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Thursday January 31, 2019 | Dahlonega, GA. US. 30533
* All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, with all faults, and without warranty or guarantees of any kind.* Look before you bid. We encourage you to inspect lots in-person before bidding. * Descriptions are believed accurate but not guaranteed. We will disclose all information we know regarding an item. Descriptions by staff are matter of opinion. Due diligence is the resposibility of the bidder/purchaser. * By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they are bidding regardless of item condition.* The auctioneer's remarks on the auction block override any printed material.* The highest bidder accepted by the auctioneer becomes the owner of said lot.* Asset to Cash Auction Company may reserve the right to reject any bid at its sole discretion.* All bids have a buyer's premium added as part of the total purchase price. * Cash and credit cards accepted.* 10% buyer's premium CASH* 13% buyer's premium CREDIT CARDS* All items must be paid for the day of the live auction, and at closing of any online auction.* All sales are final.* You are required to pay 7% sales tax, unless you hold a valid tax resale number and have it on file with our cashier.*As soon as you become the winning bidder, you are responsible for the items purchased, even if you have not checked out yet. You are advised to guard against theft, loss and/or breakage and damage.* Local pickup only unless otherwise noted. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.* Goods left over 7 days will be deemed abandoned and will be subject to resale without notice.* By bidding, you agree and accept these terms and conditions.When using our online auction services, you are making firm commitments to purchase said item(s) and are entering into a legal and binding contract. Catalog descriptions are a descriptive guide only. Bids may not be cancelled or retracted for any reason. Nonpaying bidders and fraudulent bidding will result in being banned from our online bidding services and possible criminal charges including any fraud and/or interstate commerce violations. You also acknowledge that the internet may be an unreliable and error prone network. Asset to Cash Auction Company will not guarantee that bids placed online will always be transmitted to or received by the auctioneer in a timely fashion. You agree to hold Asset to Cash Auction Company and its employees harmless for any interruptions in online bidding. Further, the auctioneer has the sole discretion to accept or refuse any bid. Asset to Cash Company retains the right, at our sole discretions to add, delete, or change some or all of our online services and the terms and conditions governing their online auctions at any time without notice.Asset to Cash Auction Company further reserves the right to cancel and/or reopen the auction in the case of system failures.BIDDER REGISTRATION: Bidder information must be accurate and complete. Bidders must be of legal age to bid. Asset to Cash Auction Company reserves the right to approve/deny bidder registration. At the time of registration, we will collect credit card information to qualify you for bidding. AUCTION DISCLAIMER: All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, without warranty or guarantees of any kind. Asset to Cash Auction Company encourages bidders to inspect said lots in-person before bidding. Asset to Cash Auction Company catalog descriptions and photographs are prepared to the best of our knowledge, disclosing the most accurate descriptions possible. Descriptions are believed accurate, but not guaranteed. It is the bidder's responsibility to determine condition, value, age, genuineness, authenticity, or any other descriptive factors. By placing a bid, you agree that you have examined item/lot to your satisfaction, or have chosen not to personally examine item/lot. Asset to Cash Auction Company reserves the right to refuse a bid, remove an item, combine or seperate lots, or cancel an auction at it's sole discretion.BUYER'S PREMIUM: All internet bidders agree to pay a buyer's premium in addition to the final hammer sale price. For example, if the final hammer price of an item is $100.00, the buyer's premium will be $13.00, for a total purchase price of $113.00, plus any applicable sales tax. This applies to each winning lot/item. Buyer's Premiums are as follows:Cash 10%Credit Cards 13%SALES TAX: Asset to Cash Auction Company will collect and pay 7% GA sales tax, unless the buyer is tax exempt. A current and valid Georgia Tax Exempt Certificate is required on file and must be provided prior to bidding in an auction where tax-exempt status is requested.RESERVES & MAX BIDS:Some items may carry a reserve. This is a minimum amount required to win an item/lot. When you place a max bid, your bid increases as other people bid against you. The auction software will automatically advance your bid to the next highest bid according to the max bid you specify. The bidder is responsible for all bids.AUCTION CLOSE: Soft close. When a bid is placed in the last 2 minutes, bidding for that lot will be extended by 2 minutes to prevent "sniping" of items. At close of auction, you become responsible for the property, including payment. PAYMENT: Credit cards will be charged at the close of the auction. Winning bidders will receive an emailed invoice. Please bring a copy of your invoice at the time of pick-up. We accept all major credit cards: MASTERCARD, VISA, DISCOVER, AMEX. Items will not be released until payment is made in full. PICK-UP: Local pick-up only. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Items may be removed the Monday following the close of auction between 9AM-5PM. Items left over 7 days will be deemed abandoned and will be subject to resale without notice. When you bid, you agree to these terms and conditions. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS, REFUNDS, EXCHANGES.Asset to Cash Auction Company License No. AU-C003033Vernon Smith - Owner/AuctioneerAU004196If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact auctioneer, Vernon Smith at 706-969-7290 or email [email protected] Happy Bidding!

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Asset to Cash Auction Co, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Military Film Developer

Lot#: 2

Cord Reel with Light

Lot#: 3

Bull Durham Ad

Lot#: 4

Vintage Box Lot

Lot#: 5

Royal Typewriter

Lot#: 6

Shop Vac

Lot#: 7

Belt Buckles

Lot#: 8

Weather Alert Radio

Lot#: 9

Baseball Cards

Lot#: 10

Dog Gates

Lot#: 11

Tobacco Boxes

Lot#: 12

L.B.J.'s Her & Him Dogs

Lot#: 13

Baseball Cards

Lot#: 14

Belt Buckles

Lot#: 15


Lot#: 16

Firewood Rack

Lot#: 17

Bath Set

Lot#: 18

Radiant Projector Screen

Lot#: 19


Lot#: 20

Golf Clubs

Lot#: 21


Lot#: 22

Planter Baskets

Lot#: 23


Lot#: 24


Lot#: 25

Bissell Vacuum

Lot#: 26

TV Tray

Lot#: 27


Lot#: 28

Floor Lamp

Lot#: 29

Seahorse & Fish Decor

Lot#: 30

Floral Teapot

Lot#: 31


Lot#: 32

Garden Tools

Lot#: 33

Floral Arrangement

Lot#: 34

Edna Hibel Society Art with Doll

Lot#: 35

Oriental Painting

Lot#: 36

Bracklynn Dura-Stop Target

Lot#: 37

Golf Guard

Lot#: 38

The Wright Blind

Lot#: 39

Wood Plank

Lot#: 40

Rimfire Target

Lot#: 41


Lot#: 42

Archery Accessories

Lot#: 43


Lot#: 44

Bow Quivers

Lot#: 45

Archery Accessories

Lot#: 46

Bow Quivers

Lot#: 47

Archery Accessories

Lot#: 48

Gun Accessories

Lot#: 49

Archery Accessories

Lot#: 50

Archery Accessories

Lot#: 51

Gun Cleaning

Lot#: 52

Archery Accessories

Lot#: 53

Archery Accessories

Lot#: 54

Archery Accessories

Lot#: 55

Bow Case

Lot#: 56

Bow Case

Lot#: 57

Rocket Ammunition Projectile Box

Lot#: 58

English Dartboard

Lot#: 59

Poker Table

Lot#: 60

Fishing Rod Stand

Lot#: 61

Folding Utility Table

Lot#: 62

Warren Sweat Climbing Stand

Lot#: 63

API Outdoors ATV Carry All

Lot#: 64

API Outdoors ATV Carry All

Lot#: 65

Big Game Quicksteps 16" Treestand

Lot#: 66

Big Game Stealth 15" Treestand

Lot#: 67

Bench Grinder

Lot#: 68

Dayton 6" Bench Grinder

Lot#: 69

Military Ammo Can Lot

Lot#: 70

12" Ladder Stand

Lot#: 71

Vintage & Modern Comics

Lot#: 72

Archery Accessories

Lot#: 73

Wooden Stocks

Lot#: 74

Fish Finder & Electronics

Lot#: 75


Lot#: 76

Elbow Pads

Lot#: 77

Fishing Hooks

Lot#: 78

Fishing Accessories

Lot#: 79

Wooden Stocks

Lot#: 80

Shotgun Stocks

Lot#: 81


Lot#: 82

Shotgun Stocks

Lot#: 83

Fishing Hooks & Accessories

Lot#: 84

Fishing Accessories

Lot#: 85

Gun Accessories

Lot#: 86


Lot#: 87

Hunting Call Cassettes

Lot#: 88


Lot#: 89

Bath Set

Lot#: 90

Bath Set

Lot#: 91

Pickett Fence Shelf

Lot#: 92


Lot#: 93

Wood Shelf

Lot#: 94

Garden Statue

Lot#: 95

Time Out Stool

Lot#: 96

Wine Opener

Lot#: 97

Wind Chimes

Lot#: 98

ERTL 1950 Chevy Pick-up Truck & Radio Flyer Wagon

Lot#: 99

The American Presidents Dollar & Coin Collection

Lot#: 100

History DVD's & CD's Box Lot

Lot#: 101


Lot#: 103

Full Quilt

Lot#: 104

Fishing Rods

Lot#: 105

Fishing Rods

Lot#: 106

Fishing Rods

Lot#: 107

Fishing Rods

Lot#: 108

Fishing Rods

Lot#: 109

Fishing Rods

Lot#: 110

Fishing Rods

Lot#: 111

Fishing Rods

Lot#: 112

Fishing Rods

Lot#: 113

Fishing Rods

Lot#: 114

Frog Gig

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