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Lot#: 1

Alice Chalmers, More profit, shorter hours,

Lot#: 2

Alice Chalmers, Full three plow power, 16 pages

Lot#: 3

Case, farm power, 1973, 28 pages

Lot#: 4

Case two ? plow power 16 pages

Lot#: 5

Case, model ?D? tractor catalogue 24 pages

Lot#: 6

Case catalogue 1905 some damage 72 pages

Lot#: 7

McCormick ? Deering W ? 4, owners manual 88 pages

Lot#: 8

Mc Cormick ? Deering cream separator booklet,

Lot#: 9

McCormick ? Deering engines parts catalogue 192

Lot#: 10

McCormick ? Deering all ? steel thresher,

Lot#: 11

Canadian tractor farming catalogue 24 pages

Lot#: 12

McCormick ? Deering cream separator advertisement

Lot#: 13

McCormick ? Deering haying machines

Lot#: 14

McCormick double run feed drill manual and parts

Lot#: 15

McCormick ? Deering enclosed gear tractor binder

Lot#: 16

McCormick ? Deering grain drills, cultivators and

Lot#: 17

McCormick ? Deering triple ? power tractors 32

Lot#: 18

Adams Road grader advertisements

Lot#: 19

International buyers guide 1973 50 pages

Lot#: 20

International utility tractors under 80 HP 36

Lot#: 21

International Canadian farming booklet 1974, 22

Lot#: 22

International Canadian farming Magazine 1964 20

Lot#: 23

International buyers guide 1972, 50 pages

Lot#: 24

International hay loader manual 12 pages

Lot#: 25

McCormick Deering Advertisement fold out

Lot#: 26

McCormick ? Deering Walking plow advertisement

Lot#: 27

DE LAVAL dairy handbook 1910 70 pages

Lot#: 28

DE LAVAL cream separator manual 50 pages

Lot#: 29

DE LAVAL cream separator?s book 1916, 72 pages

Lot#: 30

DE LAVAL Sterling milker instruction book 24

Lot#: 31

DE LAVAL calendar 1939, with envelope

Lot#: 32

Massey Harris 82, 92 combines advertising booklet

Lot#: 33

Massey Harris implement prices booklet 1925, fold

Lot#: 34

Massey Harris binder 1972 reproduction 50 pages

Lot#: 35

Massey Harris farmers handy catalogue 1945, 50

Lot#: 36

Massey Harris farmers handy catalogue 1937, 60

Lot#: 37

Massey Harris farmers handy catalogue 1938, 60

Lot#: 38

Massey Harris 1925, Advertisement, fold out

Lot#: 39

Massey Harris Christmas card 1937 With envelope

Lot#: 40

Massey Harris Advertisement 1920, fold out

Lot#: 41

Massey Harris Wallis Tractor advertisement, fold

Lot#: 42

Massey Harris NO. 14 grain and fertilizer drill

Lot#: 43

Massey Harris Wallis Tractor advertisement fold

Lot#: 44

Massey Harris tractor advertisement 1927, fold

Lot#: 45

Massey Harris advertisement Fold out

Lot#: 46

Massey Harris ?TRACTORACE? board game with

Lot#: 47

John Deere 2120 owners manual 84 pages

Lot#: 48

John Deere ?H ? Advertisement, 36 pages

Lot#: 49

The Furrow Magazine, 1944, 16 pages

Lot#: 50

The Furrow magazine 1944, 16 pages

Lot#: 51

The Furrow Magazine 1955, 16 pages

Lot#: 52

The Furrow Magazine 1948, 16 pages

Lot#: 53

Massey Ferguson implements buying guide 1986, 10

Lot#: 54

Massey Ferguson 255/265/275 tractors catalogue 24

Lot#: 55

Massey Ferguson tractor?s advertisement 4

Lot#: 56

Moline universal tractor booklet 21 pages

Lot#: 57

Minneapolis ? Moline 2 plow R Advertisement fold

Lot#: 58

Minneapolis ? Moline vision lined R tractors

Lot#: 59

Minneapolis Moline hay tools Advertisement 8

Lot#: 60

Minneapolis Moline tractor comparator

Lot#: 61

Ideal engines booklet

Lot#: 62

King cream separator?s models 10, 11, 12, 14, 16,

Lot#: 63

Farm machinery idea book, 56 pages

Lot#: 64

Otaca Farm yearbook 1945, 48 pages

Lot#: 65

Spramotor Spraying machines booklet 48 pages

Lot#: 66

Wilkinson plow Booklet 18 pages

Lot#: 67

Spramotor Booklet 52 pages

Lot#: 68

Spramotor ?A gold mine on your farm? booklet 44

Lot#: 69

Ford and the farmer booklet 16 pages

Lot#: 70

Cockshutt Scufflers Booklet, fold out

Lot#: 71

Champion booklet, fold out

Lot#: 72

White threshing machinery booklet 40 pages

Lot#: 73

Huber light 4 advertisement fold out

Lot#: 74

12-20 Wallis Advertisement, fold out

Lot#: 75

Cockshutt No.6 Tractor manure spreader

Lot#: 76

Hardi Trailer sprayer?s advertisement 10 pages

Lot#: 77

Owatonna 200 mower advertisement 6 pages

Lot#: 78

Hutch master plow advertisement

Lot#: 79

Tractools Catalogue 1952, 32 pages

Lot#: 80

Clark haro-vators Advertisement 1966

Lot#: 81

Triple heat control oil burning book Rumley 18

Lot#: 82

Rumley Oil-Pull Advertisement, fold out

Lot#: 83

The Oil Pull Magazine 1925, 24 pages

Lot#: 84

The Oil Pull Magazine 1926, 24 pages

Lot#: 85

The Oil Pull Magazine 1927, 24 pages

Lot#: 86

The Oil Pull Magazine 1927, 24 pages

Lot#: 87

The Oil Pull Magazine 1928, 24 pages

Lot#: 88

The Oil Pull Magazine 1928, 24 pages

Lot#: 89

The Oil Pull Magazine 1929, 24 pages

Lot#: 90

The Oil Pull Magazine 1929, 24 pages

Lot#: 91

Turners of Blenheim Catalogue 1957, 16 Pages

Lot#: 92

The Otaco Yearbook 1956, 48 pages

Lot#: 93

Ignition booklet 8 pages

Lot#: 94

American Bosch Booklet 8 pages

Lot#: 95

Otaco Pricelist 1951

Lot#: 96

Group of assorted advertisements

Lot#: 97

5 photos of the Western Ontario steam show

Lot#: 98

10 photocopies from the Robert Bell catalogue

Lot#: 99

MF 165 tractor operator's manual and

Lot#: 100

MF 165 tractor operator's manual and

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