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Wednesday June 30, 2021 | 60 Cedar Street. Tillsonburg, ON. CA. N4G 1E8
REGISTER to bid. Simply answer a few basic questions. It is ABSOLUTELY FREE. We collect credit card information to verify that you are of legal age and that you are who you say you are. Please note that this is a secure site. All data is encrypted and PCI compliance is in place and up to date SSL certificates are maintained. If you win the bid your credit card will not be charged, payment is made on the day of pick up.BID on the items that interest you. Please note that all bids are final. You cannot retract a bid. MAXIMUM BID. We recommend leaving your maximum bid. This is not the amount you may have to pay. The increments of this auction is $2. That means that the software will bid $2 at a time for you as other bidders bid against you. If you put a maximum of $50 and another bidder put a maximum of $20, Your bid would become $22. If another bidder bid $52 you would be out bid. If you checked the box when you bid, you will be notified by email at that time and you can place another bid if you wish.WINNING BIDDERS will be notified shortly after the auction. The notification will include the price of the items you have won plus buyer premium and taxes. PICK UP of items MUST be made within the hours specified for the auction. If you cannot pick up your items at the specified time you must make prior arrangements with Dream Auctions. Do not bid if you cannot arrange to have the items picked up. Items not picked up within the specified times or without prior arrangements being made will be considered abandoned and the buyers credit card will be charged for the full amount of their invoice. All items that are not picked up will be considered abandoned and will become the property of Dream Auctions. We do not provide packing materials or tools or boxes. If you have purchased heavy items please bring help with you. Any damage caused to property during removal of your items will be assessed and charged to the buyer.SOFT CLOSE. In order to prevent sniping (people trying to win the bid by bidding at the last second) we offer a soft close. If there is a bid on an item during the last 2 minutes of bidding, it will force the bidding to remain open on this item for another 2 minutes. This will carry on until all bidding has closed. CONDITION OF ITEMS SOLD & OUR ONLINE CATALOGUE. We try our very best to describe the items as fully as possible with descriptions and photographs. Please note, however, that all items are sold in an "as is" and "where is" basis with all faults. We strongly encourage all bidders to come out to preview of the auction during the specified hours and see for yourself the condition of the items. No responsibility is assumed by Dream Auctions or the seller for any errors or omissions.ADDITIONS AND DELETIONS. We reserve the right to remove and/or add items to the sale at any point during the auction.RESERVE BID. Seldom do we have reserve bids. In the event that there is a reserve bid, you may have to pay a minimum amount in order to win the bid.DISPUTES. In the event that a picture and a description do not match, the description will take precedence.PERSONAL AND PROPERTY RISKS. The buyer expressly agrees to indemnify and save Dream Auctions, the seller and their assigns harmless from and against all claims, losses, expenses, damage or liability, directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from an act, including the negligent acts or omissions of Dream Auctions, or anyone acting in his/her behalf in connection with or arising out of an auction. By bidding you are acknowledging agreement with the terms above. Do not bid unless you agree to the all of the above terms .

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Dream Auctions, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

United Clock Corporation 19L X 16H

Lot#: 2

Norwalk Manufactured by Water Bury Clock Co. 22H

Lot#: 3

No 3 Crock

Lot#: 4

Vintage Heater 17H

Lot#: 5

Turtle Shell Ornament 15H

Lot#: 6

Globe 15.5H

Lot#: 7

Pana-Veu Lighter Viewer & Slides

Lot#: 8

Large Porcelain Factory Light Pan 18D

Lot#: 9

Cider Jug Gallon 10H

Lot#: 10

Assorted Brass Items

Lot#: 11

Oil Lantern

Lot#: 12

Binoculars & Case

Lot#: 13

2 Pots Some Chips

Lot#: 14

Polaroid Model 210 Land Camera &

Polaroid Flashgun 268

Lot#: 15

View Finders

Lot#: 16

Oxford Clock 17.5 x 17H

Lot#: 17

2 Kodak Movie Cameras

Lot#: 18

Owls Themed Clock 15 x 10.5H

Lot#: 19

Clock Books

Lot#: 20

Nancy Drew Books

Lot#: 21

Movie Cameras

Lot#: 22

Light Wooden Bowl 19D,

Lot#: 23

GE Electric Clock

Lot#: 24

2 Large Pyrex Bowls

Lot#: 25

Assorted Glass

Lot#: 26

Seth Thomas Mantle Clock & Key, 14L

Lot#: 27

Mushroom Canisters & More

Lot#: 28

Assorted Pipes & Holder

Lot#: 29

Assorted Cameras, Lens, Flash Cubes & More

Lot#: 30

Blue Mountain Pottery & More

Lot#: 31


Lot#: 32

Retro Electric Clock 24D

Lot#: 33

2 Candy Jars

Lot#: 34

Assorted Lot

Lot#: 35

Milk Glass & More

Lot#: 36

Assorted Vases

Lot#: 37

Beswick Tea Pot 6H

Lot#: 38

Pinwheel Crystal

Lot#: 39

Ivory Pipe & Case, needs some Repair

Lot#: 40

Assorted Cornflower Wine Glasses & More

Lot#: 41

Electrohome Vintage Fan

Lot#: 42

Pinwheel Crystal

Lot#: 43

Vintage Electrohome Fan

Lot#: 44

Westclox Battery Clock Needs Attention 32D

Lot#: 45

United Clock 19L X 16H

Lot#: 46

3 Milkglass Lamps

Lot#: 47

Miniature Cars & More

Lot#: 48

Assorted Pottery

Lot#: 49

Selection of Clock Books

Lot#: 50

Jug 8H

Lot#: 51

Cabbage Patch Dolls with Clothes & Papers

Lot#: 52

Mickey Mouse Bank 11.5H

Lot#: 53

The Beatles Yellow Submarine

Lot#: 54

Metal Ship Theme Lamp 11.5H, Heavy

Lot#: 55

Horse Theme Lamps

Lot#: 56

2 Containers of Lego Pieces

Lot#: 57

Large Porcelain Factory Light Pan

Lot#: 58

Assorted Brass Items

Lot#: 59

Blue Jays Memorabilia

Lot#: 60

Canada 125 Coins

Lot#: 61

Metal & Glass Ashtrays

Lot#: 62

Yamaha Recorder

Lot#: 63

Zither Instrument and Manual

Lot#: 64

Unusual Lamp Metal Base & Shade 29H

Lot#: 65

Clancy`s Beer Tap 10L & Ice Bucket & Shaker

Lot#: 66

Brownie, Kodak, Babie Brownie Cameras

Lot#: 67

Ray o Vac Hunter Lantern

Lot#: 68

Vintage Items including Remington Rand Adding


Lot#: 69

United Clock 18.6L X 15.5 h

Lot#: 70

Bell & Howell Reel to Reel Projector

Lot#: 71

Green Depression Glass

Lot#: 72

Assorted Jugs

Lot#: 73

Art Glass & More

Lot#: 74

Pink Depression Glass

Lot#: 75

Vintage Electronhome Stereo Model 4M375

Lot#: 76

Cider Jug 13H

Lot#: 77

2 Pierot Dolls

Lot#: 78

Watch & Clock Pieces & N0 60 Demagnetizer

Including Bulova

Lot#: 79

1 Polaroid Cameras

Lot#: 80

Bell & Howell Movie Projector

Lot#: 81

Vintage Heater 16.5H

Lot#: 82

Assorted Pipes & Holder

Lot#: 83

Carrying Yoke 43W

Lot#: 84

Cider Jug No 2 15H

Lot#: 85

2 Vintage Torcan Fans

Lot#: 86

Made in Morocco, Decorative Only

Lot#: 87

Carnival Glass & More

Lot#: 88

Rogers Plated Coffee/Tea/Cream & Sugar

Lot#: 89

Assorted Blue Mountain Pottery

Lot#: 90

Copper Items

Lot#: 91

Blue Grape Carnival Glass 10.5H

Lot#: 92

Lovely Art Glass Krosno Jozefina

Handmande in Poland 14.5H

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