Picklesimer Online Auction 8-4-21

Wednesday August 04, 2021 | 3843 West Main Street. New Waterford,, OH. US. 44445
Terms Of SaleTHIS IS AN INTERNET ONLY AUCTION! Picklesimer Online Auction3843 West Main Street New Waterford, Ohio 44445Ending: August 4, 2021 @ 6:30 P.M.Preview July 15, 2021 4:00-6:00 P.M.Pick Up August 5, 2021 3:00 - 6:00 P.M. - All winning bidders will be sent a link to schedule their pick up time on the day and within the timeframe designated. Please follow that link and do so as all who schedule their time will be waited on first and those who show up randomly will be asked to wait. This change is in an attempt to make pick ups faster, easier and less stressful for all involved. TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THIS AUCTION: (please note terms and conditions may be different for each auction and are subject to change)1. REGISTRATION: Bidders must enter a valid Visa, MasterCard or Discover card along with required contact information. There will be a $1.00 charge to your card for verification that will be refunded.2. BUYERS PREMIUM: A 10% buyer's premium will be added to each purchase. If you bid $100.00 you will be charged $110.00 upon invoicing at auction close.3. SALES TAX: SALES TAX WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.4. PAYMENT: Your credit card on file will be automatically charged the morning after the conclusion of the auction for the entire amount of your purchase(s) (unless otherwise indicated on large ticket items). Be sure to have an available balance on your credit card for your online purchases. Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. has the right to deactivate any bidder's account or cancel the bids of any bidder, for any reason, at their sole discretion as all of our online auctions are "With Reserve" auctions.5. REMOVAL: This is an ONLINE ONLY AUCTION. DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO PICK UP YOUR ITEMS DURING THE INDICATED REMOVAL TIME(S). NO REFUNDS OR CHARGEBACK'S WILL BE GRANTED. After the scheduled removal, items left will be considered abandoned. The amount of your purchase will be surrendered as a removal fee up to the total amount of your purchase for disposal of your item(s). IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, please call the main number at 330-227-3236 to inform the auction company as any items you leave at the pick-up are considered abandoned and ownership reverts back to the Seller. 6. SHIPPING: Shipping services are not guaranteed. We DO NOT bring furniture or large items back from remote locations unless specific arrangements have been made PRIOR to bidding. Contact Larry Deidrick before bidding 330-383-7903 or [email protected] PICKUP OF ASSETS: Bidders are responsible for their own removal. The auction company staff does not provide moving services or tools. Please be prepared to move all of your purchases by yourself or bring your own help. Any item NOT picked up by the set time will be considered abandoned. Removal shall be at the expense, liability, and risk of the purchaser. Purchases will be released upon presentation of a paid email receipt. Please insure that movers or anyone picking up items on your behalf have your paid receipt at the pickup location. Buyer authorizes Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. to release buyer's assets to any individual in possession of the buyer's sales receipt. Bidder further agrees to be held personally responsible for all purchases made on their bidder number, and agrees that bidder will not charge back items which are not picked up during the published removal times. If you present a hazard to yourself, the building or others at the auction you may not be permitted to move items. Buyers may be required to produce ID for various security reasons. Please have your ID with you at all times. All Buyers accept that pickup may be electronically recorded and monitored.8. BIDDING ERRORS: We will not reverse bids that have caused another bidder to be outbid. Please be aware that many bidders routinely increase their own bid to price an item out of reach of other bidders. You should immediately review your bids before submitted. If you bid on the wrong item we will not reverse your bid. We will not reverse bids after the auction has begun to close, no exceptions.10. CUSTOMER COMMITMENT: We appreciate all of our customers and their continued business. If we have to move your items off premise the Seller(s) will be responsible for paying our handling fees and they will be charged to the buyer. We want everyone involved to have a good experience and ask that all buyers abide by these terms and conditions.11. BIDDING PROCEDURE: If you are immediately outbid when you place your bids, then you are likely bidding against a maximum bid.. Buyers use maximum bids as they have seen the convenience and do not risk missing the opportunity by placing only real time bids on items. While the auction is closing click on the FLASHING LIVE CATALOG link to see the lots closing in order with auto refreshing. If you mistakenly increase your own bid, place your bidder number in the bid field, or make a gross error you must immediately contact our office by email at [email protected] or call 330-227-3236. Communication of the error does not in itself resolve the error. Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. will attempt to address the bidding error.12. AUCTION CLOSING: The online auction closes at a rate of 1 item every 20 seconds. This feature works great with the auto-extend (soft close) feature to closely emulate a 'live' auction. If a bid is placed within the last two minutes of an items closing time, that item will extend a full two minutes as to allow an bidder that has been outbid the chance to bid again and will repeat until no bid has been placed within the last two minutes. If you have been outbid you will be notified by email up to the time that the auction begins to "close". 13. WINNING BIDDER NOTIFICATION: You will be contacted by email ONLY (you are responsible for checking your email). If you feel you have won an item and have not received an email you must notify us by email no later than 9 AM the next day. If you do not receive a paid email invoice then you did not win any items at the online auction. NOTE: it takes time to process invoices so plan on up to 2 hours after auction close to receive your invoice.14. NON-DELIVERY: In the event an item is not available for pickup, the buyer must notify our onsite staff and file a claim by replying to your original emailed invoice noting what was not available within 24 hours of the pickup date. After 24 hours, the Auctioneer and buyer agrees that there is no grounds to claim non-delivery of item.15. AUCTION DESCRIPTION: Please inspect the lot numbers and read the descriptions. You are bidding on the described item not the photograph, occasionally the wrong photo may be displayed. The photo may also depict other items that are not included. Always read the item description. VEHICLE INSPECTIONS: As a condition of referencing any inspection report provided, Bidders are responsible for their own physical inspection. Any documented inspection or description is opinion, not fact and does not constitute a warranty of any kind. 16. WARRANTY & CONDITION OF ITEMS SOLD: All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS, with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied. Descriptions are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. When you are not certain of the condition or use of an item please bid accordingly. Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. is not responsible for the use or misuse of items, infestation and pathogens, environmental harm or any injury or harm caused by items purchased.17. BUYER DEFAULT: If a bidder(s) defaults at an auction, the auction company may, at its option, contact the backup bidder(s) for an offer but has no legal obligation to do so.18. FIREARMS: Buyers must pass all required background checks and take possession of firearms at our FFL licensed office of record: 45625 St Rt 154 Rogers, OH 44455. Our policy is that we will not sell firearms to individuals that are not at least 21 years of age at time of transfer. Any firearm sales are subject to strict ATF Rules. Buyers information MUST match the registration information as there are strong "straw buyer" rules enforced by the ATF. Buyers that do not pass the background check will not be refunded however the firearm will remain in the possession of Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC and will be sold at the next Consignment Firearms Auction. Buyers also are responsible to return to our facility at their own expense if the NICS background check requires a waiting period or "hold". If a bidder of a firearm also buys ammunition, the ammunition must be brought back to our gallery with the firearm(s) and will only be released after the individual passes the required check - per AFT rules. No gun will leave our facility without the federally required trigger lock. For complete information see the ATF website.19. DAMAGE: Any damage caused by a buyer during the preview, or during the period of removal is at the expense of the Buyer. Their information will be given to the Seller upon request and they will be held liable for any damages.20. CHOOSE WISELY: We want everyone to get a good deal and most will. However, when you bid on the wrong item or decide an item is not suited for your intended use, our Seller(s) are not willing to assume the cost of your mistakes. When in doubt about condition, completeness or suitability for intended use, please bid accordingly.21. RESERVE AUCTION: All Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. "online auctions" are "Reserve" auctions. Therefore the auction company reserves the right to establish or change bidding increments, remove items from the auction, split or combine lots, add minimum bids or reserve prices, cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule an individual item and or auction event. Suspend or cancel the bidding of any buyer at any time. Change, modify, delete or add to descriptions, photos. Change auction closing time, inspection or removal times. Rescind the sale of any or all items regardless of high bid upon auction conclusion. Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. permits the registration and bidding of any party as long as they meet the registration requirements and terms and condition including sellers, members, owners, employees and associates of Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. The auction company is not responsible for technical or communication problems, website outages, browser incompatibility or any connectivity issues. Items for sale by court ordered Bankruptcy are subject to the approval of the appointed Trustee and Bankruptcy Court.22. LIABILITY: Auctioneers and Sellers liability shall be limited to the refund of bidders purchase price.23. PRIVACY: Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. will not sell bidders information. Bidders who register consent to be contacted or emailed auction notifications for all Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. auction events. To be removed from our database, reply with "remove" in the subject line of the email. You do not need to subscribe to our email list if you are a registered bidder. If you wish to re- subscribe, simply enter your email into the "subscribe email field" at our website. NOTE: NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD AND BIDDER NUMBER OUT TO ANYONE. IF YOU FORGET REGISTRATION INFORMATION, CLICK ON THE "REGISTER" TAB AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR A LOST BIDDER NUMBER OR PASSWORD.24. LIMITATIONS: The above-stated terms and conditions of sale cannot be altered except in writing by the auction company. Terms and conditions may change from auction to auction and are agreed to electronically by bidders upon registration. Terms and conditions are designed as general guidelines and may not cover every possible scenario. Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. is not responsible for the fraudulent or unauthorized use of your bidder number and bidding account. Bidders are responsible for the security of same. If you feel someone may possess this information, it is suggested that you change your password immediately. Buyers agree that they have reviewed and agree to all terms and conditions of the auction. These terms and conditions constitute an enforceable and binding electronic agreement upon their electronic acceptance by the Bidder. Online auctions is conducted via the website entitled http://baerauctions.hibid.com/auctions/current/, Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. 45625 St Rt 154 Rogers, OH 44455 - 330-227-3236 -- [email protected] -

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 2

Socket & Screw Driver Set

Sitting Room

Lot#: 3

3 Lamps

Sitting Room

Lot#: 4

Delta Scroll Saw

Sitting Room

Lot#: 5

Stand - Contents Not Included

Sitting Room Approx. 2'x2'x3'

Lot#: 6

Vintage Chair

Sitting Room

Lot#: 7

Mirror & Glass Piece

Sitting Room

Lot#: 8

Assorted Pictures

Sitting Room

Lot#: 9

Oxygen Regulator

Sitting Room

Lot#: 10

Shop Vac

Sitting Room

Lot#: 11

2 Boxes Households

Sitting Room

Lot#: 12

Lamps & Oil Lamps

Sitting Room

Lot#: 13

3 Chairs & Stand

Sitting Room

Lot#: 14

Desk - No Contents

Sitting Room Approx. 2'x3'x3.5'

Lot#: 15

Lamps & Light

Sitting Room

Lot#: 16

Phones, Wiring, Rackets, Misc.

Sitting Room

Lot#: 17

Blue Glass Dishes

Sitting Room

Lot#: 18


Sitting Room Approx. 2'x3'x3'

Lot#: 19

Printer & Keyboard

Sitting Room

Lot#: 20

Stand & Stool

Sitting Room

Lot#: 21


Sitting Room

Lot#: 22

Lordstown Poster & Trafficant Sign

Sitting Room

Lot#: 23

Singer Stand

Sitting Room

Lot#: 24


Sitting Room Approx. 3'x3'x3'

Lot#: 25

2001 Chevy S-10, 79,127 Miles, Jumper Seat, V6

Votec Engine, Ac

Lot#: 26


Sitting Room

Lot#: 27

Plate Joiner

Living Room

Lot#: 28

Dust Deputy Vacuum New In Box

Living Room

Lot#: 29


Lot#: 30

New Goggles

Living Room

Lot#: 31


Living Room

Lot#: 32

Air Compressor

Living Room

Lot#: 33

Air Compressor & Case

Living Room

Lot#: 34

Shovel, Dust Pan, Scraper

Living Room

Lot#: 35

Golf Bag

Living Room

Lot#: 36

Wood Planers

Living Room

Lot#: 37

Sewing Machine & Stand

Living Room

Lot#: 38

Electric Single Burner

Living Room

Lot#: 39

Floor Lamp & Candle Stands

Living Room

Lot#: 40


Living Room

Lot#: 41

Air Conditioner

Living Room

Lot#: 42

Stand & Stool

Living Room

Lot#: 43

File Folders, Coin Sleeves, Paint Rollers,

Sprayer & Misc

Lot#: 44

Hand Tools, Saw Blades, Hardware

Lot#: 45

Lion Trimmer

Lot#: 46

Open Ended S Wrenches, Spud Wrenches, Misc.

Lot#: 47

Wood Plane

Lot#: 48

Wood Plane

Lot#: 49

Wood Rasp

Lot#: 50

Cookie Press, Space Saver Bags, Iron & Misc.

Lot#: 51

Craftsman Joiner Planer, Unchecked

Lot#: 52

Assorted Lumber

Living Room

Lot#: 53

Barrel, Candle Holders, Chair, Vinyl Sheeting

Lot#: 54

Joint Compound

Lot#: 55

Flower Pot

Lot#: 56

Contents Of Top Cabinets


Lot#: 57

Contents Of Bottom Cabinets


Lot#: 58

Microwave & Microwave Stand


Lot#: 59

Contents Of Closet

Laundry Room

Lot#: 60

Kenmore Washer

Laundry Room

Lot#: 61

Whirlpool Dryer - Works

Laundry Room

Lot#: 62

Glasses, Cake Pans, Misc.


Lot#: 63

2 Cast Iron Pieces


Lot#: 64

Haier Refrigerator

Kitchen Approx. 2.5'x2.5'x4'

Lot#: 65

Contents Of Closet

Dining Room

Lot#: 66

Painting Supplies

Dining Room

Lot#: 67

Misc. Tools

Dining Room

Lot#: 68

Misc. Hardware

Dining Room

Lot#: 69

Assorted Hand Tools

Dining Room

Lot#: 70

Dremel Tools, Chucks

Dining Room

Lot#: 71

Box Of Gloves & Hardware

Lot#: 72

Assorted Brackets

Dining Room

Lot#: 73

2 Buckets Of Nails

Dining Room

Lot#: 74

Tool Box & Contents W/ Bucket Of Tools

Dining Room

Lot#: 75

Paper Shredder & Vacuum


Lot#: 76

Hand Tools, Light, Misc.


Lot#: 77

Clamps, Hand Tools, Misc.

Dining Room

Lot#: 78

Paint, Sprayers, Batteries, Misc.

Dining Room

Lot#: 79

C Clamps, Hand Tools, Misc.

Dining Room

Lot#: 80

Shelf & Contents

Dining Room Approx. 1'x3'x5'

Lot#: 81

Tool Bins & Contents

Dining Room

Lot#: 82

Stand, Hand Tools, Misc.

Dining Room

Lot#: 83

Oscillating Spindle Sander - New In Box

Dining Room

Lot#: 84

Contents Of Back Room (off Of Work Room)

Lot#: 85

Shop Vac, Misc. Hand Tools

Work Room

Lot#: 86

Desk & Contents

Work Room Approx. 2'x4'x3'

Lot#: 87

Clamps, Grinder, Contents On Walls, Misc.

Work Room

Lot#: 88

Hand Tools, Misc.

Work Room

Lot#: 89


Lot#: 90

Pipe Wrenches

Work Room

Lot#: 91

Drill Bits, Misc. Tools

Work Room

Lot#: 92

Drill Bits, Tools, Tape, Misc.

Work Room

Lot#: 93

Hammers, Sanding Belts, Misc.

Work Room

Lot#: 94

Sander, Drill, Misc. Hand Tools

Work Room

Lot#: 95


Work Room

Lot#: 96

Bavaria Germany Dish Set

Kitchen Service for Approx. 8

Lot#: 97

Assorted Metal Dishes

Kitchen Some Silver Plate

Lot#: 98

Candle Holders & Silver Pieces


Lot#: 99

Assorted Glassware, Cart & Stand

1st Bedroom

Lot#: 100

Keg, Basket, Bottle Cap Press, Crate, Scale Part

Lot#: 101

Easel, Shelf, Caddy Wagon, Telescope, Stand,

Garden Stool; 1st Bedroom

Lot#: 102

Bucket, Goggles

1st Bedroom

Lot#: 103

Kids Toys, Cap Gun

1st Bedroom

Lot#: 104

Exercise Bike, Chairs & Heater

1st Bedroom

Lot#: 105

Leather Books & Leather Pieces

1st Bedroom

Lot#: 106

5 Boxes Of Books

1st Bedroom

Lot#: 107

Round Table & Chair

2nd Bedroom

Lot#: 108

Box Of Records

2n Bedroom

Lot#: 109

Lionel Trains & Accessories

2nd Bedroom

Lot#: 110


2n Bedroom

Lot#: 111

Baby Doll Bed

2nd Bedroom

Lot#: 112

Small Trunk

2nd Bedroom

Lot#: 113

Hitachi Stereo Player

2nd Bedroom

Lot#: 114

Supertone Accordion W/ Case

2nd Bedroom

Lot#: 115

Chair, Stool, Mirror, Blind, Decorations &

Exercise Bike; 2nd Bedroom

Lot#: 116

3 Drawer Dresser W/ Mirror & Stretcher

Lot#: 117

Vintage Hanging Lamp

2nd Bedroom

Lot#: 118

Vintage Boy Scouts Bags

Bedroom 3

Lot#: 119

Horse Harness

Bedroom 3

Lot#: 120

Antique Kids Rocking Horse

Bedroom 3

Lot#: 121

2 Antique Chairs

Bedroom 3

Lot#: 122

Roasting Pot

Bedroom 3

Lot#: 123

Contents Of Closet

Bedroom 3

Lot#: 124

2 Vintage Pictures & Frames

Bedroom 3

Lot#: 125

3 Piece Bedroom Suite

Bedroom 3 Approx. Full, 2'x3'x4' & 2'x4.5'x3'

Lot#: 126

Contents Of Upstairs Cabinet

Lot#: 127

Assorted Christmas

Upstairs 4

Lot#: 128

Craftsman Router


Lot#: 129

Table Saw


Lot#: 130

Wood & Misc Items

Not The Saws, Furnace, Hot Water Tank, No Attached Fixtures In House

Lot#: 131

Craftsman Band Saw


Lot#: 132

Shop Lights, Craftsman Planer


Lot#: 133

Everything Along Wall In Garage

Not The Wood & Clamps

Lot#: 134

Wood Clamps


Lot#: 135

Yard Machine Chipper


Lot#: 136

Craftsman Push Mower & Bagger

Garage Works

Lot#: 137

Table Saw


Lot#: 138

Craftsman Edge Trimmer & Mower


Lot#: 139

Wood Lathe, Misc. Tools


Lot#: 140

Watch, Necklace, Lighter, Sunglasses, Baseball

Cards; 1st Room

Lot#: 141

Assorted Wood


Lot#: 142

Blacksmith Vise


Lot#: 143

Extension Ladder


Lot#: 144

Wooden Gates


Lot#: 145

Step Ladder


Lot#: 146

Marble Mantle


Lot#: 147

Bolt Cutters, Fencing, Misc.


Lot#: 148

Assorted Yard Tools


Lot#: 149

Duct Work & Fire Pit


Lot#: 150

Pallet Of Assorted Wood Pieces


Lot#: 151

Assorted Wood Pieces, Patio Furniture, Misc.

Back Porch

Lot#: 152

Contents Of Front Porch

Lot#: 153

Scrap Pile


Lot#: 154

Box Of Old Books


Lot#: 155

Desk Lamp, 2 Stools, Pillows, Linen, Saw,

Cabinet Doors ; Kitchen

Lot#: 156

2 Ammo Boxes


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