MacFadden's Rare Collector Tractor & Sign Auction

MacFadden & Sons Inc. | Commercial Auction
Monday November 29, 2021 | 1457 Highway Route 20. Sharon Springs, NY. US. 13459

There are no notes for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. MacFadden & Sons Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 64924490

24in x 18in; no cracks, needs bulbs.

Lot#: 64924491

23in x 23in.

Lot#: 64924492

11in diameter.

Lot#: 64924493

Leather grommets on corners, close to perfect as you could find.

Lot#: 64924494

24in x 30in; 1990's vintage, embossed aluminum, most of these were destroyed.

Lot#: 64924495

4ft x 23in; found inside a corncrib on a local farm, some chips but color is like new!

Lot#: 64924496

19in x 24in; found inside a corncrib on a local farm.

Lot#: 64924497

MWM 2-cylinder engine. Right off a tiny German vineyard last year. All floor plates and pedals still shiny. Will narrow up to 3ft wide. Runs perfectly and every light works. Fits in a pickup truck.

Lot#: 64924498

15in x 12in; embossed.

Lot#: 64924499

48in long; totally original, brought home from Indiana in an airplane.

Lot#: 64924480

30in long.

Lot#: 64924481

14in diameter face; excellent condition.

Lot#: 64924482

13.5in diameter face; very rare, works good.

Lot#: 64924483

Super clean! 15in x 15in; Sikeston, MO, works good, original cord.

Lot#: 64924484

14in diameter face; one original glass, one repro glass.

Lot#: 64924485

36in x 20in; painted on heavy steel.

Lot#: 64924486

100% original right down to the seat cushion. Only ever used with a sicklebar mower. Can't be many left with this few hours!

Lot#: 64924487

17in x 23in; self-framed.

Lot#: 64924488

12in x 18.5in; excellent condition.

Lot#: 64924489

unique porcelain sign that would look much better with some cleaning, very heavy.

Lot#: 64924590

8ft x 4ft; very bright colors.

Lot#: 64924470

24in x 36in; very heavy.

Lot#: 64924591

2wd, WFE, gas, 540 PTO, runs but needs carb done. S/N 1CB26005

Lot#: 64924471

43in x 11.5in.

Lot#: 64924592

The nicest original Super C we've seen in years. All original with a real nice 3 pt conversion.

Lot#: 64924472

27in x 10in; near perfect condition, from the boss's personal collection, embossed.

Lot#: 64924593

Sold by the Eureka Mower Co. Utica, NY. Plenty around with JD on them, this one is unheard of!!

Lot#: 64924473

All original paint, compressor runs when you plug it in, complete except for key.

Lot#: 64924594

From a Hudson Valley Farm, new tires, runs.

Lot#: 64924474

All original paint, compressor runs when you plug it in, complete except for key.

Lot#: 64924595

Not running, good tires.

Lot#: 64924475

Rare Marshall Model M, new front tires and original rears, heavy cast wheels, runs great! S/N 1343

Lot#: 64924596

Low hours! 3359 original hours. All 4 original tires. As original as they get!!

Lot#: 64924476

18in x 27in; some rust, good color.

Lot#: 64924597

Not running.

Lot#: 64924477

12in x 5.5in; 1950's.

Lot#: 64924598

Runs and drives, has blowby, BIG muscle tractor.

Lot#: 64924478

35in x 11.5in; Syracuse, NY, 100+ years old.

Lot#: 64924599

Stuck but complete. Great project or yard art.

Lot#: 64924479

24in x 18in; painted tin, heavier than a tin tacker.

Lot#: 64940265

Powered by 6-cylinder Lycoming motor. 20,752 miles on working odometer. 10ft wooden flatbedwith wood hydraulic hoist (no pump). 6.5 x 20 newer tires. PA title. Truck runs and drives. *Item located in Lenox, PA. May be picked up at item location or from MacFadden & Sons.

Lot#: 64924580

Fully restored, all new bottoms and tires. Hydraulic cylinder could use rebuilding. *Item located in Amsterdam, NY.

Lot#: 64924460

36in x 12in; should have paint removed.

Lot#: 64924581

Showing 4061 hours, narrow front, power steering, one remote, good rubber front and rear. Runs and drives very good. Amateur restoration over the years. New radiator in 2019. S/N 123 916 736 *Item located in Amsterdam, NY.

Lot#: 64924461

36in x 32in; with contents, nice graphics, no key.

Lot#: 64924582

1842 original hours, one remote, 3-point hitch, wide front end. Complete professional restoration (cost $30K!!) - cosmetic and mechanical - everything new or rebuilt (engine, radiator, clutch, seat) and what was necessary to make it better than new. Rear tires are only exception, worn and showing weathering. New tires on front. Runs better than new! S/N 835 78-606

Lot#: 64924462

10ft long; original.

Lot#: 64924583

Older professional cosmetic and mechanical restoration, tractor is better than new! New front tires, rear look like original type - about half worn and checks appear, size 11x40. Runs excellent! S/N 235180 *Item located in Amsterdam, NY.

Lot#: 64924463

Restored, nice graphics, all on cart.

Lot#: 64924584

With V8 flathead conversion. Runs

Lot#: 64924641

7ft x 12in.

Lot#: 64924521

1961 730ES built after they stopped selling 2-cylinders in the US. Made in Waterloo Iowa for export. Spent it's life in Europe.

Lot#: 64924642

48in diameter; excellent condition, near perfect.

Lot#: 64924522

Built in our shop using Leaman backplate and a 5088 engine. Very well built just needs to be painted.

Lot#: 64924643

6ft x 3ft; porcelain, self-framed, very heavy, small chips but good color.

Lot#: 64924523

Oringinal 6-cylinder, made in Argentina, runs.

Lot#: 64924644

24in x 18in.

Lot#: 64924524

Original Argentine vineyard tractor shipped to the USA when new, runs.

Lot#: 64924645

6ft x 4ft; original as-found condition, will improve a lot with a good cleaning!

Lot#: 64924525

Low hours! 3359 original hours. All 4 original tires. As original as they get!!

Lot#: 64924646

With sickle bar mower & original dealer nameplate. This is the Junior 109, last year of production. Hard to find anywhere this original! S/N 10915067

Lot#: 64924526

Good running original tractor. Nobody else will have one. Nice little tractor!

Lot#: 64924647

24in x 64in; original cord, overall excellent condition.

Lot#: 64924527

All original paint. Perfect tin. Runs great - see video!

Lot#: 64924648

4ft x 5ft; very heavy, beautiful color.

Lot#: 64924528

Recent restoration, 2 hyd & 3pt.

Lot#: 64924649

8ft x 4ft; one of two signs from historic Cooperstown Motel in Cooperstown, NY which no longer exists, painted plywood, awesome sign for a baseball fan!

Lot#: 64924529

One of the very last 2520's built in June 1972. We used for flail chopper last fall. Original rops & canopy.

Lot#: 64924508

Exactly 1000 SN from end of production. Super clean barn find. All original exceept back tires which we replaced. Perfect sheet metal. Complete 3pt, fenders, PS, very low wear. Working original tach! S/N 6062853

Lot#: 64924629

16in x 8in; heavy tin, embossed.

Lot#: 64924509

Brought from Europe. VERY HEAVY. Runs.

Lot#: 64924630

14in diameter.

Lot#: 64924510

Just arrived directly from Germany. Nobody else has one!

Lot#: 64924631

Very heavy.

Lot#: 64924511

With loader. Original gray/green diesel. Runs.

Lot#: 64924632

24in x 12in.

Lot#: 64924512

Original 2-cylinder diesel tractor from the Netherlands. Made in Germany. Runs great. Only one in the USA!

Lot#: 64924633

7in x 32in.

Lot#: 64924513

Low hours! 3359 original hours. All 4 original tires. As original as they get!!

Lot#: 64924634

7in x 23in.

Lot#: 64924514

Not something you see often!

Lot#: 64924635

Known in Germany for their durability and simplicity, this Eicher vineyard tractor runs like a Swiss watch. All parts available and low priced. Ready to show, collect, or use for 20 more years. Only one like it in the USA! Completely serviced by a German Eicher specialist in 2019 when it came here. S/N 147151

Lot#: 64924515

Lot#: 64924636

40in x 24in; metal with heavy wood frame, excellent color.

Lot#: 64924516

Turns over.

Lot#: 64924637

36in x 36in. Works fine. Not seen often!

Lot#: 64924517

Very heavy built.

Lot#: 64924638

14in x 53in; great color, slight damage on bottom.

Lot#: 64924518

Rare V2 Warchalowski diesel. Runs like a new one. Painted red/white just before they made the transition to using IH engines. Over $20K spent on restoration in Europe. This tractor is perfect in every way! Exhibited at half century of Power 2021

Lot#: 64924639

6ft x 3ft; embossed, good color, wood frame.

Lot#: 64924618

36in x 12in; convex, some fading and slight damage but hard to find British sign.

Lot#: 64924619

22in x 6in; sells as one lot.

Lot#: 64924620

11.5in x 11.5in.

Lot#: 64924500

24in x 27in; completely original, beautiful stenciling, would look even better with a light cleaning, includes all original weights, even original wrench!

Lot#: 64924621

24in x 8in.

Lot#: 64924501

18in x 5ft; original, no touch ups.

Lot#: 64924622

15in diameter; as-found condition, all original, excellent appearance but not working.

Lot#: 64924502

4ft x 2ft. NOS

Lot#: 64924623

30in diameter; extremely hard to find sign, TAC authenticated.

Lot#: 64924503

Completely restored, absolutely perfect condition, with key, weighs approximately 100lbs.

Lot#: 64924624

Original tractor off a small German farm in 2020. Mechanically perfect, nice tight tractor that runs great. Only one like it in the USA! S/N 22153/4973

Lot#: 64924504

13ft x 4ft; two pieces, very good condition, very heavy!

Lot#: 64924625

16in x 16in; excellent original condition.

Lot#: 64924505

Approximately 18ft long x 4ft high; curved edges, uncleaned, big, heavy, beautiful sign with great colors.

Lot#: 64924626

28in x 12in.

Lot#: 64924506

20in x 28in; as found condition.

Lot#: 64924627

24in x 12in; nice graphics, does not work.

Lot#: 64924507

With cultivators. Nice restoration from local collection.

Lot#: 64924628

19in x 13in; near perfect condition.

Lot#: 64876202

--You may preview all items listed for sale during our normal business hours Monday - Friday 8am-5pm / Saturday 8am-12pm. We are located at 1457 Highway Route 20, Sharon Springs, NY 13459. Feel free to give us a call with any questions - 518-284-2090.

Lot#: 64924570

From a retiring John Deere dealer's collection. Has been in showroom for 20 years.

Lot#: 64924450

16in x 11in; porcelain flange sign, 100+ years old, very heavy.

Lot#: 64924571

From a retiring John Deere dealer's collection, excellent original condition except for broken steering wheel. Has been in showroom for 20 years.

Lot#: 64924451

19.5in x 14in; porcelain, very old, very heavy.

Lot#: 64924572

4ft x 4ft; from a local dealer, all plastic is good.

Lot#: 64924452

32in x 10in.

Lot#: 64924573

With 3-point.

Lot#: 64924453

With V2 air cooled Farymann diesel engine. Runs perfectly. Original tractor with original front weight. Only one in the USA. Been through a German dealers shop before it came here last year.

Lot#: 64924574

*Item located in Amsterdam, NY.

Lot#: 64924454

31in x 16in.

Lot#: 64924575

*Item located in Amsterdam, NY.

Lot#: 64924455

12in x 10in.

Lot#: 64924576

For English Ford (NUFFIELD?) *Item located in Amsterdam, NY.

Lot#: 64924456

21in long; painted steel.

Lot#: 64924577

For Oliver tractor. *Item located in Amsterdam, NY.

Lot#: 64924457

19in x 25in; very old.

Lot#: 64924578

Plus bolts to attach to tractor. *Item located in Amsterdam, NY.

Lot#: 64924458

30in x 14in; origninal NY sign, embossed tin.

Lot#: 64924579

Plus bolts to attach to tractor. *Item located in Amsterdam, NY.

Lot#: 64924459

22in x 14in.

Lot#: 62777336

-- Please register to bid DAYS in advance. We want to be sure you're approved in time to bid on sale day. -- PLEASE be diligent when watching/bidding on items. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and OBLIGATION to pay for EVERYTHING purchased on your bidding number. We need to pay our consignors! -- If you have questions on an item, please contact us as soon as possible at 518-284-2090 so we can get you answers. --The Auctioneer MAY MAKE additional comments/corrections prior to sale day so be sure to CHECK FOR UPDATES!

Lot#: 62777337

-- Invoices will be sent via email direct from MacFadden & Sons following the auction. Add us to your contacts ([email protected]) so we don't go to your junk/spam inbox! -- Your invoice will be sent to the email address you have on file at Proxibid. -- Proxibid will NOT be invoicing or charging you for your purchase(s). -- Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, wire, or credit card (wire transfer fees and credit card fees apply). -- MacFadden & Sons charges a 10% BP. -- If you are FARM OR RESALE TAX EXEMPT, please fax or scan and email us a completed, signed copy. -- You MUST remit payment to MacFadden & Sons within 5 days of auction end. Thank you in advance!

Lot#: 62777338

-- MacFadden & Sons is open Monday - Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 8am-12pm. Please arrive NO LATER than one hour before closing. -- All purchases MUST be paid for before they can be picked up. -- Payment upon pick up is permitted. -- If you are sending a trucker, PLEASE make sure they know for whom/what they are picking up. They should have a copy of your paid receipt or packing slip upon arrival. -- All equipment is to be removed within 30 days of auction end.

Lot#: 64924560

Bottoms shined like a mirror when it arrived last fall from Illinois.

Lot#: 64924440

Excellent restoration, better than new!

Lot#: 64924561

Very rare. Not running but very straight.

Lot#: 64924441

Pretty darned rare!

Lot#: 64924562

Low hours! 3359 original hours. All 4 original tires. As original as they get!!

Lot#: 64924442

Very rare, 230 original hours, believed to be one of only two yellow ones made. Magnet works great - see video!

Lot#: 64924563

Fully restored, with receipts - see photos. In new condition for a classic. S/N 134179

Lot#: 64924443

Approximately 100-years old, wooden seat, metal fenders.

Lot#: 64924564

From a retiring JD dealers collection. Has been in showroom for 20 years.

Lot#: 64924444

30in x 14in; heavy tin, excellent color.

Lot#: 64924565

Fiberglass fenders. From a retiring JD dealers collection. Has been in showroom for 20 years.

Lot#: 64924445

12in x 15in.

Lot#: 64924566

With SB. From a retiring JD dealers collection. Has been in showroom for 20 years.

Lot#: 64924446

24in x 18in; single-sided, heavy, aluminum.

Lot#: 64924567

Very straight little tractor, hardly any rust, but sadly engine is stuck.

Lot#: 64924447

24in tall.

Lot#: 64924568

With mower.From a retiring JD dealers collection. Has been in showroom for 20 years.

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