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Lot#: 1

Lot#: 1 - Vtg. Patio Glider

Vintage outdoor patio glider. Metal frame, painted white frame, original cushions. Item does have some condition surface issues - peeling, and cushions would need replaced. Overall such a great look to this piece!

Lot#: 2

Lot#: 2 - Vintage Patio Bench

Vintage outdoor patio bench seat. Metal frame.

Lot#: 3

Lot#: 3 - Vtg. Patio Lounge Chair

Vintage outdoor patio lounge chair. Metal frame. Mid Century Modern design.

Lot#: 4

Lot#: 4 - Vintage Lounge Group

Vintage lounging group. Two side chairs, middle table. Each furniture piece is individual. Cloth fabric would need some refreshment. Overall good condition for the group.

Lot#: 5

Lot#: 5 - Pair of Lamps

Pair of lamps (33"H) and shades. Mid Century Modern. Shades do show some scuffing/peeling on edges.

Lot#: 6

Lot#: 6 - Vintage Armchair

Vintage armchair. Wooden frame. Mid Century style. Paoli Chair. Some covering conditions. 31 x 30 x 30.

Lot#: 7

Lot#: 7 - Outdoor Patio Coffee Table

Outdoor patio coffee table. Tapered legs feature this Mid Century item.

Lot#: 8

Lot#: 8 - Egyptian Style Art Chair

Egyptian style art chair. Older eye catching item! Lots of details throughout the item. Some condition issues, but such a unique piece!

Lot#: 9

Lot#: 9 - Vintage Side Tables

A couple of vintage side tables. Larger lamp table (58"overall height x 20 x 24" table), and smaller round table: 17"H x 16"Diameter

Lot#: 10

Lot#: 10 - Floor Lamp

Floor lamp - 59"H, Mid Century Modern design look. Retro.

Lot#: 11

Lot#: 11 - Pair of Lamps

Pair of black and white lamps. Nice accent pieces. 29"H.

Lot#: 12

Lot#: 12 - Wooden Slat Bench

Wooden bench. Great for any deck or porch!

Lot#: 13

Lot#: 13 - Vtg. Hanging lamp

Vintage hanging lamp. Groovy look! Rectangle design, long golden chain, glass "chip" design (some have come off through the years, and there is a small bag of replacements).

Lot#: 14

Lot#: 14 - Figurine Lamp

Interesting carved figurine lamp. Female. 27"H

Lot#: 15

Lot#: 15 - Trio of Vases

Gold and green decorative vases. Tallest 15.5"H. Shortest vase - Peedee, Made in Italy.

Lot#: 16

Lot#: 16 - Acme Banana Box

Older Acme Banana Box crate.

Lot#: 17

Lot#: 17 - Purple Vases

Tall purple glass vases. Includes a stopper. Tallest: 19.5"

Lot#: 18

Lot#: 18 - Vtg. Hanging lamp

Vintage, Mid Century Modern, Retro Hanging Lamp Light! Wood slat accents for shade surround large white globe.

Lot#: 19

Lot#: 19 - Sailboat Decor

Metal decorative sailboat.

Lot#: 20

Lot#: 20 - Antique Mirror

Antique mirror. Decorative wood frame. Item is older, and does have some condition issues.

Lot#: 21

Lot#: 21 - Pottery Pitchers

Pottery pichers. A couple of older pottery items. 7.5"H.

Lot#: 22

Lot#: 22 - Red Vase

Red art glass vase. 21". TIVOLI. Made By Smith.

Lot#: 23

Lot#: 23 - Art Glass Vase

Art glass vase - white with impressions throughout the sides. 16"H.

Lot#: 24

Lot#: 24 - Vtg. Lighter

Vintage, Mid Century Modern, lighter! 5" H. Raynor.

Lot#: 25

Lot#: 25 - Tri-Fold Decor

Small metal tri-fold decor. 5"H.

Lot#: 26

Lot#: 26 - Harness Racing Figurine

Metal horse and rider, cart. Harness Racing. Japan. Neat older item.

Lot#: 27

Lot#: 27 - Pocket Watch Cases

Group of pocket watch cases.

Lot#: 28

Lot#: 28 - Cannon Lighter

Cannon lighter. Japan. Approx. 6"Long

Lot#: 29

Lot#: 29 - Sword Letter Opener

Fun way to open mail! 10"L

Lot#: 30

Lot#: 30 - Vtg. Pin/Brooch

Vintage pin/brooch.

Lot#: 31

Lot#: 31 - Haeger Ashtray

Older decorative ashtray (10"Diameter). Haeger. U.S.A. 2034.

Lot#: 32

Lot#: 32 - Owl Figurine

Clear glass owl paperweight figurine. 5.5"H.

Lot#: 33

Lot#: 33 - Clock Keys

Group of 3 clock keys.

Lot#: 34

Lot#: 34 - Wrist Watches

Three wrist watches. Varied items and conditions.

Lot#: 35

Lot#: 35 - Pin/Button Group

Pin Button Group. Ohio Chauffeur, Gold Bond.

Lot#: 36

Lot#: 36 - 1968 Humphrey Donkey Bank

1968 Humphrey Democrat Muskie cast metal bank.

Lot#: 37

Lot#: 37 - Vtg. Sportsman Award Metal

National Sportsman Rifle award metal.

Lot#: 38

Lot#: 38 - Elgin Small Musical Box

Elgin American small box - musical box. Mirror is cracked. Still a nice older item.

Lot#: 39

Lot#: 39 - Vintage Lighter

Vintage lighter. 6"H x 4 x 4 base.

Lot#: 40

Lot#: 40 - Vtg. Ashtray Stand

Vintage ashtray stand. Coordinates with lot 39. Would make a nice pair/set! 5.5"H x 6" diameter

Lot#: 41

Lot#: 41 - Pocket Watch

Andre Rivalle pocket watch and case. Untested. Swiss Made. 17 Jewels.

Lot#: 42

Lot#: 42 - Candlestick Holder

Interesting crafted enamel/metal candle stick holder. 7.5"H x 5"W.

Lot#: 43

Lot#: 43 - Unique Vase

Unique vase - appears to be covered in a cloth like layer. Looks black, but is actually purple. 5.5"H x 7" diameter.

Lot#: 44

Lot#: 44 - Blue Pottery

Blue pottery compote stand. 5"H x 10"Diameter.

Lot#: 45

Lot#: 45 - Korond Vases

Korond pottery vases. 7"H and 5"H.

Lot#: 46

Lot#: 46 - Vtg. Photo Album

Vintage photo album, picture keepsake. 10"H x 7".

Lot#: 47

Lot#: 47 - Boot/Shoe Lighter

Boot/shoe lighter! Fun collector item. 5" x 5".

Lot#: 48

Lot#: 48 - Cast Wall Hanger Toothpick

Cast wall hanger - toothpick holder. 3" x 6".

Lot#: 49

Lot#: 49 - Hunting Dogs

Older figurine - hunting dogs. Paint is mostly scrapped off. 6" x 9.5" x 5".

Lot#: 50

Lot#: 50 - Tin Type Photo

Tintype photograph. 2 1/4" x 3".

Lot#: 51

Lot#: 51 - Vtg. Compact Case

Vintage Volupte compact. Approx. 5 x 3.

Lot#: 52

Lot#: 52 - Pocket Watch

Winston pocket watch - original box. Additional pocketwatch included. Untested.

Lot#: 53

Lot#: 53 - Elephant Bottle Opener

Elephant bottle opener. Fun novelty item. 5 x 2.

Lot#: 54

Lot#: 54 - Zippo Lighter Collection

Collection of Zippo lighters.

Lot#: 55

Lot#: 55 - Group of Lighters

Group of mixed lighters in this collection.

Lot#: 56

Lot#: 56 - Mid Century Wall ARt

Vintage mid century musical wall art. Diamond shaped plaques with musicians. 19"H x 6.5"W.

Lot#: 57

Lot#: 57 - Pottery Lamp

Vintage pottery lamp, double lights with pull strings. 22"H.

Lot#: 58

Lot#: 58 - Ashtray/Lamp

Vtg. ashtray lamp combination. 30"H.

Lot#: 59

Lot#: 59 - Pottery Lamp

Vintage pottery vase lamp. 22"H.

Lot#: 60

Lot#: 60 - Vtg. Hanging Lamp

Unique mid century modern hanging lamp. Metal frame, marbles. Some marbles would need replaced. 32"H x 7 x 7.

Lot#: 61

Lot#: 61 - Amber Vase

Amber lidded vase. 22"H x 9"Diameter.

Lot#: 62

Lot#: 62 - Vtg. Lamp

Vintage lamp (36"H) and shade(20"H x 16"D). Chip on lamp, damage to shade.

Lot#: 63

Lot#: 63 - Ashtray Stand

Coordinating ashtray stand. 30"H. Ornate base.

Lot#: 64

Lot#: 64 - Coffee/Tea Serving Set

Coffee/Tea serving set. Camelot. British Anchor. Staffs. England. Hostess. 9.5"H

Lot#: 65

Lot#: 65 - Art Glass Vase

Art glass vase. 9"H x 6"Diameter

Lot#: 66

Lot#: 66 - Piggy Banks

Pair of piggy banks! Cute pair!

Lot#: 67

Lot#: 67 - Cast Figurine

Cast metal figurine. 5.5"H.

Lot#: 68

Lot#: 68 - Tall Glass Figurine

Tall clear glass figurine. 11.5". Artist signed: Daum France.

Lot#: 69

Lot#: 69 - Retro Wall Clock

Retro vintage mid century modern wall clock. 24"Diameter.

Lot#: 70

Lot#: 70 - Olympic Vase

Olympic vase. Unique vase - Olympic rings/circles, events. Top stopper "flames". 22"H x 8" diameter. Some chips on flame tips.

Lot#: 71

Lot#: 71 - Orange Waste Can

Modern orange plastic waste can. 12"H x 9"diameter.

Lot#: 72

Lot#: 72 - Glass Prisms

Large assortment of glass prisms.

Lot#: 73

Lot#: 73 - Sailboat

Sailboat. Wooden boat. Fabric sails. 33 x 32 x 7.

Lot#: 74

Lot#: 74 - Amber Vase

Amber stemmed vase. 11"H.

Lot#: 75

Lot#: 75 - Glass Prisms

Group of glass prisms.

Lot#: 76

Lot#: 76 - WWII Japanese Type 30 Bayonets

Nice! Original WWII Type 30 Japanese bayonet with original non-leather belt frog and ball tip scabbard. National Denki under Kokura supervision arsenal marking. Fullered blade. Hooked cross gaurd. Contoured, wrap around, riveted grip shape. Birdshead with flat sides pommel. This is an earlier bayonet and highly collectable

Lot#: 77

Lot#: 77 - McCoy Squirrel

McCoy Pottery squirrel figurine planter. 4"H x 5"W x 3"D.

Lot#: 78

Lot#: 78 - Blown Glass Sculpture

Blown glass sculpture. 12"H

Lot#: 79

Lot#: 79 - Unique Figurine

Unique figurine. Artist signed. 16.5"H.

Lot#: 80

Lot#: 80 - Hull Pottery

Vintage Hull U.S.A. pottery piece. Interesting design. 13 x 11.

Lot#: 81

Lot#: 81 - Ceramic Dish

Vintage ceramic dish. 1962. 11 x 7.

Lot#: 82

Lot#: 82 - Dog Head Lamp

Dog head lamp light. 10"H. Light handle reads Leviton.

Lot#: 83

Lot#: 83 - Mixed Group of Vtg. Finds

Mixed grouping of vintage finds. Wooden box, bottle, misc. smalls.

Lot#: 84

Lot#: 84 - Red Glassware

Red glassware - 7" vase with accent trim and divided candy dish.

Lot#: 85

Lot#: 85 - Minnow Buckets

Minnow buckets. Fishing season!

Lot#: 86

Lot#: 86 - Trivet & Wall Art

Woven vintage wall art and trivet (Made in italy). 18 x 10

Lot#: 87

Lot#: 87 - Pair of Lamps

Pair of vintage mid century lamps. Metal vase. 23"H.

Lot#: 88

Lot#: 88 - Desk Lamp

Desk lamp - 22". Fun design.

Lot#: 89

Lot#: 89 - Candelabra

Decorative, gothic style candelabra. Metal. 10"H x 42"W.

Lot#: 90

Lot#: 90 - Wall Art Group

Group of wall art. Paintings and drawing. 16 x 13.

Lot#: 91

Lot#: 91 - Photography

Grouping of photography - various subjects. Also includes canvas painting - missing one edge side of frame.

Lot#: 92

Lot#: 92 - Watercolor Painting

Framed watercolor painting. Artist signed. 18 x 22

Lot#: 93

Lot#: 93 - Framed Wall Art

Table themed framed painting. Artist signed. 21 x 27.

Lot#: 94

Lot#: 94 - Framed Wall Art

Peaceful scenery in this framed wall art. 24 x 20.

Lot#: 95

Lot#: 95 - Framed Wall Art

Large wall art - bridge by large city scene. 27 x 39.

Lot#: 96

Lot#: 96 - Vtg. Follies Poster

Vintage poster - Follies. BYRD. Follies Design Co. Some damage to item. 26 x 38.

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