Nancy Kelm Moving Auction - Le Center, MN

Monday February 11, 2019 | 329 East Sharon Street. Le Center, MN. US. 56057

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Lot#: 46259235

Crystal dishes, bowls, vases with bird design


Lot#: 46259236

Wood and beveled mirrored table, 55"x28"x15-1/2"H


Lot#: 46259237

Blue glassware, some Fenton pieces and (2) hanging pieces

squirrel missing ear

Lot#: 46259238

Glass top wood end table with cane shelf, 29"x23"x24"H


Lot#: 46259239

(4) framed vintage pictures: woman and child, (2) water village scene, and religious guardian angel


Lot#: 46259240

(3) metal wall hangings and wood wall art


Lot#: 46259241

(2) glass chickens/roosters


Lot#: 46259242

(6)Vintage perfume atomizers; 2 shelves


Lot#: 46259243

(2) Fenton blue carnival glass dishes and other glass basket


Lot#: 46259244

1 door cabinet lighted with mirrored back and glass shelves, 11"x24"x37"H


Lot#: 46259245

7 piece cordial set with glass top end table


Lot#: 46259246

Flexsteel upholstered chair with blanket and pillow


Lot#: 46259247

(4) clocks


Lot#: 46259248

Table lamp, wood chair and floor/end table lamp


Lot#: 46259249

Panasonic 46" flat screen tv/television model TC-P46S30 and media cabinet


Lot#: 46259250

Glassware: candle holders, vases, dishes


Lot#: 46259251

Guckenheimer salt and pepper, Gluek's salt and pepper, shot glasses, novelty pins,

advertising, rearview mirror, Grain Belt Premium advertising, buttons, keys, key chains, and other bar items; all items on top of cart

Lot#: 46259252

Wood tea cart with drop leaves


Lot#: 46259253

Cornwell grandfather clock with weights, 75"H


Lot#: 46259254

Bohemia vases and other glass vases, pitcher, artificial flowers, and glass prisms


Lot#: 46259255

Dirt Devils vacuums, brooms and dust pan


Lot#: 46259256

Clear glass stemware, salt and pepper, vinegar cruets; 3 shelves


Lot#: 46259257

Classic Rose tea set, creams, sugars; 3 shelves


Lot#: 46259258

Mirrored cabinet with light with 6 glass shelves, 19"Wx11"x72"H


Lot#: 46259259

Bowls plates, bonbon dish, Rosemeade pheasant salt and pepper, and glass dishes


Lot#: 46259260

Cochrane hutch with drawers and storage, 48"Wx18"x72"H


Lot#: 46259261

Jewellery: bracelets, lapel pins, necklaces, rings, earrings, metal compact, and watches


Lot#: 46259262

(3) men's pocket watches: Westclox Bullseye, Standard, and one with chain and jack knife is Waltham;


Lot#: 46259263

Replica of 1913 nickel amd 10 cent coin/dime


Lot#: 46259264

Winchester belt buckle, Mini Gasco Lamplighter pin, jack knives, binoculars, and trinket boxes


Lot#: 46259265

(2) men's rings: tiger eye marked 18K and other unmarked


Lot#: 46259266

Ruby glassware, most with advertising: cream pitchers, mugs, toothpick holders, South Bend Indiana


Lot#: 46259300

Canning jars, tomato squisher, plastic pails, lids, and rings

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259267

Small drop leaf table with matching wall shelf

shelf 13"Wx27"H, table 24"H

Lot#: 46259301

(5) area and throw rugs of asst. sizes

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259268

Art deco scale in red with marbles


Lot#: 46259302

Upholstered recliner armchair


Lot#: 46259269

Sidex round table with (4) matching chairs, (2) leaves

41"dia. without leaf, chairs have some wear

Lot#: 46259303

Patio set(2) metal garden chairs, table, mirrored gazing ball, and (2) lamps


Lot#: 46259304

(2) wood chairs, matching table, tv tray table, and wicker shelf- table is missing glass


Lot#: 46259305

(2) end/coffee tables, (2) dolls and oval braided rug


Lot#: 46259306

(2) wall clocks: wood one made in Watertown, MN and other resign clock, artificial flowers, and vase


Lot#: 46259307

Mirror, kerosene lamp, candy dispenser, jewelry box, clock, covered glass jar, craft marbles,

musical boxes: bear, vase, flower; contents of 2 shelves

Lot#: 46259308

(2) oil lamps with wall brackets

bring tools

Lot#: 46259309

Brass unicorn musical figurine, porcelain/ceramic pieces, wood coasters with jokes, antlers,

picture, other musical figurines, bear and porcupine plaque, crock; contents of 2 shelves

Lot#: 46259270

Corner shelf and contents, 55"H; vases, Traxler's Fairway Store Le Center crock no lid,


Lot#: 46259271

Bedazzle multi nile area rug


Lot#: 46259272

Contents of cuphord: Holt Howard mugs, Rival crock pot, plastic picnic dishes, Corelle dishes,

and others

Lot#: 46259273

Rival small crock pot, biscuit jar, Rachel Ray oil cruet, candles, silverware utensils, plastic

containers, bowls, fry pans; cupboard and drawer

Lot#: 46259274

R&S pitcher, small ding on outside


Lot#: 46259275

8 day clock made in Germany, no key with salt crock and Norcrest wall pieces


Lot#: 46259276

Enamel coffee pots, Lodge Logic cast iron fry pans, and match holder


Lot#: 46259310

Metal and glass end tables, metal and plastic tray with lighthouse scene, ottoman, clock, books


Lot#: 46259277

Blue willow dishes, salad bowl, plates, and others; not all matching, but done in blues


Lot#: 46259311

Cement lion garden statuary and plastic angel


Lot#: 46259278

Corelle dishes, juice glasses, mugs, (2) Archie glasses; includes 4 shelves with blue items

coffee grinders, cat bottle

Lot#: 46259312

Upholstered recliner armchair


Lot#: 46259279

Cookie cutters, pots and pans, bathroom scale, La Crosse digital thermometer missing adapter

drawers and doors

Lot#: 46259313

(2) phones and 2 door storage cabinet- for tv or microwave, on rollers


Lot#: 46259314

Plastic wicker rocker/rocking chair


Lot#: 46259315

Patio set: (4) chairs, (2) side tables, table


Lot#: 46259316

Contents of east wall: hand saw, barometer clock, shepherd hook, 48" aluminum step ladder,

old automotive hubcaps, hay hook, (2) plastic chairs, black hose, small garden tools

Lot#: 46259317

Contents of green shelf: fan, artificial flowers, dishes, locking cabinet, metal pieces, homemade

rooster weathervane

Lot#: 46259318

Industrial work bench with under shelf; metal frame, 145"Lx36"H, contents not included


Lot#: 46259319

Contents of west wall: Hoover vacuum, garden decorations, fly fishing rod, ant killer, furniture

sliders, homemade bench, extension cord, snow shovels, wind chime

Lot#: 46259280

Salt and pepper collection, glass canisters, floral tray, and night lights;

in cupboard and on counter

Lot#: 46259281

Allis Chalmers Cat/Caterpillar watch fob tractor, agriculture farm


Lot#: 46259282

Pocket knives, Peterbilt advertising, watch, Boeing Airlines keychain, and arrowhead


Lot#: 46259283

Cigarette lighters, some with advertising


Lot#: 46259284

Child's metal coin bank, rosary, ten dollar peso, (2) rolls of pennies, and Wisconsin deer tag;

wood trinket box

Lot#: 46259285

Glass barometer, nut crackers, (3) candle lights, push button phone, small suitcase with knee hole

desk 40"Wx19"x30"H 3 drawers with shelves **Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259286

2 drawer metal file cabinet with key and Universal Large unabridged dictionary

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259320

Thank you for bidding.


Lot#: 46259287

Paperback and hardcover books, with records albums, and tapes

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259288

Swift Riflescope scope and empty Kwik-Site box, leather pistol holder, Hawkeye camera,

Kodak instamatic camera, Twins pictures, Fie Field 7.5 degree binoculars **Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259200

Heirloom clock with asst. pictures and framed mirror


Lot#: 46259289

Wicker type chair, patio end table, pictures, wood end table

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259201

Sterilite 3 drawer plastic organizer with household items: light bulbs, spray bottles,

waste basket, 2lb weight

Lot#: 46259202

Sterilite 3 drawer plastic organizer, purses, hanky, candles, and stationary tote with lid


Lot#: 46259203

(9) ceramic teapots


Lot#: 46259204

1 door stenciled cabinet, 27"Wx17"x55"H

some scratches

Lot#: 46259205

Round occasional table, lamp, small curio, and wood shelves


Lot#: 46259206

(3) table lamps


Lot#: 46259207

American Drew 5 drawer dresser, 36"x18"x52"H


Lot#: 46259208

Linens, towels, table cloths; contents of 4 drawers


Lot#: 46259209

Sony flat screen tv/television, model KDL-40V5100 includes wall mount, remote, stand

bring tools

Lot#: 46259290

Metal corner shelf, rulers, flag, greeting cards, and artificial flowers

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259291

(2) wood cabinets, 24"Wx22"x22"H and 24"Wx15"x32"

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259292

Vintage jewelry box with mirror, pens, pencils, ink bottle, clippers, adult novelty cards

2 flats **Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259293

(2) metal shelves contents included, 59"H and 30"H

enamelware, carnival glass, tupperware, electric fry pan, toaster, Granada covered ceramic casserole, and stuff **Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259294

Linden 31 day wall clock, other hanging clock made in Germany no weights, and novelty guitar

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259295

Brass square bar stock, fire extinguishers, electric motor, sad iron

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259296

2 door metal cabinet, 36"x20"x63"H

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259297

Metal shelf 65"H and contents: Dirt Devil vacuum, kitchen appliances, spice rack, humidifier

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259176

Thank you for bidding.

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Lot#: 46259298

Christmas decorations: snow man, wreaths, wood box

**Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259210

Kiti kat clock and cat toys


Lot#: 46259177

2 drawer desk/hutch with pigeon holes, 24"Wx16"Dx70"H


Lot#: 46259299

Organizers, metal shoe rack, towels, purses, bathroom items, under sink cleaners, metal shelf 70"H

wood cabinet and contents 52"H, clothes pins, ironing board, laundry cleaners **Lots 104 to 120 in basement**

Lot#: 46259211

(3) kerosene lamps


Lot#: 46259178

(7)Vintage perfume atomizers


Lot#: 46259212

2 door cabinet 26"x15"x24"H


Lot#: 46259179

Half moon table, 30"Wx30"H


Lot#: 46259213

Norman Rockwell clock, pictures, and (2) plates


Lot#: 46259214

Dolls, asst. sizes


Lot#: 46259215

Vintage color Wheel with Evergleam aluminum Christmas tree, Frostlite Flocked Metal tree,

plastic nativity scene

Lot#: 46259216

Vintage Christmas tree ornaments, cards, paper, in vintage suitcase


Lot#: 46259217

(2) pairs of ice skates


Lot#: 46259218

Massengill Powder technic of douching powder and empty Plymouth Undies


Lot#: 46259219

Woolrich wool red plaid pants, boots, hats and mittens, flannel lined pants with calf lacing,

shoe locker with key

Lot#: 46259180

(7) pieces of glassware some Czech glass and crystal bell and vases


Lot#: 46259181

(4) pieces of carnival glass


Lot#: 46259182

Bendable floor lamp and (2) flower pictures


Lot#: 46259183

Bulova wall clock from American Crystal Sugar company, battery operated


Lot#: 46259184

Collection of birds: Fenton and others


Lot#: 46259185

Glass sliding door hutch with bottom drawer and glass shelves, 21"Wx12"Dx55"H


Lot#: 46259186

Chocolate tea set: rose set is from Japan other unknown


Lot#: 46259220

Carnival glass bowl, dutch windmill, covered dish, other glassware in greens


Lot#: 46259187

Collection of angles and Precious Moments; 3 shelves


Lot#: 46259221

Glass handled baskets, red ruby bowl


Lot#: 46259188

Lefton dresser pieces


Lot#: 46259222

Cobalt blue dishes: salt and pepper, sugar, bowls- both shelves


Lot#: 46259189

Framed pictures: Pilgrim Lass by Ellen Nelson and others


Lot#: 46259223

Paper weights on sink counter


Lot#: 46259224

Carnival glass canisters, one piece missing top


Lot#: 46259225

Cabinet, 32"Wx15"x63"H with glass shelves; contents not included


Lot#: 46259226

Cream and sugar sets; contents of cabinet


Lot#: 46259227

2 door cabinet with glass shelves and beveled mirrored back, some minor scratches, lighted


Lot#: 46259228

Glassware: cream and sugar, salt and pepper; 4 shelves


Lot#: 46259229

R&S chocolate tea set and other sugar and creamer; bottom shelf


Lot#: 46259190

Glider rocker chair with foot stool


Lot#: 46259191

Lancelot Sage/Cottonwood 60"x96" area rug


Lot#: 46259192

(4) glass baskets


Lot#: 46259193

1 drawer table with shelf 13"Wx22"x23"H


Lot#: 46259194

Ceramic trinket box, 6-1/2"x10-1/2"W


Lot#: 46259195

Framed painting stream mill scene


Lot#: 46259196

(2) mantle clocks: William L. Gilbert Clock Co. Lake No. 5 and E.N. Weich Mfg. Co.

includes (3) keys may not match

Lot#: 46259197

Glassware dishes and covered crystal dish


Lot#: 46259230

Mantle clock made in USA and shelf with drawer

bring tools, shelf has crack

Lot#: 46259198

Wood quilt rack with afghans and quilted table runner


Lot#: 46259231

Lefton pieces and 4 drawer stand, 48"H


Lot#: 46259199

2 purses, 1 beaded mesh purse, and one with tag inside Regale


Lot#: 46259232

(2) framed mirrors


Lot#: 46259233

La-z-boy 90" 2 cushion sofa with throw pillows


Lot#: 46259234

Shelf and contents: knick-knacks; 36"Wx24"H

shelf has plate rail

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