ONLINE ESTATE AUCTION: Antiques, Appliances, Furniture, Coins, Collectibles and More!

Tuesday April 16, 2019 | 8288 Bradley Creek Rd (SALE #4). Lascassas, TN. US. 37085
BID NOW ONLINE ONLY Until Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 @ 8:00 PM

Personal Property Terms: Selling Online Only. Please Review All Online Terms Prior To Bidding. 10% Buyers Premium added to the final bid price to determine final selling price. WE DO NOT SHIP ITEMS. Make arrangements to pick-up your items. Pick-up is scheduled for Thursday, April 18th from 12-6 PM at 8288 Bradley Creek Rd, Lascassas, TN 37085. Selling for the Lester Estate. FIREARM TERMS: Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. is assisting the Estate in finding buyers for the Estate's firearms. All sales of firearms are made by the Estate. Buyers of long guns must be 18 or older. Buyers of hand guns must be 21 or older. Because we do NOT know the complete history of any of these firearms, they must be inspected by a competent gunsmith to determine if the firearm can be safely fired. Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. shall be held harmless from any liability resulting from the sale or use of any firearm sold at auction. Bidders must abide by any local, state, or federal laws set forth on any firearm purchase. In order to purchase this item, you must be of legal age. The registered/winning bidder must be the one to pick up and pay for the firearm. You must pay for the firearm on the pick-up date THURSDAY January 10th from 1-5 PM at 8288 Bradley Creek Rd, Lascassas, TN A representative of the estate will transport each firearm to Bullseye Gun, 130 Shelby St, Murfreesboro, TN 37127 for background check and pick up by each buyer. The cost of the background check and processing is $30.00 for each buyer and firearm paid to Bullseye Gun The firearms will be available for pick up ON or AFTER FRIDAY January 11th after successfully passing the background check. You can pick up any time up to 10 days after Friday. Bullseye Gun is neither a representative for the estate (Seller) nor Comas Montgomery Realty and Auction Co., Inc. Out of State Buyers will need to contact Bullseye at 615-900-1098 for additional shipping and handling of the firearms. 1. Bidding Increments: Each Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Company Inc. auction may have different bidding increments. The software will calculate the next bid amount before submitting the bid. 2. Auction Ending: Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. Online Auctions are timed events and all bidding will close at a specified time. Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. Online Auctions also have an auto-extend feature. Any bid placed in the final five (5) minutes of an auction, the auction ending will be automatically extended five (5) minutes from the time the bid was placed. Example: If an auction scheduled to close at 6:00 receives a bid at 5:59, the close time will automatically extend 6:04. The auto extend feature remains active until no further bids are received within a five (5) minute time frame. The extension time will apply to individual lots only. 3. Outbid Notification: Until the auction begins to close, the bidding software will notify bidders by email when they have been outbid. Bidders may also find out if they have been outbid by refreshing the individual lot information. Due to varying internet connectionsspeed, please place a max bid or constantly monitor the auction at close of bidding. Sometimes email notifications can be delayed. 4. Property Information & Inspection: Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. is not responsible for any missing or incorrect listing information. Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. has attempted to provide accurate descriptions of all items in the auction. However, it is the bidder's responsibility to inspect the item and determine the condition of each lot. Descriptions that are provided by Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion. The only recourse for the buyer of an item or items that are missing or damaged prior to pick up is not paying for the item. If the pictures displayed with descriptions do not appear to match, contact [email protected] or call 615.895.0078 to report the auction date and item number. 5. Sold "As Is Where Is": Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. and the seller furnish all auction items to buyers "As Is", unsupported, without warranty of any kind. Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. and the seller disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Items are sold in their actual current condition, with all faults and defects, and with all errors of description. Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. liability to a purchaser will never exceed the purchase price actually paid for an item. Bidders accept all auction items with all faults, whether or not immediately apparent. Bidders are responsible for ascertaining actual current condition through personal inspection and careful review of the description, pictures, video andor support documentation. Every bidder agrees that his or her decision to bid and the amount he or she bids have been based solely on his or her own independent inspection and evaluation of the auction items. 6. Auctioneer's Discretion: Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. has full discretion to modify the date and time, order, and details of the sale of any item or conduct of any auction for any reason or no reason at all, including but not limited to technical issues, emergencies, and convenience of Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. or the seller. Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. reserves the right to modify, change, or remove usernames at any time. 7. Server & Software Technical Issues: In the event that there are technical difficulties related to the server, software or any other online auction-related technologies, Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. reserves the right to extend bidding, continue the bidding, or close the bidding. Neither the company providing the software nor Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. shall be held responsible for a missed bid or the failure of the software to function properly for any reason. Email notifications may be sent to registered bidders with updated information as deemed necessary by Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. 8. Terms: Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. reserves the right to reject any and all bids for any reason. An accepted bid is a legal binding contract. Items become the full responsibility of the bidder at the time that payment is received. The bidder assumes all risk of loss or damage to the item at that time. Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. reserves the right to resell any personal property that is not paid for in full by the conclusion of the state pickup date. In any such event, the bidder will still be responsible for payment for the original purchase and the costs of collection of this payment andor damages resulting for the resale of the property. Buyer and or Bidder agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. and its Agents, Owners, Directors, Employees and its Representatives from any and all claims, damages or suits including but not limited to awards, judgments, costs, fees, etc. 9. Buyer's Premium: There will be a ten percent (10%) Buyers Premium added to final bid price to determine the final selling price of the auction lot. 10. Payment: Payment must be made before item(s) are removed by the specified date on the auction advertisement. All sales are final. There are no returns, refunds, or adjustments. Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check and Money Orders. 11. Auction Cancellation: Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. reserves the right to cancel this auction, or remove any item or lot from this auction prior to the close of bidding. 12. Bidder Verification: The identity of all bidders will be verified. Bidding rights are provisional, and if complete verification is not possible, Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. will reject the registration, and bidding activity will be terminated. The Seller and Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. reserve the right to preclude any person from bidding if there is any question as to the persons credentials, mental fitness, etc. 13. Bidder Responsibilities: Bidder responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Bidders agree to keep their username and password confidential, as they are responsible for ANY and ALL activity involving their account. If the registered bidder's user name is offensive to Comas Montgomery Realty and Auction Co., or in their sole opinion detrimental to Bidding Activity, then Comas Montgomery Realty and Auction Co., reserves the right to delete the bidder from bidding or unilaterally change the username with notification to the Bidder. When using the web site you must obey any and all local state and federal laws. Violations will result in termination of web site use privileges. Auction company employees andor auction company may bid on auction. We gather aggregate information from the web site which may include but is not limited to: number of page visitors, most visited pages, and any and all correspondence. 14. Personal Property Pickup: All items, must be picked up from the address listed on the auction, as well as the date listed, once Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. has received and acknowledged payment in full. Items will not be released to buyers until payment is made in full to Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. Bidders are responsible for rigging, loading, and moving all items purchased without assistance from Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. If you are the winning bidder on large items, please bring help and equipment to load the item. 15. Security: Surveillance and security are on site; please do not enter the property except at the specified preview date and time or by appointment. 16. Default: If purchases are not settled by the specified pick up day, it will be considered in default. Upon default the bidder will be black listedblocked from bidding on Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. auctions, as well as MarkNet Alliance auctions and may be charged ten percent (10%) of bid price or five hundred dollars ($500), whichever is greater. All defaulted items may be offered to the next highest qualified bidder at the discretion of Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. The bidder agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and other costs incurred by Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. in its efforts to collect unpaid funds from the bidder. The bidder agrees that a fee of two percent (2%) of the outstanding balance per month be added to any unpaid balance due Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. Any dispute will be tried in a court of jurisdiction in Rutherford County, Tennessee. EACH PARTY HEREBY KNOWINGLY, VOLUNTARILY AND INTENTIONALLY WAIVES (TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW) ANY RIGHT IT MAY HAVE TO A TRIAL BY JURY OF ANY DISPUTE ARISING UNDER OR RELATING TO THIS AGREEMENT AND AGREES THAT ANY SUCH DISPUTE SHALL BE TRIED BEFORE A JUDGE SITTING WITHOUT A JURY. 17. Guaranty Agreement: By submitting a bid in the name of a business entity or corporation, the individual submitting the bid enters into a guaranty agreement whereby he or she personally guarantees payment to Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. of any bid amount not paid when due by the business entity or corporation, for any reason, together with all collection expenses incurred to enforce collection, including a reasonable attorney's fee. 18. Limitation of Liability: If, for any reason, Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. is unable to make available or deliver any Purchase, or portion thereof, or documentation required in respect of any Purchase at time of pickup, the sole liability of Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc., if any, shall be the return of any paid monies in respect of such Purchase upon its return by Purchaser. 19. Disputes: Any dispute between Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc., its Agents or Representatives and the Buyer(s) will be tried in a court of jurisdiction in Rutherford County, Tennessee. By bidding on any item, buyer agrees to all terms and conditions set forth. 20. Age Requirement: All bidders must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. 21. Firearms Regulations: Bidders must abide by any local, state, or federal laws set forth on any firearm purchases. 22. Purchased Items: All buyers are responsible for making sure that all items purchased are accounted for before leaving the designated pick-up location after the auction has closed. 23. Acceptance of Bid Prices: All bids are subject to seller confirmation unless noted as ABSOLUTE. 24. Loading, Rigging and Dismantling Items: While personnel at loading sites may assist Buyers, Buyer assumes all responsibility and liability for the loading, rigging, dismantling, securing, transportation, and unloading of purchased goods. Buyer to hold the Seller and Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc. harmless for any property damage or injuries related to the loading, securing, transportation, and unloading.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

SAMSUNG Refrigerator w/ French Door and Pull Out Freezer- 70in x 36in x 35in

Lot#: 1

Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Collection (1939, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946) w/ 4 Mints of Barber Silver Half Dollars (1899, 1902, 1908, 1914)

Lot#: 2

Assortment of Coins Including John F Kennedy Half Dollar Collection, Roosevelt Dime, 1945 Half Dollar, and 1793 Americans 1st Silver Dollar

Lot#: 3

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Collection (1945 & 1946) w/ Americana Series Vanishing Classics Collection (1943 Steel Penny, Buffalo Nickel, Walking Libe

Lot#: 4

Assortment of Half Dollars 1941,1942, 1943,1943, 1949(3), 1957,

Lot#: 5

Six Decades of Half Dollars (1940’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s) and 1940’s Mercury Dimes (1941-1945)

Lot#: 6

Genuine United States Mint Including JFK Half Dollar 1977, Indian Head Penny 1904, and 1989 Congressional Half Dollar

Lot#: 7

Genuine United States Mint 1983 Olympic Dollar and 1937 Buffalo Nickel

Lot#: 8

Genuine United States Mint Including Silver Franklin Half Dollar 1952 and Copper Nicks Indian Cent 1863

Lot#: 9

Genuine United States Mint 1943 Steel Lincoln Cent and 1999 Silver Bullion One-Ounce American Eagle

Lot#: 10

United States Proof Set (1981) and 1991 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Bullion Coin

Lot#: 11

Misc Coins Including (2) Passport Coins .999 Real Gold, 1960’s Kennedy Half Dollars, 1920’s Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars

Lot#: 12

United States Proof Sets (1979 & 1980)

Lot#: 13

United States Mint Proof Set 1989

Lot#: 14

United States Mint Proof Set 1989, 1990 Gold American Eagle Coin 1/10 Ounce

Lot#: 15

Assortment of Coins Including 1804 Bust Dollar, 1913 Libert “V” Nickel, 1798 Turban Head 1/2 Eagle

Lot#: 16

United States Proof Coin Set (1986)

Lot#: 17

United States Proof Coin Set (1985)

Lot#: 18

United States Proof Coin Set (1991)

Lot#: 19

United States Mint 1989 Prestige Set

Lot#: 20

United States Proof Coin Set (1984)

Lot#: 21

United States Mint 1984 Olympics

Lot#: 22

United States Proof Coin Set (1983)

Lot#: 23

Genuine United States Mint 1988 Prestige Set

Lot#: 24

Pair of SEIKO Watches

Lot#: 25

United States Mint Proof Set 1982 And 1982 90% Silver Commemorative Half Dollar

Lot#: 26

Morgan Silver Dollar Collection 1879, 1889, 1883, 1887, 1890

Lot#: 27

United States Proof Coin Set (1978)

Lot#: 28

United States Mint Proof Set 1977

Lot#: 29

1837 Coronet-Type Large Cent and 1864 2-Cent Coin

Lot#: 30

United States 1986 Prestige Set

Lot#: 31

United States Mint Prestige Set 1990

Lot#: 32

Unites States Mint 1989 Prestige Set

Lot#: 33

United States Mint Olympic Prestige Set 1983

Lot#: 34

1793 America’s First Silver Dollar, Barber Silver Half Dollar 1943, 1943 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar, 1954 Franklin Silver Half Dollar, and 196

Lot#: 35

Assortment of Collectible Coins- American Eagle One Ounce Proof Silver Bullion Coins(2), United States Confressional Coin, Uncirculated Silver George

Lot#: 36

The National Historic Mint Collectible President Coins (Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt) and 1916 Coin Set

Lot#: 37

World War II Coinage Collection Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1941-1945) and 1893 Columbian Half Dollar

Lot#: 38

The Complete Collection of Uncirculated Sacagawea Golden Dollars (PCS Stamps and Coins)

Lot#: 39

The Complete U.S. Five-Cent Coin Collection In Lockable Wooden Box

Lot#: 40

100 Years of Lincoln Coins & Stamps 1909-2009

Lot#: 41

1987 Silver American Eagle One Dollar One Ounce Proof Silver Bullion Coin

Lot#: 42

Pair of 2004 Lewis and Clark Keelboat 5 Cent Coin and Pair of 2004 Louisiana Purchase 5 Cent Coin

Lot#: 43

The Whie House 200th Anniversary Proof Silver Dollar

Lot#: 44

Uncirculated United States Constitution Coin- 1987 Silver Dollar

Lot#: 45

United States 1987 Prestige Set

Lot#: 46

United States Mint Proof Set (1988)

Lot#: 47

United States Mint Proof Set (1987)

Lot#: 48

United States Mint Proof Set (1985)

Lot#: 49

American Eagle One Ounce Proof Silver Bullion Coin

Lot#: 50

American Eagle One Ounce Proof Silver Bullion Coin

Lot#: 51

American Eagle 1/10 Ounce Proof Gold Bullion Coin and United States Mint 1989 Uncirculated Coin Set

Lot#: 52

Assortment of Cufflinks and Tie Clips

Lot#: 53

United States Congressional 1989 and 1984 Uncirculated Coin Set

Lot#: 54

United States Liberty Coins 1986 and Farewell to The L.S.D System

Lot#: 55

Assortment of SWANK Cufflinks

Lot#: 56

The United States Mint 1991 Uncirculated Coin Sets w/ D and P Marks

Lot#: 57

1985 Uncirculated Coin Set D&P Marks and Uncirculated Olympic Silver Dollars 1983 Collector Set

Lot#: 58

United States Congressional Coins- 1989 Silver Dollar and Half Dollar

Lot#: 59

1984 Uncirculated Coin Set and 1985 Uncirculated Coin Set D&P Mint Marks

Lot#: 60

U.S. Mint 1979 and 1980 Uncirculated Coins

Lot#: 61

United States Mint 1989 Uncirculated Coin Set D&P Mint Marks and United States Mint Proof Set 1990

Lot#: 62

US Mint 1977 and 1978 Uncirculated Coin Sets

Lot#: 63

1989 Silver Dollar Proof

Lot#: 64

The Official Inagural Day Medallic/ Postal Commemorative and United States Liberty Coins- 1986 Silver Dollar and Half Dollar

Lot#: 65

Assortment of Antique Musket Bullets

Lot#: 66

Bell Jewlers Customized Pen and Pencil

Lot#: 67

58 Caliber Lead Round Balls

Lot#: 68

World War II Obsolete Coin Collection and American Nickels of the 20th Century

Lot#: 69

Americana Series Yesteryear Coin Collection, Onsolete Coins of the Civil War, The Patriotic Coins of World War II

Lot#: 70

Americana Series Yesteryear Coin Collection and United States Coin Set (1985)

Lot#: 71

America’s Rarest Coins Wooden Display Box

Lot#: 72

First Flight Coin Collection and Shell Case Penny Collection

Lot#: 73

United States Coin Sets (1982 & 1986) w/ 1943 Steel Cents Wartime Emergency Issue

Lot#: 74

America Frontier Nickel Sets w/ Elvis Presley First Day Covers Collection

Lot#: 75

United States Coin Sets (1984, 1988, 1991) w/ American Eagle Collection Symbols of American Freedom

Lot#: 76

Two Centuries of Indian Pennies, America’s Obsolete Coin Collection, and Wild West Coin Collection

Lot#: 77

Rare Coins off the 20th Century Series Half Dollar Collection and 1918 Coin Set

Lot#: 78

United States Coin Set (1979, 1989, 1990) and 1943 Lincoln Steel Cents Emergency Issue

Lot#: 79

United States Coin Sets (1970, 1975, 1987)

Lot#: 80

1964 JFK Uncirculated Half Dollars and 1967 JFK Uncirculated Half Dollar

Lot#: 81

One and Two Dollar Bills Colorized

Lot#: 82

S.S. Titanic Coin and Sacagawea Coins (2000)

Lot#: 83

World War II Obsolete Coin Collection and 1920’s Golden Years of the Mercury Duke

Lot#: 84

Assortment of Collectible Nickels (2005 and 2006)

Lot#: 85

Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar Collection and 1808 Coin from Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Coin

Lot#: 86

Assortment of Coin Display Slips

Lot#: 87

Collection of Antique Arrowheads

Lot#: 88

Variety of Antique Stones and Bullets

Lot#: 89

Misc. Watches and Jewelry

Lot#: 90

Vintage Public Telephone Long Distance Phone

Lot#: 91

ERTL Limited Edition, 3rd in Series, ALLIS CHALMERS WD-45 2004 FFA Tractor w/ JOHN DEER 1/80 Scale Combine and Designation 6 4WD Tractor

Lot#: 92

Light up Christmas Decorations

Lot#: 93

Collectible KELLOG’S 2001 and 2002 Tractor Trailers

Lot#: 94

Limited Edition 1 of 1000 ALLIS-CHALMERS Collectible Tractor Display

Lot#: 95

Assortment of Vintage Signs- JOHN DEERE, PURINA, HERSHEY’S, Etc.

Lot#: 96

Variety of Vintage Signs- JOHN DEERE, NEHI, WATERLOO BOY, Etc.

Lot#: 97

Assortment of Collectible Toy Tractors

Lot#: 98

Variety of Scale Model Tractors

Lot#: 99

Wings of Texaco “The Duck” Airplane, Jigsaw Puzzle, and Figurines

Lot#: 100

Collection of Trinkets Knick Knack Toys

Lot#: 101

Misc. Items- Duck Call, Turkey, Marbles, Etc.

Lot#: 102

MARTINEZ POTTERY Hand Turned and Painted 34 Piece Set (Mad in USA)

Lot#: 103

Variety of Kitchen Utensils w/ Tray

Lot#: 104

Light up Christmas Decorations

Lot#: 105

Assortment of Pottery w/ Sayings

Lot#: 106

Collection of RACHEL RAY Cookware

Lot#: 107

MARTINEZ POTTERY Hand Turned Bowls and Pitcher (Made in USA)

Lot#: 108

DISHES Kitchen Pot w/ Lid (Made in Italy)

Lot#: 109

Collection of Drinking Glasses (6)

Lot#: 110

Collection of Drinking Glasses (6)

Lot#: 111

BLACK & DECKER PowerPro 250 Watts Mixer

Lot#: 112

Kitchen Dicer

Lot#: 113

EMERIL Food Processor

Lot#: 114


Lot#: 115

HAMILTON BEACH 14 Speed Blender

Lot#: 116

Spice Racks w/ Spices

Lot#: 117

Porcelain APILCO Plates (11) Made in France

Lot#: 118


Lot#: 119

Collection of APILCO Plates (7)

Lot#: 120

Misc. Items- Cheese Slicer, Honey Spoons, Can Opener, Scissors, Etc.

Lot#: 121

Misc. Items- Honey Jar, Martini Glasses, Coffee Grinder, Etc.

Lot#: 122

Variety of Kitchen Utensils

Lot#: 123

Collection of Plastic Deer Cups

Lot#: 124

WILLIAM-SONOMA Platter (Made in Italy) w/ Decorative Sauce Dishes

Lot#: 125

Misc. Items Measuring Cups, Jars, Plate, Etc.

Lot#: 126

APILCO Cooking Dishes

Lot#: 127

Variety of Glass Bowls

Lot#: 128

RONCO Six Star Cutlery Knife Holder

Lot#: 129

Misc. Items- Knife Sharpeners, Pot Holders, Etc.

Lot#: 130

Collection of Six-Star Knives

Lot#: 131

HIGH COUNTRY ARTS Stainless Sheffield England Stea Knives

Lot#: 132

Variety of Cooking Dishes

Lot#: 133

Decorative Coffee Mugs w/ Coasters

Lot#: 134

Assortment of Vintage Thermometers

Lot#: 135

Misc. Glassware

Lot#: 136

Collection of Drinking Glasses

Lot#: 137

Sealable Plastic Jars (3)

Lot#: 138

Misc. Items- Nativity Scene, Mickey Mouse Decoration, Bald Eagle, Etc.

Lot#: 139

Cookie Jar

Lot#: 140

Collection of Ceramic Pots

Lot#: 141

Misc. Items- Can Opener, Cutting Boards, Cook Book Holder, Etc.

Lot#: 142

Collection of Glassware (28)

Lot#: 143

The Slater Staffordshire Scale w/ 4H Toy Car

Lot#: 144

100 Year Pendleton Blankets Plates and Mugs

Lot#: 145

ENRICO Wooden Bowls w/ Other Wooden Bowls

Lot#: 146

Collection of Ceramic Jars w/ Sealable Lids

Lot#: 147

Antique Lanterns

Lot#: 148

Collection of Glass Cups (8)

Lot#: 149

ENRICO Wooden Bowls (3)

Lot#: 150

Collection of Ice Cream Sundae Glasses (4)

Lot#: 151

Assortment of cookware

Lot#: 152

Assortment of Measuring Cups, Wooden Spoons, Etc.

Lot#: 153

Collection of Dragonfly Glasses

Lot#: 154

Misc. Decorative Items

Lot#: 155

Assortment of Wooden Bowls

Lot#: 156

Collection of Batteries w/ Battery Checkers

Lot#: 157

Misc. Items- Surge Protector, Coffee Maker, Timers, Etc.

Lot#: 158

Collection of Glass Jars

Lot#: 159

Glass Cooking Dish

Lot#: 160

Misc. Items- Rocking Horse, Snow Globes, Figurines, COCA-COLA Truck, Etc.

Lot#: 161

PYREX Measuring Bowls

Lot#: 162

Various Laundry Detergent

Lot#: 163

Misc. Items- Glue, Wood Filler, Tape, Wood Putty, Etc.

Lot#: 164

Misc. Items- WINDEX Pads, Nails, Textile Deodorant, Etc.

Lot#: 165

Glass Cooking Dish

Lot#: 166

Misc. Items- Plastic Cups, Glass Bowls, Etc.

Lot#: 167

Various Types of Glue

Lot#: 168

Variety of Batteries

Lot#: 169


Lot#: 170

COUNTRY FREEZER Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker

Lot#: 171

Collection of Baskets (3)

Lot#: 172

Assortment of Clocks- JOHN DEERE 150, JOHN DEERE Regulator, BAKERSVILLE England

Lot#: 173

Variety of Books

Lot#: 174

Assortment of Belts (Some w/ Coin Belt Buckles) and Suspenders

Lot#: 175

Misc. Items- Felt Blankets, Belt Buckles, Glass Bottles, Etc.

Lot#: 176

Misc. Items- American Flags, COCA-COLA Lunch Box, Plate Hangers, Baby Crib Night Light, Etc.

Lot#: 177

Outdoor Rocking Chair Cushions (4)

Lot#: 178

Wooden Calendar w/ Donkey Picture

Lot#: 179

Wind-up Clocks- SETH-THOMAS, and Mantle Clock

Lot#: 180

Misc. Items- Dual Trunking Scanner, Compact Scanner, and Power Adapters

Lot#: 181

Assortment of Suitcases and Bags

Lot#: 182

GRUNDIG Satellit 800 Millennium (Brand New In Box)

Lot#: 183

QUANTARY Camera Case

Lot#: 184

Misc. Items- Silverplated Candlestick Holders, Decorative Rocking Horse, Etc.

Lot#: 185

Misc. Items- GPS, Radio, Phone, Cowbell, Belt Buckle, Etc.

Lot#: 186

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 187

Misc. Books

Lot#: 188

Misc. Items- Photo Albums, Wallets, Pins, JACK DANIELS Playing Cards, Watches, Etc.

Lot#: 189

Misc. Items- Surge Protectors, Deluxe Anniversary Edition MONOPOLY, Peg Racks, The Farming Game, Etc.

Lot#: 190

Misc. Items- Checkers, Blanket, Spools of String, Etc.

Lot#: 191

JOHN DEERE 1000 Piece Puzzles (3) And JOHN DEERE Koozies

Lot#: 192

Misc. Items- Bungee Cords, SAMSUNG Wall Mount, Extension Cord, Camera Bag, Etc.

Lot#: 193

PHILLIPS MAGNAVOX Radio and Cassette Player

Lot#: 194

Leather Photo Albums (5)

Lot#: 195

Collection of Various Tractor/ Outdoor Booklets

Lot#: 196

Wicker Baskets (2)

Lot#: 197

iPhone 6 Plus OTTERBOX Case w/ PELICAN 1040 & 1060 Micro Case Series

Lot#: 198

WOOLRICH Birch Bark Tumbler and Tissue Box Cover

Lot#: 199

Assortment of Books, DVD’s, and VHS Tapes

Lot#: 200

CLIPQUIK Cordless Weedeater

Lot#: 201


Lot#: 202

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 203

Variety of Books

Lot#: 204

CABELLA’S Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Lot#: 205

Collection of Books

Lot#: 206

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 207

Misc. Items- Decorative License Plates, Glass Pitcher, Antique Doll, Etc.

Lot#: 208

Collection of Books

Lot#: 209

Misc. Items- File Folders, Plant, Recorder, Etc.

Lot#: 210

LOWE-PRO Camera Bag w/ Contents

Lot#: 211

Assortment of Items- Antique Oil Can, ROCK CITY Birdhouse, Divider, Etc.

Lot#: 212

Misc. Items- Nutcracker, Plaque, Etc.

Lot#: 213

Misc. Items- COCA-COLA Tin, Clock, JOHN DEERE & CO-OP Thermometers, Etc.

Lot#: 214

CABELLA’S Alaskan Guide Model Sleeping Bag

Lot#: 215

Misc. Items- Racing Scanner Headphones, Book Bag, Etc.

Lot#: 216

Variety of Picture Frames

Lot#: 217

Louisville Slugger & Atlanta Braves Wooden Bats

Lot#: 218

Assortment of Baseballs (Some w/ Signatures) and Softball

Lot#: 219

Wooden Tray w/ Stand and Wooden Stools (2)

Lot#: 220

Native Fox- Huge Code NF TH (98”x 94”)

Lot#: 221

Misc. Items- Watches, Bracelets, Hats, Necklaes, Etc.

Lot#: 222

Wooden Cuckoo Clock

Lot#: 223

Pine Ridge Bathroom Decorations w/ Pinecone Soap Dispensers

Lot#: 224

Sealable Storage Canisters w/ Marbles

Lot#: 225

Wooden JOHN DEERE Weather Center

Lot#: 226


Lot#: 227

Roll Puzzle

Lot#: 228

ERTL JOHN DEERE Scale Model Toys w/ Belt Buckles

Lot#: 229

NIKKO Radio Control Jeep Wrangler (In Box)

Lot#: 230

MAISTO Special Edition Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (3) and Jeep Wrangler Sahara

Lot#: 231

Scale Model ALLIS-CHALMERS Antique Tractor

Lot#: 232

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Figurines

Lot#: 233

ERTL Scale Model COCKSHUTT 20 Tractor (In Box)

Lot#: 234

ERTL Scale Model COCKSHUTT 20 Tractor (In Box)

Lot#: 235

ERTL Scale Model CO-OP E2 Tractor (In Box)

Lot#: 236

Misc. Items- STREETPILOT GPS, Oscillating Sprinkler, Playing Cards, Etc.

Lot#: 237

Decorative Rooster Statue

Lot#: 238

CABELLA’S Hardshell Pistol Case

Lot#: 239

Misc. Items- JOHN DEERE Scale Model Toys, JOHN DEERE Plate, Wind Chimes, Etc.

Lot#: 240

KIDDE Pro Series Fire Extinguisher

Lot#: 241

Misc. Items- Coffee Mugs, Bowls, Etc.

Lot#: 242

Metal Mugs, Metal Pitcher, and Decorative Donkey Statue

Lot#: 243

SUNSWEPT Clock/ Thermometer

Lot#: 244

Variety of Figurines w/ Antique Dolls and Glassware

Lot#: 245

BUBM & ICON Cases w/ BluTooth Keyboard

Lot#: 246

Misc. Electronic Items

Lot#: 247

ZOJRUSHI Rice Cooker

Lot#: 248

BUTTER-UP Popcorn Cooker

Lot#: 249

Misc. Items- HOME DEPOT Coffee Mug, JOHN DEERE Birdhouse, Hats, Etc.

Lot#: 250

Assortment of Books and DVD’s

Lot#: 251

Comforter w/ Matching Pillow Cases (2)

Lot#: 252

Collection of Vintage Signs- COCA-COLA, BLACK CAT, FORD FARMING, Etc.

Lot#: 253

Decorative Wooden Rabbit Statue

Lot#: 254

Misc. Items- Ideal Jersey Cow Statue, Yellowstone Hat, Etc.

Lot#: 255

Family Matters Steve Urkel “I Speak My Mind” Doll

Lot#: 256

Assortment of HALLMARK Christmas Cards

Lot#: 257

WOOLRICH Birch Bark Bathroom Accessories

Lot#: 258

The Original MAGIC BULLET Blender Set (Brand New In Box)

Lot#: 259

Vintage Metal Lanterns

Lot#: 260

Assortment of Kites

Lot#: 261

JOHN DEERE Marbles In Wooden Box

Lot#: 262

HALLMARK General Store and Church Model Houses w/ Model Train Controller

Lot#: 263

Collectible Scale Model COCA-COLA Truck

Lot#: 264

Misc. Items- ERTL JOHN DEERE Tractor, Hour Glass, Race cars, Etc.

Lot#: 265

Assortment of Collectible Toys- FARMALL Tractor, Toy Banks, Cars, Etc.

Lot#: 266

HALLMARK Model Houses- Sarahs’ Maine House and The Hayes Train Station

Lot#: 267

Misc. Items- Toy Car, Tiddly Winks, Yo-yo, Marbles, Etc.

Lot#: 268

BRIGGS & RILEY TRAVELWARE Suitcase w/ Handbags

Lot#: 269


Lot#: 270

BRIGGS & RILEY TRAVELWARE Duffle bag w/ Draw String Bag

Lot#: 271


Lot#: 272

Assortment of Gardening Supplies

Lot#: 273

Variety of Tools and Hardware

Lot#: 274

Misc. Items- Bee Keeper Suit, Lights, Corks, Etc.

Lot#: 275

Various Items- Flatware, NOKIA Phone, Etc.

Lot#: 276

Misc. Items- Paintbrushes, Power Strips, Hammer, Etc.

Lot#: 277

Variety of Quilts and Blankets

Lot#: 278

Assortment of Various Blankets

Lot#: 279

Collection of Electronic Item- Power Strip, DVD Player, Headphones, Etc.

Lot#: 280

Misc. Items- DVD’s, Legal Pads, NIKON Camera, Etc.

Lot#: 281

Various Toy Guns- Cap Gun, Pellet Gun, Etc.

Lot#: 282

Variety of Cookware- Cheese Grater, Pan, Etc.

Lot#: 283

Misc. Items, Decorative Butterflies, Shooting Earphones, Horseshoe Hangers

Lot#: 284

Griddle by Cuisineart

Lot#: 285

Cast Iron Corn Bread Pans

Lot#: 286

Various Sizes of Cast Iron Skillets

Lot#: 287

Assortment of Figurines

Lot#: 288

Collection of Bee Keeping Items

Lot#: 289

BLACK & DECKER Flavor Scenter Steamer Deluxe

Lot#: 290

Misc. Decorative Items

Lot#: 291

Decorative Jingle Bell Belt

Lot#: 292

Variety of Decorative Items

Lot#: 293

KITCHEN AID Ultra Power Mixer (In Box)

Lot#: 294

SONY Radio Cassette-Corder

Lot#: 295

Decorative Pitchers, Plates, Cups, Etc.

Lot#: 296

Variety of COCA-COLA Bottles w/ Other Jars and Glasses

Lot#: 297

3 Ring Binders w/ Legal Pads

Lot#: 298

Variety of DVD’s

Lot#: 299

BENSON & HEDGES Signature Collection Coffee Set

Lot#: 300


Lot#: 301

The JOHN DEERE Cuckoo Clock (In Box)

Lot#: 302

VICKERMAN Christmas Tree w/ Lights

Lot#: 303

Collection of Vinyl Records

Lot#: 304

Collection of Vinyl Records

Lot#: 305

SARSUI Record Player w/ MOTOROLLA Radios

Lot#: 306

Decorative Birdhouse

Lot#: 307

Decorative Ceramic Butter Churn

Lot#: 308

Antique Ceramic Moonshine Jug

Lot#: 309

Antique Ceramic Moonshine Jug

Lot#: 310

MARTINEZ POTTERY Hand Turned Drink Dispenser

Lot#: 311

Antique Ceramic Pot

Lot#: 312

P. R. STORIE POTTERY CO. Decorative Bowl

Lot#: 313

Collectible Hand Painted COCA-COLA Plates

Lot#: 314

Antique ANCHOR Ship Lamp

Lot#: 315

Antique Ceramic Jug w/ Handle

Lot#: 316

Decorative Corded Lamp

Lot#: 317

Misc. Items- Toy Barns, Toy Banks, Trays, Etc.

Lot#: 318

Kerosene Lamps (2)

Lot#: 319

Antique ORVIS Kerosene Lamp w/ Other Kerosene Lamp

Lot#: 320

Kerosene Lamps (2)

Lot#: 321

Kerosene Lamps (2)

Lot#: 322

Kerosene Lamp Replacements

Lot#: 323

Decorative IMPERIAL Clock (Made in Italy)

Lot#: 324

COLEMAN Metal Cooler

Lot#: 325

Metal Toy Barn

Lot#: 326

Decorative Chicken and Rooster Statues

Lot#: 327

Fairy Garden Decoration

Lot#: 328

Metal Howling Wolf Decoration

Lot#: 329

Metal Tree Decoration

Lot#: 330

Variety of Bird Decorations

Lot#: 331

Decorative Raccoon and Cat Statues

Lot#: 332

Metal Elephant Decoration

Lot#: 333

Decorative Baskets w/ Pinecones

Lot#: 334

LEWIS & CLARK Cast Iron Pot

Lot#: 335

Various Christmas Decorations

Lot#: 336

Adjustable Wooden Stool

Lot#: 337

Miniature Bee Box w/ Beehive Smokers

Lot#: 338

Miniature Bee Box

Lot#: 339

Decorative Bowl

Lot#: 340

Cast Iron Pot w/ Legs

Lot#: 341

Misc. Items- Campfire Popcorn Makers, S’more Maker, Etc.

Lot#: 342

Misc. Items- Baseball Glove, JOHN DEERE Umbrella, Laptop Case, Etc.

Lot#: 343

COCA-COLA Thermometer and Clock w/ GOLDEN ACRE Thermometer

Lot#: 344

Variety of Blankets

Lot#: 345

150th Anniversary Gold Rush Balance Scale

Lot#: 346

Appears to be Handmade Log Cabin

Lot#: 347

Wooden Display Case w/ Glass Front

Lot#: 348

EBUSA 1768 Glass Sign

Lot#: 349

Misc. Items- Pocketbook, Bibles, Heating Pad, Etc.

Lot#: 350

Misc. Items- Chimes, Paper Divider, Etc.

Lot#: 351

Decorative Vases (2)

Lot#: 352

INGRAHAM Mantle Clock

Lot#: 353

Desk Dividers

Lot#: 354

Misc. Items- DVD’s, CD Player, DVD Player, Etc.

Lot#: 355

Variety of Picture Frames

Lot#: 356

Misc. Items- Decorative Plant, Tissue Box Cover, Night Navigator, Etc.

Lot#: 357


Lot#: 358

Assortment of Hats w/ Hand Bag and Wooden Canteen

Lot#: 359

Variety of Bags

Lot#: 360

PUBLIX “The Pilgrim Pair” Items w/ Other Decorative Figurines

Lot#: 361

INVACARE Fold-out Walker

Lot#: 362

DRIVE Fold-Out Walker/ Scooter

Lot#: 363

RONCO Wooden Block Knife Holder

Lot#: 364

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 365

Red Tail Hawk and Drake Mallard Wooden Statues w/ JOHN DEERE Ornament

Lot#: 366

J. ALEXANDER Candle Holders, Indian Nation Books, and Wooden Nativity Scene

Lot#: 367


Lot#: 368

Vintage Thermometers- BURPEES ANNUAL, MAIL POUCH Chewing Tobacco, PEPSI-COLA

Lot#: 369

Vintage JOHN DEERE Thermometers and Sign

Lot#: 370

Decorative Metal Weather Vein

Lot#: 371

Fireplace Accessories

Lot#: 372

Fireplace Accessories

Lot#: 373

Decorative Deer Antler Lamp

Lot#: 374

Decorative Lamp

Lot#: 375

Decorative Vase/Bowl (Made in England)

Lot#: 376

Antique Wooden Rocking Horse

Lot#: 377

Antique Cuckoo Clock w/ Basket

Lot#: 378

WOOLRICH Birch Bark Bathroom Accessories

Lot#: 379

Variety of Shoe Shining Tools

Lot#: 380

STANLEY Toolbox w/ Contents

Lot#: 381

Electronic Scale Model Carousel (Cord Not Included)

Lot#: 382

Variety of Picture Frames

Lot#: 383

Misc. Items- Scale Model Tractors (FARMALL, FERGUSON, FORD), Cat Figurines, Glass Vases, Etc.

Lot#: 384

A BUG’S LIFE Interactive Talking Action Figures

Lot#: 385

Misc. Items- Pipe, Plates, Antique Clippers, Sifter, Etc.

Lot#: 386

Suspenders, LEATHERMAN Multitool, and MEISTERKLASSE Harmonica (Made In Germany)

Lot#: 387

MR. COFFEE Coffee Grinder w/ KRUPS Coffee Maker

Lot#: 388

Variety of Christmas Decorations

Lot#: 389

In Drawer Knife Organizers

Lot#: 390

Adjustable Drawer Organizers

Lot#: 391

Antique Hand Drills w/ Drill Bits

Lot#: 392

Perfect Mason Jars (3)

Lot#: 393

5 Gallon Glass Jug

Lot#: 394

5 Gallon Glass Jug

Lot#: 395

5 Gallon Glass Jug

Lot#: 396

5 Gallon Glass Jug

Lot#: 397

FRONTGATE Artificial Grand Majestic 30in Wreath

Lot#: 398

FRONTGATE Artificial Christmas 30in Classic Wreath

Lot#: 399

FRONTGATE Artificial Christmas 36in Majestic Indoor Wreath

Lot#: 400

FRONTGATE Artificial Christmas 30in Classic Wreath

Lot#: 401

FRONTGATE Artificial Christmas 30in Classic Wreath

Lot#: 402

FRONTGATE Artificial Christmas 30in Classic Wreath

Lot#: 403

FRONTGATE Artificial Christmas 30in Classic Wreath

Lot#: 404

FRONTGATE 36in Cordless Teardrop Christmas Tree

Lot#: 405

FRONTGATE 36in Cordless Teardrop Christmas Tree

Lot#: 406

FRONTGATE Artificial 6ft Classic Mixer Tip Garland

Lot#: 407

FRONTGATE Artificial Christmas 48in Classic Wreath

Lot#: 408

FRONTGATE Artificial Christmas 48in Classic Wreath

Lot#: 409

Assortment of Perfect Mason Jars w/ Lids and Rubber Seals

Lot#: 410

Artificial Christmas Wreath

Lot#: 411

Assortment of Picture Frames

Lot#: 412

Variety of Art, Some in Frames

Lot#: 413

Collection of Picture Frames

Lot#: 414

JACK DANIELS Sign, Framed Art, Etc.

Lot#: 415

Variety of Picture Frames

Lot#: 416

Assortment of Frames

Lot#: 417

Variety of Framed Art

Lot#: 418

Misc. Picture Frames

Lot#: 419


Lot#: 420

Rutherford County Bicentennial Celebration Picture, CLYDE ROBIN SEED COMPANY Picture, and Framed Art

Lot#: 421

Lee’s Farewell Address, Framed Flags, and Texas Painting

Lot#: 422

Antique Medicine Cabinet

Lot#: 423

Misc. Items- Baskets, Decorative Umbrella, Tin Bucket, Etc.

Lot#: 424

Antique Washboard

Lot#: 425

Christmas Lights

Lot#: 426

Antique Stove w/ Side Burner

Lot#: 427

Antique Croquet Set

Lot#: 428

Metal Buckets w/ Contents

Lot#: 429

Antique Wooden School Desk

Lot#: 430

Irrigation Hose

Lot#: 431

Petmate LE BISTRO 5 Pound Food Dispenser

Lot#: 432

Small Animal Kennel (Has Broken Handle)

Lot#: 433

Wooden Box Cat Toy w/ IAMS Metal Canister

Lot#: 434

Mid-Size Animal Kennel

Lot#: 435

Variety of Cat Accessories (Tower is 75in Tall)

Lot#: 436

Assortment of Vases and Decorative Items

Lot#: 437

Wooden Mirrors (2)- 22in x 50in

Lot#: 438

Misc. Items- Torch Fuel, Liquid Candles, Steel Wool, Etc.

Lot#: 439

HAMILTON BEACH “Little Mac” Fast Cooker, Bottle Grabber, Gloves

Lot#: 440

Coffee Grinder and Maker

Lot#: 441

Electric Water Fountain w/ Flower Pots

Lot#: 442

Rustic Padlock (Made in India)

Lot#: 443

Misc. Items- Vase, Trash Bags, Zip Ties

Lot#: 444

Antique Metal Storage Bin

Lot#: 445

Antique Metal Cake Stand

Lot#: 446

GIBSON Elite Mugs, Plates, and Bowls

Lot#: 447

Metal Candle Holders w/ Glass

Lot#: 448

Vase w/ Lamps - Misc

Lot#: 449

Misc. Glassware w/ Horseshoe Decoration

Lot#: 450

Hand Turned Cookie Jar

Lot#: 451

AT&T Phone and LINDEN Morion Sensor

Lot#: 452

Metal Trays w/ Blender Pitcher

Lot#: 453


Lot#: 454

SAMSUNG 18 in Television w/ Wall Mount

Lot#: 455

Hanging Pot Rack w/ Contents

Lot#: 456

Kerosene Lamp w/ Wall Mount

Lot#: 457

Kerosene Lamp w/ Wall Mount

Lot#: 458

Decorative Painted Plates (5)

Lot#: 459

Wooden RIDGEWAY Wind-Up Clock

Lot#: 460

RUBBERMAID Bowls w/ Sealable Lids

Lot#: 461

Kerosene Lamp Hurricanes (2) and Shades (2)

Lot#: 462

UNIVERSAL Gourmet Coffee Grinder

Lot#: 463

LE CREUSET Moroccan Tagine

Lot#: 464

Misc. Items- Portable LCD Television, Car Ionizer, Etc.

Lot#: 465

Misc. Items- RUBBERMAID Tupperware, Bags, Hair Rollers, Etc.

Lot#: 466

Variety of Bathroom Decorations

Lot#: 467

BROOKSTONE Ultrasonic Jewelry/ DVD Cleaner

Lot#: 468

Mirror w/ Built in Light

Lot#: 469

GENERAL ELECTRIC Stovetop Microwave

Lot#: 470

CRACKER BARREL Cast Iron Corn Bread Skillet

Lot#: 471

LODGE 14in. Cast Iron Skillet

Lot#: 472

Cast Iron Skillet Clock w/ Miniature LODGE Cast Iron Skillet

Lot#: 473

Assortment of Metal Pots and Pans

Lot#: 474

Variety of Cast Iron Skillets

Lot#: 475

Cast Iron Cookware w/ Accessories

Lot#: 476

Variety of Metal Cookware

Lot#: 477

Assortment of Metal Cookware

Lot#: 478

Collection of Pans and Cast Iron Skillets

Lot#: 479

OLD MOUNTAIN Mini Pot Belly Stove

Lot#: 480

Miniature Cast Iron Stove

Lot#: 481

Black 25 Piece Knife Set w/ Injector

Lot#: 482

Lodge Camp Tripod- 43.5in w/ 24 in Chain

Lot#: 483

Antique ENTERPRISE and CHALLENGER Meat Grinders

Lot#: 484

Assortment of Bags- HUSKY, FASHION CLUB, Etc.

Lot#: 485

Decorative Dinner Triangle

Lot#: 486

Decorative Wooden Cutting Board- 15in x 20in

Lot#: 487

Clock, Barometer, and Thermometer (Made in France)- 8in x 30in

Lot#: 488

Decorative Wooden Mirror w/ Shelf- 20in x 44in

Lot#: 489

Wooden Rotating Shelf w/ Contents- 29in x 18in x 18in

Lot#: 490

Misc. Items- Basket, Bird Feeder, Cookbooks, Etc.

Lot#: 491

HERMLE Weight Driven Clock

Lot#: 492

Brand New LODGE Cast Iron Skillets

Lot#: 493

LODGE Cast Iron Dutch Ovens w/ Cases and Cast Iron Skillets

Lot#: 494

Wooden Harp- 36in

Lot#: 495

Decorative Overall Flower Pot Holder- 43in

Lot#: 496

Wooden Shelf w/ Contents (Buyer Bring Own Boxes)- 81in x 48in x 16in

Lot#: 497

Wooden Rotating Shelf- 30in x 18in x 18in

Lot#: 498

Wooden Side Table- 29in x 27in x 19in

Lot#: 499

Wooden Coffee Table w/ Glass Cover- 19in x 25in x 17in

Lot#: 500

Heavy Duty Wooden Rocking Horse- 40in

Lot#: 501

Decorative Wooden Guitar

Lot#: 502

Decorative Cow Skull

Lot#: 503

Monique Stewart Navajo Tribe Spear

Lot#: 504

Deerskin Tomohawks (2)

Lot#: 505

Decorative Turtle Shell Purse

Lot#: 506

Decorative Antique Bullet Mold and Black Powder Horn

Lot#: 507

Wooden Carved Horse Walking Stick

Lot#: 508

Leather Satchel

Lot#: 509

Wooden HOWARD MILLER Wind-Up Boat

Lot#: 510

Decorative Longhorns- 48in

Lot#: 511

Decorative Floor Lamp- 64in

Lot#: 512

Decorative IVERSON Snowshoes

Lot#: 513

Antique Metal Scale

Lot#: 514

Antique Decorative Scale

Lot#: 515

Antique Metal Trap

Lot#: 516

Potted Cactus

Lot#: 517

Potted Cactus

Lot#: 518

Potted Cactus- 32in

Lot#: 519

Potted Cactus- 45in

Lot#: 520

Decorative Vase (Vase is 30in)

Lot#: 521

Plant w/ Decorative Pot

Lot#: 522

Decorative Fireplace Cover

Lot#: 523

Wooden Side Table- 24in x 20in x 26in

Lot#: 524

Antique Wooden Spin Wheel- 59in x 67in x 8in

Lot#: 525

Wooden Side Table w/ Removable Legs- 28in x 22in x 22in

Lot#: 526

NATURE’S WINDOW Cougar Wall Art (Made in Canada)

Lot#: 527

Jay L. Tschudy Metal Quiver w/ Arrows Wall Art (Made in America 13 of 250)

Lot#: 528

ARCTIC PRO Tower Fan w/ Remote and Digital Screen- 42in

Lot#: 529

HONEYWELL Air Purifier- 27in

Lot#: 530

Wooden Night Stand w/ Metal Trim- 24in x 24in x 15

Lot#: 531

Electric Fireplace Space Heater w/ Remote- 26in x 20in x 12in

Lot#: 532

Wooden Night Stand w/ Metal Trim- 24in x 24in x 15

Lot#: 533

Decorative Metal Lamp- 28in

Lot#: 534

TOSHIBA Television/ VCR Combo

Lot#: 535

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 536

Variety of Books

Lot#: 537

Collection of KODAK Carousel Slide Trays

Lot#: 538

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 539

Variety of Books

Lot#: 540

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 541

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 542

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 543

Variety of Books

Lot#: 544

Misc. Items- Ceramic Whiskey Jug, Mugs, Figurines, Etc.

Lot#: 545

Misc. Items- License Plate, Books, Etc.

Lot#: 546

Leather Table Middle Runner, Quilts, and Blankets

Lot#: 547

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 548

Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedias and Home Repair and Improvement Books

Lot#: 549

Variety of Books

Lot#: 550

Dolls w/ Picture Frame

Lot#: 551

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 552

FRONTGATE 3 Section Christmas Tree w/ Tree Stand

Lot#: 553

Wooden Rocking Stool- 12in x 14in x 14in

Lot#: 554

Tennessee State Flag In Pole- 72in w/ Curtain Rod- 83in

Lot#: 555

Antique Wooden Yarn Winder Spinning Wheel- 44in Tall

Lot#: 556

Wooden Barstool 24in

Lot#: 557

Decorative White Pot with Handle and Top

Lot#: 558

ORECK House Keeping Vaccum (New in Box)

Lot#: 559

Quilt w/ Moose and Deer Design

Lot#: 560

Cat Throw Blanket w/ Other Blanket

Lot#: 561

Quilts and Blanket

Lot#: 562

Seed Bags w/ Throw Blanket

Lot#: 563

Decorative Quilt

Lot#: 564

Decorative Peacock Rug w/ Animal Hide

Lot#: 565

Decorative Quilt

Lot#: 566

Cheyenne Beige House Rug Set- 2’ x 4’ (5) and 5.5’ x 4’ (2)

Lot#: 567

SALVAGE LOT (Buyer Responsible for Full Removal)- Christmas Decorations, Binders, Wrapping Paper, Etc.

Lot#: 568

Misc. Items- Christmas Decorations, Electric Candles, Etc.

Lot#: 569

Assortment of Christmas Decorations

Lot#: 570

VERMONT TEDDY BEAR Giant Hunka Love Bear

Lot#: 571


Lot#: 572

Wish Bear Stuffed Panda Bears

Lot#: 573

Standing Stuffed Black Bear

Lot#: 574

6.5’ Arctic Mist Christmas Tree w/ Tree Stands

Lot#: 575

MAGNAVOX 13in Television and DVD Combo (Brand New In Box)

Lot#: 576

Assortment of Blankets

Lot#: 577

SALVAGE LOT (Buyer Responsible for Full Removal & Shelves NOT Included)- Books, Pillows, Sleeping Bag, Printer, Etc.

Lot#: 578

Wooden Stools (2)- 30in

Lot#: 579

Matching Wooden Chairs (2)- 40in

Lot#: 580

Wooden Bar Stool- 29in

Lot#: 581

Wooden Ladder Back Chair- 34in

Lot#: 582

Wooden Rocking Chair- 40in

Lot#: 583

Wooden Rocking Chair- 48in

Lot#: 584

Wooden Rocking Chair- 47in

Lot#: 585

Misc. Decorative Items- Clock, Bird, Pots, Etc.

Lot#: 586

Door Mats and Rug

Lot#: 587

Matching Door Mats (3)

Lot#: 588

Matching Door Mats (2) w/ Other Door Mat

Lot#: 589

Matching Door Mats (3)

Lot#: 590

Wooden Floor Dolly

Lot#: 591

Wooden Floor Dolly

Lot#: 592

Wooden Floor Dolly

Lot#: 593

Variety of Rocks

Lot#: 594

Assortment of Plastic and Clay Flower Pots

Lot#: 595

Metal Pull Behind Aerator- 37in

Lot#: 596

Plastic Flower Pots w/ Contents

Lot#: 597

SALVAGE LOT (Buyer Responsible For Full Removal)- Cement Blocks, Limber, Treegator Bags, Etc.

Lot#: 598

Standing Toilet Paper Holder- 28in

Lot#: 599

Metal Wall Thermometer- 15in

Lot#: 600

Assortment of Wall Art- Decorative Plates, Kerosene Lamp, Dream Catcher, Etc.

Lot#: 601

Misc. Items- Pistol Cleaning Set, 12 Gauge Ammo, Water Bottle, Turkey Call, Etc.

Lot#: 602

Misc. Items- Antique Shotgun Cleaning Kit, .44 and 30-30 Ammo, .58 Cal Lead Balls, Leather Gun Sleeve, Etc.

Lot#: 603

BLANCHI AccuMold Tactical Belt w/ Taser, Flashlight, and Pepper Spray

Lot#: 604

Collection of 16 Gauge Shotgun Shells

Lot#: 605

DAISY Red Ryder BB Gun w/ Cloth and Leather Gun Case

Lot#: 606

Metal Shelf on Casters- 75in x 36in x 17in

Lot#: 607

Portable Bed- Folds to 24in x 36in x 4.5 in

Lot#: 608

Portable Bed- Folds to 24in x 36in x 4.5 in

Lot#: 609

Kites (2) (One Appears to be Broken) w/ Master Series 6ft Level Case

Lot#: 610

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 611

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 612

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 613

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 614

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 615

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 616

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 617

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 618

Assortment of Vinyl Records

Lot#: 619

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 620

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 621

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 622

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 623

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 624

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 625

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 626

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 627

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 628

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 629

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 630

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 631

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 632

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 633

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 634

Assortment of Books

Lot#: 635

Pair of Necklaces (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 636

Pair of Necklaces (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 637

Pearl Necklace and Bracelet (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 638

Assortment of Belt Buckles (4)

Lot#: 639

Pair of Necklaces (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 640

Assortment of Earings and Other Costume Jewelry

Lot#: 641

Assortment of Bracelets (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 642

Assortment of Watches

Lot#: 643

Assortment of Necklaces (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 644

Pearl Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 645

Assortment of Watches

Lot#: 646

Pair of Necklaces (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 647

Assortment of Watches and Leather Bands

Lot#: 648

Pair of Bracelets and Flower Ring (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 649

Pair of Black Leather Gloves

Lot#: 650

Assortment of Gold Costume Jewelry

Lot#: 651

Pearl and Gold Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 652

Assortment of Earrings (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 653

Pair of Necklaces (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 654

Pair of Necklace Jewel (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 655

Pair of Necklaces with Lion Head (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 656

Gold Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 657

Gold Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 658

Rock Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 659

Cheetah Bead Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 660

Assortment of Earrings (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 661

Stone Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 662

Pair of Golden Bracelets (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 663

Pair of Golden Bracelets (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 664

Assortment of Golden Earrings (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 665

Assortment of Golden Bracelets (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 666

Assortment of Earrings (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 667


Lot#: 668

Assortment of Earrings (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 669

Pair of Bracelets (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 670

Necklace with Pearls (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 671

Pair of Earrings and Pair of Rings (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 672

Pair of CATHERINES Earrings and Shell Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 673

Large Golden Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 674

Pair of Earrings and ANNE KLEIN Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 675

Assortment of Golden Earrings (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 676

Assortment of Earrings Including CATHERINES (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 677

Assortment of Pins (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 678

Assortment of Golden Costume Jewelry Including Butterfly Necklace

Lot#: 679

Assortment of Clip-On Earrings (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 680

Appears to Be Shell Necklaces (Made in Philippines) (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 681

Pair of Golden Necklaces (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 682

Assortment of Pins (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 683

CAROLEE Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 684

Assortment of Earrings (One Damaged) (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 685

Pair of Bracelets with Santa Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 686

Lady Bug Bracelet (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 687

Assortment of Earrings (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 688

KENNETH COLE Bracelet (Some Damage) (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 689

Golden Bracelet and Pair of Pins (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 690

President George Washington Necklace (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 691

Misc. Costume Jewelry

Lot#: 692

Misc. Necklaces (Costume Jewelry)

Lot#: 693

Golden Necklace and Duck Pin (Costume Jewelry)

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