Large Estate Auction - Yorkville, IL

Saturday February 16, 2019 | Yorkville, IL. US. 60560

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Terms: Cash or good check w/ proper ID. Everything sold as is. Everything paid for day of sale. Not responsible for accidents or items after sold. All Equipment and Material Sells AS IS Condition Day of Sale. No buyer premium! No Reserve! Everything Sells. Must have current FOID card & abide by all state & federal firearm regulations. RKA Gun Gallery from Plano, IL will handle all firearms and paperwork. $25.00 fee for registering and transferring all firearms. Announcements made day of sale supersede printed materials.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Richard A. Olson & Assoc, Inc, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Auction conducted by:
Richard A. Olson & Associates
531 W. Bedford Rd, Ste A
Morris, IL 60450

Richard A. Olson - IL License #440.000585
Erik C. Olson - IL License #441.001909

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Very Large Collection of Primitives, Pine, Oak Walnut Furniture, Glassware Artwork, 100s of Collectibles, Crocks, Steinway Baby Grand Piano, New York Baby Grand Piano, Painted Original Furniture, Clocks, Railroad items, Gold and Silver Jewelry, Guns & More! Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.Location: Kendall County Fairgrounds, 10826 IL-71, Yorkville, IL 60560Directions: From the IL-47 & IL-71 intersection on the South side of Yorkville, head West on IL-71 approximately 1 mile to the Fairgrounds.Visit for Flyer & Photos!Guns: Winchester Mod. 1300 12ga 2 3/4 - 3? 12ga pump, Huglu Arms Co. - CZ Des Plaines Il USA Side by Side Shotgun 36ga or 410 with Heat Treated Receiver mad in Turkey Very Good Shape?In Box!, Huglu Arms Co. - CZ Des Plaines IL USA Side by Side 16ga Shotgun with Heat Treated Receiver made in Turkey Very Good Shape?In Box, These Shotguns are in Beautiful Condition.Household: 1800s Primitive Furniture, 1800s 24 Drawer Pine Apothecary, 1800s Pine Cylinder Bin Cupboard, Oak S Curve Roll Top Desk, Pine 1 Door Cupboard, Pine Green 1 Door Cupboard, Pine 2 Door Glass Cupboard, Pine Cupboard Bases, Harness Making Bench, (4) 3 Seat Folding Chair Sections, [Shakespeare 52? 30# The Sierra Bow, Seneca Bow 58? 35-40 lbs by Indian Archery, Arrows], Several Wood Pools, Old Wood Screen Door, Wood Pattern Molds, Pine Step Back Cupboards, Buggy Seat, 2 door Pine Jelly Cupboard, Ornate Iron Base, 1800s 4 Door Walnut & Pine Step Back Cupboard, Footed Glass Door Cupboard, [Original Red Pine Store Display Cabinet with 9 Glass Drawer Fronts & Back Door N. Leonard's Silk Display], Pine Day Bed, Vintage Windows & Doors, Lg Copper Boil Pot, Primitive Log Table, Unusual Crockery pc. Green & White, Cookie Jars, USGE Baugh Irish Whiskey Ireland Jug, Brown Jug, Crock Bird House, Ornate Brass Wall Hung Oil lamp, Glass Minion Trap, 10 Cookie Jars, unusual Reflector Lamp, Collection of Oil Lamps - Aladdin Etc., Rubbing of back - B. Talbot Sioux Indian Pottery, Hanging Oil Lamps, H.P. Plates & Bowls, Wall Arcade Coffee Grinder, Crock Coffee & Tea Jars, Yellow Crockery Pitcher, Green Pitcher, Satin Glass Bowl, Green & Cream Crockery Bowl, Glass Swivel Sticks, Glass Refrigerator Dishes, 1800?s 4 Post Cherry Rope Bed, 1800s 4 Drawer Dresser with Acorn Pulls, GE TV Clock, Wood Carved Eagle, Shaker Rocker, Long Bow, Large Set of Snowshoes, Early Salt Glaze Crock with Handles, Pine Feed Bin, 5 Gallon McComb IL Crock, 5 Gallon Blue Ribbon Crock, 10 Gallon Red Wing Crock, Shawnee Pitcher, Collection of Crockery Pitchers, Spatterware Pitchers, Farmers CO-OP Pitcher - Lakefield Minnesota, Iron Griswold Square Fry Pan, Iron Lenelson Muffin Pan, Wood File Cabinet, Wood Book Cases, Large Pine Wash Bench, 1800s One Harvest Table, 16 Peg Coat Rack Rail, Taper Wood Drawers, 2 Shelf Book Shelf, 1800s Pine Trunk, Black Pirates Chest, Bar Drink Holder Table, 1800s Taper Sorting Table with Crank Door, Turnkey Dual Desk with Slate Chalk Board, 1800s Ping Rooms Sign, (24) Tapered Lg Knob Drawers - Goes with Apothecary Cabinet, Lg Wood Long Bowl, Rectangle Reed Basket, Round Bottom Fire Basket, Lift Top 1800s Clerk Desk, Tin Reflector Candle Lamp, Ornate Twist Metal Lamp, Iron bird Nut Cracker, 24 Candle Maker, Copper Boiler, Cow Bell, The C Parker No. 450 1876 Coffee Grinder, WWI Shin Guards, Cabbage Cutter, Shoulder Bucket Carrier, Pine 18 Drawer Spice Cabinet, 14 Peg Coat Rack, Large Copper Pan with Lid, The Sycamore 1931, 1800s Baby Cradle Pine, Large Assortment of Braided Rugs, Washed Blue Pine Bench, Salt Glaze Crock, Old Banjo, Old Banjo, Child Piano, Kitchen Scale, Animal Rug & Gauntlet Gloves, Ornate Copper & Brass Door Knobs, Early 1800?s Pine Table with Drawer, Dropleaf Walnut Table, 1800 Victorian Walnut 4 Drawer Chest with T-Pulls, Pine Medicine Cabinet with Mirror, Pine Wall Corner Cupboard, Many Wood Bowls, (2) Chair Bench Tables.Antiques & Collectibles: Hanging Gas Lamp, Iron String Holder, Cherry Pitter, 1800 Apple Peeler, Set of Snow Shoes, (2) Wood Cigar Molds, Fig Dishes, Coal Miner Lanterns, Table Scale, Copper Pieces, Small Metal Oil Tin Copper Lamps, Celluloid Sailor Doll, Straight Razors, Men?s Watches, Dice, [Weather Vane Globes - (2) Blue (3) White], Many Vintage Prints, Argus Camera, CM&STR Railway 2 Lens Lantern, Plano Leon Burson Post 395 Book, Petrified Forrest Tree, Plano 100yr Anniversary 1854-1954, Plano First Methodist 1856-1956, Early Tin Coffee Grinder, Assorted Ink Bottles, Antique Silverware, 100s of Stereo Scope Cards, [The Harvester King Wood Sign Original Red & Pinstriping - Rare!], Aria Guitar - in case, [Cast Iron Watch & Jewelry Sign Double Sided - Rare!], Large Wood Signs, [Hand Held Double Sided Stop Sign, Iron and Irons, Very Early Hand Stitched Quilts, Old Keys, Wood Paddles from Boat, [Tin Weather Vane - Horse] Carved Wood Bowl, Metal Art Pcs. Early 1800s Wood Log Bowl, Large Brass Train Engine Bell, Violin in case made in Czechoslovakia, Pine Lift Top Desk, Reed Bottom Rockers, Cow Weather Vane, [7x7 Set Large Elk Antlers, Deer Antlers, Set of 4x4 Elk Antlers, University of IL Coaching School 1924, Harness Hangers, Antique Hardware, Bale Spear, Wood Bin Scoops, Copper Photo Negatives, Smith Enfield - Britain Mantle Clock, Children?s Books, Bitters Bottle, Church Clock , Master Craft Clocks, 1885 Crockery Chicken Waterer, 8 Hole Crock Chicken Waterer, Holland Pottery Vase, Italian Pottery, 20 Gallon Salt Glaze Crock, Iron Bee Hive String Holder, Pottery, Wood Bowls with lids, Carved Flower Globe Oil Lamp, Copper Pale with Spout, (2) Crock Lids, Milwaukee Clipper Ship in Ince by Ben Samuelson, Wood Horse Carving, Scrap Books, Old Valentines, Set of Iron Parrot Bookends, Cobalt Blue Bottles, Humboldt Dairy Products Butter Crock, Americans Drawn by C. D. Gibson, Early 1800s Primitive Grinder Shredder, Butcher Block on Tapered Legs, [Large Alfred Chew & Co. LTD Wine & Merchants Hanley - Crock], Salt Glaze, 3 Gallon Crock Butter Churn, , Salt Glaze 5 Gal Crock with Cobalt Design, Brass WWI Extinguisher, 1 Gallon Crock, Large Bottle with Drain, 12 Drawer Steel Industrial Box, Old Banners, Zenith Radio, (2) Wallace Nutting Prints, Misc. Banks, Accordion, Several Cameras, [Sign - Steel - Porcelain - Postal Telegraph - The International System - Here (Double Sided), Tin Art Box, Carved Wood Animals, 1800s Wood Boxes, Iron - Crystal Bell with Yoke - Red & Black, Ad Yardsticks, Trench Art Ash Tray, Wood Hanging Box - Candles, Americana Art, [1000 Record Albums!] Classical Music, 30 Glass Oil Lamps, Carved Horses, Reflector Lamps, Carved Birds, Ornate Copper & Tin Oil Lamp, Crockery Bowls, (2) Early Copper/Brass Bed Warmers, Shell Box, Crock Jars, [N.P. Rail Road Lantern], Wood Adv. Boxes, 3 tier Dryer Rack, 8 Drawer Spice Box, Graniteware, Lg Wood Taper box, 1800s Chairs, Henry Keat & Sons 105-103 Matthias R2-N1922 52 Brass Bugle, Copper Horn, Tin Donkey Match Holder, Set of 3 Crock Vases, Chesterfield Advertising Pieces, Very Old Oil Painting - Flowers, Graniteware?Many Pieces - Blue/Green/White, Elk Antlers, Deer Antlers, Zephyr Solvent Bank, Arcade Coffee Grinder, Vargas Light House Oil Painting, Landscape - by A.T. Basane, Lincoln Bookends, Many 1800s and 1900s Prints, Ship Lantern, Artist Kit, [RR Adlake Sweating Lamp Chicago Switch Lantern], Tin buckets, Stain Glass, Hanging Tin Lamp with Shade, Hundreds of Small Primitives, Drag Pedestal, Small Whiskey Barrel, Iron Pig Sign, Tin Beacon Feed Sign, Wall Mount Cooker, Wood Bucket with Cork, Tin Box & Molds, Wood Round & Oval Boxes, Wood Cigar Mold, UP Fair Trophy, Landscape Oil Painting, Enterprise Dbl Wheel Coffee Grinder - no lid, Tin Candle Lamps, Fishing New Corks, Sewing Patterns, Jacques Leluth 1932 Drawing of 5 Nude Women, 1800s Seth Thomas Mantle Clock Ornate, Toy Air Planes, Wood Carved Animals & Birds, Toy Wood Milk Wagon & Iron Horse, Toy Covered Wagon on Ice Skates, Wood Micrometer Gauge - Rare, Red Pine Box with Tray, Very Old Glaze, Crock Jug with Cobalt Tree Design, Tin Rare Foot Warmer, Tin 12 Candle maker, Waterbury Sweet Potato - Ocarina in Box, Bull Horns, Round Pie - Cheese Cabinet, Square Tin Warmer, Tom Thumb Typewriter, [Large Stamp Collection - Several Stamp Books Full (American & Foreign)], Pocket Knives, Mickey Mouse Watch, Costume Jewelry, Bell System Porcelain Wall Sign, Public Telephone Porcelain Wall Sign, [Adlake Belt RR Lantern], [Pyle RR Signal Lamp], 2 Wood Duck Decoys, Elgin/Mendota/Aurora Bottles, Bitters Bottles, Iron Bull Dog, Bean Pot, Iron Twist Ash Tray Stand, Iron Bull Dog - Right Turn, Walnut Case Lap Desk, War Metals - Buttons, Iron & Wire Trap, 1700Early Wool Comb with Dovetail Cover, Hanging Lights, [1901 Schirmer?s Library of Musical Classics - Beethoven/Mozart/Etc.], Several Advertising Pieces, A A Anglemeir - Paw Paw IL Sword, Old Red Ryder BB Gun, [WWII Training Model Rifle No. 485], 1800s original Blue & Mustard butter Churn, Large Wood Gear - Aurora, IL, 1800s Round Saloon Table with Taper Legs, 1800s 3 Tier 6? High Pedestal Dryer Rack - Mustard Yellow, Magazine Box, 1895 Creamery Foot Powder Churn Sign - Wood, The Stable, Wood Sign, Pair Pratt Wood Carved Mallard Ducks, Pratt Wood Duck Joliet, IL, Copper Berry Scoop, 9 Hole Candle Maker, Stereoscope & Cards, Children's Books, Ornate Hanging Iron Lamp, Tin Ceiling Pieces, Top Hat with case, Gillhams Best, Lady Dress Forms, Early 2 Drawer Stand, Set of 4 Cane Seat Chairs, Set of 6 Rabbit Ear Chairs, 1881 Oil Paintings - H.A.S. - Castle Shore Front with People & Boat. 1800s Pine Trunk with Wood Handles, Pine Wash Tub Stand, [1800s Glyder Wood horse with Stand & Saddle?Red/Black/Cream Color, Vintage Quilts, Large Very Ornate Blanket Trunk 1908, 1800 Tin Stand Up Tub - Round, [Large Drum - Retail-Liquor-Dealers-Protective Association of Illinois Local No 12], Cast Iron Rabbit Door Stop, New Guinea 1993 Tribal Drum & Wood Carvings, Large Copper Pot, Iron Ship Book Ends, 1800s Spinning Wheel, Wood Gear Yarn Winder, 1800s Seth Thomas Wall Clock, Crockery Chick Water, View master Viewer & Slides, Iron Side Profile Lincoln, Copper Dog, Iron Hound Dog - Magazine Holder, Iron Hat Spittoon, Pair of Wing Back upholstered Chairs, Wood Floor Round Butter Churn, Tin Round Butter Churn, Old Calvert Owl Alcohol Sign, 1850 Large 1800s with Stenciling Round Top Strap Hinge Trunk Rosemaling, Very Ornate Cane Rocker Victorian, Ladder Back Rocker, 1800s Round Wood Trunk, Very Ornate Cane Rocker Victorian , Ladder Back Rocker, 1800s Round Wood Trunk, Early 1800s Clerk Desk - with 4 Drawers - 1 Door - Lift Top, 1800s Cherry Early Desk Lift Top - Turn Leg - 2 Drawers, 1800s Wood Trimmed Bath Tub, Wood Luggage Rack, Blue Sunoco Bank, Pair of Colt Gas Lamps, Large Hall Bench with High Back, Harvest Table with Drop Sides, Stock Chair, Wood and Iron 4 Blade Paddle Wheel, Large Cobblers Work Bench with 2 Wood Screw Vises, Large Pine Hall Bench Lit Top Lid, Round Tavern Table, Lightning Rod with Blue Glass, Many Boxes of Record Albums, Misc. Baseball Cards, Old Cracker Tins, 1800s Pine Dough Box on Legs, Wood butter Churn, Ornate Kitchen Mantle Clock, WWII Army Helmet, Brass Sleigh Bells, Windmill Weather Vane - 15 Blades, [Riess Drugs?Double Side Wood Sign], 6 Gallon Salt Glaze Butter Churn with Crack, Small Wood Barrel, Large Brass Pail, Copper Pot with Lid, Spittoon, Jars Buttons, Boxes Full of Advertising Pieces, Waterbury Ship Wheel Clock Brass, Hanging Tin Oil Lamp, Spatterware Bowl, Tin Cow Weathervane with Blue Grass Ball, Steel Turtle Spittoon, Iron Spittoon, Tin 16 Candle Mold, Large Floor Tin, Redwing Union Stoneware Jar, Lambrecht Butter Crock, Iron Grave Marker, Wood Candle Box, Iron 8 Side Spittoon, Dresse N.J. RR 4 Lens Lantern - Arlington, Nordhauser Jug, Large Assortment of Hand Made Rugs, Whiskey Jugs, Steel Corn Dryers, Tin Popeye Paint Set, Fiestaware Bowls - Green/Yellow/Blue, Fiestaware Plates, Fiestaware Cups, Fiestaware Bottle, Masons Shaving Mug, [Pencil Drawing - 5 Tropical Nude Women by Jacquez Leluth 1932], Large Banded Crockery Mixing bowls, Oil Painting Pictorial of Faces by B. Triverdik, [1806 Wood Dear Clock], Steel Rounded Trunk, [1800s Medium Size Pine Coffin], 1880 Abraham Osten - Penn Milano Trunk, Empire Copper hinge Trunk, Ornate Wood Carved Trunk, Child?s Spool Bed, 1800s Sleigh Style Single Bed - Original Paint, Tilt Top Pine Bench/Table, Early 1800s Pine Clerks Desk, 1800s Pine Lift Top Commode with Carved Pulls, Large Round Fish Basket, 2 Iron Base Tables, Oak Plant Stand, Very Ornate Oak Trunk, Olympia Beer Advertising Pieces, Walnut Lap Desk, Pony Express Brass Spittoon, 1858 Pine Trunk with Stenciling - Rosemaling, Tin Type Pictures, Cast Iron Pheasant, Still Banks, Cast Iron Contractor Dump Wagon & Hose, New York World Fair Tray, 1964-65,State Fail 1914 Souvenir Glass, Old Micky Mouse Toys & Memorabilia, Gremlins Lunch Pale with Thermos, (2) Cook & Chicago Steam Gauges, Hanging Scale, Large Assortment of Very Old Baskets, Copper Boiler, (4) Fore Arm - Child, Corner Boat Lamps, (3) Metal Molds, Small Singer Pedestal Sewing Machine, Wood Checkerboard Box, Wicker Thermos Set, Poosh Marble Pinball Board, Old Razors, Wood Shoes, Rosemaling Painted Bowls, Very Unique Wood basket, Stick Handle Baskets, Pine Slant lift Top Trunk, Wood Buckets, Blue Tin Chicago Clothing House - Princeton, IL, Sewing, Wood Utensils, Manu Baskets, Brass/Iron Pales and Pots, Griswold No 8 Waffle Iron, Cheese Cutter, Large Sausage Cutter, Assorted Tinware, Spice Jars, Several Bean Cookers, Blue Crock, Yellow/Green/Pink Bowls, Cracker Jars, 1858 Jar, Ball Jars, Pyrex Bowls, Canister Jars, 3 piece Blue Band Crock Bowl Set, Old Cooking Utensils, Pots and Pans, (4) 1944 Superman Jars - DC Comics Inc., Griswold No. 10 Muffin Pan, Iron Corn Pan, (2) Hand Meat Grinders, Griswold No. 283 Corn pan, Wagnerware Sidney No. 1101 W Breakfast Pan, 9pc German Canister Set, Wood Mashers & Utensils, 1/2 Moon Leaded Stain Glass Window, Brown Army Bitters Bottle, Blue Band Crockery Match Holder, Dr Pepper Tin Tray, Coca-Cola Tray, Butter Crocks, Tin Advertising, Wood Bird House, 1940s & 50s License Plates/Truck Plates, Community Silverware Set in Case, Table Top Singer Sewing Machine, Fonzie Doll, 90210 Brandon, MC Hammer Doll, Steven Barbie Doll, Dylan 90210 Doll, Kenwood Stereo System, Realistic Stereo & Speakers, Vintage Suit Case, Keystone Move Camera, Kodak Flash Fun II, Brownie 8 Move Camera, Intellivision, Hires Root Beer Sign, Airline Stereophonic, Ornate Iron Desk Lamps, (2) Rug Beaters, Decca Suit Case Victrola, Gas Station Door Light, Gone With the Wind Lamp, 1800s Walnut Eastlake Glassdoor Cabinet, Large Ornate Bevel Mirror, Barn Beam Drill, Wood Carved Horses & Dogs, Griswold Divided Pan, Indian Pottery Bowl - Ruth Root, (2) Tin Mail Boxes, Brass Train Engine Bell, Train Step, Shoe Lathe Set, (2) Large Ice Tongs, Train Car Leaver, Antique Ornate Iron Sewing Machine, Arcadia Union Flyer, Bike, Deluxe Sport Bike with Built in lock, Milton Bike with Generator & Light, (3) Wood African Masks & Carvings, [ Boxes of New & Old Stock Cowboy Boots, Costume Jewelry - Gold & Silver Pieces], Large bin Scoop, Steel Wheel, Wagon hub Stool, Harness Making Bench, See Bees Military Trunk, Soda Fountain Stool, Porcelain & Wood Parlor Stool, Shell X100 Motor Oil, Mobil Oil Can, Phillips 66 Oil, American & English Encyclopedia of Law 1896?38 Books, Porcelain Top Table with 2 Fold Out Benches, JC Higgins Bike, Schwinn Hollywood Bike, Pine Chimney Cupboard, 1800 4 Drawer Chest, Large assortment of Antique Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Rocking Chairs, (3) Damaged 4 Drawer Oak File Cabinets, 12 Drawer Store Counter, Glass and Oak Store Display Case, Pine Shelves, (2) Step Back Pine Cupboards, Pine Bin Box, Antique Chairs, Antique Boards?Pine/Oak/Walnut, Cupboard Doors, Pie Safe, Pine Commode, 1800s 2 door Pine Dry Sink, [Metal Burlington Route Sign, RR Crossing Sign], (7) 1800s Wood Panel Carvings, Wire Milk Bottle Carrier, 1858 Mason Jars, Ever Crisp Advertising Pop Can, [1800s Original Paint Cupboard Red Teal and Black Trim], [1800s Pine Corner Cupboard], [1800s 4 Shelf Oak Turn Style Display], Pine Trunk, Floor Pine Churn, Antique Costume Jewelry, Broches, Pins, Waltham Pocket Watch, Rockford Pocket Watch, (2) Cameos, Ornate Compact, (50 Gold Class Rings, Gold Rings, Sterling Rings - Necklaces - Pins, Lady?s Watches, Stick Pins, Sterling Bracelet, Turquoise?Sterling Bracelets and Rings, Jewelry Box Full, Old Tin Money Box, Hand Made Cowboy Boots?New Old Stock in Boxes, Cow Town Boots Sizes 9.5D Lizard?12D Ostrich Brown?12D Tri Tan Color?Leather Crazy/Cuello de Toro, Acme Cowboy Boots 12D Python?Black 7 Snake Skin, Oak Tree Pale Rider 9.5 High Knee Boots All Leather in box.Owner: The Estate of George Wertke Executor: Kermyt Anderson Over 150 years of antique primitive furniture, collectibles, glassware, art work, pine step back cupboards, original painted pieces and crocks. Collectibles dating back to 1804. This all comes from a three-story dairy barn home over 100 years old. It has been closed up for years. It has been boarded up overgrown with trees and vegetation for many years. It was tucked back into the forest where nobody has touched a thing in this home. Everything sells wall-to-wall. The auction will be held at the Kendall County Fairgrounds indoors heated with washrooms, plenty of parking. Auction starts at 9 am, 2 auction rings all day! Some of the nicest trunks and antiques furniture and collectibles, and advertising pieces you will have the opportunity to own. This is truly a barn-find Auction! Bring friends and trucks, there are hundreds and hundreds of collectible items. Content Terms: Cash or good check w/ proper ID. Everything sold as is. Everything paid for day of sale. Not responsible for accidents or items after sold. All Equipment and Material Sells AS IS Condition Day of Sale. No buyer premium! No Reserve! Everything Sells. Must have current FOID card & abide by all state & federal firearm regulations. RKA Gun Gallery from Plano, IL will handle all firearms and paperwork. $25.00 fee for registering and transferring all firearms. Announcements made day of sale supersede printed materials. Phone: 630-552-4247 Auctioneers: Brian DeBolt, Plano IL Lic#440.000595 Richard Olson, Morris IL Lic#440.000585 Erik Olson, Morris IL Lic#441.001909

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