Pampa, Texas - RV Park

Thursday November 01, 2018 | Pampa, TX. US. 79065
Listing provided by owner and has authorized the operators of to publish information about this property for sale. Make your best offer. Price bid is for the property in whole dollars and may be subject to divisions. A buyer?s premium of 10% with the calculated percentage of the of the highest bid price will be paid to the auctioneer, non-refundable, due at the time of sale (signed contract) . Buyers and Sellers shall sign purchase and sale agreements subject to terms and the buyers shall make a 10% Deposit that is required at time of BID AWARD in favor of the seller. All sales must close within 30 days of auction ending subject to closing costs and other terms and conditions. Property sells ?as is, where is.? . Realty Texas - Myers Jackson Texas Real Estate Agent 833-839-1234 Option Money Required - Option money will be required for purchase. Terms and Conditions requite that option many be available at the time of purchase. The option period starts at the time the purchaser is acknowledged with the bid award until the time the seller accepts the bid ad offered. The amount of option money may vary from sale to sale. The option money required may be announced by the Auctioneer prior to the start of each auction. Property will sell subject to confirmation unless other announcements are made; furthermore, bidders must register prior to bidding by downloading the FREE BIDDING APP iphone or Android. The seller hereby activates the liberty of bidding; in addition, the seller may authorize the auctioneer to accept bids until the reserve has been meet, or accept a lower than reserve amount when authorized by the seller. The liberty of bidding under the reservation of the sellers while active will extend to qualified and registered bidders in a competitive fashion to reach the highest acceptable bid. Property may be sold prior to the posted ending time without notice; your maximum offer is encouraged for the better bidder results and may be submitted prior to the sale date with no guarantee of obtaining a contract price, however subject to terms of a buyer?s guarantee if buyer abides by the requirements and is accepted by the seller. Seller is a licensed Real Estate Agent. System testing: Auctioneers have the right to implement system testing to insure the highest and best possible (UX) user experience during the competitive bid period. This includes bid administration, additions, deletions or other alterations when deemed necessary. If any bidders have questions about registration, bid procedures do not hesitate to call the administration office about technical operations or bid procedures. Administration staff will not be able to answer questions about property details, why or how the property will be sold. To ask questions about the property call the Auctioneer?s Hotline?833-DFW-0123Escalation and De-escalation Clause The process of auctions may require advancements of resulting in the escalation or de-escalation of the dollar amount the auctioneer may implement during a live auction or online auction. These amounts may be pre-authorized by the seller during the adjustment price before, during or prior to the end of the offering period. Bidding Systems, MLS or or platforms that require monetary denominations or pricing selection to increase or decrease bid offerings. Accending Discounts for Opening Bid Qualified purchasers may receive up to a 5% discount of the total Buyer Premium payable to the Auctioneer based on the opening bid a purchaser places via the online bidding platform at | The Opening bid shall be the initial bid placed after resignation for the designated property. Purchases represented by a Real Estate Broker / Agent shall receive a 2.5% discount from the total Buyers Premium. Buyers Brokers must register with the Auctioneers Broker Participation Form prior to purchaser bidding. Purchasers with a Buyers Broker will see any discount dissipate within 72 hours prior to final sale. The Opening Bid amount will be calculated at the exact amount first offered with the required placement. The remainder of any offer shall be calculated at the full 10% Buyer Premium payable to the Auctioneer and/or Listing Broker. Buyers Broker commission shall be adjusted on the same scale according to the opening bids or initial offers. Sample Initial Offer Without Buyers Broker Participation 1. 12,500 x .05 = 625.002. 125,000 x .05 = 6,250.00 Sample Final Offer of $125,000 Without Buyer Broker Participation1. 125,000 {112,500.00 x .10 = 11,250.00 + 625.00 = 11,875.00} Savings = $625.002. 125,000 {125,000 x .05 = 6,250.00 + 0 = 6,250.00} Savings = $6,250.00Buyer Premium Sliding Scale on Opening Bid 5 Days Prior to Auction 5%4 Days Prior to Auction 6%3 Days Prior to Auction 7%2 Days Prior to Auction 8%1 Days Prior to Auction 9%0 Days Prior to Auction 10% Opening Bid: The initial bid or offer made through the proper written or electronic bid placement. Written Opening Bid: An official purchase and sale agreement subject to all terms and conditions of the sale. After proper written or electronic registration. Electronic Bid: A bid made through this exact portal; after proper electronic registration.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Myers Jackson America's Auctioneer , agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

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Pampa Texas - RV Park

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