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Thursday June 17, 2021 | 5071 Hwy 11 North, Unit 5. Orillia, ON. CA. L3V 6H1
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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. , agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

2 Rings, 18k White Gold

#1 Size 4.5 w Small Chipped Diamond#2 Size 6 Solid Band

Lot#: 2

24k Ruby Ring w 2 Small Diamonds

Size 6

Lot#: 3

14k Ring w 5 Small Diamonds

Size 6

Lot#: 4

2x 18k White Gold Rings/ No Stones

Lot#: 5

Gorgeous Matching Ear Rings and Pendant

Earrings - 15 Small DiamondsPendant - 14k Sapphire

Lot#: 7

Painted & Detailed Cement Dragon

9" Tall x 10" Wide

Lot#: 8

Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn / Jack LaLanne's

Power Juicer

Lot#: 9

Wine Holders 6 pc.

Lot#: 10

Pet Carrier 20"D x 12"W x 12"H

Lot#: 11

Assorted Prints, Paintings & Posters

Lot#: 12

Large Selection of Shot Glasses and Bar Wear

Lot#: 13

Tennis & Squash Rackets

Lot#: 14

Classic Hand Tools and Toolbox

Lot#: 15

Huge Collectable Postcard Lot

Lot#: 16

Christmas Decorations Lot

Lot#: 18

Assorted Decorative Items

Lot#: 19

Oil Lamp, Glass Plant Bulbs,Pictures etc

Lot#: 20

Knick Knack Shelf

Some Assembly Required

Lot#: 21

Chenille Bed Spread - 92"W

Lot#: 22

Linksys - Wireless Router

Lot#: 23

4 Berry Baskets

Lot#: 25

Dresser with Mirror

71"H x 48"W x 22"D

Lot#: 26

Small Carpenters Storage Box

24"W x 10"D x 21.5 "24.5"H

Lot#: 27

Fence Gate - 48"H x 32"W

Lot#: 28

Burled Walnut Bed - Single

Lot#: 29

Burled Walnut Bed - Single

Lot#: 31

New Golf Bag; Warbird XTT

Lot#: 32

New Photo Album,Small Hand Travel Bag -

Hand Bag (Alligator Pattern)

Lot#: 33

Brown Crockery Jug

Lot#: 34

Doctor/ Dental Leather Bag

Lot#: 35

Leather Horse - Great Condition

Lot#: 36

Box with Label "Campbell's Soup"

11" x 11" x 8.5" High

Lot#: 37

Pink Alligator Pattern Purse

Lot#: 38

Center Piece Bowl Made In Poland

*Small Chips on Rim*

Lot#: 39

Pair of Wooden Painted Figures

Lot#: 40

Floral Print - 35" x 35"

Lot#: 41

A/ P Print - 22/30 - Elizabeth Berry -

18.5"H x 28.5"W

Lot#: 42

Ltd Edition Print 52/390 - Carole Black 1989

20.5"H x 25.5"W

Lot#: 43

Print 100/ 300 - Elizabeth Berry 19"H x 27"W

Lot#: 44

Print 211/ 300 - Elizabeth Berry - 25.5"H x 30.5"W

Lot#: 45

Winnie The Pooh Print - 15"H x 8"W

Lot#: 46

Picnic Basket Metal With Wooden Handles

Lot#: 47

Monkey - Candy Holder - Coat Hook - Christmas


Lot#: 48

Assorted Items

Lot#: 49

Assorted Decorations and Dishes

Lot#: 50

3 LP's in Good Condition

Orson Welle's - War Of The Worlds By: EvolutionBrenda LeeThe Big Chill Soundtrack LP's

Lot#: 51

Collection of 45's

Marie Osmond (Paper Roses) - Meatloaf(Paradise By The Dash Board Lights)The Captian & Tennille (Love Will Keep Us Together)Carpenters (Top Of The World)Leroy VanDyke (Auctioneer)Cheap Trick (I Want You To Want Me)Bobby Sherman (Little Woman)

Lot#: 52

New Set Of Umbrella's, Perfume, Samples, Clutches

Lot#: 53

Cake Servers (New), Pitcher, Plate Holder

Lot#: 54

Lot Of Buttons - Craft - Raw Fabric

Lot#: 55

Assortment Of Mini Plates

Lot#: 56

12 Pair Of Vintage Gloves & 3 Clutches

All in Excellent Condition

Lot#: 57

Shelves - Books - Pitcher

Lot#: 58

Assorted, Shelf, Throw, Bird etc.

Lot#: 59

Quilted Pillow Shams

Lot#: 60

Quilt Wedding Ring Pattern Single (Good Condition)

Lot#: 61

Quilt - Star Pattern - Double 82" x 82"

Lot#: 62

Quilt - Wedding Ring - Queen -

Lot#: 63

Red Floral Vase

Lot#: 64

Jewish Candlestick Holders

Lot#: 65

Large Church Candlestick Holders

Lot#: 66

Lamps Blue Stone - Like Alabaster

Lot#: 67

Staffordshire Style Figurines

Neck On Young Man Appears Mended

Lot#: 68

Figure Monk

Lot#: 69

Figure Staffordshire Style

Lot#: 70

Buddha Figure - Resin

Lot#: 71

Vintage 60's Orange & Yellow Cocktail Shaker

Lot#: 72

60's Comic Recipes Cocktail Shaker

Lot#: 73

Classic Drinks Cocktail Shaker

Lot#: 74

Golden Circus Themed Retro Cocktail Shaker

Lot#: 75

Rainbow Recipe 60's Cocktail Shaker

Lot#: 76

Blue Floral Vintage Cocktail Shaker

Lot#: 77

Thermal Coffee Carafe

Lot#: 78

Aristocratic Figure Made In France

Lot#: 79

Shaker - "Seager's Gin"

Lot#: 80

Bronze Gladiator

Lot#: 81

2 Milk Glass Vases

Lot#: 82

Pair Of Vases

Lot#: 82a

Dozen Depression Glasss Sandwich Plates

Lot#: 83

Crystal Glass Bowl from Poland

Lot#: 84

Pair of Stonewear Vases

Lot#: 85

Leaping Salmon Ashtray

Lot#: 86

Jade Dog Statuette

Lot#: 87

Daeshund Figure by Goebel

CH 622 1968

Lot#: 88

Set of 6 Etched Cocktail Glasses

Lot#: 89

2 Cranberry and Yellow Glass Vases

*Chip on Base*Tiffany Style Green Glass Jar

Lot#: 90

Hickory Dickory Dock Tea Set

Lot#: 91

Chaffing Dish

*Sheffield Reproduction*

Lot#: 92

Hebrew Inscribed Metal Serving Dish

Lot#: 93

Silvered Art Deco Handheld Mirror

Lot#: 94

Decorative Fighting Rooster Statue

Lot#: 95

Large Lot of Newstone Stone Wear (Great Condition)

Lot#: 96

Asian Inspired Decorative Box

Lot#: 97

Ornate Carafe

Lot#: 98

"Fragments of France"Wartime Illustrated Magazines

Lot#: 99

Bundle of Retro Eaton's Catalogs

Various Ages

Lot#: 101

Contemporarry Style Warming Dish

Lot#: 102

Small Ornate Carafe

Lot#: 103

6 Silver Plated Goblets

Lot#: 104

Water Pitcher, Stand, Bottle Holders

Lot#: 105

4 Serving Utensils

Lot#: 106

Gravy Boat, Pitcher, Mint Dishes

Lot#: 107

2 Pitchers & 2 Covered Serving Dishes

Lot#: 108

Bethesda Presentations Ornate Covered Basket 1908

Johnson's Hill January 1908

Lot#: 109

Central Table Mirror + 12 Liqeur Glasses

Lot#: 110

Assorted Silverwear Elysee Park Hotel

Lot#: 111

Green Art Glass Vase

Lot#: 112

Crysta of Arques Vase

Lot#: 113

Oriental Ceramic Vase

Lot#: 114

Pink over White Casement Glass Hobnail Vase

Lot#: 115

Unusual Light Fixture

Lot#: 116

Unusual Glass Piece

Lot#: 117

Pair of Wooden Candle Sticks

Lot#: 118

Blue Mountain Pottery Bird and Deer Pieces

Lot#: 119

Vintage "Old Deck" Ring Toss Game Set

Lot#: 120

"Jasba" Pottery Jug

Lot#: 121

Roman Style Pottery

Lot#: 122

Hand Painted Nippon + Nortake Set

Lot#: 123

Cream Pink Vase

Lot#: 124

Aztec Style Plate w Mother of Pearl Inlay

Lot#: 125

14pcs Stemwear w Gold Accents

Lot#: 126

Hand Blown Red Glass Centerpiece

Lot#: 127

St Paul Pioneer Press Serving Tray

Lot#: 128

Hand Blown Asymetrical Vase

Lot#: 129

Cornflower Hobnail Platter

Lot#: 130

Assorted Decorative Glass Pieces

Lot#: 131

2 Art Glass Vases

Lot#: 132

2 Small Handblown Glass Decorative Objects

Lot#: 133

2 Salad Serving Utensil Sets

Lot#: 134

Assorted Etched Ruby Glass

Lot#: 135

Stonewear Pottery Vessel

6" High

Lot#: 136

Art Glass Vases

*Minor Chips on Base*

Lot#: 137

Avain Tile from Denmark

Lot#: 138

Oil Lamp Chimney 3' Fit

Lot#: 139

Engraved Cream and Sugar Set

Lot#: 140

Cast Iron Rabbit Bank

Lot#: 141

2 Metal Duck Banks

Lot#: 142

Assorted Silvered Serving Wear

Lot#: 143

Hand Decorated Jewelery Keeper

Lot#: 147

2 "Tournament "Curling Shoes Mens 9.5 Womens 9

Lot#: 148

Furniture Polish x 3

Lot#: 149

Plaque & 4 Statuettes

Rabbit Hiker - GoebelPilgrims - LeftonBunny - Pepiware

Lot#: 150

Kid's Safety Equipment (Hockey, Soccer, Skating)

Lot#: 151

Soccer Shoes - Like New - 12, 13 & 3

Lot#: 152

Burton R.C.D. Compression Short - Size Small

Lot#: 153

1970's Sanyo Handheld CB Radio

Lot#: 154

Set of 3 Hanging Wall Masks

*minor discoloring*

Lot#: 155

Sea Doo Wet Suit - Barely Used

Junior Size 10

Lot#: 156

Sea Doo Wet Suit - Like New

Junior Size 12

Lot#: 157

Child/Teen G8 Insulated Ski Racing Suit

Size Small *minor stains*

Lot#: 158

Cornflower Stemware & Desert Plates

Lot#: 159

Fruit Set w 6 Bowls

*loss of some gold trim*

Lot#: 160

Assorted Pressed Glass Pcs.

Lot#: 161

Henkle Advertisement Print Block

Lot#: 162

Business Gift & Accessory Advertisement Print Bloc

Lot#: 163

Trio of Crucifixes

Lot#: 164

Earlier Blue Corner Cabinet With 4 Shelves

18" Square x 42"T - Some Damage

Lot#: 165

Handmade Hespler Smoke Cabinet

28"T x 12"D x 10"W

Lot#: 166

Gordon Lightfoot - Fantastic

Double LPExcellent All Around ConditionNo Record Sleeves

Lot#: 167

Chicago - Self Titled Double LP

Cover: FairDiscs: GoodNo Poster

Lot#: 168

Paul & Linda MaCartny - RAM LP

Cover: Good w WrappingDisc: Good; No Sleeve

Lot#: 169

Billy Joel - The Stranger LP

*Overall Great Condition*Cover: Good w WrappingDisc: GoodInsert: Good

Lot#: 170

The Bee Gees - Main Course *Near New*

Lot#: 171

Love Unlimited - Under the Influence *Near New*

Lot#: 172

Andy Williams - Christmas Album *Near New*

Lot#: 173

Average White Band - Warmer Communications

Overall Good Condition

Lot#: 174

Hair - Original Soundtrack *Good Condition*

Lot#: 175

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell LP *Great Condition*

Lot#: 176

Rolling Stones - High Tide & Green Grass

Cover: FairDisc: GoodInsert: Good

Lot#: 177

Dominion Royal Peerless Tire

Lot#: 178

Cast Iron Agricultural Pulley

Lot#: 179

Assorted Lot of Wallets

Various Sizes, Makes, and Conditions

Lot#: 180

"Love Letters" Statuette - Norman Rockwell

Saturday Evening Post Jan 17 1920

Lot#: 181

XL Antiquated Tech Salvage Lot

Various old tech equipment, good condition but outmoded

Lot#: 182

Jack Shad Bolt - Oversize Print 25"W x 36"H

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