctions to the internet. The HWS provides various features including internet absentee bidding, internet-only auctions, and webcast auctions. The HWS is able to changes its appearance to coincide with the website that it is powering. Accordingly, the HWS powers the www.hibid.com website as well as numerous Auction Flex customer websites. This ability to change appearance is a feature of the HWS. Much like internet merchant account providers can host a secure web page for a vendor to easily process payments, the HWS hosts certain portions of the auctioneer's website to easily enable advanced features such as internet bidding.  INTERNET ABSENTEE BIDDING Internet absentee bidding allows you to place a bid for an item in advance of an auction. This allows you to place bids on lots without actually attending the auction. INTERNET-ONLY AUCTIONS Internet only bidding allows you to place a bid for an item prior to the auction lot closing online. In an internet-only auction there is no live auction. WEBCAST AUCTIONS Webcast auctions allow you to bid in real-time against other bidders or place pre-bids prior to a lot going "live".Lots are sold in accordance with the Auctioneer's terms and conditions which are accessible from each lot's page. It is your responsibility to read and accept the Auctioneer's terms and conditions prior to placing your bid.When you place a bid you are agreeing to be bound by the Auctioneer's & Sebae's terms and conditions. By placing a bid you are entering into a legally binding and enforceable contract. Please keep in mind that you are bidding against other internet bidders as well as floor bidders, phone bidders, and regular absentee bidders (this list does not constitute a complete list of bidder types but does highlight the common bidder channels).The auctioneer, at their discretion, can approve or deny bidders. The auctioneer reserves the right to accept or deny bidders for any reason. Prior to approval the auctioneer may contact you to determine your credit worthiness. If the auctioneer approves your bid, the auctioneer will then process your bid in accordance with their terms and conditions.Should your bid for a lot prove successful, the auctioneer may contact you to arrange for payment & shipping (if applicable). If the auctioneer required registration via a credit card, the auctioneer reserves the right to process your winning bids to the credit card provided during registration.Sebae, through the Auction Flex & HiBid products & services, facilitates the internet bidding process between the Auctioneer & the bidder. Sebae is in no way a party to the transaction. Because Sebae is not a party to the transaction, you accept that you will have no claim or cause of action against Sebae in respect of the sale (or non-sale) of any Lot. If you have a dispute with an Auctioneer or another user of the Service with regard to the sale (or non-sale) of any Lot you agree that Sebae, its officers, agents, employees will not be liable for losses (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, special loss, indirect loss and consequential los), costs, damages, liabilities, claims, demands and expenses of any kind arising out of or connected with such dispute. You also accept that none of the aforementioned are under any obligation to take any action to resolve any dispute between you and an AuctioneerSebae is not responsible for any typographical, pictorial or technical errors in information about Lots on the Site as provided by Auctioneers. Sebae does not evaluate Lots and does not act as a specialist or expert on any related subject matter. Sebae makes no warranties or representation of any kind or nature with respect to Lots (including but not limited to representations or warranties as to the accuracy of description, genuineness, quality, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin or safety). If you have any questions, e-mail the Auctioneer directly. In particular, make sure that you understand the Auctioneer's payment terms and shipping terms. BIDDING The Service requires you to login with your username and password prior to placing a bid on a Lot. Making bids with false information or with stolen credit card information is prohibited and illegal.Your user name and password are required in order to place internet bids. Making bids in a false name or with an invalid or stolen credit card is prohibited. Each bid carries the computer coding of the Internet provider which allows the individual user to be traced and Sebae may at its discretion release this information to enable legal action to be taken. Sebae may, in its entire discretion, refuse or remove bids where it suspects that bids contravene this prohibition. By placing a bid, you are making a binding and irrevocable offer to purchase the Item at any price up to the maximum bid amount you submit. If you win, you must complete the transaction, subject to any contractual right or other right at law to rescind the contract in certain circumstances. Failure to complete transaction without lawful reason is not only a breach of your contract with the Seller but also a breach of this User Agreement.The amount bid can be increased but cannot be decreased. The auctioneer may, at their discretion, allow you to withdraw and resubmit a bid in the case of bids containing an obvious typographical error. You may forward a request to withdraw a bid and resubmit a correct bid by immediately sending an email to the auctioneer, however, there is no guarantee that any bid will be withdrawn. Although Sebae will use best efforts to forward all bids, Sebae does not accept any responsibility for lost bids or problems with the recipient auctioneer's ability to process your bid. Moreover, Sebae cannot guarantee that bids received will be processed by the individual auctioneers.Please note that Sebae's role is limited to the provision of the Site for dissemination and publication of information provided by the Sellers. THE WINNING BID The winning bid in an auction will be the highest bid that exceeds any reserve (if a reserve exists). In the case of equal bids, the earliest bid received will be the winning bid. If a higher bid is subsequently withdrawn or removed then the auctioneer shall have the right to accept the next highest bid. NOTICE OF END OF SALE, PAYMENT & SHIPPING After the sale has ended, the auctioneer will notify the winning bidder via phone, fax or mail that they have won. If you do not receive notice that you have made the winning bid and think that you are the top bidder, you should check with the auctioneer directly. You will make all payment for Items to the auctioneer in accordance with their terms and conditions. BUYER'S PREMIUM, TAXES AND DUTIES If you are a successful bidder, you are responsible for paying any buyer's premium, taxes and duties (including any VAT, sales tax and import duties) that may be imposed on the final price paid for an Item. Accordingly, it is your responsibility to check the applicable taxes and duties that may be imposed on an Item prior to bidding for it. PRIVACY We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent and we only use your information as described in the Privacy Policy. 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Sebae makes no warranty that (i) the service will meet your requirements, (ii) the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, (iii) the results that may be obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable, (iv) the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you through the service will meet your expectations, and (v) any errors in the software will be corrected.c. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the service is done at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any such material.d. no advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from Sebae or through or f...

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. KJ's Needful Things, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1


We are easy to find. 1775 W Hamlin Rd, Suite B, Rochester Hills, MI 48309. Located in the Hamlin Industrial Park (on sign at the road) We are on Hamlin Rd between Crooks and Livernois Rd, closer to Crooks Rd, not far from M-59 and I-75. Navigation Apps are sometimes wrong, so please watch the numbers in the addresses and we are the next driveway just east of Royce Haley Dr. For pick-ups, please use the side entrance near the big garage door. And please feel free to pull up and park near the big garage door for loading. We are on the corner of the last building in the complex.

Lot#: 2


Pickup Date: Tuesday, August 4th 10am - 6pm Saturday, August 8th 10am - 2pm Tuesday, August 11th 10am - 6pm Saturday, August 15th10am - 2pm HOW IT WORKS: When you arrive, please come in and let us know that you have a pick up. Please wear a mask per the governor's executive order unless you are unable to do so. If you prefer to stay in your car, that's not a problem. Please call or text 248-505-5985 and we will gather your items and bring them out to you. **Please bring help to load any large items that you win. We are taking steps to keep you safe during pick ups/drop offs, including: -Maintaining a minimum 6 foot distance at all times. -Disinfecting carts after every pickup -All employees will wear masks at all times. -Limiting the number of employees working together at any one time.

Lot#: 3


We will be happy to ship any item within the continental US. Feel free to contact us for a shipping quote before you bid if you are interested in shipping. Postage costs paid by buyer include actual discounted shipping costs plus a $3 handling fee per large or fragile shipping box (on fragile items that require additional special packaging). We do everything in our power to safely keep shipping costs as low as possible. You should call or email us for a shipping quote first before bidding, especially on large items, because some items may be cost prohibitive and not able to be shipped. Please email or call us to let us know that you are requesting shipping after the close of the auction. There will be a second charge on your credit card for the shipping cost after you confirm acceptance of the quote. Then you will receive a tracking number.

Lot#: 4

Can't hold a Garage Sale? Bring it to us to sell.

Clearing out clutter? Put your stuff to work for you. Turn that clutter into Ca$h. BRING it to us and we'll do the rest. Check out www.kjsneedfulthings.com/sell Schedule a time to talk about the stuff you have to sell. The list of what we don't take is pretty small and definitely a lot smaller than the huge amount of things that we do take. Just ask! We offer FREE pickup of no greater than medium boxes and bags within a 2 mile radius of our warehouse. Outside of that 2 mile radius, we can occasionally offer pick up for a reasonable cost. Sorry no large items on pick ups.

Lot#: 4a

We like you so please like us back!

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/kjsneedfulthings On Instagram: @kjsneedfulthings

Lot#: 5

Wendy Bellissimo Kids Red dresser

Wendy Bellissimo Red dresser side has pullout ledge **one corner has some damage - see pic L: 48" D: 18.5? H: 36?

Lot#: 6

Lot of hockey cards

Lot#: 7

Lot of basketball cards - small box


Lot#: 8

Large Green Folding Wagon

Can fold up and comes w/ storage cover Has large, expandable handle on one side Good condition L 18 in W 35 in H 23 in

Lot#: 9

Lot of 2 full boxes of mixed sports cards

Lot#: 10

Various sports cards

Box of cards is 10 in x 8 in

Lot#: 11

Vaultz File drawer

16 in w 12 in h 17 in d

Lot#: 12

4 MCM Green Wood Chairs

Mid Century Modern Style Green flower design on back of each chair **Some tears in cushions **Some chips in wooden legs L 16 in W 16 in H 32 in

Lot#: 13

Lot of plastic plates

Snowman plate 10.5 in dia 6 white dessert plates 7.5 in dia 28 clear dinner plates 9 in dia 50 beverage napkins

Lot#: 14

American of Martinsville end table w/ drawer

American of Martinsville black end table w/ drawer **Some paint chips L: 20" D: 28? H: 22?

Lot#: 15

Wooden folding table w/ 2 leaves

Wooden folding table w/ 2 leaves "X"s on table **leaves are a different color L: 85? D: 40? H: 30?

Lot#: 16

Red wood twin bed set

Red wood twin bed set L: 42" D: 2.5? H: 38?

Lot#: 17

Tahoe Trails 20 oz water bottle

Tahoe Trails 20 oz water bottle L: 4" D: 4? H: 10?

Lot#: 18

Jinpus air purifier small air cleaner

Jinpus air purifier small air cleaner L: 5" D: 5? H: 7.5

Lot#: 20

ANRI.E Knee Support brace

ANRI.E Knee Support brace L: 5" D: 1.5? H: 11?

Lot#: 21

Expawlorer washable dog pee pad

Expawlorer washable dog pee pad 36" x 36? pad

Lot#: 22

M design door hanging item rack

M design wall hanging item rack Bent parts*can be bent back in place L: 15" D: 3? H: 11?

Lot#: 23

SwaddleMe original baby swaddle

SwaddleMe original baby swaddle contains 3 swaddles 100% cotton Large 4-6 months L: 8" D: 2? H: 9?

Lot#: 24

TRUWEO posture corrector back brace

TRUWEO posture corrector back brace L: 10" D: 7? H: 2.5?

Lot#: 25

Wooden hamster house

Wooden hamster house Assembly required L: 7" D: 1? H: 6?

Lot#: 26

3 panels Green wall art for bedroom decor

Green wall art for bedroom decor - 3 panels modern framed artwork - watercolor painting interior potted plants poster L: 12" D: 1? H: 16?

Lot#: 27

Pet lovers stuff camouflage dog vest

Pet lovers stuff camouflage dog vest Small L: 7" D: 1? H: 6?

Lot#: 28

UV Toothbrush Sterilizer

UV Toothbrush Sterilizer 99.99% Tested, works Takes 2 AAA batteries L: 9" D: 2.5?? H: 1??

Lot#: 29

Belula premium hair brush for men

NEW Belula premium hair brush for men L: 10" D: 4? H: 3?

Lot#: 30

NEW TBI Pro 12 in 1 USB type-C Hub

TBI Pro 12 in 1 USB type-C Hub L: 13.5" D: 5? H: 1?

Lot#: 31

Getback Gorgeous by Gen8 purple shampoo

Getback Gorgeous by Gen8 purple shampoo L: 2.5" D: 2.5? H: 6?

Lot#: 32

Tool box 3D printer parts

Tool box 3D printer parts L: 5" D: 3? H: .5?

Lot#: 33

Adjustable speed rotary carver tool

Adjustable speed rotary carver tool L: 8" D: 3? H: 4?

Lot#: 34

WISESORB Rechargeable Mini Dehumidifier

WISESORB Rechargeable Mini Dehumidifier Mold proof Portable Hygroscopic L: 7" D: 4? H: 2?

Lot#: 35

NEW Brellavi Pet Hair Remover

Brellavi Pet Hair Remover L: 3" D: 2? H: 11.5?

Lot#: 36

Keybudz Podskinz AirPods case cover

Keybudz Podskinz AirPods case cover L: 4" D: .5? H: 5.5?

Lot#: 37

AntBox Brown iPad 9.7 case w/ pen holder

AntBox iPad 9.7 case w/ pen holder PU leather Protects from scratches, damage, and dust L: 7.5" D: 1? H: 10?

Lot#: 38

Cloudy Bay indoor & outdoor LED step light

Cloudy Bay indoor & outdoor LED step light CRI90 Vivid LED NO Bulbs L: 3" D: 2? H: 5?

Lot#: 39

Forito Screen protector 15.6 (16:9) anti glare

Forito Screen protector 15.6 (16:9) anti glare Anti fingerprint L: 9.5" D: .1? H: 16.5?

Lot#: 40

WINBATTLE lavender, lemon, mint scented candle

WINBATTLE lavender, lemon, mint scented candle 100% natural soy L: 10" D: 7? H: 2?

Lot#: 41

Mohawk home kelmscott/Light Camel rug

Mohawk home kelmscott/Light Camel rug Item # 162736 MSRP $250 8ft x 11ft 8ft x 11ft

Lot#: 42

Broyhill furniture green and blue arm chair

Broyhill furniture green and blue arm chair Affinity style L: 30" D: 31? H: 33?

Lot#: 43

48 greeting cards

48 greeting cards Happy birthday L: 6.5" D:5? H: 3?

Lot#: 44

Haakaa silicone breast milk storage shell

Haakaa silicone breast milk storage shell L: 4" D: 4? H: 3?

Lot#: 45

NEW Car II Humidifier

Car II Humidifier Tested, works L: 4.5" D: 3? H: 4?

Lot#: 46

Make life better ceramic mug

Make life better ceramic mug L: 10" D: 5? H: 4?

Lot#: 47

Delmach 100% cotton storage bean bag

Fill with your soft toys and clothes and stuffed animals for storage and to use as a bean bag Delmach 100% cotton storage bean bag Machine washable Heavy duty Double stitching L: 10" D: 2? H: 12?

Lot#: 48

2 necklaces

-goldtone tassel necklace -silver bird charm necklace 18" L each

Lot#: 49

Didog Pink Small Dog Leash and Harness

Good condition - like new Leash comes w/ small bag Harness: L 5.5 in W 5 in Leash: L 48 in Bag: L 4.5 in W 3.5 in

Lot#: 50

Magnet Alphabet Letters

Has all 26 letters Colors: orange, pink, blue, green, yellow, and red (About): L 2.5 in W 1.5 i

Lot#: 51

Tan Smart Tiles (4 Units)

Good condition 2 B 1 H 1 F All same length L 11 in W 10 in

Lot#: 52

Lot of 4 heart necklaces

Black heart 15" Locket 18? Red heart 18? Silver w/ black center 18?

Lot#: 53

Metal Juice Press

Good condition Hand held L 12 in W 4 in H 6 in

Lot#: 54

Mele teal jewelry box

7" L 5? W 1.5? D

Lot#: 55

Musiclily Dark Red Guitar Cover

Unknown what type of guitar it can be used for **Some scratches on cover L 11 in W 8 in

Lot#: 56

Gorjana Gold and green bead choker necklace

15" L

Lot#: 57

Baublebar Gold crescent moon necklace

22" L

Lot#: 58

Magnetic Planner Set

Comes w/ 1 week planner, 1 month planner, 1 habits chart, 4 markers, 1 eraser, and 5 magnets Month and week planners: L 12 in W 16 in Habits chart: L 12 in W 6 in

Lot#: 59

Express Gold necklace with long beads

15" L

Lot#: 60

Sliver Streamers and Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers are white sticks w/ sliver hearts that say love

Lot#: 61

Baublebar Green gem necklace

21" L

Lot#: 62

Rose gold color bar necklace

20" L

Lot#: 63

2 Large Men?s Body Shaper Vests

Size: Large Black w/ ribbed pattern on lower half In-Seam: 13.5 in Armpit:

Lot#: 64

Pink flower necklace on gold chain

16" L

Lot#: 65

Gold chain necklace

36" L

Lot#: 66

Pink Sparkly Table Cloth or photo backdrop

**Missing some sparkles L 49 in W 49 in

Lot#: 67

Gold black rhinestone necklace

18" L

Lot#: 68

Grey plastic bead multi strand necklace

21" L

Lot#: 69

NEW Tan Medium H2H Zip Up Hoodie

New with tags Size: medium Tan w/ white details Length: 25 in/ Chest: 14

Lot#: 70

Purple jewelry lot

Bracelet 3"Dia Pin 1.5? Dia Necklace 16?

Lot#: 71

Gold Sweetv Head Piece w/ 4 gold hair pins

Good condition Head piece is gold roses w/ clear leafs and white ribbon to tie Head piece: L 4 in W 10 in Head piece string: L 25 in Hair pins: L 2 in W 1/2 in

Lot#: 72

BBIA Last Velvet Lipgloss

Color #24 Trendy Note L 4.5 in W 1/2 in

Lot#: 73

Green jewelry lot

1 necklace 20" L by Premier Designs 4 bracelets 2.5? Dia ***small green beaded bracelet needs repair for the closure loop****

Lot#: 74

Women?s Purple Wig

L 21 in W 10 in

Lot#: 75

Two bangle charm bracelets

Faith 2.75" Dia each

Lot#: 76

Tower Top Digital Tire Inflator

Color: orange and black Tested, works Good condition Comes w/ black carrying case Comes w/ needle for tire Plugs into cigarette lighter **Missing one pad on back L 7 in W 7 in H 3 in

Lot#: 77

Black holographic necklace and bracelet lot

Beaded necklace 29" L Black holographic bracelet 2? Dia

Lot#: 78

Bracelet and pin lot

Leaf Pin. 2" L 2? W 2.5? Dia each

Lot#: 79

Ashley Furniture Dark two drawer nightstand

Ashley Furniture Dark two drawer nightstand B183-92 Brand: Ashley Furniture Item Number: B183-92 Collection: Gennaguire - Dark Brown Description: Two Drawer Night Stand L: 20" D: 17? H: 26?

Lot#: 80

Lot of rhinestone bracelets

2.5" Dia

Lot#: 81

Black Small Dog Pawaboo Leash/Harness

Size: extra small Good condition Black w/ white details L 6 in W 7 in

Lot#: 82

Beaded jewelry lot

Bracelet 2.5" Dia Wooden beaded 32? L Multicolor beaded 25? L

Lot#: 83

Black Yogipace Yoga Pants

Size: 27 petite Good condition Waist: 13 in/ In Seam: 25

Lot#: 84

Large blue holographic necklace

54" L

Lot#: 85

Mini Black Digital Clock

Good condition Takes 2 AAA batteries Has different sounds Tested Works L 3 in W 3 in H 1 in

Lot#: 86

Blue jewelry lot

Butterfly pin 1" W 2? L Blue stone pin 1?Dia Necklace 22? L

Lot#: 87

Set of 4 Heavy Duty screw lock Carabiners

Good condition (Each): L 3.5 in W 2 in

Lot#: 88

Gold circle jewelry lot

Ring 1" L 1? W Bracelet 8? L Necklace 21? L

Lot#: 89

Roselyn Boutique Jade Roller Gua Sha Set

Good condition Comes w/ extra green stone Comes w/ carrying case Usage tips: the jade facial roller is a double-ended jade roller suitable for different parts of body. The large roller is for the cheeks, neck, chin, and forehead. The small roller is mainly for the area around the eyes. The gua sha scraping tool can be used for your entire body.face roller can be used with your face cream. It can help the cream to be absorbed more effectively -- the best choice of lymphatic massage at home. L 6 in W 2 in

Lot#: 90

NEW Black Hey Si Mey Heels

Size: 12.5 - 45 Shiny black, tan on inside Good condition L 12 in W 3.5 in H 7 in

Lot#: 91

Genuine Amethyst Necklace

18" L

Lot#: 92

Large gold and pink rhinestone necklace

26" L

Lot#: 93

White cross necklace


Lot#: 94

NEW Pair of Boot Covers

Color: black Good condition Double zipper on back **One zipper is broken L 17 in W 9 in

Lot#: 95

Multicolored bead necklace

36" L

Lot#: 96

Clip on pearl earrings

.75" L .5? W

Lot#: 97

Queenii Dog Gate

Color: black Comes w/ suction comes to stick to wall and poles to hold gate together **Missing a pole L 28 in W 40 in

Lot#: 98

Gold dangle necklace and earring set

Clip on earrings 2" L .5? W Necklace 21? L (hanging portion 5? L)

Lot#: 99

NEW "60" Birthday Head Band

Sparkly w/ number 60 on top Good condition Metal not plastic L 7.5 in W 4.5 in

Lot#: 100

Choker necklace with blue velvet

5" Dia

Lot#: 101

Large Metal Silver 3M Hook

Good condition L 4 in W 2 in H 5.5 in

Lot#: 102

Genuine freshwater pearl jewelry set

certificate included Clip on Earrings .5" L Bracelet 7? L Necklace 17? L

Lot#: 103

NEW Sharlovy 32 oz Glass Water Bottle

Glass bottle w/ metal cap Comes w/ black cover Measurements marked on side L 4 in W 2.5 in H 9 in

Lot#: 104

Lot of colorful earrings

1.5" L each

Lot#: 105

8 Ruggies Rug Grippers

**Some have pieces of cardboard box stuck to the back of them L 3 in W 6 in

Lot#: 106

Origami Owl bracelet and charm lot

Bracelet 7" L 1? charms

Lot#: 107

Brown Leather Icarer AirPods Case

Comes in sealed box L 2.5 in W 2 in

Lot#: 108

Gold black and white bangle lot

2.5" Dia

Lot#: 109

Gold Party Streamers

Comes in sealed bag

Lot#: 110

NEW Work White/Black Women?s Gloves

Size: 5 White w/ black spots and gray trim around wrists L 8 in W 5 in

Lot#: 111

NEW Beau Sky Glue (Eyelash Extension Glue)

Comes in sealed bag

Lot#: 112

Sparkle 3 Sets of Eyelash Extensions

Good condition Comes in pink storage box

Lot#: 113

Oleg Cassini crystal dragonfly figurine

paperweight 4" L 4? W 2? H

Lot#: 114

Brilliance Swarovski crystal bracelet

Says "Beyond blessed" 3? Dia

Lot#: 115

Aeroterma Car Ventilator

Color: black and red Plugs into cigarette lighter Goes from fan to heat **Loud L 8 in W 5 in H 2 in

Lot#: 116

Hallmark Barbie1992 special edition silver sparkle

In box **box is dirty on outside 13" W 14??? L 4??? D

Lot#: 117

Hallmark Barbie 1997 special edition red ribbon

**box is dirty on outside 13" W 14" H 4" D

Lot#: 118

4 Bibs Size 2 Rubber Pacifiers

1 gray, 1 light gray, 1 red, and 1 brown L 1.5 in W 1.5 in H 1 in

Lot#: 119

NEW Small Metal Shelf w/ Hooks

Comes w/ 2 suction cup hooks to hang shelf L 3 in W 7.5 in H 3 in

Lot#: 120

Hallmark Barbie 1996 special edition snow dress

**box is dirty on outside 14" H 13? W 4? D

Lot#: 121

Audio Cable to USB-C Adapter

Black cord w/ gray usb and adapter L 6 in

Lot#: 122

Precious moment figurines pet lot

You are such a purr-fect friend 6" H 3? W 3? D Tied up for the holidays 6? H 4? W 2? D Let?s be friends 3? H 2? W 1? D

Lot#: 123

NEW White Odoland Googles

White frames w/ multicolored glasses Comes w/ black carrying case Good condition **Some scratches on glasses L 3 in W 7 in

Lot#: 124

NEW 4 LED Smart Bulbs

Pair w/ "Smart Life" app that allows you to change their color L 5 in W 2.5 in

Lot#: 125

Lot of Enesco coral kingdom mermaid figurines

1 Charissa - tail is broken 2 Athena 6" H 3? W 3? D

Lot#: 126

NEW Blue Leaf Soap Holder

Has 3 mini suction cups on bottom to stick to wall Comes in 2 parts L 8 in W 4 in H 4.5 in

Lot#: 127

3 Wegreec Reusable Diapers

Size: medium 1 black, 1 yellow, and 1 gray Adjustable size **Small stain on inside of black diaper L 7 in W 8 in

Lot#: 128

Enesco Precious Moments butterfly net girl

"May only good things come your way" 6? H 3" W 3? D

Lot#: 129

Enesco Precious Moments flower girl

"thinking of you is what I really like to do" 5" H 4? W 4? D

Lot#: 130

Yellow Nacoco Dog Poncho

Size: Double Extra Large Yellow w/ gray stripe and hood Good condition Length: 27 in/ Chest: 22

Lot#: 131

Enesco precious moments Indian girl

"bless-um you" 5.5? H 3? W 3? D

Lot#: 132

Enesco Precious Moment rainbow girl

"Dreams really do come true" **pot of gold has been glued back on 5" H 4" W 2" D

Lot#: 133

A6 LED Headlight

A6 all in one compact 36W 3800LM VIN DC8V-48V L 4 in W 1 in H 3.5 in

Lot#: 134

Sweetv head accessories headband with ribbon

1920's Gatsby style headband 105 in long

Lot#: 135

Multi purpose colorful magnets

10mm x 30 pcs House Again Brand 3.75 in w x 5.75 in h

Lot#: 136

Kimmin Airpod waterproof & protective case

For AirPod pros 2.7 in x 1.2 in x 2.1 in

Lot#: 137

Mpow grip pro cd slot car mount

Model CA051B

Lot#: 138

7" Green paper plates

80 pack 7 in dia

Lot#: 139

NEW Apadi purple RFID wallet

9.5 in w 5 in h

Lot#: 140

NEW White mens body shaper vest

Size large

Lot#: 141

NEW Aisi queens hair accessories

Hairpiece w drawstring and hairpiece w claw clip

Lot#: 142

Silver replacement basket

Basket 9.75 in top dia 4.25 in h Pole 8 in tall

Lot#: 143

NEW Susteas glass pitcher

Bpa free Lead free 1500 ml/51oz 10.5 in h 4 in dia

Lot#: 144

NEW Evagloss rapid reduction cream

Rapidly reduce wrinkles 2 plungers included Box measurements 6 in w 4.25 in h Net wt 0.21 oz (6g) per plunger

Lot#: 145

BeeZee kids stoplight go light timer

5.5 in h 3 in w

Lot#: 146

NEW Carote pot

Comes w lid but doesn?t fit 7.75 in dia 3.5 in h

Lot#: 147

Black button up cardigan

Size small 22.5 in top of shoulder to bottom hem 16 in armpit to end of sleeve 20 in armpit to armpit

Lot#: 148

Mpow cd slot car mount

Lot#: 149

Heavy Square Marbled vanity tray

10 in x 10 in

Lot#: 150

Dinosaur world Amazing travels and car

Lot#: 151

Solid 20- pack hardwood hangers

9.25 in h 17.52 in w

Lot#: 152

NEW Blue dress

Unknown brand and size - see measurements - estimate is xlarge Armpit to armpit 23 in Top of shoulder to bottom hem 39 in Sleeve armpit to end of sleeve 13 in

Lot#: 153

NEW Best season bed sheet set - full

Full size bed

Lot#: 154

NEW Clear burgundy purse

7.5 in w 10 in h 19 in strap drop Perfect for sporting events

Lot#: 155

NEW Transforming Floral lunch bag or handbag

Lot#: 156

NEW Foot balm - Ancient Greek remedy

Ancient Greek remedy 100% natural Repairs cracked, rough, dry feet and heels 6 in h 1.5 in dia

Lot#: 157

Kerazon Brazilian hair Botox

Restores, anti frizz and deep hydration 3 in h 2.75 in dia

Lot#: 158

NEW Bella brow microblading eyebrow pen

Color blonde 5 in tall

Lot#: 159

NEW Silver ashtray

1.75 in h 3.75 in w

Lot#: 160

Easy going stretch slip over for chair

elastic bottom

Lot#: 161

NEW Renranring resistance band set

3 different strengths

Lot#: 162

NEW Freeman polishing charcoal & black sugar scrub

Instantly detoxs pores and exfoliates for smooth skin 7.75 in tall

Lot#: 163

Sport-it biker shorts Sz M

Size medium Waist 14 in Rise 10 in Inseam 8 in

Lot#: 164

NEW Sweetv Silver pearl hair comb

4 in w 2.5 in h

Lot#: 165

NEW Glitter black iwatch leather band


Lot#: 166

NEW HutGlows Burberry-plaid-style Apple Watch band

For series 3 2 and 1 38 mm Burberry-look

Lot#: 167

NEW Luckkyme hair silicone curlers

Large 5*4.1cm small 3.9*3.4cm

Lot#: 168

NEW Lyon lash professional eyelash extension glue

3 in h 1 in w

Lot#: 169

NEW Silicone stretch lids for bowls

Comes w blue and clear pack Smallest size 2.5 in dia 1 in h Biggest size 8 in dia 1.25 in h

Lot#: 170

NEW Rustic LED mini mason jar night light

Auto on/off sensor Tested and works 5 in h 1.75 in w

Lot#: 171

NEW Odoland ski googles

Size unknown Brand new 7 in w 3.5 in h

Lot#: 172

NEW Party SCROLL supplies

Blank scrolls 28 in h 13.5 in w

Lot#: 173

NEW Digital hdtv antenna

Lot#: 174

NEW Amy and Benton little musician piano

11 in w 9 in h

Lot#: 175

2 binders of hockey trading cards

2 binders of hockey trading cards binder 1 - 126 cards approx Binder 2 - 432 cards approx.

Lot#: 176

Forty and fabulous poster

82 in w 60 in h

Lot#: 177

Lot of various baseball cards binder and tub

Lot of various vintage baseball cards, seems to be mostly late 1980's and early 1990's, some late 1970's and some duplicates *1 Binder with approx 500 cards *and 1 plastic tub with approx. 900 cards total is approx 1400 cards NA

Lot#: 178

NEW Bellajade makeup setting spray

5.25 in h 2 in w

Lot#: 179

Green arm chair w/ long wooden legs

Green arm chair w/ long wooden legs MSRP $129.99 L: 25" D: 23? H: 33?

Lot#: 180

Ashley furniture Dark wooden dresser and mirror

Ashley Furniture Dark wooden dresser and mirror 9 drawers Chip on top of dresser L: 63" D: 18" H: 37?

Lot#: 181

Party straws w paper decorations

4 packages 7.75 in tall

Lot#: 182

15" Black shiny laptop case

15" L 12? W 1? D

Lot#: 183

Corning Ware 2 Square White Serving Dishes

Good condition 2 handles on each **Some stains on each L 9 in W 7 in H 3 in

Lot#: 184

NEW Menton ezil black watch

Module size 22.6mm Module thickness 4.15mm Genuine leather 11 in long

Lot#: 185

Lot of two hanging closet organizers

Large organizer 18.5" W 26.5? H Small organizer - belts, scarves 7? L 6.5? W

Lot#: 186

Sectioned Glass Serving Dish

Good condition Star design on bottom 5 different sections L 10 in W 10 in H 1 in

Lot#: 187

NEW 3 Wegreec Doggy diapers

w extra snap in pads 13 in h 10 in w

Lot#: 188

Glass Serving Pedestal Tray

Good condition Star and diamond design around bottom edge L 9 in W 8 in H 4 in

Lot#: 189

"Come and Get It? Vintage Cow Bell

Brass bell w/ red writing, "Come and Get It" **Rust on inside L 2 in W 3 in H 4 in

Lot#: 190

NEW Coaut sealing strips white


Lot#: 191

Adjustable 4 way straight arm clothes rack

66.5" at tallest height Arms extend out and height goes up and down 27" W 27?? L 66.5?? H

Lot#: 192

NEW Grand glue wig glue and remover

Box measurements 2.75 in w 5.5 in h

Lot#: 193

6 Cordial Glasses

assorted styles L 3 in W 3 in H 5.5 in

Lot#: 194

NEWBesita voltage tester with extended spring test

Alligator clip and stainless piercing probe Box measurements 4 in w 8.5 in h

Lot#: 195

NEW Pink and white flower ribbon

Length unknown

Lot#: 196

Small Yellow metal stand

8" Dia 20? H

Lot#: 197

8 Tall Drinking Juice Glasses

3 square shaped 5 round Square: L 3.5 in W 3.5 in H 6 in Round: L 3 in W 3 in H 6 in

Lot#: 198

NEW Party supplies set

Comes with: -crown 5 in diameter -bachelorette ring ballon -banner

Lot#: 199

black CD rack metal

43" H 9? W 8? D

Lot#: 200

NEW Valentine gift tags

Tags 4 in h 2 in w

Lot#: 201

5 Coca Cola Glasses

4 short, 1 tall Short: L 3 in W 3 in H 5 in Tall: L 3 in W 3 in H 6 in **Labels coming off of 2 of the short glasses

Lot#: 202

NEW Black Rain & snow shoe covers

unknown size - use measurements Size L 11.5 in w 6.5 in h

Lot#: 203

Metal adjustable round clothes rack

66" H at highest 36? Dia

Lot#: 204

4 Wine Glasses

Good condition Ribbed design around bottom of glasses L 3 in W 3 in H 7 in

Lot#: 205

Inno usb midi cable

Lot#: 206

Shark fin and shark cookie cutters Baby Shark

Fin 3 in w 3 in h Shark 6 in w 3 in h

Lot#: 207

3 Piece White Floral Lord Nelson Ware Set

Comes w/ SUGAR BOWL, butter tray, and creamer sugar bowl: L 4 in W 3 in H 3 in Butter tray: L 6 in W 5 in H 3 in Creamer: L 3.5 in W 3.5 in H 2 in

Lot#: 208

NEW Bag of Upholstery tacks

.5 in w 1 in h

Lot#: 209

NEW 2 Natural style handmade toiletry bags

8.25 in w x 5 in h

Lot#: 210

Small Pewter Quarter Plate

**lots of scratches and stains L 6 in W 6 in

Lot#: 211

NEW 200 pcs LED rope light clips

Lot#: 212

4 Piece Mini Floral Tea Pot Set

2 tea pots, 2 sugar bowls Pink tea pot: L 5 in W 2 in H 3 in Pink sugar bowl: L 4 in W 2 in H 2 in Purple/yellow tea pot: L 3 in W 2 in H 3 in Purple/yellow sugar bowl: L 3 in W 3 in H 2.5 in - Hammersby & Co Victoria 404N mini

Lot#: 213

NEW Casebuy keyboard protective film

17.5 in w 5 in h

Lot#: 214

Lot of vintage metal tools

1. MultiPurpose Steamer pot 3" Dia top 4? Dia bottom 4? H 2. Candle snuffer 10? L 2? Wide 3. Antique Belanger Cast Iron Wood Coal Stove Tools Burner Plate Lid Lifter- 9? L 1.5? W

Lot#: 215

NEW 3 tier stand

Diameter = 7.75 in, 9.5 in, 11 in 15 in h assembled

Lot#: 216

Lot of vintage brass tools

1. long handled melting/pouring cup 5.5" Handle 3? Dia 3.5? H 2. Pitcher with a hot poker 6? H 3.5? Dia with 12? L tool with heavy round ball (poker)

Lot#: 217

12 Sherbert dishes Glasses

Leaf design and silver trim around bowl of glasses **Stains and need to be cleaned L 4 in W 4 in H 4 in

Lot#: 218

NEW Self-stick Mirror sheets

Comes w three 6 in w 9 in h

Lot#: 219

Cast iron kettle

9" Dia 5.5? H 10? L

Lot#: 220

2 #1 silver balloons

36 in h 16 in w

Lot#: 221

Miniature ceramic Japanese teapot and teacup

Teapot 2.5" H 2.5? Dia 3.5? L Teacup 2? Dia 1.5? H Plate 3.5? Dia .5? H Made in Japan

Lot#: 222

Cast iron flat iron

Antique Vintage Cast Iron Flat Clothing Iron Clothes Press Door Stop Book End 6" L 5.5? H 4? W

Lot#: 223

8 Piece Mini China Set

4 plates, 2 cups, 2 creamer Good condition 2 of the cups match w/ a plate Pink cup: L 4.5 in W 3.5 in H 3 in Tuscan Pink plate: L 5.5 in W 5.5 in Colclough Other matching cup: L 5 in W 4 in H 3 in Other matching plate: L 6 in W 6 in Tea pot: L 3.5 in W 2 in H 3 in Other tea pot: L 4 in W 2 in H 3 in Blue/white plate: L 6 in W 6 in Blue floral plate: L 5.5 in W 5.5 in April Sweetpea Teacup Magnolia creamer Lefton KF2520 1850 Foley Cornflower saucer

Lot#: 224

NEW Men's Lavento Size L shirt

Armpit to armpit 19 in Shoulder to bottom sem 26 in Armpit to end of sleeve 2 in Color white

Lot#: 225

Metal cherub clock see notes**

**Broken - One foot of bottom Stand is broken says "Pat.D. April 15 1904 Patent applied for" 6" W 7? H 3? D

Lot#: 226

Black cast iron flat iron

7" L 4.5? W 5? H

Lot#: 227

NEW Black Houmous yoga pants

Size XL Inseam 27 in Rise 12 in Waist 13.75 in

Lot#: 228

Royal Albert Peter Rabbit Figurine

Bunny in blue jacket on grass **Some small scratches says 58 or 85 and 115 on bottom L 2 in W 1 in H 5 in

Lot#: 229

Vintage Custom Wax Seal Stamp

5.5" H 2? Dia

Lot#: 230

small Cornucopia Slag Glass Toothpick Holder


Lot#: 231

Lot of 5 metal serving platters

Lot#: 232

4 Mini White Hobnail Milk Glass

1st glass Hobnail: L 4 in W 2.5 in H 4 in 2nd glass Hobnail : L 2 in W 5 in H 4 in 3rd glass: L 2 in W 2 in H 3 in 4th glass: L 2 in W 2 in H 2 in

Lot#: 233

Watch band and case

Brand Unknown Watch band 7 in tall Watch case cover 1.5 in x 1.5 in

Lot#: 234

Boshen 100 pcs organza gift bags

4 in x 6 in each teal/blue

Lot#: 235

9 Mini Multicolored Vases

Colors: green, blue, yellow, red, and clear (Average): L 2.5 in W 2.5

Lot#: 236

NEW Sontiy sprayer bidet

Lot#: 237

Vintage 18" Wood lingerie Wash Board

The Zing King National - No. 703 Writing has faded 18" L 8.5? W 1? D

Lot#: 238

Clear glass 50th anniversary decorative plate

edges are faded in some spots 9" Dia

Lot#: 239

Blow up party decor phone and radio

Gold radio 16 in w 14 in h black telephone 6.25 in w 25 in h

Lot#: 240

Royal Hanover Ceramic Teacup

Teacup 4" Dia Plate 6? Dia 2? H

Lot#: 241

Small Vintage Metal Baby Bowl

Baby face design printed on back **Some rust stains L 6 in W 6 in H 1.5 in

Lot#: 242

Mini Vintage Binoculars

"Sports Wear" imprinted under smaller lenses **Some stains L 3 in W 4 in

Lot#: 243

Small lidded ceramic serving dish with insert

5.5" Dia 3.5 " H

Lot#: 244

NEW Grey microfiber duvet cover

T shirt material zipper 86 in x 63 in

Lot#: 245

Queen dark wood headboard with metal frame

Ashley Furniture B183-57 QueenFull Panel Headboard 082014 L: 64" D: 2.5? H: 60?

Lot#: 246

Ceramic round angel plate

6.5" Dia

Lot#: 247

Vintage Cast Iron Flat Iron

Heavy **Rust stains L 5.5 in W 4 in H 4 in

Lot#: 248

Small Metal antique Stroller Pram

Color: tan Hand made **Rust stains L 5 in W 3 in H 5 in

Lot#: 249

2 ceramic plates

Round bowl 10" dia 2? H Platter 9? L 6? W 2? H

Lot#: 250

Vintage Brass 4 Piece Set

2 plates, 2 bowls Plates: L 3 in W 3 in Wide bowl: L 2 in W 3 in H 1.5 in Other bowl: L 2 in W 2.5 in H 2 in

Lot#: 251

Yogipace casual yoga type pants w back pockets

Inseam 31 in Rise 10 in Waist 15 in Size medium

Lot#: 252

Black/White Ceramic Cat Dish

Black cat w/ white features L 7 in W 4 in

Lot#: 253

Vanity Lot: Lamp, Hand Mirror, Vanity Tray

Lamp- tested and works 3.5" W 3.5" L 10" H Double sided Mirror with handle 12" L 4.5" W Mirror with border 11" L 5.5" W

Lot#: 254

Mini Black Tiki Figurine

Black w/ a gold tint medium weight L 2 in W 1 in H 5 in

Lot#: 255

NEW 3 Disney Cars shirts for boys

Size 4 Armpit to armpit 11.5 in Armpit to end of sleeve 2 in Top of shoulder to bottom hem 16.5

Lot#: 256

3 Animal Shaped Creamers

Rooster: L 4 in W 3.5 in H 4 in Shawnee Pig Creamer: L 5 in W 4 in H 4 in Duck: L 6 in W 3 in H 4 in

Lot#: 257

Lot of 5 home brand ceramic & plastic bowls

3 Yellow 6.5" Dia 2" H Orange 6" Dia 3.5" H Brown 6" Dia 3.5" H

Lot#: 258

Lugenes Mini White Floral Vase Japan

White w/ pink flowers 3 feet on bottom **Some chips and stains L 1.5 in W 1.5 in H 2 in

Lot#: 259

NEW Lavender bed canopy

Hoop to end 8 ft Hoop dia 26 in Ribbon to hoop 16 in

Lot#: 260

White/Blue Vintage Creamer

White w/ blue flowers Fragile Good condition L 5 in W 4 in H 4 in

Lot#: 261

Large 26" decorative wooden spoon

26" L 4.5? W

Lot#: 262

Henry Troemner No 1 cast iron scale

Maker Philadelphia, PA 26 lbs No 921B Made in USA on the weight it says " tested and sealed OH Lucas County LCS 090" 18" W 7.5? D 8? H

Lot#: 263

6 Piece Tea Pot Set

Tall white pot Powell Bishop: L 5 in W 3 in H 5 in Short white pot: L 5 in W 3 in H 3 in White pot w/ pink stripe: L 5 in W 3.5 in H 4 in Pot w/ spoon: L 3 in W 3 in H 2 in White/blue pot: L 3 in W 2.5 in H 3 in Candle holder: L 4 in W 4 in H 6 in **Some red wax in end of candle holder

Lot#: 264

Green glass set & silver creamer sugar bowl lot

international sterling creamer has dents silverplate on green glass items

Lot#: 265

NEW Boys XL outdoor wear pants

Waist 13.5 in Inseam 24 in Rise 11 in with belt

Lot#: 266

Cut glass pitchers Lot

1. 7" H 3" Dia Bottom 1.5" Dia Top 2. 9" H 5" Dia 7" from Handle Width to other side 3. 5.5" H 3.5" Dia 6" from Handle to other side 4. 5" H 3" Dia 5" W from handle to other side

Lot#: 267

18 Cordial & Wine Glasses

7 Cordial L 3 in W 3 in H 5 in 11 Wine L 4 in W 4 in H 6 in Leaf design around bowl Sliver around rim

Lot#: 268

NEW XL black leggings with ruching

No brand Waist 14.5 in Inseam 26 in Rise 10 in

Lot#: 269

Lot of 4 Corning ware casserole dishes

1. 7" L 9" W 2.5" H & Lid 7.5" W/L 2. 8.5" L 10" W 4" H & Lid 9" W/L 3. 10" L 12" W 2" H & Lid 10" W/L 4. 10" L 11.5" W 2.5" H No Lid

Lot#: 270

NEW Shoulder harness tactical belt

Strap drop 28 in actual holder place 8.25 in w 6.5 in h

Lot#: 271

NEW Storage works collapsible storage bins set

With cotton rope handles 3-pack large

Lot#: 272

Blue/Pink Floral Serving Plate

White w/ pink and blue flowers Ribbed around edges **Some stains L 10 in W 10 in

Lot#: 273

Miniature tea set Japan

Platter 3.5" Dia Saucers 1.5? Dia Teacups .75? Dia Tea Pot 1.5? Dia Sugar Bowl 1? Dia

Lot#: 274

Handpainted Tray and Lenox Bowl

Dish: L 5 in W 9 in H 2 in Lenox Bowl: L 4.5 in W 4.5 in H 3 in

Lot#: 275

villeroy Bach Naif Christmas bowl

Ceramic Christmas theme bowl 5.5" Dia 2? H

Lot#: 276

NEW Grey pocket hanging organizer

56.5 in h 24.5 in w

Lot#: 277

Mini Glass Tea Pot Set (9 items)

Tea pot: L 4 in W 2.5 in H 2.5 in 2 mugs: L 3 in W 2.5 in H 2 in 4 big plates: L 4.5 in W 4.5 in 2 small plates: L 3.5 in W 3.5 in **Small chip on bottom of tea pot

Lot#: 278

Set of 9 wooden coasters with holder

Japan on bottom 4" L 3.5? W .25? H each

Lot#: 279

Royal standard Gold Grapevine Teacup set

Teacup 4" Dia 2.5" H Saucer 6" Dia 1" H 2295 on bottom of cup England

Lot#: 280

Maruyama 8 Mini White Floral China Set

1 large plate, 2 small plates, 1 tea pot, 1 sugar bowl, 1 creamer, and 2 mugs Good condition **Some stains made in occupied japan

Lot#: 281

Ceramic flower design salt and pepper shakers

1.5" W 1.5? L 3? H each

Lot#: 282

Set of silver serving dishes

Bowl 5" dia 3? H Platter 9.5? L 7? w 1.5? H Heart shaped serving spoon 7? L 5? W 2? H

Lot#: 283

3 Vintage Tiny Brass Pieces

Tiny Whale: L 3 in W 1 in H 1 in Tiny Box: L 2 in W 3 in H 1 in says Williams Jersey Cream Toilet Soap Tiny Lock: L 2 in W 1.5 in on flap there is a crown and VR

Lot#: 284

Lot of crystal knife rests and glass salt cellars

2 Knife rest 1" Dia 5? L 4 Salt sellers 1.5? W 1.5? L 1? H

Lot#: 285

5 Piece Glass salt Cellars & Knife Rest

4 mini candle holders 1 snuffer Candle holders: L 2 in W 2 in H 1 in Snuffer: L 1 in W 1 in H 4 in **Some wax on end of candle snuffer

Lot#: 286

Cut glass pitcher

5" Dia 8? L 8? H

Lot#: 287

2 feather filled throw pillow inserts

Good for your craft pillow project **some stains on one pillow 16" square 5? D

Lot#: 288

red soft rectangle throw pillow

in good condition - no rips or tears or stains no zipper 19" L x 12" W x 5" D

Lot#: 289

3 arm clear candle stand

8 in w 6.5 in h

Lot#: 290

Tiny Cast Iron ashtrays with holder

Coasters 3.25 in w 2.5 in h Coaster holders 4.5 in w 3.25 in h

Lot#: 291

Limited edition hour de Monterrey box and bottle

Box 7.5 in w 4.25 in d 3.75 in h Glass bottle Box is handmade

Lot#: 292

Replica Rules of tavern sign

lemuel Cox Inn replica sign 7.25 in w 12 in h

Lot#: 293

Framed Nature print

Gladys Ross 19 1991 18.5 in x 22.5 in

Lot#: 294

Lot of 13 Cordial small Glasses

Large green glass: L 3 in W 3 in H 6 in Pink/green glass: L 2.5 in W 2.5 in H 5.5 in Glass w/ handles: L 3 in W 5 in H 2.5 in 2 cross hatch glasses: L 2 in W 2 in H 5 in Other 8 glasses (average): L 2 in W 2 in H 4 in

Lot#: 295

small Red carnival glass Set (14 pieces)

4 wine glasses: L 2.5 in W 2.5 in H 4 in 4 mugs: L 2.5 in W 3 in H 2 in 2 bowls: Dia 5 in H 2 in 4 plates: Dia 6 in

Lot#: 296

Vintage wooden rocking chair

seat is split 22 in h 25 in w

Lot#: 297

The Decoy Shop Duck lamp

1 Branch is broken off behind duck Tested and works 25 in h 13.5 in w

Lot#: 298

7 Vintage Food Tins

Tobacco: L 5 in W 5 in H 5.5 in Gravy powder: L 1.5 in W 3 in H 4 in Tea: L 3 in W 4 in H 3 in Edgeworth: L 2 in W 4 in H 5 in Chocolate: L 4 in W 8 in H 3 in Soap extender: L 3.5 in W 3.5 in H 6 in Pepper: L 3 in W 4 in H 6 in

Lot#: 299

White glass w green leaves lamp

No lamp shade Tested and works Lightbulb is not included 29 in h 6 in w

Lot#: 300

Lot 3 floral Wicker Baskets

Large basket: L 17 in W 14 in H 15 in Blue/green basket: L 9 in W 8 in H 13 in Red/white basket: L 7 in W 8 in H 10 in

Lot#: 301

Magnavox dvd video player

No remote MDV4580 Model number MDV458/17 Tested and turns on 2 in h 11 in d 17.25 in w

Lot#: 302

Vintage Leather Boots w/ Heel

Size: unknown 606 12179 on inside Chicago, IL **Tons of wear of wear to leather L 9 in W 3 in H 10 in

Lot#: 303

Phillips Magnavox 4 head VHS HQ player

Tested and works Model VR400BMG21 14 in w 8.5 in d 4 in h

Lot#: 304

Demdaco multi strand bead cross bracelet

Like new condition Adjustable closure Cross charm **missing one strand - not good for resale

Lot#: 305

NEW Rose Gold pinch kit - jewelry making

Mandala Craft brand box has damage but everything else is in like new condition

Lot#: 306

NEW Dog Inflatable Collar

Size XL; Neck circumference 18" & Up; Washable; Blue XL

Lot#: 307

New expandable drawer organizer

gray expandable drawer organizer thick heavy plastic that expands from 8"-16" 16" x 16"

Lot#: 308

CD Slot Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount

By BesTrix; Model CDM12; Smartpone Car mount in CD slot

Lot#: 309

NEW executive notebook cover & extra elastic band

Light Brown executive size notebook cover fits hardcover 8.8" x 6" notebook includes 3 x additional elastic bands By Moonsafari 9" w 10.5" h

Lot#: 310

NEW HAWSON 4 piece Tie Clip Set

HAWSON Brand Men's tie clip Set in black box

Lot#: 311

Apple 3in1 wireless phone watch charger stand

Model ST-78; Black; 3 in 1 stand wireless phone charger, stand for apple watch and apple airpods by Beacon **1st pic is example only 8" w 7" h

Lot#: 312

larger Wood frame with glass

28.5 in w 1 in d 33 in h

Lot#: 314

4 pack of wheels with brakes

Black 4 pack of wheels with brakes 2"

Lot#: 315

NEW Wallet Phone Case for Iphone Xs/X

Rose Gold Pink SmartPhone Case for Iphone Xs/X Slim Slim Armor CS by Spigen wallet case

Lot#: 316

100 pack disposable face masks

Blue 100 pack disposable face masks by blueshoeguys

Lot#: 317

White Guild Master Tin Painting

L83148 102944 15-8025C **Chips in paint L 12 in W 12 in

Lot#: 318

3 Blue Stem Martini Glasses

Good condition Curve in handles L 5 in W 5 in H 6.5 in

Lot#: 319

3 White BIA/World Market Ramekin Dishes

White w/ blue trim around top L 3.5 in W 3.5 in H 2 in

Lot#: 320

3 Small Glass Knife Rest Dishes or Ashtrays

Good condition L 4 in W 2.5 in

Lot#: 321

Bride/Groom Wine Glasses w/ Groom Figurine

Glasses: L 3.5 in W 3.5 in H 5 in Figurine: H 4 in **Chips in bride and groom in glasses and figurine

Lot#: 322

2 Vinotagz Stem Markers

6 in each box

Lot#: 323

5 American Travel Books

Lot#: 324

5 Drawing/Exploring Books

Lot#: 325

8 Sports/Action Books

Lot#: 326

Rosaries by Victoria Blue/Sliver Rosary

Comes w/ bag and prayer cards L 10 in W 3.5 in

Lot#: 327

2 Green Plastic Treasure Island Mugs

Clear/green L 5 in W 3.5 in H 6 in

Lot#: 328

Vintage Cherub angel Clock

Replica Angels on both sides of clock Roman numerals L 12?? w 7??

Lot#: 329

White folding round table with leaf

42 in diameter with 12 in leaf underneath, 29.5 in high 100% Hi Bulk Acrylic, nice heavy duty table Leaf stores underneath table **stained and marked from use

Lot#: 330

Metal and glass desk

Metal and glass desk Glass is very heavy L: 48" D: 24? H: 30?

Lot#: 331

Set of end table and coffee table with glass

Set of end table and coffee table L: 48" D: 24? H: 20?

Lot#: 332

Coaster fine furniture black table w/ 4 chairs

Coaster fine furniture black table w/ 4 chairs 150181N L: 47" D: 35? H: 30?

Lot#: 333

Black metal filing cabinet on wheels

Black metal filing cabinet on wheels L: 16" D: 20? H: 25?

Lot#: 334

Summerton Collection at home rug

Summerton Collection at home rug Blue and white 5 x 7.6

Lot#: 335

SHAW living bickerton rug

Summerton Collection at home rug 7.6 ft x 10.6 ft

Lot#: 336

Outdoor bistro table w/ 4 chairs

Outdoor metal & glass table w/ 4 chairs Chairs and table all show wear and tear L: 25" D: 25? H: 28?

Lot#: 337

Diamond plate bean shaped table

60" W 30" D 16" H

Lot#: 338

faux leather black bar stool

38" H total 30" height to seat

Lot#: 339

Outdoor Wicker Couch and Table with Glass

Brown Wicker couch - does not have cushions Wicker table with glass (glass not pictured but I have it). Like new condition. Inner cushion area: 68? w x 24? d x 12? h to top of arm table - 40" W x 24" D x 20" H (glass included) Exterior of couch - 80" W x 32" D x 36" H (25" at front of side arm)

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