Musical Instruments, Antiques & Figurines II

Tuesday April 27, 2021 | TBA. Spring Valley, CA. US. 91977

There are no notes for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Joe Bradley Auctioneers Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 60519182

15 pieces. Ass wood items bowls, book ends, etc, salt and pepper ceramic squirrels etc


Lot#: 60519183

4) made in Pakistan tumblers 4) stamped India cups


Lot#: 60519184

23 pieces. Myrtle wood plates and container. 8) 6", 5) 10", 1) 14", 1) container 8) tumblers


Lot#: 60519185

12 pieces and 1 set.

8) stamped F.M.B. 4 are 10" 4 are 6" 1) The great Alaskan bowl Company 1) MF & Co Japan 2) Ellinger Agatized wood in Sheboygan WISb #100 & #00 1) 3 1/2" bowls with tray

Lot#: 60519186

7 pieces. Wood Serving dishes/ bowls and 4 Monkeypod wood Hawaii dishes


Lot#: 60601260

Vintage Khiva Fez with tassel, pin & bag


Lot#: 60519187

Assorted decorative items, Yugoslava 10" plate, vase, etc


Lot#: 60519188

Assorted decorative items. Mask made in Mexico wood with metal figurine, wood hand carved bottle


Lot#: 60519189

9" Genuine Besmo product hand carved in Kenya


Lot#: 60519180

17" Genuine hand made FM art crystal Line Studio Ronneby Sweden shark art sculpture B783-350


Lot#: 60519181

Vintage 30" x 24" framed oil painting. Has message in the back see pics


Lot#: 60601269

V C.G. Conn LTD USA Elkhart Ind. Trombone, assorted instruments/accessories & West Craft case

Vintage. C.G. Conn LTD USA Elkhart Ind. trumpet with assorted instruments/accessories with West Craft case

Lot#: 60601264

Vintage, made in Yugoslavia Lahuta Gusle, violin type instrument, beautiful carvings with bag


Lot#: 60601263

Vintage Scheiber wood made in Germany flute with bag & Made in Japan flute


Lot#: 60601262

Vintage. 6 pieces. Table lamp, counter bell, bird deco, GE exposure meter, magnifying glass. Dansk


Lot#: 60601261

Vintage Al Bahr Fez with tassel, size 7 1/8 with case


Lot#: 60664169

Vintage UMC MFG Co. bowling alley arcade game/ machine


Lot#: 60601268

Vintage violin, 2) bows, Eagle Lock Co. hardware case and accessories.

Label reads: Violin was thoroughly overhauled, corrected, sterilined, repaired, tone restored, by Gosparlin. The work of Highest quality as used by Artist. 1948 Glendale, California.

Lot#: 60601267

Vintage. Two J.W. Pepper & Son Philadelphia Penna wood clarinets, case and accessories


Lot#: 60601266

Vintage three string Balalaika stamped made in USSR & musical book


Lot#: 60601265

Vintage Manuel Rodriguez Luthier signed, No #260 guitar with soft case & 3 musical books


Lot#: 60519171

Esteem Enchantment Navy 23" x 94" rug


Lot#: 60519172

34" x 7" hand carved wood cat statue. Cracks on both ears


Lot#: 60519173

5' x 46" area rug


Lot#: 60519174

Approximately 33" x 28" sheepskin rugs


Lot#: 60519175

Lot. 9 pieces. Assorted decorative items


Lot#: 60601271

Lot. Assorted items, Ply-Felx arrow stick, flag, cane, etc


Lot#: 60519176

Collectible/ decorative bird items

Ceramic decorative birds, Hummingbird statue signed at the bottom, Commemorative Scarlet Macaws The Exotic Birds Of Tropical plate

Lot#: 60601270

Lot. Vintage, 11 pieces assorted Music songbooks.


Lot#: 60519177

Lot Assorted items. Candles, candle holders, assorted sets of coasters


Lot#: 60519178

Approximately 42" x 50" mirrored wall eagle


Lot#: 60519170

Set of multi are rugs. 59" x 28" & 29" x 23"


Lot#: 60519179

13" Formia Vetri Di Murano made in Italy glass bird art sculpture


Lot#: 60519160

The Historic Providence Mint 20th Anniversary American Eagle case, Canada plate & Collectors plate


Lot#: 60519161

18 pieces. Assorted wood stands


Lot#: 60519162

Fireplace tool set


Lot#: 60519163

Victorian chairs. Soft back and seat. Wood frame


Lot#: 60519164

Replogle 12 inch Library Globe. Light works


Lot#: 60519165

Rand McNally Physical/ Political globe, 1982 Rico Florence, made in Italy. Light Works


Lot#: 60519166

Esteem Enchantment Navy 23" x 94" rug


Lot#: 60519167

Esteem Enchantment Navy 23" x 94" rug


Lot#: 60664261

Wheel barrel and Gardening tools


Lot#: 60664260

Handy Pro 4 in hand truck


Lot#: 60664263



Lot#: 60664262



Lot#: 60664265



Lot#: 60664264



Lot#: 60519168

Antique 4' lamp


Lot#: 60519169

35" x 7" Hand carved wood cat statue


Lot#: 60519150

Lot Assorted items.

Vase, night light, assorted stones, miniature ducks, etc

Lot#: 60519151

Vintage. The Denver Fire Clay. Ainsworth & Sons Inc USA scale


Lot#: 60519152

28" x 24 foldable table

Items around table not included

Lot#: 60519153

Vintage. De Grazia collectible plates. Heavenly Blessings & Los Ninos Children of the World


Lot#: 60519154

Vintage. De Grazia collectible plates. The Nativity & Little Pima Indian Drummer boy.


Lot#: 60519155

Vintage. De Grazia collectible plates. The Festival of Lights & The Flower Girl


Lot#: 60519156

Vintage. De Grazia collectible plates. A Little Prayer The Christmas Angel & The Little Cocopah


Lot#: 60664250

Vintage handmade cabinet with assorted tools & fasteners


Lot#: 60664252

Assorted Shovels & Post Hole Digger


Lot#: 60664251

Vintage saws, 57" Handsaw, 30" tree trim saw, 88" branch Lopper


Lot#: 60664254

Assorted Carpenter tools, Planers, Drills, Chisels etc.


Lot#: 60664253

Assorted Gardening Tilling Tools


Lot#: 60519157

Vintage. De Grazia collectible plates. Little Madonna & Blue Boy


Lot#: 60664256

Vintage Gas Cans 8 pieces Assorted


Lot#: 60519158

Vintage. De Grazia collectible plates. The Flower Boy, DeGrazia and his Mountain, The White Dove


Lot#: 60664255

Assorted miscellaneous items


Lot#: 60519159

De Grazia 6 1/2" x 7 1/2" painting and books

Framed De Grazia painting from Old Town Galleries, De Grazia The Irreverent Angel & sixth printing a biographical sketch books

Lot#: 60664258

DaLite Projector screen in box


Lot#: 60664257

Metal Files, Fasteners & Assorted tools.


Lot#: 60664259

Cleaning supplies and step ladder


Lot#: 60519140

Vintage. Hand carved Wood, Made in Chinamold man broken, fish, Buddha 2) decorative pieces


Lot#: 60519141

Vintage Oriental items.

Oriental items. Made in Taiwan Set 8 pieces tray 8) dishes & sticks, 6 pieces bamboo style cups, 3) napkins holders, hand painted made in Taiwan tea pot

Lot#: 60519142

Vintage. Wood, bell, canoe, container


Lot#: 60519143

Lot. Decorative items. Japan vase, India flamingo, meta eagle on rock, bell, Stein, etc


Lot#: 60519144

Owls 1) metal 1) stamped 1) no name, Mini #3 bird, Road runner by Stephanie


Lot#: 60519145

Vintage table 18" x 42 expandable table missing leaf


Lot#: 60601228

Framed wall art 19" x 15"


Lot#: 60601227

Hand carved, vintage Oriental chest with metal accents & (3) blankets/quilts

Chest measurements 23" x 40"x 20"

Lot#: 60601226

Framed oil painting 35" x 28"


Lot#: 60601225

Wood, vintage two drawer bed frame/ cubby cabinet 40" x 82" x9"


Lot#: 60664241

Concrete Finishing tools 8 pieces.


Lot#: 60664240

Vintage assorted knives 5 & straight blade razor,


Lot#: 60664243

Gardening tools. Toro, Craftsman hedge trimmer, Lumberjack trimmer & vacuum


Lot#: 60601229

Framed tiger 36" x 16". Two frames in one see pics


Lot#: 60664242

Vintage John Chatillon 30 lbs scale with pan & John Chatillon & Sons pan.


Lot#: 60519146

Ezra Brooks Bear and train box whisky containers no liquid & piggy bank bunny


Lot#: 60601220

30 pieces. Lot assorted picture frames


Lot#: 60664245

Assorted tools & Fasteners


Lot#: 60519147

Assorted turtles figurines.

Ceramic, candle, metal, rock, Anthony Cali USA 162,

Lot#: 60664244

Briggs & Stratton 10HP motor


Lot#: 60519148

Assorted animals figurines

Wood eagle, Leo Kappy duck, puppy Rottweiler, Stan rock seal, remain weenie dog

Lot#: 60664247

Vintage tools, Oil cans, Hand Crank Wringer, Metal files, Hammers etc


Lot#: 60519149

Vintage Ainsworth metric weight set & Perfect Capacity 100 grams scale.


Lot#: 60664246

Sears battery charger, craftsman 5? grinders Waag melting pot, & wood spliting mauls


Lot#: 60601224

(2) framed wall art 20" x 16"


Lot#: 60664249

Vintage Colombian Vice 4"


Lot#: 60601223

13 pieces. Vintage, assorted frames, pictures, postcards


Lot#: 60664248

Vintage Sander, Assorted tools, Grease gun


Lot#: 60601222

28 pieces. Lot assorted picture frames & photo albums


Lot#: 60601221

30pieces. Lot assorted picture frames


Lot#: 60519250

7 pieces. Vintage. 24" x 16" wood framed glass tray and assorted items.

Vintage. 24" x 16" wood framed glass tray, Johnys Gems brass spoons, ice tongs, Seam ladle, Australia bell, extension mirror, snuffer

Lot#: 60519130

36" x 12"amp with shade


Lot#: 60519131

Vintage ruffled style shade, 13" x 28"


Lot#: 60519132

1-5 series The Five Perceptions Of Weo Cho commemorative plates


Lot#: 60519133

Vintage. Metal wind chimes 1) stamped India with 5 bells 1) two bells both with intricate designs


Lot#: 60519134

Oriental decorative trees


Lot#: 60601239

Vintage. (2) Vintage Portafile & (2) cash boxes one with keys

1 of 2 cash boxes is Steelmaster with key

Lot#: 60601238

Vintage 4 drawer metal file cabinets. 1) Pacific Desk Company


Lot#: 60601237

Vintage Steelmaster, two drawer, metal file cabinet


Lot#: 60601236

Vintage bear with collectible buttons


Lot#: 60664230

Vintage Fishing rod and Langley reel


Lot#: 60664232

Vintage Fishing items. Belt, Penn spools, 3 lb weight, hook,etc


Lot#: 60664231

Vintage Fishing rod with no tag Langley reel


Lot#: 60519135

23" Vintage Japanese Geisha bamboo style wall sculptures

Stamped Universal Statuary Corp Chicago 22 1959 at bottom of both sculptures  

Lot#: 60601231

Vintage mantle Seth Thomas clock. 11" x 10" x 6"


Lot#: 60664234

Fishermen?s net


Lot#: 60519136

Ceramic Elephant, Oriental stand/table 22" x 20" x 8"


Lot#: 60601230

Vintage Ingraham wall clock. 8" x 3"


Lot#: 60664233

Vintage reels. Shannondoa, Penn Long Beach, Langlay Spin Flow


Lot#: 60519137

Japanese porcelain Foo dog 10" x 8"


Lot#: 60664236

Divers Belts, 9 pieces lead weights


Lot#: 60519138

Ceramic Buddha 8" x 5"


Lot#: 60664235

Scuba Tanks with Harness


Lot#: 60519139

Vintage 22" x 9", wood, Buddha sculpture with dragon


Lot#: 60601235

72' x 30' x 18" Metal Storage Cabinet


Lot#: 60664238

Vintage Bait can & 3) fishing pole holders ground stakes


Lot#: 60601234

36" x 42" x 16", wood, 8 drawer dresser


Lot#: 60664237

Diving Equip. 2) Aqua Lung Regulators, Light, Mask, 2) Swimmaster knives


Lot#: 60601233

5 pieces. Assorted vintage quartz clocks


Lot#: 60601232

Vintage 11" Lchatz made in Germany dome clock


Lot#: 60664239

Assorted knives


Lot#: 60664219

Vintage Lake fishing rod with reel and hook


Lot#: 60519240

Victory Land glider rocker


Lot#: 60519120

10 assorted elephant figurines. Wood, 1) Lenox porcelain 1) made in Italy broken tusk, etc


Lot#: 60519241

34" x 15" Bread cabinet


Lot#: 60519121

Set vintage, clay, decorative wall art 14" x 10"


Lot#: 60519242

7 piece. Vintage dinning table and chairs on casters.

Edge of the table is broken see pics. Table on casters, 6 chairs wood frame, back and seat padded, two front legs on each chair have casters

Lot#: 60519122

Vintage upholstered footstools


Lot#: 60519243

27" x 4' Vintage wood, decorative, framed wall mirror


Lot#: 60519123

Vintage, wood, New York Tonk Chicago stool, swivel table, step


Lot#: 60519244

Vintage Tiffany style sailing lamp. 3" from ceiling 19" wide

Qualified buyer/person must cap off all electrical lines pertaining to this purchase

Lot#: 60601249

Vintage 33" x 22" framed wall mirror


Lot#: 60601248

Vintage 40" table lamp, works


Lot#: 60601247

Lot. Vintage (16) sets of playing cards & (4) miniature cars


Lot#: 60664221

Vintage Fishing rods


Lot#: 60664220

Vintage Ultra Fast tubular fiberglass rod with Penn Quidder No 140 reel


Lot#: 60519124

Vintage floor lamp. Approximately 70" T x 22" W (lid). Missing some screws to attache the lid.


Lot#: 60519245

27" x 27" Signed (see pics) 9/50 Has sticker in the back Grossmont Gallery


Lot#: 60601242

Vintage metal slide box, carry case with slots


Lot#: 60664223

Vintage Plano 7200 Fishing tackle box with assorted items

Weights, bait, Nylon, hooks,etc

Lot#: 60519125

Lazy Boy rocker/ recliners


Lot#: 60519246

13" x 11" Huldah prints paintings. One has signature both have markings in the back

Tavern On The Green & Flowers.  V2314-886

Lot#: 60601241

Lot of assorted games


Lot#: 60664222

Vintage Fishing rod & case


Lot#: 60519126

Vintage 6' & 7' 10" Ancestor portrait painting & Buddha scrolls. One signed

Have damage and are fragile

Lot#: 60519247

Vintage. 19" x 19" framed mirror. 12" x 10" framed art


Lot#: 60601240

Vintage briefcases. One Metek Straza


Lot#: 60664225

Vintage Broken fishing rod and Penn Long Beach reel


Lot#: 60519127

Samsonite chair ottoman set model 2402 CO


Lot#: 60519248

25 1/2" x 19 1/2" x 2 1/2" framed oil painting


Lot#: 60664224

Vintage. Assorted fishing rod pieces. One stamped Wright & McGill


Lot#: 60519128

Vintage. 16" vase, ceramic lamp , Tewis office lamp


Lot#: 60519249

19 pieces. Vintage Gorham Electroplate Pat 1802 cutlery. 10) forks 3) spoons 6) knives 1) wood tray

Tray 14" x 9 1/2"

Lot#: 60601246

Vintage .Travelaire Briefcase & Featherlite luggage


Lot#: 60664227

Vintage bait. Some in original boxes


Lot#: 60519129

Vintage. 55" x 21" floor lamp with shade


Lot#: 60601245

Lot. Assorted games & playing cards


Lot#: 60664226

Vintage Fishing tackle box and assorted items


Lot#: 60601244

29" x 24"round wood top with metal frame tables


Lot#: 60664229

Vintage Fishing rod with Penn Long Beach reel


Lot#: 60601243

Lot. 22 pieces. Assorted shells


Lot#: 60664228

Vintage. Lot of assorted fishing items. Bait, weights, etc


Lot#: 60664209

Vintage Skip Haag fishing rod and Triton reel


Lot#: 60664208

Vintage Hookem Built by Seeker fishing rod Triton Speed Master 6.1 Shimano reel


Lot#: 60519230

19 pieces. Vintage Floral china

6) hand painted Nippon cups with 6) 6" saucers , 2)Haviland dishes, 3 salt shakers no name, 1) 12" CA France dish, 1) 9" Josephine Bavaria dish

Lot#: 60519110

Victorian Kimball Chicago pump organ, stamped 189749 & "Songs Every One Should Know" book


Lot#: 60519231

17 assorted cups, saucers, dishes, etc. see pics for stamps

Lena Lili, Churchill, Queen Anne, etc

Lot#: 60519111

Vintage. Hand carved wood framed mirror 42" T x 27" W


Lot#: 60519232

Porcelain. Tewis plate and vase, Riddle flower, woman with plate figurine


Lot#: 60519112

Vintage Rare style hanging oil chandelier with shade & prisms. 25" x 16"

Qualified buyer/person must cap off all electrical lines pertaining to this purchase. 

Lot#: 60519233

Kyoto Pines plate, Christineholm dish, Austria soup server


Lot#: 60601259

Vintage D. Turin & Co. Masonic hat, size 7 1/8 Twelve Charter International chain & 2) card holders


Lot#: 60601258

Vintage Al Bahr Fez with tassel, size 7 1/4 with bag


Lot#: 60664210

Vintage Pacifica 9700S, 7', 1/4-3/4 oz lures 10-25 Lb line fishing rod and Pennsenator 1/0 reel


Lot#: 60519113

Wall mirror 55" x 15"


Lot#: 60519234

Haviland Limoges France collectible plates. Ete, Hiver, Printeps, Automne


Lot#: 60601253

Assorted lot of baskets, wood box, book shelfs, wood items & decorative tile


Lot#: 60664212

Vintage Fishing Rod and JA Coxe reel


Lot#: 60519114

Framed wall mirror 27" x 24"


Lot#: 60519235

16" x 16" wood tray, office caddy and 19 pieces assorted decorative items

Decorative metal butterflies, giraffes, bookcases, etc.

Lot#: 60601252

Storage wood cabinet 10"x 14" x 16"


Lot#: 60664211

Vintage Plano 707 tackle box with accessories

Water Gremlin sinkers weights, Mustad live bait hooks, bait, etc

Lot#: 60519115

14 pieces. Assorted beer cups, steins, etc


Lot#: 60519236

Vintage Assorted decorative blown art glass

2) Decanters green 24" sticker on one "made in Italy "1) Bottle decanter yellow 23" 1) 19" clear decanter 1) green 8" 1) ball 8"

Lot#: 60601251

Vintage. 6 Drawer dresser with mirror

69"( including mirror) x 52" x 19"

Lot#: 60664214

Vintage Fishing rod with real


Lot#: 60519116

Vintage Assorted beer Steins with pewter lids


Lot#: 60519237

28" x 36" fully extended. Vintage wood foldable rolling table.

Missing piece of wood that holds one end

Lot#: 60601250

Vintage Brasstone swivel table lamp, works


Lot#: 60664213

Vintage Shakespeare Wonder fishing rod with bag


Lot#: 60519117

Vintage 3) Budweiser 1) Miller beer Stein


Lot#: 60519238

Vintage tin, rolling, dual serving tray


Lot#: 60601257

Vintage Al Bahr Fez with tassel, size 7 1/2


Lot#: 60664216

Vintage Lake fishing rods. 1) JChiggens


Lot#: 60519118

Collectible 4) German 2) China 1) Brazil beer steins


Lot#: 60519239

19" x 18" wood corner table with decorative tile design


Lot#: 60601256

Vintage. Mr. and Mrs. 8 drawer dresser. Glass top, 32" x 60" x 19"


Lot#: 60664215

Storage cabinet. Used to storing fishing equipment. 72" x 36" x 18"


Lot#: 60519119

Vintage Hand carved design, foldable table with claw feet, 29" x 31"


Lot#: 60601255

Vintage Imperial Cabinet Co. maple 8 drawer dresser with mirror. 72" ( includes mirror) x 50" x 19"


Lot#: 60664218

Vintage True Temper custom build model 7777A 6? rod with Senator Penn reel


Lot#: 60601254

Sony CD/Cassette player

Turned on

Lot#: 60664217

Vintage Lake fishing rods


Lot#: 60519220

19 pieces. Assorted crystal pieces. Bowls, candy dishes, bell, creamer, etc


Lot#: 60519221

12 pieces. Crystal, glass, plastic pieces. Serving dishes, carafe, condiment caddy, etc


Lot#: 60519222

6 pieces. Crack&Barrel, Royal Warwick, Die Glas Chatulle & crystal and glass servers


Lot#: 60519223

21" x 13" vintage tray and 6 assorted items

Set sterling weighted reinforced candelabras, set 1985 Israel candle holders, Pewter hand made sing candle holder, Reed & Barton 1023 dish, silver dish

Lot#: 60664201

Vintage golf clubs with bag


Lot#: 60519224

15 "x 15" vintage tray, 19 assorted plates & container.

6) 6 1/2" plates 6) 5 1/2" saucers 6) 8" plates 1) container

Lot#: 60664200

Vintage golf clubs and bag


Lot#: 60519225

20 pieces. Assorted books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc. 

Lot#: 60664203

58" x 29" x 11" shelving unit


Lot#: 60519226

42 pieces. Assorted paper back books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60664202

Royal Australian serving dish and assorted glassware


Lot#: 60519106

***Important Auction Information please read. DO NOT BID ON THIS ITEM**

QUESTIONS CALL BEFORE BIDDING 619-297-7653 AUCTION LOCATION: TBA Spring Valley / Casa de Oro Area. Exact address will be given to registered bidders only for preview and check out. Walk in and Preview: Thursday April ???th 2021 and will be limited to registered bidders only and by appointment. An Appointment schedule will be available by request to all registered bidders. Auction Start's Closing: Scheduled for Saturday April 17th LOTS WILL CLOSE EACH MINUTE, SEE INDIVIDUAL LOTS FOR EXACT CLOSING TIME. USE MAX BID FEATURE TO LIMIT YOUR TIME AT THE COMPUTER. Buyer's Premium: is 17% and in effect for this auction, 4% discount when paying in Cash. REMOVAL: SUNDAY & MONDAY following the auction BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. PARKING IS LIMITED, THERE IS NO ACCESS FOR BOX TRUCKS. If you require an alternate day to pickup your items you will be charged a $75.00 service fee. You will forfeit your $200.00 deposit and items if you do not pickup on time. A $35.00- $150.00 Re-listing fee will be charged to your Credit card. No Loading Assistance: Buyers are responsible for all aspects of removal. All items remaining after this specified time are considered abandoned and forfeited, with no further rights by the Buyer. Thanks for Bidding Questions Ph. 619-297-7653 or E: [email protected]  

Lot#: 60519227

40 pieces. Assorted paper back books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60664205

Mitsubishi TV with remote, Supersonic disc player, Toshiba radio


Lot#: 60519107

***Payment information**DO NOT BID ON THIS ITEM**

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO REFUNDS !! ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS-IS !! EVERYTHING SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER !! NO RESERVE AUCTION A $200.00 dls refundable guarantee deposit will be required to bid. Deposit will be a credit card deposit. It is your responsibility to have all information through Proxibid current. . . Items will not be released without confirmation of payment. You will forfeit deposits and items if not pickup on time. Your items will be considered abandoned and a $35.00 to $150.00 re listing fee will be charged to your credit card. We will refund your $200.00 deposit once we have received confirmation that you have paid and picked up all of your items.

Lot#: 60519228

65 pieces. Assorted paper back books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60664204

Vintage. Brown Electric Pyrometer, Log Maker, Lo Bots skates


Lot#: 60519108


WE DO NOT SHIP!! Out of State buyers have same check out dates as local buyers. Contact your preferred shipper ASAP so they can pick up your items on the specific given check out dates and times for this auction. Shipping Instructions: Buyer is responsible for removal of all items purchased. In the event the Auctioneer assists Buyer with this process, it does so as a courtesy, and shall assume no responsibility for damages, losses, acts or omissions of any packer or carrier, whether or not such packer or carrier is recommended by Auctioneer. P.S. Shipper has the same check out dates and hours as our local buyers. Contact shipper of your choice prior to bidding to make sure they will be available for the specific check out dates and times for this auction. Contact shipper of choice, below are local agents we have used in the passed. 3rd party shipping contact info: THAT PLACE THAT SHIPS E. [email protected] Ph. 760-741-7639 Pak Mail La Jolla US119 7486 La Jolla Blvd La Jolla, CA 92037 Ph. 858-456-8573 E: [email protected] WOLF SHIPPING Short & Long-Haul Service Jose Altamira E: [email protected] PH. 714-200-8815 If you need Statewide Freight Service Co. there will be a $200.00 fee for palletizing and loading per pallet.  

Lot#: 60519229

Vintage Lazy Susan wood trays with ceramic serving dishes


Lot#: 60664207

Vintage SilaFlex Sea Classic Browning Resinite Formula fishing rod with Penn No. 155 reel


Lot#: 60519109

***Important Auction Information please read. DO NOT BID ON THIS ITEM***


Lot#: 60664206

Vintage Calstar West Coast WCDH-89OJ 20-40 fishing rod


Lot#: 60519210

Wheel chair ramps

Approximately: 1) Door access 36" x 48" ,1) 19' x 36" ,1) 19' x 45"( thinner part of ramp) 62" (wider part of ramp).

Lot#: 60519211

New Neo Life nitrogen packed food. Boxes have a date of 1979

Box with 6 Stew Blends, box with 6 Navy Beans , box with 6 Stroganoff-style Casserole, box with 6 rolled oats, box with 6 non fat milk containers

Lot#: 60547822

21 pieces. Vintage, assorted magazines.

(10) National Geographic (7) Life (2) Holiday (1) Colliers & (1) Saturday Evening Post. We did not go through all the magazines, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547823

(19) Vintage, Time Life Books-The American Indians. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547820

Hawthorne Warrior model M8208 gun


Lot#: 60547826

Vintage, Encyclopedia volumes 1-30

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547827

(42) Vintage, Assorted books. See pics for titles

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547824

14 pieces. Vintage, (10) Castle books & (4) Cycloedia of drawings volume 1-4. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547825

(16) Vintage, Assorted books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547819

Vintage Armory Gun Co. gun


Lot#: 60519212

32 pieces Crystal glass , etched flowers

14) 9", 12) 6 1/2" 5) 6" glass

Lot#: 60519213

Lot. 25 pieces assorted glassware


Lot#: 60519214

Assorted Crystal items. Bowl, candle holders, candy dish, serving tray, pitcher, vase


Lot#: 60519215

17" x 11" vintage tray 15 assorted crystal glassware

Flutes, Martini glasses, wine glasses, etc

Lot#: 60519216

18 books. Assorted health, handyman garden,etc, books

Readers Digest, Bottom Line, The Family Handyman, etc

Lot#: 60519217

18 books. Assorted health and losing weight books


Lot#: 60519218

22 assorted books


Lot#: 60519219

14 pieces l Assorted glass items bowl, carafe, pitcher, etc


Lot#: 60547830

(42) Vintage, assorted books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60519200

Vintage. Hand carved Wood. Oriental Man ridding Buffalo with baby figurines with stands.

Oriental Man ridding water Buffalo with baby, statues with stands. Both boken in one leg each. One bull missing an eye

Lot#: 60547833

Vintage, (37) Limoges France vintage china set

(12) 9" plates (6) cups (10) 6" bread plates (6) 6" saucers

Lot#: 60547834

Metal bookcase & Vintage, (6) assorted binders with vintage magazines.

Binders: (1) Zoonooz San Diego zoo (1) Natural History Magazine (2) International Wild life (2) National Wildlife Bookcase measurement 68" x 24". We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547831

Vintage, (71) Pieces of Haviland & Co. china set

(12) 9.5" plate (11) 7.5" salad plate (2) side dishes (10) cups (9) 7" bowls (11) 6" saucers (12) 6" bread plates

Lot#: 60547832

Vintage. Cal shops vintage buffet cabinet 36" x 42" x 19"


Lot#: 60547837

(21) Vintage, assorted books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547838

(43) Vintage, assorted vintage books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547835

(41) Vintage, assorted books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547836

(46) Vintage, assorted books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60519209

Concrete outdoor patio set. Round table and three benches

Approximate table top 28"x 41" Benches 18"x 48"

Lot#: 60601206

Lot. Vintage 24 pieces cutlery

Genexco s/s Japan -spoon Reed T Barton -soup spoon Jhorco Peerles NationL Silver Co. spoon 1847 Rogers Bros. -spoon & fork Helena Silver Plate (7) forks Wm Rogers & son AA spoon Carlton Silver Plate (7) forks Oneida Community spoon etc

Lot#: 60601205

Vintage, (15) Versailles stainless utensils, vintage meat grinder parts, & weight


Lot#: 60547828

(23) Vintage, assorted International Collectors Library

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60601204

Works.Vintage Rare style hanging oil chandelier with shade & prisms. 27" x 16"

Qualified buyer/person must cap off all electrical lines pertaining to this purchase.

Lot#: 60547829

17 pieces. (5) Vintage Ralston University Press Books & (12) Child Craft Quarrie books. See pics for


Lot#: 60601203

Lot of assorted matches, electrical cords, rope, bulbs, etc


Lot#: 60601209

Lot of assorted cleaning supplies, foldable chair, stool, reusable bags, cooler bags, umbrellas, &


Lot#: 60601208

Camping utensils set patent 362599, stainless Taiwan foldable & Rostere 16804 foldable knifes.


Lot#: 60601207

Lot. Assorted gardening tools, tools, measuring tapes, files, electrical accessories, etc


Lot#: 60519201

10" Japanese decorative vase


Lot#: 60519202

4' x 6' Lion and Lioness tapestry


Lot#: 60519203

Kenwood entertainment center includes Kenwood electronics and assorted remote controls

Camera not included

Lot#: 60519204

Storage cabinet, Samsung DVD V8900, new Proctron PD-800 DVD/CD player, assorted VHS movies


Lot#: 60519205

Vintage BIC Multiple play manual turn table model W820 Base


Lot#: 60601202

Lot of assorted flash lights, batteries, bulbs, phones, etc


Lot#: 60519206

15' 6" x 13" rug


Lot#: 60601201

Lot. 10 piece punch set & assorted kitchen accessories


Lot#: 60519207

61 pieces. Vintage Franciscan Earthenware china.

10) 10" plates, 2) 9" bowl, 1) serving plate, 1) 8" bowl, 10) 8" plate, 5) 9 1/2" plate, creamer, sugar, tea pot, 2) salt peddles 2) pepper peddles, gravy bowl, 2) side dishes, 4) 5" bowls. 4) 5 1/2" bowls, 13) 6" plates

Lot#: 60601200

Lot. Assorted lot of kitchen accessories

Mixing bowls, ceramic containers, & mini pots

Lot#: 60519208

56 pieces. Vintage. Some stamped Franciscan Earthenware and stamped made in the USA china

2) flowers , 13) 6" saucers, salt and pepper shakers, 8) dessert cups, 5) glasses, 3) large tumblers, 2) small tumblers, 2) serving dishes, butter dish, sugar and creamer containers, 2) side dishes, 2) rose salt and pepper shakers 1) olive tray

Lot#: 60547840

(80) Vintage, assorted books/magazines. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547841

(44) Vintage, assorted vintage books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547844

Vintage, new sealed Three Musketeers book


Lot#: 60547845

Vintage, new sealed Treasure Island book


Lot#: 60547842

(70) Vintage, assorted books/magazines. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547843

(2) Wood bookcases

Measurements: 6' x 56"x 9 1/5"  & 51" x 49" x 9 1/5 " Items in and around book cases are NOT included

Lot#: 60547848

(7) Vintage, assorted books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60547846

Vintage, new sealed Adventure of Huckleberry Fin book. Couple of holes in the seal


Lot#: 60547847

Vintage. You're Only Old Once by Dr. Seuss book


Lot#: 60601217

Framed June Thomden signed canvas

Measurements 22" x 18"

Lot#: 60601216

Daisy Air gun & rack

Includes gun rack

Lot#: 60547839

(46) Vintage, assorted books. See pics for titles.

We did not go through all the books, some have owners initials, notes,etc.

Lot#: 60601215

Hahn Super BB Repeater air gun

Gun rack NOT included

Lot#: 60601214

Assorted vases (2) & pitchers (2)

Made In Germany vase, FTD Green vase, Swinnertons England pitcher. Made in Poland pitcher

Lot#: 60601219

Flamingo framed art 19" x 40"


Lot#: 60601218

Lot of assorted bandages, gauze, heating pads, cotton balls, perfumes deodorant blocks, razors, etc


Lot#: 60601213

Lot. Assorted glassware, coffee cups, etc


Lot#: 60601212

GA Global Amici made in Italy bowl, USA dishes, A Telefeora Gift tea pot, Genuine Lead crystal

GA Global Amici made in Italy bowl, USA dishes, A Telefeora Gift tea pot, Genuine Lead crystal glasses, The S Thompson Corporation milk glass salt and pepper shakers,etc

Lot#: 60601211

Classic 1960 Rid-Jid foldable metal chairs


Lot#: 60601210

Octagon table 28" x 41" with leaf , (2) Samsonite foldable chairs,


Lot#: 60547851

(14) Vintage, assorted vinyl records

See pics for titles

Lot#: 60547852

(9) Vintage, The Smothers Brothers vinyl records

See pics for titles

Lot#: 60547850

Vintage, Edison cylinder record player with (60) cylinders


Lot#: 60547855

(23) U.S Armed Forces institute Spoken Spanish assorted courses vinyl records.

See pics for titles

Lot#: 60547856

(11) Vintage, assorted vinyl records

See pics for titles

Lot#: 60547853

(4) Vintage, Bill Cosby assorted vinyl records

See pics for titles

Lot#: 60547854

(12) Vintage, assorted vinyl records

See pics for titles

Lot#: 60547859

(11) Vintage, assorted vinyl records.

See pics for titles

Lot#: 60547857

Vintage, Loretta Young- The littlest Angel, Decca Records (3) vinyl set


Lot#: 60547858

(6) Vintage, assorted vinyl sets

See pics for titles

Lot#: 60547862

(3) Albums with vintage vinyl records

See pics for titles

Lot#: 60601194

Lot. Assorted vases, paper plates, wraps, etc


Lot#: 60547863

Lighthouse calendar, horse framed art decor, & framed message decor


Lot#: 60601193

Vintage, assorted kitchen Pyrex & USA baking dishes

(9) Pyrex (3) USA

Lot#: 60547860

(15) Vintage, assorted vinyl records.

See pics for titles

Lot#: 60601192

Vintage. 12 Corning Ware dish/cups & 1 no marking

(4) 15 oz dishes (1) 2.5 quart serving dish with no lid (1) dish with lid(no markings),  (7) cups

Lot#: 60547861

Vintage, assorted cassettes with case, book, & assorted vinyl records

See pics for titles

Lot#: 60601191

Lot of assorted cutlery, knives, & kitchen accessories


Lot#: 60547866

Lot. Assorted cleaning supplies


Lot#: 60547867

Set of Kenmore washer & dryer series 500


Lot#: 60547864

Book case 28" x 24" x 9" & cubby Cabinet 11" x 11"


Lot#: 60547865

Lot. Sears Goldspot mini fridge & assorted items


Lot#: 60547868

Lot. Laundry cleaning supplies


Lot#: 60664191

18 pieces. Assorted vintage books


Lot#: 60547869

Foldable stepping ladder


Lot#: 60664190

27 pieces. Lot. Assorted books and magazines


Lot#: 60664193

23 pieces. Assorted vintage books


Lot#: 60664192

Keter Plastic chairs


Lot#: 60664195

Lot. Assorted kitchen items

Knives set, board, spoons, etc 

Lot#: 60664194

5 pieces. Vintage, assorted items. Pitcher, vases, etc

 Pitcher is a Gimbel Bros solid pewter 3597, Pewter vases, etc 

Lot#: 60664197

Butchers knives and Eze Lap Diamond stone


Lot#: 60664196

6 pieces. Vintage, assorted items

Lamp, light, vases, etc

Lot#: 60664199

Vintage Handy foldable table and chair set. Milwaukee Stamping Co.


Lot#: 60664198

Lot. Assorted coffee mugs, glass pitcher, vases, etc


Lot#: 60601198

(8) Assorted pots & pans


Lot#: 60601197

Lot. Assorted kitchen appliances

Coffee maker, toaster, can opener, handy chopper, electric mixer, etc

Lot#: 60601196

Lot. Assorted kitchen utensils


Lot#: 60601195

Lot. Assorted kitchen ware


Lot#: 60601199

(3) piece Commercial Aluminum Cookware Company pots & Tasner Syndey Ware pot (1)


Lot#: 60547870

Working, Kenmore ColdSpot refrigerator, model 61182100


Lot#: 60547871

Lot of Assorted kitchen wear


Lot#: 60664180

Little Playmate & Gott coolers


Lot#: 60664182

Lot. Pans, lids, etc.

Commercial aluminum cookware, Mirror , Calphalone, etc

Lot#: 60664181

7 pieces. Assorted appliances

Blender pressure cooker, corning Ware electric skillet, Westinghouse waffle maker, etc,

Lot#: 60664184

Lot. Christmas light decorations and nativity set


Lot#: 60664183

6 pieces. S/S bread container, aluminum pans, pots, Mirro pan with lid


Lot#: 60664186

Vintage. Airflo lined with 100% nylon sleeping bags


Lot#: 60664185

Vintage. 41" x 48" framed wall deco


Lot#: 60664188

56 pieces. Vintage, assorted books


Lot#: 60664187

Wood trunk 16" x 33" x 18"


Lot#: 60664189

6 pieces. Tewis Moonshine figurine, 2) Beam 2) decorative decanters, small vase


Lot#: 60519193

Vintage. Wood, salt and pepper shakers


Lot#: 60519194

Vintage. Wood, tumblers, vase, candle holders, hammer, gavel, Monkey pod wood dish butter knives


Lot#: 60519195

Vintage. Hand carved, wood Sets spoons,Besmo napkin holders, figurines sooons

5 sets 1 figurine

Lot#: 60519196

8 pieces. Wood, Assorted spoons/ forks , flower dishes, Yosemite leaf deco


Lot#: 60519197

18" x 40" vintage wood coffee table


Lot#: 60519198

18" x 21" Vintage. Metal frame with round marble top table, lights up


Lot#: 60519199

70" x 38" x 16" Vintage hand carved wood oriental cabinet with metal accents, with key.

Stamp of 2336-8. Hand written B8181-2336C-1

Lot#: 60519190

Heat Urge electric rolling fireplace. Model ADL- 2000MX


Lot#: 60519191

3 pieces. Wood deco pieces


Lot#: 60519192

8" Couroc plate 2) made from coconut shell decorative pieces


Lot#: 60664171

Lot. 7 pieces. Assorted decorative pieces


Lot#: 60664170

Lot. 22 pieces. Assorted glass items. Candle holders, vases, glasses,etc


Lot#: 60664173

Lot. Assorted items


Lot#: 60664172

Marcrest oven proof stoneware USA pitcher and jar


Lot#: 60664175

Vintage luggage. One has tag Multnoman Hollywood Luggage


Lot#: 60664174

Lot. Assorted items

New cooking covers, bowls, baskets, vintage Weis box with index cards, etc

Lot#: 60664177

Cast iron skillets

2) Wagner Ware 1) stamped with number 5

Lot#: 60664176

9 pieces. Assorted glass jars


Lot#: 60664179

Bird cages


Lot#: 60664178

Butcher Block 20" x 18"x 5"


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