Gov Assets & Electrical Job Completion Surplus | Day 1

Wednesday May 29, 2019 | Chattanooga, TN. US. 37406
234 - TERMS AND IMPORTANT AUCTION DETAILS SECTION - 1. AUCTION EVENT TYPE: Live Onsite Auction with Online Simulcast2. LOCATION ADDRESS: 3114 Freeman St. Chattanooga, TN. 374063. AUCTION DATE: 05/29/20194. AUCTION PRE-BID STARTS: 05/15/20195. INSPECTION DATES: Tuesday 05/28/2019Appointment [email protected] or 800-729-64666. BUYERS PREMIUM: 13% Onsite - 15% Online - 10% Municipal Items (ex. $100.00 x 10% =$110.00)7. SALES TAX: 9.25%8. TAX EXEMPT BUYERS: A valid Tax Exemption Certificate MUST be presented at time of checkout. NO EXCEPTIONS - NO REFUNDS9. TYPES OF PAYMENT: Cash | Cashier's Checks | Bank Wire add +$18.00 fee Domestic or $36.00 fee International *Credit Card Transactions incur a +3% processing fee we accept:Visa | MasterCard |AMEX | Discover Checks: With a Bank Letter of Credit (see letter guidelines below in terms) 10. PAYMENT & CHECKOUT TIME: Online Bidder - Within 2 Business Days of auction.** If you currently do not have the funds to pay for your purchases, DO NOT BID **11. REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS: No items may be removed until ALL items are PAID IN FULL. NOTE: Payment is still due within 48 hours of invoicing regardless of pickup time. All items must be removed by 06/07/2019 Buyer is to bring 2 copies of Paid in Full invoice to pick up items Locations released at time of payment Item removal MUST be scheduled with the office. 800-729 - 6466 or email [email protected] FINAL DATE OF REMOVAL - 06/07/2019(Item Pickup Scheduling is set by APPOINTMENT ONLY, if you arrivewithout being scheduled there is no guarantee of being loaded) Items remainingafter this date will be forfeit and resold with no refunds.13. REMOVAL HOURS: Monday - Friday 8:00-4:00 p.m. Eastern - ** WeekendPickup is NOT available. **There is a forklift on location to assist with loading heavy items - The 3114 Freeman St. site has a loading dock.** All Transport and Pickup MUST be scheduled with the office for loading personnel to be available. **PLEASE NOTE: Auction staff members can only provide basic assistance onsite however they cannot breakdown, load, haul, disconnect, nor do they have work or hand tools available, please come prepared with all necessary tools and/or manpower needed to facilitate loading your items.PREBIDDING: The online auction will open for prebidding. If you cannot attend live you may leave a max bid and the system will auto bid for you to that max amount. Questions? [email protected] or 800-729-6466ONLINE BIDDING PARTICIPATION 101:Steps:1 - Click on the Register to Bid Button - Complete the Registration2 - Agree to the Terms of the Auction3 - After Submitting Registration click on View Catalog to place yourpre-bids4 - All Pre-Bids will be taken to our Live Webcast Auction5 - Live Webcast Auction will start in conjunction with auction timelisted. *Enjoy bidding from the comfort of your Office, Home or on yourMobile Device*6 - Each lot will open with the current Pre-Bid that shows in the lot7 - If you cannot join the Live Webcast Auction leave your highestPre-Bid and the system will bid for you.** ALL announcements made by Auctioneer at/or during the auction will take precedence over previous printed materials, website, or any other statements or descriptions made. ****Online Bidders - Credit Cards will be processed 2 business days after invoicing unless you contact our office to make other arrangements email: [email protected] or call 800-729-6466AUCTION TERMS AND CONDITIONS:All Sections of the Terms and Conditions apply no matter the section titleIf you have any questions contact Compass Auctions & Real Estate, [email protected] or 800-729-6466ONLINE PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS: Valid Credit Card Authentication,accurately completed registration form and approval by Auction Companyis required for bidding registration. New Bidders registering with Compass will be placed in a PENDING status until approved. PAYMENT ACCEPTED: Cash, Cashier's Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover- credit card transactions have a 3% additional fee, and Bank Wire Transfers have additional fees of ($18.00 Domestic) ($36.00 International), checks accepted only with a Bank letter of Credit with the following information included:1) All Internet Buyers wishing to pay by check must provide a BankLetter of Guarantee. All letters must be faxed to 423-702-6179 or emailed to [email protected] LETTER REQUIREMENTS: The letter must state and represent as follows:"Mr./Mrs. (Customer Name) is a customer in good standing at our bank. We willguarantee the payment of checks on his/her account (Account Number) upto (specify amount) dollars for purchase at your auction in (AuctionLocation) on (Auction Date). We hereby agree that no stop payment willbe issued in conjunction with this letter."PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: All onsite purchases MUST be paid for day ofauction and online MUST be paid for within 2 Business Days unlessarrangements/agreements have been made PRIOR to auction.ALL Payment MUST be received within 2 Business Days of auctionregardless of scheduled pickup or transport times. Compass Auctionsreserves the right to charge any additional fees associated withpursuing the collection process for any outstanding and nonpaymentinvoices.(A $50.00 fee shall be assessed to Buyer for all returned checks andinterest may be charged at the rate of 3% of the total invoice weeklyplus, any additional costs, labor or fees incurred to pursue collection).Payment is due IN FULL upon receipt of invoice. If payment is notreceived within 2 Business Days of the conclusion of theauction/invoice, the auction company may choose to void buyer's invoice, andall items will be forfeited. Buyer will be banned from registrationand/or bidding in any and all auctions associated with Compass Auctions& Real Estate, LLC., its affiliates, and/or industry associates. If acredit card is listed on file, the buyer grants permission for that card tobe charged over a period of time until the total fees and charges arepaid in full. All legal fees, collection fees and any other chargesarising from nonpayment will be paid by the Buyer.** If you do not currently have the funds to pay for your purchases DO NOT BID. **WIRE TRANSFER INFORMATION INTERNATIONAL & DOMESTIC: Please contactCompass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. for information on wire transfers. Theinformation will be in emails sent to online winning bidders. There is a$18.00 basic wire transfer fee for domestic wires and a $36.00 for international wires.This amount must be included with the bank wire transfer otherwise thecredit card on file will be charged the appropriate amount. Auctioncompany reserves the right to hold items until final payment has beenprocessed in its entirety.CURRENCY TYPE: USDSHIPPING/PICKUP | REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS: Buyers are responsible for allshipping arrangements, valid sales tax requirements, exportingrequirements/fees. Removal from auction location on day of auction, orwithin 7 business days, UNLESS otherwise stated in the informationlisted at the beginning of the Terms and Conditions section or aprevious agreement has been reached with the auction company. Partialpayment, partial removal of items is not accepted. ALL ITEMS MUST BEPAID IN FULL PRIOR TO REMOVAL OF ANY ITEMS. Storage fees may apply after14 days. Buyers causing damage, harm, creating environmental issues,dumping, destroying or abandoning, refusal or any other act to causemonetary expense to be incurred to a consignor's/seller's property or auction sitelocation or property of any type will be held liable for ANY AND ALLdamages, cleanup, or repair and may be prosecuted to the fullest extentof the law. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC., nor any consignor/seller,will be responsible for packaging, shipment or transport of anykind. All items become the property of the buyer at time sold and buyerwill take full responsibility of items. Compass Auctions & Real Estate,LLC. nor consignor/seller, is responsible for damages incurred due toloading and unloading, or during shipment of items, ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD "AS IS, WHERE IS." Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. nor consignor/seller willin any way, be responsible for any damages or injuries whileproviding a lift, any tools, equipment and/or loading services, the liftand loading is provided as a service to the buyers where available andbuyer will release and hold harmless any injuries or damages to propertyor person that may occur due to the use of the lift or any tool,equipment, or loading service. Removal is fully at the buyer's expenseand responsibility. Buyer/Rigger is responsible for allwaste/oil/substance in the removal of assets, along with all spills thatmay occur during the removal process. Buyer assumes all responsibilityfor removal and may be required to present a copy of proof of insurancenaming auction company and seller as additional insured. Also, certainitem site locations may require a safety removal plan to be presentedand approved to remove certain items. Some sites may require buyer towear approved safety attire. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. makesevery effort to provide any additional requirements that must be met forremoval of items, however, unforeseen logistics, communication and/orcircumstances occur, and buyer assumes all responsibility for removal.Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. nor consignor/seller will in no way beliable for any damage in loading, shipping or removal of items. In theevent that Bidder does not make the necessary arrangements and/or pay for shipping, orhave items removed in the allotted time disclosed, Bidder shall have noclaim against Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. nor consignor/seller,and buyer will forfeit the merchandise with no refunds or recourse.PACKAGING, SHIPPING, TRANSPORTATION, LOGISTICS AND/OR RIGGINGAND REMOVAL ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BUYER.Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. can provide basic pallet wrappingfor a charge of $75.00 per pallet. Compass will not assume anyresponsibility for damage from packaging or transport for any reason.Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. provides this as a service only toassist buyers. BUYER WILL ALWAYS BE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PACKAGING,SHIPPING, RIGGING & REMOVAL OF ITEMS.CHECKOUT DATE & TIMES: Please see information listed above the terms andconditions section. If special arrangements are needed, please contactthe auction company. 800-729-6466 or [email protected] TERMS & CONDITIONS: -This property is being sold - "AS IS","WHERE IS", NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES. NO CREDIT CARD CHARGE BACKS. ALLSALES ARE FINAL. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES EXPRESSED ORIMPLIED. Statements, conditions, descriptions, accurate weights ormeasures on or about items in the auction are provided in good faithand are only matters of opinion. The Auctioneer, auction company, andConsignor/Seller disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, about themerchantability of the items and their fitness for a particular purpose.Items offered may or may not be sold as described and/or photographed initem description catalog. ALL SALES ARE MADE "AS IS, WHERE IS" AND BUYERACKNOWLEDGES HAVING INSPECTED THE PROPERTY WHETHER IN PERSON OR ONLINEAND TO BE SATISFIED WITH SAME PRIOR TO BIDDING. BUYER IS SOLELY RELYINGUPON THEIR OWN EXPERTISE IN CHOOSING TO MAKE ANY PURCHASE. CompassAuctions & Real Estate, LLC. and Consignor/Seller assume no liability for anyenvironmental issues in the assets being sold. Compass Auctions & RealEstate, LLC. and Consignor/Seller makes no warranties or guarantees of any sortregarding any environmental issues and assume no liability of any sortif any ever do exist. All counts and weights of items are approximate. Allinformation provided by the Consignor/Seller is believed to be correct, but notguaranteed by Compass Auctions & Real Estate LLC. All announcements madeby Auctioneer at/or during the auction will take precedence overprevious printed materials, website, or any other statements ordescriptions made. A Buyer`s Premium indicated in Details Section abovewill be added to all purchases; a 3% administrative fee will apply toALL credit card purchases. If you do not currently have the funds to payfor your purchases DO NOT BID. Buyer/Rigger waives any and all claims itmay have for any damages, including actual and punitive, whether causedby negligence, willful misconduct or otherwise, and assumes all riskrelated to the removal of any and all item purchases. SALES TAX WILL BECHARGED on all purchases unless otherwise stated in the above section.Additionally, each buyer shall be responsible for payment of any city,county and/or state sales tax that may apply. By registering to bid,buyer is entering into a legally binding contract and agrees to be boundby and adheres to all terms and conditions of this auction.Feel free to contact Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. [email protected] or 800-729-6466 with any questions about theauction or the items in the auction.ON-LINE TERMS: -The Buyer's Premium listed in the Terms Details Sectionabove will apply -A bank wire transfer fee of $18.00 for domestic and $36.00for international will be added to all bank wired funds. -CompassAuctions & Real Estate, LLC. has strived to accurately prepare and describeall items in this catalog. All sections of the Auction Terms andConditions apply to ALL bidders including online, onsite, attendees orparticipants of any kind regardless of the section title. All items aresold "AS IS, WHERE IS". It is solely the bidder's responsibility todetermine the exact condition and approximate count of each item that he/she bids on, all counts are approximate. -It is the responsibility ofthe Bidder to attend the auction preview or schedule an independentpreview to satisfy themselves as to the age, condition, value, count, orany other determining factors of the items. Compass Auctions hasattempted to provide the correct item description and/or pictureshowever, any errors or omissions in any provided format, description, orpicture, does not affect/or void the sale in anyway, all items are sold"AS IS, WHERE IS" and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC.will NOT be responsible for any errors and/or omissions in thedescription, and/or pictures of the items. Bidder agrees that under nocircumstances whatsoever will Compass Auctions or consignors/sellers ever beliable to any bidder for an amount greater than the purchase price ofthe item they purchased and only when in agreement that statementmaterially and intentionally was incorrect. Statements, conditions ordescriptions on or about items in the auction are provided in good faithand are only matters of opinion and approximation. Any dismantlingof items is prohibited on the auction site or any consignor/seller property.Under NO circumstances shall the Bidder have any claim against CompassAuctions & Real Estate, LLC. or consignor/seller in the event of any technicalissues. Bidder is bidding on item information only. Pictures of itemsare provided as a reference only and may not always display accuratelywith correct lot or context. If buyer has a question regarding lotinformation or images, contact our office PRIOR to bidding. If imagesdisplay obvious information for lot with limited item text descriptionand/or do not match lot described, buyer is using their expertise,knowledge and judgment to purchase the lot based on what the imagesreveal and the lot information provided. Even though an item may displayas "sold" on the internet, no sales are final until they are certifiedby Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. and Bidder receives an invoiceand provides good payment. This auction company has requested and beengranted access to see all bids placed including any maximum pre-bids.This auction company is permitted to engage in this activity byproviding this clear disclosure to you, the bidder. The bids areadvanced at pre-set increments available on the bidding web page. Fromtime to time Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. may accept items withundisclosed reserve prices. The consignor/seller and Compass Auctions & RealEstate, LLC. reserve the right to bid on behalf of the consignor/seller on itemson which there may be a reserve. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC.may reject or cancel any bid for any reason. The record of the auctionmade by Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. shall be conclusive. Thisis a Public Auction and as such, all qualified bidders may bid includingCompass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. owners, family members andemployees and any consignor company, group members or employees. -Compasswill not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. -By biddingon any item in the auction the registered bidder has accepted the termsand conditions of the auction and acknowledges that this is a legallybinding contract. -If you win an item in the auction you will benotified by email within 24 hours. All items will be charged to thecredit card on file within 2 business days after billing unless otherarrangements are made PRIOR to the auction start time. The initialinvoice you receive after the auction close will be used for billing,any additional fees or charges may be sent in a separate invoice andcharged to the credit card on file. -All accounts will be settled at theconclusion of the auction or within 72 hours with prior approval. Weaccept Cash, Cashier's Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express andBank Wire Transfers (within 2 business days of auction close ) asdetermined by the auction payment terms listed in the Terms DetailSection above. Checks must be Pre-Approved by Compass Auctions & RealEstate. -Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. reserves the right to withdraw orre-catalog items in the auction as needed. All announcements made day ofauction or posted as an update in the terms & conditions will takeprecedence over any and all written, verbal or electronic statements,Auction Company reserves the right to update terms and conditions at anytime without notice. Registration: -Online bidding will be conductedwith an online bidding platform-Internet Bidders are required toregister with the online bidding platform and receive an AuctionRegistration Bidder Number. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. is providingInternet Auction bidding as a service. Compass Auctions will not be held responsiblefor any issues with technology, Auction or Live Bidding over theinternet. - Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid isacknowledged should use the proxy-bidding feature and leave theirmaximum bid 24 hours prior to the beginning of the auction. -Byregistering to bid and/or bidding on any item in the auction theregistered bidder has accepted the terms and conditions of the auction and agrees toadhere to and be bound by all sections of the auction terms andconditions. This is a legally binding contract whether attending onsiteor by clicking to agree to the terms and conditions online, or by anyother digital method whether by fax or email the buyer is bound by theterms and conditions set forth in this contract.Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. reserves the right to refuse service ordecline registration to any person/persons. -A winning bid is a legalbinding contract to buy and provide good funds. Title to the merchandisetransfers to Bidder, only when Bidder`s payment is honored. No itemswill be removed without final payment received. Auction Company reservesthe right to hold items until payment can be finalized in its entirety.Packaging & Shipping: -The Buyer is ultimately responsible for allremoval, packaging, shipping and insurance costs. Compass Auctions andconsignors/sellers will in no way be liable for any damage in loading orshipping. In the event that Bidder does not make arrangements and/or payfor shipping, or have items removed in the allotted time disclosed,Bidder shall have no claim against Compass Auctions or consignors/sellers andwill forfeit the merchandise with no refunds or recourse. Also, packagingand shipping information listed in all sections of the auction terms andconditions apply.If you plan to register a titled vehicle in an area that requires anemission or other test, emissions or other tests are not guaranteed andit is sold "AS-IS, WHERE IS" unless stated otherwise in the item description. Alltitled vehicles are sold "AS-IS, TOW AWAY" in regards to emissions tests.Emission tests are not provided unless it is stated in the itemdescription. If an emission test is provided, it is only valid in thearea for which it was issued. It is the buyer`s sole responsibility todetermine if a titled vehicle is legal and able to be registered wherebuyer lives.*Titles for vehicles will be mailed within 21 business days for allvehicles.Additional Terms:EXPORT. Buyer agrees to comply with applicable export control laws andregulations of the United States (including, without limitation, 15C.F.R. Parts 730, 736, 738, 744, or 774, and 10 C.F.R. Parts 810.7 and810.8). Buyer agrees not to export, directly or indirectly, any propertyor items purchased hereunder to:A. Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, orSyria;B. any person or entity listed on any United States governmentdenial list, including but not limited to, the United States Departmentof Commerce Denied Persons, Entities, and Unverified Lists; The UnitedStates Department of Treasury Specially Designated Nationals List; andthe United States Department of State Debarred List; and C. any entityBuyer knows, or should know, will export the items or property purchasedhereunder in violation of applicable export control laws and regulationsof the United States.Domestic customers: All property is sold F. O. B. Origin/Collect (unlessotherwise noted); which for the purposes of this agreement are definedas follows: customer is responsible for all transport arrangements andpayment, transference of ownership is established to the buyer at thepoint of origin when loaded upon the buyers appointed conveyance.Export shipments: Non-domestic customers- All property is sold IncotermsEx-Works-Origin. Buyer shall arrange and bear all customs taxes andcharges and arrange for the loading of the purchased goods. Buyer agreesto comply with all applicable United States export laws and regulations.Compass Auctions is not the originator nor responsible for any fees ortaxes.INJURY AND DAMAGE:Bidder acknowledges responsibility for any personal injury or propertydamage caused by themselves or his or her agent, and further agrees tohold the auctioneers Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. and consignors/sellersharmless from any personal injury to himself or his agents and anyproperty damage incurred on auction/consignor premises, and releasesCompass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. and clients from any liability due to anydamage or injury.AGENTS ONLY:The auctioneers at Compass Auctions & Real Estate, LLC. are acting as the sellersagents.DISPUTES:Auctioneer shall designate the winning bidder after each item isauctioned. If a dispute arises between two or more bidders, theAuctioneers reserve the right to reopen the bidding. The auctioneer'sdesignation of a buyer shall be final.Any and all disputes that require litigation shall be administered andshall be enforced and brought in The State of Tennessee, HamiltonCounty, and governed by the laws of the State of Tennessee. CompassAuctions & Real Estate, LLC. reserves the right to select the venue for thelitigation proceedings whether by arbitration or litigation. CompassAuctions reserves the right to receive compensation of any and all legalfees, collection fees and any other charges incurred by Compass Auctions& Real Estate, LLC. as a result of any legal action.BY REGISTERING, BIDDING, AND/OR ATTENDING THIS AUCTION YOU AGREE TO ALLTERMS & CONDITIONS LISTED AS ACKNOWLEDGED AND SET FORTH BY COMPASSAUCTIONS & REAL ESTATEFOR FURTHER INFORMATON PLEASE CONTACT COMPASS AUCTIONS & REAL ESTATE800-729-6466 OR [email protected]

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Test Your Bidding Skills - Practice Bidding Here

Lot#: 2

Nibco Battery Powered Press-Fit Tool-

Lot#: 3

Ridgid 10" Compact Table Saw w/ Stand-

Lot#: 4

(Qty - 4) Nibco Press Jaws-

Lot#: 5

Ryobi 10" Table Saw w/ Folding Stand-

Lot#: 6

(Qty - 2) Nibco Press Jaws-

Lot#: 7

Ridgid 12" Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw-

Lot#: 8

Preso Flow Meter-

Lot#: 9

Ryobi 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saw w/ Laser-

Lot#: 10

George Fischer FU-2000 Power Control Unit-

Lot#: 11

Ryobi 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saw w/ Laser-

Lot#: 12

George Fischer FU-2000 Power Control Unit-

Lot#: 13

Ryobi 7-1/4" Sliding Miter Saw-

Lot#: 14

DeWalt 10" Chop Saw-

Lot#: 15

Ridgid 12" Dual Bevel Miter Saw-

Lot#: 16

DeWalt 10" Multicutter-

Lot#: 17

Ryobi Cordless Backpack Blower-

Lot#: 18

DeWalt 10" Chop Saw-

Lot#: 19

Ryobi 16" Cordless Lawn Mower-

Lot#: 20

DeWalt 10" Chop Saw-

Lot#: 21

Ryobi 2300 Inverter Generator

Lot#: 21a

Tool Chest-

Lot#: 22

(Approx Qty - 550) 3M Particulate Respirators-

Lot#: 23

Ryobi Portable Cement Mixer-

Lot#: 24

Pneumatic Chipping Hammer-

Lot#: 25

Ryobi Cordless 8" Polesaw-

Lot#: 26

Pneumatic Chipping Hammer-

Lot#: 27

Ryobi 18" Gas Powered String Trimmer-

Lot#: 28

American Pneumatic Chipping Hammer-

Lot#: 29

Ridgid 6 Gallon Pancake Air Compressor-

Lot#: 30

American Pneumatic Chipping Hammer-

Lot#: 31

Ryobi 2000 PSI Corded Pressure Washer-

Lot#: 32

Cleco Pneumatic Drill-

Lot#: 33

Ryobi 1700 PSI Corded Pressure Washer-

Lot#: 34

ULINE Warehouse Basket-

Lot#: 35

Ryobi 15" Surface Cleaner Attachment-

Lot#: 36

Small Warehouse Basket-

Lot#: 36a

Tool Chest-

Lot#: 37

Ryobi 13" Corded Lawn Mower-

Lot#: 38

ULINE Warehouse Basket-

Lot#: 39

Ryobi 13" Cordless Lawn Mower-

Lot#: 40

Spider Air Tank-

Lot#: 41

Ryobi 9" Band Saw-

Lot#: 42

Spider Air Tank-

Lot#: 43

Campbell Hausfeld 4 Gallon Air Compressor-

Lot#: 44

(Approx Qty - 25) Bandsaw Blades-

Lot#: 45

Unmarked Pipe Clamp-

Lot#: 49

Ridgid Vertical Bandsaw-

Lot#: 49a

Promethean Active White Board-

Lot#: 50

*Non-Working* Greenlee Electric Conduit Bender-

Lot#: 51

*Non-Working* Greenlee Electric Conduit Bender-

Lot#: 52

Greenlee 6001 Super Tugger Cable Puller-

Lot#: 53

Greenlee 6001 Super Tugger Cable Puller-

Lot#: 54

Greenlee 6001 Super Tugger Cable Puller-

Lot#: 54a

(Approx Qty - 20) 6" & 8" Four Sided Rollers-

Lot#: 54b

(Qty - 14) Assorted Tray-Type Sheaves-

Lot#: 54c

Current Tools Sheaves & Cable Rollers-

Lot#: 54d

(Qty - 8) Current Tools Cable Rollers-

Lot#: 54e

Jobox Jobsite Cabinet-

Lot#: 55

*Non-Working* Greenlee Fish Tape Vacuum/Blower-

Lot#: 56

(Qty - 3) Manual Benders-

Lot#: 57

Ridgid 124 Copper Cleaning Machine-

Lot#: 58

Ridgid 124 Copper Cleaning Machine-

Lot#: 59

Ridgid 124 Copper Cleaning Machine-

Lot#: 60

Fostoria Portable Heater-

Lot#: 61

Fostoria Portable Heater-

Lot#: 62

Fostoria Portable Electric Salamander-

Lot#: 63

Americ Air Mover-

Lot#: 64

Americ Air Mover-

Lot#: 65

Vortex Air Mover-

Lot#: 66

Buhin Air Mover-

Lot#: 67

(Qty - 7) *Non-Working* Air Movers-

Lot#: 67a

Tool Chest-

Lot#: 68

(Qty - 10) Pipe Supports-

Lot#: 69

(Qty - 3) Rolls of Kimberly-Clark Filter Fabric-

Lot#: 70

Nashville Wire Warehouse Basket-

Lot#: 71

AWP Industries Warehouse Basket-

Lot#: 72

Medtronic LifePak Defibrillator-

Lot#: 73

Medtronic LifePak Defibrillator-

Lot#: 74

Medtronic LifePak Defibrillator-

Lot#: 75

Medtronic LifePak Defibrillator-

Lot#: 76

Medtronic LifePak Defibrillator-

Lot#: 77

Medtronic LifePak Defibrillator-

Lot#: 78

PediaVision Spot Vision Screener-

Lot#: 78a

Promethean Active White Board-

Lot#: 79

(Qty - 6) Rhino Empty Hard Cases-

Lot#: 80

Knaack Rolling Tool Box-

Lot#: 81

Knaack Rolling Tool Box-

Lot#: 82

Craftsman Rolling Tool Box-

Lot#: 83

Multiquip Contractor Pump with Honda Motor-

Lot#: 84

Multiquip Contractor Pump with Honda Motor-

Lot#: 85

Multiquip Contractor Pump with Honda Motor-

Lot#: 86

Multiquip Contractor Pump with Honda Motor-

Lot#: 99

Big Green Machine Insulator Reprocessor-

Lot#: 100

0.13 Acre Lot in Clearwater Cove on Norris Lake-

Lot#: 126

2009 Freightliner Business Class M2 9700 Miles

Lot#: 127

2002 Volvo Road Tractor 2WD

Lot#: 128

1991 Seagrave LR56DH Ladder Truck 2WD

Lot#: 129

1991 Ford F800 Tanker Truck 2WD

Lot#: 130

2007 International 4300 SBA Wrecker 2WD

Lot#: 130a

1989 Chevrolet C6 Wrecker 2WD

Lot#: 131

1999 Ford F800 Bucket Truck 2WD

Lot#: 132

2001 Hino Forward Control Type Cab-Chassis Truck 2

Lot#: 135

2004 Sterling Condor 28 yd Garbage Truck

Lot#: 136

2004 Sterling Condor 28 yd Garbage Truck

Lot#: 137

Neville Built 52' Drop Deck Trailer-

Lot#: 138

Altec 16' Utility Bed-

Lot#: 149

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab LT 4WD

Lot#: 150

2015 Nissan Sentra SR 2WD

Lot#: 151

1998 Dodge Ram 3500 2WD

Lot#: 152

2008 Kia Sedona LX 2WD

Lot#: 153

2006 Honda Odyssey 2WD

Lot#: 154

2012 Ford F350 Dually Super Duty Crew Cab 4WD

Lot#: 154a

2006 Ford F-450 Crew Cab XL Super Duty Flatbed 4WD

Lot#: 155

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4

Lot#: 156

Caterpillar 4,750 lb Forklift-

Lot#: 157

2009 Bobcat CT450 Tractor 4WD-

Lot#: 158

Bobcat 6' Bushhog-

Lot#: 160

2012 John Deere 1445 II Front Mower 4WD w/ Cab-

Lot#: 160a

New Holland MC22 60" Front Mower 2WD-

Lot#: 160b

2017 ODES 4 Seater UTV 4X4

Lot#: 160c

2015 Polaris Sportsman 570 Ace 4X4

Lot#: 160d

2015 Polaris Sportsman Ace 4X4

Lot#: 160e

2014 Honda TRX500FM2E Fourtrax Foreman 4X4

Lot#: 160f

2012 Honda TRX500FEC Fourtrax Foreman 4X4

Lot#: 160g

2012 Honda Foreman 4x4-

Lot#: 160h

2011 Can-Am Outlander 400 XT 2WD

Lot#: 160i

2009 Arctic Cat 700 EFI Mudpro 4X4

Lot#: 161

2018 Cazador Jeep 125-

Lot#: 162

2008 Club Car XRT 1550 4x4

Lot#: 163

2003 Polaris Sportsman 500 4WD

Lot#: 163a

Kawasaki Mule 550-

Lot#: 164

2016 Indian Chieftain

Lot#: 165

1999 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide

Lot#: 165a

2016 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail

Lot#: 165b

2009 Suzuki DL650K9 V-Strom

Lot#: 166

2002 KTM LC4 640

Lot#: 168

2016 Sea-Doo Spark-

Lot#: 169

2016 Sea-Doo Spark-

Lot#: 169a

Dual Jet-Ski Trailer-

Lot#: 170

Toyota, 6,000 lb Fork Lift-

Lot#: 171

Big Joe Electric Walk Behind Lift-

Lot#: 172

Big Joe Electric Walk Behind Lift-

Lot#: 174

12' Portable Storage Container-

Lot#: 175

12' Enclosed Trailer-

Lot#: 176

Eagle 14' Boat Trailer

Lot#: 180

Toledo Drill Machine-

Lot#: 181

Custom Press-

Lot#: 181a

Quincy QCI-1250 Rotary Screw Air Compressor-

Lot#: 182

Derek Weaver Tire Changer-

Lot#: 185

(Qty - 4) Dropstars Wheels-

Lot#: 185a

(Qty - 4) American Force Wheels-

Lot#: 185b

(Qty - 5) M/T Wheels-

Lot#: 185c

(Qty - 4) Mustang Wheels-

Lot#: 185d

(Qty - 4) Ford Wheels-

Lot#: 185e

(Qty - 4) Ford Wheels-

Lot#: 185f

(Qty - 4) Ford Wheels-

Lot#: 185g

(Qty - 4) Ford Wheels

Lot#: 185i

(Qty - 4) Ford Wheels

Lot#: 186

Motorcycle Rack-

Lot#: 186a

Motorcycle Rack-

Lot#: 187

Retractable Locking Tonneau Cover-

Lot#: 188

Pro-gard SUV 2nd Row Partition-

Lot#: 188a

Cross Tread Renegade XT Truck Rack-

Lot#: 188b

Masterack G2 Transit Connect Ladder Racks-

Lot#: 189

Assorted Caravan Parts-

Lot#: 189a

Assorted Vehicle Parts-

Lot#: 190

(qty - 15) Brake Rotors-

Lot#: 190a

(qty - 10) Brake Rotors-

Lot#: 190b

(qty - 11) Brake Rotors-

Lot#: 190c

(approx qty - 40 sets) Brake Pads-

Lot#: 190d

(approx qty - 40 sets) Brake Pads-

Lot#: 190e

(approx qty - 30 sets) Brake Pads-

Lot#: 190f

(approx qty - 30 sets) Brake Pads-

Lot#: 191

(approx qty - 125) Oil Filters-

Lot#: 191a

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 192

Runner Bar-

Lot#: 192a

Runner Bar Set-

Lot#: 192b

Runner Bar-

Lot#: 192c

Runner Bar Set-

Lot#: 192d

Runner Bar Set-

Lot#: 192e

Running Boards & Bug Shield-

Lot#: 193

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 193a

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 193b

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 193c

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 193d

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 193e

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 193f

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 193g

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 193h

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 194

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 194a

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 194b

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 194c

Assorted Automotive Glass-

Lot#: 195

Ford Escape Trailer Hitch Kit-

Lot#: 195a

Assorted Automotive Parts-

Lot#: 195b

Assorted Vehicle Parts-

Lot#: 196

Small Kingdom Riding Jacket-

Lot#: 197

Small Kingdom Riding Jacket-

Lot#: 200

Self Contained Damper and Hood

Lot#: 201

GE Commercial Oven/Griddle-

Lot#: 202

Henny Penny 500 Pressure Fryer-

Lot#: 203

GE Oven-

Lot#: 204

Star-Max Dual Pot Fryer-

Lot#: 207

Cleveland Range Steamer-

Lot#: 208

GE Griddle-

Lot#: 209

Stainless Steel Prep Station-

Lot#: 210

Seco-Matic Dry-Moist Hot Food Table-

Lot#: 211

Stainless Steel Prep Table-

Lot#: 212

ToastMaster Rolling Insulated Food Warmer-

Lot#: 213

Scottsman Icemaker with Storage-

Lot#: 214

Stainless Steel Table with Mounted Microwave-

Lot#: 215

Hobart Food Processor-

Lot#: 216

Hobart Scale-

Lot#: 217

Stainless Steel Dual Sink-

Lot#: 218

Hobart Potato Peeler-

Lot#: 219

Hobart Vertical Meat saw-

Lot#: 222

Star-Max Gas Grill-

Lot#: 224

Lil Diggity Hot Dog Roller-

Lot#: 225


Lot#: 226

Stainless Steel Dishwashing Table-

Lot#: 227

Stainless Steel Dishwashing Table w/ Sinks-

Lot#: 228


Lot#: 229

Rolling Serving Station-

Lot#: 230

Stainless Steel Sink-

Lot#: 231

KitchenAid Refrigerator-

Lot#: 232

Rolling Plate Dispenser-

Lot#: 233

Stainless Steel Shelf-

Lot#: 234

Duke Food Warmer-

Lot#: 235

Victory Freezer-

Lot#: 236

Prep Counter-

Lot#: 237

Rolling Serving Station-

Lot#: 240

(qty - 4) Shelves- *Shelves Only*

Lot#: 241

Contents of Shelves-

Lot#: 241a

Hobart 60QT Stand Mixer-

Lot#: 241b

FWE Commercial Rolling Warmer-

Lot#: 242

Cutting Board Prep Table-

Lot#: 243

Cutting Board Prep Table-

Lot#: 244

Stainless Steel Prep Table-

Lot#: 245

Stainless Steel Prep Table-

Lot#: 247

Heat Tray-

Lot#: 247a

(Approx Qty - 60) Coffee Pots-

Lot#: 248

Barbecue King Hot Rack-

Lot#: 248a

Giles RT5 Rotisserie Holding Cabinet-

Lot#: 248b

Savory Rotisserie-

Lot#: 248c

Scotsman Ice Machine-

Lot#: 248d

McCall Refrigerator-

Lot#: 248e

Hobart Dishwasher-

Lot#: 248f

Triple Sink-

Lot#: 248g

Stainless Steel Prep Counter-

Lot#: 248h

Stainless Steel Prep Counter-

Lot#: 248i

Stainless Steel Prep Counter-

Lot#: 248j

Hobart Commercial Meat Saw-

Lot#: 248k

(qty - 2) Rolling Trays-

Lot#: 249

Coca-Cola Rolling Cooler-

Lot#: 250

Rain-Bird Rolling Cooler-

Lot#: 251

Custom Deli Equipment DILW8CBSS Hot Food Case-

Lot#: 252

True MGF TWT-72 Worktop Refrigerator

Lot#: 253

Hardt Equipment Manufacturing Inc. Hot Case Zone 6

Lot#: 254

Custom Deli Equipment DILW8CB Hot Food Case

Lot#: 255

Maselli IB-06 Beverage Analyzer

Lot#: 256

Custom Deli Equipment Multi-Deck Hot Case D11W4SS

Lot#: 257

Scotsman Prodigy Full Cube 1000Lbs Ice Machine

Lot#: 258

Electrolux HSG Panini Press

Lot#: 259

Hobart Refrigerator / Freezer

Lot#: 260

Universal Stainless Inc. 3-Compartment Sink

Lot#: 261

Hobart HCR40 Griddle / Convection Oven

Lot#: 262

Belshaw Heat & Ice Glazing Table

Lot#: 263

Deli Buddy Face-to-Face Mobile Slicer Stand

Lot#: 264

GTI Designs Prep Counter

Lot#: 265

Refrigerated / Freezer Reach In Display Case

Lot#: 266

Glo-Ray 17" Built-In Heated Shelf Food Warmer

Lot#: 267

GTI Designs Prep Counter

Lot#: 268

AJ Roundup Hotdog Corral

Lot#: 269

Stainless Display Sample Kitchen Stand w/ Shelves

Lot#: 270

Stainless Display Sample Kitchen Stand w/ Shelves

Lot#: 271

Stainless Display Sample Kitchen Stand w/ Shelves

Lot#: 272

Stainless Display Sample Kitchen Stand w/ Shelves

Lot#: 273

Commercial Filter for Cooking Oil

Lot#: 273a

Commercial Cooking Oil Filter

Lot#: 273b

Commerical Cooking Oil Filer

Lot#: 273c

Crosley Shelvador Fridge

Lot#: 273d

Commercial Cooking Oil Filter

Lot#: 273e

Belshaw Heated Donut Icing Table

Lot#: 274

Metal Warehouse Basket-

Lot#: 274a

Containment Pallet-

Lot#: 275

(Qty - 3) SpillTech Spill Kits-

Lot#: 275a

Spill Kit Material and Cone Signals-

Lot#: 276

(Qty - 27) Cones-

Lot#: 276a

(Qty - 27) Cones-

Lot#: 277

(Qty - 5) Amerex 20 lb Fire Extinguishers-

Lot#: 277a

(Qty - 5) Amerex 20 lb Fire Extinguishers-

Lot#: 277b

(Qty - 5) Ansul 20 lb Fire Extinguishers-

Lot#: 277c

(Qty - 5) Buckeye Fire 20 lb Fire Extinguishers-

Lot#: 277d

(Qty - 6) 20 lb Fire Extinguishers-

Lot#: 278

(Qty - 6) Ansul 10 lb Fire Extinguishers-

Lot#: 278a

(Qty - 6) Amerex 10 lb Fire Extinguishers-

Lot#: 278b

(Qty - 6) 10 lb Fire Extinguishers-

Lot#: 278c

(Qty - 6) 10 lb Fire Extinguishers-

Lot#: 278d

(Qty - 6) 5 & 10 lb Fire Extinguishers-

Lot#: 280

(Approx Qty - 100) Xtralite Safety Goggles-

Lot#: 281

(Approx Qty - 60) Safety Goggles-

Lot#: 282

(Approx Qty - 50) Safety Goggles-

Lot#: 283

(Approx Qty - 30) Radnor Safety Goggles-

Lot#: 283a

(Approx Qty - 125) Assorted 3M Respirators-

Lot#: 284

(Qty - 75) Uvex Safety Goggles-

Lot#: 285

(Qty - 73) Uvex Safety Goggles-

Lot#: 286

(Approx Qty - 60) Uvex Safety Goggles-

Lot#: 287

(Qty - 50) Uvex Safety Goggles-

Lot#: 288

(Qty - 50) Uvex Safety Goggles-

Lot#: 289

Lock Boxes & Lockdown Cables-

Lot#: 290

Metal Warehouse Basket-

Lot#: 290a

Promethean Active White Board-

Lot#: 291

Marquip Motor & Gearbox-

Lot#: 292

Electric Motors & Rotary Gear Pump-

Lot#: 293

Assorted Gearboxes-

Lot#: 294

Westward Heavy Duty Transmission Jack-

Lot#: 295

PTS Temporary Power Box-

Lot#: 296

PTS Temporary Power Box-

Lot#: 297

CCI "X-Treme Box" Temporary Power Box-

Lot#: 298

Oscar Temporary Power Box-

Lot#: 298a

CEP Temporary Power Box-

Lot#: 299

Metal Warehouse Basket-

Lot#: 300

(Qty - 21) Assorted Breakers-

Lot#: 301

(Qty - 54) Assorted Breakers-

Lot#: 302

(Qty - 38) Assorted Breakers-

Lot#: 303

(Qty - 45) Assorted Breakers-

Lot#: 304

(Approx Qty - 50) Interrupters and Splitters-

Lot#: 305

(Approx Qty - 30) Interrupters and Splitters-

Lot#: 306

(Approx Qty - 40) Interrupters and Splitters-

Lot#: 307

Shop Lights and Electrical Boxes-

Lot#: 308

100 KVA Portable Transformer-

Lot#: 309

100 KVA Portable Transformer-

Lot#: 309a

Tool Chest-

Lot#: 310

Assorted Conduit Bodies/Housing and Hardware-

Lot#: 311

Assorted Conduit Bodies/Housing and Hardware-

Lot#: 311a

Assorted Conduit Bodies and Device Boxes-

Lot#: 312

(Qty - 6) Siemens Electrical Boxes-

Lot#: 313

(Qty - 6) Siemens Electrical Boxes-

Lot#: 314

(Qty - 6) Siemens Electrical Boxes-

Lot#: 315

Meter Box and Breaker Box-

Lot#: 316

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 317

(Qty - 11) Millbank Electrical Panels-

Lot#: 318

(Qty - 4) Electrical Boxes-

Lot#: 318a

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 318b

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 319

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 319a

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 319b

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 319c

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 319d

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 319e

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 319f

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 320

Assorted Light Bulbs and Ballasts-

Lot#: 320a

Assorted Light Bulbs & Ballasts-

Lot#: 320b

Assorted Light Bulbs & Fixtures-

Lot#: 320c

Heat Shrink & Light Fixtures-

Lot#: 320d

Assorted Lighting-

Lot#: 320e

(approx qty - 40) Crescent Under Cabinet Lighting-

Lot#: 320f

Assorted Recessed Lighting Fixtures-

Lot#: 321

Assorted Recessed Lighting Fixtures-

Lot#: 322

Assorted Light Bulbs and Raceway Device Brackets-

Lot#: 323

Assorted Recessed Light Fixtures and Trim Rings-

Lot#: 324

(Approx Qty - 1,000) Assorted Light Bulbs-

Lot#: 325

Assorted Recessed Light Fixtures-

Lot#: 326

Assorted Light Fixtures-

Lot#: 327

(Approx Qty - 1,000) Philips Light Bulbs-

Lot#: 328

Assorted Electrical Hardware and Supplies-

Lot#: 328a

Assorted Lighting-

Lot#: 328b

Assorted Lighting-

Lot#: 328c

Assorted Lighting-

Lot#: 329

Assorted Recessed Light Fixtures-

Lot#: 330

Assorted Recessed Light Fixtures-

Lot#: 331

Assorted Lighting and Supplies-

Lot#: 332

(Approx Qty - 360) Satco Reflector Lights-

Lot#: 333

(Approx Qty - 150) Assorted Switches and Covers-

Lot#: 334

(Approx Qty - 50) Assorted Electrical Hardware-

Lot#: 335

Assorted Lighting Equipment-

Lot#: 336

Assorted Lighting and Networking Hardware-

Lot#: 337

(Approx Qty - 375) Electrical Gang Boxes-

Lot#: 338

Assorted Networking & Lighting Hardware-

Lot#: 339

Assorted Lighting and Speaker Hardware-

Lot#: 340

Assorted Electrical and Lighting Supplies-

Lot#: 340a

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 340b

Assorted Lighting & Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 340c

Assorted Electrical Supplies-

Lot#: 340d

Switch/Outlet Boxes & Snap-Loc Spacers-

Lot#: 340e

(Qty - 47) Crescent Under Cabinet Lighting-

Lot#: 341

(Qty - 34) Assorted Light Fixtures-

Lot#: 342

(Qty - 33) Assorted Light Fixtures-

Lot#: 343

(Qty - 16) Fluorescent Ceiling Light Fixtures-

Lot#: 343a

Assorted Light Bulbs-

Lot#: 343b

(Approx Qty - 250) Philips Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Lot#: 344

Basket and Contents-

Lot#: 345

Assorted Light Fixtures-

Lot#: 346

(Approx Qty - 20) Assorted Warehouse Lights-

Lot#: 347

(Approx Qty - 15) Assorted Warehouse Lights-

Lot#: 348

(Approx Qty - 15) Assorted Warehouse Lights-

Lot#: 349

Metal Warehouse Basket-

Lot#: 350

Hydraulic Hand Pump-

Lot#: 351

Hydraulic Hand Pump-

Lot#: 352

Hydraulic Hand Pump-

Lot#: 353

Hydraulic Hand Pump-

Lot#: 354

Hydraulic Hand Pump-

Lot#: 355

(Qty - 4) *Non-Working* Hydraulic Hand Pumps-

Lot#: 356

Matsui Air Dryer With Hopper-

Lot#: 357

(Approx Qty - 35) Assorted Bearings-

Lot#: 358

Hydraulic Pump-

Lot#: 359

Kongskilde Multiair 2300-

Lot#: 360

Promethean Active White Board-

Lot#: 375

(Qty - 80) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 376

(Qty - 80) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 377

(Qty - 40) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 378

(Qty - 40) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 379

(Qty - 110) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 380

(Qty - 40) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 381

Metal Warehouse Basket-

Lot#: 382

(Qty - 80) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 383

(Qty - 80) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 384

(Qty - 80) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 385

(Qty - 80) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 386

(Qty - 120) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 387

(Qty - 70) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 388

(Qty - 40) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 389

(Qty - 40) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 390

(Qty - 130) SAIT Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 391

(Approx Qty - 250) Assorted Grinding Discs-

Lot#: 392

Bucket of Assorted Sockets-

Lot#: 393

Bucket of Assorted Socket Extensions-

Lot#: 394

Bucket of Assorted Sockets-

Lot#: 395

Bucket of Assorted Sockets-

Lot#: 396

Bucket of Assorted Sockets-

Lot#: 397

Bucket of Assorted Sockets-

Lot#: 398

Bucket of Assorted Sockets-

Lot#: 399

Bucket of Assorted Sockets-

Lot#: 400

Bucket of Assorted Sockets-

Lot#: 401

Bucket of Assorted Sockets-

Lot#: 402

(Qty - 8) Fairbanks 8" Casters-

Lot#: 403

(Qty - 9) Fairbanks 8" Casters-

Lot#: 404

(Approx Qty - 49) Sheets of Plywood-

Lot#: 405

(Qty - 2) Grinding Wheels-

Lot#: 406

Grinding Wheel-

Lot#: 407

Tyrolt Grinding Wheel-

Lot#: 448

Canon Image PROGRAF IPF755-

Lot#: 449

Colortrac Large Format Scanner-

Lot#: 449a

Kodak ImageLink Microimager 70-

Lot#: 450

Stex Treadmill-

Lot#: 451

Fairfield Sofa-

Lot#: 452

(Qty - 3) Office Chairs-

Lot#: 453

Video Cameras and Cassette Recorder-

Lot#: 454

Promethean Active White Board-

Lot#: 500

Assorted Office Furniture-

Lot#: 501

(approx qty - 60) Mini Mugs-

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