May 10 2021

Hash Auctions, LLC | Online Auction
Monday May 10, 2021 | 632 East Main Street. Berryville, VA. 22611
Bidder Terms and Conditions - Hash Auctions LLC- Berryville, VirginiaAuction Pickup: May 11 2021 - TUESDAY IS THE ONLY DAY 9am to 6 pm These Bidder Terms and Conditions apply to auctions conducted by HASH AUCTIONS, LLC ("Auctioneer"), and constitute a legal, valid, binding, and enforceable contract between Auctioneer and each Bidder. These bidder terms and conditions also form the basis for the contract of sale between the Seller and the Buyer. For the purposes of these Bidder Terms and Conditions, the term "YOU" refers to each Bidder (as defined below).1.Bidder Terms and Conditions; Posted Terms; Announcements at the Time of the Auction; Agreement to Be Bound. The Auction is conducted under and in accordance with these Bidder Terms and Conditions and any and all other terms and conditions posted on the Auctioneer website(s) and on the websites of any Online Auction Platform Provider(s) used by Auctioneer. The Auction is subject to any announcements or corrections by Auctioneer. By participating in the Auction in any way, YOU agree to be bound by, and to abide by, these Bidder Terms and Conditions. 2.Definitions. The following definitions apply to these Bidder Terms and Conditions:"Auction" means an online auction sale conducted by Auctioneer."Bidder" means any person or entity, and the agents or representatives of any such person or entity, that registers, and/or bids, and/or buys, and/or otherwise participates in the Auction (including, without being limited to, inspection and/or pick-up), regardless of whether such person or entity tenders a bid. "Bidder Account" means the number or other identifier issued by Auctioneer to a Bidder."Bidder Registration" means the information provided by a prospective Bidder, and the process of registering such prospective Bidder to bid at the Auction, including the prospective Bidder's agreement to be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions."Bidder Terms and Conditions" means these Bidder Terms and Conditions."Buyer" means the Winning Bidder on a Lot."Buyer's Premium" is an amount with respect to each Lot, calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price, that is payable by the Buyer to Auctioneer for its own account. "Contract Price" means an amount equal to the Hammer Price plus the Buyer's Premium."Delivery" means the transfer of possession a Lot or Lots to the Buyer. Unless otherwise stated in writing, Delivery of a Lot will occur where the Lot is physically located during the Auction or at such other address as indicated on Auctioneer's website. Delivery does not mean that Auctioneer will move or relocate any Lot from its physical location during the Auction, or as indicated on Auctioneer's website, to any other location directed by the Buyer. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, Auctioneer will not move or relocate any Lot(s) on behalf of the Buyer."Fall of the Hammer" means the point, after bids have been received, at which Auctioneer declares a Lot "sold" to the Bidder acknowledged by Auctioneer as having made the Winning Bid. During an online Auction, the Fall of the Hammer will occur electronically at the end of timed (or extended) bidding. "Hammer Price" means the High Bid amount recognized by Auctioneer with the Fall of the Hammer."High Bid" means the amount recognized by Auctioneer as the highest bid at the conclusion of bidding on a Lot."High Bidder" means the Bidder recognized by Auctioneer as having made the High Bid on a Lot."High Estimate" means an amount that Auctioneer anticipates that a Lot may bring at the high end of a spectrum of possible bids. The High Estimate, if used, is not a valuation or appraisal, and cannot be relied on as such."Lot" means each individual item or grouping of personal property put up at one time by Auctioneer."Low Estimate" means an amount that Auctioneer anticipates that a Lot may bring at the low end of a spectrum of possible bids. The Low Estimate, if used, is not a valuation or appraisal, and cannot be relied on as such."No Sale" occurs if a Lot is put up at the Auction but is not sold, and Auctioneer passes on such Lot, withdraws the Lot, or declares a No Sale of the Lot."Online Auction Platform" means any hardware and/or software utilized to conduct the Auction online and to facilitate online bidding, including any associated, adjunct, and/or complementary websites, services, premiums, and promotions. Auctioneer may utilize one or more Online Auction Platforms."Online Auction Platform Provider" means the provider of an Online Auction Platform and related services. Auctioneer may utilize one or more Online Auction Platform Providers."Online Bidding Period" means any established period during which online bids may be tendered."Private Sale" means an event in which a Lot is sold (or gifted) by the Seller, or on the Seller's behalf, other than at the Auction."Private Sale Price" means the fair market purchase price of a Lot paid, or agreed to be paid, at a Private Sale in an arms-length transaction between the Seller and the purchaser. If a Lot is sold through a Private Sale for less than its fair market value, or in a transaction that is not an arms-length transaction, or is gifted by the Seller, the Private Sale Price will be an amount equal to the fair market value of the Lot in an arms-length transaction."Reserve" or "With Reserve" means that property put up at auction may be withdrawn by Auctioneer and/or bids may be rejected by Auctioneer prior to the Fall of the Hammer. It is not necessary for there to be a Reserve Price for an Auction to be With Reserve. UNLESS SPECIFICALLY AND EXPRESSLY STATED OTHERWISE BY AUCTIONEER IN WRITING, ALL LOTS ARE BEING SOLD WITH RESERVE."Reserve Price" means the minimum price that Seller is willing to accept for a Lot. If a Lot put up With Reserve is subject to a Reserve Price, the Lot will not be sold unless the Reserve Price is met or waived. It is not required for any Reserve Price to be disclosed. "Winning Bid" means the highest bid received and accepted (and if Subject to Seller's Confirmation, confirmed by Seller)."Winning Bidder" means the Bidder who is recognized by Auctioneer as having made the Winning Bid."Without Reserve" means Absolute.3.Bidder Registration; Bidder Qualification. YOU must register to bid. Auctioneer may establish such Bidder Registration requirements and Bidder qualifications as Auctioneer determines, in its discretion, to be reasonably necessary or appropriate. In order to register to bid, YOU must provide such information (including identifying information and qualifications) as requested by Auctioneer. Auctioneer may refuse to accept a Bidder Registration from any potential Bidder, may refuse to grant bidding privileges to any potential Bidder, and may revoke the Bidder Registration or bidding privileges of any Bidder. By registering to bid, YOU represent to Auctioneer that, if YOU are a natural person, YOU are at least eighteen (18) years of age and that YOU are otherwise legally able to enter into a contract. Each entity registering to bid represents that it has the power and authority to register, to bid, and to complete the purchase transaction if it is the Winning Bidder. YOU acknowledge and agree that YOU have read, understand, and agree to be bound by, these Bidder Terms and Conditions, any and all other terms and conditions posted on the Auctioneer website(s), and the terms and conditions posted on the websites of any Online Auction Platform Provider(s) used by Auctioneer. Auctioneer may, in its absolute discretion, receive bids from a person or entity that has not registered to bid, and/or who has not satisfied all requirements for Bidder Registration, and/or that has not previously been granted bidding privileges, and, by bidding, such person or entity will be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions, any and all other terms and conditions posted on the Auctioneer website(s), and the terms and conditions posted on the websites of any Online Auction Platform Provider(s) used by Auctioneer. Bidder qualification provisions are intended for the benefit of Auctioneer and its Seller(s), and create no rights or interests in any other persons, including competing Bidders. Auctioneer and/or its Seller(s) may (but will not be required to) waive any Bidder qualifications, either globally or on a case by case basis.4.Bids Received in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Notwithstanding YOUR physical location or the physical location of any Lot(s), all bids and payments are received in the Commonwealth of Virginia.5.Buyer's Premium. A Buyer's Premium, or Buyer's fee, will be charged on all Lots. The Buyer's Premium, which will be paid by the Buyer to Auctioneer for its own account, will be calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price for each Lot, and will be added to the Hammer Price to determine the final Contract Price. The Buyer's Premium will be ten percent (10%) of the Hammer Price for each Lot, and is earned by (and may be retained by) Auctioneer with the Fall of the Hammer.6.Access to Online Auction Platform; Premises; Reviews. YOU assume all risks associated with YOUR access to the Auction, including the Online Auction Platform, the premises of Auctioneer, and any other physical location associated with Auctioneer or the Auction. Any person may be denied access to the Auction, the Online Auction Platform, and the premises of Auctioneer or any other physical location associated with Auctioneer or the Auction. Auctioneer reserves the right to post truthful reviews of Bidders, including blocked Bidders, on social media and elsewhere.7.Nature of the Auction. Unless expressly stated otherwise in writing, the Auction will be With Reserve. Auctioneer may Withdraw any Lot prior to the Fall of the Hammer on such Lot.8.No Bid Retraction. YOU may not retract a bid that has been acknowledged by Auctioneer or that has been submitted online. YOU acknowledge and agree that Auctioneer is acting in reliance on tendered bids in the conduct of the Auction, and that bid retraction is disruptive and interferes with the Auction, and that, as an inducement for Auctioneer to accept YOUR Registration and to grant YOU bidding privileges, and for YOU to bid at the Auction, YOU agree not to withdraw or to attempt to withdraw any bid tendered by YOU.9.Posted Times. All times are based on the Eastern Standard Time Zone ("EST"). Posted closing times and time displays are approximate. Auctioneer reserves the right, in Auctioneer's sole and absolute discretion, to close early or extend the Auction.10.Handling of Online Bids; Maximum Bid Amounts. YOU may establish a maximum bid amount. Online Bids will ordinarily be initiated at an established opening bid amount or at the next bid increment, which amount may be less than YOUR maximum bid amount. Online bids will automatically be executed competitively up to the Fall of the Hammer (or other termination of the bidding). The receipt and execution of online bids will not create an agency relationship between Auctioneer and YOU.11.Relationship of the Parties. Auctioneer is the agent of the Seller(s), and represents the Seller(s) exclusively. Auctioneer is not YOUR agent or representative, and is not acting on YOUR behalf. 12.Bid Increments. Auctioneer may establish bid increments, and may modify or change, bid increments. 13.Records. Absent clerical errors, the records of Auctioneer will be final and conclusive for all purposes.14.Technology Disruptions. Auctioneer will not be responsible for technology disruptions, errors, or failures (including disruptions to bidding or the failure to execute, recognize, or record online bids), whether caused by (i) loss of connectivity, breakdown, disruption, or failure of the Online Auction Platform, (ii) errors in programming or set-up of the online Auction, (iii) breakdown, disruption, or failure of a Bidder's internet connection, computer, or system, or (iv) otherwise. Auctioneer may, but will not be required to, continue, suspend, delay, extend, reschedule, close, re-set, or re-start the Auction because of disruptions caused by technology failures or errors, even after bidding has commenced.15.Failures by Online Auction Platform Provider and its Affiliates or Contractors. Auctioneer may use an Online Auction Platform Provider to facilitate the Auction. Under no circumstances will Auctioneer be liable for any failure of the Online Auction Platform Provider to perform all or any of its obligations, or for the failure of any affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, or contractors of the Online Auction Platform Provider to perform their obligations. 16.Auto-Extend Feature. Any Online Bidding Period may include an auto-extend feature. This means that, if an online bid is entered within one (1) minutes of the scheduled closing of the established Online Bidding Period, the Online Bidding Period will automatically be extended for an additional one (1) minutes, and will continue to be so extended until there is a set period of time that lapses during which no advancing online bids are received, after which bidding will close.17.Disclaimer Regarding Online Auction Platform(s). Auctioneer makes no representations or warranties, and disclaims all representations and warranties, (i) that any Online Auction Platform(s) or any related website(s) or technology will be uninterrupted, error free or virus free, (ii) as to the results that may be obtained by using any Online Auction Platform(s) or any related website(s) or technology, or (iii) as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, security, or current nature of any Online Auction Platform(s), or any related website(s) or technology.18.Responsibility for Online Bids. YOU are responsible for all bids transmitted from YOUR computer or from YOUR Bidder Account. If a Winning Bid is sent from YOUR computer or using YOUR Bidder Account, YOU will be the Buyer on certification by Auctioneer. 19.Winning Bidders Subject to Final Certification by Auctioneer. The final determination of the Winning Bidder is subject to certification by Auctioneer, and any email or electronic message (whether generated manually or automatically) is subject to such certification.20. Winning Bid; Buyer. Pursuant to these Bidder Terms and Conditions, the Bidder making the Winning Bid for any Lot, will be the Buyer of the Lot on final certification by Auctioneer. 21.All Property Sold "AS IS", "WHERE IS", and "WITH ALL FAULTS". ALL PROPERTY IS BEING OFFERED AND SOLD IN ITS "AS IS/WHERE IS" CONDITION AT THE TIME OF THE AUCTION, WITH ALL FAULTS, INCLUDING ANY HIDDEN DEFECTS OF ANY NATURE. NEITHER AUCTIONEER NOR ANY SELLER MAKES ANY REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES, OR GUARANTEES WHATSOEVER, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE NATURE, VALUE, SOURCE, AUTHENTICITY, FITNESS, MERCHANTABILITY, AND/OR ANY OTHER ASPECT OR CHARACTERISTICS OF SUCH PROPERTY. NO STATEMENT ANYWHERE, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING VERBAL STATEMENTS MADE BY AUCTIONEER, WILL BE DEEMED A WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION BY AUCTIONEER OR ANY SELLER. WITHOUT LIMITING THE GENERALITY OF THE FOREGOING, THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES OF TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, AUTHENTICITY, ORIGIN, MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ALL OF WHICH ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU CANNOT RELY ON, AND YOU HAVE NOT RELIED ON, ANY REPRESENTATION, WARRANTY, OR GUARANTY MADE BY ANY SELLER OR ANYONE ACTING AS AGENT OF A SELLER (INCLUDING AUCTIONEER), ORALLY OR IN WRITING, ABOUT ANY LOT. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU HAVE HAD A FULL AND FAIR OPPORTUNITY TO INSPECT ALL LOTS, AND THAT YOU ARE RELYING SOLELY ON, OR HAVE WAIVED, YOUR INSPECTION AND INVESTIGATION (i) IN DETERMINING WHETHER TO BID, (ii) IN DETERMINING THE AMOUNT OF YOUR BID(S), AND (iii) IN BIDDING. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DETERMINE CONDITION, AGE, GENUINENESS, VALUE, OR ANY OTHER DETERMINATIVE FACTORS REGARDING ANY LOT ON WHICH YOU BID. 22.Bidder's Inspection; Adequacy of Description and Images. YOU are encouraged to inspect the Lot(s), or to have the Lot(s) inspected by YOUR agent or representative before bidding. By bidding, YOU acknowledge and agree that YOU have had a full and fair opportunity to inspect the Lot(s), and that YOU are relying solely on YOUR inspection and investigation, or that YOU have waived inspection and investigation, and that you have not relied on any statement, representation, warranty, or guaranty made by any Seller or anyone acting as agent or representative of a Seller (including Auctioneer), and any photographs or other images of Lot(s) are adequate for YOUR purposes. 23.Description of Property. Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, any description of a Lot is based solely on visual impression, and is given solely for identification purposes, and does not create any warranty, expressed or implied, or representation by Auctioneer.24.High and Low Estimates. If and to the extent that High Estimates and Low Estimates are used, they are merely a guide. You may not rely on High Estimates or Low Estimates as a prediction of the Hammer Price or the value of any Lot, or for any other purpose. High and Low Estimates are not a guaranty of price or value, and are not an indicator of the possible re-sale value of any Lot. High Estimates and Low Estimates do not include the Buyer's Premium. 25.Announcements. Announcements made, or posted, by Auctioneer on the day of, or during, the Auction are binding and take precedence over any prior advertisements or listings.26.Bidding by or on Behalf of Seller(s). Seller(s) may not bid directly, or indirectly, on any of their Lot(s).27.Conduct of the Auction. Auctioneer will regulate all matters relating to the conduct of the Auction and the decisions of Auctioneer will be final and binding. Auctioneer will have control over bidding, and Auctioneer will resolve any and all disputes. Auctioneer may, in Auctioneer's sole and absolute discretion, reopen the bidding (but will not be required to) if (i) a bid was tendered prior to the fall of the Hammer but went unnoticed by Auctioneer until called to Auctioneer's attention after the Fall of the Hammer or other termination of the bidding, or (ii) a technology disruption, failure, or error, caused a bid that was tendered, or attempted to be tendered, prior to the hammer from being received or recognized, or (iii) some other error or dispute occurs. Any contracts formed with the Fall of the Hammer will be subject to the conditions set forth in this Section. If bidding is reopened, the High Bid recognized by Auctioneer prior to the reopening of the bidding will be held, and may not be retracted, and, if no further bids are received, such bid will be the Winning Bid.28.Contract of Sale for Personal Property. No additional or further writing will be required to evidence the existence of a contract of sale for any Lot sold at the Auction regardless of the Hammer Price, and these Bidder Terms and Conditions, together with the records of Auctioneer identifying the Lot, the Hammer Price, and the Buyer, will be conclusive evidence as to the terms of the sale. These Bidder Terms and Conditions will be incorporated into and made a part of each contract between a Buyer and a Seller.29.Payment. All Lots must be paid for in-full at or before the pick-up date and time set forth in the specific Auction listing. Payment may be made in cash, by approved check, by credit card, by certified funds, or by wire transfer. Auctioneer may require that the payment of large amounts be made by certified funds or wire transfer. Purchases will be shipped only after payment has cleared. For Debit/Credit Cards payments, an Additional Buyer's Premium will be added five percent (5%) of the Total, and is earned by (and may be retained by) Auctioneer with the Fall of the Hammer.30. Title. If YOU are certified as the Winning Bidder on a Lot by Auctioneer, YOU will be contractually obligated to pay the Contract Price for that Lot. However, title and ownership of the Lot will not pass from the Seller to YOU until payment is made and clears. 31.Delivery; Sales Tax. All Lots will be delivered to YOU at the physical location of such Lot(s) at the close of the Auction which will be either (i) at Auctioneer's location in the Commonwealth of Virginia, or (ii) at such other location inside or outside the Commonwealth of Virginia as indicated in the specific Auction listing, or (iii) as otherwise designated by Auctioneer. Auctioneer has no obligation to move or relocate any Lot(s) to YOUR location or to a location designated by YOU. YOU may designate, appoint, and empower an agent to accept delivery of YOUR purchases at the point of delivery, and to arrange for shipment of YOUR property to a location designated by YOU. Unless an exemption applies, all purchases are subject to sales tax in the jurisdiction where delivery occurs as set forth in the specific Auction listing and these Bidder Terms and Conditions. Sales tax will be collected at the point of delivery as set forth in the specific Auction listing and these Bidder Terms and Conditions and will be remitted to the applicable taxing authorities. The foregoing notwithstanding, if another jurisdiction or taxing authority (including, without being limited to, the jurisdiction in which YOU reside, conduct business, or maintain the Lot(s) purchased by YOU) requires the collection and remittance of sales tax, use tax, or a similar tax, YOU will be responsible for payment of an amount equal to such tax. If it is determined that sales tax is collected and paid to the wrong taxing authority, YOU and Auctioneer will cooperate in efforts to obtain a refund of such tax and its remittance to the proper taxing authority.32.Pick-up and Removal; Shipping; Insurance. YOU are responsible for pick-up and removal of Lot(s) purchased by YOU. Pick-up location and removal dates and times will be as posted on Auctioneer's website or otherwise announced by Auctioneer. Unless otherwise agreed, YOU are solely responsible for the disassembly, rigging, removal, shipping, and transportation of each Lot purchased by YOU. Disassembly and removal must be done in a workmanlike manner, and YOU will indemnify and hold harmless both Auctioneer and Seller(s) against any and all damage caused by YOU or YOUR employees, agents, representatives, or independent contractors in connection with the disassembly or removal of any Lot(s). Any and all damage, including, without being limited to damage to land or buildings, caused by YOU or by YOUR employees, agents, representatives, or independent contractors, will be repaired by YOU, or at YOUR expense, to the satisfaction of Auctioneer and Seller(s). Any Lot(s) shipped to YOU will be via a shipment contract free on board at the location at which the Lot(s) are handed over to the United States Postal Service, a common carrier, courier, or other delivery service as indicated in the Auction listing. Possession and risk of loss will pass to you at the point of shipment. YOU are responsible for insuring all Lots purchased by YOU.33.Failure to Pick-up or Arrange for the Delivery; Abandoned Property; Storage. Any Lot(s) not removed within one (1) days after the Auction will be deemed abandoned to Auctioneer, even if paid for, and YOU will give up all rights with respect to such Lot(s). Under any circumstances, YOU are responsible for the full Contract Price of all Lots on which YOU are the Winning Bidder.34.All Sales Final. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS.35.No Credit Card Chargebacks. YOU agree that such YOU will not, under any circumstances, initiate a credit card chargeback with respect to any purchases at the Auction. YOU further agree that if, in violation of these Terms and Conditions, a credit card chargeback is initiated, these Bidder Terms and Conditions will be conclusive evidence of YOUR agreement not to initiate a credit card chargeback; and YOU acknowledge and agree that on the presentation of these Bidder Terms and Conditions to the bank, credit card company, or other financial institution that issued the credit card on which charges were made, such bank, credit card company, or other financial institution will reverse or deny any credit card chargeback, and will re-credit all amounts to or for the account of Auctioneer. If, in violation of these Bidder Terms and Conditions, YOU initiate a credit card chargeback, even if successful, YOU will remain liable for all purchases made at the Auction, and YOU will be responsible for all costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees, incurred by or on behalf of Auctioneer and/or any Seller(s) in challenging the credit card chargeback and in collecting payment. YOUR agreement not to initiate a credit card chargeback is a condition to YOUR Registration as a Bidder, and for the privilege of bidding at the Auction, and is being made as an inducement for Auctioneer to accept YOUR Registration and to permit YOU to bid at the Auction. Auctioneer is relying on YOUR agreement not to initiate a credit card chargeback in accepting YOUR Bidder Registration and in permitting YOU to bid at the Auction. 36. Claims. Unless otherwise provided in writing, after a Lot has been picked-up or removed by YOU or on YOUR behalf, no claims or returns will be allowed and there will be no adjustments or rescissions.37.Third-Parties and Subsequent Purchasers. Auctioneer has no relationship with any third-parties or subsequent purchasers of Lot(s), and no third-party or subsequent purchaser may rely on any statements or descriptions made by Auctioneer, nor will Auctioneer have any liability to such persons or entities. YOU agree to indemnify Auctioneer and to hold Auctioneer harmless from and against any and all claims made by third-parties or subsequent purchasers of any Lot(s) purchased by YOU. 38.Buyer's Remedies; Bidders/Buyers Not Entitled to Incidental or Consequential Damages. To the extent that YOU may be entitled to any remedies in connection with the Auction, the sole and exclusive remedy available to YOU is a return, from Seller, of (i) the Hammer Price actually paid, and (ii) an amount equal to the Buyer's Premium. Under no circumstances will Auctioneer or the Seller be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including, without being limited to lost profits or reduced productivity. YOU, further, acknowledge and agree that YOU are not entitled to specific performance or other equitable relief.39.Seller's Remedies. If YOU breach any obligations under these Terms and Conditions or under a contract with a Seller, such property may be re-sold and YOU will be responsible for any and all damages, including any deficiency or reduction in the Contract Price, along with incidental damages.40.Private Sale. YOU agree not to enter into a Private Sale transaction with the Seller(s) of any Lot(s) prior to or during the Auction. If YOU enter into a Private Sale transaction with the Seller(s) of any Lot(s) prior to or during the Auction, or within __________ (___) days after the Auction (for any Lot(s) not sold at the Auction), Auctioneer will be entitled to receive an amount equal to its full Commission and Buyer's Premium (calculated as a percentage of the Private Sale Price), together with reimbursable expenses; and YOU and the Seller will be jointly and severally liable to Auctioneer for the payment of such amounts.41.Waiver. Certain provisions of these Bidder Terms and Conditions are for the exclusive benefit of Auctioneer and/or Seller(s). Such provisions (including, without being limited to, Bidder registration and qualification requirements, payment terms, removal and delivery terms, and inspection terms) do not create, and will not be deemed to create, any benefits or rights in favor of any other persons, including competing Bidders, and may not be enforced by any other persons. Either globally or on a case by case basis Auctioneer and/or Seller may (but will not be required to) waive any provisions of these Bidder Terms and Conditions that are intended for the benefit of Auctioneer and/or Seller. 42.Indemnification. YOU agree to indemnify Auctioneer, and to hold Auctioneer harmless, with respect to any damages claimed in connection with the Auction or purchases made at the Auction and with respect to any subsequent sale of Lots.43.Email List; Agreement to Receive Email. YOU agree to be added to the email list maintained by Auctioneer. Each email Auctioneer sends will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. YOU agree not to report any email sent by or on behalf of Auctioneer as spam.44.Governing Law; Dispute Resolution. These Bidder Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, including its statutes of limitations, but without regard to its rules governing conflict of laws. If a dispute arises, the parties will submit to mediation; and, if a resolution is not reached through mediation, to binding arbitration. For mediation, the mediator will be a neutral party, mutually agreed on by the parties, and located within thirty (30) miles of Berryville, Virginia. If the dispute is not settled within thirty (30) days after submission to mediation, it shall be submitted to binding arbitration with a single neutral arbitrator, mutually agreed on by the parties. Arbitration will be conducted within thirty (30) miles of Berryville, Virginia. The time allotted for arbitration proceedings will be limited to a period of sixty (60) days, commencing on the date that the matter is submitted to arbitration. The decision rendered by the arbitrator will be final and binding on all parties, and will be non-appealable. All expenses incurred in connection with mediation and/or arbitration will be shared equally among all parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the parties are unable to mutually agree to mediation or arbitration at a site within thirty (30) miles of the Town of Berryville, Virginia, the parties irrevocably agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in the Town of Berryville, Virginia for the resolution of all disputes. If a dispute is submitted to civil litigation (other than mediation or arbitration), all expenses, including the reasonable attorney's fees of the prevailing party, will be fully and promptly paid by the losing party. YOU WAIVE THE RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Hash Auctions, LLC, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

"When You’re Selling A Lifetime, Don’t Sell It Short”

Member of the National and Virginia Auctioneers Assoc.

Hash Auctions VAAF #692 

Auctioneer: Brian Hash, CAI CES VAAR 2032   WV 1122    540-955-0277

Lot#: 1

Auction Terms and Pickup Info is on each lot

please read all tabs under "auction details" prior to bidding. Pickup is Tuesday from 9 am to 6 pm. If you can't make it to inspection day please call 540-955-0277 with questions.

Lot#: 2

Antique Well Pump, cast iron, the base has damage

area but still a nice decorative pump housing

Lot#: 3

Wringer Washer Tub insert

Lot#: 3a

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 4

Wringer Washer Tub insert

Lot#: 4a

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 5

Stainless Measuring Container with lid, 10x17"


Lot#: 5a

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 6

Planters Side Stand, 18x24" high

Lot#: 6a

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 7

Galvanized Washtub

Lot#: 7a

Commercial Soda Cooler Dispenser Machine, it's

Running but note we have NO KEY to get inside so unsure if it's Cooling, buy accordion to description giving

Lot#: 8

Automotive Shop Sales Display Rack, Start

Quicker-Last Longer, 3 shelves, 28wx40" high

Lot#: 9

Early metal Front Porch Chair

Lot#: 10

Poulan Pro Wheeled String Trimmer, 180cc Briggs

Engine, working order

Lot#: 11

Poulan Wood Shark 14" Chainsaw, running condition

Lot#: 12

Stihl BG860 Blower, gas powered and working order

See video

Lot#: 13

Pair of cart Tires and wheels, 16x5.00-8, like

new condition

Lot#: 14

Troy-Bilt Self Propelled Mower, 21" cut, Honda

Engine, Running condition

Lot#: 15

Gardening Metalwares Decor Lot, 5pcs

Lot#: 16

Gardening Planters Lot, concrete and resin

Lot#: 17

3pc Concrete Squirrel Family Decor Figures

Lot#: 18

Ames Water Hose Reel, with Hose

Lot#: 19

Craftsman Pushmower, 21" 158cc Briggs Engine,

rear bag, running condition

Lot#: 20

Hydraulic Jack for Mowers or ATVs, 2 ton capacity

Lot#: 21

Plantstand in Peddlers cart design

Lot#: 22

Outdoor Accessories lot. Water Hoses, bag for

mower, bucket, milk crate, other misc parts lot

Lot#: 23

Little Tikes Kitchen Play Set

Lot#: 24

Kenmore Stainless Propane Grill, Buy For Parts or

Scrap Do not buy for working grill, includes tank

Lot#: 25

Misc. Snow scoop, broom, portion roll of welded


Lot#: 26

Lawn Roller, 36" poly drum, mower pull type

Lot#: 27

Galvanized Washtub with wood Outdoor decor

Accessories, bird houses,turkey figure, flying duck,

Lot#: 28

Welded Wire, 36" high with 2x4" stays. Small


Lot#: 29

Three Terracotta Planter Pots, 14-16-20" Dia


Lot#: 29a

3pt Hitch Potato Plow

Lot#: 30

Three Outdoor Planters, poly made, 22-24-26" Dia


Lot#: 31

5 Gallon Crown Seal Crock, chip along top for

added character from years of use still good crock

Lot#: 32

Terracotta Jack O Lantern, 24" tall

Lot#: 33

7 Various Gasoline Containers

Lot#: 34

2 Electric Motors, partial coil of Electrician


Lot#: 35

McCullough 35cc Chainsaw 16" bar, non-tested by

Hash Auctions

Lot#: 36

Two Outdoor Chaise Lounge. Pine made, the back

support rods are missing to hold backs in position

Lot#: 37

Uniflame Charcoal Grill, 22", used still good

usable grill

Lot#: 38

Two pc Lot, Water hose Reel with hose and Sunjoe

Electric Pressure Washer complete, non-tested by Hash Auctions

Lot#: 39

5pc Mismatched Table Set, 4 iron framed Chairs

with wood seats one has bend on back leg. Plus 42" mesh top Table

Lot#: 40

3pc Lot, Live Animal trap, 2 folding wire Pet

cages no bottom poly clean out trays, all used condition

Lot#: 41

Group of 6 Mismatched Beach and Lawn Chairs

Lot#: 42

Commercial wheeled 96 gallon Trash Container

Lot#: 43

5 mismatched Chairs lot, with Everlasting Ivy

potted plant

Lot#: 44

Wheel Barrel poly tub in used condition and 4

Filters of some sorts included

Lot#: 45

Glass Top Foyer type Table, thick tempered glass,

16x48x30" high

Lot#: 46

Body Fit by Sports authority, Inversion Chair

Lot#: 47

Bike, well used condition and will need work

Lot#: 48

3pc Chair lot, pair of natural wicker chairs, and

Childs Anriodock chair

Lot#: 49

2 Box Planters, oak framed tea Service cart.

Planter dolly included

Lot#: 50

Misc. Lot, rake, Safety cone, pair of aluminum

saw horses, Electric weed Eater, shovel, etc. Used condition parts pieces lot

Lot#: 51

Pair of Folding Camping type Chairs with side


Lot#: 52

The Big Bobber Floating Cooler

Lot#: 53

4 Folding lawn Chairs, web seating, 2 each are


Lot#: 54

Craftsman Parts Mower

Lot#: 55

Craftsman Yard Vacuum, used non-tested by Hash

Auctions sells as is

Lot#: 56

Two pc lot, Suncast hose Reel deck box type with

hose and a poly 40" deck bench type Deck Trunk in used scuffed condition

Lot#: 56a

16pc Of Sea Coral of various sizes

Lot#: 57

Barbwire, partial roll on all thread disc made


Lot#: 57a

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66

Lot#: 58

Barbwire, full unopened roll, Redbrand, dirt from

Barn floor

Lot#: 59

Barbwire, full unopened roll, Redbrand, dirt from

Barn floor

Lot#: 60

Barbwire, full unopened roll, Redbrand, dirt from

Barn floor

Lot#: 61

Agri-fab 42" Drop Spreader, poly hopper, tires

are flat, lawn Tractor pull type

Lot#: 62

Bath Towels Rack, chrome finish

Lot#: 63

Folding wire Pet Cage, 22x36x24" high, 2 door

type, clean condition

Lot#: 64

Three Milk Crates, modern crafty types

Lot#: 65

Two aluminum framed Outdoor Chairs, No Cushions

Lot#: 66

Two Dinosaur Decor Figures, 24&32" tall

Lot#: 67

Adjustable Plate Rack by TSA. Used for Gym

Weights unassembled in weathered box

Lot#: 68

Craftsman 40" Lawn Thatcher

Lot#: 69

4 Misc. Trash Containers, no lids, used condition

Lot#: 70

Precision Folding portable Pet Pen, 30" high,

eight 24" wide panels

Lot#: 71

Four 14" Moss Basket Planters

Lot#: 72

Resistance Chair

Lot#: 73

Generator Power extension cord, 30amp 4 prong,

has 4 pin trailer type plug also, nice cord here guy's

Lot#: 74

3 Partial rolls of Brace Wire, I believe No. 9

heavier guage

Lot#: 75

Petmate 2 Door Deluxe pet Taxi, small Animal size

Lot#: 76

Maryland Terrapins foldable Chair

Lot#: 77

Kids Wagon Running Gear with makeshift plywood

flat bed

Lot#: 78

Homelite 16" Electric Chain Saw

Lot#: 79

Two pine Step Stools

Lot#: 80

Tools, sledge hammer, scraper, Automotive wash

brush, 3 dirt Shovels

Lot#: 81

4 Snow Shovels

Lot#: 82

Commercial Grade Plumbers Drain Snake, metal band


Lot#: 83

Misc Hardware. Organizer bin, 2pcs all thread,

Carpenters square, drain opener snake

Lot#: 84

Misc. Shop chemicals, oils, washer fluid, Outdoor

cleaner, etc.

Lot#: 85

Two Garden Sprayers

Lot#: 86

3 Electric extension cords

Lot#: 87

Galvanized Pail with 4 Wood Splitting Wedges

Lot#: 88

Sump Pump,

Lot#: 89

Automotive Drip Tray 24x46, and a Yard Stick


Lot#: 90

Gardening Work Station, homeowners version, 36wx

66" tall

Lot#: 90a

Wooden Twig style Ladder used for Display

purposes, 80" tall

Lot#: 91

Two metal Yard Sale Painted Signs

Lot#: 92

2 partial rolls of roofing paper, and 2 partial

rolls of 24" poly Safety fence,

Lot#: 93

Pitching Horse shoe set

Lot#: 94

Black & Decker benchtop workmate top portion

only and roller stand

Lot#: 95

True Temper aluminum roof scraper

Lot#: 96

24ft Aluminum extension Ladder

Lot#: 97

24ft Aluminum extension Ladder

Lot#: 98

Cosco multi-use ladder

Lot#: 99

Cub Cadet rear wheel Drive push mower CC 550 SP,


Lot#: 100

Havahart model 1040 live animal trap

Lot#: 101

3 pieces: Worth bat, 2 clippers/pruners

Lot#: 102

Two Shakespeare fishing poles with reels

Lot#: 103

Blue poly barrel

Lot#: 104

2 concrete yard ornaments dog and rabbit

Lot#: 105

Roller derby brand scooter some damage on left


Lot#: 106

Metal Drum with removable lock ring lid. 15dia x

27" high, nice small size

Lot#: 107

Poulan Pro 50cc Chainsaw with case, 20" bar,

non-tested by Hash Auctions

Lot#: 108

Craftsman 16" Reel Mower

Lot#: 109

Bike, Mongoose Crush used front tire needs Air

but appears to be in good usable condition

Lot#: 110

Pair of Green Outdoor poly Footstools

Lot#: 111

Two Weedeaters, Homelite with edger Blade

attachment, Ryobi with string head attachment, non-tested by Hash Auctions

Lot#: 112

Razor Kid's GoCart, No Charger, non-tested by

Hash Auctions, seller code 5-6

Lot#: 112a

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 113

Bike, kid's Specialized Hotrock, tires are flat,

used condition, seller code LW

Lot#: 114

Bike, Next Power Climber, well used and needs

attention, seller code LW

Lot#: 115

Igloo Ice Cube Cooler, seller code N-5

Lot#: 116

Campfire Fire Pit, 28" dia. Seller code OP

Lot#: 117

Garden Tractor Dump Cart.

Lot#: 118

Scarecrow and Fall painted decor sign

Lot#: 119

Cargo Load Lock, and Tree Limb Prunner

Lot#: 120

Two Troy-Bilt Weedeaters non-tested by Hash


Lot#: 121

Bike, Schwinn High Plains, tires are flat, used

bike that has potential, seller code LW

Lot#: 122

Set of 4 Outdoor Chaise Lounges, aluminum framed,

with removable cushions, good usable condition, seller code LU

Lot#: 123

Boat Fender, about 10x20", seller code EM

Lot#: 124

Basket Ball Hoop with net, seller code EM

Lot#: 125

Power Tools Project Group. B&D Electric Blower,

and Snow Blower. Again not complete buy for parts or repairs. Seller code EM

Lot#: 126

Bike, Giant Sedona DX. Used condition with tires

needing air but bike appears to be in good usable condition. Seller code VP

Lot#: 127

Royal Gourmet Charcoal 26" Grill with side Smoker

Box, cover included, used yet a nice usable grill. Seller code LU

Lot#: 128

Poulan Pro Pushmower, 21" cut, self propelled,

6.75hp Briggs Engine, non-tested by Hash Auctions. Seller code N-3

Lot#: 129

Weber Propane Grill, Stainless, used but appears

to be in good usable condition. Tank with some gas is included. Seller code LU

Lot#: 130

8pc Outdoor Table Set. Tile top Table 42x80" Note

as shown couple trim decor tile sections have damage. 6 Chairs to match aluminum framed with breathable mesh seating, 10ft Ventilation Umbrella. Seller code LU

Lot#: 131

Two Propane Tanks, one full, other close to half

full. Seller code LU

Lot#: 132

Two Coolers, little playmate lunch cooler,

Coleman cooler also. Seller code N3

Lot#: 133

Igloo cube Style Wheeled Cooler, needs cleaned

inside otherwise nice usable condition. Seller code LW

Lot#: 134

Firepit. 20" pit, 32" overall, aluminum made,

used still good usable condition. Seller code LW

Lot#: 135

Pair of Outdoor Flower Pots with Drip Trays,

16x16", Fiberglass resin material made, seller code N3

Lot#: 136

Terracotta Facial Figure Decor Flower Planter.

14dia x 18" high. Seller code N3

Lot#: 137

Bike, Schwinn Impact, tires are flat and Chain

needs reattached, bike with potential. Seller code LW

Lot#: 138

Two Outdoor Tables, 40" with 9 removable glass

tiles, 18" Side Stand. Both Aluminum made, solid usable condition. Seller code Z-6& N-3

Lot#: 139

Werner 6ft Aluminum Step Ladder, 250lb capacity,

near new condition, seller code Z-6

Lot#: 140

Outdoor Gardner's Lot, pair of new poly Urn

Planters 18" tall, 3 poly 16" planters clay color, four 46" strips of poly Garden border. Seller code N3

Lot#: 141

Metal Wares Lot, fire log holder, Basket Tree

type Stand with 2 only Display baskets. Seller code N3

Lot#: 142

Three Empty Propane Tanks, grill size. Seller

code Z5

Lot#: 143

Two Propane Tanks 24" tall, Camper Style and both

fill almost full. Seller code Z5

Lot#: 144

Water Hose with Lawn Sprinkler, green rubber


Lot#: 145

Hardware Group includes, 4 plastic carriers,

green Feed Tub Pail, tree limb saw. 6 Carpenters Saws, Electric Range 4-wire power cord unused included

Lot#: 146

Leifheit Aluminum Folding Project Ladder 4ft,

used condition with one foot being taped up as shown so selling that way

Lot#: 147

Ten 14" Moss Flower Basket hangers

Lot#: 148

Little Tikes Basketball Hoop

Lot#: 149

5.3 Gallon Poly Gas Container, new condition

Lot#: 150

Hand Tools Group. Shovels, scoop shovel, garden

weasel, hoe, etc. 9pcs total

Lot#: 151

Two Poly Gas Containers, 1& 2.5 gallon sizes,

both with some gasoline. Seller code LW

Lot#: 152

Lucky dog Weatherguard kennel cover fits all five

foot wide by 10 ft long lucky dog kennels, still in box

Lot#: 153

Two kid's bicycles tires are flat, used

Lot#: 154

Pair of patio lounge chaise chairs, aluminum

framed, nice overall condition

Lot#: 155

6 metal folding chairs, on matched

Lot#: 156

Two-piece kids lot, Razor scooter and wooden

framed bicycle

Lot#: 157

Metal patio umbrella stand

Lot#: 158

Radio Flyer 90 metal wagon, some Rust

Lot#: 159

Petmate kennel cab small pet carrier

Lot#: 160

2 poly gas can 5-gallon and 2.5 gallon

Lot#: 161

Wire animal cage, 24x24x17" high

Lot#: 162

Wooden bird feeder

Lot#: 163


Lot#: 164

Bolens 20 in cut push mower with Briggs &

Stratton, non-tested, one wheel crooked

Lot#: 165

3 piece lot Troy-Bilt, Craftsman Weed Eaters and

hedge clipping head only, non-tested

Lot#: 166

Miscellaneous Window Screens lot

Lot#: 167

7 Signs, Armed Forces Themed, poly type material,


Lot#: 168

Big Scrap Metal Group, see photos, bidder buys and

takes ALL, bidder responsible for loading

Lot#: 169

Big Group of Kid's Little Tikes Outdoor Toys

Group, buyer is responsible for loading and takes ALL items

Lot#: 170

Aluminum Pool Frame Legs Parts and Pieces Lot

Lot#: 171

Lumber Lot, 6plus sheets of OSB Board, few pcs

pine boards included, some corner damage on osb. Buyer is getting the entire Group and is responsible for loading and must take all

Lot#: 172

Coleman Wheeled Cooler, 4 cup holder lid. Note

the hinges on lid are broke. Lid fits just as it should though. Still a good usable cooler

Lot#: 173

Yamaha Motorcycle. Buy for Parts or Scrap

Lot#: 174

Yamaha Motorcycle. Buy for Parts or Scrap

Lot#: 175

Blocks, skid includes 22 Landscaping Border

blocks, 2 cinder blocks, few red bricks

Lot#: 176

Husky Electric Pressure Washer. Note No Hose or

Trigger Nozzle

Lot#: 177

Portable 18" Charcoal Grill, Table top type

Lot#: 178

8ft Outdoor Table Umbrella, used

See pictures for fabric condition

Lot#: 179

Bike, Specialized Hard Rock, bike in nice clean

ready to ride condition

Lot#: 180

Set of metal Automotive Ramps, 6500lbs capacity,

nice kept condition

Lot#: 181

10lb Sledge Hammer Fiberglass handle nice


Lot#: 182

Novara Afterburner Trailer Bike. Nice condition

Lot#: 183

Little Tikes Tricycle with parents push handle,

nice condition

Lot#: 184

3 black Poly Barrels, 18x30" high

Lot#: 185

8 Gasoline Containers of various sizes, used


Lot#: 186

Chevy Pickup Truck Grill

Lot#: 187

10 Gasoline Containers of various sizes, used


Lot#: 188

Roofing Shingles. 2 full pks.

Lot#: 189

Craftsman Pushmower, self propelled, 22" cut,

rear bag, 5.5hp Briggs Engine, non-tested by Hash Auctions

Lot#: 190

Power Pro Pushmower, self propelled, 5.5hp Briggs

Engine, 21" cut, non-tested by Hash Auctions

Lot#: 191

Set of 4 Outdoor Chairs, aluminum framed with

mesh seating, used yet overall good usable condition

Lot#: 192

Artificial Grass Area Rug, 6.6x9ft, used

Lot#: 193

7ft Wooden Picnic Table with 10ft Rectangular

shaped Umbrella included, used condition yet still good outfit for certain locations

Lot#: 194

Two Damage Warehouse Platform Carts, each one has

one damaged Caster wheel. Both sell as one lot

Lot#: 195

Two Orange Safety Cones in used condition

Lot#: 196

Ancheer Exercise Trampoline

Lot#: 197

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 198

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 199

Beach Umbrella, 6ft. Note the lower pole has the

sand Auger pressed into pole,

Lot#: 200

Two pc lot. Water hose reel. And 2 Drawer File

Cabinet light duty use file

Lot#: 201

Outdoor Furniture pieces. Metal Chair, 4 Bamboo

tiki torch holders, all weather wicker Tea Service Cart with weathered use condition on top metal tray part

Lot#: 202

Nice 4 bin tray Organizer or Office file type

rack, on rollers, 16x14x36" high

Lot#: 203

Vanity Sink, cultured marble, 76.5" long

Lot#: 204

Rattan Chair, Sunroom style, use wear in wicker

wrap still usable condition though

Lot#: 205

Infant and kid's lot: baby swing, high chair,

booster seat, Minnie Mouse airplane ride-on toy and Spider-Man by Huffy scooter

Lot#: 206

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 207

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 208

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 209

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 210

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 211

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 212

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 300

Brookstone Rope Hammock

Lot#: 301

Pair of blue Folding Camping type Chairs with

storage bags, nice condition, seller code N-3

Lot#: 302

Igloo Playmate elite Cooler, 16qts. Nice

condition, seller code N3

Lot#: 303

3pc Outdoor Accessories lot, 48" glass top Table,

iron works 4 crook Plant hanger Tree, side stand base only

Lot#: 304

Flower Planters Group. One small terracotta

others poly made, seller code N3

Lot#: 305

Poolside Chaise Lounge, nice usable condition.

Seller code N3

Lot#: 306

Outdoor 36" glass top Table, seller code N3

Lot#: 307

Set of 4 Ford Wheels, 4 lugs, 16". Seller code US

Lot#: 308

Set of 4 Chrome Automotive Wheels, 6 lugs, 20".

Seller code US

Lot#: 309

Jackson Wheel Barrow, blue poly tub, dual wheels,

8cuft. Used yet in good usable condition

Lot#: 310

Dogloo XT. House, small size

Lot#: 311

Window Sach only, 23.5x33"

Lot#: 312

Troy-Bilt Riding Mower Project. Bronco model, 42"

deck, 18hp Kohler, tires are flat, used and non-tested condition by Hash Auctions. Seller code 3W

Lot#: 313

Craftsman Pushmower, 6.5hp Briggs Engine, 21"

cut, rear bag, rear high wheels, non-tested by Hash Auctions, seller code US

Lot#: 314

Troy-Bilt Snow Blower Project. 26" cut, 8.5hp,

handle bar assembly needs rebolted, non-tested by Hash Auctions, seller code 3-6

Lot#: 315

Generator, Powermate 5000 run watts. Used with

operating condition unknown to Hash Auctions. Seller code 3-6

Lot#: 316

Go Blower Go Cart, Lifan 2.5hp Gas Engine,

untested by Hash Auctions but looks good, Engine cranks, appears all in Tact. Worthy of your attention I believe. Seller code 3-6

Lot#: 317

Plano Poly Storage Shelf, 36x18x74" tall, like

new condition. Seller code N-5

Lot#: 318

Metro type Storage Shelf, 18x14x70" tall, some

minor rustic spots on couple of the shelves, still a nice usable Shelf. Seller code N-5

Lot#: 319

Three Lincoln Hub Caps plus 3 American Racing

Center Hub covers, seller code US

Lot#: 320

Bottom only commercial clothes rack, plus metal

wall decor and flower pot stake

Lot#: 321

Lafuma Gravity Recliner Chaise Lounge, used still

good usable condition. Seller code US

Lot#: 322

Power Washer, Electric, 1500psi, with box and

unassembled, has hose nozzle, hose reel, appears unused as we removed from box. Seller code 07

Lot#: 323

Used Propane Grill, 4 burner, Redwood Cart, used

needs cleaned yet appears okay otherwise, seller code N-5

Lot#: 324

Pro Sport Exercise Trampoline, seller code Z3

Lot#: 325

Bike, Diamondback, tires flat, seat wear used

condition but as potential, seller code Z3

Lot#: 326

Commercial grade Wheeled Trash Container, unsure

but around 96 gallon size or close, nice condition though, seller code E-5

Lot#: 327

Toter Wheeled Trash container, 64 gallon, nice

condition, seller code E-6

Lot#: 328

Toro Electric Snow Thrower, seller E-O

Lot#: 329

Toro Pushmower, 6.hp Briggs Engine, self

propelled, well used condition and non-tested by Hash Auctions. Seller E-O

Lot#: 330

8 black poly Shelves with only 8 uprights, 18x36"

shelves. Seller code LW

Lot#: 331

Automotive Parts, Jeep Wrangle 09-12? Front

Bumper, 17" emergency spare tire and wheel included, seller code E-M

Lot#: 332

Automotive Cargo Carrier, rear trailer hitch

type, rustic used condition, 22x62" on basket. Note hitch has Receiver locks and we have NO Keys so you will need to cut off. Seller code 3-6

Lot#: 333

Lifetime poly 6ft Folding Table, used but still

good usable condition, seller code LW

Lot#: 334

Hardware Group includes, tools, screwdrivers,

small socket kit, metal planter, down spout flow tube, winter windshield cover, 2 cane sticks, seller code N-3

Lot#: 335

Set of Automotive Wheels, 10 lug, 19", there not

perfect condition. As shown

Lot#: 336

Two snow toys, seller z3

Lot#: 337

EZgoal Sports net, 6x6ft, pipe framed

Lot#: 338

Green Water hose, nice quality hose

Lot#: 339

Black Water Hose, nice quality hose

Lot#: 340

Hiland premier series patio propane heater,

includes tank regulator, no tank

Lot#: 341

Set of 4 Chrome Automotive Rims, 4 lug, 16",

seller code US

Lot#: 342

Diamondback 20 bicycles

Lot#: 343

Pine Storage Shelf, 36x10x68" tall, real board


Lot#: 344

Big Aluminum Cauldron type Planter, 36" dia x 1


Lot#: 345

Echo bp200 gas blower, non-tested

Lot#: 346

Patio umbrella, missing bottom pole, needs


Lot#: 347

Three pairs of crutches, one are aluminum

Lot#: 348

Weber charcoal grill

Lot#: 349

Floor fan, non-tested

Lot#: 350

Simply human 40 L trash can with soft close lid

Lot#: 351

Pet bed basket and snow sled

Lot#: 352

Continental USA Made black garden Hose

Lot#: 353

Black & Decker workmate bench

Lot#: 354

Two Black & Decker hedge clippers 13 inch and 18

inch , non-tested

Lot#: 355

Gorilla ladders brand aluminum 6 ft ladder, well


Lot#: 356

Snow sled and metal piece

Lot#: 357

2 fruit baskets and decor cream style can

Lot#: 358

Group lot: Subaru wheel, cb Antenna, Toyota jack

Lot#: 359

Group lot: shoe last, beach chairs, 3 stools,

section of artificial grass, 2 wooden pieces

Lot#: 360

Metro Wine Bottle Rack, 36x14x74" tall,

adjustable height shelving. Holds 326 bottles or So.

Lot#: 361

Werner 20ft Aluminum extension Ladder, good

usable condition

Lot#: 362

Hammock, free swing Style on stand

Lot#: 363

6ft Wooden Step Ladder

Lot#: 364

Two pc metal works lot. Galvanized water can,

iron works Urn planter 17" tall

Lot#: 365

5ft Wooden Step Ladder

Lot#: 366

Riverside Electric Air Compressor with light duty


Lot#: 367

Antique Scooter

Lot#: 368

Vintage Metal 38" Shop Box with WVa 36-37

License Plate

Lot#: 369

Hardware and Tools lot. Old sockets, saw horse

brackets, several turn buckles

Lot#: 370

Coleman Portable Propane Campers Grill. Well used

condition with operating condition unknown

Lot#: 371

Power Station Jumper Battery Box

Lot#: 372

Electric Air Compressor, 1/3hp, 3 gallon tank,


Lot#: 373

Hardware misc lot. 4ft LED light fixture, wire

basket, floor vents, tool boxes, old battery charger.

Lot#: 374

Craftsman Pushmower, 21" cut, 158cc Briggs

Engine, rear bag, non-tested by Hash Auctions

Lot#: 375

32ft RV Cover

Lot#: 376

Larin 2 ton Foldable Engine Houst. 5 ton

hydraulic cylinder, used very little and ready to work for you

Lot#: 377

Automotive Engine Stand, 1000lb capacity

Lot#: 378

Gardner's Decor Fence, five sections being 24"

high x 24" wide each

Lot#: 378a

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 379

Water Hose Reel wall mount type

Lot#: 380

Zebco Legacy Fishing Rod, 5ft 6", medium action,

Casting Rod with Zebco 33 Reel

Lot#: 381

Daiwa 9ft Medium Light Fishing Rod with cork and

Shimano SSG6000 REEL

Lot#: 382

Shakespeare Excursion 5ft Ultralight Fishing Rod

with Abu Garcia C300S3 Reel

Lot#: 383

Nice Glass top Outdoor Table 30" round, wrought

iron undercarriage, ready to use condition

Lot#: 384

Razorback 10" Tamper

Lot#: 384a

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 385

Little Tikes Wagon

Lot#: 386

Home Owners Wheel Barrow, freshly painted and

ready for your use

Lot#: 386a

Cattle Wire Panel, 16ft long but has been Folded

in Half, 52" tall

Lot#: 387

Black Max Pressure Washer, Honda gas engine, 2.3

gallon per minute, 2600psi, complete ready to use

Lot#: 388

Magna Great Divide Bicycle, 21spd, has basket

included, near new condition

Lot#: 388a

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 389

Task Force 12Amp Electric Pushmower,, 18" cut.


Lot#: 390

Ames Lawn Garden Buddy Stool Cart

Lot#: 390a

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 391

Two Wooden Decor Produce type crates. 12x18 &

11x10" sizes

Lot#: 392

Brick Tongs, Brick Carrier tool,

Lot#: 393

Warehouse Platform Cart 32x66"

Lot#: 394

Embark 10ft Straight Wall Canopy, with Storage

bag, nice ready to use condition

Lot#: 395

Metal Shelving. 24x48" shelves, uprights included

no bolts to assemble

Lot#: 396

Outdoor Table, 54" round with 24" center rotating

Suzie, lattice work design. Aluminum table

Lot#: 396a

Outdoor Patio type Propane Heater with empty Tank

Lot#: 397

10pc Outdoor Chair Group, 7 Swivel rocker chairs,

mesh seating, aluminum framed, 3 Footstools all aluminum framed, matched design

Lot#: 398

PVC Pipe, 1.5" dia. 176ft all total, sizes as

follows, twelve 10ft, five 6fts, four 4fts, two 5ft lengths

Lot#: 399

Galvanized Mop Bucket with Ringer, partial gallon

if mildew check wash

Lot#: 400

Two Folding Camping Chairs, red & blue

Lot#: 401

3ft Wooden Project Ladder

Lot#: 402

3pc Outdoor Chair set, 2 chairs one 18" glass top

side stand, used still usable condition

Lot#: 403

Rubbermaid Mop bucket with Ringer and Wet Floor


Lot#: 404

8ft Wooden Step Ladder, older should only be used

for Display purposes

Lot#: 405

2 Boxes, metal all purpose 12" , and poly

Sportfisher 450 tackle box

Lot#: 406

Two empty Propane tanks

Lot#: 407

Husky Electric Air Compressor 4 gallon pancake

type tank, no hose, non-tested by Hash Auctions

Lot#: 408

4 Gardening Flower Shepherds Crooks

Lot#: 409

Christmas Decorations Group

Lot#: 410

Six 24" Disc type Sleds, one is metal

Lot#: 411

Two Sheets of Checkered flag garage floor

Linoleum, 7.8x16ft long each. Seller code 7ELW

Lot#: 412

Razor Scooter, and Kent Lucky Star Girl's Bike,

used but not bad overall condition

Lot#: 413

EarthWise Electric Cultivator Tiller, 8.5amp,

non-tested by Hash Auctions

Lot#: 414

Live Animal trap, medium size animals

Lot#: 415

Suncast Golfers Accessories Rack

Lot#: 416

Pair of Franklin Kid's Soccer Goals, PVC pipe


Lot#: 417

Pair of Recliner Chaise Lounges, seller code 3

Lot#: 418

Outdoor Table Lot, mismatched having 2 chairs,

Umbrella base stand, and 4ft round glass top Table, paint peeling on Chair feet, used yes but still good usable condition in certain locations. Seller code N-3, and Z-6

Lot#: 419

Outdoor Decor wares Lot. 8x24" stand, and 3 Mesh

wire tray baskets, 9x18x3" deep, seller code Z-6& LW

Lot#: 420

Terracotta Jack O Lantern 12" high, seller code


Lot#: 421

Precision Animal Crate, heavy wire Grid type,

17x24x20" high, nice condition, seller code 3

Lot#: 422

Homeowners Shopping Basket Cart, seller code 3

Lot#: 423

Gardening Accessories lot, 20" poly Barrel

planter, 3x50ft roll of Landscaping fabric, 10x25ft roll of black plastic, and Micro Mesh insect protection cover, all appear new unused condition, seller code N-5

Lot#: 424

Pair of Galvanized Folding Saw Horses, nice ready

to use condition, seller code N-5

Lot#: 425

Power Wheels Dune Racer, has charger, however Not

Charged at present time, seller code n3

Lot#: 426

Two Kid's Toy's lot, small ride on 4 wheeler, and

Jeep power wheels but note steering wheel is broken, seller code N3

Lot#: 427

Werner 16ft Aluminum extension Ladder, seller

code N3

Lot#: 428

Pair of Folding Lawn Chairs, poly webbing seated,

seller code N3, used condition still usable Chairs

Lot#: 429

Rio Beach Chair

Lot#: 430

Body shape Exercise step, and exercise bar

Lot#: 431

House window, vinyl frame slider, 24x54", seller

code N3

Lot#: 432

8 bulb vanity Light fixture, shop light, and older

metal Folding Storage shelf, seller code N5

Lot#: 433

Tool Lot, saw, limb loppers, rakes, drill press

stand, etc. Seller code 3

Lot#: 434

Fitness gear Weight Bench, seller code N3

Lot#: 435

Pair of Outdoor Rocking Chairs, aluminum framed

with mesh seating, seller code N-3

Lot#: 436

Ridgid 400 model Pipe Threader, no Electric Cord

buy as it is. Seller code 07

Lot#: 437

Hechinger 4cuft Homeowners Wheel Barrow, seller

code N3

Lot#: 438

Kenmore Elite Air Conditioner, window unit,

12,000btu, non-tested by Hash Auctions, seller code y3

Lot#: 439

Valco baby Jogging type Stroller, in overall good

condition, seller code y3

Lot#: 440

Poly Storage Trunk, 32" long, used with repaired

condition still usable in certain locations, seller code N5

Lot#: 441

Two Big Poly Animal Carriers, Petmate Porter

needs bolts to fasten together, deluxe vari kennel okay, both sell as one lot. Seller code CY

Lot#: 442

Bell brand Automotive Bike Carrier Rack, seller

code 3

Lot#: 443

Car Cover, not sure for what make or model but

measures approximately 20ft in length, Storage bag included, seller code N-5

Lot#: 444

Antique Dairy Barn Cupola about 4ft tall

Lot#: 446

Two and a piece of Shepherds plant Crooks

Lot#: 447

Coleman Cooler red

Lot#: 448

Two Stihl Hedge Clippers, HS80&HS45, non-tested

by Hash Auctions

Lot#: 449

Two Home Furnishings Ceiling Fans with Light

Fixtures, nice condition from remodel

Lot#: 450

Werner 32ft Fiberglass Extension Ladder, used yet

good usable condition, seller code N-3

Lot#: 451

4-Outdoor Decorative Flower Pots, 2 poly 2

ceramic, seller code N-3

Lot#: 452

Automotive wheel, 5 lug, 18" unsure for what make

or model, seller code N-3

Lot#: 453

Outdoor Accessories lot, plant stand, iron basket

type stand, tin planter tub on stand, seller code N-3

Lot#: 454

Kids toy group: Fisher-Price, Little Tikes, VTEC

and more

Lot#: 455

2 black folding chairs

Lot#: 456

Used GE Monogram dishwasher

Lot#: 457

Skillz 360 tee

Lot#: 458

Step 2 sandbox, some cosmetic roughness

Lot#: 459

2 patio tables, one is tilted

Lot#: 460

Misc. 3 pieces are hoist bars for engines, Easel

piece included

Lot#: 461

Older Pile of Pine Lumber, slat boards previously

used on Privacy Fence, and six 10ft 2x4s, note there used and weathered, possibly good for small wood reclaim projects

Lot#: 462

Haven's Premier Care Walk In Bath-Tub. With upper

wall Surround, and grab bars, very Expensive Tub here so may attention if your in the market or know of someone that is, previously installed but no longer needed by previous owner

Lot#: 463

Acorn Stair Lift, 12ft of straight run track,

complete and removed from home as it was no longer needed. Pay attention if your in the market or know of someone that is, previously installed

Lot#: 464

Bruno Outrider Automotive Truck Handicap Mobile

chair lift, model PUL-1100, Lift portion control and wiring harness included, as it's no longer needed from previous owner. Note: used to power lift in bed of pickup truck. Again, previous owner no longer needs it's use

Lot#: 465

Metal Folding Bed Frame, twin full Queen size

Lot#: 466

Sole Electric Treadmill project pieces sells as


Lot#: 467

Project Haier Wine Cooler, Note Not cooling so

you but as is seller code E6

Lot#: 490

Modern Farm type Table and one mismatched Chair,

with 2 narrow drawers, removable legs, softwood made, nice look on the 2pc outfit, Table is 55x32x30" high

Lot#: 491

Multu-tiered cat climber. 68" high.

Lot#: 492

Two Sets of Brass Fireplace Andirons, plus

additional set of base pieces only

Lot#: 493

Outdoor Bench, 4ft slatted seating, Garden style

Lot#: 494

3pc Home Decor Iron works, 32x20 half moon, 24x32

urn design, 30x48" scroll design. Wall hangings, all 3 as one lot. Seller code 3-6

Lot#: 495

Park Bench, iron legs with floral back rest

insert, 4ft wood slats seating, seller code N3

Lot#: 500

$25 2020-D George H.W. Bush Presidential Dollar

Roll of 25 coins

Lot#: 501

10k gold and diamond red stone necklace 20in

Lot#: 502

WW2 US Army sweetheart bracelet 7in

Lot#: 503

Spanish American war era hat badge US Army

Lot#: 504

.800 fine silver French pocket watch not running

Lot#: 505

1789 -1797 George Washington copper coin

Lot#: 506

WW1 or WW2 US Army Artillery Pin

Lot#: 507

Sterling silver lefferts High School class ring

Brooklyn N.Y. Size 10.5

Lot#: 508

Two Sterling silver bracelets 7in and 8in

Lot#: 509

Gold filled necklace with heart locket

Lot#: 510

Gold over Sterling tennis bracelet with red


Lot#: 511

Sterling silver 3pc cufflinks Set

Lot#: 512

Sterling silver and Marcasite bar pin

Lot#: 513

Sterling silver and gray pearl earrings

Lot#: 514

Sterling silver red stone cross necklace 18in

Lot#: 515

Size 5 black Mojave turquoise platinum over

copper ring

Lot#: 516

Green adventurine chip charm bracelet 7-8.5in

Lot#: 517

Size 8 Chrysocolla ring in bronze

Lot#: 518

Freshwater pearl earrings in stainless steel

Lot#: 519

Austrian crystal brooch

Lot#: 520

Malachite pendant in copper

Lot#: 521

Murano style bracelet

Lot#: 522

Tigers eye Tassel necklace 32in

Lot#: 523

Halloween theme brooches

Lot#: 524

Two pairs Austrian crystal Halloween theme


Lot#: 525

Green howlite bolo bracelet

Lot#: 526

Sterling silver butterfly CZ pendant

Lot#: 527

Sterling silver pendant

Lot#: 528

Size 11 Sterling silver Bali ring

Lot#: 529

Sterling silver cross earrings

Lot#: 530

Size 8 Sterling silver ring

Lot#: 531

Size 7 Sterling silver XOXO ring

Lot#: 532

Sterling silver pendant

Lot#: 533

Sterling silver flower earrings and pendant set

Lot#: 534

Sterling silver sun earrings

Lot#: 535

Sterling silver lab opal dragonfly earrings

Lot#: 536

Sterling silver earrings

Lot#: 537

Size 10 Sterling silver ring

Lot#: 538

Sterling silver hummingbird pendant

Lot#: 539

Sterling silver lab opal jellyfish pendant

Lot#: 540

Sterling silver starfish CZ pendant

Lot#: 541

Size 7 Sterling silver lab opal moon and star


Lot#: 542

Size 9 Sterling silver ring

Lot#: 543

Size 5 Sterling silver snake ring

Lot#: 544

24in Murano style stainless butterfly pendant


Lot#: 545

8ct South African tigers eye copper cross pendant

Lot#: 546

Size 10 Sterling Brazilian lemon quartz 5.15ct

solitaire ring

Lot#: 547

7.25in platinum bond cross charm bracelet

Lot#: 548

Sterling 1.57ct kyanite owl pendant 10.3gr

Lot#: 549

Lemon quartz 9x9mm cushion cut 2.94ct gemstone

Lot#: 550

18in Italian Sterling silver 1.3gr box link

pendant chain

Lot#: 551

Size 7 Australian black tourmaline platinum bond

ring with matching pendant 1.22cts each

Lot#: 552

5.15ct green howlite earrings and 18-22in

stainless Statement necklace

Lot#: 553

Cameo and Austrian crystal silvertone brooch

pendant magnetic

Lot#: 554

Size 6 Sterling 5.89ct Burmese green jade

solitaire ring

Lot#: 555

Field survival multifunctional paracord bracelet

includes compass, whistle, flint fire starter, and scraper knife

Lot#: 556

Size 9.75 simulated green and white diamond

2.50ct dualtone ring

Lot#: 557

Sterling freshwater peach cultured pearl 20in

strand necklace

Lot#: 558

Size 9 lapis lazuli solitaire stainless ring


Lot#: 559

7.25in Sterling lab created Ruby heart station

bracelet .80cts

Lot#: 560

7.72ct lapis lazuli silvertone pendant with

stainless lobster claw clasp 20in chain

Lot#: 561

Size 7 Sterling lustro Stella AAA premium ruby

color 6.22ct CZ ring

Lot#: 562

Jasmine flower pendant necklace in silvertone on

18-20in navy multi strand faux leather

Lot#: 563

Size 11 Sterling 4.65ct chestnut brine turquoise

matrix solitaire ring

Lot#: 564

Sterling 4ct chestnut brine turquoise matrix


Lot#: 565

Size 8 Sterling Abalone shell ring

Lot#: 566

Sterling abalone shell dangle earrings

Lot#: 567

Size 5 Sterling diamond accent band ring

Lot#: 568

927cts lapis lazuli chip earrings, stretch

bracelet and 18in necklace

Lot#: 569

Size 5 Sterling silver ring

Lot#: 570

Size 6.5 Sterling silver abalone ring

Lot#: 571

Size 5 Sterling silver ring

Lot#: 572

Sterling silver diamond accent frog pendant

necklace 18in

Lot#: 573

Sterling silver turtle opal necklace 18in

Lot#: 574

Gold over Sterling silver diamond necklace 18in

Lot#: 575

Two turtle brooches and a 18in turtle necklace

Lot#: 576

Sterling silver Marcasite necklace and earrings


Lot#: 577

Sterling silver heart necklace and earrings 22in


Lot#: 578

Sterling silver cross pendant

Lot#: 579

Gold over Sterling silver diamond accent necklace

and matching earrings

Lot#: 580

14k gold cross pendant tested, 0.42g

Lot#: 581

Gold plated owl dangle earrings

Lot#: 582

Napier changeable necklace set

Lot#: 583

Sterling silver gold plate Swarovski element


Lot#: 584

Two glass pendants and pair of earrings

Lot#: 585

Citizens wrist watch running titanium divers 200m

Lot#: 586

Silver plate green stone pendant and bracelet

Lot#: 587

Turtle charm bracelet CZ

Lot#: 588

Wrist watch, Seiko not running

Lot#: 589

Sterling silver necklace with red stone

Lot#: 590

Zoo York wrist watch running

Lot#: 591

Size 7 Sterling silver ring

Lot#: 592

Group of rings Silverplate

Lot#: 593

Jewelry, phantom of the opera necklace, joker

necklace, live laugh love necklace, bracelet, etc Sellers code 6, Z,3,8

Lot#: 594

Assorted jewelry, necklaces, earrings, rings, and

brooches Sellers code 6, Z,3,8

Lot#: 595

Costume jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, coin

pouch, earrings Sellers code 6, Z,3,8

Lot#: 596

Assorted costume jewelry Sellers code 6, Z,3,8

Lot#: 597

Statement necklaces, Moroccan oil, lavender

flowers, Yankees lanyard, and a Olivia Von Halle silk eye sleep mask Sellers code 6, Z,3,8

Lot#: 598

Two car brooches one is Sterling 12g Sellers code

6, Z,3,8

Lot#: 599

Sterling silver necklace 18in Sellers code 6,


Lot#: 601

1934 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 602

1945-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 603

1944-D. Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 604

1936-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 605

1917 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 606

1943-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 607

1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 608

1945-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 609

1942-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 610

1944-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 611

1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 612

1934 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 613

1943-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 614

1936-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 615

1944-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 616

1945-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 617

1936 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 618

1935-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 619

1936-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 620

1946 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 621

1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 622

1944-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 623

1945-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 624

1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 625

1936 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 626

1941-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 627

1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 628

Very Worn Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Lot#: 629

1945 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 630

1947 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 631

1947-D George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 632

1964 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 633

1945-S George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 634

1937 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 635

1951-D George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 636

1953 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 637

1951 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 638

1961-D George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 639

1963 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 640

1961 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 641

1946 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 642

1948 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 643

1936-D George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 644

1949 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 645

1949-D George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 646

1959 George Washington Quarter

Lot#: 647

CZ Bracelet, 7.5 " Length silvertone

Lot#: 648

Sterling silver CZ Necklace , 15" Length

Lot#: 649

Large CZ Earrings , silvertone no backs

Lot#: 650

CZ Bracelet Sterling Silver , 9.8

grams, 7.5"

Lot#: 651

CZ Bracelet With Lots Of Stones Sterling Silver ,

13.8 grams, 7.5"

Lot#: 652

Sterling Silver Ring , 3.3

grams, Size 7 needs cleaned

Lot#: 653

Sterling Silver Ring Costume , 5.8

grams, Size 7.75

Lot#: 654

Large CZ Stone Ring Sterling Silver ,

3.1 grams, Size 6.50- 6.75

Lot#: 655

Large Pink Stone Ring Surrounded By Small CZ,

sterling sliver, 4.3 grams, Size 7

Lot#: 656

Three rings two are sterling Silver Bands/Rings ,

,6.3 grams, Size 9 , 9.75 & 6.25

Lot#: 657

Two Rings Sterling silver

15 grams, Size 9 And 12

Lot#: 660

Jewelry, 7 rings are Sterling,plated earrings

and rings

Lot#: 662

2004 Hess Miniature Tanker Truck

Lot#: 663

2000 Miniature Hess First Truck

Lot#: 664

2010 Hess Miniature Fire Truck

Lot#: 665

Ladies Bulova Two Tone Watch

Lot#: 665a

Richard Petty Silver Proof Coin .999 silver

Lot#: 667

Sterling silver earrings

Lot#: 668

Bag of Jewelry With Turquoise Sterling silver

Lot#: 669

Sterling Silver Dangling Earrings With Black Onyx

, 4.3 grams, 1 1/4 "

Lot#: 670

Large Hooped Sterling Silver Earrings, 8.9 grams,

1 1/4"

Lot#: 671

Sterling Silver Dangling Earrings With A Bead Of

Black , 2.4 grams, 1 1.2"

Lot#: 672

Large Hooped Earrings Sterling Silver , 8.1

grams, 1 1/4"

Lot#: 673

Small Hooped Earrings Sterling Silver , 1.9

grams, 3/4"

Lot#: 674

Small Geometric Designed Earrings Sterling Silver

, 3.3 grams, 1"

Lot#: 675

Hooped Sterling Silver Earrings , 1.2 grams, 3/4"

Lot#: 676

Dangling Earrings Tree Branch,

2.8 grams, 1 1/2"

Lot#: 677

Tiny Silver Mushroom Looking Earrings sterling

silver, 1.8 grams, 1/2"

Lot#: 678

Silver Fish Hook Earrings Flowers/Cross sterling

silver, 4.3 grams, 1"

Lot#: 679

Burei Black And Red Wrist Watch

Lot#: 680

Black Akribos Men's Wrist Watch

Lot#: 681

Large Akribos Men's Wrist Watch Silver Color With

Blue And Red Face

Lot#: 682

Large Invicta Men's Wrist Watch Silver And Rose


Lot#: 683

Men's Biden Quartz Wrist Watch Blue

Lot#: 684

Black And Red Wrist Watch For Men By Casio

Not running

Lot#: 685

Black And Silver Akribos Men's Wrist Watch

Not running

Lot#: 686

Large Akribos Men's Wrist Watch

Not running

Lot#: 687

Sterling Silver Double Heart Pendant And Necklace

, 3 grams, 18" Length

Lot#: 688

Large Silver Bracelet Made In Italy, 25.3 grams,

8" Length

Lot#: 689

Sterling Silver And Gold Tone Fish Hook Earrings,

4.8 grams, 1 1/4 "

Lot#: 690

Sterling Silver Cross Pendant Only, 5.3 grams, 1


Lot#: 691

Magnetic Silver Tone Choker Necklace

Lot#: 692

Gold Tone Sterling Silver Necklace , 3.7 grams,


Lot#: 693

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet With Blue Stone,

13.9 grams, 2 1/2"

Lot#: 694

Three Toned Silver Necklace , 9.1 grams, 18"


Lot#: 695

Man Made Emerald Ring With CZ Accents sterling

silver, 3.1 grams, Size 6.75

Lot#: 696

Two Sterling Silver Necklaces , 20.1 grams, 17"

And 19 "

Lot#: 697

Montana Silversmiths Golf Divot Tool And Ball

Marker For Golfers

Lot#: 698

Vintage Gillette Razor

Lot#: 699

Vintage DuPont Lighter With Case

Lot#: 700

Canon SX 160 IS Camera

Needs batteries

Lot#: 701

Sterling Silver Costume Jewelry Pendant &

Necklace , 4.9 grams, 18" Length

Lot#: 702

Sterling silver Pendant And Necklace16" Length

Lot#: 703

Pendant And Necklace 18" Length

Locket is sterling

Lot#: 704

Large CZ Ring Costume Sterling Silver Shank, 6

grams, Size 9.75

Lot#: 705

Large CZ Ring Costume Sterling Silver Shank, 10

grams, Size 10

Lot#: 706

Wide Band Sterling Silver CZ Ring Costume, 6.8

grams, Size 10.25

Lot#: 707

Three Stone CZ Ring Sterling Silver Shank, 3.3

grams, Size 10

Lot#: 708

Sterling Silver Band With Tiny Stones Costume,

1.7 grams, Size 10

Lot#: 709

1916 Barber Dime

Lot#: 710

1907 Barber Dime

Lot#: 711

1912 Barber Dime

Lot#: 712

Worn 1901 Barber Dime

Lot#: 713

Worn 1901 Barber Dime

Lot#: 714

1916 Barber Dime

Lot#: 715

1909 Barber Dime

Lot#: 716

1916 Barber Dime

Lot#: 717

1910 Barber Dime

Lot#: 718

1911 Barber Dime

Lot#: 719

1906 Barber Dime

Lot#: 720

1911 Barber Dime

Lot#: 721

Foreign coins Austria

Lot#: 722

Foreign coins Germany

Lot#: 723

Foreign coins Mexico

Lot#: 724

Buffalo Nickels roll, partial dates no mint marks

Lot#: 725

Buffalo Nickels, five, 1935, 1929S, 1934D, 1938D,


Lot#: 726

Sterling silver coral and onyx necklace 15in

Lot#: 727

Sterling silver thunderbird necklace 24in

Lot#: 728

Sterling silver gun brooch 19grams

Lot#: 729

Turquoise chip beaded necklace 38in

Lot#: 730

CZ necklace gold plated 16in

Lot#: 731

Five pairs of earrings, gold plate and


Lot#: 732

Moroccan necklace missing stone

Lot#: 733

Two costume necklaces

Lot#: 734

Premier design bracelet 9in

Lot#: 735

Premier design necklace 20in

Lot#: 736

Beaded bracelet and pendants

Lot#: 737

Wooden jewelry box with rhinestone jewelry

Lot#: 738

Three statement necklaces with green stones

Seller codes 6,Z,3,8

Lot#: 739

Three statement necklaces with green stones

Seller codes 6,Z,3,8

Lot#: 740

Multi beaded necklace Seller codes 6,Z,3,8

Lot#: 741

Two floral design statement necklaces Seller

codes 6,Z,3,8

Lot#: 742

Robert Lee Morris necklace Seller codes 6,Z,3,8

Lot#: 743

Green stone costume necklace Seller codes 6,Z,3,8

Lot#: 744

J Crew statement necklace Seller codes 6,Z,3,8

Lot#: 745

Two sterling necklaces, clip on chain of hamsa

necklace is broke 16in Seller codes 6,Z,3,8

Lot#: 746

Earrings, seven pairs total, Alex Woo, abalone,

and pearl Seller codes 6,Z,3,8, a few are sterling

Lot#: 747

Clip on earrings and brooches Seller codes


Lot#: 748

Sterling silver ring size 7

Lot#: 749

Sterling silver lapis ring size 7

Lot#: 750

silver spoon and sterling silver jewelry,

two,pairs of earrings, resin style ring

Lot#: 751

Sterling silver lapis necklace 18in

Lot#: 752

Premier design jewelry, multi colored stone

necklace with post earrings 18in

Lot#: 753

Premier design jewelry, necklace 60in blue

crystal and grey pearl and silvertone earrings

Lot#: 754

Premier design jewelry, stretch bracelet cleat

and black beads with matching drop earrings

Lot#: 755

Premier design jewelry, silvertone earrings

clip-on/post and necklace 22in

Lot#: 756

Premier design jewelry, goldtone bracelet 8in and

pendant with red stones

Lot#: 757

Premier design jewelry, multi colored stone

necklace 24in with matching post earrings

Lot#: 758

Premier design jewelry, multi stone necklace with

stone pendant and matching earrings 16-19in

Lot#: 759

Premier design jewelry, leather necklace with

rose pendant and matching pierced/clip earrings 16-18in

Lot#: 760

Premier design jewelry, size 8 CZ cocktail ring

Lot#: 761

Premier design jewelry, size 7.5 ring

Lot#: 762

Premier design jewelry, silvertone black onyx

ring size 8

Lot#: 763

Premier design jewelry, silvertone reversible CZ

necklace and bracelet

Lot#: 764

Premier design jewelry, silvertone feather

necklace with matching earrings

Lot#: 765

Premier design jewelry, multi beaded silvertone

necklace and earrings 48in

Lot#: 766

Premier design jewelry, silvertone necklace with

3 aurora boreais pendants 16-18in and bracelet

Lot#: 767

Premier design jewelry, boho necklace on leather

cord and post earrings 16-19in

Lot#: 768

Premier design jewelry, silvertone faux pearl CZ

necklace and post earrings 20-22in

Lot#: 769

Premier design jewelry, silvertone pin of 5

children and earrings

Lot#: 770

Premier design jewelry, size 7.5 pearl CZ ring

Lot#: 771

Premier design jewelry, size 7 cocktail ring

Lot#: 772

Premier design jewelry, size 7.5 ring set

Lot#: 773

Five V nickels,

Lot#: 774

Five buffalo nickels

Lot#: 775

1937 buffalo nickel

Lot#: 776

Columbia commemorative half dollar 1893

Lot#: 777

Golden dollar presidential coin set 2016-s

Lot#: 778

Sterling silver ball locket 4 photo pendant 22.4g

Lot#: 779

Foreign coins Canadian

Lot#: 800

Jewelry box with jewelry

Lot#: 801

Jewelry box with jewelry

Lot#: 802

Costume jewelry and a few wrist watches

Lot#: 803

Wrist watches, cufflinks,and costume jewelry

Lot#: 804

Wrist watches and watch parts

Lot#: 805

Costume jewelry, jewelry box/dishes

Lot#: 806

Two Hering Harmonicas

Lot#: 807

Old time horse pick card combo

Lot#: 808

Costume jewelry

Lot#: 809

Various Wrist watches

Lot#: 810

Lock with key

Lot#: 811

Ralph Lauren fragrance gift set

Lot#: 812

Civil War era music sheets, General Bragg Hrand

March dated 1861, The Beauregard Manassas Quick Step dated 1861 and others, condition as shown, also includes Methodist organ music dated 1829

Lot#: 813

Pokémon cards box full most are English a few are

in Japanese

Lot#: 814

Sterling weighted candle holder

Lot#: 815

Bird bookends one does have some chips

Lot#: 816

CZ necklace and earrings

Lot#: 817

Costume jewelry

Lot#: 818

14gal tote no lid

Lot#: 819

Display with jewelry

Lot#: 820

Display with jewelry

Lot#: 821

Jewelry box with jewelry door needs hinges backed

on a couple rings marked Sterling

Lot#: 822

Nine fountain pens and extra nibs

one has duct tape on it

Lot#: 823

Old timer pocket knife and a tool set

Lot#: 824

Traveleon RFID wallet

Lot#: 825

Camrose and Kross necklace with COA

Lot#: 826

Eagle creek bag seller codes 6,Z,3,8

Lot#: 827

Costume jewelry

Lot#: 828

Two necklaces, Nolan Ryan and Steel by Design

Lot#: 829

Plastic organizer with jewelry chains, necklaces,

and jewelry box knobs

Lot#: 830

Pokémon cards

Lot#: 831

Three razors with extra blades

Lot#: 832

Two wooden utensils with Sterling handles

Lot#: 833

Seven Nintendo games

Lot#: 834

Toys cars, wedge dragster Tootsietoy, Tootsietoy

firetruck, General Lee and Rider 2000 cars

Lot#: 835

Post Civil War handcuffs

Lot#: 836

Cocoons polarized UV 400 glasses

Lot#: 837

Cocoons polarized UV 400 glasses

Lot#: 838

Sterling weighted candle holders

Lot#: 839

Miracle ear hearing aids with batteries

Lot#: 840

Military buttons, uniforms patches, and


Lot#: 841

Case knife with case

Lot#: 842

Pocket knife in storage box

Lot#: 843

John Deere Knife in tin 150th anniversary Smith

and Wesson golden issue

Lot#: 844

Camillus pocket knife with cleaning and care kit

Lot#: 845

Folio ?Grandpa? pocket watch

Lot#: 846

West Virginia mountain seller liberi belt buckle

and a MAC truck medallion

Lot#: 847

Wrist watches all need batteries

Lot#: 848

Frost cutlery pocket knife

Lot#: 950

Tatoo magazines, three Tattoos for Men and one

1997 Tattoo magazine

Lot#: 951

DC comic book, Batman Returns

Lot#: 952

Group of comic books, includes The 'Nam, G. I.

Joe, and Sgt. ROCK