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Thursday September 24, 2020 | Crittenden, KY. US. 41030
BIDDER TERMS AND CONDITIONS These Bidder Terms and Conditions apply to auctions conducted by Northern Kentucky Auction, LLC, and constitute a legal, valid, binding, and enforceable contract between Auctioneer and each Participant, Bidder, and Buyer. These bidder terms and conditions also form the basis for the contract of sale between the Seller and the Buyer. 1. Auction Conducted Under and In Accordance with These Bidder Terms and Conditions, Additional Terms and Conditions Posted by Auctioneer, and Announcements Made at the Time of the Auction, and Applicable Law. The Auction is conducted under and in accordance with these Bidder Terms and Conditions, any and all other Terms and Conditions posted by Auctioneer (whether at the Auction Site or online), any announcements or corrections made by Auctioneer at the time of the Auction, and applicable law. By participating in the Auction, whether at the auction site, online, telephonically, or through any other means (including Absentee Bid), each Participant agrees to be bound by, and to abide by, all such Bidder Terms and Conditions. 2. Definitions. The following definitions apply to these Bidder Terms and Conditions for each auction conducted by Auctioneer: ?Absentee Bid? means a bid submitted to Auctioneer in advance by an Absentee Bidder for the execution during the Auction under terms established by Auctioneer. ?Absentee Bidder? means a person or entity that submits an Absentee Bid. An absentee Bidder may or may not be present at the Auction. ?Absolute Auction? or ?Absolute? applies only if and when expressly indicated and means that property is sold to the highest bidder regardless of the amount of the final bid, with no limiting conditions, restrictions, or reservations. This type of auction is also known as an auction Without Reserve. Provided that a bid is received within a reasonable time after property is put up at Absolute Auction, the property will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of the final bid amount. Property put up at Absolute Auction may be withdrawn by Auctioneer if a bid is not received within a reasonable time. UNLESS SPECIFICALLY AND EXPRESSLY STATED BY AUCTIONEER IN WRITING, NO PROPERTY IS BEING SOLD ABSOLUTE OR WITHOUT RESERVE. ?Attendee? means any person who attends the Auction at the Auction Site, whether such person is a Registered Bidder or not. ?Auction? means the auction sale at which Auctioneer solicits bids, or is scheduled to solicit bids. ?Auction Site? means the physical location of the Auction, or, for an Auction conducted entirely online, the location where Property may be inspected and where a Buyer may pick up Personal Property. ?Bidder? means any person or entity that makes a bid at the Auction. ?Bidder Number? means the number or other identifier issued by Auctioneer to a Registered Bidder for the purposes of identifying bids to such Registered Bidder. ?Bidder Registration? means the information provided by a prospective Bidder, and the process of registering such prospective Bidder to bid at the Auction, including the prospective Bidder?s agreement to be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions. ?Bidder Terms and Conditions? means these Bidder Terms and Conditions. ?Broker Participation Fee? means an amount that is paid to a broker who has participated in procuring a Buyer, or has otherwise assisted in facilitating the sale of Property at the Auction, under the terms and conditions and in the amount established by Auctioneer. "Buyer" means the Winning Bidder with respect to each Lot of Personal Property or of each parcel of Real Property, as the case may be. "Buyer's Premium" is an amount with respect to each Lot of Personal Property or with respect to each parcel of Real Property, calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price, that is payable by the Buyer to Auctioneer for Auctioneer's own account. For offered Subject to Seller?s Confirmation, the Buyer?s Premium will be calculated on the amount of the High Bid Subject to Confirmation. ?Commission? means the amount payable by or on behalf of Seller to Auctioneer for Auctioneer?s services, calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price. ?Fall of the Hammer? means the point, after bids have been received, at which Auctioneer declares a Lot of Personal Property or Real Property ?sold? to the Bidder acknowledged by Auctioneer as having made the Winning Bid. During an auction that is exclusively online, the Fall of the Hammer may occur electronically at the end of timed (or extended) bidding. In an auction that is Subject to Seller?s Confirmation, the Fall of the Hammer will occur on Seller?s Confirmation of the High Bid Subject to Confirmation. ?Hammer Price? means the high bid amount recognized by Auctioneer with the Fall of the Hammer. ?High Bid? means the high bid amount recognized by Auctioneer at the conclusion of bidding on a Lot or on a parcel of Real Property, as the case may be. ?High Bid Subject to Confirmation? means the High Bid amount recognized by Auctioneer at the conclusion of bidding on Real Property put up at Auction Subject to Seller?s Confirmation. If the High Bid Subject to Confirmation is confirmed by Seller, it will be the Hammer Price. ?High Bidder? means the Bidder recognized by Auctioneer as having made the High Bid with respect to a Lot or a parcel of Real Property. "Knocked Down" or "Knock Down" means, with respect to any Property put up at the Auction, that Auctioneer has acknowledged the Winning Bid with the Fall of the Hammer, or by announcing "sold", or by giving a similar such indication. Property may be Knocked Down electronically at the conclusion of a timed online auction event. (Also, "Struck Off" or "Strikes Off"). ?Lot? means each individual item or grouping of Personal Property offered at one time by Auctioneer. ?No Sale? occurs if Property is put up at the Auction but is not Struck Off or sold, and Auctioneer passes on such Property or declares a No Sale. ?Online Auction Platform? means the hardware and software utilized to conduct the Auction online and to facilitate online bidding, including any associated, adjunct, and/or complementary websites, services, premiums and promotions. ?Online Auction Platform Provider? means the provider of the Online Auction Platform and related services. "Online Bidding Period" means, with respect to an Auction conducted in whole or in part online, any established period during which online bids may be tendered. ?Participant? means any person who attends, or otherwise participates in, the Auction (in person or remotely). The term Participant includes, but is not limited to, Attendees, Registered Bidders, Bidders, and Buyers. ?Personal Property? means the tangible and moveable property, and any intangible property (including, without limitation, intellectual property) put up at the Auction. ?Private Sale? means an event in which Property is sold by Seller, or on Seller?s behalf, other than at the Auction (including a sale at an auction conducted by a person or entity other than Auctioneer). ?Private Sale Price? means the fair market purchase price of the Property paid, or agreed to, at a Private Sale in an arms-length transaction between Seller and the purchaser of the Property. If the Property is sold through a Private Sale for less than its fair market value, or in a transaction that is not an arms-length transaction, or is gifted by Seller, the Private Sale Price will be an amount equal to the fair market value of the Property in an arms-length transaction. ?Property? means the Real Property and the Personal Property. ?Purchase Price? means an amount equal to the Hammer Price or High Bid Subject to Confirmation, as the case may be, plus the Buyer?s Premium. ?Real Property? means The real estate as identified in this AUCTION. And could be the separately deeded parcels of real property identified on an attachment to these Bidder Terms and Conditions. ?Realty Closing? means the settlement on the sale of the Real Property at which Seller sells, transfers, assigns, and conveys Seller?s right, title, and interest in the Real Property to the Buyer, and the Buyer pays the Purchase Price for the Real Property. ?Realty Closing Date? means the date on which the Realty Closing occurs. ?Realty Deposit? is the good faith deposit made by the Buyer against the Purchase Price for the Real Property. ?Realty Purchase and Sale Agreement? means the contract for the purchase and sale of Real Property put up at the Auction executed at the close of bidding by the Winning Bidder, or the Bidder making the High Bid Subject to Confirmation, as the case may be. In an Auction Subject to Seller?s Confirmation, Seller will execute the Realty Purchase and Sale Agreement only on Seller?s confirmation, approval, and acceptance of the High Bid Subject to Confirmation. "Registered Bidder" means a person or entity that has registered to bid at the Auction. ?Registration Deposit? means, if required by Auctioneer, the deposit made by a Registered Bidder in order to register for the Auction. Auctioneer may require that the Registration Deposit be made in certified funds or in such other form as determined by Auctioneer in Auctioneer?s discretion. ?Reserve? or ?With Reserve? means that property put up at auction may be withdrawn by the Auctioneer and/or bids may be rejected by Auctioneer prior to the Fall of the Hammer. UNLESS SPECIFICALLY AND EXPRESSLY STATED OTHERWISE BY AUCTIONEER IN WRITING, ALL PROPERTY IS BEING WITH RESERVE. ?Reserve Price? means the minimum price that Seller is willing to accept for specific Property. If Property put up With Reserve is subject to a Reserve Price, such property will not be Struck Off unless the Reserve Price is met or waived. ?Seller?s Confirmation? means Seller?s confirmation, approval, and acceptance of the High Bid Subject to Confirmation acknowledged and recorded by Auctioneer. "Struck Off" or "Strikes Off" means, with respect to any Property put up at the Auction, that Auctioneer has acknowledged the Winning Bid with the Fall of the Hammer, or by announcing "sold", or by giving a similar such indication. Property may be Struck Off electronically at the conclusion of a timed online auction event. (Also, "Knocked Down" or "Knock Down"). ?Subject to Seller's Confirmation? means, with respect to any Property expressly identified in this Agreement as being sold Subject to Seller?s Confirmation, that after the High Bid Subject to Seller?s Confirmation has been received and acknowledged by Auctioneer, Seller may determine, in Seller's sole and absolute discretion, to (i) accept such bid or (ii) reject such bid. ?Winning Bid? means the highest bid received and accepted (and if Subject to Seller?s Confirmation, confirmed by Seller). "Winning Bidder" means the Bidder who is recognized by Auctioneer as having made the Winning Bid. ?Withdrawn?, ?Withdrawal?, or ?Withdraw? refers to the circumstance in which the Property is removed or withdrawn from the Auction, or in which it is determined that such Property will not be offered or sold at the Auction. ?Without Reserve? means Absolute. 3. Bidder Registration; Bidder Qualification. All persons desiring to bid at the Auction, must register to bid and be issued a Bidder Number. In order to register to bid, each potential Bidder must provide such information (including identifying information and qualifications) as requested by Auctioneer. Each person registering to bid represents to the Auctioneer that such person is at least eighteen (18) years of age and is otherwise legally able to enter into a contract. Auctioneer may refuse to accept a Bidder Registration from any potential Bidder, may refuse to issue a Bidder Number to any potential Bidder, and may revoke any Bidder Registration or Bidder Number. Each person registering to bid, or otherwise participating, at the Auction acknowledges and agrees that such person has read, understands, and agrees to be bound by, these Bidder Terms and Conditions. In Auctioneer?s discretion, bids may be received from a person who has not registered to bid, and/or who has not satisfied all requirements for Bidder Registration, and/or who has not been issued a Bidder Number, and, by bidding, such person will be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions. Auctioneer may establish such Bidder qualifications as Auctioneer determines, in Auctioneer?s discretion, are reasonably necessary or appropriate. Bidder qualification provisions (which may include proof of the availability of funds) are intended for the benefit of Auctioneer and Seller, and create no rights or interests in any other persons, including competing Bidders. Auctioneer and/or Seller may (but will not be required to) waive any Bidder qualifications, either globally or on a case by case basis. 4. Auction Conducted in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Auction is conducted in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. All Property is offered for sale in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and will be Knocked-Down or Struck Off in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Notwithstanding the physical location of any Participant, these Bidder Terms and Conditions are entered into in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, all bids and payments are received in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and all contracts between Seller and Buyer (including the Realty Purchase and Sale Agreement, if any), are formed and entered into in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 5. Buyer's Premium. All Property offered at the Auction is subject to a Buyer?s Premium, which will be paid by the Buyer to Auctioneer for Auctioneer's own account. The Buyer's Premium will be calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price, and will be added to the Hammer Price to determine the final Purchase Price. The Buyer?s Premium for Personal Property will be amount equal to TEN percent (10%) of the Hammer Price for each Lot Struck Off at the Auction.. The Buyer?s Premium for Real Property will be amount equal to TEN percent (10%) of the Hammer Price for each parcel of Real Property Struck Off at the Auction. 6. Access to Auction Site and/or Online Auction Platform. Participants assume all risks associated with their presence at the Auction Site and/or their access to any Online Auction Platform utilized by Auctioneer. Any person may be denied access to the Auction, the Auction Site, and any Online Auction Platform utilized by Auctioneer, and may be removed at Auctioneer?s discretion. 7. Nature of the Auction. The Auction for the Real Property may be an Absolute Auction as identified on the bidding site or as attached to these terms and conditions. This means that, once a bid is received on a parcel of Real Property put up at the Auction such parcel of Real Property will be sold to the highest Bidder. The Auction for the Real Property may be With Reserve as identified on the bidding site or as attached. Prior to the Fall of the Hammer, Auctioneer may Withdraw the Real Property, or any of it, from the Auction. The Real Property may be sold Subject to Seller's Confirmation as identified on the bidding site or as attached to these terms and conditions. This means that after the High Bid Subject to Confirmation has been received and acknowledged by Auctioneer, Seller may determine, in Seller's sole and absolute discretion, to (i) accept such bid or (ii) reject such bid. The Auction for the Personal Property may be an Absolute Auction as identified on the bidding site or as attached to these terms and conditions. This means that, once a bid is made on a Lot, the Lot will be sold to the highest Bidder. The Auction for the Personal Property may be With Reserve as identified on the bidding site or as attached to these terms and conditions. Auctioneer may Withdraw any Lot prior to the Fall of the Hammer on such Lot. 8. Bidding. Bidders may only bid at the Auction by agreeing to be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions. By bidding, each Bidder acknowledges and agrees that such Bidder is subject to, and bound by, these Bidder Terms and Conditions. 9. No Bid Retraction. No Bidder may retract a bid that has been acknowledged by Auctioneer or that has been submitted online. Each Bidder acknowledges and agrees that Auctioneer is acting in reliance on tendered bids in the conduct of the Auction, and that bid retraction is disruptive and interferes with the Auction, and that, as an inducement for Auctioneer to accept such Bidder?s Bidder Registration and for such Bidder to bid at the Auction, each Bidder agrees not to withdraw or to attempt to withdraw any tendered bid. 10. Online Auction. The following terms and conditions apply if the Auction is conducted, in whole or in part, online: 10.1. Online Bidding Registration. Anyone desiring to bid online, or to establish the possibility of bidding online, will be required to create an online bidding account by completing all necessary forms and providing required information. 10.2. Bidder Terms and Conditions; Notices and Announcements. The Auction will be conducted in accordance with these Bidder Terms and Conditions and any notices or announcements by Auctioneer and/or posted online or onsite. 10.3. Posted Times. All times are based on the Eastern Standard Time zone unless stated otherwise. Posted closing times and time displays are approximate. Auctioneer reserves the right to close early or extend the Auction at Auctioneer?s sole and absolute discretion. 10.4. Online Bidding Increments. Auctioneer may establish bid increments, and may modify or change bid increments, in Auctioneer's sole and absolute discretion. 10.5. Records of Online Activity. Absent clerical errors, Auctioneer?s records will be final and conclusive. 10.6. Technology Disruptions. Auctioneer will not be responsible for technology disruptions, errors, or failures (including disruptions to bidding or the failure to execute, recognize, or record online bids), whether caused by (i) loss of connectivity, breakdown, disruption, or failure of the Online Auction Platform, (ii) breakdown, disruption, or failure of a Bidder's internet connection, computer, or system, or (iii) otherwise. Auctioneer may, but will not be required to, continue, suspend, delay, extend, reschedule, or close the Auction because of disruptions caused by technology failures, even after bidding has commenced. 10.7. Failures by Online Auction Platform Provider and its Affiliates or Contractors. Auctioneer may use an Online Auction Platform Provider to facilitate the Auction. Under no circumstances will Auctioneer be liable for any failure of the Online Auction Platform Provider to perform all or any of its obligations, or for the failure of any affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, or contractors of the Online Auction Platform Provider to perform their obligations. 10.8. Auto Extend Feature. Any Online Bidding Period may include an auto extend feature. This means that, if an online bid is entered within a set time period approaching the end of the established Online Bidding Period, the Online Bidding Period will automatically be extended for an additional amount of time in increments established by Auctioneer, and will continue to be so extended until there is a set period of time that lapses during which no online bids are received, after which bidding will close. 10.9. Disclaimer. Auctioneer makes no representations or warranties, and disclaims all representations and warranties, (i) that the Online Auction Platform or any related website or technology will be uninterrupted, error free or virus free, (ii) as to the results that may be obtained by using the Online Auction Platform or any related website or technology, or (iii) as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, security, or current nature of the Online Auction Platform or any related technology. 10.10. Responsibility for Online Bids. Each Registered Bidder is responsible for all bids transmitted from such Registered Bidder?s computer or from such Registered Bidder?s account for the Online Auction Platform. If a...

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Northern Kentucky Auction LLC, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

The majority of this auction is the estate of

Barbara Kock of Cincinnati Ohio. She was an artist and several of her works are in the auction. We tried to identify her paintings. Also is her 2012 mini Cooper. Low miles, very clean. There are also 3 floors of assorted furniture and household items. Look, bid, enjoy!

Lot#: 2

2012 BMW Mini Cooper CBM 2D Coup

VIN: WMWZF3C54CT268077 Miles: 42000 Engine: 1.6L Color: Black Maintenance records. 2 keys. 42,000 miles. Sun/moon roof. Am/fm CD stereo. FarFax report in the link below

Lot#: 3

Vintage picnic basket. Lid is loose.

Lot#: 4

Metal Christmas angel decor. Approx 20" tall.

Lot#: 5

Vintage Lexington punch set with plastic ladle

And 12 glass cups. Missing glass base.

Lot#: 6

Vintage vinyl albums and covers, some loose

Mostly classical. Approx over 40 albums. Contents not verified.

Lot#: 7

Tabletop cabinet record player, am/fm radio,

Cassette and CD player. Powered on and tested radio and record player. Worked..

Lot#: 8

Husky portable organizer with contents.

Lot#: 9

Large glass paperweight.

Lot#: 10

Blue Ball wide mouth jars for freezing. Lot of 4.

Lot#: 11

Limoges France 9 scalloped dinner plates

And one bread plate. Some chips.

Lot#: 12

Green gold trimmed goblet glasses set of 7.

Lot#: 13

Clay handmade nativity.

Lot#: 14

Amber glass pedestal dish.

Lot#: 15

Vintage glass salad plates lot of 8.

Lot#: 16

Glass pumpkin candy dish.

Lot#: 17

Vintage some newer hardback books misc lot of 19.

Lot#: 18

Vintage handmade seashells on wood planks.

Lot#: 19

Vintage handmade caped dolls.

Bodies are styrofoam. Lot of 12. Comes with lidded tote.

Lot#: 20

Office supplies lot, some vintage.

Lot#: 21

Vintage Martin 52838 low pitch saxophone in a

hard case. Case is 24 1/4" long.

Lot#: 22

Holmes Personal heater. Worked when tested.

Lot#: 23

Plastic crate and two decor pillows. Like new.

Lot#: 24

Christmas lights, box lot of 25+

All neatly arranged, most tested appear to work properly. Green, Red, white, and clear.

Lot#: 25

Stool, 7? tall Red oval shaped.

Lot#: 26

Glass stemware some etched glass.

Appear to be in good condition. 64 pcs.

Lot#: 27

Large brass bell.

Lot#: 28

Stemware, beautiful six piece set

With blown glass stems.

Lot#: 29

Tiffany and Co. glass bowl marked.

No visible chips or cracks.

Lot#: 30

Vintage Ornate Cast Iron Vanity Mirror.

Lot#: 31

Vintage kitchen items

Lot#: 32

Goldtone serving pieces, some marked Germany.

Chip on creamer pitcher, handle broken on pepper shaker.

Lot#: 33

Wall mount Farm Oil Lamp Light

And two candle table lamps.

Lot#: 34

Historical books on Cincinnati, Travel books,

Guides, maps and more.

Lot#: 35

Lamps, lot of 3, all worked when tested.

Lot#: 36

Foliage and moss tree in basket, not real.

Lot#: 37

Box of stuffed animals some marked Wild Republic.

Lot#: 38

Lot of napkins some embroidered.

Lot#: 39

2 Desk lamps both worked when tested.

Lot#: 40

Vintage Bushnell Binoculars in case,

Nikon film camera, Nikon 80-200 mm lens, Small tripod and Pana-Vue view master.

Lot#: 41

Floral porcelain footed gold trimmed bowl marked

RS/Germany. No visible chips or cracks.

Lot#: 42

Vintage table cloth, approx 68x84, with napkins

No visible stains, multiple dollies and napkins some with stains.

Lot#: 43

2 Cord Reels and Tools Boxes

Lot#: 44

2 MacGregor Tennis Rackets

Challenger & Tournament

Lot#: 45

Lot of Assorted Glasses and Mug

Appears to have candle wax on/in them

Lot#: 46

Craftsman Canvas Tool Bag and Contents

Lot#: 47

Lasko Box Fan - Worked When Tested

Lot#: 48

2 Duck/Swan Table Lamps with Shades

Both Worked When Tested

Lot#: 49

Plastic Storage Container Set

Lot#: 50

Playmate Cooler and Igloo Water Thermos

Lot#: 51

Assorted Glassware, bowls, vases, etc.

Lot#: 52

5 Trivets

Lot#: 53

Wooden Leaf Bowl and Wooden Spoons and Fork

Lot#: 54

9 Pewter Stem Glasses and 9 Pewter Glasses,

And Salt and pepper shakers.

Lot#: 55

4 Homer Laughlin Fiestaware Coffee Mugs

Lot#: 56

8 Georges Briard Lowball Glasses

Lot#: 57

2 Sets of 8 Napkin Rings

Lot#: 58

Assorted Candle/Candle Stick Holders

See photos for any Markings

Lot#: 59

Small MCP- USA Covered Dish and Ceramic Pot

Made in USA

Lot#: 60

Assorted Flatware and Storage Tray

Lot#: 61

Lot of Candles and Candle Holders

Lot#: 62

3 Glass Container Filled with Seashells and Smal

Plastic Storage Tote and Contents

Lot#: 63

Christmas Ornaments-See Photos

And Sterilite Storage Drawer Approx 22" x 10" x 16.5"-

Lot#: 64

Christmas Tree Skirts- See Photos

And Sterilite Storage Drawer Approx 22" x 10" x 16.5"

Lot#: 65

Christmas Train- See Photos

And Sterilite Storage Drawer Approx 22" x 10" x 16.5"

Lot#: 66

Snowman Decorations-See Photos

And Sterilite Storage Drawer Aporox 22" x 10" x 16.5"

Lot#: 67

Christmas Tree Stands

Lot#: 68

Assorted Decorative Wicker Basket

Lot#: 69

Kitchen Utensils, Cookie Cutters and Jello Molds

In Wicker Basket

Lot#: 70

Glass Dish and Marbles

Lot#: 71

Assorted Books - See Photos for Titles

Lot#: 72

L.F& C New Britain Meat Grinder

Lot#: 73

Baking Items

Lot#: 74

Assorted Tools and Sealant

Lot#: 75

4 Floral Matted and Framed Prints, 15" x 12"

Marked with a K

Lot#: 76

Omelet Maker, Bella Toaster, Presto Burger Maker,

And Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt- Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker - All came on when tested. Omelet maker isn't electric.

Lot#: 77

Vintahe Lawson Metal Trash Can, Approx 15" Tall

Lot#: 78

White Glass Lamp and Shade- Came on When Tested

Approx 18" Tall

Lot#: 79

Side Lamp and Shade Approx 18" Tall

Came on When Tested

Lot#: 80

Vintage California Originals USA 906

Frog Cookie Jar

Lot#: 81

Vintage Strawberry Cookie Jar -Some Chips on Lid

See Photos

Lot#: 82

Kitchen Aid Classic Mixer- Came on When Tested

Lot#: 83

Basket, Bags, Kenneth Cole Carry-on

And Apron - Has Stains

Lot#: 84

Assorted Colored Shot Glasses

Lot#: 85

2 Arcoroc Diamond Sunburst Seeving Bowls

One Marked France and One Marked USA

Lot#: 86

2 Vintage Glass Serving Bowls

Lot#: 87

Vintage Lydia Pinkham's Medicine Bottle 14.5 Oz

Lot#: 88

Vintage Pottery Vase Marked 482 on Bottom

Lot#: 89

Vintage Pottery Vase

Has Marking on Bottom but it is not legible.

Lot#: 90

Ruby Red Coin Glass Goblets (Possibly Fostoria)

Lot#: 91

Basket of Office Supplies

Lot#: 92

Vintage Coca-Cola Bottle Cincinnati, Ohio

Lot#: 93

3 Vintage Glass Lamp Shades for Lamps or Ceiling

Lights, Approx 10.5" Wide

Lot#: 94

Lot of Kitchen Utensils

Lot#: 95

Vintage Glass Lamp Shades for Lamps or Ceiling

Lights Approx 10" Wide and 8" Wide

Lot#: 96

Vintage Dominion Hair Dryer Art Deco Model 1803c

Lot#: 97

Vintage Vase (Has Crack) and Pitcher with Crazing

Lot#: 98

Serving Trays

Lot#: 99

Vintage Covered Cake Plate

Lot#: 100

West Bend Penguin Hot/Cold Server, Cincinnati

Reds Ice Bucket and Tongs

Lot#: 101

6 Stuffed Bears

Lot#: 102

Southern Living Cast Iron 6 Qt Dutch Oven

Lot#: 103

Milk Crate with 2 Pillows and Afghan, Needs Repair

Lot#: 104

3 Gallon Beverage Dispenser

Lot#: 105

Box lot of sea shells.

Lot#: 106

2 Vintage pitchers.

Lot#: 107

Duraflame electric ceramic heater,

Working when tested.

Lot#: 108

Leather tool belt.

Lot#: 109

APC battery backup surge protector,

Came on when tested.

Lot#: 110

Sharp calculator, working, heavy duty stapler,

Postal scale, Sony dream machine, working when tested.

Lot#: 111

3 Bird houses.

Lot#: 112

Assorted wreaths and frames.

Lot#: 113

Lot of baskets, some need repair.

Lot#: 114

2 Halloween costumes, Bengal tiger & clown suits.

No sizes, but both are adult.

Lot#: 115

Assorted tools.

Lot#: 116

Wooden trays, cutting board, trivet,

Spice rack with 7 spice jars

Lot#: 117

Assorted extension cords, power strips, etc.

Lot#: 118

Mixing bowl, bean pot, 3 cups,

Lipton teapot, chip and hairline crack,

Lot#: 119

5 framed prints.

Lot#: 120

Framed Evaz, 2 Framed J. J. Pearce.

Lot#: 121

3 Framed paintings.

Lot#: 122

Antique cast iron Framed mirror.

Lot#: 123

Small appliances, all working when tested.

Lot#: 124

Sharp carousel microwave, working when tested.

Lot#: 125

6 Storage containers and contents.

Lot#: 126

6 Storage containers and contents.

Lot#: 127

Assorted cookbooks.

Lot#: 128

Storage Container of sheet music and music books.

Lot#: 129

Grand phone, push button, not tested.

Lot#: 130

Assorted baking pans and cooling racks.

Lot#: 131

4 Corning Ware casserole dishes, 2 lids.

Lot#: 132

3 Crate and Barrel mixing bowls.

Lot#: 133

Blenko amberina glass decanter.

Lot#: 134

KitchenAid blender, Keurig,

Both working when tested.

Lot#: 135

Table lamp working, missing finial.

Lot#: 136

Samsung 19" tv with RCA antenna and remote,

Working when tested.

Lot#: 137

Approximately 22" tall plastic trash can

With household repair and painting supplies.

Lot#: 138

Lot of baskets.

Lot#: 139

Craftsman cordless drill, charger, extra battery,

Bits, etc. All working when tested.

Lot#: 140

4 Antique iron picture frames.

Lot#: 141

Assorted planters, flower pots, ceramic, metal,

Clay, etc.

Lot#: 142

4 Framed paintings on canvas by Kock.

Lot#: 143

Perla Maya pottery legged vase

Lot#: 144

Mexican pottery vase and chicken bank.

Lot#: 145

3 Homer Laughlin Fiesta Ware platters,

Approximately 13 1/2" long.

Lot#: 146

Tiffany styled lamp shade.

Lot#: 150

Rexcraft official Boy Scout bugle.

Lot#: 151

2 Glass shades, approximately 4 3/4"x9"x7 5/8".

Lot#: 152

Fire King mixing bowl and Pyrex Baking dish.

Lot#: 153

Knife block and kitchen utensils.

Lot#: 154

Focal camera tripod.

Lot#: 155

2 GE hand mixers, missing 1 beater, Robeson

juicer, Rival Crock-Pot, no lid,all working when tested.

Lot#: 156

Golf balls.

Lot#: 157

Revere Ware copper clad cookware. Well used.

Lot#: 158

Scotty platter, pottery round tray,

Glass round tray.

Lot#: 159

Vintage plastic cake carrier.

Lot#: 160


Lot#: 161

Colanders, cake decorators, double boiler, etc.

Lot#: 162

Homer Laughlin Fiesta Ware, 10 bowls,

5 Bread plates.

Lot#: 163

Vintage music books.

Lot#: 164

Vintage pedestal covered cake plate.

Lot#: 165

2 Ceramic and 1 glass vase.

Lot#: 165a

Box lot of sheet music and music books.

Lot#: 166

Lot of baskets.

Lot#: 167

Fitz and Floyd egg plate, snowman party tray.

Lot#: 168

9 Homer Laughlin Fiesta Ware dinner plates.

Lot#: 169

18 various reference books.

Lot#: 170

Calphalon 7 at covered pan, Anakin 3qt sauce pan.

Lot#: 170a

Cincinnati streetcars history,

1957 Lady of Angels high school yearbook.

Lot#: 170b

Westmoreland white vase, Hazel Atlas hen on nest,

Unmarked 3 legged white milk glass hobnail nut dish.

Lot#: 171

Assorted reference books.

Lot#: 172

2 3-Ring binders of old family photos.

Lot#: 173

Brass, trinket boxes, wooden box of keys, etc.

Lot#: 174

Home decor.

Lot#: 174a

Vintage box with feather fans.

Lot#: 174b

5 Aprons.

Lot#: 175

Home decor.

Lot#: 176

2 Wood carvings, plate holder.

Lot#: 177

Assorted photos and artwork if mostly

Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area, supplies.

Lot#: 178

Box lot of misc.

Lot#: 179

Box lot of candles, holders, guitar strings, CDs,

Foster Grants, Pottery, etc.

Lot#: 180

Glass planters, 1 green, live plants.

Lot#: 181

Copier toner, appears to be for Sharp.

Lot#: 182

Cobalt blue lace edge candy dish.

Lot#: 183

Armitron diamond wrist watch, working.

Lot#: 184

Silverware, 3 marked Sterling.

Lot#: 185

20 Collectible beer glasses.

Lot#: 186

Aluminum easel.

Lot#: 187

New Fiskars machete with sheath.

Lot#: 188

The Beatles White album 500-piece jigsaw puzzle,

New in box.

Lot#: 189

Carolina peaches crate.

Lot#: 190

Hallmark Christmas dinnerware, 48 pieces.

Lot#: 191

5 Legends of the Gnomes collector plates,

By Rien Poortvliet, Fairmont porcelain.

Lot#: 192

6 Secrets of the Gnomes collector plates

By Rien Poortvliet, Fairmont porcelain.

Lot#: 193

5 Gnome collector plates by Rien Poortvliet,

Fairmont porcelain, 1979 & 1980.

Lot#: 194

6 Gnome collector plates by Rien Poortvliet,

Fairmont porcelain, 1981 &1982.

Lot#: 195

Frankoma pottery Lazy Bones 5W bean pot.

No cracks or chips found.

Lot#: 196

Frankoma pottery cornucopia and tray.

No cracks or chips found.

Lot#: 197

Dietz Little Wizard lantern and repop lantern.

Lot#: 198

Scenery lamp, Old Ironsides, Mayflower,

Windjammer, working when tested.

Lot#: 199

Pendulum mantle clock, with key.

Approximately 24" tall.

Lot#: 300

Headboard, 62"X53"

Lot#: 301

Footboard 63"X45"

Lot#: 302

3 Folding wooden racks

Lot#: 303

Office chair

Lot#: 304

Kenmore washer 3.9 cu ft

Working when removed from residence. Has stainless steel braided hoses

Lot#: 305

Maytag atlantis gas dryer. Working when removed

from residence

Lot#: 306

Sewing machine table, no sewing machine

Approx 48"x18"x31"

Lot#: 307

Small bookshelf, 36"x12"x30".

Has shelf, missing peg

Lot#: 308

Upholstered Foot stool

Lot#: 309

Vintage vanity 46"x17"x68"

Lot#: 310

Vintage dresser 44"x21"x33"

Lot#: 311

Vintage chest of drawers, 34"x20"x44"

Lot#: 312

Vintage buffet by Drexel, 61"x18"x30".

Matches lots 313 and 314

Lot#: 313

Vintage china cabinet by Drexel, 54"x16"x80".

Has 3 glass shelves. Matches lots 312 and 314. Is in 2 pieces must bring help to load item.

Lot#: 314

Vintage dinning table by Drexel, 72"x42"

Has a 20" leaf and 6 chairs. Matches lots 312 and 313

Lot#: 315

Avanti mini fridge, worked when tested

Lot#: 316

Side table with drawer, 20"x14"x25"

Lot#: 317

Vintage dry sink, 38"x16"x36"

Lot#: 318

Rolling cart, 16"x30"x25"

Lot#: 319

6 Foot ladder

Lot#: 320

8 Foot ladder

Lot#: 321

16 Foot extension ladder

Lot#: 322

4 Wire freestanding racks, 2 need feet put on

Lot#: 323

Millcreek valley side table, 15"x12"x27"

Lot#: 324

Hon 2 drawer file cabinet, 15"x20"x27"

Lot#: 325

3 Shelf bookshelf, 33"x11"x48"

Lot#: 326

Dixie furniture side, 26" square top and 20" tall

Lot#: 327

48" Round table, with 3 10" leaves and 2 chairs

Lot#: 328

Couch marked Front Room Furnishings

With matching love seat

Lot#: 329

Upholstered seat wooden chair

Lot#: 330

Wooden chair

Lot#: 331

Borroughs 2 drawer file cabinet, 42"x18"x29"

Lot#: 332

Jefsteel 2 door rolling cabinet 30"x20"x28"

Lot#: 333

Painted chest, 37"x19"x15"

Lot#: 334

Algoma sewing box with contents

Lot#: 335

Painted Bali Hai dresser with mirror, 52"x19"x71"

Lot#: 336

Painted headboard 60"x58". Matches lot 335

Lot#: 337

Small bookshelf, 36"x12"x30"

Lot#: 338

The Jedietz Co. Desk, 52"x33"x32" with contents

Lot#: 339

Upholstered chairs made by Best Chair Inc

Lot#: 340

Table with 3 shelves, 36"x14"x26"

Lot#: 341

2 Black shelving units with a third for parts

Approx 32"x18"x72"

Lot#: 342

Rubbermaid drinking cooler

Lot#: 343

Desk, 36"x30"x30"

Lot#: 344

Glass top table, 38" square and 15" tall

Lot#: 345

2 Ethan Allen maple chairs

Lot#: 346

Epic recumbent exercise bike missing power supply

Lot#: 347

Wire shelf set 23"x13"x31",

Long card table 48"x20" and 2 card tables one is 33" square and the other is 31" square

Lot#: 348

2 Martha living folding chairs

Lot#: 349

Office Chair on wheels

Lot#: 350

Upholstered seat and back chair

Lot#: 351

American Tourister tagalong

Lot#: 352

Earthwise 14" cut 8 amp electric push mower.

Powered on when tested

Lot#: 353

EZ cart with gardening seat

Lot#: 354

Wooden magazine rack

Lot#: 355

Rug, 66"x48"

Lot#: 356

Recycle bin with assorted rocks

Lot#: 357

TV/Microwave cart on wheels, 25"x19"x30"

Lot#: 358

Painted metal folding chair and 3 shelf storage

With contents

Lot#: 359

2 assisted living shower chairs and a cane

Lot#: 360

Bag cart

Lot#: 361

White clothes hamper.

Lot#: 362

Nesting tables. Approx 16"x19"x24" largest table.

Lot#: 363

Box fan, working, 3-legged table.

Lot#: 364

Wicker hamper.

Lot#: 365

Handmade flower stand, approximately 12"x36"x15".

Lot#: 366

Pennsylvania House Wooden Drop Leaf Table.

Approx 44x80x29

Lot#: 367

4Ft. 3 rung Cosco foldable step ladder

And adjustable freestanding walking cane

Lot#: 368

Vintage Couch and Chair

Custom Tailored by Pogue?s.

Lot#: 369

Vintage table, 66x34x30, has heavy wear on top.

Lot#: 370

Small brown recliner.

Works, has some wear on front.

Lot#: 371

Antique Bed and Wardrobe Full size bed frame,

With slats. 54x75x 53 1/2.Bed has wooden casters. Wardrobe 74x36x24

Lot#: 372

Antique 4 drawer Dresser, Approx. 48x21x70

Matches lot 371

Lot#: 373

Painted Corner Shelf Approx. 26x14

Lot#: 374

32? Round table with adjustable legs.

Has small holes in top. See photos.

Lot#: 375

Antique Chair, very good condition.

Lot#: 376

Antique chair, appears to be in good condition.

Lot#: 377

Oval Coffee Table, Approx. 45x28x17

Lot#: 378

Wood top folding table approx. 59x28x29

Lot#: 378a

2 Drawer file cabinet approx. 25 inches tall.

Lot#: 379

Wooden outdoor decorations.

Lot#: 380

Wooden table Approx. 17x17x30

Lot#: 381

2 Wooden side tables with removable glass tops.

Approx. 17x17x18

Lot#: 382

Wooden moon shaped table with checker top design.

Approx. 23x23

Lot#: 383

Slim wooden side table with book rack.

Approx. 23x12x24

Lot#: 384

5 Scarecrow stick decorations.

Lot#: 385

Antique wooden table. Approx. 42x27x30

Lot#: 385a

Bottom of Antique Hoosier Cabinet

Has aluminum bread drawer

Lot#: 386

White Clad TV/microwave stand,

Approximately 18"x26"x27".

Lot#: 387

3-Drawer child's chest, approx 12"x15"x26".

Lot#: 388

Antique 3-drawer chest, approx 18"x40"x31".

Lot#: 389

2 Wooden wall cabinets,

Approximately 13"x30"x20" & 13"x30"x15".

Lot#: 390

Folding cart.

Lot#: 390a

Antique hand carved wooden chair.

Lot#: 391

Metal frame stool. 18" tall, 14" across.

Lot#: 391a

Spot light on tripod, working when tested.

Lot#: 392

Metal trash can.

Lot#: 393

Antique Enterprise lard press.

Lot#: 394

Vintage Globe-Simpson grocery scale.

Lot#: 395

The Bombay company Cushioned stool. A


Lot#: 396

10" Craftsman combo miter saw,

Working when tested.

Lot#: 397

Quartet aluminum easel.

Lot#: 398

Proline music stand.

Lot#: 399

Antique wooden and wire crate,

Approximately 18"x29"x13".

Lot#: 400

Pulask oak hanging mirror 50"x27"

Lot#: 401

Framed acrylic painting of a barge on a river

Approx 15"x12"

Lot#: 402

Framed watercolor painting of a gazebo, 16"x13"

Marked by K

Lot#: 403

Framed canvas painting, 14"x11", marked by K

Lot#: 404

Framed artwork, 16"x12", marked by K

Lot#: 405

Framed painting on canvas, 20"x16", marked by K

Lot#: 406

Framed picture collage, 35"x18", marked Jack

Lot#: 407

Framed artwork, 10"x12", signed by K

Lot#: 408

Framed artwork, 18"x14"

Lot#: 409

Framed artwork, 15"x12"

Lot#: 410

Framed sketch, 12"x16", signed Edwin Saunders

Lot#: 411

Framed painting on canvas, 15"x13", signed by K

Lot#: 412

2 Wicker seat stools 24" tall

Lot#: 413

Fiskars adjustable tree trimmer

Lot#: 414

Fireplace accessory rack

Lot#: 415

Assorted poster, wrapping paper and others

Lot#: 416

Cavalier side table

Lot#: 417

2 Wicker plant stands

Lot#: 418

Floor lamp worked when tested

Lot#: 419

2 Metal plant stands, Approx 30" & 20"

Lot#: 420

Floor lamp

Lot#: 421

2 Step step ladder

Lot#: 422

2 Area rugs, both approximately 88"x60"

Lot#: 423

Floor lamp worked when tested

Lot#: 424

Toilet safety frame and a folding assisted walker

Lot#: 425

2 Wicker seats stools 24" tall

Lot#: 426

Toilet safety frame

Lot#: 427

Ironing board

Lot#: 428

2 Metal plant stands 24" tall

Lot#: 429

3 Step step ladder

Lot#: 430

Outdoor side table, 12"

Lot#: 431

8 Yard tools

Lot#: 432

3 Brown folding chairs

Lot#: 433

7 Yard tools

Lot#: 434

2 Folding chairs with cases

Lot#: 435

Golf irons in golf bag

Lot#: 436

Floor lamp, working when tested

Lot#: 437

Driftwood decor, 84" long

Lot#: 438

Kenmore progressive vacuum, worked when tested

Lot#: 439

7 Multicolor 2pc umbrellas

Lot#: 440

Full body mirror

Lot#: 441

Projector screen

Lot#: 442

2 Director's chairs

Lot#: 443

Shepherds hook or sign holder

Lot#: 444

Box of pillows

Lot#: 445

Assorted plastic items

Lot#: 446

Framed artwork, 19"x23", signed K

Lot#: 447

Framed artwork, 20"x25"

Lot#: 448

Framed 3 stooges poster, 22"x26"

Lot#: 449

Framed artwork, both 22"x28"

Lot#: 450

Framed artwork, 13"x16"

Lot#: 451

Framed artwork, 12"x13", signed K

Lot#: 452

Framed artwork,21"x17", signed K

Lot#: 453

Framed artwork, 33"x24"

Lot#: 454

Framed artwork, Fred Flintstone, 15"x13"

Lot#: 455

Framed artwork, 16"x13", signed K

Lot#: 456

Canvas artwork, 41"x30"

Lot#: 457

Framed mirror, 23"x19"

Lot#: 458

Framed artwork, 21"x27"

Lot#: 459

Framed artwork, 18"x22", signed K

Lot#: 460

Framed painting, 20"x24", signed K

Lot#: 461

Framed artwork, 24"x20", signed K

Lot#: 462

Framed print, 15"17"

Lot#: 463

Framed artwork, 19"x24", signed K

Lot#: 464

Framed painting, 13"x17"

Lot#: 465

Framed painting, 25"x21", signed K

Lot#: 500

Sterilite 18 gallon tote filled with remnants

Lot#: 501

Sterilite 2 drawer container

Filled with miscellaneous items.

Lot#: 502

Christmas trees, assortment of trees & various pcs

Lot#: 503

Gold trimmed China 50 pieces numbered

And marked Epiag Czechoslovakia.

Lot#: 504

Assortment of unique decorative rocks.

Lot#: 505

Basket of material and precut squares.

Lot#: 506

Sketch art, signed by Caroline Williams

Lot#: 507

Sterilite container filed with stuffed animals.

Fiona from Cincinnati zoo, bear outfit with furniture fair logo and more.

Lot#: 508

Framed photography local to Cincinnati.

Lot#: 509

Sterilite tote 18 gallon filled with remnants.

Lot#: 510

Sterilite 18 gallon tote filled with card remnants

For craft projects.

Lot#: 511

Picnic backpack filled with picnic items & blanket

Embroidered Cincinnati Parks.

Lot#: 512

Samsung 19? color TV with RCA portable antenna

And remote. Worked when tested.

Lot#: 513

Sterilite 4 drawer storage bin

Filled with miscellaneous Christmas items.

Lot#: 514

Sterilite tote 2 drawer filled with pine cones

And miscellaneous Christmas items.

Lot#: 515

Sketch art by artist Caroline Williams.

Scenes from Cincinnati area. Professionally framed.

Lot#: 516

Scenic water color and acrylic paintings

By unknown artist

Lot#: 517

Vintage butter dishes marked Limoges France

Lot#: 518

Vintage Platters and tea cup Martin China

Marked Limoges France

Lot#: 519

Vintage serving bowls with lid.

Marked Martin China, Limoges France. Some rubbing on gold no visible cracks or chips. Oval bowl has an extra lid.

Lot#: 520

Green footed glass cake plate

And two handled glass candy dish.

Lot#: 521

Cast iron griddle marked Chefs Design

And 4 skillets marked Calphalon and Emeril

Lot#: 522

Assortment of jar vases one with markings

2008 Pelt Dine appears to be hand carved.

Lot#: 523

Lot of Miscellaneous kitchen glassware/ceramics.

Lot#: 524

Tote full of miscellaneous tools.

Sander worked when tested. Pulley, craftsman hammer and much more.

Lot#: 525

Assorted glassware some Anchor Hocking

Lot#: 526

Sterilite 18 gallon tote

Filled with material remnants, some larger pieces.

Lot#: 527

Crate full of miscellaneous items.

Travel mugs, carafes, picture holders etc.

Lot#: 528

Crate filed with miscellaneous frames and artwork

Lot#: 529

Vintage Red Galvanized Ash Coal Bucket

Lot#: 530

5 Gallon Galvanized seed storage can

Lot#: 531

Vintage slat wood basket with contents

Lot#: 532

Small Weber charcoal grill

Lot#: 533

Assortment of mixed media scenic art

Some signed by artist Barb Kock (K.)

Lot#: 534

Quilt light weight hand and machine stitched

With scalloped edging. Has some small holes and staining. Approx. 95x80

Lot#: 535

Assortment of scenic paintings

Most signed by artist Barb Kock (K.)

Lot#: 536

Variety of wooden picture frames.

Ranging from 5x7 to 16x20

Lot#: 537

Assortment of mixed media art

Some signed by artist Barb Kock (K.)

Lot#: 538

Assortment of mixed media scenic art

Some signed by artist Barb Kock (K.)

Lot#: 539

White Coverlet, queen size, some stains see photos

Lot#: 540

Miscellaneous ceramic items.

Plates marked Royal Stafford and numbered

Lot#: 541

Vintage table top paper cutter.

Lot#: 542

Hand painted tea pot (signed)

And decretive wall trivet made in Italy.

Lot#: 543

19? Insignia TV with RCA portable antenna.

Worked when tested.

Lot#: 544

Crate full of miscellaneous items

Blood pressure cuff came on when tested. Phone were not tested

Lot#: 545

Sheet Music, wide varied compiled into 6 binders.

Lot#: 546

Paper shredder by Staples (worked when tested)

Lot#: 547

Black Wire organizer, 24x27x12

Lot#: 548

Box lot of stuffed animals, some animated

Worked when tested. Nemo?s are banks.

Lot#: 549

Miscellaneous items some have cracks and chips

See photos

Lot#: 550

Vintage metal advertising 15? ruler,

American Tag Company. Possibly brass.

Lot#: 551

Vintage Cast Iron wall oil lamp holder.

Missing bracket.

Lot#: 552

Vintage wooden handle ice pick.

Lot#: 553

Miscellaneous items, various size chimneys,

Large bell is musical and worked when tested. 6 Matching tiles with leaf pattern all the same. Hand painted mug and vase and other miscellaneous.

Lot#: 554

Vintage Peanuts Snoopy Ceramic Bank.

No visible cracks or chips, missing stopper.

Lot#: 555

Vintage Jewelry, several lapel pins,

Vintage hair pins and costume jewelry.

Lot#: 556

Porcelain statue on marble base marked on back

Made in France and signed. Trinket box signed on bottom has arm missing.

Lot#: 557

Vintage butter pats, one has slight chip.

Lot#: 558

Lot of clocks, Sony Radio worked when tested,

Dilana battery operated was not tested, wall clocks Virichron worked when tested, plaque battery operated not tested.

Lot#: 559

Assorted artwork, framed, glass, etc.

Lot#: 560

Antique 1-man crosscut saw, approx 42" long

Lot#: 561

Plastic crate with placemats, rugs, table linens,

Lot#: 562

Framed Barbara Kock acrylic painting,

Marysville, KY bridge, approximately 15"x18". Italy reference book.

Lot#: 563

Tin base lamp, working when tested.

Lot#: 564

3 White table lamps, all working.

Lot#: 565

Service items, some silverplate.

Lot#: 566

Bucket and box of misc. household items

Lot#: 567

Umbrella, backpacks, laptop carrier.

Lot#: 568

Regulator wall clock, no key.

Lot#: 569

Vintage Ansonia mantle clock with key.

Beautiful chime.

Lot#: 569a

Vintage marigold carnival glass iridescent

Scalloped edge candy dish.

Lot#: 570

4 Framed Knowles collector plates,

Thomas Kinkade, 2 extra frames.

Lot#: 571

3 Legos games, ages 8+.

Lot#: 572

8 Legos games and kits, ages 6-7+. Some unopened.

Lot#: 573

8 Legends of the Air mini wooden aircraft kits


Lot#: 574

Giant chess set, Mattel High Gear game,

Renaissance chess set, Musical party crackers.

Lot#: 575

Enamelware wash pan, approx 5" deep, 16" across.

Lot#: 576

Frankoma pottery pitcher/carafe and tray.

No cracks or chips found.

Lot#: 577

Louis Trauth dairy plastic milk crate.

Lot#: 578

Pevely dairy plastic milk crate.

Lot#: 579

Meadow Gold dairies plastic milk crate.

Lot#: 580

2 Sets of floor mats for Honda Accord and Civic.

Lot#: 581

Petmate small pet taxi approximately 12"x14"x22".

Lot#: 582

Flav-o-rich plastic milk crate.

Lot#: 583

8 Wood puzzles.

Lot#: 584

National dairy plastic milk crate.

Lot#: 585

5 Games.

Lot#: 586

Horizon drone, Snap Circuits Jr.

Lot#: 587

Assorted games, cards, puzzles, brain teasers,

16 Pieces.

Lot#: 588

Vintage Hangman, Solitaire, Scribbage,

Chess with Master Chess instructions, Scrabble sentence game.

Lot#: 589

6 Puzzles and mazes.

Lot#: 590

Assorted games and puzzles.

Lot#: 591

Enamelware pail with wire bail.

Lot#: 592

Vintage hand carved wooden ice bucket.

Lot#: 592a

Budweiser St. Pat's 2000 bottle, Woodford reserve


Lot#: 593

Imperial globe.

Lot#: 594

Vintage Eskimo oscillating fan,

Working when tested.

Lot#: 595

Dubble Bubble and Jelly Belly gum ball machines.

Lot#: 596

Crystal biscuit jar.

Lot#: 597

Ceramic flower frog, has hairline crack in top.

Lot#: 598

2 Scales, Hanson and Good Cook.

Lot#: 599

Antique cast iron 7-stick cornbread pan.

Approximately 12 1/2" long.

Lot#: 600

Antique 3-legged cast iron pot.

Lot#: 601

2 Pair painted wooden shoes.

Lot#: 602

Vintage porcelain wall 8-day clock,

Possibly French, with key, very ornate. Did not find any manufacturer mark.

Lot#: 603

Ruby red bowl and stand.

Lot#: 604

Hot Wheels 48 car carry case and cars.

Lot#: 605

Hot Wheels 24 car carry case and cars.

Lot#: 606

Dean Foods plastic milk crate.

Lot#: 607

Country Dairy, New Era, MI plastic milk crate.

Lot#: 608

Pace fair plastic milk crate.

Lot#: 609

Enamelware bucket.

Lot#: 610

50+ Hot Wheels, Matchbox, minis, etc.

Lot#: 611

Hot Wheels, Matchbox, minis, and others.

Lot#: 612

Hot Wheels, Matchbox and others aircraft toys.

Lot#: 613

Antique wooden crate.

Lot#: 614

Blessing Scholastic trumpet in case.

Lot#: 615

Wooden Bead Necklaces and accessories

Some Claire's, new.

Lot#: 616

Forster croquet set.

Lot#: 617

Wire wine bottle, possible flower holder.

Lot#: 618

Vintage wooden sugar bucket.

Lot#: 619

Monopoly, checkers, chess, Racko, Donkey Party

Lot#: 620

Scrabble, magnetic chess, Gobbler, Solitaire

Chinese checkers, Lakeshore multiplication machine.

Lot#: 621

Scrabble squares, Scrabble Flash, Scrabble tiles

And holders, Campbell's alphabet dice game, wooden Dominoes

Lot#: 622

50 State quarters collector kit lunchbox.

Lot#: 623

Chess, checkers, marbles, labyrinth, Find-it.

Lot#: 624

2 Globes

Lot#: 625

3 Original Apple Baker Baking Dishes

Lot#: 626

Galvanized Chicken Watering Can

Lot#: 627

Vintage Toy'n Joy Jumbo Bubble Gum Machine

5 Cents and Contents

Lot#: 628

2 Oil Lamps

Lot#: 629

American Plastic Bricks #725 Container (ONLY) and

Louis Marx & Co Football Players

Lot#: 630

Jelly Belly Coin Candy Dispenser

Lot#: 631

Galerie Au Chocolate Coin Operated Candy Machine

Lot#: 632

Coin Operated Candy Dispenser and Marbles

Lot#: 633

Hall Covered Refrigerator Dish

Made Exclusively for Westinghouse

Lot#: 634

Shannon Scallop Design 10" Square Pedestal Cake

Plate, 24% Lead Crystal in Box

Lot#: 635

Shannon Scallop Design 8" Square Pedestal Cake

Plate, 24% Lead Crystal

Lot#: 636

1930 Spirit of Christmas Custom Biplane

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics

Lot#: 637

1940 Roadster with Trailer

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics

Lot#: 638

2 Pair Wooden Shoes

Lot#: 639

2 Wooden Storage Baskets

One Marked Boyd's Collection

Lot#: 640

Vintage Wooden Butter Mold- Has Cracks on Top

See Photos

Lot#: 641

Lladro Figurine

Lot#: 642

Snowflake Paperweight

Lot#: 643

Paperweight - Goose

Lot#: 644

Vintage Redeemable Tokens from Highway Sales and

Service Silver Grove, Kentucky in a Bon Ami Tin

Lot#: 645

Vintage Oregon Myrtlewood Hand Crafted Wooden Bowl

Lot#: 646

Mahogany Bowl Phillip Weller V2-3

Lot#: 647

Large Wooden Bowl

Lot#: 648

Wooden Basket with Handle

Lot#: 649

Bowl with Handle

Marked "A Genuine Woodcraftery Product"

Lot#: 650

Baldwin Polished Brass Candlesticks in Box

Lot#: 651

2 Wood Carving

Lot#: 652

7 Vintage Dairy Product Caps

Lot#: 653

6 Pancake Molds- Possibly Pampered Chef

Lot#: 654

Topps Allen and Ginter's

1887-2009 World's Champions Color Picture Cards

Lot#: 655

2 Decorative Wall Clocks

Neither Worked When Tested

Lot#: 656

Drexel Wooden Desktop Painting Easel

Lot#: 657

3 Wooden Storage Boxes

Lot#: 658

2 Louisville Slugger Miniature Ball Bats

Lot#: 659

Applause Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat Bucket

Lot#: 660

Mason Jar Candy Dispenser

Lot#: 661

35th Anniversary Special Addition Barbie

Lot#: 662

Framed Shell Bracelet Native American "Authentic"

See Note from Seller

Lot#: 663

9 Hard Rock Cafe Double Shot Glasses - See Photos

for Cities

Lot#: 664

9 Vintage Libby Silver Leaf Juice Glasses

Lot#: 665

Vintage Jar of Glass Marbles

Lot#: 666

Assorted Sewing Items

Lot#: 667

Letter Basket and Leash Holder

Lot#: 668

Yorkshire Glassware Beverage Dispenser

Appears New in Box

Lot#: 669

2 Cloth Storage Baskets

Lot#: 670

Assorted Games and Mind Teasers

Lot#: 671

Wooden Baseball Bat Marked WMJI Majic 105.7 FM /

Mr Build Total Property Service - Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame

Lot#: 672

King Leo Stick Candy Tin and Glass Marbles

Lot#: 673

100 Years of Fun Cracker Jacks Tin & Glass Marbles

Lot#: 674

The Beatles " It was 50 Years Ago Today" Box Set

- Unopened

Lot#: 675

6 Pack Coca-Cola '92 Olympic 8oz Coke Bottles

With Carrier (Carrier has tear)

Lot#: 676

175TH Anniversary Procter & Gamble Lined Box

Lot#: 677

Disney Movie Advertising Pins

And Other Miscellaneous- Display Case Included

Lot#: 678

Wooden Cheese Box with Lid and Contents- Knobs

and Pulls

Lot#: 679

Lot of Candles, Wax Melts and Candle Holders

Lot#: 680

3 Jewelry Boxes

Lot#: 681

Coca-Cola Tooth Pick Dispenser, Small Coke Bottles

And Coke Marbles

Lot#: 682

Vintage Rotary Phone

Lot#: 683

2 Vintage Rotary Phones - 1 Marked ITT

Lot#: 684

Lodge Cast Iron Disney 4PP2 Pan

Pooh And Friends

Lot#: 685

Wooden Box and Marbles

Lot#: 686

Lot of Key Chains

Lot#: 687

Wooden Storage Drawers Approx 23" x 5" x 5.5"

Lot#: 688

Nak Naks, Dominos, Marbles, Littlest Pet Shop

And Rad Rollers Bat Man

Lot#: 689

2 EINE Agypyische Konigstochter Books

Lot#: 690

Jar of Marbles

Lot#: 691

Drey Square Mason Jar and Contents,

Ball Crisco Glass Jar

Lot#: 692

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics 1955 Fire Chief

And 1937 De Luxe Velocipede

Lot#: 693

Deity No 1 Little Wizard Oil Lantern

Lot#: 694

2 Oversized Budweiser Bottles, St Pat's Day 2000,

And Halloween 2000 - 1 Missing Lid

Lot#: 695

Rock Bottom Brewery/Restaurant Downtown Cinti

Wire bail lid bottle

Lot#: 800

Blokko building blocks, Meccano building kits.

Lot#: 801

Hero's wooden blocks, made in Germany.

Lot#: 802

Mr. Coffee, appears new in box.

Lot#: 803

Antique wooden crate.

Lot#: 804

Vintage pint and quart jars, some blue-green,

Glass and zinc lids.

Lot#: 805

30 Assorted beer glasses and mug.

Lot#: 806

Toy pattern blocks and board, math links.

Lot#: 807

USA map wooden puzzle, chess, Snap Circuits,

Stadium checkers, Dominoes.

Lot#: 808

Ingento Paper Cutter

Lot#: 809

Well Equipped Kitchen Covered Baking Dish

And Olive & Thyme Ramekins and Covered Baking Dish

Lot#: 810

Lot of Books - Mostly Children's Books

Lot#: 811

Storage Crate with Office Supplies, Easy Button

and Marbles

Lot#: 812

Storage Tote of Miscellaneous

Lot#: 813

Bulvlova Wall Clock and Barometer

Lot#: 814


Lot#: 815

2 Tins.

Lot#: 816

Sony DVD/VHS player, came on.

Lot#: 817

Sterilite plastic file crate & vintage jars.

Lot#: 818

Assorted magazines from 60-70's

In a plastic crate.

Lot#: 819

Wrought iron match holder.

Lot#: 820

Ridgeway Regulator wall pendulum clock with key.

Lot#: 821

Assorted books and wooden USA puzzle.

Lot#: 822

4 Vintage Peter Pan peanut butter jars.

Lot#: 823

Frankoma pottery #50A creamer, #93 pitcher.

Lot#: 824

3 Oldenberg brewery mugs, unmarked mug.

Lot#: 825

Fish basket.

Lot#: 826

Frankoma pottery #82 & 838 pitchers.

Lot#: 827

2 Vintage Jif, 1 Jumbo peanut butter jars,

Maxwell coffee jar.

Lot#: 828

Clock parts, cuckoo and battery operated.

Lot#: 829

4-Gallon shop vac, working when tested. No hose.

Lot#: 830

4 Franklin Mint collector plates,

Other ceramic collectibles.

Lot#: 831

3 Vintage peanut butter jars, Shedd's, Velvet,


Lot#: 832

Zsofia Kanyak Rosenthal studio line crystal bowl,

Ittalo Finland crystal candle holder.

Lot#: 833

Working Desk fan, GE Ultra Pro HD Bar 400

TV antenna.

Lot#: 834

2 Wooden cigar boxes, 4 collector tins.

Lot#: 835

Religious tealight, candle holder, vase & contents

Lot#: 836

Stainless strainer, approximately 7" deep, 14" dia

Lot#: 837

Mikasa 13" hostess server, 7 1/2" sweet dish,

In original boxes.

Lot#: 838

Holy Bible, the Gospels,

A Vault on the life of Jesus Christ, My Pocket Nativity, History of the Diocese of Covington KY, Bible maps, Diocese awards.

Lot#: 839

Framed artwork.

Lot#: 840

Sunbeam battery operated wall clock, working.

Lot#: 841

Glass ashtray, pink serving dish,

2 Clear glass servers, bowl.

Lot#: 842

1963 Webster's dictionary, 3 books.

Lot#: 843

Framed artwork, wooden herb plate.

Lot#: 844

Albums, 45's, CDs, contents not verified.

Lot#: 845

Vintage Butler crumb catcher, Bakelite handles,

Silverplate spoons.

Lot#: 846

Assorted children's books.

Lot#: 847

Seth Thomas battery operated clock. Wood frame.


Lot#: 848

Plastic Pepsi cola crate.

Lot#: 849

Wooden Coca-Cola crate with 4 cartons,

1 Is unopened, 1995 Christmas.

Lot#: 850

4 Boxes of Christmas lights, not tested.

Lot#: 851

Sterilite 18 gallon tote and lid, 2 Sterilite 16

Quart containers and lids, 1 20-gallon tote, no lid.

Lot#: 852

1957 movie poster, approximately 27"x41".

Lot#: 853

1956 movie poster, approximately 26"x41".

Lot#: 854

Dairy Lane metal milk crate.

Lot#: 855

Farm Maid metal and plastic milk crate,

Bottom is broken.

Lot#: 856

Meadow Gold metal milk crate.

Lot#: 857

Ray Harm print, Little Blue Heron,

Approximately 16"x20". Little moisture damage on edge.

Lot#: 858

2 Paul Sawyer prints, approximately 14"x21". COA.

Numbered and signed.

Lot#: 859

2 Paul Sawyer prints, numbered and signed.

Approximately 14"x20" & 16"x22". COA.

Lot#: 860

3 Paul Sawyer prints, numbered and signed. COA.

Various sizes.

Lot#: 861

Fitz and Floyd ceramic cookie jar.

Lot#: 861a

Trading cards, Pokemon, DC comics, Marvel comics,


Lot#: 862

Christmas box of ornaments.

Lot#: 863

Hallmark ornaments, contents not verified.

See all photos.

Lot#: 864

1950's akro slag glass toothpick holders,

Planters, vases, etc.

Lot#: 865

Hallmark ornaments, box contents not verified.

Lot#: 866

Hallmark ornaments, boxes contents not verified.

Lot#: 867

Vintage maps.

Lot#: 868

Hallmark shadowbox memory tree, collector books.

Lot#: 869

Louisville stoneware Silent Night plate,

2 Hallmark candy/nut dishes, Music box, 2 Christmas plates, tin, 2 tree candy jars.

Lot#: 870

Hallmark wired ornaments.

Lot#: 871

Wind chimes, vase, planter.

Lot#: 872

3 Clay pipe elbows.

Lot#: 873

Lohman #110 turkey call.

Lot#: 874

Child prodigy accordion, plays.

Lot#: 875

Tavern pipe.

Lot#: 876

Antique wire ash/clinker take.

Lot#: 877

Hallmark ornaments, boxes contents not verified.

Lot#: 878

Hallmark ornaments.

Lot#: 878a

Basket filled with tools drill bit set, ratchet,

Measuring tapes and more Mx

Lot#: 879

Hallmark ornaments, candy cane of marbles,

Tree topper.

Lot#: 880

4 Wooden cigar boxes.

Lot#: 881

Wapak #7 antique sad iron.

Lot#: 882

Antique #8 sad iron.

Lot#: 883

Antique Wapak #7 sad iron.

Lot#: 884

GE travel steam iron.

Lot#: 885

37x25 Wool Rug has some wear around edges

Missing fringe.

Lot#: 886

55x21 Wool Rug maroon with roses.

Some wear staining on back, but not visible on front:

Lot#: 887

37x20 Wool Rug, has some damage to fringe

And some wear. No visible staining,

Lot#: 888

Platter & 2 plates. Marked Vietri Made in Italy.

Lot#: 889

33 Piece Set of China Rose Pattern marked.

See photos.

Lot#: 890

Collectible Bone China Bells,

Marked Jeanne Holgate.

Lot#: 891

Collectible Bells,

One marked Jeanne Holgate and one marked Leslie Greenwood.

Lot#: 892

Collectible Bone China Bells,

Marked Jeanne Holgate.

Lot#: 893

Collectible Fine Porcelain Bells,

Marked Leslie Greenwood.

Lot#: 894

Wooden Wall Display Cabinet, approx. 24x19

Lot#: 895

2 Small lamps both worked when tested

Lot#: 896

Vintage Large Olive Green Oil Lamp

Lot#: 897

Small Oil Lamp

Lot#: 897a

Small vintage lamp, hobnail green depression glass

With embroidered shade. Not tested.

Lot#: 898

12 Piece set of Vintage Green Goblets.

All appear to be in good condition.

Lot#: 899

3 Books illustrated by Mary Engelbreit

Lot#: 900

6 Vintage books. See photos.

Lot#: 901

Vintage Green Depression Glass Pitcher

Lot#: 902

6 Collectible Plates with wall hangers.

Marked on back.

Lot#: 903

Collectible blue glass plate and lids with wall


Lot#: 904

Small green lidded dish

Appears to be depression glass

Lot#: 905

6 Piece blue smalls, plate, cup and saucers with

Markings on back. Tea cups have small chips.

Lot#: 906

Green Depression Glass plate with dividers.

Floral etching on bottom.

Lot#: 907

Vintage Green Depression Glass Center Handle

Serving Dish

Lot#: 908

Vintage Green Glass Single Spout Measuring Cup.

Lot#: 909

Vintage framed artwork. Baby marked and numbered

On back of frame. Fox has signature M. Cable 1988. See photos.

Lot#: 910

Blue Collectors Plates marked on back.

2 Have wall hangers.

Lot#: 911

Depression Glass, green footed cake plate

Lot#: 912

Vintage Depression Glass, green footed cake plate.

Lot#: 913

Serving bowl, depression glass.

Lot#: 914

Green candle stick holders, 7 pieces.

Possibly depression glass.

Lot#: 915

Vintage Hazel Atlas, salt and pepper shakers.

Lot#: 916

Vintage Dutch Depression White Milk Glass,

Spice jars.

Lot#: 917

Vintage Depression Glass, salt & pepper shakers.

Two missing lids.

Lot#: 918

Vintage Depression Glass, ash trays.

Lot#: 919

Vintage Lamp hand painted with metal base.

Approx. 16 inches high

Lot#: 920

Vintage Crystal Decanter

Lot#: 921

Vintage Floral Pitcher marked Crown B Burslem

Staffordshire England.

Lot#: 922

Vintage compote pedestal bowl.

Lot#: 923

Variety of ceramic vases. One marked Staffordshire

See photos

Lot#: 924

Organizer and CD?s. See photos for titles.

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