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Friday April 09, 2021 | Ventura, CA. US. 93001

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Auction Terms (in house buyers): Payment due the day of the Sale. California Auctioneers has made a reasonable effort to describe items correctly. However we do not warrant the correctness of description, signatures, marks, authenticity or condition of said items. Please preview all items carefully and use your own judgment. Final decision on auction block overrides listing. Auction checkout: We will be closed on the weekend after the auction So Monday and or Tuesday 9AM - 5 PM. We ask that all items be picked up no later than 5PM Tuesday after the auction. 1 Payment: Cash, cashiers check, Visa & M/C.. All items must be paid on day of sale. 20% buyer's premium on all items. All sales final, all items sold as is. A Vehicle terms: 15% Cash down on day of sale with balance due with cash or cashiers check in 2 working days from sale. Must be 21 to purchase a Firearm - California Auctioneers is a licensed FFL and on the the California Centralised list of F.A.D. All non antique fireams must be DROS''ed. Buyers must bring in a Firearm Safety Certification Card or other exemption. California Auctioneers has made a reasonable effort to describe items correctly. However we do not warrant the correctness of description, signatures, marks, authenticity or condition of said items. Please preview all items carefully and use your own judgment. Final decision on auction block overrides listing. All items SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS. ***IMPORTANT PAYMENT INFORMATION: PAYMENT MUST BE MADE WITHIN 1 WORKING DAYS OF THE SALE. PAYMENTS MAY BE MADE BY PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD (VISA, MASTERCARD AMEX ) TO ARRANGE PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD OR CASHIER'S CHECK PLEASE CALL 805-649-2686 ** We do not ship. We work with the UPS Store - Contact The UPS store: Ram Manwani, Email: [email protected];(805)643-6245 The highest bidder on a lot shall be the buyer of the lot. The purchase price shall be the sum of 1) the price at which the item is sold, plus 2) A BUYER'S PREMIUM OF 23% 3) sales tax unless the purchaser is exempt by law from such taxes. 4) Any shipping costs ACCEPTANCE The purchaser is legally liable to pay for the item or pay the difference if we must re-offer and sell the item for a lower price. REGULATION OF BID The Auctioneer shall regulate the bidding and shall be the sole arbiter of any disputes. We reserve the right to withdraw property at any time before the sale and reject a bid from any bidder. ONLINE BIDDING California Auctioneers will not be liable for malfunctions, errors or omissions (hardware, software, electronic, human or otherwise), whether or not due to California Auctioneers fault or negligence, resulting in the inaccurate transmittal of bids, the failure to execute bids or any other irregularity. PAYMENT AND PICKUP The invoice must be paid in full and merchandise picked up or shipping arrangements made within one day of the date of sale. A storage fee will be charged if merchandise is left longer than five working days, a fee of $10.00 per lot per day. If the property is left longer than 21 days, it will be considered abandoned. RISK OF LOSS In the event delivery cannot be made because of loss due to fire, theft, or any other reason, the Auction House shall only be liable for the return of any deposits or payments made by the purchaser. NO WARRANTY ALL ITEMS SOLD "AS IS AND WHERE IS" THE AUCTION HOUSE, ITS AGENTS AND EMPLOYEES, AND THE CONSIGNOR DO NOT WARRANT ANY LOT TO BE MERCHANTABLE OR TO BE SUITED FOR ANY PURPOSE AND THEY DO NOT ASSUME ANY RISK, LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PERSON AS TO AUTHENTICITY, GENUINENESS, CULTURE, SOURCE, ORIGIN, ATTRIBUTION, PERIOD, PURPOSE OR MEASUREMENTS OF ANY LOT. THESE CONDITIONS MAY NOT BE ALTERED OR MODIFIED EXCEPT BY AN INSTRUMENT IN WRITING, SIGNED BY AUCTIONEER AND BUYER. 1. Lots Sold to The Highest Bidder: The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the buyer. The auctioneer has the right to reject any bid, to advance the bidding at his or her absolute discretion and, in the event of any dispute between bidders or any other issue with respect to the highest bidder, to determine the successful bidder, to continue the bidding or to re offer and resell the lot in question. In the event of any dispute after the sale, California Auctioneers. Inc., a California Corporation (hereinafter referred to as, California Auctioneers), record of final sale shall be conclusive. 2. Lots are Sold AS IS. ALL PROPERTY IS SOLD AS IS AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS ARE EXCLUDED. NEITHER WE NOR THE CONSIGNOR OR OUR ASSOCIATES MAKE ANY REPRESENTATION, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY, OR GUARANTEE IN CONDITION, SIZE, PROVENANCE, MEDIUM, SIGNATURE, INSCRIPTION, EXHIBITION (S), IMPORTANCE, RARITY, COUNTRY OR ORIGIN, AGE, GENUINENESS, SUBJECT HISTORICAL RELEVANCE, MONETARY OR OTHER VALUE, FRAMING OR LACK THEREOF, MOUNTING, CONSERVATION, COLOR (S), PALETTE, INSCRIPTION, EDITION, STYLE LABEL OR OTHER DESCRIPTOR. NO STATEMENT IN THE CATALOG, BROCHURES OR IN THE BILL OF SALE OR INVOICE OR BIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION OR STATEMENTS MADE BY THE AUCTIONEER DURING THE AUCTION OR ELSEWHERE SHALL BE DEEMED SUCH A WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION OR AN ASSUMPTION OF LIABILITY. NO EMPLOYEE OF CALIFORNIA AUCTIONEERS IS AUTHORIZED TO MAKE, ON OUR BEHALF OR THAT OF THE CONSIGNOR, ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY, ORAL OR WRITTEN, WITH RESPECT TO ANY PROPERTY. 3. Buyer's obligation to inspect each item: Buyers are strongly encouraged to view all items auctioned on display before the auction to determine the true condition and nature of any item(s) of interest. Although there is no legal requirement that each buyer inspect lots purchased before the auction, the failure to inspect may constitute a waiver of that buyer's complaint that the item was not delivered in a condition equal to the existent condition at the auction as described in section 14 of these Conditions of Sale. 4. All Sales Final: Notwithstanding any other terms of these conditions, any and all refunds shall be given at the sole discretion of California Auctioneers. Refunds requested on the grounds of authenticity must be made within 10 days of the auction date, and such requests must be accompanied by at least one supporting statement in writing from a recognized authority stating that the painting or art sold is incorrect or not the work of the artist. A recognized authority shall be defined as a person who has authored, edited, or substantially contributed to a monograph on the artist, a person who has curated, organized or substantially contributed to a solo exhibition on the artist, a person who has represented the artists estate or someone who represented or worked closely with the artist while they were alive and, in any of the above instances physically handled works of the period, medium and subject matter in question during the course of their duties. Please note that dealers who advertise to buy a wide range of artists, appraisers and representatives of other auction firms do not qualify as authenticators of individual artists unless they have had such specific involvement with an artists work as specified above in addition to their daily duties. Any lot in question must be returned to California Auctioneers in the exact same condition as when sold. Please be advised that California Auctioneers does not grant extensions to refund considerations based upon authenticity due to shipping delays. There are no exceptions to this refund policy. 5. The Right to Withdraw Lots: California Auctioneers reserves the right to withdraw any lot before or at the sale. 6. Buyer's Premium: The purchase price payable by a buyer shall be the sum of the final bid plus a premium of 23% of the final bid price. 7. Lots are Subject to a Reserve Price: Some lots in the auction are subject to a reserve, which is the confidential minimum price below which the lot will not be sold (the reserve). In no event will the reserve price exceed the low estimate. California Auctioneers shall act to protect the reserve by bidding through the auctioneer. The auctioneer may open bidding on any lot below the reserve by placing a bid on behalf of the seller. The auctioneer may continue to bid on behalf of the seller up to the amount of the reserve, either by placing consecutive bids or by placing bids in response to other bidders. The estimates provided by California Auctioneers concerning a given lot, are carefully considered opinions of the cataloger and fine art staff. Any estimates given are merely suggestive guidelines for interested buyers. Buyers must be aware that paintings and art are subject to fluctuating values depending on the subjective interests of collectors and a wide variety of other uncontrollable factors. The lots auctioned may sell at prices either above or below estimates. 8. Winning Bid Constitutes an Immediate Transfer of Title: Title to the offered lot shall pass to the buyer upon the fall of the auctioneer's hammer and announcement by the auctioneer that the lot has been sold, subject to compliance by the buyer with all other Conditions of Sale. The buyer shall forthwith assume full risk and responsibility for the lot and shall pay the full purchase price or such part thereof as California Auctioneers, in its sole discretion, shall require. In addition, the buyer may be required to sign a confirmation of purchase or abide by any other financial terms that California Auctioneers deems necessary to protect the interest of the consignors. 9. Removal of Purchased lots: All items sold may not be removed from California Auctioneers premises, or the premises of the auction, until the buyer has paid in full the purchase price there for or has satisfied such terms, as California Auctioneers, in its sole discretion, shall require. Subject to the foregoing, all lots are to be paid for and removed from California Auctioneers premises at the buyer's expense no later than the third calendar day following the sale, and, if not so removed, California Auctioneers may transfer any such lot to its warehouse at the risk and expense of the buyer. If a lot has not been collected the third calendar day following the sale and California Auctioneers does transfer the uncollected property to its warehouse, the buyer will be liable to California Auctioneers for storage and handling charges of $10.00 per day for each lot. In addition to other remedies available by law, California Auctioneers reserves the right to impose a late charge of 1% per month or the maximum permitted by law on the purchase price commencing on the day following the date on which payment is due if the buyer does not make payment in full in accordance with these Conditions of Sale. 10. Absent Bidders: Bids which are submitted to California Auctioneers in writing or are otherwise left with California Auctioneers prior to an auction for execution at or below a specified price (Absentee bids), as well as telephone bids, shall be entertained and executed by California Auctioneers for the convenience of bidders not present at auction, but C.A. shall not be responsible for failing to execute such bids or for errors relating to our execution of such bids. Bidding on any article(s), whether in person, by agent, order bid, telephone or other means, constitutes the highest bidders acceptance of these Conditions of Sale. All absentee bids must be received by California Auctioneers prior to the day of sale. Bidders by telephone are also encouraged to leave a cover bid in case of technical failure. 11. Applicable taxes: Unless exempted by California law, the buyer shall be required to pay any applicable state and local sales tax or compensating use tax on the purchase price. 12. Buyer's Breach of Conditions of Sale: If the buyer fails to comply with any of these Conditions of Sale, California Auctioneers may, in addition to asserting all remedies available by law, including the right to hold such defaulting buyer liable for the purchase price, (I) cancel the sale, retaining as liquidated damages any payment made by the buyer, (II) resell the property without reserve at public auction or privately on seven days notice to the buyer, or (III) take such other action as we deem necessary or appropriate. If California Auctioneers resells the property, the original defaulting buyer shall be liable for the payments of any deficiency in the purchase price and all costs and expenses, including warehousing, the expenses of both sales, reasonable attorneys fees, commissions, incidental damages and all other charges due hereunder. In the event that such buyer pays a portion of the purchase price for any or all lots purchased, California Auctioneers shall apply the payment received to such lot or lots that California Auctioneers, in our sole discretion, deems appropriate. California Auctioneers shall have the benefit of all rights of a secured party under the Uniform Commercial Code adopted in the State of California where the auction is held. 13. Governing Law, Venue and Jurisdiction: The rights and obligations of the parties with respect to the Conditions of Sale and the conduct of the auction shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the State of California. By bidding at an auction, whether present in person or by agent, by absentee bid, telephone or other means, the buyer shall be deemed to have consented to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of such state and the federal courts sitting in such state. Further, the buyer agrees that the venue for any action arising out of the failure to abide by the Conditions of Sale, or any conduct related to or arising out of the auction, shall be the Ventura County Superior Court, Located at the Government Center, 800 South Victoria Avenue in Ventura, California, 93009. The buyer expressly agrees that (I) neither California Auctioneers nor the seller shall be liable, in whole or in part, for any special, indirect or consequential damages, including, without limitation, loss of profits and (II) the buyer's damages, if any, are limited exclusively to the original purchase price paid for the lot. 14. Delivery of Lots Sold: The packing and handling of purchased lots by California Auctioneers Auctioneer's staff at the auction is undertaken solely as a courtesy to customers. There is no charge for packing material and labor supplied to you on the evening of the sale. In no event will California Auctioneers be liable for damage to artwork, glass or frames, regardless of cause, in connection with this free service. California Auctioneers may, in our discretion and as a service to buyers, arrange to have purchased lots packed, insured and forwarded at the request, expense, and risk of the buyer. California Auctioneers assumes no responsibility for acts or omissions in such packing or shipping by other packers or carriers, nor does California Auctioneers assume any responsibility for any damage to picture frames or to the glass therein. In circumstances California Auctioneers arranges and bills for such services via invoice or credit card, California Auctioneers will include an administration charge. In the case of California Auctioneers physically delivering an item to a buyer, if an item cannot be delivered in condition equal to the existent condition at the time or should any item be mis-delivered, stolen or lost prior to delivery, California Auctioneers 's liability shall not exceed the amount paid by the buyer at the auction. 15. Notices, Demands and Refunds: Any demands for refunds, problems with the lot(s) sold or notices of any kind concerning the auction shall be in writing and addressed to California Auctioneers8597 Ventura Ave. Ventura California 93001 16. Effect of any Unenforceable Provisions: Should any of the Conditions of Sale be deemed unenforceable by a competent court having jurisdiction, such unenforceable provision shall have no effect on the enforceability of the remaining provisions contained in the Conditions of Sale.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. California Auctioneers, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 8

Antique Mercury Glass Vase

measures approx. 11" x 10"

Lot#: 9

Fine handmade Wool Persian Runner

Camel ground with dark ivory border, and rust, ivory, blue, and green natural colors measures approx 154" x 46" Provenance: Montecito California

Lot#: 10

Invicta Men's Speedway Chronograph

Watch appears to be new, never used. Gold colored Stainless Steel cases, gold mesh band, 100M Water resistant, black face with three dials. Trinite night glow, gold hands and markers Includes Invicta Box that is a bit scuffed at some corners

Lot#: 18

Beaded necklaces - malachite, Lapis and Tiger Eye

29" Lapis, 20" malachite and a 16" tiger eye necklace - 3pcs

Lot#: 23

Bill Bender (1919-2016) Oil on Board

Oil on Board Titled: "Bringing Home Christmas" measures 24" x 36" - Signed and Titled verso Oro Grande, Ca.

Lot#: 27

Edward Curtis Photogravure "White Dog Blood"

Titled: White Dog Blood" nicely framed behind glass image 15.5" x 11.5" frame size 24.75" x 20.75"

Lot#: 36

Indian Old Pawn Silver concho buckles - 2

one Turquoise and silver the other silver

Lot#: 47

Mata Ortiz Double Wedding Vase

Signed Gilberto Olivas Blackware 15" tall with carved Serpent and applied turquoise

Lot#: 66

19th c. Spanish Chest with iron hardware

Iron Hardware, hardwood, split nail fastened hinges, iron lock and hasp measures 40" wide x 27" high x 22" deep

Lot#: 70

Golbe Werricke American antique lawyers bookcase

"The Golbe-Werricke Co." Cincinnati Ohio Size D-8 1/2 Grade 297 34" wide x 52.5" tall x 12 deep. Highly flamed Antique Oak bookcase with fold up windows, the top has a leaded glass diamond shape window. Black straps, excellent condition, missing a nail in one strap.

Lot#: 94A

Crochet bed spread - popcorn

traditional American popcorn pattern - full size

Lot#: 96

Early 18th cent. Santa Fe' chest

ca 1700's - measures 53" w 23.5" d and 33" high

Lot#: 99

Edgar Payne (1883-1947) w/color - Sierra landscape

with lake and church - image size 18" x 24"

Lot#: 102A

Edgar Payne (1883-1947) watercolor on paper

Coastal Monterey Ca. signed bottom right measures approx 13" x 17" image, nicely framed in carved gilt frame

Lot#: 111A

18th/19th c. Spanish drop front secretary

18th/19th c. Spanish drop front desk w/ bookcase Highly carved, the crown bevels three times and the forth line is a repeating scalloped design, the bookcase doors feature two distinct carved panels each; the top beveled squares depict carvings of the flower of life geometry within the square, and the two rectangle carvings also feature the same geometry within a diamond with scrolling flourishes. The drop front has a three section relief carved, the two outer squares repeat the flower of life motif seen in the top door and flank a butterfly like Northwind face with the brass pull centered in his head. The four drawers in the base feature the same brass pull, but each drawer grows in height, and features individual carvings on each repeating variations of the same Flower of Life geometry. Opening the drop front reveals a well used workspace featuring a central door, carefully inlaid with a spiral shell. Nicely veneered, some areas show some losses. Symmetrical sides each show four pigeon holes with slim pull out drawers above, and three pull out drawers bottom, all with brass pulls, some missing. The central door is flanked by two tall pull out drawers. This sophisticated layout shows evidence of small variations in size and measurement evidence of a very early maker. Possibly earlier than 18th c... Measures 40.5" x 20" x 91" h Provenance: Rancho Ojai, California Collection

Lot#: 113

Fine Round Inlaid top Center Table

Four footed scrolled legs to a pedestal, painted gold bottom measures approx 47" diameter x 30" high.

Lot#: 117

Platinum Emerald diamond bracelet

articulating center section 21 diamonds connected by a 2 diamond link, 16 diamond strait arm - 62 diamonds - flower links all articulating - approx 5-6 ctw diamonds

Lot#: 118

Platinum Art Deco 5 ctw diamond brooch

62mm x 22mm brooch size, .6 center stone, 4-.25ct and app 39 round brilliant diamonds .16 ct ea. 22 additional stones on petals - app 5 ctw diamonds

Lot#: 119

Outstanding 16" Chocolate 12-14mm Pearl Necklace

Fantastic Princess length Chocolate pearls that exude an fantastic plum, peacock pearlescent chocolate hue, deep nacre, uniformly round approx 12-14 mm

Lot#: 124

LeRoy Neiman lithograph "Tennis"

measures 24" x 35.5" image size pencil signed in margin Artist Proof

Lot#: 125

Mark King Golf Lithograph 30" x 40"

large format nicely framed- numbered- and with blind stamp

Lot#: 125A

Three Mark King Lithographs with blind stamps

3 Limited Edition Lithographs with Martin Lawrence (publisher) Blind Stamps on thick wove paper Image size approx 15" x 20" signed and numbered in pencil in the margin , nicely framed behind glass

Lot#: 127

Mark King Golf Lithograph a/p- 26 1/2" x 35 1/2"

large format nicely framed

Lot#: 127A

Two" Crystal Kelley' Golf Lithographs

Augusta National 12th Hole, and Cypress Point 16th hole

Lot#: 128

Mueller carrousel horse - jumper

wood carved jumper RESTORED BY TOBIN FRAYLEY

Lot#: 129

Hershel Spillman carousel horse

jumper wood carved ORGINAL PARK PAINT

Lot#: 131

Parker wood carousel horse

jumper PSRTIAL RESTORATION glass eyes

Lot#: 132

Rare Seeburg model S100 Jukebox

1967 Seeburg jukebox with a nickel finish and cobalt blue panels. Only 400 of the S100 models were made - light up and mechanisms are working, not currently playing but was in the home

Lot#: 133

H. Hargrove Carousel painting

Oil on canvas Carousel (probably Muller) 12" x 16"

Lot#: 134

Thomas Hardcastle 47"x47" oil on canvas

"Lily" in large scale - Thomas Hardcastle was born in Boston and raised in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. He is currently a resident of Ojai, California where he paints and takes an active role in visual arts.

Lot#: 138A

Chinese Reverse painted Emperor and Empress

Reverse painted Chinese Emperor and Empress on glass measure approx. 18.5 x 12

Lot#: 143

19th century Turkish "Ghiordes" prayer rug

Antique Ghiordes Rug, a fine Turkish rug produced about 50 miles north of Smyrna in the Ottoman vilayet of Hounaverndikiar. This Classic prayer rug features wide borders and soft, light green, red, turquoise and off white colors measures approx. 47" x 62"

Lot#: 144A

Modern 5 pc dining set oak -ebony finish

w 4 beige velvet chairs two leaves

Lot#: 149B

Van Erp large Copper round Pedestal Bowl

19.25" diameter hand hammered pedestal bowl measures 19.75 " diam x 4.5 "h

Lot#: 151

Beatrice Wood (1893-1998) Luster Glaze Chalice

Signed Beato inside the base, Marked Bottom BWTF# 1034 (Beatrice Wood Foundation, Iridescent copper glaze with turquoise measures approx 6.5" tall x 6.5" diameter Provenance: Ojai Rancho Collection

Lot#: 157

Japanese Iron Age Glazed Ceramic Pitcher

Japanese Iron Age Pitcher - Provenance: from the Estate of Ceramic Artist Vaea Marx, Berkeley California

Lot#: 159

Imari Blue Glaze Bulbous Vase

Provenance: from the Estate of Ceramic Artist Vaea Marx, Berkeley California

Lot#: 164

Very Old Japanese Imari Bowl

7" diameter x 3.5" high Provenance: from the Estate of Ceramic Artist Vaea Marx, Berkeley California

Lot#: 165

15th C. Spanish Talavera Stoneware Plate

Measures approx 9" with loss of bottom section, nonetheless an excellent example of early Spanish Stoneware. Provenance: Given to Artist Vaea from his Japanese Mentor Kanjiro Kawai - Estate of Ceramic Artist Vaea Marx, Berkeley California -

Lot#: 168

Mexican rectangular ceramic serving trays

Vintage pottery - divided dish etc... 11 pcs

Lot#: 169

Mexican ceramics/pottery - Red Ware -12 pc's

hand painted trays, platter etc...

Lot#: 185

14kt Gold Peridot ring w diamonds

10ct emerald cut center stone with 40 diamonds - 20 on each row - weighs 17gms size 6.5

Lot#: 187

A fine Bvlgari 18kt Gold Peridot and Diamond Ring

Approx 3.5 carat Peridot center stone supported by two shoulders of five high fire diamonds (10 total) on a Bvlgari Marked setting, size 6 weighs 14.7 grams total weight

Lot#: 192A

Invicta Reserve Octane Men's Chronograph

The Reserve Octane Men's Model 26110 - - Specs- Case 56mm Stainless Steel, Band Stainless Steel, Movement Swiss Quartz, Water resistance 200m Includes Blue Invicta Divers box and papers. Rotating Bezel with lugs, black face with Trinite glowing markers, fire fusion crystal, three dials of day, date and seconds along with the numerical date

Lot#: 199

Dodge Brothers 1926 Touring Car

Yellow 1926 Dodge Touring car Restored, Good running condition, starts right up, Current California License plate, great parade car, good tires, excellent interior

Lot#: 202

Antique French marble top sideboard

beveled mirror center with top beveled glass mirrored cabinet

Lot#: 203A

19th c .Beveled Glass Cabinet

Mahogany and beveled glass with repeating gallery with finials atop a three door cabinet, the central door features arched beveled glass panels, carved wood panels and carved columns - measures approx 102"h x 76" x 22" d glass shelves

Lot#: 204

Corn Le Mair 11.5" x 14" o/c Stillife

Apples, crab, branch, dice, joker, liquor

Lot#: 206

Sheridan style hand painted inlaid -chest

44" wide 33" tall x 21" deep

Lot#: 207

Amber etched cut to clear crystal glass set

2 large vases, platter and center bowl - 4pcs

Lot#: 210

18kt "Marquis Cut" diamond ring

center stone approx .65 and approx 2 ctw marquis cut diamonds - size 4.5

Lot#: 213

"Bust of young woman" Sculpture 34"x 12"

includes marble base-- patinated bronze

Lot#: 215A

Konya Ladik Turkish prayer rug

Early 20th century measures 48" x 74"

Lot#: 237

Spanish Revival Wrought iron 2-light wall sconces

Spanish Revival wall sconces one features two long flowers that hold the lights suspended by two "S" shape forms and a round wall plaque, the other features a singular flower top with four long leaves and scrolling festoons with a round wall shield with a rope twist border, Two vintage fixtures

Lot#: 274B

1883 Seated Liberty Dime


Lot#: 275

Harrison Begay 12" x 10" "pochoir" Serigraphs

animals, 12" x 10" Pochoir" Serigraphs - Navajo weavers - two pieces

Lot#: 277A

Original Begay and Yiazz Pochoirs

2 Harrison Begay and 1 B Yiazz - images measure 6"x5"

Lot#: 282

Buck McCain Bronze statue - 'Soaring Spirits'

Marked McCain and FM91 on the base - Nativer Warrior image w eagles - measures approx. 21" x 15"

Lot#: 283

Native American alabaster statue - Indian chief

measures 13.5" tall

Lot#: 289

Cylinder Roll top antique oak desk

Lot#: 295

2 Wall sconce lamps w pink shades

2 pcs

Lot#: 296

Craftsman antique double bed


Lot#: 297

George Schreiber 1959 Lithograph "Ringmaster"

George Schreiber (American, 1904-1977) Title: Ringmaster, 1959 - Lithograph in colors on laid paper, 23 x 14 inches, signed in pencil, framed and glazed

Lot#: 300

Craftsman Stained Glass Window

period window ca 1910 - measures 37" x 28"

Lot#: 301

Leroy Neiman limited edition lithograph

image size 13.5"x7.75" - tennis player - signed and numbered in the margin 157/300

Lot#: 302

Native turquoise and silver beaded necklace

long necklace measures - app 36 inches

Lot#: 303

Etruscan Style Turquoise beaded filigree jewelry

A fantastic crafted Fringed Bib Chocker Necklace with two rows of natural turquoise cylinders connected by small four corner shields and end in jingle bobs, matching Pair of chandelier earrings, 2 bracelets (ankle and wrist?) - Gypsy/belly dancing style

Lot#: 304

Antique French beaded purse

tiny bead work

Lot#: 305

Vintage Ladies 14kt White Gold & Diamond watch

A 14kt White Gold band with an offset diamond shape watch with a five diamond bouquet above, and a twenty diamond bezel

Lot#: 307

17" Carnelian necklace

carnelian individually strand Chinese carved w gold roundel

Lot#: 309

Chinese Cloisonne Vases 12.5" H

2 pcs with wood stands the tallest measures approx 12.5" high

Lot#: 310

Enamel jewel box, silver inlaid bell, cobalt vase

enameled vase - 5 pcs

Lot#: 313A

Mata Ortiz Ricardo Delgado Cruz pottery vase

Mata Ortiz and Casas Grandes potter Ricardo Delgado Cruz carved and glazed vase with carved Squirrels, vines and branches in relief measures approx 10" x 7" diameter signed Ricardo Delgado Cruz bottom

Lot#: 316

Aladdin Lincoln Drape Case Glass hurricane lamp

tall oil lamp - agate glass

Lot#: 317

Aladdin Lincoln Drape hurricane lamp

green glass tall oil lamp

Lot#: 318

2 Antique cameo pendants/brooches

A very nice pink ground portrait pin with seed pearls and gold filigree border, and a floral pendant

Lot#: 322

Antique silver tea set

6pcs Coffee, Tea, cream & sugar and waste, silver over copper with pewter tray

Lot#: 323

Antique ruby cut to clear mantle urns w crystals

1 pair and small vase

Lot#: 324

Crystal and silver - bottle, 2 ink wells, syrup

salt & pepper - 6 pcs

Lot#: 327

C.F. Monroe Company "Nakara" Jewelry Box, ca 1900

Approx 8" diameter lidded and handpainted jewelry box with flowers and embossed brass ring Provenance: The Estate of Antique collector Christie Mattull - the same piece was highlighted on the TV Show Antique Road show

Lot#: 328

Fine German Scalloped Porcelain Bowl

Marked bird VJS 2265

Lot#: 329

Victorian style settee w medallion back

rose carved red tufted uph

Lot#: 329A

Antique foot stool

rolling shape

Lot#: 330

Marble top oval table

Victorian style, nice marble top with lyre legs

Lot#: 333

Antique framed samplers - 2

Faith, Hope and Charity

Lot#: 335

Early American Blanket Chest

Original polychrome red and black paint, measures 49" x 25.5" x 20"

Lot#: 336

Rs Prussia Porcelain Plates

2 RS Prussia , 1 unmarked 10.5" & 9.5"

Lot#: 338

Aladdin model B moonstone Green Table Quilt lamp

number 23 burner pre 1937

Lot#: 339

Pair Bradley & Hubbard banquet lamps

antique fancy brass and figural shades restored

Lot#: 340

Marble top washstand

Walnut Victorian

Lot#: 340A

Mahogany music stand

w drawer - measures 39" h 19.5 w and 14.5 deep

Lot#: 341

Victorian oval table

walnut parlor table

Lot#: 342

Corner curio shelf - mahogany

5 tiered walnut

Lot#: 343

Pair Victorian Style nightstands

The Original Lillian Russell Collection from the Davis Cabinet Company

Lot#: 344

Aladdin Green & Olive Glass hurricane lamps -2

2 antique tall oil lamps

Lot#: 345

Aladdin Lincoln Clear Glass hurricane lamps -2

antique oil lamps

Lot#: 350

Lladro figures - 3 pcs

3 girls

Lot#: 351

Lladro figures - 3 girls

Lladro and Nao

Lot#: 352

Lladro, Nao and others - group of children

2 As is - 6 pcs

Lot#: 353

Assorted lot of Royal Doulton, Lladro

Coalport porcelains and figures

Lot#: 355

Collection of Antique Silver Salt & Peppers + more

Candlesticks (sterling) a Mexico candlestick, antique silver plate salt & peppers, childs cup , lighter +

Lot#: 356

Collection of Antique Silver Serving Pieces

Includes antique Silver plate sugar and creamers, candle snuffer, powder sugar shaker, melon, Gorham butter and preserve knifes and more

Lot#: 357

Royal Doulton mugs, Statue plus others

7 pcs

Lot#: 358

Assorted mini porcelains, jade, crystal


Lot#: 364

Venetian glass assorted beads


Lot#: 367

Paperweights, perfumes, crystal, sterling

approx 15 pcs

Lot#: 368

Four Vintage Watches - Elgin, Le Courier, Recta

Le Courier 17 jewel watch with leather band, Westfield with leather band, Elgin square face with leather band ca. 1925, Recta Deco Vintage watch

Lot#: 371

4 German antique plates

fine porcelain

Lot#: 371A

Satin porcelains and glass - 7 pcs

antique vases, oil lamps, etc...

Lot#: 372

Collection of Antique Silver Overlay Vessels

Also includes a light blue glass hobnail vase, a silver over glass vessel with stopper, and three other silver and cut glass pieces, all show age, five pieces total Provenance: The Estate of Antique collector Robert Doran

Lot#: 373

Fine Porcelain plates, Cobalt portrait vase

covered dish - 5 pcs

Lot#: 377

Invicta Men's Pro Diver Chronograph

Watch appears to be new, never used Stainless Steel case with gold overlay and white vulcanized band, Mother of pearl face with three dials, 50M Water resistant, Trinite night glow, flame fusion crystal Includes Invicta box Model#24840

Lot#: 381

Two Salesman Sample Stoves

Signed Crescent stoves verso - complete w all pieces

Lot#: 385

Chinese ceramic glazed female figures

2 pcs - 9" seated and 11" standing (one finger missing) very delicate figures Provenance: Lifetime Oriental Collection Ventura Keys, California

Lot#: 386

Chinese ceramic signed female figures

2 pcs - high glaze 10.5" seated and 12" standing (some finger losses) delicate figures Provenance: Lifetime Oriental Collection Ventura Keys, California

Lot#: 387

French Chinoiserie Lacquered Mirror

French, early 20th Cent. - Good condition 41 x 24 inches

Lot#: 388

Two Chinese Emperor Paintings

Nice ebonized wood and gilt frames painted on rice paper, show age

Lot#: 391

Chinese antique wooden bucket

Lot#: 393

Rose Canton Chinese Bowl

measures approx 12" diameter x 5.5" high

Lot#: 396

Barometers & Chelsea ship's clock - 4

Seth Thomas 9" brass ships clock shows minor damage to face, Chelsea Ships Clock with silver face plus 2 Barometers

Lot#: 398

Assorted Antique - collectibles

Coca Cola inserts, best wish basket

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